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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Minnetonka IN Minnesota

Amanda Horn

Went in for shoulder pain and expected just a few appointments for adjustments like past chiropractic experiences; Dr. Dereck not only knew the cause of my shoulder pain but also addressed a topic I’ve known about for years but avoided - I had horrible posture. I decided to move forward with the rehab treatment plan and am very happy I did. Still a work in progress, but I can definitely feel and recognize when my body is in poor posture now. Always a pleasure going in to see Dr. Derek, Dr. Tyler, and Shelby. An awesome place with awesome service!

John Engelhart

HealthSource of Minnetonka offers so much more than other chiropractors. They are focused on making you better through a complete rehab program and not just an adjustment. The staff is wonderful: pleasant, engaging, interested, fun, etc. I highly recommend HealthSource of Minnetonka!

Blake Lehner

Shoulder and Hip pain were the main reason's for me starting to see Dr. Tyler. While I never knew my daily headaches could also be treated through adjustments, was a huge bonus! I was skeptical to see Dr. Tyler being as I saw a chiropractor before for over 4 months with little to no help. The difference in treatment is amazing comparing the two type of chiropractors. I'm 1 week from being half way done with my treatment plan and I can say the difference my body feels is night and day. My hips are starting to move correctly and my shoulder impingement is improving daily! I no longer get headaches as well! No more skipping the gym because of a headache. Thank you guys!

Katelyn Kaiser

It was a very great first experience at a chiropractor! I spent a month here before moving and all of the staff was great and very accommodating! They helped me get back on track to the feel of what I used to be and still will use the exersices at home!

Lauren Bergman

Everyone at Healthsource Chiropractic is awesome! They really listen to you and you find a way to relieve your pain.

Hilda Arty Ortiz-Gutierrez

Love it, they are Really professionals and very helpful!

Steven Krebsbach

I have had neck pain for years and finally getting some relief with the program at HealthSource!

Terrie Winegar

I walked into Dr. Derek Anderson's office almost three years ago. "Walked" is an exaggeration. I was hunched over and could barely stand without the help of my husband. I have suffered from dextroscoliosis since 1978 when I injured my back shoveling cement. Over the years, I have gone to many chiropractors to provide some relief from the pain, along with a little physical therapy, with only temporary, if any, relief. However, in going to see Dr. Derek, my pain has been reduced significantly. I have my life back. Although I started out getting an adjustment and PT three times a week, I am now down to one adjustment a month for maintenance. Dr. Derek and his staff are caring and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Vicky Kvidera

Alicia Vossen

Everyone is so pleasant to work with! It was my first experience getting adjusted and they made me feel extremely comfortable, and after only a few visits they had me feeling great with most of my pain completely gone!! Thank you Dr. Derek Anderson, Dr. Tyler, Kristina, and Lindsey for taking such great care of me!!

Kiya Durant

Dr. Derek and his staff are very friendly and professional. Dr. Derek cares very much for all of his patients and wants to make sure everyone is painfree.

Lindsey Demko

Emi O

When I came in to HealthSource in Minnetonka in October 2018, I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect. I did my initial evaluation and the process was really thorough. However, I was given all the time and attention I needed to go through the whole process and understand what was happening. After that, my next meeting was to hear how my body was doing. I had been in pain every day for more than ten years. It was something I thought was just a part of life. Everyday, I would wake up with pain on my neck and shoulders and it would slowly creep down my back until it was settled across my back and in my hips. Bad posture, four pregnancies, several spinal anesthesia tapping into my cord, stress, hours in front of a computer, week days standing for 16+hrs. All of it, in my mind, not enough for this to be a big deal. It’s just life. When I had that revealing Post-evaluation, I was told I was down the same path I had seen my mom go through with her back. She developed crippling osteoarthritis from a similar adult life as mine. However, when Dr. Tyler told me it was reversible and that I could build my body so this wasn’t my story anymore, I was more than encouraged. I was saved. It felt like I could live a new life full of the youth I’m supposed to be feeling. I chose the rehab path because I want to invest in a future full of memories that don’t include a bottle of pain relievers or calling it a day because I can’t keep up. More than a month after, I am already seeing results. Shelby is an amazing person that has so much patience to teach and reteach rehab exercises that are building up my body again. And Lindsey is so kind and professional that I felt super well informed about everything in my treatment plan. From days without pain to being able to clean my house without holding back, I feel the possibilities are endless. Now, instead of planning how I can make it through the day, I’m planning on how to have fun with my family. Thank you Dr. Tyler and the whole team at HealthSource, for giving me a second chance at life.

