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REVIEWS OF Simon Wellness IN Massachusetts

Matthew Gochan

I've been seeing Dr. Simon since June. For a while I've been having joint and muscle pain, mostly due to sports/exercise related injuries, and no remedies have really helped. Dr. Simon was the first person to alleviate my pain and do things to better my body all around. I still see him to this day and there are no regrets.

Matt Griswold

Kearney k

I have been going to Dr. Simon for 10 years, mostly for wellness maintenance. Early on he helped me with some sports related issues, but more recently keeping this 65+ year old body aligned and pain free. Most importantly- HE LISTENS!

Lydia Beiter

Joe Barker

Wow - Dr. Simon knows his stuff... have the right equipment and continues to send me home in MUCH better condition than when I arrived. I like that it is clean, professional and friendly.... but the results are what I would send any of my friends for... I will continue to frequent Simon Wellness while I am living in and around Boston. Always good to get an appointment, but he has also taken me when I have just shown-up, no questions asked. Thanks, Doc!

Sahil Patel

Dr Simon has helped me with my back. I stand straighter and hunch less because of his treatment, I'm excited to be a "fully" functional person again

Ying Xiong

My dad is visiting me and he has hypertension and vertigo which may caused by cervical spondylosis for more than 10 years. And his blood pressure couldn't be well controlled by medicine, 130-150/80-90. So I took him to see Dr. Simon since my mom had a great experience there before. It was really unexpected that my dad's blood pressure dropped obviously (110-120/70-80) after just one visit. And it is still stable after three visits so far. Dr. Simon is amazing and I highly recommend him!

Paul Haney

Dr. Simon is a great professional. He gets right down to business and, after the adjustment, leaves you feeling better. He definitely knows his way around the body. I came in achy and slouchy and within a few visits, felt better, stood straighter, and even felt more confident. Definitely recommend!

Emma Pascal

Dr Simon is an exceptional chiropractor! I have chronic neck, shoulder, arm, back pain and headaches from multiple head injuries and ptsd related pain and stress that require routine adjustments and electrical muscle stimulation. Whatever you need Dr Simon does it! He has a lot of experience working with a variety of injuries and pain related matters. And his demeanor is nothing short of understanding and kind. All the staff are wonderful there and offer a variety of services including massage therapy and acupuncture. Even the secretaries are fantastic and don't hesitate to check up on you if you have gone MIA just to see if you are okay ;-) I am extremely grateful to have found Simon Wellness at a time in my life when I was utterly terrified and in an exceptional amount of pain. Thank you Simon Wellness!!

susan kommit

Dr. Simon has been treating me for periodic back and neck pain for over 7 years. I always leave feeling relief from back and neck pain and and improvement in movement and functioning. With other chiropractors I've seen, I've often left feeling that my treatment was too brief and I felt rushed out. With Dr Simon, my experience has been quite different. He spends time with adjustments and tends to be more holistic in his approach which I really appreciate. I would definitely recommend him and I often do.

David Radke

Coming in with long-term neck soreness/discomfort, and having never been to a chiropractor before, I was both eager and skeptical of what might lay ahead. Having now been a client of Dr. Simon's for several months, I can say that not only are my neck problems gone, but because of Dr. Simon's expertise, he has worked with me to identify and moderate a few other problem areas. He provides efficient and effective sessions, but also gives advice on stretches/techniques that can be used at home or work-so the value of the appointments goes beyond just the in-clinic setting.


I trusted this with my health and healing and during an adjustment told me to not get my vaccinations!!! I spend a lot of time in hospitals and if I dont get my vac I could be endangering sick children or the elderly... I will not go back, I dont want to get the measles from someone with no PhD or MD who has this stance. Better not come here with your child

Travis Carter

Dr. Simon is a great chiropractor who takes time to make sure all your needs are met. I genuinely feel better when I leave his office and for days to come.

Zoe Kerris

Dr. Simon is great! I have an old high school sport injury that acts up every once and a while and I called them at around 6pm on a Monday to see if they could make time for me. They called me back right away and stayed late for me! I have been going back at least once a week for the past few months now and I recommend them highly! They have a bed that moves around to help with certain stretches and it feels wonderful! They are so nice and accommodating and I haven’tfelt this good in years!

Jennifer Archack

I've seen Dr. Simon on and off for several years. He uses a wide variety of techniques on me depending on my current needs after suffering numerous sports injuries, a broken fibula and a bad car accident. He uses an arthrostim on me, the thing that looks and sounds like a little machine gun, for my chronically tight IT bands and i love it. It loosens them up like nothing else. That, along with active release technique for my lower back make me feel great. I'd highly recommend him--he's easy to talk to and will customize each visit depending on what's going on with my body that day.

Mary Andrea Wong

Came here for the first time using Groupon. Since then i felt much better. I had a problem with my lower back and my jaw and thank you to Dr. Simmon because i feel amazing now. I recommend him! They also have a parking lot behind their building so its very convinient.

Ben S

Jane Plich

Nick Lingardo

I stumbled up Dr. Simon when looking for a local chiropractor. I was having some serious back pain and he did a great job of assessing what was causing it and then scheduling a set of adjustments to fix it. I highly recommend Dr. Simon if you are feeling any sort of back pain, if you recently moved to the area and need a new chiropractor or if you’re new to Chiropractic care.

Connor Miller

Dr. Simon is amazing -- I have had persistent troubles with my hips and has not only improved my gate but also allowed me to get back to activities I love

Karen Laufer

Dr. Simon is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating patients for a wide variety of conditions and challenges. His approach is client centered and he knows how to put his patients at ease. Whenever I need chiropractic care for myself or others who need help I always recommend Dr. Simon!

Sue Furcolo

I was a true "non-believer" in chiropractic care. Dr Simon proved me wrong. I had a very painful injury to my sternum. X-rays showed no broken bones. My doctor said badly bruised bones and soft tissue would take 6 weeks to heal. After one treatment with Dr. Simon, I was almost pain free. He took the time to explain what he felt the injury had done to me and how his treatment would relieve the pain. A follow up appointment and I am moving pain free and feeling great! I 100% recommend Dr. Simon. He made a believer out of me!!

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