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REVIEWS OF Charles Street Family Chiropractic IN Massachusetts

Alison Farquhar

Wonderful office with attentive and friendly staff! Recommended to anyone. My only complaint would be that the couch in the waiting area is not easy to get up from if you're having back pain.

faycal gharnou

This is the worst Chiropractic/doctor I have ever see. I don't recommend this to anyone and I believe the people going there just for distance convenience only. The doctor was more concern obout making money other than helping me at all. He said the healing process with cost a fortune and 5 months of time. He made me take a ton of Xrays and an MRI for no reason. I went to a small chiropractic just out of curiosity and I was chocked. He made me feel perfect and the treatment took a week and was unbelievably cheap. Took my MRI to two other Chiropractors and were surprised what Chris told me at the Charles st Chiropractic. I really think someone should look into this place.

Christianna Goulart

I love coming here! Dr quigley has taken such good care of me. My posture is so much better, I was always so self cautious & also my neck pain has not returned ! Always flexible with my work schedules and the front desk staff is super friendly.

Nicole Cooper

The services here has greatly impacted my life in such a positive way. I have more energy, less pain, and am able to enjoy my daily life. I haven't felt this good in years. Thank you!


I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, this this place has outdone itself. If I could give 0 stars, I would. The trouble started when my fiancé and first came in and asked to make an appointment and asked the staff to take a look and see if they take my insurance. I booked the appointment a week out and I kept calling to confirm that my insurance would be accepted. Each time I called, the woman who answered the phone never had an answer for me and would have an excuse as to why they haven’t checked yet. Now it has come time for the initial appointment, which the staff said is complimentary. I went in for the appointment first. I have had some chronic hip and shoulder pain and was desperately looking for a solution. The chiropractor was not personable and did not seem to care or look into my problem at all. He took some x-rays of my spine and a few other measurements and told me I need to come back another time. This was honestly a waste of 30 minutes. I did not get any information from him about his practice or what services he would provide or how he can help me. Now it’s my fiancé’s turn. Not only did they charge him $20, when the staff specifically told me that these sessions would be complimentary for both of us, but the chiropractor spent about 10 minutes with him, took some x-rays, and sent him on his way to make another appointment... without discussing my fiancé’s concerns. After a lot of back and forth calls, they finally refunded us the $20 they charged my fiancé for his ‘complimentary’ first session. I was so desperate in hopes of getting rid of my back pain that I still stuck around. I made an appointment to meet with the chiropractor on a Saturday morning at 8am. Not only was this inconvenient for me but I asked them to give me a call if a later time opens up. Let me also mention that they still have not been able to contact my insurance company to give me a quote on the visit. Come Saturday morning, I arrive and the door and it’s locked. There is one staff person there and she opens the door and asks why I am there.. I told her that I had an appointment that morning. She looks confused and said that the chiropractor had to cancel all of his appointment for this day and they somehow failed to call me. I have never been so disappointed by a service like this before. I do not recommend this place. As a health and fitness specialist myself, I think this place is a scam. Do not go here!

L. E D

My first visit and treatment with Dr. Chris had significant impact. I will continue to make frequent visits for treatment. Dr. Chris and his staff are very helpful, very friendly and very accommodating.

Kelsey Rinaldi

I have had pain in my back, neck and legs for over 5 was something I thought was “normal” after meeting with dr quigley, I realized that it was NOT NORMAL. After receiving my treatments here, I can honestly say I am 95% better than before.

Emily Hyatt

Dr. Chris has been adjusting people for 30 years. He’s great with people of all ages and is especially helpful with personal injury/car accident victims. Dr. Hannah is also super attentive to her patients and both really know what they’re doing. They have an x-ray machine and a spinal decompression center as well as an in house dietician who has a really good rep. Highly recommend as my neck and back already feel better after only a couple weeks.

Cmd Cmd

After years of suffering with weekly migraine headaches that started in my teens and unsuccessfully trying to manage them with medications I finally discovered the office of Dr. Chris Quigley. It was there that I learned that I had been trying to treat a structural problem with chemicals. With the help of Dr. Chris and his knowledgeable and compassionate staff, I have been medication free for over twenty years and only get about one "mild" migraine a year. Thank you, Dr. Chris!

Jacob Dillon

Great customer care and after only a few visits my back feels better already. I’ll be sure to come back soon.

Brandon Smolarek

Doctors and staff are very nice. When I first went with an emergency they got me in as quick as possible and resolved the problem. Couldn't say enough good things.

