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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Troy IN Michigan

George Drosis

HealthSource has been a lifesaver for my debilitating back pain. I had to seek help following the arrival of a new baby and the chronic back pain from hunching over during diaper changes and bottle feeding. They have a wonderful staff and the facility is top notch. I've been feeling great since my first day of treatment.

Justin M

You will be wowed by the professional, courteous staff. I look forward to my visit each and every time. Dr. Sehgal's knowledge & experience shows through his skilled work. You cannot forget the automatic massage table! Thank you Health Source of Madison Heights!

Bill stalls

Great place! These people take time to figure out the best plan for each patient. I've had bad lower back pain for over 20 years and finally decided to do something about it. Glad i tried here. The pain that radiated down my leg, 100% gone! My back pain is 80% improved and I'm still doing therapy. Increasing the quality of my life has improved my other aspects as well. I can do yard work again, play with the kids longer, sleep better and much more. Thanks to all at health source for working with me and helping me when i really needed it.

Kate Fraser

I have been going to this office since the beginning of May. I have had serious back pain for 10 years and have seen multiple chiropractors. This office has everything I need to improve my chronic condition. Talented helpful staff that motivate me every time I come in. I’d recommend Beth, Renee, Dr Estrada and Dr Sehgal with out hesitation. Love love love this team!!!!

Roger Domingo

Going to a chiropractor or just the thought of getting my spine aligned was the first for me. Never really considered it as much because of so many things I was not sure able. For example, how much would it cost for me? Another type of question that I would keep asking myself was, will it even work? However, after giving Health Source a chance, every question I have wondered about was thoroughly explained in the most simplest and comprehensive way possible. The idea of being thousands of dollars was very exaggerated. Everyone was very flexible. They would give you a few payment options or either a mix of two of the option. As for making an appointment, it’s very straightforward. Just give them a call and you can schedule an appointment within 2-3 days. Canceling an appointment is fairly easy as well. Just let them know a day ahead of time if not earlier. Although the cost is doable and they are very flexible with time, what surprises me the most is how willing and sincere they are to help a patient. They will thoroughly do a series of examinations to see what problems you may be having. Even though I told my chiropractor that my main concern was my neck, not only did he look at my neck but my skeletal structure as a whole. Long story short, HealthSource is amazing by being very flexible and sincere. They will do their very best to make a patient understand in the most simplest and comprehensive way possible about their complaints; and as to why they feel the way that they feel. After every session, there are less pain and I feel great. My skeletal structure is becoming more and more symmetrical after each session. The only regret that I have is not going to HealthSource any sooner.

Douglas Drouillard

Awesome service, awesome results. Dr. Sehgal and team are top notch. Friendly office full of people who know what they are doing. My favorite part though is that the treatments are comprehensive and they work. I came in for a shoulder / upper back injury and after 3 months my pain is reduced 90% in my shoulder and we are making good progress on my back.

Amanda Sipaseuth

Honestly the most friendly, and the best place to get the hearing from within! I brought my mother here and Dr. Sehgal is amazing!

Tamika L

Health Source really helped with my pain management. The medical professionals take the time to listen.


My grandma tried to get me to go here for years and I pushed it off. Now I regret it. They are absolutely awesome and I never thought my low back wouldn’t hurt anymore. Highly recommend

Theresa Jones

Great place and very friendly staff. They are dedicated to making you better.

Stephanie Griffin

The staff is amazing, friendly and caring. They are concerned about your health. Also, they go the extra mile by having giveaways, treats, bottled water and the like. Flexible schedules are available and flexible payment plans available too. This is a great place!

elizabeth Bash

I am really happy i made an appointment here. My neck and back are feeling so much better. I thought it was just because i was getting older, but that was not the case. Everyone here is so nice very informative and really care that you get better without medications. Take that first step and make an appointment. You will not be sorry.

Michael Hoban

I have been coming to Dr. Segal for years.. He and his friendly dedicated staff has got me over injuries in a natural way without the use of drugs. I highly recommend the care that you will receive at Healthsource.

Janell Hughes

Everyone at Health Source is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I am in complete awe of how quickly they were able to assist with gaining mobility and eliminating pain in my shoulder! I would HIGHLY recommend Health Source to anyone experiencing pain, discomfort or needing assistance with recovering from an injury!


Excellent care. My back and neck have never felt better. And the Finance Director/Office Manager is top notch!

