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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Edina South IN Minnesota

Shannon Robinson

The staff at Health Source are so friendly and really care about you as a person, meet you where you are at and work with your goals, while also encouraging you in your recovery!

Troy Guttormson

Dr. Bird and his staff are fun and friendly, and the level of care that they have given me has been truly life-changing. The results I have seen in the last year have transformed me from not being able to even sleep due to pain to having a happy and productive life. I am very grateful, and would and do recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Abigaile Duzan

The staff and atmosphere at Richfield Healthsource is friendly and professional. They are honest and seem like they genuinely care for each patient. I came in with severe pain in my lower back and after one visit it significantly improved. The pain is now 90% better after 4 visits! They have a great new patient special and are transparent about the cost from day one. The integration of rehab and muscle work is also great!

Amy Countryman

Dr. Bird and the staff at HealthSource Richfield are the best! My husband and I have had nothing but success with the therapy we have received. My discomfort through my pregnancy was relieved tremendously by getting regular adjustments and doing other focused exercises specific to pregnancy aches. Dr. Bird does a great job of explaining his recommended therapy plan and approach to correct a condition. We always feel welcome when we come through the door and it is a very friendly environment with the other patients. We would and have recommended HealthSource Chiropractic to everyone. It's so much more than 'getting cracked'. The therapy that compliments the adjustments is critical to overall improvement. Thank you Dr. Seth for helping our family be healthier and feel better:)

Shanesha Weary

Health Source is the best! Excellent staff I couldn't ask for more :)

La Rae Schwenn

Friendly, informal atmosphere. Accommodating to the whole family with positive reinforcement. Doc Bird addresses each patient personally, and offers additional help to assist the patient on achieving wellness goals. Knowledgeable staff to assist with physical rehab as necessary to make the body stronger where help is needed to sustain itself. Took 30 years off from chiropractic services. So glad I'm back, and even happier I'm with Doctor Bird!

Stephanie Morgan

HealthSource of Richfield has been by far my best chiropractic experience so far. The Dr. Bird and Laura are great. The rehab therapy has been so helpful for my back and neck problems. I highly reccomend calling for an appointment.

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez

Good spot, Dr Bird is spot on with his adjustments.

Benjamin Teeling

Dr. Bird and the staff at Healthsource are simply excellent. I highly recommend coming here first if you are considering chiropractic care. Dr. Bird approaches rehabilitation the right way, by first finding out what if anything may be off or out of alignment with your spine. X rays and strength tests help to determine this. From there he works with you to build a rehabilitation plan designed to re-align and heal at the root of the problem, and build strength to maintain your health long term so that the same problems do not reoccur. Working with Dr. Bird at Healthsource of Richfield has gotten me back to my best physically.

Mitchell Keobounpheng

The people are great and friendly. They are dedicated to helping you get back to a healthy state. I been going for little over two weeks and can feel improvement with my lower back geatly! Thanks guys for your hard work!

David H

from the moment you walk into the office you can tell there is something different about this place. I was greated by a very friendly young lady named leah who helped me sign in and figure out the paper work. She also gave me a quick tour and introduced me to Laura who does rehab here. once I met Dr Bird I knew I'd be working with these guys from now on, he has a wellness focused approach rather than a "get adjusted and get you out" kind of thing. Dr Bird showed me my x-rays and worked with me to come up with a plan of attack on how to help me do the things I love without being in pain. Check these guys out for yourself and you'll say the same thing I did.

Laura Wilkerson

awesome atmosphere with staff that genuinely care for their patients!

Jason Cole

Dr. Bird is great. Highly recommend. The difference in my 5k/10k times from balancing my hips out has been dramatic.

Tess A.

I came to Healthsource of Richfield after suffering a back injury at the gym - I could hardly walk, and I was planning on leaving for vacation in 10 days. The staff fit me into the schedule for later that afternoon, they gave me exercises and stretches I could start that night, and they created a treatment plan that not only eased the pain in my back but also helped ease my stress. After 5 visits, I felt 90% better and was able to go on vacation worry and pain free. The positivity of the staff is contagious, and I always know that I will leave in a better state than when I came in. I highly, highly recommend making a visit to Healthsource of Richfield.

Katelyn Okoth

Awesome team dedicated to teaching patients tools to begin healing and correcting spinal issues!

Brady Erickson

Exceptionally caring staff! I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking top tier services!