Brooke Padberg

Dr Derek and his team are awesome. They not only help with any discomforts, but they explain why and what they can do to help. I suffered from Migraines about 1 week out of ever 3-4 weeks, since going to Dr. Derek I have been virtually migraine free. Keep up the good work

Mikayla O'Connor

I started going to Heath Source a little over a year ago, and they have never failed to be fantastic. My body is in much better shape and we worked together to make a plan that fit my availability and also worked financially for me! The people there are great and really made an effort to get to know me better. Lots of love for this place.

Brittney Riesgraf

For many years I have been suffering with chronic migraines. I would get 1-3 a week whether they were severe to put me out of commission for the day or just annoying enough to ruin my day. Due to this issue, I have been on a preventative migraine medication that I take nightly for over a year now. Although helpful, I would like to be medication free for as long as I can be as I am only 28 years old. I began seeing Dr. Tyler a few months ago. Within a few weeks my migraines became less severe and less often. I am now going on my second week without a single migraine! I’m still going in for adjustments and therapy and have yet to complete my treatment, but I have no doubt that I’ll be migraine free without needing meds as a crutch in the next month or two thanks to Dr. Tyler and his amazing staff! Thank you!

Kathy Dom

Dr Derek & the staff at Healthsource of Minnetonka have been instrumental in helping me feel better & regain more movement in my back & neck. Anyone who has ongoing back or neck pain/stiffness should come in! Everyone is there to help you feel better and improve your quality of life. I'm not going anywhere else!!!

Chelsea Froemming

The team at HealthSource is empathetic, honest, caring, and knowledgeable. They have helped explain my injuries and treatment every step of the way. They explained what was going on with my body, what to expect from treatment, and why they were doing it. They kindly and enthusiastically answer any questions. They’ve created a fun, safe, and productive environment for patients.

Paul Gogerty

I went in experiencing numbness and pain in my legs and arms. I expected an adjustment and a bill. Instead, Dr. Derek and Dr. Tyler did a physical exam and x-rays to pinpoint the issues as well as a plan to build up the strength to keep my spine healthy. I feel so much better every day now and I now have the tools and knowledge to take better care of myself at home and at work.

Erin Gee

Love the staff. Life changing help with my back and neck pain.

Sara Jessen

Dr. Derek and crew are amazing! Not only does my back / neck feel better, but with the exercises I am doing during rehab, they are helping me get stronger so I won’t hurt it again.

Reksmey Mouk

Healthsource has been amazing in my short time here. They facilitate a plan that matches your appropriate problem areas. I recommend this place for anyone who has back, neck, or joint pain!

David Wilson

I get treated here monthly and every time I come in the experience is very relieving! Dr D and the staff really are knowledgeable about questions asked and even better at adjusting I highly recommend this place to anyone in need of adjusting!

Timothy Comes

I started going as I experienced hip pain during even moderate lifts and runs. So I needed to correct it. Not only did the pain get resolved, but my posture is way better than it was. You only get one body, take care of it.

kyle stromberg

Molly Stewart

The team at health source is fantastic! Both Dr Derek and Dr Tyler are excellent doctors that are very knowledgeable in chiropractic care and Kristina does a great job with knowing exactly what to do for rehab exercises. Can’t forget Lindsey who always greets you with a friendly hello and is always accommodating if we need to reschedule our appointments. My husband and I have both benefited tremendously from the care we’ve received and will continue going to the clinic long term!

Holly Stai

I've been seeing Dr. Derek for almost 3 years for wellness care. He's always asking how I'm feeling and if there are any new concerns. I can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. The clinic always feels upbeat and welcoming!

