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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Shoreview IN Minnesota

Chan Melton

HealthSource not only is concerned to help relieve your pain, they care about your total health! They are local to our community, easy to work with and great at what they do!

Molly Helgren

I’ve dealt with low back pain due to scoliosis since i was in my teen years, I’ve been struggling to be comfortable when sitting or standing too long. I started seeing Dr. Krueger a couple of months ago and within a couple weeks my discomfort is almost non existent! The staff at Healthsource are very educated on how you can better your progress at home and are very kind and helpful. I would highly recommend them.

Laura Sullivan

very helpful, friendly and thorough care. Thanks, Sue, for your recommendation!

Kerry Gustafson

I love the staff at Health Source Shoreview! They care about me as a patient and will go to great lengths to explain options for my care so that I can make the right decision.

Jill Nelson

I've been a patient at HealthSource of Shoreview for several years, and have received the highest quality chiropractic and rehabilitative care. I was involved in a car accident, and their care helped me heal and get back to better than normal.

Daniel Lansing

Friendly, thorough, very knowledgeable. And I feel a lot better after I have been there!

Dawn Pape

'I've been seeing chiropractors for years, but this clinic is my favorite. From the friendly receptionist who is such a joy to schedule appointments with, to the caring and skilled chiropractic care my family and I have received. I also love that these people deeply care about their patients and are looking for long-term solutions for people to feel better and stop the problem from coming back. I've learned a ton about different treatment options. And perhaps most surprising, issues like asthma, sinus issues and sometimes even a-fib not can benefit with chiropractic care treatment. In short, if you have an ache, pain or health issue, check this place out.

Traelynn Pirner

Love this clinic. So glad I found them

Patti Jo Race

Awesome place. Highly recommend

Andrew Konz

I have known Dr. Head for years and I know that he does great work! He has great hands and cares for his patients! With Dr. Head, you are in a great place for your health!

Anna Sterk

This is a great place, with fabulous, caring staff. If you are looking to improve your overall physical health, HealthSource is Shoreview will work with you to develop a usable roadmap of how to move forward. These guys are wonderful!

Daniel Montour

Andy and his team are truly exceptional! This was my first experience at a chiropractor, and they made it a great experience. They explained every detail in regards to treatment and billing. Two thumbs up, would highly recommend!!!

Gordon Kramer

I met the staff at the Blue Heron Days in Lino Lakes. Got myself a free quick massage and signed up for a free consultation w x-rays. Started a treatment program for back pain and preventative maintenance. I had some spinal alignment issues going on. They also taught me exercises to help my posture and improve and correct spinal curvature. They also helped my 10 year old son resolve his headaches through adjustments. They are really great people who are truly interested in your best interests to make you pain free and feeling better. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!

Sarah Robinson

Shoreview Healthsource has been awesome to work with. My daughter is 6 and has special needs. She comes in once a week to keep her nervous system working properly and we have seen great improvements in her quality of sleep and overall moods.

Sue Desmith

I've been a patient at Health Source for more than a year. They have helped me alot. I feel so much better than when I first came in. Dr. Jeff is wonderful. He has showed me stretches and excersizes I can do at home, so helpful. Cassie I great and also has helped with my process. They are very friendly and the atmosphere here is great. Love them at Health Source.

Amber Nero

Dr. Andy and all employees are great!!! Been coming here for a few weeks and I feel great.

Alethia Scheett

The staff at HealthSource Chiropractic in Shoreview are amazing! This is more than just a chiropractic clinic, they also do rehab work and give patients tools and techniques to continue making progress at home. I sought out HealthSource because I suffered from headaches every day for over a year and I had pretty significant upper back pain. I am thrilled to say that I have been headache-free for over a month now and I feel great! The staff is knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for chiropractic care - including my closest friends and family.

Taylor Kelley

Absolutely love health source! They are so friendly there and make sure you're always comfortable. They explain why they do the stuff they do and are very helping!

