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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Plymouth IN Minnesota

Chanda Baader

Great office and staff! I loved my adjustment with Dr. Jessica! Would recommend to others!

Tiffany Douglas

I have had a great experience here!! Joy, Jess and Gabby are all so great! ❤️Joy adjusts my neck and back like no chiropractor I have ever been to before, she is able to get things to move and crack in one try when other chiropractors cant get certain areas to crack at all. I love her technique! She is also very knowledgeable about everything and knows what to do! I, for example, told her that my tailbone felt like it was dropping every time I would stand up, and she knew exactly what to do. ❤️Gabby is so great in all she does on the physical therapy side of things! I have been to physical therapist before and I have never had this much success in such a short period of time. She had me doing stretches my *first visit* that helped tremendously with my neck pain.. that my last physical therapist had never even thought to mention. She is so knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do if you have questions or certain areas that are bothering me!! Not to mention she so caring and will spend so much time with you and you leave there feeling a difference in the first visit! Oh and did I mention all three of their personalities are so great! They are all so friendly and make you feel like family.

Taitun Wright

Love the staff!

Sadie Potvin

Everyone is so nice & very helpful

Tyler Jacobsen

Doc Joy is great, she beats you up while you’re there but everything helps and my body couldn’t feel better!!

Jeff Mork

HealthSource of Plymouth has been a real game changer for me. I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors over the years for my neck and low back problems and no one does a better job with the combination of chiropractic care and progressive rehab. Dr. Scott is an amazing chiropractor that genuinely cares about my health and improving my overall lifestyle…and I can’t give enough praise to the rehab team. They are not only a fun group of experienced rehab specialists, but they are constantly pushing me to get to the next level to reach my health goals. I would definitely recommend HS of Plymouth to anyone that hasn’t received past chiropractic results and wants a long-term fix.

David Vanderwarn

After a minor car accident, I visited Dr. Scott and the crew in Plymouth. Dr. Scott, Dr. Trent, Christina, and Liza were all very warm, welcoming, and gentle with me, as I am new to chiropractic care. Very much experts in their field, the Plymouth Health Source should be first on everyone's list for chiropractors in the metro area.

Anne Elizabeth

All staff are very encouraging. Their patience and expertise definitely facilitate the physical therapy and healing process. The combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy has been the magic duo that's helped me recover in a safe and timely manner.

Susan Graham

I really appreciate the welcoming atmosphere at HealthSource of Plymouth. I appreciate their accommodation of my preferences.

Miriam Lejonvarn

Always nice and the adjustments keep me healthy.

Jay alb

Team is great in guidance of treatment, personal greeting by name. The friendly smile, voice of encouragment. They know you are in pain, the support have not experience before. Thank you for your service. God bless and Happy New Year.

Stacy Cossa

Seth Paul

I have to sit for long periods of time at my job and my lower back has been in a lot of pain. After just a few visits to HealthSource and seeing Dr. Joy I already am starting to feel better. The relief in my back is already changing my ability to work. Rae at the front desk is awesome and Brian is super knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you HealthSource. I highly recommend this team if you want to feel better.

Lola Proctor

I had a major knot in my upper back on the right side. It would make my whole arm go numb and hurt up my neck. Dr. Kyle did rehab with me and has worked wonders with the adjustments. It took a lot of work at first but it was all worth it. I have let my work friends know how great HealthSource is and will continue to let anyone who is willing to listen know how great Dr. Kyle is.

Holly Miller

Andy Farkas

I came to Heaithsource with headaches and shoulder stiffness. I had experienced daily headaches for over 20 years. At times it felt like my neck did not want to hold my head up any longer. I finally went to HealthSource like some friends had recommended. HealthSource helped me build muscles around my problem areas to help correct them. The chiropractor was courteous, confident and experienced. The staff is courteous, always happy to see you and remembers your name. Now my shoulders are relaxed and I am headache free. I would recommend HealthSource.

Abby Waaraniemi

You can guarantee results from HealthSource! Very friendly and helpful staff. I look forward to coming here every week!

Christian Cobb

My son Hayden was continuously getting sick. The worst was a double ear infection. I have been very pleased not only with the chiropractor but with the whole team! They are all very professional yet have very fun personalities!

Robert Vaughn

Awesome Team, caring doctors, and exceptional care!!! who could ask for anything else!

Susan Jones

I came to HealthSource with right shoulder pain. I couldn't sleep on my side and I was in a lot of pain while I was working. In addition to the adjustments, they used manual therapy on my shoulder along with stretching exercises and rehab in their office. After regular visits at HealthSource of Plymouth I am now able to sleep on my side and working without the severe pain in my shoulder. The entire staff is very friendly.

