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REVIEWS OF New Life Chiropractic Center IN Maryland

Pamela Gearhart

For over 10 years, I have seen Dr. Digles for treatment as needed.This time for relief of pain and swelling from degenrative arthritis. He said, "give me 6 weeks and let's revelaute it." Each treatment has left me feeling better. Now 6 weeks is up and I I have my life back. I can't thank Dr. Digles enough for staying current on the reseach in his field. This has allowed me to recieve cool laser therapy along with all the other adjustments and nerve stimulation. My JHU physician said I would need surgery.Dr. Digles has been blessed by the Lord with amazing healing skills and such a caring demeanor. He is concerned about your over all well being. The office is most always bustling with patients, many sharing their success stories. I love to just listen and share. Although the office staff is extremely busy, they are so freindly, welcoming you by first name and make you feel at home in their office family. This is all very condusive to my healing.

Bill Yount

I had a frozen shoulder with excruciating pain for several months that robbed me of my sleep. I was on strong narcotic pain medicine that still couldn't touch the pain. A friend recommended me to Dr. Steven Digles and New Life Chiropractic Center. In just eight sessions my frozen shoulder pain was gone with laser treatment. I had side effects after stopping the strong narcotic medicine that turned into restless legs syndrome. While Dr. Steven worked on my frozen muscle he also used the laser treatment for my restless legs and after several sessions it is gone also. I can now sleep all through the night. The staff and Dr. Steven make you feel welcomed and you can tell they really care about you. I wish I would have gone sooner before trying other doctors and the medicine that had dangerous side effects for me. This place was an answer to my prayers.

james bowen

Anna Lee Williams, Realtor

This office is a great place to get healthy and stay healthy. Friendly staff are knowledgeable and truly care. Its a joy to be a patient here. Thank you for the care you take of my family and me.

Johnna Zink

I've known Dr Digles for nearly 18 years and recommend his practice without reservation. His clinical expertise coupled with his integrity and compassion are the foundation of his practice. My immediate family and some members of my extended family have counted on Doc for drug-free relief from both major and minor problems and we have always left our appts feeling better.

Ben Rustin

I travel for work, so when emergencies arise, I have to seek out treatment in unfamiliar places. I messed my lower back up pretty badly my first day in Frederick, and had three days ahead of me where work had to be done. I mean I couldn’t stand up straight, walk for more than a few minutes, much less lift or climb a ladder. It’s in the top 3 of painful experiences of my life. I reached out to new life just based on google search and explained my situation. Robin told me that this was not their norm, but they would fit me in if I came on over. I did with haste. Did I say how miserable I was? Did the little bit of paperwork, got my recent x rays sent from my chiropractor and was on the heat table, then to the adjustment room and out by lunch. It hurt. I won’t lie to you. The heat table felt great, the adjustment did not. I don’t say that negatively. The shape of my lower back necessitated some pain in the adjustment process. I spent the afternoon in my hotel room and returned at 5 to do it all over again. No charge for the second visit. I was able to work a full day today(the day after) with minimal hinderance from my back. And I’m thankful for that. This is a place that really enjoys helping people, not just looking for you to spend money and it shows. The staff is great and I would recommend New Life to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Lori Fletchinger

I've been seeing Dr Digles for about 7 wks. When i started i had chronic knee back, and hip pain and woke up everyday with a headache and neck pain. After 7 wks i am pain free. I have more energy, i feel stronger, and feel my health has improved over all. Dr Digles is the best.

Shivan Ram

I visited New life Chiropractic Center and I wasn’t happy. The owner did respond to my previous review. Thank you

Terry La Scola

Dr. Digles and his excellent staff have been wonderful in helping me with my chronic back pain. Dr. Digles has been careful to educate me and continues to offer me pain relief. I have also suffered for years with migraine headaches. I went to neurologists for years and tried multiple treatments that simply did not work. Since going to New Life my I have experienced fewer migraines and ongoing relief from facial pain. I would strongly recommend the entire practice to everyone who is suffering from pain.