Priscilla Ro

My first visit to Healthsource was amazing. I’ve had dealt with a decade old neck pain that caused excruciating migraine and 3 year old right hip pain which interfered with my active lifestyle. After my first visit, Dr. Seghal has shown me confidence that he would be able to fix me. Then Beth, their awesome physical therapist, relieved so much shoulder and neck tension just from a 15min massage therapy. She has magical hands! After my 2nd visit, my neck pain has significantly subsided and I have not had migraines for two whole weeks which is a major progress. The whole staff there has a wonderful and friendly attitude. Will post another review after the end of treatment.

Silvana Grainger

I LOVE this office. The entire staff is amazing. Make you feel right at home and truly care about their patience. I have been coming the Healthsource since the beginning of December. This is after being in so much pain. Never had any back issues then all of the sudden, woke up and could barely walk. I was hesitate at first to try a chiropractor. I have never been and had always been afraid to go. Now I look forward to going every time! I am so happy I did. First day there and was already feeling better. I am there weekly right now and I can honestly say after adjustments with Dr. Segull and Dr. Estrada and Physical therapy with Beth (SHE ROCKS) I feel INCREDIBLE! Thank you Renee for referring me!

Kimberly Schrimshaw

I was in extreme back pain and came in as a walk in patient. From the moment I stepped foot into the office, I could tell that this was a fun, family-like atmosphere. Ms. Renee, at the front desk, couldn’t be any sweeter!! The entire staff is amazing! I feel like they really care about the pain you are in, diagnosing the problem and finding the best solution possible. I’ve alrwady started my treatment and cannot wait to see my progress/results!! Highly recommend Health Source of Madison Heights!!

Zeno Lach

been going there for 3 years now. this is a great place with very friendly people. they do a great job every time.

MaryFrances Bertolino

This is the best place I have ever visited!! The staff is phenomenal and they truly care about the person and how to heal them. I am excited to see how I progress with my lower back pain with the help of these amazing doctors!!!


I've been coming to Dr. Segal for years here as well as my mom. He and staff are like family and are very sensitive to your personal needs of overall spinal health. Massages are great too as an added benefit it you need. I live in Texas now but every time I come home I'm making sure to make health source Madison heights one of my first stops. I work out a lot and trust him to keep me properly aligned. Thanks team and to my mom for referring Health source!

Joyful Baum

Very friendly, helpful staff. My strength and overall health have improved dramatically

mary brinegar

Dr. Sehgal is one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to! Very professional and knowledgeable WAY beyond his years. The office staff is the GREATEST too! :) I would highly recommend this company to anyone with back problems.

Joan Graham

Dr. Sehgal has been my chiropractor for more years than I can count. He changes the treatment when needed for whatever I require based on listening to my description! He and the staff are very welcoming and I cannot recommend them any more highly, they should have 6 stars!

Rachael Wenskay

The staff is welcoming, and they truly care about their patients. They have made a huge difference in my comfort level, as well as my overall health. I highly recommend this practice!

Nicole Henderson

The entire office staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. You're a visit consists of seeing the doctor getting adjusted and physical therapy. Thank you healthsource

Aaron Brown

Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants proper care. In depth assessment and very forward doctors who tell you if they will be able or won't be able to help. If they can't they make sure to get you to someone who can! Adaptable and affordable treatment too so no complaints so far.

Jessica Davis

I've been Coming here for 7 months. My neck curves forward and gives me the most painful and debilitating migraines. Going here I've been able to control my migraines And have been able to start to get my neck to curve back. I love this place and wouldnt be able to move without it.

Casey Brunke

Absolutely amazing...I was not able to move my head I was in pain for days in less than 30 mins in and out, its like it never happened. The staff is great they are so caring and compassionate, truly honest and efficient! Dr. Sagal is sent from above because he not only works with you financially but has a incredible talent of fixing pain. I walk better now after two knee injuries and a pintched nerve. These are the most honest people ive met in a long time and you will not regret trying them out!!

Taylor Simmons

Love this place very great staff they will get you together I had an back injury pain for days until I went up to health sources took my X-rays they know exactly what to do very first visit my pain start to rapidly go away now I have no pain able to sit stand run even drive a lay down with out pain !

