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REVIEWS OF Lupo Chiropractic Center IN Michigan

Valorie Minch

I came to Lupo Chiropractic for sciatica and back pain. I've seen Dr. Khan, Dr. Adam and Dr. Jessie and I am very pleased with the treatment that I've received. My mobility is so much better and my pain is almost gone. I'm so glad that I chose Lupo Chiropractic!

Jasmine E

This place is awesome. Dr. Shawn is great and the receptionists are always super nice and helpful, especially LeeAnne.

Mrs. Bear

Hello, I have been going to Lupo chiropractic for almost a year now and i rate them 5 star's because their service is phenomenal!!!! The ladies up at the front desk are really sweet and personable, but Jessie Lupo has been my main doctor throughout my journey and she is soooooo caring and fantastic! She will write down stuff in ur charts to help her remember details about you. Like life events such as if you got married or got a new dog or had a baby....... Jessie speaks to you like an old friend and i ❤ that!!! All of the staff there is really good but Jessie and Adam are my two favorites. I highly recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic care. Keep up the good work guy's!

Kat Eichler

The Lupo family are wonderful people! My husband and I have been in two car accidents and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! I love that they also have physical therapy in the facility, it makes for convenience! If anyone ever needs a chiropractor Lupo Chiropractic is the place to go! ❤

Ashley Irish

Great family business and Safe drug-free way to relieve your pain very professional and unbelievably remarkable...

Angela Allen

I am a 28 year old female with a pretty normal lifestyle but the past 3-4 months I started experiencing odds side effects. I would get dizzy so bad I would throw up or feel like I'm going to pass out. I went to my primary care doctor and she said it could be from stress (my sister had just died) or be from vertigo. She gave me prescriptions for vertigo as well as a month of Xanax. I wasn't convinced that it was ''stress'' like she had said even though she said we can be stressed and not realize it. Occasionally I would have super bad backaches and neck so I would have my boyfriend crack it (I know I know its not good). It would go away for a few hours. I was getting so dizzy I felt like I shouldn't be driving because whenever I turned my head I would feel it. At one point I almost thought I had a brain tumor. My eyes would hurt, I was dizzy, nauseous, etc. I would sit on my floor and just cry from the pain. The gels and creams stopped working. The heat and ice pads no longer worked. It was after 2 weeks of a dull headache that I decided to go back to the chiropractor just to see. I AM IN LOVE. The FIRST day I was adjusted I immediately was relieved of my headaches, I was so happy I could have cried. I had became super grouchy also due to just a constant pain in my neck and back as well as the headaches that it was affecting my work and home life too. The instant relief from my first adjustment made my over all well being during the day better again. I know this review/post is long but even if one person reads this and can relate I hope it helps. I'm happy I never took the meds my primary doctor prescribed and found a more natural solution to getting my life back. It's crazy to see how just being out of alignment can take its toll on other parts of your body/over all health. I would recommend Lupo Chiropractor 10000%. They also have extremely friendly staff and doctors who explain in depth whats going on with YOU. They have modern technology and techniques but that old school Ma and Pa mentality with their business when it comes to their patients. I love this place.

Fusion Marketing - Admin

I first met Jeff Lupo through a Eastpointe community outreach program. He was very informative and suggested a few different things to help with my lower back problems (come in and get adjusted wasn't one of them). After trying a few different methods he shared I decided it was a good time to stop in and have them check me out. I started a maintenance plan and WOW! I haven't felt this good in years. If you sit at a desk all day like I do I recommend talking to Jeff --you can thank me later! -John

Luke Henderson

Dr con is the best he makes my back good and i can run now

lisa larson

To ALL, I have been under Lupo Chiropractic care for 2 years. I was in a car accident that was small but mighty in damage to my neck and lower back. Out of 8 different doctors and offices I've seen and been to. Lupo has been the only one that has truly been helpful to me. They have been professional, highly informative, kind and the only true pain management I've had. They take time with you to explain things and move you in and out at a fast pace but not rushing you. I highly recommend them. Also not for only accident circumstances. I have found over the last 2 year's that I wish I would have been going way before just for monthly adjustments. My work is very physical and I can see now how benifical it would have been. If you've never been to a chiropractor going in for a consult with the Lupo group is your best option to find out more information. I am so thankful for them all, I feel so much better overall. Lisa Larson

