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REVIEWS OF Taber Chiropractic & Laser Spine Therapy Center IN Maryland

Donna Clark

I have been a patient of Taber Chiropractics for almost 10 years. I have found the staff, as well as, both doctor's to be pleasant and caring individuals. I could not ask for a better experience, you could not pay me enough money to give up Dr. D or Dr. T. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their years of service and dedication to their patients.

Erin Chilcote

From the moment you walk in to when you leave, you are made to feel important. The office is cozy. The doctors are caring and listen to everything you have to say - they explain things in a way you can understand. The office staff is so welcoming and helpful.

Phala Grant

Gladys Mccowin

I have had nothing but good experiences with Taber Chiropractic Doctors. I have been going there for years, whenever I have a problems with my back and they take good care of me.

Dr.George Harton

I have had lower back issues for decades, and Taber Chiropractic has been there whenever i have needed help for several years. Thank you so much for your excellent, caring service.

Courtney Fields

Dr. Taber and his staff were great. The moment I walked in I was greated and began the process. Every step was efficient and smooth. As for Dr. Taber specifically, he is great. I acknowledged I was a medical professional as well as we were able to discuss my symptoms and develop a plan. I feel much better!

Kenney Holmes

I found a real atmosphere of healing here. It started with a friendly greeting and competent intake. The initial paperwork done over the internat allowed me to fill out at my leisure, as I was in pain I could work at my pace. The doctor informed me of problem process and remedy. He also showed me visually what was occurring in my spine. I appreciated all information and treatment. I also appreciate them not trying to up sell my like I was at a time share. These actions in combination have won y business. Kjh

LAF4kids Team

I am a new patient and I am really enjoying my experience at Taber Chiropractic. The staff is very kind and professional. The doctors are knowledgeable and take the time to treat with care. I have done chiropractic in the past and wasn't very impressed with my experience. I am happy to say Taber Chiropractic has exceeded my expectations.

Damone Crowell

Excellent service

Terri Johnson

Mary Holliker

Thanks so much for your help and insight. You always made me feel at home!

Francisca McNeill

Taber Chiropractic is a Wonderful establishment. I've never experienced such a courteous helpful staff starting at the front desk. Dr. Diane Taber explained each procedure before applying. I felt relief from my back pain under her treatment after several sessions. She offered helpful tips to keep me healthy.

Marcus Baldwin

Excellent and caring staff, intent on getting you to your best pain free self.

Kat Jeter

I have had lower back pain since I was a teen. I had tried physical therapy (insurance request) for months, actually caused more pain and spent hundreds. When to Taber Chiropractic and after just 2 weeks, my back pain was gone! Amazing!

Tammy Oliver

The folks at Taber are awesome. They have always been able to fit me in if there is pain. They have good hours too.

Marissa Silvera-Gaskins

Kimberly Troy

Just one adjustment and I feel much better! My pain level is down and that hasn't been the case in months. Thanks Dr Ted!

Anne Rhine

Linda Dean

Dr. Ted Taber and his staff were excellent. All the staff were considerate, knowledgeable and provided great care. The relief I received from my sciatic nerve pain allowed me to become more active and get back to my workouts.

Tiffany T Smith

I worked in Orthopedics for years and was pleasantly surprised with my first visit. I love the energy in the office and everyone has been welcoming and very friendly. Since I have a nutrition background, I was particularly impressed with the diet recommendations to reduce inflammation (food as medicine). I’ve been feeling better and better each week. Thank you!

Eric Simms

I have sessions with Dr. Theodore Taber. He is knowledgeable and interested in his patients' welfare.

Flavio Prior

I've been treated by Dr. T. He is great chiropractor, very knowledgeable. Also very professional and knowledgeable staff. Two thumbs up!!

Sarah Nagel

Super friendly, flexible (no pun intended, haha) patient, and educational! Awesome bedside manner! :)

Dina Jolley

Dr. T and Dr. D are awesome. Prompt, attentive and superb serice. Highly recommend them.