Alex D. Hill

As one user reviewed, yes there is a financial consultant however you don't have to sign up for one of their payment plans. They let me pay on a per appointment basis. They have always been super nice and understanding with my situation. I highly recommend this place! Since I started going I have felt much better.

Ali Qadir

Absolutely the best results I've ever had. Excellent doctor and staff

charol mcdonald

I am so thankful for the entire team! They are all so friendly and encouraging. It isn’t just about getting adjusted it’s about what I can do to help build my strength around my spine. The exercises are easy yet effective and I can even do them at home to continue to build my strength. Honestly, I am not a morning person but I look forward to getting up and going to my appointments first helps gets my day off to a good start! Charol

Kurt A

Dr Sehgal was just shy of a "Quack". I just wanted a simple adjustment which I have had in the past several times. But Dr. Sehgal said he had to do full X-rays and other tests for my "total spinal health." When I said no I don't want or need all of that and I can pay cash too. He said that "maybe this office is not for you?" Yes indeed I would not send anyone to this place! They want to make you a regular customer and have you get lots of testing that adds to their profit margin.

Shaun Stec

Absolutely wonderful. Staff is great. Can't believe how much better I feel. Was skeptical at first. After even the first session had instant relief. Three months later, pain free and enjoying every bit of it.

Anthony Persichino

HealthSource is a client friendly environment where the whole staff cares about your well being. Every time you walk in to the clinic you're always greeted by one of the receptionists and I always feel like I'm being taken care of. Overall it's a great place to go if you're looking for very personal and professional care

Steven Dyhdalo

Very happy indeed that I found this place. Through many adjustments and strengthening exercises, I was able to greatly reduce the amount of pain I was experiencing. Doctor Sehgal himself is incredibly knowledgeable, and is very easy to get along with. The staff is similarly quite professional and a pleasure to talk to, and are always very accommodating. I would highly recommend them!

Alexis Chambers

I have been a patient here since September 2018. I was referred here and for that, I am so thankful. I know sometimes people can be skeptical about chiropractors, however coming here has changed my life. Not just physically, but mentally as well, everyone here always has a positive attitude and it is so welcoming and heart-warming. I used to get headaches everyday and ever since September, I have had one headache and thankfully I had an appointment that day and as soon as I had my adjustment, there was immediate relief. My spinal health has increased tremendously and my pain is almost completely gone. No more waking up in the middle of the night with back and neck pain. So if you are debating between chiropractors, choose Healthsource. Dr. Sehgal and Dr. Estrada are amazing, as well as the other employees here.

Marv Tech

Great Doctors, great staffing, the treatments make you feel a lot lighter, flexible and sit without pain. Come to this place and get healed, no medicine no addiction.

Nicolas Velez

Dr. Segal has changed my life. Through eduction, inspiration and motivation; I no longer have debilitating back pain that effects my everyday life. I'm a True Believer and Chiropractic and the HealthSource way.

Audrey Wilson

great chiropractor!! the doctor is very thorough and honest about how he can help. everyone here is so sweet and friendly. they helped find a plan that i could afford and they work with my changing schedule as much as they can. i live in detroit and its definitely worth the drive here.

Levi Vestecka

Everyone at HealthSource is very friendly. They make me feel at home every time I come in for a visit. I've received chiropractic care my entire life and know what to expect when I make an appointment. I've been going to HealthSource in Troy for 1 year now and I can genuinely say both Dr. Sehgal and Dr. Estrada are very skilled in chiropractic care.

Virginia Younge

I had pain and tingling down my right arm. I couldn't drive with out pain. Sitting at my desk at work was terrible. I couldn't concentrate at all. I tried lots of Motrin but it barely took the edge off. The adjustments helped and the ice was a Godsend. Also, the massage really loosened things up. Eventually the electric stimulation helped too. I definitely have less pain. There was a time I thought I'd never be pain free again, but now I am pain free most days. The staff here is very helpful, caring and friendly. You really feel like they care about you as a person, and not just as a patient.

Karen Weber-Pietrzyk

The staff and every aspect of Healthsource is always a great experience! Dr. Segal is an excellent chiropractor.

B Rodgers

I went to see Dr Sehgal 5 years ago about pain in my leg. He diagnosed the problem, put me in therapy with homework exercises and corrected the misalignment in my back and hips. I continue to see Dr Sehgal for regular adjustments. I am so happy I went to see him and I am pain free.

Gregory Wullaert

Everyone is extremely nice and cares about their patients feeling and staying healthy!