Robert Andresen

The whole experience at HS Minnetonka has been very positive. Making great strides with both Dr Derek and Kristina. I would definitely recommend them!

Heather Larson

Knowledgeable. Professional. Fun. I have sent many family and friends to Dr. Derek. All of them have gotten amazing results working with him and his team!

Kristina Ranney

Andrew Babusek

Caitlyn Crowley

Very kind people aslo makes your back feel great

Elsea Larson

I got into a car accident in Feburary. The upper back pain was terrible. Working in a kitchen I'm on my feet for 8.5 hours straight. This went on for 4.5 months with it growing steadily worse. My yoga instructor told me to go to health source, and gave me Dr. Derek Anderson's name. The staff there is SO helpful and cheerful, and they have helped me strengthen my muscles to help keep my adjustments in place. Every staff member knows your name they don't have to look at a paper before saying it. They know what problems your dealing with. The team cares about getting you better, and back to your normal life/ routine. I can finally go to work w/o constant pain!

Robert Martinka

I'm not a big review guy, nor have I ever been to a chiropractor before going to this team beginning back in April for a series due to a back injury. I was dubious that a chiropractor was the way to go, but my wife had been here before and recommended them to me. Dr. Derek and his team were able to get me "back on my feet", pain free, and providing rock-solid therapy within a reasonable amount of time. I've got a few more sessions to go, and have been pleased to have been provided amazing truly conscientious personal care and guidance. Many thanks!

neal conn

Went into Health Source seeking treatment for a re occurring back issue and have been very happy with the results so far. What stood out to me that even though my progress was minimal at first (due to how long the injury has existed) they showed great commitment and stuck with my treatment and even added more to help my progress. Now feeling better than I have in a long time. Fun people too.

Rachael Vanden Broecke

I have been seeing Dr. Tyler for a couple of months now. He does a great job of narrowing down the issues and treatment areas. I am very pleased with the entire team at Health Source. Shelby the physical therapist is very knowledgeable and eager to help. The “intern” Tyler and service coordinator, Lindsey are also incredibly kind and helpful. I oftentimes have my toddler with me and they are all extremely helpful in keeping an eye on him while I get my treatment. You can feel what a great team they all are. Big thanks to you all!! I truly enjoy my visits!

Rachel Lindsey

I can't recommend Dr. Derek and the team at HealthSource enough! I've suffered from migraines regularly since high school and have been to several chiropractors to try to manage them. I've never had positive results, until I started going to HealthSource. Dr. Derek took the time to understand my specific concerns and created a plan to strengthen my neck and back. Within a few weeks, I started to notice improvement and now go months without migraines - Truly life-changing! The entire staff is very supportive and welcoming to everyone. Highly recommend this team!

Libby Quast

Debra Lindquist

The improvement of my mobility in my toe is incredible. I had been misdiagnosed and never thought of chiropractic care until I met Dr. Derek! I can walk, run, and do lunges and yoga again! THANKS, Dr. Derek! =)

Ken Young

Warm, professional, personable staff. Everyone there does a wonderful job of making you feel important and valued. The treatments have been excellent and I haven’t felt better in a long time. Full disclosure: this review was provided in exchange for a lacrosse ball for therapeutic purposes...and it’s all still true.

Andrew Thornbrough

I came to Dr. Derek barely able to walk, and in excruciating pain. Now, not even a week later, I’m already feeling a night and day difference. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and clearly care for all of their patients. Highly recommend!

Andrew Metzen

Dr. Derek and the entire team are fantastic! I've been to several other chiropractors over the years without results. The process and plans they have are setup for long term results. Keep up the good work!


After almost 3 years with chronic pain, going through countless chiropractors and physical therapists (and many wasted dollars) I was lucky enough to find Dr. Derek at HealthSource Chiropractic. I was skeptical, but he fixed the issue. For good. I am extremely grateful to be pain free.

