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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Rogers IN Minnesota

Jason Hirschfelt

Great place!! Got me back o my feet after years of issues! Dr and staff are great!!

Wayne Vandenboom

Wonderful, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly! That's the way I would describe everyone in this office. The neck exercises and adjustments are helping but I still was waking up with neck pain. I have been struggling with neck pain and Lindsey told me sleeping on my stomach is the worst thing for my back and neck. Dr Brittany agreed and suggested a pillow that they sell there very reasonably priced. I slept on it last night and my neck feels better than it has in almost 2 months. I highly recommend this office.

Kim Hines

The service and people at Rogers HealthSource are wonderful!

Roy Sperr

What a squared away bunch of folks. They don't sell, they heal.

sara goff

Love this place! Friendly, clean, helpful and most of all has helped me get rid of some awful headaches. Came to HealthSource as a referral from a family member in tears with a headache to beat all headaches about a year ago - Dr. Lyndsey was kind and helpful and immediately found the culprit. Since then, regular visits & even some shoulder work has shown to be nothing less than helpful and amazing for my health. As an D1 college athlete back in the day, chiropractic care was not really something that I was familiar with, but I can tell you I wish I would have started earlier/when I was an athlete.

Jill Ness

I first came to Healthsource of Rogers because of pain and limited range of motion in my neck, which was starting to affect my job and daily activities. I have tried other chiropractors, physical therapy, and massage, with limited or short-term relief. I am about 1/3 of the way through my progressive rehab treatment plan at HealthSource, and already, the daily pain and tension in my neck has improved greatly, and I have noticeably more mobility in my neck. Dr Lynnsey does a great job educating and explaining the treatment plan and is very comfortable and easy to talk to. Paula at the front desk is very accommodating and friendly and Lauren is always so nice and helpful, whether filling in at the front, or helping out in the back. Mitch is very knowledgeable and motivating and actually makes the the rehab exercises fun! I finally feel like I am on the right track to staying healthy and pain-free, and I have Dr. Lynnsey and her team to thank!

Greta Erickson

Danise Dembouski

Great staff, friendly, caring, and knowledgeable! Really helping ensure I get things back in place!

Mary Harris

I had pain in my neck with little movement of my head to the left or right. When driving a car and looking to change lanes it was very difficult. I had more soreness than sharp pain. I had knots between my shoulder blades that were very sore. I seemed to have weekly headaches, some were extremely painful and would put me to bed for the day. I love to sew. I do not sit while sewing, I stand at my machine. Some days I could not sew for very long as the soreness and fatigue set in soon after starting. My dad was ill in a nursing home that was 7 ½ hours away. I drove that trip sometime three times a month. My neck would be very sore and tired from driving. Sometimes it would take me 3 to 4 days to recover. I would stand in a very warm shower and do neck exercises on a daily basis that would get me started every day. I would also do ice packs and/or heat packs, whichever made me feel relief. I also took ibuprofen on a daily schedule. I had some relief, but it never improved. The stimulator, muscle massage, and the adjustment started to correct me problem. Each week the adjustment went better and I had move movement. My muscles started to soften and the knots were decreasing. I have flexibility in my neck which makes driving easier. I don't get tired from sewing for long periods of time. I seldom have headaches. I am feeling good about myself again. I felt a warm welcome from every staff member. They are so kind, soft spoken, and never too busy to answer a question. Dr. Lynnsey explained my reason for pain in a very simplistic manner and was very encouraging in how she could help me. I told my daughter who has neck problems to set up an appointment immediately. I wanted to share how the Lord led me to [HealthSource]. My sister, who never gets massages, purchased an evening for both of us to receive a massage at HealthSource. The girl who have me a massage suggested in a warm gentle way that I should find out the reason for having many headaches and knots and that Dr. Lynnsey would be able to help me. Praise the Lord!

Gregg Tisor

After dealing with 2 years of pain and a lack of mobility in my surgically repaired ankle, my wife finally convinced me to try Health Source. All I can say is that I wish I would've done this sooner! The staff is so friendly and professional, it's actually fun to be there. I can't say enough good things about this place!

Steve Reedy

I highly recommend HealthSource of Rogers! Their staff are positive, energetic, and always willing to answer any questions you might have.

