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REVIEWS OF Caron Chiropractic Clinic IN Minnesota

Linda Podgorski

Dr. Tim was great. Very thorough, he listened to all of my concerns, he spent a considerable amount of time with me and I already felt better when I left his office.

Callie Reynolds

This team is wonderful. I had relief from lower back pain after a few visits with adjustments and acupuncture. Dr. Marty and Dr. Tim are excellent, personable and take time to listen to your concerns. They implement a variety of different techniques and therapies to get you back to optimal function. They always run on time, the staff is very friendly, and the space is clean. (Bonus for having parking in this area!) So glad that I found them and would absolutely recommend this clinic to anyone.

Michael Heffernan

Stephani Horstman

Great clinic and fantastic chiropractors!

Derek Johnson

McKinzie Hopkins

chris campbell

Dr Tim does a great job.

Jill Hanson

Alissa Harrington

Fantastic chiropractors, have been helping my shoulder injury on and off for years. They use a multitude of techniques, but never make me feel uncomfortable or like I have to buy into some sort of belief system for them to help me feel better.

Michael Ethen

I really like Caron's Snelling Ave location. I've had both massages and chiropractic work done there by multiple professionals. Each time has been swift, pleasant, and informative. Everyone I've met with takes time to explain procedures and answer questions. If you're even remotely in the neighborhood, give them a try.

Hillary Aufenkamp

Monica Reynolds

james leach

I have always received great service. The Doctors are very knowledgeable and experienced. I received great advice on different stretches to use and feel much better. I would strongly recommend them to others. Thanks

Russell Reilly

Excellent experience with the group. Very professional great facilities, especially like the stim system they use. Mostly worked with Dr. Allison and she was excellent spent time to explain my issue and work with me on a plan for recovery.

Sara Wuorinen

Caron Chiropractor was where I was first adjusted. I was nervous when I went but it was comforting and welcoming to have nice employees. I have only gone to Caron Chiropractic since, and I will continue. The chiropractors listen well to what is bothering you and adjust your body beautifully!

Wendy Kramer

I could not recommend this clinic highly enough. I do not generally have back trouble but they are a key health care provider. When I feel like I am getting a cold, one adjustment will often keep me healthy. I also highly recommend them for children as my daughter has been seeing them since she was 2 years old.

Andrea Trombley

I absolutely love Caron! I went in with a running back pain and over a series of adjustments I was able to run pain-free. I have also found how to incorporate chiropractic into my life and have enjoyed the benefits of alternatives to medicine. I look forward to going to Caron since the people are such a joy to be around and can tell they truly care.

Amanda Wellner

Dr. Tim is awesome! He helped me get my back feeling normal again.

Dylan McAdam

Unbelievable lack of communication, customer service, and business decency. Caron Chiropractic is continuing to push a small bill of mine from two years ago to collection without communicating with me via phone, email, or letter. They have been notified repeatedly that my health insurance provider is covering the services and refuse to resolve the issue.

Lexi Tschida

I am fourteen years old and I go to Caron for my back, hips, and knees they have helped me with these pains for a long time. with the adjustments they give me help go on with my dance life and the people that work there a really nice to everyone and help everyone with there problems.

Melisa C

Sonya Witmer

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Matt, Dr. Marty, and Dr. Tim have all been wonderful. They have taken time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and explain their method of chiropractic care in clear terms. I have noticed improvement in my areas of need and can only attribute it to their attentive care.

Colleen Ormberg

Awesome experience. The staff is always super nice and helpful

Maryc Guiñan

Jeffrey Duffy

Joshua Marshall

Dr. Corey took his time to listen and work through my issues. Dr. Corey was very thorough and I didn't get a sales pitch to purchase multiple treatments which I've experienced at many chiropractors. I would definitely recommend Caron Chiropractic and specifically, Dr. Corey.

Lauren H

Good environment. Polite staff. Professional service. Loved that I could do all my paperwork online before I came in to shorten my wait time.