Lori Smith

I have been a patient intermittently with Tabor Chiropractic for 3+ years. After several years of painful rehab and different types of physical therapy, I tried the Spine Clinic. Painful spinal shots gave some relief but the opioids were self destructive and caused dangerous falls. The Spine Doctor recommended Taber Chiropractic and their treatment is a real game changer for me. When I have a painful spinal episode, Dr. T can give me treatments which immediately ease the spasms. Over the next few weeks of treatment, my inflammation and spasms are eased and I can proceed with moderate, chronic pain. I have been able to lead a productive, relatively pain free life style for many months in between the chronic spinal episodes. I fervently endorse Taber Chiropractic for their knowledge and expertise in dealing with spinal, hip and knee and arthritis, bursitis, sciatic pain. They are the drug free, pain relief solution to all of the above for me.

Donna Brennan

This is a great practice and I feel lucky to have been referred to them. I had suffered back problems for 20 years, many MRIs, many surgeons, neurologists etc. Generally they would look at my MRI and say we'll you have a disc at L5-S1 so let's fix that. Problem, first, most of the doctors never even examined me physically, second, all my pain is right sided, the disc is bulging left. I kept telling the doctors I have no left sided pain; however, once they looked at the MRI I feel they just stopped listening. They had made a decision and any information to the contrary was ignored. I had given up. My father had virtually an identical problem all his life so I was ready to give up finding an answer. I happened to be at my primary care provider for something else, she asked me how my back was. I related the above. She asked if I had ever tried chiropractic. I said no. She mentioned that a then new practice had opened in Bowie and that perhaps I should try it. I did and it has proven to be the best advice ever. Dr Taber listened to what I described and even though he had examined my MRIs, he fully examined my physical structure, sent me to have some very specific x-rays, asked about my family history. He then explained I had very little lordosis in my lumbar spine (ie very little curvature) so instead of having a nice s curve my lumbar spine was straight, additionally my pelvis on the right was titled down and forward, finally, I have very short hamstrings. These structural issues created something called piriformis syndrome. This was the first logical explanation anyone had ever provided which accounted for all my problems. I know this may read like TMI, but my point is he was the first person to actually examine me physically, listen to my complaints and provide a logical explanation which accounted for all my problems. Put more succinctly, he analyzes and treats the symptoms instead of relying on the radiology findings. I can't speak more highly of both the doctors and the entire staff. This s a fantastic practice and if you are looking for a chiropractor you would be remiss if you didn't try this practice.

Tony Bennett

I recommend Taber to anyone needing chiropractic help. I just finished a treatment plan and I'm feeling much better. The staff is the awesome and facility and services provided are tops. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed. Thanks guys!

Lyn Lucas

My visits are always very beneficial and I feel so much better after my chiropractic adjustment. Thank you Dr. D!!

Krista Norton

I am always pleased with my visits. The staff is very professional and friendly. I am always treated with care. Both doctors are very helpful and knowledgeable. I don’t know where I would be without them. I can’t express how very thankful I am.

Austin Morgan

I've been patient of Taber Chiropractic for years. Extremely friendly and efficient specialists. Highly recommend!

Angelika Selle

Efficient, kind and professional service and care, short waiting time!!

Cynthia Kittrell

Rene Conquest

Antoinette Hawkins

Im a first time patient. The office was beautiful and clean. Great customer service from Mary and front desk staff. Dr. Diane took her time to explain everything step by step. I definitely recommend.

Sheila King

Wow!!! Words cannot really express the awesomeness at Taber Chiropractic. Dr. T is all that and the bag of chips. He's so in tune with his patients and thorough in administering treatments. Although I've not been a patient of Dr. D, she is always on point with the patients that I see come in for her care. The staff is "Off the Chain"!!! When is say this, it's because they love people, and care about their health. Dr. T and Dr. D, have the best staff of any doctor's office I've been a patient in a long, long, long time. Thank you Dr. T and Dr. D!!

Hamily Tube


Maureen Macchiavelli Wheeler

My treatment was over last week! It was a success as I.m pain free! But I will be back to see Dr. Taber if necessary. She is a gem!