Samantha Massey

Having pretty severe back pain on and off for the past couple years, I decided to finally do something about it and seek chiropractic care! I’m absolutely satisfied with Dr. Seghall and his staff. I’m still on the road to recovery, however I’m able to do things now without pain that I couldn’t do before. I Definitely would recommend this location to anyone, Dr. Seghall seems very passionate about what he does and truly cares for his patients ! Also, it’s nice that I’m able to bring my young son along with me. The entire staff is very friendly with children!

Amanda McGuinn

Dr. Seghal and the entire Health Source team are absolutely incredible. Whether it's helping with your payment arrangements, making sure your appointment works with your schedule, or just asking how your day was, they are beyond attentive and caring. You can tell they really enjoy what they do and I highly recommend them to any and everyone looking for a chiropractor!

Krystal T

This place is amazing! Love everyone, they are so friendly and willing to help. I have gotten so far in just the short amount of time I've been coming and couldn't be happier. Highly recommended!!

Shannon Tomshack

Dr. Reggie is a phenomenal chiropractor that genuinely takes the time, care, and consideration to guide each of his patients through a life-changing healing experience. The HealthSource team is fun, uplifting, and provides an incredibly positive atmosphere really provides a welcoming safe space during your appointments. Can not recommend this team of healthcare providers enough!

Nastassia Tartt

I've had back pain on and off for a few years now... More on over the past year! I couldn't sleep at all!! I hated walking sitting was horrible and I couldn't engage w/ my children like I was use to! SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE! I'd seen doctors physical therapist the whole 9 and nothing worked! My first week w/ health source I saw a DRASTIC difference! My pain was reduced significantly I finally had a good nights rest and I actually played on the FLOOR w/ my son without having to stop! The staff is awesome and dr is a heaven sent angel thank u all!

Katie Hansen

When I first came in I couldn't sleep without pain pills. Walking and climbing stairs was extremely difficult. I tried physical therapy with moderate results. Heat helped but just temporarily. I have also tried epidural shots which worked for a month but I didn't want to depend on them or pain pills. The decompression really helped my back, now we're working on my legs. I am sleeping much better and square dancing 50% better. The office and staff are very friendly and helpful. Marjie K.

Kira Duncan

Dr. Seghal and his team have been so awesome! Renee works with your insurance and payments so that it fits your individual needs. They set up a plan to help me get back to normal and I can't wait to see the results!!!!

Garrett Koutsopoulos

I cannot stress enough how the ENTIRE Healthsource team has improved my life since my first visit. For half of a decade I lived with severe pain (Bulging L3, Herniated L4, Compressed L5 with Arthritis). This was a result of olympic style lifting, collegiate sports, and poor body management on my end. Within a couple of weeks there were significant results towards our end goal of no pain. I could walk, drive, and sit with no pain for the first time in about 5 years. It is no exaggeration when I say my visits to see the Healthsource staff are a positive highlight of my day. I walk out with improved pain levels and through the process I am treated just like a close family member. Every single staff member has had a positive impact on my experience here. You can tell the staff genuinely cares about your improvement. Please take my advice and go sooner rather than later because Healthsource can really help.

Jeff Bartold

I have nothing but great things to say about HealthSource of Madison Heights. The staff is amazing! They are very friendly and helpful. This has been one of my first experiences with a chiropractor and I know I made the right decision to come here. My neck and back have felt better ever since the first visit. I would highly recommend HealthSource of Madison Heights to anyone!

Lorraine Jenkins

I am so pleased to be able to share this review with others. The day I began Chiropractic Care , no one was aware that the severity of the pain I was experiencing had prevented me from being able to "kneel" in prayer. Today, after three weeks of chiropractic care, I'm kneeling again! Dr. Sehgal and his staff have given me all the care and support needed to assist me on my journey.

Marc Goldstein

Everyone is very friendly and helpful! I always feel better after seeing Dr. Sehgal. He spends time to figure out how best to take care of whatever symptoms I have.

Tiffany Covington

I love it! Very friendly and caring staff.

Zachary Wolf

This place is great! Took me 5 different chiropractors I am glad I kept looking and found this place. Everyone is warm and welcoming. In addition to that they care about you and focus on progress they truly want you to get better and to a place where you don’t need to come for the rest of your life.