Andrea Lund

The team at Healthsource Chiropractic is absolutely life changing! Dr. Derek and Dr. Tyler are two of the most supportive, informative, and compassionate health care providers I have ever encountered. Shelby, the physical therapist, provides incredible care, and her enthusiasm for her work shines through in everything she does. Lindsay, who manages the front desk, is such a light! Coming into the office and seeing her always makes my day. All of them always make my day!! Oh and my chronic long term pain that I’ve had since high school? GONE. I can’t make this up. I sincerely recommend Healthsource and hope you visit them and erase your pain as well. :)

Danielle Nygren

My body has never felt and worked better than it does now since I've seen Dr Derek and Libby! Love seeing them every couple weeks for some wellness care.

Wendy Banks

My pain was mainly around my lower back initially but then after my horseback riding accident my pain spread to my hip and neck. I have had lower back and neck pain throughout my life. Simple activities after my accident such as bending and stretching were difficult, my riding was very limited on what I could handle and pain was a big issue. Before, I had tried mainly muscle relaxers, pain pills, and another chiropractor with minimal success. You have taken almost all the pain away from my back, neck, and hip completely! Through the stretching and adjustments my life is 99% pain free. Right now I am feeling much stronger and definitely more flexible. I feel I have a much faster recovery time after strenuous activities. I am able to ride my horse with little to no pain at all. I have told my friends it was one of my best investments; you actually took the time to fix and correct the problems so you will not have to keep fixing them!

Tim Tripp

Dr. Derek and the staff are amazingly friendly and have been able to get me on a program to strengthen and maintain a healthier back!

Tyler Riesgraf

Healthsource of Minnetonka is awesome! The atmosphere is warming and inviting! I would highly recommend this place to anyone with health issues!

Zach Treichler

I was in a car accident and they helped a ton with adjustments,rehabilitating, and advice

lydia engelhart

The atmosphere is so awesome so it’s always fun being there!

Patrick Bromelkamp

After coming to Healthsource with chronic back and neck pain, Dr. Derek, Dr. Tyler, and rehab specialist Kristina were able to figure out what was going on and put me on track to be healthier and pain-free!

Julie Smith

Dr. Derek and his team are awesome to work with. They are all very knowledgeable, patient, positive, and professional. I got an adjustment, deep tissue work, stretches, strengthening exercises, and muscle stimulation in each visit. That is a crazy amount of service for a single visit copay. My rib is back in place and neck and shoulder are finally feeling good again!

Natalie Busch

I use to have so much neck, back and knee pain and was told previously it would never improve. I started seeing Dr. Tyler and after a couple months of treatment, I have such little-no pain! A HUGE improvement from before! Dr. Tyler is super nice and always explains things, which I enjoy. The staff is also awesome. You truly can’t go wrong with coming here! Also, I never even knew your knees could get adjusted, it’s been a huge help! They also have physical therapy either before or after the adjustment which is super convienant and has really helped my progress. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a chiropractor!

Raisa Bersten

I was very nervous first time but the place is so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Derek is very professional and knows his job. He helped me a lot. Libby is amazing and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to anyone with back problems.

Greg V

I have made tremendous improvement in my rehab program thanks to Dr. Derek and his Team. They truly want their patients to succeed in the journey of recovery, continual improvement and overall well-being. Keep up the great work!!

Mila Krol

Art is a very thoughtful person and an excellent chiropractic doctor. Our entire family, including our 6 year old daughter see him. He is always attentive to both acute conditions as well as ongoing care. I always leave feeling better and more informed. The office is conveniently located, comfortable and welcoming- you have to give this place a try!

Sheila Veien

I had been seeing a different chiropractor for years before coming to see Dr. Derek and his team. The added component of rehab and attention to my specific conditions have given me more results in a very short period of time than I've ever had. The commeraderie of the team is awesome! I always look forward to coming in for my adjustments.

Anna Sanderson

Feeling like I'm on the road to recovery thanks to the team at healthsource of Minnetonka! Dr. Derek is great! He takes the time to explain everything to you and Kristina is awesome with the physical therapy side. Walked in with a two day long headache and they focused on having me walk out pain free. Headache gone now! Thanks!