Kristina Simpson

When I first came in, my left ankle hurt whenever I went to swim practice which was 3-4 days per week. I had to sit out of practice frequently. My ankle hurt only during and after swim practice and not any other time. As time went by, the pain started traveling up my calf. For the last two months, whenever I swam any stroke except breaststroke, my ankle hurt. I had to sit out a lot during practice, especially when doing excessive kicking. I tried ibuprofen and icing my ankle after practice and when I sat out during practice, I would roll my ankle and try to stretch it out. The tens unit type machine and stripping of my calf really helped make my muscles less tense and knotted up. The adjustments helped loosen up my tense back and neck muscles and to straighten out my pelvis which helped my ankle. My ankle is stronger than ever before. I am swimming faster than before and my swim coach tells me it's like I got a whole new body. I don't have to sit out of practice anymore to stretch out my ankle. Dr. Lynnsey and the staff always personally greeted me when I walked in and always talked/explained things to me as if I were an adult like themselves and were very friendly and open about anything surprising they found.

Jorden Tisor

I am so thankful that I found a place that cares about getting to the root of the problem so that I can work toward strengthening my body to prevent overworking the problem areas in my spine. The staff is so friendly and the care is great!

Jason Harens

The chiropractic care has drastically improved my back pain, while the physical rehab has strengthened my muscles to keep the back pain from reoccurring. A great combination of care for elimination and prevention of pain!

Teresa Lutz

Dr. Lynnsey and her staff are an excellent team. I have felt comfortable from day one. They are professional, knowledgeable and always respectable with your needs. Every time I walk in for an appointment, her staff greets me by first name and truly makes me feel welcome. I have been going to Heatlthsource of Rogers for 8 years and my daughter for 3 years. Dr. Lynnsey does an outstanding job listening to our problems with our bodies and figures out the best possible solution. She keeps our spine healthy and provides us with exercises, stretches, and with her team educates us on home treatments as well. I highly recommend Dr Lynnsey at Healthsource of Rogers for all your chiropractic needs!

Rollga Health

Helpful and friendly!

Dawn Reinitz

Health Source has been very good to me especially after my accident!

Ann Crosby

The ladies are knowledgeable and very friendly! If you need care, i highly recommend them

Jill Lien

This is not your typical chiropractic office from 25 years ago! The adjustment coupled with physical therapy helped get my mobility back in my neck after a terrible night of sleep. Thank you for your service to the community.

Girlie Lincoln

Dr. Lynnsey is amazing! My lower back went out on a Sunday and I had a 5K memorial walk for my deceased daughter, Phoenix, that next Saturday. I was determined to still walk! I started seeing her on Wednesday, then on Thursday and Friday. By Saturday, not only did I walk the 5K, I didn't have to wear my back brace nor need any over the counter medicine to help me through! She and her staff are miracle workers!

Renee Burns

I am a new patient with HealthSource of Rogers. I have recently went from a sitting job to 10 hour day standing! I have been to multiple chiropractors before and they were fine. I went in for my adjustment 3 times a week like they said and went on my merry way. Well that is NOT the case at HealthSource. I first met with Dr. Brittany for my adjustment and then I spent another half hour or so working with the team of rehab specialists and they help me strengthen my core and other opposing muscles. It truly is a total body experience. If you have had FINE chiropractor experiences; I encourage you to check out HealthSource of Rogers and have an EXCEPTIONAL experience. Renee Burns

Amy McKee

Almost our whole family goes! Highly recommend. Easy to get quick appointments. Friendly staff. Has improved our daughters and my health!

Jennae Majerus

Very friendly and helpful staff. They are great at working with my schedule. They assist with each exercise and fully explain each step and take time to assist me when I need it.

Jessy Steinmetz

Friendly people and a positive atmosphere!

Leslie Erickson

Dr. Lynnsey and all the therapy and office staff are so great to work with. They really listen to my concerns and suggest stretches, work specific body areas during my adjustments and are great to schedule follow up appointments at convenient times.

Maria Stangler

Dr. Lindsey is great! The whole staff is very friendly too!

Theresa and Phil Whiteford

Friendly staff. Dr. Lindsey takes the time to listen to the real issue so she can work towards getting to the bottom of it.

Sable Gjesvold

I had never been to a chiropractor ever in my life and didn’t know much about it. Dr. Brittany was so great at explaining things to me and making me feel comfortable about my experience. I suffered from low back pain and this process helped alleviate my pain. Thanks so much!!!