Jessica Willie

Nora Azzi

I, like many people, have been going to Dr. Digles for over ten years. All four members of my family have gone to him. Three of us have done very well. My husband went to him, and although Dr. Digles put great effort and skill into it, the doctor was unable to solve his problem. There are some problems that can't be solved entirely by chiropractic; however, I have found that with regular check-ups my body if more flexible with a lot less pain and fewer illnesses. In fact my family holds an esteemed position. My son is Dr. Digles's youngest patient. He saw my son at 3 days old. My son was having nursing troubles, so I went to a breast feeding counselor and Dr. Digles. Doc made the adjustment, and my son slept 9 hours a night for two weeks. My son also began nursing better. Which leads me to something else. If you're pregnant, there is nothing better than receiving an adjustment from a good doctor like Dr. Digles. I always felt sooooooo good after a visit especially during the last trimester. Dr. Digles may not be able to solve all your issues, but his approach will solve more than traditional medicine can. It's worth your time to try.

Sam Livermore

I really like dr steve. He explains what he does and why he does it. I hurt my ankle just before i started seeing him and he helped get that better while fixing what I was already there for! I recommend new life.

Chris Barker

It seems odd that all of the "excellent" reviews above were all done "about a year ago," even though most of the people have been going to this chiropractor for years. I personally had a terrible experience at the New Life Chiropractic Center. First of all, they didn't know how to check whether or not my insurance covered the service and, therefore, told me how I was burdening the staff by not just paying the $780 that they wanted to charge me for all these visits I supposedly needed. All I wanted was an adjustment and they wanted to charge me for x-rays, weeks of appointments up-front, and they didn't seem to care about what I wanted or needed. I have never hear of anyone offering medical service tell a patient that they were being a burden to him and his staff for seeking help. I strongly recommend that you do not go to this chiropractor!!! He just wants your money!!!

Abbey Moore

Excellent team to assist with back pain and diet needs. Highly recommended.

Shundra Banks

Debbie Newcomer

a ona

Self-proclaimed "Neuropathy Expert" didn't do anything for my pain issues except lighten my wallet, peddles extra "beneficial" services that aren't covered by insurance. They suggested a brace that I didn't want or even need. I'm surprised Medicare doesn't audit them. Talking to some other patients, they don't even know who most of the people leaving comments are, like they're made up people to make this place look good. Too fishy if you ask me.

John McClure

I had a painful and debilitating back problem wich was brought on by exercising, working to much and just overdoing. When I came to Dr Steve I was in so much pain and could not even get on and off the toilet without help. He went to work adjusting me and using the laser. I gradually found relief of my pain and started moving. In just seven weeks, I am back to my normal activities without pain. Thank you Dr Steve! His staff is wonderful, caring and always willing to help. They answer the phone "This is _____, I can help you! I recommend Dr. Steve highly. I used to suffer from neck pains in the past which he has completely cured. He has amazing skill, expertise and compassion. I always tell him he has "healing hands" You can't go wrong with New Life Chiropractic Care in Frederick, MD. Sincerely, Vicky McClure

Jesse Pope

Well, to answer these other reviews... I have been going to Dr. Digles for some time now. He is honest and humble. Chiropractic works, do some research. If you have time to post a review, you have time to Google it. Also, just to note this doctor has been in business for many years and has an amazing amount of success stories.

Karen Highland

Dr. Digles helped me tremendously with my shoulder pain. His determination to get to the source was a big reason why I recommend him.

Candice J Carrico

I have been seeing Dr. Digles for over two years. I had back issues after years of weight lifting. Recently, I had an accident at work and suffered a brain injury, neck injury and shoulder injury. He has been bringing me back to life one day at a time. I am so thankful for the wonderful staff and doctors that continue to help me every week during my healing process. Best place in Frederick


I went to Dr Digles about five years ago and he resolved my problem. I found him to be very kind, patient and competent. Now I have pain in my neck and shoulders and I have an appointment.

Kayla Shanholtz

great dr, he explains everything to me in detail so i can understand it

Arnold Ziegler

Nathan Matzinger


Brad Zimms

I am very pleased with this center. I had terrible pain and it was showing improvement after a few visits. Staff is extremely helpful and services are beyond what I have experienced at other establishments. I highly recommend.

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