Anne Geisinger

A wonderful family practice that provides personalized treatment plans to relieve pain and advice on self care to prevent recurrence of my back issues. I’ve been a patient for over 10 years and my experience has always been excellent with both the doctors and the staff.

Linda G. Jones

I have come to depend on Diane Taber to keep me moving. I have old, chronic back issues-and have found with a visit to Diane (generally every month-focused on prevention instead of managing acute episodes) I am able to do the vast majority of activities that I need to do. I don't live focusing on what I can't do. I am pain free, and fully functional. The Tabers' are closely, and reliable. Appointments are always available within a day or two. Their expert services have improved my quality of life. And-when Diane is not available, Ted is!

Sharon Salter

Al Rush


I've been seeing Dr. D for more than 10 years for my back. She is thorough in her approach as well as being a gentle soul. I go to the office for maintenance and any time I tweak my back. Her adjustments always do the job.

J Marsh

It has been quite some time since I've been to see The Taber Team but my experience with them was awesome! I went to them in incredible pain and left after each session feeling a bit better until I was pain-free.

Sharon Wingo

Dr. Diane is awesome. Her techniques are progressive, cutting edge and seem to be on target... Dr Diane spends time researching for root causes and then spends her own time calling patients at home to ensure that everything is progressing properly... I will highly recommend her to any one that is in need of chiropractic service for the purpose of pain relief... it may not be quick, but it is a steady process... Many thanks to Dr Diane and her staff for their professionalism and their caring ways...


First Chiropractor to be able to adjust my back on first visit. Listens to your symptoms and and explains what he needs to do to treat you. Staff is very helpful and friendly.

Collette Scott

Laura Minor

As always, professional, caring and prompt. The new space is gorgeous.

Valerie Zeigler

Taber Chiropractor was extremely effective in treating my pain. When i first visited the office, i was asked to get an x-ray of my body, which resulted in a thorough explanation of what actually caused the problem. My previous visits to other chiropractors were not as thorough. I would highly recomnend Taber Chiropractor to friends and family.

Joy Harris

Karen aka Katie Lancaster

The doctors and staff are always friendly and very professional. They are extremely efficient in appointment scheduling and flexible with appointment re-scheduling. You don’t have to worry about any long waiting times to be seen. From my visits and observations, each patient is greeted with smiles and treated with compassion and respect. I rate them as having exceptional customer service.

Maureen Wheeler

I have been seeing Dr Taber for about 4 years. What I like is that Dr Taber puts me on a plan that has an end. And the plan which involves physical therapy, electric stimulus and the message table always has worked. When my pain has relaxed, I go on with my life! Then I see Dr Taber later for an evaluation. I also like the fact that Dr Taber asked to see my prior MRIs to see exactly what was going on with my pain. When I need another treatment, a new plan is started. Also, the office staff is very nice and helpful! I have recommended Dr Taber to others as I trust her professionalism and compassion!

curtis knowles

Marquita Crawford

Great customer service help a great deal to relieve pain from up neck area...wonderful bedside manor explained everything well and effectively.

Memu McCoy

It has been an incredible experience with Dr. D Taber. She is so awesome and her professionalism is appreciated. I look forward to my treatment each time, and was fortunate to find her practice. Great staff as well. Thank you all.

Nicole Alvarado

Diana Eichhorn

I feel so much better after my visit!!


I have been a patient at Taber Chiropractic for years now. Under the care at Taber Chiropractic, I was always treated with kindness and respect. I received the right kind of care that got rid of the pain that I had in my back and shoulders. I go back to Taber Chiropractic whenever I need an adjustment, to get rid of any pain. I will always choose Taber Chiropractic for my health care needs.

Oscar Goldman

J Gray

I visited back in 2014 and prior to that had constant back pain that seemed to get worst. I visited with a orthopedic and they gave me all the bad news about bulging disc, etc. I was referred to Taber Chiropractic and my pain went away almost instantly. I would highly recommend anyone to give them a try. Very nice staff great Dr's and never having you just sitting in the chair waiting all day. I plan to give them a call soon for a maintenance adjustment.

Alvinia B Cooper

The staff is FANTASTIC!

