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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Minneapolis Uptown IN Minnesota

Courtney Caldwell

Extremely satisfied with my experience at HealthSource Uptown! Staff is very friendly and helpful and I started feeling better after my first visit. They came up with a customized plan to address my issues that not only helped me feel great but also understand why I was experiencing them. I highly recommend this clinic!

Kaitlyn Weinert

HealthSource has been an amazing experience! Regardless of what reasons you are interested in receiving chiropractic care, I believe that they really focus on holistic and comprehensive care to help your nervous system function at its most optimal level, and I am so pleased with the hospitality and attentive care of the staff. They do not come better than the staff at this clinic for customer-centric service and care. They also have flexible hours so you don't have to miss work. I highly recommend HealthSource Chiropractic of Uptown for any and all of your pain or nervous system function inquiries/problems/general well-being maintenance and healthcare to truly live your best life! You won't regret it!

SkillzMN Hans

Dr. Eric and he team at Healthsource are awesome! I would recommend them to anyone struggling with pain in their neck. Eric does a great job with adjustments and the Joe is awesome with the PT side. They are always flexible when it comes to scheduling as well.


Dr Eric and the staff there is absolutely wonderful! From the beginning, when I made the appointment Chanda (so?) has been wonderful. She is very warm and helpful in addition to being upbeat and friendly. Additionally Dr Eric definitely knows what he is doing. He has been helpful in my recovery from an injury I had a month ago. And then there are the two very helpful guys in physical therapy, Joe and Brian. They are very nice guys who always offer an elbow as you struggle to walk or get up. And they definitely know what they are doing with the exercises and they push and support you as you struggle through your rehab. I really enjoy going there as I'm slowly recovering from my pinched nerve...

Daniel Starks

I love the idea of having chiropractor service and physical therapy under the same roof. When I went in for free evaluation to find out my health insurance will not cover my treatment that they had a loan payment readily available. It really cause me to be skeptical about the credibility of Health Source. A quick search on internet shows glowing reviews most like due to fact we get a free visit if we put a review online. The other reviews is from disgruntle employees from a franchise in Indiana who state this company is a scam. I expect review to be at very for in life not everyone is happy with service they get. OK with that being said. I found the physical therapy and adjustment work very effective that it eliminated leg issue and cramps while swimming. My leg issues have been diminish on my bike allowing me to go greater distances. The running has improved a great deal however still get pain in my legs at times. It might be the fact I still need to get stronger in my core to diminish the pain in my legs. I have been told by a previous physical therapist that probably will not get to point of running pain free plus dealing with back issues for 30 plus years not expecting to be pain free. I just want it to be at level of tolerable pain to complete triathlons. I feel they have accomplish that goal.

Rachel Bowers

I was in a car accident, resulting in significant whiplash, which significantly reduced the mobility of my neck and upper back. The adjustments, exercises, and massage provided here have been very helpful. My range of motion is back, and the pain is a fraction of where it was after the accident, and still getting better.

Sarah Karner

I knew so little about Chiropractic Medicine only a month ago and now I can say I am a huge advocate. Dr. Eric is apt to explain the science/anatomy/physiology behind what he does and explains it in a way that leaves you feeling enlightened. I was extremely hesitant about my first adjustment but after speaking with Dr. Eric, Joe and Kendra I felt not only at ease about getting my neck adjusted but happy to be making a decision that would so greatly affect my overall well-being both immediately and for the future. I left feeling confident about my decision, more learned on the practice, and happy to actively be avoiding future troubles with my spine that I would've had down the road. GREAT place.

Kristi Rendahl

Dr. Mayfield genuinely loves his work and that includes getting results for his clients. This was my first experience with chiropractic care and exercise rehabilitation. The combination of interventions -- not to mention the truly special people that work in this office -- has helped me immensely. I am so grateful to have been in their care the past few months. Now I move without pain and think with more clarity.

Aaron Mayfield

HealthSource of Minneapolis uptown is a fantastic clinic. The staff is fun and professional with excellent customer service. The upbeat and positive mood immediately facilitates a healing environment. Dr. Mayfield is a highly dedicated, efficient and professional chiropractor, evident from the awards he has received. The emphasis on patient education shows throughout the clinic. I would highly recommend any family and friends of mine to see Dr. Eric Mayfield and his staff to get the best chiropractic treatment possible!

Kelci Pacheco

This facility is amazing! They are so fun, great to be around and extremely professional at the same time. I have been going there for about a month for a back and neck injury and I can feel it already getting better. You can tell they really care about helping you get better and that is just the best!

Natalie Lohse

These guys are fantastic. Began getting adjusted on a regular basis about 7 months ago and have never felt better. I used to have 1-3 tension headaches every week and they have almost completely disappeared since I started going. Thanks Dr. Eric!