Rachel Anderson

Very nice and helpful! They incorporate physical therapy into the treatment plan which helps fix the problem long term!

Bethany Jones

Michael Gibson

Our son had a traumatic birth experience - he had shoulder dystocia. He had no nerve damage to the arm but at his 2 week appointment the doctor noticed he was developing a flat spot and had difficulty turning his head to the right. We were instructed to perform neck stretches at home which we did every diaper change (he hated them!). When we returned at 1 month his condition was the same - no better and no worse. We continued with the stretches at home and at our 2 month visit, again, no change. We received a free visit coupon in the mail when our son was 3 months old. Dr. Lynnsey worked not only on his neck, but also on his back, making sure everything would get aligned properly. At his 4 month visit his neck's range was improved dramatically and his flat spot was getting better. With continued chiropractic care and stretches at home, during his 6 month check you couldn't even tell he had ever had any trouble looking to the right and the doctor and nurse were amazed at how mobile he was. Our son is 7 months old now and is a very busy boy! Thank you so much HealthSource of Rogers!

Sarah DeJ

Healthsource Rogers is a great team, so friendly and helpful! They take great care of their patients!

Sue Harff

HealthSource of Rogers, MN is great I would recommend them to everyone!

Janet Notch

The Rogers Health Source staff is fantastic. They're friendly, knowledgeable, and they really care about your well being. They are interested in getting to the root of the problem, and working with you towards a long term solution.

Tisha Lezer

I love HealthSource, Dr. Lynnsey and her staff. If anyone in our family has a pain, we go there first. They definitely care about you and treat you like you are family! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Wendy Nelson

I highly recommend HealthSource in Rogers! They continue to help me with my aches and pains! Thanks so much!

Danielle Loewen

In the short amount of time I have been seeing Dr. Ben there’s been so much improvement! This has been my first time experiencing chiropractic work and the only regret I have is not starting sooner! Looking forward to continued visits for long term health!

Michael Zeman

I am pain free for the first time in a decade because of their work. Highly recommend

Andrea Roers

Dr Lynnsey and her entire staff are the absolute greatest!! Through chiropractic and rehab therapy, they have helped me with chronic neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. They have cured me of the migraines I experienced often!! Their bright smiles and warm hearts make you feel like family! I would definitely recommend this office to all of my family and friends. In fact my whole family are clients, and I wouldn’t trust them with any one else!!

Tammera Wilde

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lynnsey for for almost ten years post car accident. She along with her staff have been instrumental in keeping my spine aligned and pain under control. They are thoughtful, involved in the community and passionate about what they do.

Kelly Morgan

I started out a couple years about not a believer in Chriopractic care, until I experanced neck issues Doctors could not figure out. Going to Health Source really has helped me so much and I am a true believer! The staff is All amazing and caring! I really recommend them!

Mary Beth Schlegel

I walk and talk because of the great care I get at HealthSourse. Please don't suffer pain, see Drs Lindsey and Brittany for your care.

Niki Esterberg

I have been going to this office and bringing my children there for years. The doctors are amazing and really take care of you. I have been through physical therapy for my shoulder and I hardly have pain at all anymore when I play volleyball!

Karee Vanderiet

My list goes on and on with all of the things that have happened to my family because of the wonderful care that we have received from HealthSource. I can run and exercise after the help I received for my knee, my youngest son was adjusted at 7 weeks after crying for about 5 weeks straight and after just 1 adjustment he was a smiley happy baby. You also can't walk away from an appointment without smiling, not only because of the care you receive, but also for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that all of the staff provide.

Kelly LaMotte

HealthSource of Rogers has really helped me over the past few years with issues relating to neck and back aches due to various circumstances. I have participated in the progressive rehab process and been very happy with the results in reducing overall pain. I love the fact that chiropractic care is aligned with rehab to strengthen my body allowing it to function normally.

Kevin Hogan

Professional, courteous and efficient.

Jenny Nater

I began going to Health Source when I was pregnant. I was very uncomfortable sleeping. After adjustments and therapies, my issues went away and I was able to sleep much more soundly. I've continued adjustments after having my baby. My daughter has even been getting adjustments on a monthly basis. I highly recommend Health Source to anyone searching for a chiropractor!