Dawn Anderson

I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. Many days I would be in tears from all the pain after a work day. I couldn't bowl or play catch with my children and since I work on a computer I was struggling at work. I had great relief after the first Chiropractic session. More than a year later I still do my stretches they taught me to do at home and I feel like a kid again. The whole staff is great.

Christopher Morris

Dr. Paulsen's clinic is top notch and his staff couldn't be more friendly. I highly recommend the clinic for your traditional back issues but so much more.

Anne Kellett

I was in a car accident that started considerable neck and back troubles. I saw a chiropractor for a year or two, but pretty much learned to live with occasional neck and back pain. HealthSource was easy to get to and not too far away. Dr. Kyle laid out a plan to address the issues I didn't think could improve. After regular visits and learning stretches and exercises, I am happy to say I feel much better than I thought I could. I will hopefully maintain at a greater wellness for the future.

Angela Peery

Sandra Theriault

called to see the cost for a new pt exam and adjustment for a cash pt.The receptionist told me how much money and I declined as they are higher than other places.

Bryant Le

Quick in and out with friendly service for my 6 year old

Olivia Ferreira

Tina Her

Been a patient here for well over 6 years. I often trust HealthSource to keep my body as fit and healthy as possible throughout all my seasonal sports!

Jaclyn Blumenberg

Highly recommend Health Source of Plymouth! Ever since Dr. Joy has started Cupping and Adjusting me my migraines have gone down significantly!

Shelly Swanson

This place is great. When I first started going there I could hardly walk due to an injury from overdoing it on my bicycle work outs. Between the adjustments and the PT, I went from pain everyday that affected my activity level to biking and spinning again. Since then I have had another sports related injury to my ankle and they have helped me heal that as well. They are amazing -very professional and caring staff! Highly recommend them!

Rose Siders

I've been coming here a couple months now after an injury. I went to another chiropractor in town and they actually made me hurt worse, and didn't do any actual adjusting. I came to HealthSource desperate for relief and I have been steadily improving. When I had a minor set back due to personal circumstances everyone was really encouraging and accommodating to get me relief from my injury. Highly recommend HS in Plymouth, Dr. Trent and Dr. Joy and the rest of the staff have been so helpful throughout my ordeal!

Samantha Madsen

Such a great staff all around, new front desk gal is amazing, very welcoming and so sweet. Dr Jess and Dr Joy are beyond great! Personally Dr Jess is who I receive adjustments from and with how on point she is with questions I've never been asked about when it comes to pain she's been able to address all of my needs. I have had back problems for years and she has helps so much!

Kelsey Ellis

Thank goodness for Health Source and the amazing staff they have! I seriously have no words to express not only my gratitude but also how much they have helped me on my journey to live a more fulfilled and healthy lifestyle! My Herniated Disc (L5/S1) really took my out of the game and made me experience not only pain I’ve never felt before but also vulnerability because I couldn’t do anything for myself. Since working with them, my quality of life has increased drastically! I go 3 times a week and work on my flexibility and progressive rehab, including cupping and the decompression Table with Bryan. I also meet with Joy who focuses on muscle release along with an adjustment to get me walking out each time feeling better and better. I’ve never had a chiropractic office who goes above and beyond like Health Source and I’ve been to many! Remember, when recovering from an injury you need more than just weekly adjustments... The stretches and rehab, under professional instruction is critical and there is no better place to go than Health Source in Plymouth! THANK YOU STAFF!!!

Lauren Hance

When I first walked in, I was really happy with the environment. Everyone was friendly, and I knew right away that they would do everything to help me. I’m 16, have been playing softball for over 12 years and have had shoulder and hip pain for 6 years. I’ve been to 3 other chiropractors that haven’t done anything to really help it, just try and keep the pain under control. They told me that they could never really fix it. After awhile, I was in so much pain that I just needed new help. I highly recommend Health Source Plymouth because the people are so nice, and they really want to help you. The rehab is amazing and helped my shoulder and hip in less than a month. That’s so much better than being in pain every day! If you want to get better, then come to Health Source Plymouth and they will welcome you with open arms.

Jasmine DeCarish

Consider these people like a second family! They are very personable! Every time I walk in or leave, I'm greeted by name. They are very professional and show they truly care about your well being as well as educating you about how your body works. The facility is very clean and well kept. Advanced technology to assist in rehab helped me to a speedy recovery. They always accomodated my hectic schedule. Would highly recommend!