Jim Crawford

Dr Andy and staff take your care seriously and sometimes more than i do

rara nicho

Good at explaining things.

david sawyer

I concur with the other reviews- I've probably been to a dozen chiropractors over the years and Dr. Head is by far the best. He uses a wider variety of adjustments- I always feel like a million dollars when I leave there.


The staff is very helpful and friendly. Combined chiropractic care and physical therapy at HealthSource have eliminated my work related lower back pain. I would highly recommend this Shoreview HelathSource location.

AJ Benfante

Absolutely amazing in my experience! Have had a lot of injuries from my knee to my shoulder, to my back and I’ve seen the awesome people here for all of it and it’s easy for me to say that they have gotten me back to where I want to be quicker than anyone else I’ve gone to.

Techy Shadow

Everyone that works here is so kind and helpful! every visit is a great and exciting time that everyone should be able to experience. 10/10 would recommend P.s would give 10 stars but I’m limited to 5

Karen Gladen

When I recently moved to the Twin Cities, my chiropractor from Alexandria (where I had lived for 21 years) recommended HealthSource of Shoreview and told me that Dr Geoff is great. He was totally right!! I have so appreciated that they not only work on the spinal manipulation, but also on teaching how to strengthen all the muscles involved and work on the entire body as a whole. When I started at HealthSource, I was also working with two different physical therapists. Dr Geoff made it very clear to me that he would not do anything that would interfere with the work I was doing with the PTs. I appreciated that he was willing to work with them, rather then just saying his way was the correct way and to disregard what the PTs were doing. Thanks for the good care and all of the laughs Dr Geoff and Cassie!!

Paula G.

Both Dr. Andy and Cassie are wonderful. They are very nice and easy to work with. They also really know what they are doing!!!!

Crystal Hines

2 visits and walking straight after back fell apart

Anne Gustafson

Honestly Dr. Andrew is great from a medical standpoint. However, I was charged at the time of appointment and then stop going and then received a huge bill months after. This happened to my parents as well. I will not be returning.

Krista Connolly

I came to Healthsource after injuring my back overseas. The physical therapy helped my pain and strengthened my back, and the continued adjustments help me stay pain-free at work! That's priceless! The staff also treat you like family.

Thomas Gilbertson-South

Healthsource is a fantastic chiropractic and progressive rehab center. They are wonderful people who are very informative and helpful. I would recommend Healthsource to anyone who is in search of chiropractic care or injury rehabilitation.

Robert Overby

Dr Andy and Staff are Great. They really listen to your issues and work to help you get back to normal active life. I appreciate all they do and will continue to be a customer.

Gina Becker

Dr. Geoff and Cassie have both done so much to help my whole family. Dr. Geoff takes the extra time to do the best that he can for each of us. Though there are 3 of us that are treated by him, and he has done an excellent job helping each of us with our aches and pains; the work he has done for my daughter is what has made me so thankful I chose to come here. My daughter suffers from frequent migraines and bouts of vertigo. Each week, Dr. Geoff takes time to talk with her to find out what is new, and if there have been any changes. He has researched her conditions and has tried to find ways to help her feel better. The adjustments work wonders for her migraines and there are a few exercises that she has learned from Dr. Geoff and Cassie that help ease the severity of the vertigo. I couldn't have hand picked a better team to help my daughter. I am very thankful for having them both on our side. They have truly made a huge difference in my daughters life. Thank you!

Sandy Peterson

Dr. Jeff is very skilled and understanding of the different needs for families. He is personally concerned about our family health and suggests exercises and stretches and health changes we can make at home.

alex christianson

I have just started attending HealthSource in Shoreview and I have to say their service is second to none. Dr. Krueger is very knowledgeable about his practice and is very smooth with his adjustments. The staff is very friendly and always greeting with a smile and they make you feel very welcome. I plan to continue going here and excited to see the results from their service.

Carrie Rasmussen

Dr. Andy and his team offer a variety of interventions for recovery: chiropractic care, deep tissue massage, and stretching and strengthening exercise. They create a welcoming and encouraging environment. I'm grateful that my friend recommended HealthSource Chiropractic - Shoreview to me.