Joe Wertzberger

I have been trying to find a Chiropractor for the longest time that could help with a lingering sport injury, Dr. Eric and his team have been a great help in recovery! My only recommendation would be a little more accommodating hours. While I work in Uptown and it works great for me to shoot over, I can't refer my wife because she works downtown and would have to take a long block of time off work to make it in. Other than that, my experience has been great with the team there!

Scott Smith

Great place dr eric helped immensely

Judith Ann Smith

I came to Dr. Mayfield years ago with long-standing headache and neck issues. He and his physical therapy staff were successful in alleviating my condition. With periodic structural tune-ups, I am still enjoying pain-free living. Many thanks, Dr. Eric, to you and your fabulous staff. Feeling very grateful!

Lindsey Drooger

I started going to Health Source in Uptown in December of 2018 because I had constant headaches. I'd gone to several doctors and was never able to remedy the situation. Dr. Eric + Joe have been extremely helpful and I'm so glad I came here. I no longer have headaches multiple times a week because of them & their treatment plan. They have really made it a point to help resolve any concerns I had and knew me by name after only the second time visiting. Chanda is also extremely friendly and always greets me with a smile. 10/10 recommend coming here!

Abigail Heckethorn

Each member of this HealthSource team is always there to greet you with a smile, and are very good at creating an individualized plan for everyone's needs. They work hard to meet you where you are, and can provide many easily-sustainable ways to improve your health! I would definitely recommend!

Abdi Mohamud

I went to HealthSource because of hip and knee pain that was with me for years. I saw an orthopedic for this pain before, but it didn’t help. Dr. Eric gave me a comprehensive examination to determine the causes of my pain. The result showed that my lower back was out of alignment and my hip was compensating for the misalignment of my back. With the help of Dr. Eric and his excellent staff, I am on my way to recovery. These people are friendly and they really care about the service they provide and it shows.

Rebecca Aumann

Dr. Eric and everyone at the Uptown office is great. I suffered from headaches and upper back pain for years and after following their recommendations I no longer have those troubles and have since taken an active roll in maintaining my spine as well as ensuring I have the proper nutrition and tools to continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Joe, Sarah and Brian are also great to work with and make doing my rehab very enjoyable. Can't thank them all enough!

Roger Guzek

I've been a patient for Dr.Mayfield for several years and have had wonderful results. I've been in two auto accidents and have had amazing recovery with his services. Now I visit for maintenance from time to time and feel great! Thank you very much! Roger

Jamal Abdi

Dr Eric and his staff are absolutely wonderful! starting with ever happy and smiling chanda,to Joe,Brian and the Big doc Dr guys are amazing And help me so much to where i feel much better can't thank you enough And will recommend every soul i know.Thank you.

Jake Rahier

I love Health Source Uptown. All the staff is super friendly and out going. It's always a great visit. From Chanda's friendly smile to Joe's awesome massages to Ashley's infectious laugh. Make it a point to give this office a try. Dr. Eric is awesome!

Kristin Hodnefield

I am so happy with Healthsource Uptown! They are so friendly and accommodating. If you ever need to change your time, come in early or running late they will make it work. Everyone makes it a point to know your name and greets you eagerly each day. Dr. Eric is awesome and really makes you comfortable. Coming from someone who has a lot of anxiety behind getting adjusted he is so patient and helpful. I was in a car accident several months ago and they have helped me along in my journey eminencely. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Peacemaking Mama x Cambria Scott

I have been so happy with my experience! Dr. Eric is knowledgeable, personable and his adjustments are pleasant and effective. I look forward to my appointments! The staff has been so welcoming and kind and they create a warm family-like feel. They even love on and hold my 7 month old and lay out a mat for him to play on. Where else can you find such an accommodating chiropractic experience? I have and would recommend them to anyone!

Charli Joe

Everyone is always super friendly and the care is always thoughtful and A+. Even better, they support a third-party creative "insurance plan" for affordable chiropractic and dental care. Going 4+ times per month won't break the bank AND are super flexible with scheduling and walk-ins are usually OK!!

Kenneth MOran

HealthSource helped me start functioning without being in constant pain. I couldn't stand for more than a few minutes without being in a lot of pain or even put my socks on because of my lower back pain, stiffness, and shooting pains in my back. I feel much better and have gained most of my mobility back. HealthSource helped me live my daily life without thinking of my back pain. They have a great staff, good environment, convenient location and personal care and attention to detail.

Kaisa M

This place is truly awesome and the whole staff is genuinely interested in getting you feeling better. I've been going here regularly for about a 1.5 years and the improvement in my condition is huge. Initially I was very skeptical about chiropractic care, but I've been proven wrong :) I would definitely recommend Dr. Eric, Joe, Brian & Chanda to anybody looking for an excellent care.