Jenna Frye

I've seen multiple chiropractors for lower back and neck pain for the past 10 years, but it wasn't until I started a program at HealthSource until I actually found sustainable relief. The combination of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and wellness/supplement advice vs. only adjustments is a game-changer. I've gone from having 2-3 tension headaches/wk to not having a headache in over a month! I'd had multiple chiropractors in the past tell me I'd have to make time for and pay $$$ for 3 appts/wk for the rest of my life and I was so discouraged about the pain levels I'd experience as I got older, but now I'm not! The staff here feels like family and they've accommodated my busy schedule, I'm so appreciative of everything.

Terry Walker

10 visits and I'm feeling much better. Expert targeted adjustments along with the hands on PT I receive, not to mention the entire friendly welcoming staff make me look forward to my appointments. You won't be disappointed. Call Renee today.

Jbd Nb

The staff is very kind and caring. I have not felt this good since before my injury about 15 years. I'm so thankful and Happy i came to see them.

Muck Mukh

I started at health source last summer with bad back and neck pain and stiffness but today I feel much better. I have no back pain and my neck is no longer stiff. the staff is excellent and I recommend them to anyone who cherishes the back health.

Lauren Little

I love this place! Great, friendly staff that really listen to your issues and really want to get you better. They don't just want to take your money an have you keep coming in. This has been the best chiropractor office that I have ever been to!

Dennis Boyd Jr

I want to thank Dr. Sehgal, Dr. Estrada and the entire team for getting my neck and my back.. back in order. Since my 1st adjustment in August, I’ve Sleeping consistently for 6-7 hours a night. For years, I was only working off of maybe 4-5 hours and not being able to sleep any longer. Chiropractic works. Only a fool doubts proof. I’m still trying to adjust to all the extra sleep I’ve been getting lol.

Jason Durocher

The atmosphere is always upbeat and positive when you walk in. The office regularly participates in contests and encourages all clients to participate. The staff is knowledgeable about all manual exercises and Dr. Seghal himself is just on a whole other level. It is apparent in his attitude.

Taylor Glaspie

I’ve been coming here for about a month and a half and I’m pleased so far. Dr. Reggie spends extra time with me if I have a concern and at this point the adjustments combined with the PT I’m doing there 3 days a week seems to be giving me some extra mobility and a bit of relief from my neck and shoulder discomfort. The PT Beth is attentive with all the clients, in what can be a crowded PT area at times, but we all work around each other and have fun while doing it. They are very friendly and play good music in the office

David Lee

From day one I had an amazing experience. It all starts with the girls up front. The staff is very important and they do a phenomenal job. Once I seen Dr. Sehgal, they worked up a comprehensive plan and executed it to perfection. If you need chiropractic services Health Source of Madison Heights should be your first phone call.

shylynn jones

Very sweet people, very welcoming, friendly environment. Love it!

Bryce Ziegman

HealthSource Chiropractic of Troy is a chiropractic office full of energy and passion towards getting you to live your life pain free! The level of knowledge and dedication the team at HealthSource has to your care is something I have never experienced in the medical field. The entire staff is deeply involved in providing the care best for you from the moment you first walk in the door until your graduation day and beyond! Highly recommend scheduling an appointment to see the amazing care they provide for yourself!

Jon Kollar

Dr Sehgal is the best chiropractor I have been to. He has enthusiasm and skill that are hard to match! HealthSource offers many types of care and certain ones work better than others depending on your issues. I found the cost to be slightly above average, but the level of care and expertise to be among the best available.

Amanda Keller

Excellent care. Only place that has addressed the underlying causes of my neck and back pain.

Chelsea Rauss

This is the second chiropractor I have seen, and after unsatisfying results with another practitioner, I was skeptical about paying for more chiropractic care. However, within a few weeks of treatment, I already see improvement in my posture and mobility. I also just generally feel better. I still have a few more months left in my plan, but I feel confident that they will be worth my time and money. HealthSource gave me a reasonable payment rate to fit my financial needs, and their approach is multi-faceted and transparent, so it feels like I am making measurable progress with each visit. Their office integrates adjustments with physical therapy to prevent future damage, and therapeutic massage to address and relax muscular pain. I also received a nutritional supplement. In general, the staff is friendly and fun, and they always seem to have (optional) holiday or health-related competitions going on in the office. Happy to be a patient here, and to see what's to come.