Melissa Agnew

Great office with friendly staff and amazing doctors. You are in good hands with Dr. Joy and Dr. Jess!

Kristi Nelson

I love a Healthsource of Plymouth. Dr. Joy and the staff have a positive attitude so the atmosphere of the clinic is fun and happy - making healing so much easier. Another thing I like is that they accommodate me whether I come super early or a little late.

Lesley Wilson

Amazing staff that provides quality care in a friendly environment.

J Mier

This has been my go-to place for over 8 years now. They were a tremendous help when I started having severe lower back pain. When I was in a car accident in October and started having neck and shoulder pain, they were my first stop. Now, after several adjustments and PT, I'm back to pre-accident health. Thanks to the staff for being so great to work with.

Cassie Erickson

If you stop in and see Dr. Joy, Dr. Jess, Rae & Brian, you will be as happy as I am in my photo. Top notch team, that spends time getting to know your needs and offers an individualized plan. Highly recommend!

Natalia Ozcan

Before I went to HealthSource I had a very vague idea of what Chiropractors do. All I knew was what I heard from some people and I just remember the words ‘adjustments’ and ‘feeling great’. A few months ago I got into a car accident that left me with a great amount of pain in my neck and constant headaches. A co-worker suggested that I should go get checked and I am just so glad that I did. Now I get it. :) Feeling great starts right at the door as you are always greeted with a big smile. The whole staff is just great, their goal and your goal are the exactly same, make your feel better and pain free! I am not promising you that you are going to walk in and get adjusted and be completely pain free right away, but I can definitely tell you that they are going to do everything they can to help you to be pain free as soon as possible. I am not the kind of person that usually writes reviews, but I thought it was worth doing it just so everyone can be feeling as good as I am now. I even forgot the last time I had a headache! Isn’t this just great? :) A big THANK YOU to everyone at HealthSource, you guys ROCK!!!

Kevin Appel

Doctors and staff at Healsource ofPlymouth are caring and attentive. Their skilled application of the necessary adjustments and rehab have produced very sound results. I amlightyears ahead of where I was on day one.i look forward to "getting" well and count on the maintenance regime to further improve my physical condition. Thank you!

Joanna Rzepniewska

Great team to get you on your path to recovery. They put you on a good pace to progress past your aches and pains.

Larry Fowler

As a result from arm wrestling, I tore my bicep and forearm and experiences heavy pain. I had trouble sleeping, doing normal activities, and working out. A few weeks of therapy and I feel a lot better. I am able to do normal activities and most importantly work out again. Dr. Andy and I share a lot on common and he definitely makes me feel at home when I am there. I definitely recommend therapy to anyone in need.

Alix Anderson

Health source has been such a great experience for me so far. I have had pains in my neck for a while now and my grandma requested I go to health source. The people here are amazing and nice. I have been at health source for about 2 and a half months and my neck has gotten so much better with the physical therapy and the adjustments. I highly recommend health source.

Audrey Brick

Dr. Scott and staff take great care of me!

Danielle Storm

Dr. Jess Larkin is amazing. I love the care I get at HealthSource. It's the first time I feel like I am actually being heard and given care that is specific to my needs rather than just a quick adjustment. All of the staff has been amazing throughout my entire experience.

Rachel Harding

I love going to health source for my adjustments! Dr Joy is amazing and I love that they have rehab after to help strengthen your muscles again to support your injuries. I will only go here for my adjustments!

Alicia Fischer

I’ve been a patient at HealthSource for several years and one of the things I really appreciate is there educational model. As an educator it is important that we are building capacity within our organization so we can best serve our clients. I feel that HealthSource ensures patients are happy and feeling good. Thanks to all of you that make HealthSource of Plymouth such a great place!

Joseph Jacobson

Great place to get chiropractic care.

Rachel Johnson

Everyone is friendly and always in a good mood and they're very flexible with my schedule. I'm always impressed with how they listen to my concerns and add additional feedback for self care at home.


Lisa Reberg

I have been treated at HealthSource of Plymouth for over 5 years now and couldn't be happier with how I feel! I started going with many issues and over time have resolved them all with their care. They have the best staff that is so friendly and doctors that are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for your chiropractic needs!

Robby Jones

I <3 my Chiropractor! Dr. Casey and his team are excellent. Our family of 4 have been coming to his office for 13 + years. Whether you have chronic or acute health issues I highly recommend chiropractic care for regular wellness care. I truly believe wellness care helps combat sick care.My wife had my first adjustment when she was 6mos pregnant and has become a advocate of chiropractic ever since. My children have had wellness care since they were newborns and have reaped great benefits over the years. I first sought out chiropractic after a car accident and I continue with wellness care to this day.