Kelley Sullivan

I highly recommend the professionals at Charles St Family Chiropractor. I’ve been coming here the last few months. This is my first time in a chiropractor setting. I didn’t know what to expect but Dr Quigley and his exceptional staff shared with me everything that I needed to know. Dr Hannah does a great job at adjusting me and getting me aligned and feeling better. They are all very friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve always had pain in my neck and shoulders. They’ have helped to alleviate this discomfort. I am able to live a more healthy life Thanks to them!

William Langfield D.C.

Dr. Chris and his staff are very professional, I have been a patient there for over two years with great results. They have helped me with my neck pain and improved my quality of life. The team is very knowledgeable and great at explaining how they can help me.

June Haggar

Very accommodating regarding appointments and wonderful customer service. I recommend Charles Street Family Chiropractic to everyone!

Debra Lorraine Salvato

C John

I was feeling progressively more contorted and uncomfortable. The discomfort had progressed to the point where it affected my mood and my effectiveness in whatever I undertook. The treatment at Charles Street Family Chiropractic has progressively improved my condition. I feel myself returning to my normal self. After each session I feel better and the relief lasts longer and longer. Thanks for the wonderful care!!

Kristine Glynn

Since I have been going to see Dr. Chris and his team my back has never felt better and I have more energy and flexibility. In addition, I now sleep better than I have in years. I would highly recommend his expertise, especially after a car accident when I needed it most. It was quite a relief knowing that they handled all the billing and insurance stuff and I could concentrate on getting better. I was able to get back into my regular routine sooner and I still use Charles Street Chiropractic regularly to maintain my health.

Charles Street Family Chiropractic

Joseph Phillips-Manson

I started coming to Charles street family chiropractic because I was experiencing awful neck and back pain & I couldn’t work. I can now work with out pain, I can sleep better and I have learned a lot of important things about my health and my body. I highly recommend Charles street family chiropractics!

Monica Raziq

Great office that truly cares about their patients!

B Jackson

My back and neck pain has improved, front desk staff is amazing and I love how personable the doctors are there. I absolutely love going to my doctors office!!!

Shiva Dasi Kuczinski

I’ve been to many chiropractor, but this place has been the best so far! Dr Quigley and others here actually take the time to listen to your needs and explain what is going on. After years of chronic pain I actually feel like there some hope!

m dor

This place is welcoming, educational and good for you. An all encompassing office, go for your health, your body will thank you.. and the massage option is an added therapeutic benefit!

Autumn Coffee

I pulled my back once. I mean the kind where you are immobile for days. I couldn't stand. When it was getting better, I went into CSFC to get a massage, on a Fri when the practice is closed. Somehow my back wasn't healed at all, and I couldn't get off the table. Dr. Chris came in and helped me. I was mortified. But he treated me with integrity and efficient expertise. He is excellent at his craft. There is no question about it. I'm sure he wishes this world was a place where you could do good work for free. Not charge people and live like nomads. But we don't live in a world like that, and he has a family to support and a practice to maintain. It doesn't mean he isn't excellent. And it doesn't mean he doesn't wholeheartedly care. He's a savior.

Kenny Filiaggi

I meant to have this review in a year ago to help others considering Dr. Quigley's help. It is well worth your time to come to this practice. I was given all the tools needed to stay healthy after getting the adjustments done over a one month period and have been feeling great ever since. The staff is always there to help and I would never hesitate to go back.

Gena Moore

When I first started seeing Dr. Quigley I had horrible lower back pain after a skiing accident. For a full year I had a hard time sitting for any length of time, even just sitting through dinner was painful but after Dr. Quigley gave my first adjustment, I felt better almost immediately. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Quigley for relieving my back pain and for teaching me about the importance of maintaining spinal health. I highly recommend Charles Street Family Chiropractic!

Matt Johnson

The clinic is very attentive to patients and has a comprehensive staff with multiple chiropractors, secretaries, a massage therapist, and a dietician. A fantastic place to be a patient.

Harvey Lazarus

Helped me with my neck & shoulder immeasurably Extremely professional

Alexandra Langer

I've been going here for almost a year on a regular basis, and I strongly recommend it if you're looking for a local chiropractor. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Good flexibility with hours.

Liliana Moore

Charles Street Family Chiropractic is the most thorough Chiropractic office I have ever been to. The doctors spend quality time with each patient and design a plan of care that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual that comes into their office. Not only are the doctors incredibly knowledgable but the staff is also very helpful and friendly! I would definitely recommend this office :)

Jeffrey Smith

I believe that Charles street chiropractic is the best place in their business and their business is good health in the BACK'S!!

Tom Moore

My family and I are well cared for at Charles Street Family Chiropractic. All the doctors are great and the staff is friendly and helpful. This is a go-to place for my family's well-being.

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