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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Albertville IN Minnesota

Zach Bromenschenkel

Professional. Effective. Efficient. Impressed by what HealthSource has to offer.

Scott Grams

My friend Rhonda referred me to Dr. Andy to help with my migraines and now I they have virtually been diminished. The staff at Albertville of Cassie, Andrew, and Tyler are great. They treat you like a king and use a sense of humor that I enjoy. I highly recommend these guys for any ailment that you may have. They are first class and will heal you!!!!

Derek Nelson

Excellent facility and amazing staff. Listens to You and takes the time to learn your problems and find solutions.

Michael Billiet

Dr. Andy and his staff are very professional and extremely knowledgeable in regards to chiropractic care and PT. It is satisfying to know that Dr. Andy has a sincere interest in my overall health and wellbeing.

Jen & Nelson Penserga

I was new to town and struggling with lower back pain. Not only were all of the staff welcoming, they were knowledgeable and helped me move through my daily activities pain free. Highly recommend!

Kelsie Grygelko

Amazing staff and even better, friendly and educated to truly help you recover and relieve pain. Highly recommend Dr. Andy and his Staff!!

Rhonda Schmid

HealthSource team has changed my life! Working with Dr. Andy, Andrew and Rachael has improved my life. This is the best I have felt since my car accident 20 years ago. I love that they don't just correct what's wrong they show you how to keep feeling good with exercises and stretches. The HealthSource team cares and to me that's all you need to know!

Josh Mau

This organization is unique! All staff are local, down to earth, professional and extremely knowledgeable in regards to their craft. Our family is in the medical field and it's rare to find folks like these with a sincere interest in our community overall health and wellbeing. Completely different than any other chiropractic experience we've had anywhere else in the MSP area. No pressure, they explain everything in ways that are comfortable & consumable with a dose of comedy at times. Lets be honest, being in pain is no fun but they're laser focused on getting you back to feeling well and ensuring you're able to maintain it from home long after you're feeling better. I've never been in the door without an enthusiastic smile and personal hello from everyone in the office. They're patient focused, we'd recommend to anyone!

Rachel Berndt

Dr. Andy & Dr. Mike are great doctors and they are very knowledgeable. We enjoy bringing our entire family to the clinic and we appreciate how everyone on their staff is friendly, genuine and professional. Andrew & I would recommend anyone looking for chiropractic care to Dr. Andy's clinic.

Kaylee Evans

The staff at HealthSource are absolutely fantastic! They always greet you by name, are super knowledgeable and flexible when you need to get in ASAP. Love this place!

Lori Maas

So glad I was referred to Dr. Andy's office! Everyone there is so personable and fun. They all truly care about your comfort, care and recovery. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Royal Soccer Academy Goroztieta

Healthsource it a great place with amazing, very professional and friendly staff.

Tony Felten

Dr. Andy and his team are extremely friendly and professional. They are excellent at communicating and educating their patients. They are all extremely caring and offer a great experience and they truly enjoy what they do and the people that they help.

Andrea Hendel

I first went to the clinic after a running injury threatened to take away my favorite activity. The team approach of physical therapy and chiropractic got me back in top shape. In addition to excellent client care, the energy in the office makes it inviting, fun and a place you look forward to going. I would recommend Dr. Andy, Dr Mike, and Andrew and all the staff to anyone who wants excellent care and results.

Paul Langowski

The team in Albertville does amazing work and they have been a huge help in getting me through some pretty significant back issues. They provided a comprehensive approach to treating my spinal alignment problem along with therapy and exercises that have helped build strength and stability to ensure a lasting solution. Thanks to Dr. Andy for putting together a great team, and thanks to Dr. Brad, Andrew and Heather for helping me get back on the right track.

Rollga Health

Helpful and friendly!

AGW Younglings


Dustin Andres

The entire staff does such an amazing job at making you feel comfortable. Andy is absolutely amazing at showing you what is wrong and explaining what he can do to help you. I had severe back pain and they were able to get back to functional.

Amelia Mauk

It is awesome and helped my headaches !

Buzz Tryggeseth

HealthSource of Albertville is the best chiropractic office around! I played college hockey, had multiple injuries and Dr. Mike and the staff kept me feeling great on and off the ice! Not to mention, I just got back from backpacking across South America, and without the team at HealthSource of Albertville I wouldn't have been able to make the trek.

Corey Schiminski

I have been going to Healthsource of Albertville for about 2 months now. From day 1 of working with Alyssa on the paperwork to file, to getting adjusted by Dr. Mike and going through the exercises with Andrew and Heather it has been nothing but superb! Thanks to everyone at Healthsource of Albertville!

Kim Hanauska

My family and I have been going to see Dr. Andy and his entire team for several years now. I first went for a neck problem but have continued to go in for preventative care for migraines & also helping my kids avoid potential injury from overuse/repetitive motion that comes with being in dance and on electronics. Highly recommend this office!

Kimbra Ness

Their care for others, compassion for the community and professional for your chiropractic wellbeing is second to none. There is always a positive energy in the clinic. I highly recommend.

