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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Marshall IN Minnesota

Maya Papaya

HealthSource Chiropractic of Marshall is great! I had a bad experience with a different chiropractor, so I was a little skeptical of the whole health treatment at first. Dr. Rob, Caroline, Becca, and all of the HealthSource staff are friendly, open, and knowledgeable. They communicated clearly about my financial investment in my health as well as the reasons why a whole health approach would work well for me. After years and years of headaches, neck aches, not sleeping well, and migraines because of my misalignment, my pain is gone and I feel much better! Thank you, HealthSource family!

Debra Louwagie

Feeling great and learning lots about my posture and even enjoying the exercises.Thank You!

Carmen Panka

I can't say enough about my positive experience at HealthSource Chiropractic of Marshall. Dr. Rob and his entire team are extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly, fun, and you can tell they genuinely want to help people! I've suffered from awful headaches for years now and sought different kinds of relief from other chiropractors, massage therapists, medication from my family doctor, but none of these ever kept the pain away. Not wanting to give up, and to a point of desperation with the pain in my neck and horrible headaches, I decided to give HealthSource a try. I have now been headache free for a month!!! On top of that though, my posture is improving and I am just more aware of how I carry myself. I honestly believe if not for the winning combination of the chiropractic adjustments and the rehab sessions, I would still be desperately searching for relief. Thank you HealthSource of Marshall for all you've done for me!

Andrew Suby

Great staff and great variety in what they can help with!

Caysi welvaert

Grant Hennen

Dr. Rob puts everything into a perspective you can easily understand. You can tell by his attitude that he loves what he does and truly does care for your health. He helped me with my neck and lower back pain within just a few short weeks. I highly recommend!

Carolyn M

Thanks to Dr Rob, I have been given a new outlook on life. I am 77 years old. I have suffered from low back pain for many years & it became unbearable in August of 2015 after I rode my bike up a steep hill. The pain in my low back & down my right leg was terrible. My Dr sent me to physical therapy, which I did for two months. It just made the pain worse. I was prescribed pain pills, but they made me very sleepy. I had chiropractic adjustments for over a month, but that made the pain so much worse. My doctor suggested having an MRI done. It showed I had four protruding disc in my low back & one of those disc was pinching the sciatic nerve. After having tried so many different procedures that only caused increased pain, I decided I would do nothing for the year & half. At the beginning of 2017, I decided to try acupuncture. I had 10 sessions and still had the low back pain. March through July, the way I walked was becoming very uncomfortable; very slow, hard to pick my feet up, starting to limp, my posture was getting really bad & I was having constant low back pain. I was worried that this was the way was going to be (or worse) for the rest of my life. In August of 2017, a friend told me about HealthSource and how they had helped her. They were relatively new in town. I went online to read about them and check their reviews. So many people giving positive testimonies, I decided I owed it to myself to at least give them a try. I had my first visit with Dr Rob Hennen in August. He took x-rays and showed me that the protruding discs in my lower back had now been readsorbed back into my body, but there was some arthritis. He felt very confident that he could make it easier for me to walk and function better. He explained that he would start with very light adjustments and have me do some physical therapy, which they provided. So I started with them in August and now here we are nearly at the end of 2017. I am so thankful for Dr Rob & his staff. I feel I have been granted a miracle. I can now walk normal, the low back pain has improved 90% & my posture has gotten better. I will forever continue to do the stretches that I was taught and I will want to see Dr. Rob on a regular basis, as I don’t want to slip backwards. Dr Rob is one of the kindest & most understanding professional I have meet. His staff is awesome. Remember, if you’re dealing with chronic pain, there is help for you. Please give them a try.

Danielle Crowell

The people are incredibly passionate about their job and the atmosphere is super friendly.

Jessica Thunder Hawk

No words can describe how amazing this place is! Thank you to the entire staff, you are all amazing!!

Robert Hennen

Barbara Linneman

Dr.Rob and Caroline are two of the greatest people in Marshall, worried about myself and my children's health. They are showing us the ropes to maximum mobility and how to protect our brains for maximum neurological health. Thank you Dr. Rob. When I first came in I didn't have much strength in my arms, hands, and shoulders. The pain would not let me grip my coffee cup, fix my hair, or work. I could not open doors, wring a washcloth, or operate the lift. For the last four years I have not been able to work with my arms above my shoulders. I have seen many doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and orthopedic surgeons with no cure. Ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, and cortisone shots did not help. The adjustments and rehab exercises really helped free up my shoulders and neck. I am feeling stronger now and have less pain. I can raise my arms above my head to reach dishes and I don't drop them! Healthsource and Dr. Rob are compassionate about what they do and how I feel. I have brought all of my children to visit Dr. Rob because I'm sure he can help them feel better.

Ruth Bot

I visited Rob and staff at the advice of my daughter. I'm so thankful she recommended this for me. Rob does more than give me an adjustment; I am also working on improving my core and total body fitness. Thank you, Rob, Shawn, & Donna.

Cortney Zukauska

I love this place. They gave me hope when I had none!

Steve Sik

Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I have never had a chiropractor that has cared so much about my well being. They all take time out of their day to actually explain what is wrong and how they can fix it and go above and beyond what I have seen any other chiropractic office do. Great place!

Aaron VanMoer

Dr. Rob and the gang made quick work of fixing up the tension and misalignment of my back, neck, and shoulders caused from years of poor posture and bad ergonomics at the office. Results came much faster than expected from adjustments and a little therapy. The fun, friendly atmosphere makes visits a pleasure!