Benjamin Quilter

When I made my first appointment I had serious pain going from my chest to my shoulder and down my back. I had been living this way for several months and didn't realise how out of alignment I had become. I could barely tie my shoes, I had gained a lot of weight and had very little flexibility. I could tell a serious difference after the first adjustment and while it hasn't been overnight I can tell the difference within myself, not just being out of pain, but I'm happier, I've lost weight and I can tie my shoes. They are a phenomenal crew and the financing they offer is great. If you are in need of a chiropractor, even if you aren't in need, you should.come and check out Health Source of Troy. You will be glad you did.

Terrance Woods

The people there are great. Dr. Siegel is out of this world. Also the hospitality at the front desk is second to none. I went to physical therapy after my car accident. The Beaumont Health Center would have taken me to surgery. Because of Health Source I'm able to walk and participate in life. Went golfing this year 309 Yards on a par 4 andI was just 20 feet short of the PIN on my Drive. needless to say I bogeyed the hole. I suggest that anyone who wants good health care they need to go to Health Source. Make sure that you say hello to Sara Debbie and Renee for me they're really great people Be blessed

S Tokarski

I started at the office with pain from neck to lower back due to scoliosis and kyphosis. I was treated with respect and kindness from the start. Dr. and his team were able to help with my pain and now I have very little pain. I am able to run faster and longer. I love going! Thanks so much for your assistance in making my quality of life better! Would highly recommended these services.

Angel Elizabeth

I am SO pleased with my experience at HealthSource of Madison Heights. I've been going there over a year now, and not only is the care top notch, but the staff are always pleasant and helpful. They go out of their way to remember your name, and never try to pressure you into something you don't want, and don't recommend care or products that you don't actually need.

Darlene JONES

I have been in chronic sever pain for years from a car accident. I've been going for 3 weeks now. Less pain, walking a little better. Looking forward to being pain free, the Drs and staff are beyond awesome, they really care.

Nour Neu

I started coming to this place a few weeks ago, and it was my first time going to a chiropractor. My friend recommended it to me after I complained about the pain and sourness in my neck and back, and at the time I used to get a lot of headaches that would last for hours. At that time, I used to get massages every week and they would only help temporarily but I still had troubles sleeping at night. Furthermore, I was taking different meds of antidepressants which I’ve been on for years and thought I was going to be on for a long time. Ive been coming to this clinic for a short time, but I can honestly say that I wish I came here years ago, I don’t know how I would be feeling if I didn’t find this place, it changed my life. Since the first time I noticed how everyone who works there was very professional and kind and patient with me and with all the other patients. The whole environment was very friendly and welcoming and I was treated with so much care and understanding. When I had my first adjustment with dr.Seagal, I experienced a relive in my body that I’ve never felt before and with every visit I started noticing how I’m having more energy through the day and following the plan that Renee made for me, I’m no longer experiencing the terrible headaches I had in the past, and I’m not longer taking any my antidepressants which I still can’t believe it happened and I never thought it was possible. I cant thank every single one who works there enough for all the time and effort they put into helping me and others. I’m much happier today than I was before and I feel healthier and lighter and I would recommend this place to everyone I know :)

Emily Jensen

Such a great environment to meet people and work towards wellness at the same time!

Lia Zamor

The team here is lovely. I started coming in when they made company visits almost 2 years ago. learning i had a stiff lower back, I went in and started therapy sessions. at the end of it, i was all aligned. I've recently been keeping up with maintenance, but a sudden car accident has me in here regularly again; thankfully, it's not so bad. The whole staff is friendly; Debbie is really sweet from the way she answers the phone to how she greets you when you enter. Renee is super helpful and handles everything efficiently so you're hassle free. the physical therapist, Sara is closer to my age so we can relate a bit more. And of course, Dr Segal is all about making his patients feel comfortable and like they matter. I'm moving soon and they're working on transferring my records to another office, and it pains me to leave them as i've grown to trust them. This team is kind of like family-- everyone knows me and keeps up with me, and of course, they know what they're doing and I always feel good after my adjustments.

Dave Bruce

Great place with great people willing and able to help with whatever your issue is.

Lawrence Rehe

Dr. Sehgal and the staff are awesome! I have been going to HealthSource of Madison Heights for about a month. I have right hip pain and have been progressing nicely. I look forward to be pain free in the near future. If you are in need of chiropractic and rehab care, I highly recommend HealthSource of Madison Heights.