Amanda Sicoli

Dr. Bird's practice is so different than other chiropractors I have been to. He wanted to dig in and fix the cause of my symptoms, rather than just focusing on a short-term fix to temporarily relieve the pain. He and Dana genuinely care about the overall health and wellness of each of their patients and ask about goals and other things that are going on in your life that can affect your well-being. I couldn't be more thankful that I found them!

Joseph Chismar-Atkinson

Dr. Bird is awesome. Being a tall guy with horrible posture he has helped bring my overall health back to peak performance. Cant recommend him enough.

Jason Hall

I came in with knee, back, and neck pain. My knee wouldn't let me walk easily. After a few months with Dr. Bird, Dana, and Laura I'm back to pain and can move easily. McKenzie runs the front office and she is awesome. She can work with any schedule you give her, I greatly recommend seeing them if you have any pain.

Matt Jahns

I'm a type of person that doesn't seek help when I'm in pain but finally couldn't take it anymore and needed to get help! I'm so glad I came across Health source of Richfield. Dr. Bird and staff are so friendly and helpful, they do everything they can to help you now and for the future! I always have a great time when I'm getting treatment and doing rehab, they really make me enjoy being there! They don't just go through the motions and push you out like a lot of places do, they make sure you're doing everything the right way and give suggestions of things to do at home that will help also! Definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a good Chiropractor. You won't be disappointed!

Carter Macintyre

The level of care and service here is paramount! I have had so many issues with my back and neck and improvement is faster here than anywhere else. This is because Dr. Bird is on the fast track to getting you in the shape you need to not only eliminate pain, but also keep you informed and up to date with your condition and improvement. Disease you knew not possible to be removed can be eliminated and if you devote yourself to follow the guidelines of spinal hygiene, you will maintain your new state of well-being!

Brett Schelitzche

Great place with a fun, knowledgeable, and engaging staff!

timothy warneke

I've been having back and shoulder problems most of my life. No other doctor has given me such personalized care. It's a wonderful atmosphere and the physical therapy there has done wonders in just the 4 shorts days I've been doing it. Recommend this clinic to any and everyone!

Aaron Lepisto

My first visit I was made to fill out paperwork and do physical tests that had nothing to do with the pain I was experiencing at the moment and took multiple xrays of things that didn't have anything to do with the pain I had in my shoulder. At the end of that visit I was never adjusted or received the treatment I was looking for. My second visit was no better. I was shown the xrays and afterwards I was told I needed to first sign up for 25 more visits and go over the financial aspects of my insurance and then I would receive the adjustment I was looking for in the first place. By that point I had enough and walked out. My advice, treat the person first for their problem and give them the opportunity to even see what you can do for them and then talk about future appointments and insurance costs. That would be much more professional.

douglas parnell

I could barely walk in through the door. The team at Healthsource Richfield took care of my back and introduced me to some things that make my life easier and a lot less painful.

M Warneke

I considered myself an avid skeptic of chiropractics. That was until my back and neck pain grew nearly unbearable after a car accident in 2006. Reluctantly, I made an appointment. Dr. Bird and his staff are not only welcoming and friendly, but also incredibly knowledgeable and eager to help in the chiropractic and rehabilitation fields. I am nearly halfway through my 32 week recovery plan and couldn't be happier with both the experience and care I've received so far. Whether you have a recent injury or have endured chronic pain, I would highly recommend HealthSource as a solution.

Laurie Krivitz

Dr. Bird is wonderful! My migraines are a thing of the past. My insomnia, acid reflux, and back pain are under control and I am off all of the medications I used to take for all these things.

Matthew Bertram

Dr. Bird has been fantastic physician to work with over the past couple years. The HealthSource office atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming. Leah is a firecracker and really fun - she adds tons of positive energy. Laura is amazing, incredibly knowledgeable, and always helpful. Dr. Bird constantly focuses on long-term well being. He wants his patients to succeed.

Andrew Spalding

I went in with some pretty sever lower back and inner thigh pain that I have had for several years. I've been going here for a little over a month and have had substantial improvements, to the point where I'm not experiencing constant pain that impedes everyday activities, and it keeps getting better. What I like about this chiropractor, is they set up two different plans, lay out the options, and actually set up a program to get you right. I have been to three other chiros before and have never seen this. Dr. Bird is fantastic with explaining what he is doing, and why. If you are skeptical of chiropractors like I have always been, I highly recommend giving him a shot, and hearing what he can do for you. Also, their rehab specialist, Laura, keeps you on point with the workouts. To end, if you just want a "feel good" chiropractor that's just going to adjust and massage you, this is not the place for you. If you are serious about getting to the root of the problem, and are willing to put in the effort to fix it, then this IS the place to go.