Brian DAndrade

Joni Orcurto

Tonya Robertson

Informative and efficient visit! Staff was friendly, personable, and professional. Highly recommend.

Brenda Buoy

Dr Taber very knowledgeable of his skill and trade. I been going there over 10 years. The office gives quality service. Than you

UFlavors Administrator

Karen A

R Henry

I have been going to Dr. Ted Taber now for several years. I find the Tabers to be very committed to their profession and very much up to speed on the latest developments in their profession and utilizing that knowledge for the benefit of their patients. I remember Ted telling me that some of these courses he and Diane take can cost them $1000 or more. I also understand that he is one of the few chiropractors licensed within a 3 state area to use a particular device that he actually utilizes on my back. It took me about 4 years to recover sufficiently from back problems to actually start leading a normal life and Ted Taber was very helpful in that process. I had some experiences with at least one other chiropractor. That person would only use one methodology and wouldn't consider any others even though my neurosurgeon told me, based on several MRIs and his analysis of my condition, that I could be permanently damaged by a particular technique that person was using. Dr. Taber's approach was very different, he was able to utilize a methodology that works and doesn't put me in any compromising or dangerous situations. I highly recommend the Tabers if you need chiropractic care.

Donna Young

Great providers. I've seen Dr. Ted and Dr. Diane Taber. They are knowledgeable, professional, empathetic and thorough!

Wystan Simons

Caring doctors, responsive to special needs, requests, and to criticism, which is rare. Let them know what you need, and how the prescribed treatment is working for you. You can heal here.

Jenny Boettcher

BR Fox

Terry Otto

Engouragement and compassion are important parts of treatment at Taber Chiropractic. I always finish a treatment knowing that the doctors really care about my well being. The ease of getting appointments insures uniterrupted continued care. I highly recommend this practice.

Cedet Francois

My wife and I were blessed by this chiropractic office!


Very pleasant introduction to the office and staff. It was good to spend time with the Mrs. Dr. Taber (lol) who took the time to get to know my health history before beginning treatment. Treatment was good and I know this was the right choice for services.

Susan Spangler

Awesome staff Great Doctors!

Yolanda Arrington

Dr. Taber helped work out a pinched nerve and align some things I didn't know were even out of alignment. He also taught me how to sleep better, just by changing my pillow and position. The physical therapists are also a great help with teaching exercises and improving movements.

Charles Patterson

Have had 2 appointments so far with Dr Diane Taber and am really pleased with her care. Very optimistic that my various back and neuropathy issues will be improving soon. In addition to Dr. Taber, other members of the staff are very professional and competent as well. So happy I chose Taber Chiropractic as they were highly recommended by several friends.

Kathy Kraus

Dr. Ted Taber is the most caring and truly experienced doctor that I have ever seen. He takes the time to figure out what is causing the pain and works tirelessly to correct the problem. He has been a lifesaver! I highly recommend this practice!

Dana Hargrove

Fantastic service, I was seen very quickly and given a tour of the facility (which was filled with high-tech tools and machines for athletes or anyone with neck/back/hip/leg/foot pain). The doctor was extremely knowledgeable, she quickly pinpointed and fixed my SI joint pain. It was amazing! She also explained why I was feeling the pain and what I can do at home if it comes back. I will not hestitate to visit again! Great location, great smart technology, great service (most of all)!

Angela Wilson

This is an awesome team who really cares about your whole wellness!! They take the time and help you understand what is necessary to get you back to your healthy self!!

Darren Smith

Dafros Mudyirwa

Jenny Hoey

It is always a great experience at Taber! They have many ways to help you feel yourself again!

Doris Wickliffe

James Hare

Michael Phelps

Dr T is awesome. Works wonders on those nagging spinal issues. Takes his time to work with you on addressing the issues.

Collette Scott - PQC

Michelle Young

Sandra Nugent

Dr. Tanner is very knowledgeable and caring. The staff is very professional and helpful, still undergoing treatment and I already feel better. So far I am very pleased.

Marvin Robinson

Great patient care and service. Friendly and personable staff.