Lori Potts

My family has been with this Chiropractic Clinic for 7 years plus. We love this team and the way they do business. They really care for your needs and want to see your health improve and grow! I have used the Massage Therapy and Chiropractic during and after pregnancy, after a car accident, and just for minimal routine visits. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Hannah Mitchell

Patty Radford Henderson

Jennifer Maddigan

From the moment you walk in the door, you are treated like family. All staff is exceptionally friendly. Had problems with migraines for years, which have been much improved since care began....Highly recommend!

fun cookies

Consistently excellent at a great price!

Cooper Barham

Jenny Mullen

Neither a doctor nor friend urged me to see a chiropractor, but I knew that chiropractic treatment was what I needed. So, I began doing research for clinics in St. Paul, visited them, and met with chiropractors. The moment when I stepped into Caron Chiropractic, I knew this was the right place! I did no further research after that. At every appointment, I feel like I'm at the spa and my body is getting the right medical treatment. Thanks, Caron!

Sue Hood

As a patient of several years, I have had great experience with all the treatments I have received. The entire staff is very respectful. I always expect to have success with the type of treatments they give, and I have never been disappointed. Thank you.

Pamela Kay Lemke

Dr. Tim is amazing. After spending over 2 hours in quick clinic with no help for by Vertigo I went to Caron Chiro and they took care of the problem. I highly recommend.

j19241924 .

Tried for first time the other week. Great experience. Emma's was the nicest employee !

Lynn Utecht

Very caring and experienced employees-from the medical receptionist, medical assistants, certified masseuse’s and the Dr.’s. Integrative approach to your health. They listen— really listen, to what you got going on.

Kathleen Lee

Julie Cox

Great clinic offering relief of pain. Highly recommend it!

Michelle Caron

I have suffered low back pain flare-ups since my children were born. My younger son did not walk until after the age of two, and carrying him for so long was hard on my back. I am fortunate to be married to one of the chiropractors, Dr. Matt Caron. Recently I had a bad low-back pain flare-up. This past week I have had two massages, multiple therapies, laser therapy, kinesio tape and have been adjusted by several of the doctors at Caron Chiro. I am feeling much better, and was able to work out again this morning which felt great! I was given some more stretches and exercises to do at home which have been very helpful. Chiropractic is such a big part of my overall health, as well as my families, and I am grateful for that.

me carlson

Yane Sima

Lisa Thurstin

The staff here are very helpful. The hours they have for appointments are great and I am always able to make an appointment that fits my schedule. They are also very good at talking through all my issues and not just adjusting problems but providing exercises and practices to help alleviate future problems. Caron Chiropractic Clinic is also an excellent supporter of local community issues as well.

Jennie Skancke

All the staff here are very friendly. Dr. Matt has brought me back from severe back and neck pain several times after I over-stressed them in yoga. One of my favorite things about this clinic is that they stay open late several days a week so it's possible to get in after work if I can't get away during the day. Occasionally they've been running behind and I've had to wait a bit longer than I'd planned for but for the most part, they are on time, friendly and effective. I also get massages here from Dan and he's really quite the miracle worker on neck and back.

deborah breitzman

Mike Greeman

deborah kucera

Tracy T

Caron Chiropractic Clinic is a very professional clinic, with caring and outstanding staff. Marty Caron and Tim Graff are primarily who have tended to my care over the years and I have never been disappointed in their competency and up-to-date practice.

Sasha Polar

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at Caron. I see Matt for chiropractic and I've been to Katie for massage. I had never been to a chiropractor before this experience, but I went into it with an open mind. I was still a bit nervous, but Matt is so experienced and explained the chiropractic concept very well. He demonstrated all the contraptions before using them, which I really appreciated since they make some scary noises! I suffered from discomfort caused by sitting at a desk and I'm now a total believer in the power of body alignment. I like to go back for regular adjustments so I can feel my best. The facility has such a comforting atmosphere. The staff are friendly and professional. I always recommend this place to my friends! FIVE STARS

Lindsey Ellingson

I first started my search for a chiropractic clinic after an accident I was in. Before my Experience at Caron I have never seen a Chiropractor. I initially chose them because of the location and some other reviews I had read. I don't think I could have picked a better clinic to go to. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Caron Chiropractic. I have been seen by Dr. Matt, Dr. Marty, Dr. Tim and Dr. Allison. They are all great and very knowledgeable. They have a way about them that make you feel comfortable, they are very personable and thorough in explaining what is happening. The staff at Caron are all so friendly! The massage Therapist couldn't be any nicer. I am extremely happy with my choice in going here. They really do care about their patients and you really feel valued here. CHECK THEM OUT!