Luke Jordan

Great staff, great care. They have really helped me turn my health around.

Evyn Hubbard

Seth is the man. Best neck adjustment I have ever had.

Maurice Smith

This is a really good place to come to, if you are in need of a chiropractor. Dr. Bird’s initial visit with you is very helpful and from there you will be placed on a treatment plan. After my second visit I began to feel better and have more mobility in my lower back. I highly recommend coming here. Not to mention, the rest of the staff does a great job and treat all of their patients with the most respect.

Kendall Stark

Dr. Bird and the team treated me through my entire pregnancy, postpartum and now also my baby girl. The individualized rehab along with the adjustments have been the greatest comprehensive Chiropractic I’ve experienced it to date (I’ve seen my fair share with history of neck issues). This team is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I continue to highly recommend!

Donna Mundell

Dr Bird and his team are awesome. I went from daily headaches and not being able to sleep at night to headache free and a well rested night sleep. His pillows and Denner Rolls are a must have. Very well worth the money. Thank you all

Arthur Grasso

This is the best place I have ever attended for physical ailments. I am very impressed with Dr. Bird, his knowledge and staff. I would highly recommend his services to anyone and suggest a visit for the wellbeing of all.

Graeme Monahan-Rial

Dr. Bird, Laura, and Leah do everything to make sure clients are able to obtain their health goals. I came to the chiropractor as the son of an MD and a retired BSN who'd long made snide remarks regarding chiropractors and everything they did and stood for, so I was a bit skeptical at first. I'd sought treatment for my migraines--which would sometimes cycle for over a week at a time (try explaining that to any employer!)--from neurologists, family health practitioners, a two-day observation hospital stay, and two trips to the Emergency Room. The only thing all those entities were able to give me were MRIs, Vicodin, barbituates, something to keep me from throwing the Vicodin and barbituates up which stoned me even more, and an endless cycle of rebound headaches from the painkillers. I gained a substantial amount of weight even though I had no appetite, then promptly lost it when I was put on another pill which gave me constant vertigo and digestive issues so that I was too afraid to eat anything for the havoc it would wreak on my system. I'm not blaming the traditional medicinal community, as they tried all the treatments traditionally associated with my condition. I appreciate everything they tried and hold them and the time, effort and expenditure they placed in their education and training. But, for me, it didn't work. I was at my wits' end when I finally decided to ignore my parents' remarks about it and give chiropractic treatment a shot. The precipitating event was a back injury just to the right of my left shoulderblade, but my migraines went away fairly shortly thereafter. I'm not quite pain-free, yet (I've only been going to Dr. Bird for a few weeks), but I'm headed there, and I have a better solution than doping myself up and calling out of work. I also have physical-therapy-esque exercises to do at home to minimize my need for future care. Dr. Bird ran late the first couple of appointments, as I was not his only new patient, but timeliness has gotten his attention since then, with no encouragement from me. If you're tired of being in pain and you feel like you've tried everything traditional medicine has to offer, and if you don't want one more prescription, I highly recommend these guys.


Love the people! Great experience.

Courtney Topp

This place is great. The energy in the office is great. So positive and friendly. Dr. Bird is gentle and professional in his adjustments. The rehab environment is so much fun and I love coming in for appointments!

David Rosen

I'd never really entertained the idea of going to a chiropractor unless I had become injured somehow. However, bad habits formed from sitting in front of a computer for the majority of my working life and from ignoring minor injuries/discomforts ended up becoming a massive problem that left me in constant pain. I'm very happy that I found Dr. Bird and his team at HealthSource. They are very detailed in their approach to my care, and I feel like they're invested in the improvement of my overall health. Their approach of pairing adjustments with physical therapy has made a huge difference in my recovery, and is not something that I had seen elsewhere. I highly recommend Dr. Bird and his team if you are looking to get out of pain and back to health.

Dare Sims

I love going to HealthSource because of the friendly staff and the great care that Dr.Bird provides. Since becoming a patient I am able to be physically active without pain and have a greater quality of life. I highly recommend HealthSource to anyone who suffers from chronic pain or wants to take preventative measures.

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