Chelsea Aspelund

Go here! Dr. Joy and the rest of the staff are wonderful. Between being ajusted, pt and cupping my quality of life has improved with pain free and headache free days.

Angela Ferrara

Healthsource in Plymouth I would describe as a great friendly, upbeat environment. After initial consult appointment, a custom wellness plan is made. Mine includes a combination of adjustments, core strength training, stimulation and nutritional supplements. At two months of care under Dr. Joy, I am so happy with my decision to come here. A great place to heal, get healthy and keep doing what you love! all walks of life Moms, Dad, Grads, retirees, animals, etc.. , Thank you Healthsource Plymouth (Dr. Joy, Liza, Ray, Rachel, Bree and Ben) for being attentive, encouraging, knowledgeable and making rehabilitation fun.

jessica angelo

Recently I injured my hip and had sciatica problems. I was all set to go on a hiking trip to Arizona three weeks later. I met with a rheumatologist regarding my issues- they said I had Bursitis and put ice on it/take Advil. HealthSource did spinal adjustments, worked on muscle by the sciatic nerve, electrical stimulation, deep tissue massage, and stretching/strengthening exercises. Before, I couldn't walk up or down stairs without pain. Now, I feel great! I was able to do things I like such as walking with my husband and friends. I would recommend HealthSource to my friends and family because of the great service, knowledge, friendliness and they listen. The entire team works with you to improve. The doctors and team give you exercises and a plan for at home. We had a terrific time on vacation! Thanks a million!

marissa inbody

Amazing staff! Amazing environment and love that I can get physical therapy and an adjustment all in one! Also flexible with payment plans!

Barbara Proell

Health Source has really helped me! Everyone there is friendly and nice.

Megan Szlachtowski

I appreciate the friendly and positive environment that all the staff demonstrate on a daily basis. The care team is fully integrated which helps to assist in achieving and exceeding my healthcare goals. Dr. Joy listens to my concerns and involves me in my care decisions. That front desk girl tho. #goals

Ivy Picazo

Great staff!! They treat you just like their family! Everyone is so supportive and pushing to get you feeling better and healthier.

Megan Van Hulzen

Dr. Joy and Dr. Jess are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They both explore different ways to help with whatever issue you have and are always making sure you feel comfortable in their office. They also make sure you have fun as well! Go here for any problems you have. You will not regret it.

Sheri Papke

This is a great place to go for all your chiropractic needs. This is my third chiropractor in the past 10 years and by far the best. All the others were like bandaids and the issue never really go addressed/ fixed. HealthSource helps get to the source of your pain/back issues. And the people who work here are the best...super friendly and caring!

Miranda Hortenbach

Health Source is awesome!!! The whole staff is caring and really listen to my needs! In one short month I am feeling like a whole new person! I have referred many family and friends! You will LOVE this place!

Jenny Snyder

The people at Healthsource in Plymouth have been fantastic! I recently had a baby and the rehab and chiro care have been extremely helpful for getting my entire back feeling better! The baby and my 2 year old have been getting adjusted as well and I have seen great improvement in their sleep and overall health! For anyone who has been struggling with fussy kiddos, I would highly recommend the great doctors at Healthsource!

Kaycee Overcash

Summary - Flexible, kind and the best care. They are incredibly flexible with my busy work schedule causing rescheduled appointments. When I do make it in I hardly ever wait. The adjustments are immediately helpful in providing relief. The electrical stimulation is my new favorite thing. And the rehab exercises and stretches are so useful for taking home. And big deal to me was the flexibility in the treatment plan. Working with my time and finance needs.

Jacob Ferm

Ze Just

Dr.Joy really knows her stuff!.. the staff is friendly and professional clean environment. I had never been to a chiropractor before and my neurosurgeon wanted to put rods in my spine and fuse it!.. i needed to find another way that could get rid of my pain. I found them and within one week my pain is significantly less!.. and improving everyday!.. Dr.Joy explained everything to me in a clear manner that I could understand and know what to expect. Honestly I didn't expect to get such quick results with all the pain and paralysis that I had. I am even sleeping better! I have a new confidence and feel so grateful that I have found them!... I am smiling again and am confident this plan is going to work for me. They are a happy bunch too!.. they had pie day for November and I got a pecan pie the size of a large pizza! Lol I definitely recommend healthsource...they look at your body as a whole .not just the part that is hurting...but what is the source of it and how to fix you.