A3 Dominic

Highly recommended. Owned and ran by great people. Such a fun, positive, funny, and not to mention the care. The care is next to few the best out there.

Mandi Warne

They are awesome! They take so much care in treating me and it’s a quick, easy experience!

sis and bro channel!

Best place ever!!! I so recomend!! You will have so much fun with andrew around! Hope you go there for any injuries!!!

Isaiah Levreau

Being active with sports & weightlifting, military training, and my two sons’ physical health and well-being is imperative to me - but over the past few years, my neck and back pain brought me to a lull both physically and emotionally. Frustrated with a constant pain that I thought I had to accept as part of my life going forward - I consulted with Dr. Andy and the team. They took immediate action to remedy a major low back pain that took me out of work and then showed me a longer term plan that they felt would work. And they were right! Within a few weeks of constant positive energy, encouragement, phenomenal customer service, challenging physical therapy, and great adjustments, I feel better than I thought I ever could! This experience changed my life! Their integrated approach of first educating their clients on why they feel the pain they do, then making the needed adjustments to stabilize the spine, then moving on to stretching and physical therapy to cement the adjustments in place is the perfect combination for anyone who wants to get back in the game of life. They are second-to-none in the area of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and customer service!

Judith Fehn

I have been going to the clinic for over a year and with my bi- weekly adjustments and therapies, I have been able to stay healthy.

Kaylene Nelson

I have a lot of back and beck issues. Since starting to see Dr. Mike and the team at Health Source Albertville, they have drastically improved. I am a lot more comfortable working, driving, and doing other daily activities. Would highly recommend everyone at least stopping in and talking to them about how they can help.

Tracy Grodnitzky

Dr. Andy and the team at HealthSource in Albertville are friendly and very helpful! Great place!

Tayllor Steinmetz

One of the best all around staffs I’ve ever worked with. The whole team knows you when you walk in the door and they get results and care about the follow through and your health! Would recommend to anyone looking for a great chiropractor!

Adam Johnson

Everyone that works there are amazing at what they do! Very friendly!

Brian Hogan

Very professional and very friendly. I see why all the reviews are good. Will continue to go here as long as possible. Highly recommended. Even if you don't have back pain, you may want to go here just to get into a good mood! Great people, doing great work!

Steve Hanson

The staff at HealthSource Chiropractic Albertville are very knowledgeable and friendly. They do a great job explaining why your body is hurting and what you need do to feel better.

Jon Wayne

Dr Andrew is fantastic! It's an amazingly, relaxed atmosphere that won't make you dread going to Physical Therapy. Tyler and Andrew are great trainers that do a great job at taking care of you. Some how these guys have mastered how to make PT enjoyable.

Matt Kruse

My family and I have been going to Dr. Andy and his team for over 2 years. They are great people and truly are focused on improving your condition. I consistently recommend their services to my family, friends, and clients. If you have pain, go and see them.

Rebeca Rose

I’ve had such great visits time and time again with Health Source Albertville! They really listen to what my concerns are and work to fix what’s hurting through chiropractic, physical therapy and many other techniques! From walking in greeted by Alyssa, to adjustments with Dr.Mike and PT with Andrew; you’re in good hands

Gracelyn Riedel

Health Source has a very friendly atmosphere & is a great place to come for physical therapy. The people here are very kind and only want the best for you. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of a chiropractor!

Cale Byrdziak

All the staff are genuine good people that care about you and your needs. They have helped me through 2 back injury's and give great advice on how to maintain a healthy back.

James Dolan

My Wife, kids, and myself go to this chiropractor. We are all healthier because of it. This is what keeps me going. I recommend Health Source to everyone!

DeLon Cannon

Dr. Andy and his staff do an excellent job helping my family and I with stiffness, soreness, and injuries. Very good methods of alternative treatment.


The Health Source crew helped me recover from a neck injury in just a few months and ready for the football season. Dr. Andy is great at adjustments and the physical therapy sessions helped me manage my pain and regain stability. I would recommend Health Source in Albertville to anyone who needs physical therapy or adjustments.

Mara Staiger

I came to Health Source Chiropractic in February unable walk without pain. I've been seeing Dr. Mike and the therapists 2 to 3 times a week since then. I had adjustments and rehab exercises throughout. I dedicated a lot of time at home to do my exercises and stretching. I am happy to say I am pain-free and able to train for a sprint triathlon this summer. I had excellent care and would highly recommend this fantastic facility.

Tina Bunting

My daughter is currently receiving treatment here for a back injury and we love it here! They staff is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend them!

Andrea Scherer

Excellent care received!

Deanne Thies

The staff at HealthSource of Albertville is so helpful and I always leave with a smile! They truly care about my health.

Brian Leonard

If you are looking for a Chiropractor, look no further than Dr. Andy and his staff! Fun, educational and professional all in one! Dr. Andy and his staff has helped me on a few occasions! If you are looking for a competent and trustworthy Chiropractor, this is the place you need to go with confidence. We also see Andy and his staff be involved in the local community at several different events on a volunteer basis! This means a lot to us and should to you too!