The Medical Message

Loved my experience today. Dr. Taber and the staff are superb. The office is beautiful. State of the art treatment. Looking forward to my next visit. Highly recommend.

Aisha Ortiz

I love the new space very airy wonderful staff as always and Dr. Tabor fixed me up as usual. Highly recommend

Gladys McCowin

My experience with Dr.Tabor was very helpful for my lower back pain. I have not had any back problem for sometime now. If the pain comes back, I will be on the phone calling their office in a heartbeat.

jose Caliban6666.

I have been going to Dr. Ted Taber now for several years. I find the Tabers to be very committed to their profession and very much up to speed on the latest developments. THANKS!

Stacy Allotta

Terrific Doctors! They don't just treat symptoms, they take time to evaluate your whole health! Stacy Allotta Bowie, MD

Athena Hyson-Battle

Life Saving! I constantly had tightness in my chest, congestion, ribs aching and back pain. I had previously had a stroke, which increased the amount of pain and was also diagnosed with asthma. My rescue inhalers never seemed to help, especially during an asthma attack. Dr. Diane Taber met with me and gave me adjustments. I honestly did not think it would help. After my first treatment, I felt as though the tightness melted, the pain was reduced and I could really take a deep breath. The best part was the congestion I had constantly battled (coughing, wheezing), it loosened and came up in one cough. Dr. Taber did what my General Practioner and Pulmonologist couldnt seem to get right. With Dr. Taber's help I havent had another asthma attack - I will use my inhaler on high pollen days, but not like before. Thank you so much Dr. Taber

Gwendolyn Epps

Tracey Polk

Great care provided

Nicole Tait

Dr. Diane Taber is an excellent chiropractor. The service and care in the office is top rate. I have been cared for very well there. Thank you Taber Chiropractic!

Regina Tawah

I very much attribute my relatively comfortable life today to Dr. T. and Dr. D. Taber, whom I first visited over ten years ago. Before then I had serious back problems that had made me miserable for a long time. By my third visit, I felt something different was happening to me; the persistent pain I had accepted as part of my life was disappearing. It was a strange feeling and initially though happy, I was cautious about embracing my new pain-free self for fear that it was temporal. But as I write today, I can assure everyone that the pain has been gone for so long it seems it was just a dream! I still visit the Practice but occasionally for maintenance purposes mainly. Thank you very much Drs T and D. You are the best in what you do and your staff is wonderful too, each one exhibiting not only good knowledge of what they do but also they are gentle and caring.

Alfreda Hackney

I went to office today hurting from neck to toe. Left Taber Chiropractor feeling like a new person. They are the best.

Linda Cameron

James Brennan

Dr. Ted asked what my pain level was between 1 and 10 when I first saw him. I told him the pain level was a 14. Those with back pain will understand this. After approximately 15 visits my pain level was reduced to a 2. Again, those with back pain know how significant a reduction in pain that is. I can't praise Dr. Ted enough. His demeanor is outstanding and he makes you feel like family. His office staff is top notch and also makes you feel welcome. I highly recommend Taber Chiropractic.

Aminta Carter

Dr Taber and staff are amazing. They are efficient and professional. Receptionist always greets you with a smile. Signing in is quick and easy. They are able to create a treatment plan that fits your schedule. Office is spotless.

rod manning

Dr. D & T are great. The staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I have gone to them on two occasions and they have helped me tremendously. It has always been a positive experience at Taber Chiropractic.

Karen Evans

The staff at Taber Chiropractic are friendly and helpful. Both of the doctor's have seen different members of my family and have helped with our various issues. The different treatment styles complement each other wonderfully! The PT and practical advice help us to maintain our adjustments.

T Tillman

Vernon Ambush


Friendly staff, quick treatment, highly recommended!

Stanley Rice

My first time back in the new facility and it is a nice improvement from the previous one and the staff were kind and attentive.

Alivinia Cooper

Everyone is so nice and courteous. Keep up the good work.