Joanne Dennington

I have been going to HealthSource for a little over a year now for lower back pain and aching hands. Dr. Seghal has worked wonders on everything. Once I finished my intensive therapy and rehab, going there 3 times a week, I felt better than I had in over 15 years. I now only go every 3 weeks for minor adjustments. I have been to multiple chiropractors over the years and this office listens to your issues and actually treats you. Doc doesn't just go through the same motions each and every visit, he treats whatever is going on. From the first "Good Morning", at all times of the day! To everyone saying Hello to me by name, this is a wonderful place. I always leave in an upbeat mood with a smile on my face.

Grace Dziewit

I have been going to HealthSource for 4 years!!! Dr. Sehgal is an amazing chiropractor and person in general. I originally went for neck and lower back pain but now that pain is gone! And has been gone after 3 months of treatment. I now go for maintenance appointments and it's worth every dollar I've spent. He even adjusts my son, started to as a newborn and he is now 20 months old. Renee is just another perk of going to the chiropractor. She runs the show there but she always happily greats you. She makes you like you're one of her family members! Just a wonderful practice all around!

Stacey Tryloff

My pain level and mobility have improved tremendously in just a few visits. The entire staff and Doctors are wonderful and make you feel at ease. I'm very glad I made the decision to come to HealthSource of Madison Heights. This has been a very good experience!!!

M Garnett

They have a beautiful office and The staff is so kind and helpful. I'm glad I Found this office. I know here I will get the help that I need. I truly recommend.

Sal Maqi

Amazing work by Dr. Sehgal I couldn’t feel any better feel like a brand new human being!

Samantha Bell

Dr. Seghal is great at pinpointing the issues and making sure you get a complete adjustment every time. Being on a monthly maintenance schedule combined with stregthening at home has kept me feeling excellent.

Donna Rumohr

I have been searching for a while for a chiropractor. I have been to others, but, no where near as fantastic, compassionate, & friendly as the staff here at HealthSource of Troy. Everyone in this office makes you feel that your family. Not only am I receiving adjustments for my back issues, but they are also, paying attention to a problem I'm having with my right knee due to surgery. I can't say enough about the staff working here. Guess how I found HeathSource, Facebook! Yep, that's how, read the reviews & knew this is where I'm meant to be. Thank you to everyone at HealthSource of Troy.

jemina yumena

I have so many good things to say about this place. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. One of the things that I appreciate about them is that Renee called my insurance to confirm my coverage and discussed to me the options I have so I can avail the treatment. Dr. Estrada and Dr. Baldwin are very personable and knowledgeable. I came to this place with neck, shoulders, and middle back problem. With less than a month of treatment, I’m experiencing a great improvement.

Angelina Mccutchen

I enjoy my time that I am at the office for an adjustment. I and my children have been getting an adjustment from Dr. Seghal for the past 4 years. He has helped us out a lot and I am grateful. The xrays that are taken allow for him to see where to pinpoint what is the issue to help with the healing and regain a healthy body. The staff (Renee) and therapists are all great and nutty and help make the time there enjoyable. Thank you all so much for the care given.

Diane Smith

I've only been going for a week and I can't believe the difference in my back. My overall pain has diminished, I am more flexible and even my energy is on the up-rise. I have been to numerous Chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors etc, I have never experienced such relief in such a short time. The staff is absolutely amazing.


Dr. Segual and Staff are very helpful and professional, which reflect great credit to the entire organization. One feels relaxed and truely informed of health concerns.

Joseph Sanders

Always there for you in matter the circumstance. What a caring group of people. Would never miss an appointment here because I wouldn't feel healthy

Janan Delly

Been to alot of chiropractors in past, I went to dr. Seghal last year and he was so aggressive in my adjustment that he gave me a herniated disc on my L4 .and I've been dealing with that pain fot a year now and spent alot of money trying to fix it, and I never had issues with my back or any kind of disc issues in the past, .just went for maintenance cuz of my work

Debbie Johnson

My experience was nothing but positive!. Dr. Sehgal and his team operate with energy, honesty, and excellence. They are patient minded - interested in the whole body health of each person. I definitely recommend coming to HealthSource of Madison Heights if you want an exceptional chiropractor to be your guide and provider of optimal health.

Connie Robiadek

I had a pinched nerve a month ago and today I am pain free!

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