Chris Coward

I am always extremely impressed with this office and the care my husband, myself, and now our daughter receive! Dr. Derek is professional and patient, making sure we understand what he will be treating and how it will help. Our 2 month old daughter had been having major issues with sleeping and not having bowel movements along with gas pain. We tried everything to make her feel better and nothing was working. We had her adjusted and immediately after she slept. Later that day she had a bowel movement, and she hasn't had any issues since! Very friendly, helpful, and professional environment!!!

Brittney Klein


The combination of chiropractic adjustment and progressive rehab is wonderful! Staff is all fantastic to work with! I would highly recommend coming here if you have an injury or just want to live better!!!

Amy Wild

I'm so grateful for all the adjustments & education given to me by Dr. Derek & his staff!

Kate Boarder

This is a great clinic! More than just Chiropractic care, they also provide rehab. In the past I've gone home from Chiropractors with "exercise sheets" that I'm supposed to do at home, which never happens. I am making more progress than ever before by doing strengthening exercises and stretching right after my adjustment. Tracy and Dr. Derek are great - professional, friendly and helpful.

Lindsay Wernimont

I have been a patient at Healthsource of Minnetonka since August 2018. Before then, I had never been to a chiropractor because, well, I was scared! I have had on/off lower back pain, tension headaches, and tight jaw for years, and upon becoming pregnant for the second time, these pains got exponentially worse earlier in my pregnancy than they did with my first. On a recommendation from a friend, I found my way to Dr. Derek. The team at Healthsource of Minnetonka immediately made me feel welcome, from my first phone call with Lindsey, to my initial evaluation with Dr. Tyler, and my subsequent visits with Dr. Derek & the PT crew. I expressed my hesitation to Dr. Derek during our initial meeting, and he made it a point to communicate exactly what the plan of attack was, and how he was going to approach the situation. The Healthsource of Minnetonka team put together a comprehensive plan to get me back to feeling good – all before baby #2 arrived. Most impressive to me has been the rehab that accompanies the adjustments, to strengthen and retrain my muscles on what they are supposed to be doing. I had no idea I could feel so much better so quickly! I would recommend Healthsource of Minnetonka to even the most skeptical! Especially those who may be pregnant. It’s amazing what your body goes through when growing a human! I am happy I found this amazing team and continue to see them regularly (now post baby) to ensure my body stays on this healthy track!

Laura Marie

I have been going here for about a month now and am feeling great! I notice constant issues I used to deal with disappearing! Everyone here is very friendly, helpful, and understanding. I have family and friends who go here as well and would recommend anyone else to this location!

Hannah Hoisington

I went in because I was having headaches and neck pain so bad I couldn't turn my head. Dr Derek and the staff not only took care of the physical pain and lack of mobility, but the atmosphere is friendly and they genuinely care about you and your wellbeing. I highly recommend anyone looking for a chiropractor to check them out.

Andrea Coyne

Healthsource minnetonka has helped me get back to all the fun things I used to do. A combination of chropractic and physical therapy helps to strengthen and correct you spine. The staff are always friendly and have a smile on.

Heather Knigge

Excellent staff and great chiropractic care! I would recommend HealthSource of Minnetonka to anyone who wants to feel healthier!

Jillian Bjorklund

The team at Minnetonka Health Source is always there for you! They are helpful, easy to talk to, and are great at finding a plan that will work for you!

Linda Paulson

Dr. Derek and team are the best...They know just how to take care of you...Teach you how to stretch and keep your core strong by doing planks and bridges!! Help your glutes so your back can stay strong...They know their wellness.......Let Dr. Derek and Dr. Tyler adjust you and know how good it feels afterwards.

Steven Grosshans

Great caring chiropractic care.

Michelle Kuhl

This clinic has helped my whole family to feel better and actually physically get better through rehab. Migraines, ADHD etc are all better because of our care here

Phil Matheis

The team here is fantastic! Always helpful and accommodating, if you get hurt they’ll see you same day no questions. Extremely helpful and talented!!

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