Deanna Brabant

Great care by Dr. Corey

Amy Zdrazil

Very caring and professional! Truly outstanding and diverse care with a wide variety of skills and capabilities I have referred many friends here and they are all fans!

Amy Stoks

Dr. Emily is the best! She always makes me feel so much better.

Beth Miller

I have been going to Caron for 16 years and have taken a flight through Minneapolis, when I was not living in the state, just to see the doctors here. They are amazing and care about your total health and really know their patients.


Kate (massage therapist) and Dr. Emily are an absolute God-send. There is no better massage therapist on the planet than Kate, and I have yet to find a chiropractor who is able to treat me as thoroughly as Emily without giving painful adjustments. HIGHLY recommend them both!

Andrea Mathern

Emily listens to my questions and takes the time to explain what she's doing and information about the human body in general. She emailed me some exercises so that I can continue my treatment at home.

Jennifer Ettel

Great Chiro office! They run on time and have many Dr.'s , so getting an appointment and finding someone you prefer is super easy.

Bao Xiong

I’ve never been to a Chiropractor before and Dr Emily, along with the staff made sure I felt comfortable! Dr. Emily made sure that whatever she did, was something I wanted to do. Highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Emily!

John Sarles

Dr Maty eas very friendly very caring. Stave was friendly as well. My first visit but i felt comfortable.

Thomas Yang

Great service there. Very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place for everyone.

Stephanie Neuhaus

I feel like I am very welcomed here. I already knew Marty as we attend the same church so when I got into my accident back in December I knew where I wanted to go. They have given me different things to do to help with the pain I was in. The massages are amazing! I feel like a different person each time! Great friendly staff and always have a smile on their faces.


Dr Matt Caron is Super!!

Ray Cleveland

Whole household are long-term patients. Very pleased.

Sarah Hietpas

Awesome doctors, awesome staff, awesome results. 5 stars +

Teresa Gillen

Marty Caron

Kelly P

Great experience and Dr. Tim is a miracle worker!!!

Ashley Hayes

This is my go to place for having a massage! The clinic is clean, quiet, great staff and a an awesome location. They run promotions during the holidays that offer great deals.

Jacob Gerhartz

Have great flexibility, efficiency, and so helpful! Went for a lumbar injury due to sports and after one visit already started seeing improvements. Dr. Marty and Dr. Matthew do a great job; quite the dynamic duo!

Amanda Williams

Justin Domnitz

I have seen all of the Dr.'s here. They are all great! Every doctor is kind, compassionate, and caring. They always have time for you and are highly skilled. I just say thank you for your services.

Jessica Laine

I've always been a skeptic for chiro care and I can say after my visits to Caron I no longer am. My first visit was spurred by a severe migraine which upon being adjusted dramatically improved and later disappeared completed. Since this first visit I have returned an additional three times to ensure that my adjustments are complete and holding well. I've seen both Dr. Tim and Dr. Matt, both of whom are personable, professional, informed, and pleasant. The office is easy to access and clean and the staff are all friendly and very helpful. Being a very active person I was glad to receive the care and information I needed to get back to my top game and received additional instructions and exercises I could practice to ensure that my results were maintained. Overall very great experience and will most certainly make additional visits as needed.

Thomas Bennerotte

Very caring clinic that does a great job for their patients. If you have been injured in a car crash, I would strongly encourage you to contact Caron Chiropractic. They will take great care of you!

Chaddix Malchow

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