Jennifer F

Dr. Lynnsey and all the staff at HealthSource are so wonderful to work with! They really listen to you and try to help in any way they can. Setting up appointments are very easy and they are always accommodating.

Tracy Johnson

My experience at Health Source in Rogers has been amazing! The staff at Health Source is wonderful, always smiling and welcoming. My arm pain is gone and my neck issue has improved. I highly recommend going there if you have any pain in your neck, leg, arms, hips or back etc.

aaron mueller

Staff is awsome! I really enjoy coming into the clinic. Doctors and staff are experts on their field and it shows they enjoy it. They have really helped me with my back pains!

Brooke Schumacher

It has really helped my back pain! Everyone is so nice and welcoming!!

Berta Young

The reason I was interested in HealthSource was because my back was very tight and I had difficulty laying flat on the floor. I struggled with sleeping because it was tough to find a comfortable position. I used Ibuprofen to help and eventually went to a chiropractor that only adjusted me, there wasn't any physical therapy. I didn't see a y results until I had the combination of adjustments and physical therapy [at HealthSource]. I of the stretched I learned here can be done at home if needed and I can feel a chance with the work that has been done. Since I've been to HealthSource, I can lay flat on the floor without wincing in pain. I also played 18 holes of golf without one thought of my back pain (I usually only get through 9 holes). What I really like about HealthSource is that they teach you why you are doing what you are doing so I can better understand why I'm sore. They're also a very welcoming and friendly group.

Laura Wotta

The staff at HealthSource is amazing. Not only are the extremely helpful and knowledgeable, but also very kind and compassionate. They do a great job at helping to eliminate the pain you have while working to keep it from coming back. I would recommend to anyone to go there!

Dennis Correll

Dr. Kyle is the best!

Dawn Sperr

I LOVE HealthSource. We have been seen on and off for years at HealthSource. Dr. Lynnsey and her team look at treating holistically. It's not a one symptom issue usually. I am so appreciative of their honesty and overall concern for my well-being. We are not just transactions to them. Healthsource equally does much in our community. So glad we have them in Rogers, MN. Thank you, HealthSource of Rogers!

Hannah Johnson

Absolutely love the staff here. They make you feel like family and care deeply about your health. One of my best decisions yet to come here.

Samuel Nelson

They hosted an event at short or tall with a "free beer". The choices were loon juice (cider) or bud light (urine). No beer. Not the nicest bait and switch.

Dorothy Babinat

Jessica Woodcock

The staff at HealthSource of Roger are very friendly and knowledgeable. I am happy to be working with them during my third trimester of pregnancy. I have been much more comfortable since I started working with the team here.

Madeline Derichs

Only place I've gone to for chiropractic care and the only place I want to go too! They are a phenomenal team and I wouldn't want to trust anyone else with my care. They take their time and in the beginning explained everything to me. My scoliosis isn't going to go away, but the symptoms and pain are now under control for what seems like the first time in my life. Thank you HealthSource in Rogers for giving me my life back!

Angie Bossen

I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Health Source of Rogers is absolutely wonderful in every way. The staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I feel cared for the moment I walk through the door and always feel amazing on the way out. I highly recommend Health Source.

Heidi Schwartz

My family started going to HealthSource for my son - who was constantly constipated or having ear infections. He was a whole new baby once he was adjusted. I was recently in a car accident and started going because I was getting a horrible migraine almost every day. With the help of getting aligned and the therapy, I am almost back to my old self :)

Donna Geissler

I was having a lot of shoulder pain while working out, after some rehabilitation and adjustments, I am back to doing normal workouts. The entire staff at HealthSource of Rogers is great; they are always friendly and happy to see you!

Xee Yang

Staff was knowledgeable and helpful. I like that they incorporate physical therapy along side adjustments versus some places only offer adjustments. I recommend this location!

Amy Lowe

When I first came in I was having pain down my left leg and some chest pain. I also had headaches and anxiety. I had trouble sleeping through the night without some pain. I tried painkillers like Tylenol and Ibuprofen and had a steroid shot in my leg. Since coming to HealthSource, I have learned stretches and exercises that helped strengthen my back and core. The stretches and adjustments have made a huge difference. Today I have little pain and when I do, I now have the tools to start stretching it out to relieve the pain. I have told many coworkers and friends how great I feel once I have been adjusted and have recommended them to HealthSource.

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