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I initially posted a low review for this school but It was the wrong one, this college is Wonderful.


I was very optimistic coming to this school, that however changed very quickly. This school is so poorly run and there has been countless turnover in staff. The education is a joke! the "revamped business program" is run by a small business entrepreneur who had never even been to a chiropractor until he came to school, yet he is teaching the core of our classes such as buying and starting a chiropractic practice or chiropractic marketing. It seems silly to me to have a non chiropractor teaching these things but that is Northwestern's way as they always seem to find the cheapest way out when it comes to hiring teachers, that is probably why they keep replacing them each year. The most frustrating part about the school is the constant tuition increase with no real improvements to the school it self. It is an old middle school and the classes are disgusting, the tables are all cheap and broken and the locker rooms are infested with flies/bugs. The worst part is that at the open school meeting with the CFO we were told "I understand your frustration with the constant raises but we still rank in the low middle of the cost and we want to remain relevant and not have our cost to low". Now lets get to the Dean, he essentially just tries to please everyone and constantly goes back on his word, thats probably why the school doesnt know if its evidence based or philosophically based because depending who he talks to you get a different answer. Lets not forget all the recent changes and promises that have been changed or retracted... To begin he promised a T5 class during board sign up that it would be best to take boards in march and that he would "make sure" to change the midterm schedule to avoid those students from going through 16 midterms followed by Part 1 boards, this of course never happened and he went back on his word resulting in some poor board results for several stressed students. This current semester too I heard that he eliminated midterm weeks for students because he felt students didn’t need time away from class to study for tests and felt that students should always be on top of their studies for all 10+ classes at any time. This was a long rant but I hope it helps future students deciding to come here to really rethink that choice. I know if I could now I would change my choice without hesitation. I am just thankful I am long done with that place

James Christopher

I've had knee issues for 3 years now. Went through PT, had an MRI done and figured what do I have to lose. First adjustment, I find out I have foot and hamstring issues from my hip and the pain meets in the middle. 5 sessions later, i no longer need to take medication or a brace

Sam Schmitt

I recently showed some interest in their program and asked for literature. Now I'm getting multiple calls and emails a day about their program. Any reputable school/program would not repeatedly call and email prospective students. Please stop sending unwanted correspondence.

Jessica Oclon

The neatest cadaver lab projected to theater, great, informative and engaging faculty. Topics thorough, memorable experience. This is a repeat customer!

Xiaotian Shen

Katie Larson

Michele Vincent

Jenna Carr

ron martelle

Always great service and on time

Shanna Colleen Miller

I had a fantastic experience at NWHSU!! Great faculty, coursework, and it prepared me to be a competent Doctor of Chiropractic.

Adam Dittrich

Services are very good.

Tara H

I've been here numerous times for chiropractic appointments and massages. I've had acupuncture too. Reasonable prices for these appointments.

Stacy Boone

The providers have been excellent in providing care that is tailored to my health needs.

Quiropractico Quito

Dorin Pogreban

Joe Cool

Friendly staff

Sanjiv Badhan

Mary Jenn

Since relocating to the Twin Cites, I have had a difficult time finding a chiropractor who is really great -- well rounded with a very deep understanding both conceptually and technically how the body functions. I've even for the first time, had a chiropractor behave inappropriately with me and I reported him to the board. The common denominator? They all were graduates of this school. I have been going to chiropractors for over 25 years and have been a strong advocate for the practice, but this for-profit school has left me with a bad taste in my mouth for the practice in general. After my experience as a student here, I feel like the school is a scam. Since I have been a bodyworker for about 15 years, am very familiar with working with people in pain in a healthcare capacity and have been told by many chiropractors that I would be a great one, I had applied many years ago to LifeWest Chiropractic college in Hayward, CA, but the reality was that I was paying nearly $2000 per month for rent, so It was not until I relocated I relocated to MN that I could afford to actually go. I applied, was accepted to the program, which was accelerated and very intense. I found that the student-facing staff (in student affairs and even the school counselor) have terrible communication skills -- they make very inappropriate judgmental statements and refuse to apologize or own it when called out on it (hint: a little apology and ownership of your mistakes is a huge bridgebuilder). Policies are bent and overlooked arbitrarily for students they favor and the administration becomes very rigid and inflexible to students they don't. I saw more than one kid who just partied through their very intense first trimester, failed and then were given a second chance, while others who worked hard, studied, didn't drink and failed were dismissed from the Chiropractic program and told they needed to take more classes. There is very clear bias and if you dare talk about it, everyone on the student body knows it. I would not recommend this program unless you are either just out of high school or undergrad, are very stereo typically Minnesotan (blonde? Even BETTER!), Passive aggressive? This is your school! I'm done with the rampant dysfunction and will be going somewhere that people are at least a little interested in being emotionally healthy. As a final mention: my comments are not about the teachers. The ones I had were great. Very human and supportive. They're just doing their job and teaching, from what I could see. It's the administration that is the problem. As my friend who taught at UMN med school said, “it sounds like they’re trying to be a real university, but they’re not quite getting it."

Lee Vang

kolu johnson

Judith Nebel-Ellis

Ginny Hicks

I have driven 5 hours one way to attend this school's massage therapy continuing education (CEU) on 5 different occasions over the last 6 years. My experience has always been that the events are well structured, thoughtfully planned, and excellent education for the money. I plan to continue looking at their CEU offerings and will not hesitate to go to them when I'm looking for a quality learning experience.

Ali & Ari B

Mikey k.

andrea jacobson

I am a big fan of honest reviews. I had a good time while in school at Northwestern. Loved the docs, professors and the other students. However, the accounting department is a mess. I have not attended the University since April 2013. They just contacted me THREE years later about a loan the "fell through the cracks." I have already refinanced my student loans (YEARS ago) and managing my finances accordingly. The university's neglect for communication and good accounting (when your talking about thousands of dollars) is dissapointing and unprofessional.

Kendra Jones

Thomas Schmidt

I graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1983. I greatly value the Radiology, Chiropractic Spinal Manipulative Therapy technique courses and the Neuromuscularskeletal education. As with everything in life, becoming the best takes hard work, self sacrifice and a strong mental attitude to persist through the grind of a long curriculum of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. Complainers, underachievers and non goal orientated people need not apply...

Nick Ciliberti

I have been in the chiropractic program for about 2 years now. It has been a complete nightmare. First off the education experience is way below par. The professors have a really hard time relating to the students. The school doesn't teach enough business skills to help open a chiropractic practice. Its trying to be a medical school more than a chiropractic school. The adjusting method they teach is mediocre, its not very specific. They charge way too much for the schooling. Most graduates are in lots of debt afterwards, and takes years to pay off. Over all if I had to do it over again. I would not go to this school or touch it with a 100 foot pole.

Alex Jolly

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