Autumn Garrett

Awesome Chiropractor! Really care for their patients. Also love that I can get adjusted from the owner himself

Jason Levy

Kilah McClure

I have only been going for the past week, but I can already tell the difference. I have sickle cell and I have been in pain all my life, but after just 3 sessions I can honestly say I feel 30% less pain and I know if I continue with my sessions I'll be able to walk to the park with my son in zero pain or as close to that as a person living with sickle cell disease can. Thank you Lupo and Dr. Khan. Always Team McClure #TEAMGEMINI love

Ann Pushies

Great docs and great staff! Thank you so much for helping me get back to work. I was beginning to think that would never happen. Once again thank you!

Jerry Brown-Lacy

Stephanie Anderson

After a car accident I started being treated at Lupo Chiropractic and I've been extremely happy with my decision ever since. All of the doctors, as well as the office staff, are very knowledgeable and personable. I would definitely recommend this office to any one seeking chiropractic care!

Andrea Bommarito

Only Chiropractic office I will visit!!!

Cindy Peterson

This is me first chiropractic experience and I couldn't be happier. I recommend them to everyone cuz they've made me feel so much better after my car accident. I love the Drs, Jason and the rest of the staff! Thank you

Jen Dunn

I have taken my son to Lupo Chiropractic ever since he was an infant. He was born premature and had a lot of breathing problems but having him under chiropractic care helped a lot and he no longer needs his nebulizer or breathing treatments. My son is almost seven now and we have been dealing with bedwetting issues. I started bringing him to see Dr. Jeff and I've noticed that our only dry nights are the ones when he has been adjusted that day.

Zackary Boston

Best place anyone could go. My back is better than ever. Lupo always made sure I was took care of and his staff is out of this world. A added bonus is you might be able to meet lupos beautiful dog

Jeff Saxon

Completely drove extreme pain away, and showed me the effects of posture habbits

April unity

Umm good (says my child) lol. The LUPO chiropractic center have very professional and knowledgeable employees. They have given me amazing care and I appreciate them. Thank you LUPO family.

Sylvia Gibbs

Kayla Lowery

For starters, WOW! What an amazing staff! I started with them at their little office in Detroit! While I haven't had the opportunity to be seen by all the doctors, they all seem very friendly and amazing. I have been seen by both Dr. Lupo and his daughter Jessica. I can't imagine anyone saying anything but great things about this staff and the doctors! Good job guys! Keep it up!

Hanna Eimiller

I miss this chiropractor! At first I was skeptical because they want you to come a few times I week, but I just went every couple of weeks/when it was needed. Could always get an appointment quickly. Dr. Khan is the best!

Eleanor Ramsey

Great service! Friendly and fast! Always feel welcomed. Dr. Khan is exceptional! Highly recommend!

Conlan Lang

Ive been going to Lupo for a littlw over a year now and my time thete has been absolutely wonderful. I had gotten into a car crash around 2 or 3 months into my time there and Dr. Adam has been handling my recovery since. His explanations were clear on what treatment was doing and what i should be doing at home, and he is very friendly. The rest of the staff is always smiling and greeting you, often by name if you go there enough, its a very nice atmosphere to be in.

Matthew Kehn

We love Lupo Chiropractic Center! They will help you like they did our family!

Kaitlyn Hlywa

I've been going to Dr. Lupo's for a while now, and I've been very impressed. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and the office staff is friendly and willing to help with any questions you may have. I've been seeing Dr. Adam specifically, and he is very knowledgeable in his profession. I was actually referred to his office by a friend since I was struggling to find someone to help me with my jaw (I actually switched from my old chiropractor for this reason). Dr. Adam has had extra training with the jaw, so he's been able to give me more tips, adjustments, and feedback than other chiropractors. When he took x-rays on my first visit, he found out that much of my jaw issue actually stemmed from my neck. He was very knowledgeable in his explanations and answered all of my questions. As a teacher, I greatly appreciated how much he educated me on what was happening with my body alignment. Dr. Adam always takes his time adjusting his patients, checking for bone placement before actually adjusting us. This makes me feel comfortable because I know he's not rushing the adjustment. He also uses a tool specifically for my jaw and has done other jaw adjustments as well. I go about once a week, and I've noticed great improvements in my headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain! Thanks :)

tom onhu

Terrible they put you with different young doctors-some very new and inexperienced. Poor service across the board, way too many patients for them to handle.