Jacklyn Jeremiason

Eduardo Padilla

Ive had lower back problems since high school...i come in once a month and my lower back pains have been going away..they also teach you how to stretch to prevent future problems

Braedyn Reilly

Jordy Beek

Very helpful, courteous, fun, and knowledgeable staff

Dr. Jordan Tanko

Dr. Rob is the best! I have searched relentlessly for a good doctor to take care of me, and I found him. I have been dealing with severe low back pain for months prior to meeting Dr. Rob, but not anymore. Anyone looking to not only get help with what ever condition they have, but to increase their overall health, I would say look no further. Thanks Dr. Rob!

Mike Fox

The entire staff is outstanding. Dr. Rob is professional, courteous, and so knowledgeable. I have had an amazing experience at HealthSource of Marshall.

Megan Probst

I would recommend Health Source of Marshall to anyone. They treat you like family. They great you by name when you walk in the door.

Barb Hawes

Great approach that merges adjustments with stretches and exercises to manage chronic pain.

Brian G

The Staff at Health Source in Marshall, did a Great Job in Formulating a plan of exercises to help me to strengthen my core and improve my posture. It is well worth the time and effort!

Breanna Ahlers

Alyssa Bossuyt

Dr. Rob explains everything he does clearly, and all of the staff are personable and willing to answer questions. Healthsource always has a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Aaron Lange

I am someone who has suffered tremendously from allergies nearly my entire life. I was diagnosed with Asthma as a teenager and have tried everything from over the counter allergy pills to prescription strength nasal sprays. Up until meeting Dr. Rob at HealthSource in the summer of 2015 I had been experiencing the worst allergies to date. Within 3 months of working with Dr. Rob I am incredibly proud to say my allergies no longer affect my day-to-day life. The transition I made included going from not being able to leave the house without kleenexes, to forgetting about my allergy issues all together. This has helped me in all areas of my life and I am extremely greatful for the care I have received from HealthSource. If you are someone suffering with allergies or another chronic condition I highly recommend giving them a chance to relive your issues. I believe you will not be disappointed!

Bennett Bot

The staff at Health Source are outstanding! They are very friendly and kind but more than that, they are encouraging and want you to succeed in their rehab program. The concept of trying to figure out WHY you are having the problem you have and then doing things to correct the problem as well as prevent further issues is what makes them different. I have not been disappointed after 6+ weeks with them!


The biggest thing I love about going to see Dr. Rob and his team is they listen to me. They understand I have a physical job lifting heavy objects, I play the drums, and wakeboard/snowboard all year round. They tailor made a chiropractic program and exercises not to just temporarily fix my issues but to permanently fix them. I thoroughly enjoy going in and seeing everyone at the Marshall Health Source and knowing when I leave my body is feeling and running optimal. If you have a physical job, physical hobbies, or want to relieve some possible built up stress in your body from day to day activities please visit Dr. Rob and his team! Thank you Marshall Health Source for everything you have done for me and continue to do!

Luis Macias

Extremely knowledgeable and really wants to fix any issue that is bothering you! Great results from adjustments!

Shera Pender

Can't say enough great things about Dr. Rob and his friendly staff. My pain is so much and less and my neck movement as improved 100% since starting my therapy. I love doing the exercises with the exercise therapists, they make it so much fun!!

Janet Hulzebos

When I first started going to Healthsource, I had trouble with neck and hips. Could barely walk after sitting for a short time and now I have no pain in hips. Neck is better as it no longer hurts. Dr. Hennen is very good. He explains why a person is having pain. Staff is very friendly and that makes going very pleasant. I would recommend to other people


The staff at HealthSource of Marshall is so great to work with!

Kendall Bliss

I suffered a severe ankle injury and I started my journey to recovery With the Health source team. I am beyond impressed with the level of knowledge and care the team has provided all while giving a personal touch. The staff is friendly and was able to work with me financially so I could get back to my goals. After completing my ankle rehabilitation I have continued my visits and will include the services Healthsource offers, including the Massage Therapy, into my fitness regime. If I could put 6 stars, I would!

Linda Heinrich

I have had a wonderful experience at Healthsource of Marshall, my headaches and lower back pain are so much better and I am also sleeping better at night, would tell everyone to go check out their services. Dr. Rob and his staff are a pleasure to work with. Linda Heinrich

Amy Leervig

Kayla Streeter

I can't put into words the help that I have received from Dr. Rob and his team but I will try. It isn't just your normal run of the mill chiropractic office. The stretches and exercises have helped tremendously. They are such a friendly staff that I feel relaxed and able to focus on my healing. My headaches are less frequent and my back pain is getting leaps and bounds better. I am so glad that I ran into Dr. Rob at a baseball game!! I would recommend HealthSource of Marshall to anyone looking to free themselves of headaches or pain!

Liz Deutz

As a hairstylist, it's very important to me that my body is in good health and I am pain free. I came to see Dr. Hennen with pain all throughout my neck down into my hips. He and the rest of the staff at Health Source have helped me understand my pain and what we can do to relieve that pain! Such a friendly and helpful atmosphere! Highly recommend it!

Jess Vernon

This staff has helped me so much! Provided great information, a friendly environment, and has helped tremendously with my back pain!

Melissa Schwab

I have 2 bulging disc in my lower back. When I first started I could barely get out of bed, barely take a shower, and couldn't do much shopping. I started to see Dr. Robert Hennen and his team. After completing 36 weeks of physical therapy, I can now do everything with minimal pain. His staff is AMAZING and kind hearted. I have missed physical therapy with William! Thanks Dr. Robert Hennen and staff!!

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