Chris L

I started going to Health Source so I can continue to stay active and play soccer in the older leagues around the twin cities. The treatments, exercises and adjustments I have received here at Health Source has been awesome. I went from barely being able to play soccer, to now after a year I have no issue with my lower back when I run. I can compete in soccer against college kids 10-15 years younger than me and my back doesn't lock up anymore during and after the games.

Brittany M

So glad I took up the offer for a free consultation. Dr. Krueger and staff are amazing, and for once I'm actually feeling better about my spine health. Best decision I could have made!

Jenny Bitz

All of the staff at HealthSource Shoreview are amazing! Friendly and go out of their way to improve your overall health!

Joel Demarais

I tried a different chiropractor for pain in my sternum and chest, painful enough where I couldn’t pick up my kids. I hated it. My pain didn’t improve, and the Chiropractor really felt like the stereotypical “ambulance chaser.” I went to see Dr. Andy for the same issue after trying to cope for 8 months, and loved the experience. Staff was all great to work with especially Austin and Cassie. My opinion and movement has improved greatly. I would encourage anyone who is considering chiropractic services to try HealthSource with Dr. Andy.

Joy Wyatt

Love it here! Great place to get better, learn about chiropractic as well as overall health! Awesome team that really cares!

Maria Braun

I really can’t say enough great things about this place and how they have helped me with neck and upper back pain I’ve had for way too long. After a very short time, I am feeling 100% better. Thank you to Dr Andy and his awesome team for all your help!

Mary Perrin

I've wanted to see a chiropractor for a long time. I met Dr. Andrew and Cassie through work. I decided to try it out. Within only 2-3 adjustments, I noticed a big difference. I have learned many things while coming here and look forward to learning more. Besides posture, I felt the best thing I have learned is the stretching exercises. I have a long way to go, but they are giving me the tools to continue to help myself. They are a happy group, kind and generous and always helpful!

Jim Keister

Great personnel..and good care. Would highly recommend!


Dr. Geoffrey is so wonderful. He takes the time to listen to your needs and is always very cheerful and happy to see you.

Laurie Gluesing

I have greatly appreciated Dr Geoff's willingness to listen - and then to explain what and why he is doing something. I have had great relief from my car accident.

can do

I've gained a lot from not only chiropractors but from THESE chiropractors!! It is an amazing environment and one that cares for you as a person and as a patient!! Definetly deserves the rating.

Tom Kreuser

Smart and friendly staff that cares about their patients well being. I was having back spasms regularly and unable to turn my head left without pain. After the first treatment the spasms stopped. After a month I regained almost a full range of motion in my neck. Thank you for eliminating the daily pain I was experiencing and for the many laughs along the way!

Sarah Johnson

I’ve been seeing Dr. Andy for 2.5 years now and recently had a baby- Baby was seen for minor subluxation in his hips that were found in an ultrasound and when he had to go back to get another ultrasound to check on his progress they found NO subluxation which can lead to hip dysplasia. Yay! Our family loves Dr. Andy and the Healthsource team. They do outstanding work and you will walk in feeling valued and cared for and not just another number. Highly recommend!!

Pegz L

This place is great! The staff is friendly and fun! Dr. Andy it's great at listening and addressing all your concerns. Not only will they work on your immediate problems, but also help to change your lifestyle to make the treatments last. Will definitely recommend for anyone looking for chiropractic treatment!

Becca Teske

After only four visits, my chronic neck and shoulder pain that I’ve been tolerating for 15+ years has drastically decreased. Dr. Andy is great at listening and wants to get to the bottom of the issue to correct it rather than just find a quick fix. Cassie and Austin are also wonderful! Great company. Would recommend 100%!!

Kelly J C

Dr. Andy is very knowledgeable about the kinesthetics of the human body! Most importantly, he is a man you can trust with great integrity!


The staff is both very friendly and talented. They do very thorough work with you to not only get you feeling better, but keeping it that way as well!