Brandon Warne

They do a terrific job treating the whole body and not taking any shortcuts. Not only do you feel better, but you’re put on programs and given tools to maintain that feeling. It’s terrific.

Darla Smith

I've been going in bi-weekly for a year now, Dr. Mike is awesome! Honestly, the whole place is awesome - laid back, open, comfortable. I've had a few issues in my life thanks to car accidents and such, but I can truly say I have had very little discomfort since I found this place. YAY!

Jenn Gallagher

These people are awesome! It's obvious they love what they do and care about each patient. And they're very patient with my insane work schedule and having to change my appointment times.

Jenn Hlad

Dr. Mike and the team are amazing!

Jennifer Peyerl

Exceptional team of people

Christopher Halvorson

Meghan Lawinger

I have been going to Dr. Andy for a few years now. Wether it was to help my back and neck pain due to work, or my lower back pain from pregnancy he has been great. The staff is amazing and always kind. Deffinetly the place you want to go of you need a Chiro !!

Alyssa Krueger

This place is great!!! The atmosphere is amazing.

Karen Otto

Years ago I was in a terrible car accident and have had 4 knee and 2 shoulder surgeries since. I never thought I would walk and feel normal again. Dr Andy and his staff are fabulous. My mobility is back and I go on hikes through the beautiful state parks again.

Andrew Nickel

I really like this place. The staff are fun and friendly, Dr. Andy is great, and the atmosphere is relaxing. I really couldn't say enough about how much I recommend Healthsource of Albertville. If your neck hurts like mine did before I went there, give it a shot, your future self will thank you!

Karise D

I came to Health Source with a very rare condition, and not only did Dr Andy know the disease, he was able to learn more about it, and help me achieve the goals I wanted to achieve! They also have been incredibly flexible, and made it possible for me to be seen when headache hit, with no issue! I HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Nicole Watrin

Health Source is highly recommended! They have worked with me and my family to fix our spine/back/shoulder so we are no longer in pain. They have a great team. You are greeted by Alyssa when you walk in the door. Health Source also incorporates rehab to help you maintain and strengthen your body after adjustments to prevent further decline in your health. Andrew and Heather are fabulous and Dr. Mike has done wonders for us!

Lisa Shore

Jillian Schommer

I was a college athlete, I had 2 kids, I am a working full time busy mom, until dizzy spells hit.... In busy life we take health for granted, until it goes away. Chiropractic & Progressive rehab with the staff at HealthSource of Albertville saved my life my vitality. The dizzy spells are gone & I am back. I spent a ton of money with ENT's, Cardio docs and family practice with no solutions. HealthSource pricing is fair & takes insurance. This team provided hope & encouragement. I also bring my 2 daughters for wellness purposes. From someone who has always been a fan of chiropractic, I am very pleased.

Chad Bentley

Great place to go for chiropractic and physical therapy combined. I was going to another chiropractor with little or no results. I change to Healthsource and now my back pain is getting much better and I’m starting to get my daily life back thanks to all the friendly staff. You do a great job there everyone Thanks!!!!


My back feels terrific and the service is to die for

Maris Ehlers

Dr Andy and his staff are very caring and professional. Their philosophy is to really get at what the issue is and then treat it - not just start treating pain before they understand why it's there. I would highly recommend HealthSource of Albertville to anyone, and often do!

sean koster

Great company with friendly, professional services.

Sheena Wegner

Finally getting some relief from the pain in my neck and shoulders thanks to Dr. Mike and his rehab specialists. Very thorough care from all! Feels good to be on the mend.

Mackenzie Bakken

Everyone there is great. Doctor Andy and his staff do a fantastic job. Everybody is helpful and knowledgeable.

jill Piechowski

I enjoy the fun atmosphere, but even more so their attempt to educate their clients. I have a specific issue and Dr. Andy seems to have just the right touch. I am also impressed by their level of community involvement and desire to give back to those in need

aj purcell

it has helped with my back pain and it costed me less headaches

Adam Gardner

I have been going here for going on 3 years now and I would highly recommend this for anyone with need of chiropractic care. They do rehabilitation, which is why I started going there and I have continued with adjustments after my rehabilitation was completed. The staff is simply awesome, it is a fun, warm and inviting atmosphere and Dr. Andy does a wonderful job. Keep on rocking Healthsource!

Kelly Schuttler

Great! Chiropractors and staff are friendly and passionate about what they do.

Kami Rude

I can’t say enough about the amazing experience I have had working with the team at HealthSource! The entire staff treats you like family, from the greeting from Alyssa when you walk through the door, to the pain relief that comes from working with Doctors Andy, Mike, or Brad, and through the rehab with Heather and Andrew (and the randomness of Andrew bursting into song!). The team is professional and friendly, and my family’s overall experience working with them has been a true blessing.

Elena Zadow

I've been going here since my auto accident with a semi in August, and i never thought going to physical therapy would be so awesome. I love everyone who works there that help me work on getting better and stronger. Everyone is friendly and talkative. I get my spine adjusted by Dr. Mike every 2 weeks now, and will sure miss this place when I am done being treated. Glad I now have exercises to keep my back strong!

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