Bradley Pridgeon

They do not accept health insurance on the first visit. You have to pay cash which is a total ripoff when you have chiropractor insurance.

Dawn Balke

Dr. Eric & team are absolutely fantastic!! I have been going to them for over 5 years and never felt better

Ihunktowan Spierre

I was in 2 car accidents in less than a year. I transferred from another chiropractor office that seemed only to treat family oriented.. Since coming to Dr. Mayfield n his staff have helped to my life around in a positive way.. I have a wrist injury for few months n yesterday Dr. Mayfield adjusted it n now the pain n swelling is gone.. In just a month span my body is healing well... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STANDING ALONG SIDE ME WHEN THINGS WERE TOUGH ON HANDLING THE INSURANCE COMPANIES STRESSING INNOCENT PEOPLE...

tanya smith

Highly recommended!!

Fay McCormick

Best Chiropractic team ever. They are so flexible, so friendly, and so helpful. The combination of adjustments, exercises, massage, and the electro-stim thing (sorry guys, I don't know the official name of it) are crucial as a holistic approach to being healthy and knowing how to keep yourself that way. And bonus - everyone in the office always puts a smile on my face every time I go in for an appt.

Cassandra Schorn

I have been a patient of Dr.Eric's for about ten years! I've followed him to his varied locations because once I found him I wasn't about to misplace him. I was diagnosed with degenerative discs in my upper, mid and lower spine that has required continuous maintenance over the years. He has always had a gentle but firm technique. He and his staff have always been incredibly welcoming, understanding and helpful, even when I am being forgetful about my appointments (which I hate to admit does happen sometimes). I always recommend him to EVERYONE. He has also seen me through my two pregnancies. Very knowledgeable and kind. Thanks so much Dr.Eric!

Phil Trebatoski

This is quite simply the best chiropractic clinic I've experienced in my lifetime. Patient wellness, in all facets of life, is the top priority. The atmosphere at the clinic is clean, professional, conveniently located and personable. The staff exceeds all customer service standards. Dr. Eric Mayfield has flawless adjusting techniques. He provides excellent patient education, multiple modes of therapy, and a positive proactive approach to improve his patient's overall health and well-being. I have recommended a number of friends and family members to the clinic and they share the same enthusiasm regarding to their experiences. Stop in and see for yourself.

Danielle Boggio

I was visiting from out of town and felt some pain in my upper back, so I stopped into HealthSource to see if they could help me out. The team was more than accommodating and made the process effortless. Dr. Eric helped me understand what was going on and adjusted me to get through the rest of my visit in Minneapolis. Thanks HealthSource!

Shannon Dale

Dr. Eric, Chanda, Joe, and Ashley (and shoutout to Brian) are a fantastic team at HealthSource in Uptown! Dr. Eric explains adjustments and rehab plans in a way that keeps me informed and at ease. HS is easy to talk to about insurance/payments. Always a positive experience! Bonus: Parking taken care of!

Michele H

I have been going to Dr. E for almost a year now. I work in the fitness world and have neglected my own body for years. When I finally made it into HS I was in severe pain, sleep deprived and hardly able to work without pain. EVERYONE at HS made me feel so welcome, cared for and that I made the right choice. I truly believe that chiropractic and physical therapy, along with massage, is the best way to care for a body with long term lasting results. Every time I come in for an adjustment I am greeted with a smiling face, thank you Chanda! Brian and Joe G are amazing to work with, go out of their way to help and always take great care of me. Dr. E always listens to me before he adjusts and is very personable. I feel very fortunate to have found them! Also, they are very flexible with scheduling which in my world is very important! Thank you HS team, you are like a second family to me!!!

Marty Benes

Dr. Eric and the entire HealthSource team are awesome! As a long-term customer of theirs, I recommend them for whatever discomfort you're experiencing, or for ongoing maintenance as well. Their hours allow you to meet at convenient times. They will immediately make you feel at home and part of the family. You can't go wrong!

Brett Stately

Dr Eric and his staff are great! They have flexible scheduling, and a convenient location. They accommodate parking in uptown, which is hard to find. Dr Eric has helped me with headaches and neck pain, I would recommend this clinic to others!

Jacob Rieple

Always looking forward to my next adjustment. Very nice positive staff that will help you reach your goals.

Jim Corbitt

My major symptoms were my lower back, neck and the area between my shoulders. I'm getting better, slowly. HealthSource helps relieve my pain and stress.