Alexander Sundin

This place is AWESOME! Both docs are great, and will definitely take care of any ache or pain you have!

Chris Daniels

As a professional wrestler, I am landing on my back and neck quite a bit. Joy, Ben, and the whole team at Health Source in Plymouth always get me back on my feet, and back in the ring.

mary mrdjenovich

Looking for a place to help you with chiropractic services? Come to healthsource! At healthsource you actually get service for the needs that your aching body has. Your health care provider actually works with you and listens to you concerns.

Michael Chambers

I had major lower back pain. I couldn't walk without a cane. I had sharp and burning pain. I tried stretching and ice packs but they didn't work. I feel 70% better now and with each visit I keep improving.

Caren Western

Ever since I've been coming to Dr. Tony and the HealthSource team, my neck and arm pain have gone away. I could hardly turn my neck side to side. I had headaches all of the time. I now have not had a headache in 5 months. My neck moves much more freely and doesn't hurt. The doctors and staff listen and are very helpful with your rehab. They're fun to work with and become your family. If you're in pain, it is really worth a try. It improved my life! Thanks so much!

Vicky Ker

While in High School I developed a persistent aching pain in my neck as a result of multiple oral surgeries. Thankfully I called HealthSource where, for the first time, I received effective treatment in the form of chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitation. As a result of participating in care at HealthSource, I have a substantially decreased level of pain (almost none), but also have a greater range of motion in my neck. I am grateful to the doctors and staff at HealthSource. I welcome opportunities to share HealthSource with others.

Katie McLennan

I've had a great experience here. The staff is friendly and communicative. There is a high value placed on my understanding and participating in my own care. I've had great results and am very happy!

Cassie Bergh

I love HealthSource of Plymouth! I've been helped so much by their onsite rehab team. They are very knowledgeable about all kinds of exercises to help your body get back to moving right. Dr Trent and Dr Casey are amazing chiropractors and Brittany and Ben are great rehab specialists!! I would definitely recommend HealthSource of Plymouth!!

Megan Lyons

Healthsource of Plymouth is fantastic!! Dr Joy Wyatt and the whole team are so wonderful to work with. They are so focused on individualized care and what YOUR specific needs are, and are so patient in explaining what they are doing and why they do it. I have been to several chiropractors in my lifetime, and in just three weeks I can say that they are miles above the others I have seen. You will be so happy when you choose to visit them.

adam kowski

Being a multi sport athlete and coming here over a year ago with knee pain and back pain, I am now pain free and I am able to do things and do work outs I was not able to before coming to Healthsource of Plymouth. The staff here is really friendly and does a great job at what they do!

Charee Tardiff

I have seen 6 chiropractors in multiple states and never received as good of an adjustment as Dr. Joy has given me. The team there is excellent. Brian is great with explaining the stretches and exercises and Rae is extremely friendly when she checks you in. They walked me through every step and explained things in detail to help me get my my health on track. I have my 9 month old when I go and they are fantastic with him as well! Highly recommend this location.

Becky Nelson

I meet with Ben every 10 days for the Life Fat Loss. Ben is very supportive and uplifting. With Ben's positive help, I feel like I will be successful in my weight loss and will be able to not only lose the weight but will be able to make this my healthy lifestyle for now and the future. Thanks Ben, Becky

Sharon Wyatt

Health Source of Plymouth is definitely worthy of a 5 star rating. I would highly recommend Health Source of Plymouth for anyone in need of superior Chiropractic care. I see Dr. Joy for my Chiropractic care and you can tell she genuinely cares about each one of her patients. She not only takes the time to listen to your health concerns but she also takes the time to help educate you, so you can better understand your individual treatment plan. A rehab specialist (Brian) will work with you and teach you the proper way to stretch and strengthen the muscle groups that will help you on your road to recovery. I can't say enough good things about the entire staff a Health source of Plymouth. Just last month their entire staff hosted a after hour event in their clinic. The clinic provided drinks and appetizers for anyone who wanted to participate in painting bowls and just having a good time. They had over 60 people from patients to people from the community who showed up to participate in the event. The painted bowls will be fired and make their way to Cooper High School come March. Where local restaurants will supply soup and bread for a meal. The money raised will go to back to the community to feed the hungry. Dr. Joy truly has a passion for what she does on a daily basis and she is dedicated to getting you on the right path to better health. Dr. Joy and Dr. Jess are the kind of people Plymouth is proud to have as part of their community.

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