Aldo Giglio

I started Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression treatment at Lupo Chiropractic about 3 weeks ago and my results have been remarkable! I could barely walk into the office. I strictly followed the treatment plan given to me and as of today ... I am in NO pain and I feel great! All of the Doctors and the entire staff are genuine and treat you as if you are family. They are always friendly and very accommodating to my busy schedule. I would defiantly recommend Lupo Chiropractic ... It has been a great experience since day 1!

hi daddy your awsome

I like the free mints...

andrew prentice

The worst ever. Good luck trying to get insurance to go through. You will be asked to redo your paperwork again and again. Girls at front desk could care less. I'll never go back



Shawn Carlton

Way too busy of an office very crowded with things. Everything is fast paced. Charged me a co pay and my insurance company says that I don't have a copay. Very argumentative towards me as I ask why the copay. Never going back to this chiropractor

William Gardner

It seems that maximum co-pay must first be extracted. Would not share digital xrays even as most companies no longer use film but direct to digital. 5 minutes, 4 cracks, fifty bucks please! Nice but clearly about the money, still in great pain

Anthony Rudin

Always able to get same day appointments. I feel so much better after getting my back adjusted from here and staff is super friendly!

JB’s Music Publishing


victoria willits

I have done physical therapy for 10 years no relief from my back pain I have 8 herniated and bulging dics in my back I have had to hire a neighbor child to weed my garden but now thanks to Dr. Adam palleschi, dc I can do it myself so much relief. I couldn't drive in a car longer then 1 hour then had to get out it was hard to walk two weeks ago I drove halfway to Tennessee and guess what no problems walking no pain. I feel so much better off the pain pills. No more dizziness when I lay down. So if you think you can't get relief let me tell you can!

Ken Arnott

I have been multiple places for my back pain and tightness no one ever came close to helping me until i came to lupo and seen miss Jessie she is the only person ever to crack my back or to relieve my issue and help correct my pain i would reccomend everyone to come here

william moultrie

I came here with back and neck pain, was told it was caused by subluxation which seemed to be their standard answer. I was told to show up twice a week for the next two years which would have cost $40 per visit under my medical plan. Turns out I had a muscle rolled over my spine dragging it out of position, something they never noticed. Thanks for nothing.

La Toya Sanders

I love Dr. Shawn! I’ve been facing some tough back pain. He’s always so patient and kind towards me. He never criticizes my choices in life. He truly makes me feel like I matter. I love him very much. He’s the greatest! ❤️

Laura N.

I always feel great when coming. I used to come just when my back went out but than it would take longer and longer to get back to normal. Last time I decided to keep going and maintain a schedule to keep my back healthy instead of letting it lapse and it totally changed me. I haven't had any problems in a year when I used to get it at least once a season. Thank you!

Michael Bookout

Nice office staff but they like to over charge their patients my insurance company said they are shady and will send me to a new chiropractor


I went to Lupo Chiropractic Center for relief from the pain and numbness in my shoulder and arm. After just a few adjustments, I feel like I’m getting back to normal. Dr. Adam is wonderful!

wendy lewis

Steve Haag

The staff is friendly, and chiropractic care keeps my body functioning well, without chemicals.

Francse DeSchryver

Awesome!!!! Dr. Adam Palleschi is amazing. He fixed my back after moving furniture. I happened to mention the pain in my left hip and how it has been 6 years and no one was able to help. The hip is a prosthesis. In one treatment Dr Adam Palleschi was able to take all the pain away. Like I said AMAZING!! The staff are all so friendly and kind. They are able to answer all question.

David Zamikoff

Great doctor, fantastic adjustment! Feeling great!

Brandi Farkas

Jenny Wells

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