Jessie Leigh

This is an amazing business! I’ve been to both the uptown and downtown locations and have had great experiences at both. Both chiropractors I have seen at the uptown location have been wonderful. I’ve been going here for roughly a year and I have a chaotic schedule and typically don’t make appointments so I normally come by when I have time and the typically can squeeze me into the schedule without a problem. Every time that I call or come in, the front desk attendant always greats me with a huge smile and a very welcoming, positive disposition. Also, they accept my state health care so it is affordable for me. I’ve reccommended it to all of my friends and am super appericiative of all the the amazing service I’ve received, with my active lifestyle, they definitly have helped me live it in a much healthier more pain- free way.

Laurrie McKendry

I love this place! Dr. Mayfield and his entire staff are always helpful and friendly. I have be coming here for 2 years now on a maintenance plan that fits my schedule. It's absolutly part of my wellness program.

Mandi Turg

HealthSource is great! After a car accident, a friend recommended me to a place where I could get chiropractic care and physical therapy in one appointment. I began going to HealthSource and was so glad I did! It made such a difference in my recovery, where the staff communicates with each other and puts together a plan for holistic care. They are fun and compassionate, and committed to their patients' improvement. I highly recommend HealthSource.

Seth Tenpenny

Dr. Eric and team have been great to work with over the past 2+ years. Through their care, I've been able to significantly reduce my levels of pain and stiffness. I think the one thing that sets them apart is their willingness to listen to what your individual goals are for care and work with you to establish a treatment plan.


Fantastic experience. I truly see and feel the focus on full body wellness, rehabilitative health, and empowering clients to address their wellness needs on their own once they are ready. My overall functionality has drastically improved. Bonus, everyone who works here is super kind and personable. Scheduling is flexible and a breeze. I’m very grateful to have found them!

Tom Bennerotte

I am a personal injury attorney who represents people who are injured in collisions, at work, and through the negligence of others. I have had the pleasure of representing multiple patients of Dr. Eric Mayfield. I have seen him testify in court trials and I have been utterly impressed with his knowledge of the human anatomy and of chiropractic treatment. Dr. Eric cares about his patients. He works very hard to get them well. I would highly recommend anyone who has been injured and needs a chiropractor to seek out Dr. Eric's services. He is superb, as his his entire staff!

Sean Sweeney

Great staff and flexible scheduling

Steve Peck

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, and better yet when I first came in could barely walk and after a few visits am back at 100%. Thank you HealthSource for getting me my mobility back!!!

Kevin Smith

Started coming about 3 months ago and I'm amazingly glad I did. The staff is amazingly friendly, positive, and engaged. The chiropractor did a phenomenal job helping my pain decrease to nothing and the strength in my core and back increase. Work has been way better and my attitude has never been better because I don't have the pain I once did. Thanks again to these guys for helping!!!

Willa Samuelson

The best chiropractic office around! Dr. Mayfield is extremely nice and only wants the best care for his patients. The physical therapists are just incredible and the receptionist, Chanda always has a smile on her face. She can answer all your questions and makes the insurance hassle way more manageable! Plus, you don't have to pay for parking if you're there for less than 1 hour and 15 minutes! I highly recommend Healthsource in Uptown, they focus completely on wellness and overall health!

Earl Morgan

Dr. Mayfield rocks! I suffered with all over body constriction and muscle pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. HealthSource performed a complete evaluation of my spine, pain management and a plan of action to strengthen my spine and corrective action for permanent results. My health is improvin and less constricting because I'm being treated with care and getting to the cause of my symptoms. Dr. Mayfield and his staff always make sure they work together for the interest of the patients. Wonderful doctor, therapists, physical therapy, great equipment, and that I like that I'm being treated as a person not just a patient.

Jordan Barstad

I came here to address my problems and they were great from the start. They are very thorough, friendly, and take pride in their work. I love coming here to get adjusted, always a great time. Recommend them to anyone!

Amber Henby

Steven Quinn

I had back, neck and leg pains. I used pain medication to deal with my symptoms. HealthSource used adjustments and rehab. HealthSource has a great doctor and massage therapist.

Danielle Ianiro

Great services, and a very friendly staff! I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a chiropractor in Minneapolis!

Sandra Martinez

I suffered with neck and back pain due to a car accident and arthritis. HealthSource has helped to manage my pain. It's easy to get in when needed. Everybody is super friendly and works together to make you fell better. Realignments, stim machine, and massage combos really make me feel so much better. I have more energy and clarity. Best chiropractor I've ever seen! Everybody is so talented and friendly. I couldn't ask for a better combination. I love the music, too.

Josefina Castellanos

Dr. Eric clearly loves what he does. He always greets you with a smile and makes sure to catch up with you every time you’re in. If you’re ever running early/late or need to reschedule, they will usually make something work. Joe and Ashley are always in the best moods to help you through your physical therapy. Highly recommend trying this place out.

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