Kathy Morgan

I came to this amazing clinic 6 weeks ago with a severe frozen shoulder due to an upper broken arm injury this past summer. This weekend, I played ping pong (for the first time since my fall in July) with my very competitive Husband - and won!!! So many people said that it would take 1-2 years to heal. This clinic with Dr. Andy, PT Austin, Cassie & massage therapist Elaina have put me on a miracle fast track to healing!!! I’d recommend this outstanding clinic to EVERYONE!!!

Angela Moses

This is by far the best chiropractor you could imagine. By my second visit my pain had decreased significantly and I can tell a huge improvement in my mobility and overall posture. The staff are friendly and really care about people. They want you to heal and be able to maintain the improvements long term.

Kallie Pearson

Staff is always friendly and polite, treatment is great!

Shelley Diffley

Great experience with both chiropractor and staff. Have felt much better after a year of adjustments.

Brett Anderson

I have had a great experience there from the front office staff to Doctor Andy him self I had a bunch issue s and now feal a hole lot better

Chad F

Been going here a while now. The staff is very friendly and accommodating for my busy schedule. The treatment is excellent. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a place to get chiropractic treatment.

Jorden Swenson

Great, friendly people, knows what they're doing.

shelley heck

Doctor Andy / assistant Cassie are simply amazing and you all would not be disappointed! I love them.

Paul LaBerge

I, Kristen, was a patient at this location 2 years ago. I recently revisited for neck and back pain and I was pleased to find out that it's under new ownership. The new owner, Dr. Andrew Krueger, does a wonderful job! I'm really thankful for the decreased discomfort in my neck since seeing him!

Loreal Loftus

I have worked with this team since March to get me out of pain and back to living life. They have been so professional, kind, accommodating, and caring to me and my family. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Going to see them is worth the drive. They are great for all ages!

Natalie Maczka

Love the service I get from Dr. Geoff and the receptionist is so warm and wonderful. I love going to visit. They both give personalized service.

Patti race

Love Dr Jeff and Cassie are the best. Best experience here. They have helped me in so many ways. Highly recommend health source of shoreview.

Chad Meehan

Doc Andy, Austin, and Cassie are incredible. Nothing but success with this crew! My 15 year old daughter came in with complaints of back and leg pain, numbness and muscle weakness. The Dx was spinal stenosis, and after a traumatic back injury, also had pinched nerves, inflammation, and bulging and herniated discs. The orthopedic surgeon gave us one month to utilize chiropractic; and PT to see what results we could gain, the next step would be back surgery. The surgeon was skeptical, but when we went in for a follow-up last week, she has mas made incredible progress! Her back pain and leg pain has been reduced substantially, muscle weakness is gone and no need for surgery. The surgeon says she does not need to come back to see him any more, but to continue on with her current treatment plan. She also may start working more hours at her job. Thank you so very much for all you do and have done for us; Doc Andy, Austin and Cassie. Also a tip of the cap to Cassie for tolerating my Sunday night voicemails to change my Monday morning appointment times.

Kimberly Hewitson

I would highly recommend Dr Andy for your Chiro needs. He has helped me with my ears, sinuses and back. He has ideas for treatment in many areas and is always concerned about the patient. Very likable and easy to talk to.

Cindy Hungerford

The team here is great! Olivia, the rehab specialist is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and really great at what she does. Along with Dr. Andy and Cassie, they changed my life! I highly recommend Dr. Andy and his team if you have any back pain!

Cheyanne Harris

Everyone here is awesome they treat you like family. They know their stuff, a very talented group.

Abby Ward

I love this place! Dr. Andy is amazing and he talks to you like an actual person. Everyone there is really wonderful and nice.

Jennifer Elton

The staff at Health Source do a wonderful job listening to and answering any questions I may have. The best part for me is the exercises and stretching ideas, which have helped tremendously.

Joann Becker

I've been very pleased with the service, care, and treatment I have received. As a very apprehensive patient initially, I have been treated with respect and transparency. I now very thoroughly believe in their care! Dr. Geoff and Cassie are always friendly, supportive and helpful!

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