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REVIEWS OF Precision Spinal Care IN Michigan

Michael Kizer

I know I should go more often, but when I need it, it really makes a difference. I have used chiropractic services ever since I was a teenager. I'm In my 50's now and I have found NUCCA to be as effective as the twisting, turning, cracking moves applied by other chiropractors. Its amazing that such a lite touch can leave me feeling like I was cracked from head to toe.Try it! My guess is you will not believe it too.

Patricia Cole

Dr. Lisa has helpef me with chronic back pain and natural healing methods. I appreciate the alternate solutions offered at her practice. I'm a pharmacist and personally don't want to take any more medications than absolutly necessary. "A pill to fix every ill" is not my mantra!

Alan Reau

Dr Lisa has made a huge difference in my tension and neck pain. My hands don’t hurt anymore. I always feel great after a visit!

Eric Robinson

I have gone to Dr. Lisa for 6 years. I had dizziness and other symptoms that have all but vanished under her care. I also have noticed that I recover more quickly from injury and am ill less often than before I started seeing her. Along with that, Dr. Lisa and her staff are caring and very friendly. I would highly recommend Precision Spinal!

Laura Reau

dan cobb

I have been going for 8 year now and absolutely love the level of care I get from Dr lisa. If it weren't for her I would have a lot harder time performing day to day tasks.

Mary B

I had struggled with chronic pain from a frozen shoulder for years. I had seen dozens of conventional chiropractors and massage therapists and was not able to get lasting relief from any of them. I started seeing Dr. Lisa in 2014 and was pain free after only a few visits. I continue to see her every few weeks and owe my quality of life to her. I know that its the NUCCA technique that helped me with my neck and shoulder pain. Nothing else has worked. I value that she's a Naturopathic doctor and she's a whiz when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition, herbs, and much much more. I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Lisa and she really stands apart from other Chiropractors with her standard of care.

Rebecca Cobb

I started care with Dr. Lisa when I was pregnant with my 3rd child, 6 years ago. I had terrible hip pain. After only a few adjustments I was able to do all my normal activities without that pain! I also dont get headaches or the neck tension I used to deal with regularly! I bring my whole family now! Our kids love her!

Jonnelle Boyd

Dr. Lisa and team are amazing! I would highly recommend precision spinal care!

Dan Johanna Kruse

Kay Wiedmayer

Personalized compassionate care by Dr. Lisa has made all the difference on my road to recovery. So grateful to have found her and be under her care.

Megan Anders

I have been seeing Dr Lisa for almost 15 years now and hands down absolutely appreciate all she has done for my health & wellness during this time! Before coming to her, I had ear infections every other month and wasn't growing out of them. Since beginning NUCCA chiropractic adjustments with Dr Lisa at age 16, I have only had 2 ear infections (both during college when I did not have regular adjustments). I truly believe my NUCCA alignments have allowed my body to fight off and recover from illnesses much more easily, relieve joint and back pain, and have tremendously helped alleviate typical aches and pains during my pregnancies! I have a hard time imagining how people cope with everyday pains and illnesses without chiropractic help like hers.


I am a runner and had chronic hip and lower back pain. Additionally, I had been told for years, by many different Chiropractors that I had lost all curvature in my neck. Through Dr. Lisa's care, I regained the curvature in my neck and can now run and participate in other activities without the constant nagging of my body. Dr. Lisa and her staff are very personable and caring.

Karen Fodor

I went 15 years with severe headaches and as soon as I started being treated by Dr. Lisa I started improving. I have been headache free for several years and in perfect health. My BP was very high requiring meditation. I’m off all meditation with a normal BP. I can’t thank her enough for freeing me from that debilitating pain. My quality of life is incredibly fantastic!

Sam Carlson

Dr. Lisa is Amazing! Great clinic, fun people, highly recommend.

Alan Szagesh

I professionally know Dr. Lisa and recommend her highly to any patients of mine that move to her area.

Elizabeth Eicher

Dr. Lisa is an awesome chiropractor and person. Very informed about all health aspects and always willing to answer my many questions. Highly recommend.

Deb Lindsay

A great help. Couldn't live without her NUUCA care!

Ryan H

Simon Phillips

Since I started going to Dr. Lisa I've noticed that my recovery time after playing sports is much faster. I also have had fewer injuries and overall feel much better.

James Ducey

I have been seeing Dr Lisa from her starting the practice and corrected all my numbness in my arms and hands. My wife started 2 years ago for vertigo and now she only has problems when she does not go. We Love Dr Lisa.

Amanda Gates

I look forward to my NUCCA appointments. Dr. Lisa is amazing along with her staff. Very comfortable place with friendly people. I recommend Precision Spinal to everyone that has back or neck problems. Highly recommended.

Chet Cook

After seeing different Chiropractors and not getting any relief, Dr Lisa was able to reduce the pain and discomfort in my lower back within a few visits. After 30 days I didn't have any pain. She is amazing... I highly recommend her and her staff.

Mike Davis

My well being has improved dramatically over the past 6 months of being treated by Dr. Lisa. I suffered with knee and lower back issues for almost a year and tried everything, other chiropractors, physical therapy, medical doctors, nothing helped. Dr. Lisa's nucca technique has made all the difference and has helped me get my life back on track! Thanks Dr. Lisa, you are the best!!

Callie Jerant

Amazing results! Highly recommend!

Susan Myers

I used to have Icy Hot scattered throughout the house. I used to apply it every day. Dr. Lisa, got my body back in alignment, and it has been months since I have had to apply. Dr. Lisa and her staff are the best!

Andrea Deljanovan

Dr. Lisa and her Team at Precision Spinal Care are amazing. Since starting with them two years ago I feel better than I have in years. Dr. Lisa is very thorough and thoughtful in her treatment. So glad to have found NUCCA and Precision Spinal Care.

Sarah Kruger

Shirley Lapinski

Laura N.

Best chiropractor in Chelsea! Dr. Lisa O. is a warm and caring healer and I'd recommend her to anyone. Just go and get better naturally.

Christopher Kotansky

Dr. Lisa is awesome! She bases her adjustments on quantifiable measurements, which I have never seen at any other chiropractor that I visited. She walks you through the process, explaining what is wrong or out of alignment, and how it should/will look once you begin to hold an alignment. A++

Alicia Hayter

Dr. Lisa is incredible. Since early high school I experienced chronic headaches, muscles spasms, and back pain. The NUCCA approach that Precision Spinal Care follows is amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Lisa and Precision, and have loved the almost 10 years of going here!

Jeramy Anders

Great place!

Cheri Thompson

Dr. Lisa at Precision Spinal Care has really helped me with my low back pain. I highly recommend the NUCCA approach.

DeAnn Phillips

I started going to Precision Spinal Care for various issues including neck and shoulder pain as well as TMJ issues. Since starting care, those problems have been resolved and I no longer have headaches. I would highly recommend Dr. Lisa!

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