Tikeisha Harris

I love Dr. T! I’ve gone to him for help with back care for years and he’s always great. His staff are friendly and supportive and he has a great bedside manner. He uses a mechanical adjustment that’s been helpful and the physical therapy portion is also solid. All of the exercises given have been helpful in stretching out the tightness and kinks in my back after being rear ended.

Kelly Stricklin

Nichole Obey-Williams

Luigie Wan

A efficient friendly professional staff that makes visits pleasant.

Linda Brennan

Carissa R

Both Dr's Ted and Diane have been a wonderful addition to our family health care. We have taken our whole family, as well as referred multiple friends. They each have different styles but the same positive results in wellness for our family, including working through complex back problems, pre-existing fusions, etc. A terrific practice and highly trusted.

Titayshia Harrington

Geoffrey Gill

Always an informative trip to Taber Chiropractic and Laser Spine. The staff are amazing. Thank you for the excellent service.

Nicole Howze

I 1st went to Taber Chiropractic when I was in a car accident and I was healed within 3 months with a separated shoulder and a messed up neck and back. Then I went back a year later when I got pregnant and decided I wanted to go to them during my pregnancy to see if it would help relieve some of the back pressure and it worked wonders. I love both doctors and cannot say enough good things about them. It is very clear that they really appreciate their patients and they have great customer service both at the front desk and in the exam rooms. I would recommend them to anybody

Michael Smollon

Always satisfied with their service. The staff very welcomeing and professional

eric perry

Dr. T and the staff are fantastic. I recommend the practice to everyone I know.

Gary Siegel

Been going to Doctor Ted for at least 8 years now. I am extremely grateful to him for keeping my back strong, so that i can continue to do my job. He is the most talented Chiropractor i have ever met, and his staff is the best too!

Ariana Lightningstorm

These are gentle folks. They don't do the "brute force" adjustments so if you are scared of someone adjusting you... this is definitely the place to go. They work with many wellness options and I got my first introduction to Kinesio tape (what the olympic athletes use for speeding muscle healing and maximize structural and muscle health). I carry so much tension in my shoulders and Kinesio tape is AMAZING for releasing that tension as well as draining too much fluids from an area of the body like the ankles, etc. Look it up!

Dena Wynn

Always a great visit. Dr. T is the best & he always get my muscles relaxed. Today, he did a manual adjustment and I felt so much better than when I walked in.

Kay Proctor

Feeling blessed this holiday season. Pain free and thankful for Drs. Ted and Diane Taber. They gave me my life back!! Under their care, my back pain reduced from level 10 to 0 in nine months. Dr. Ted Taber is an excellent doctor who listens to his patients and takes care of him/her with great attention. The doctors and staff are professional, knowledgeable, patient, and results driven. I highly recommend Taber Chiropractic!! Prof

Donald harris

Manuel R. Navarro

Excellent service,staff members top rate,friendly and professionals,they makes you feel like a family.They are very professionals,explain everything before starting to treat or receive therapies. 100% recommended

Tiffany Vimpany

Dr. T is awesome! Thanks!

Jocelyn Hogan

Laugh House

Warm and friendly environment

Doreatha Ross

john lee

I had always heard and thought that chiropractors were "quacks". Bit I finally went to see one (Dr. Ted Tabor). Boy, was I wrong. He went to work on my very sore back. He told me he could not cure me but would help with the pain. And that he did. Since going to him for treatments I have felt really good. I would highly recommend Dr. Ted Tabor as the doc to help change your life. Also, the ladies in the office are real sweethearts.


Dr. Ted Taber is an excellent chiropractor, and the start is wonderful. Highly recommend.

Gary Fleming

Barbara Golding

One of the best features of the Drs. Taber is their willingness to listen even when they have been seeing me for over a year. things do change when you have a chronic issue and they take nothing for granted.

Damon F

I figured I'd join the 5-star party. I agree with the others that this is a great location. Very efficient, effective and knowledgeable. Looking forward to my laser treatment.

Marilynn Henderson

Mickie Cooper

I have been seeing Dr. D for over twenty years. I claim to be the first patient. Whenever I need to have my back or neck realigned, I just call on the phone and they fit me in. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone that needs a chiropractor.

Sharlyn Gray

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