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REVIEWS OF Elite Chiropractic & Sport IN Maryland

Lori Shoffler

This practice is amazing. Scheduling is easy. The staff are welcoming and professional and the care is exceptional.

Jason Shapiro

Dr. Josh Bross of Elite Chiropractic is simply the best! He is experienced, well-schooled and well-trained, getting results where other doctors, medical and otherwise, have only tried and failed. But just as important (if not more so), he is a kind and caring doctor. I highly recommend this practice!

jim walsh

Broke my hip 10/2017...had three screws put in. Complained to two orthopedic surgeons and three physical therapists about groin pain since surgery. They all said "time will heal...". Saw Dr Josh about back pain and surmised to him that my back pain was being triggered from compensating about hip / groin issues. ONE session with Dr Josh and my groin feels 1000% better! After 18 months now PAIN FREE for the first time! Who knew that chiropractors deal with hips / groin??!! Thanks Dr Josh!

Jonathan Moynihan

After my ironman triathlon, I suffered an injury due to over-exertion during a weight training exercise and needed help ASAP. Dr. Josh and his team at Elite fit me in THAT DAY, treated me, and actually took such good care of me, I didn't need to schedule more than two appointments. I got the sense quickly this team isn't interested in having you simply come in for visits, they want to get you back in the game. I experienced that first hand, and it was awesome. Highly recommend.

Brett Schwartzbart

I came here for a back injury received at work. Dr. Josh Bross and Dr. Stephen Knoyer did a fantastic job of helping me get better. During this time I also happened to mention that I was having troubles with my hamstring and had not been able to run at all for several months due to the pain and discomfort it was giving me. I explained how I had gone and worked with a physical therapist, then an orthopedist who gave me a cortisone shot, and a sports masseues. None of them were able to help me. After 2 visits with Dr. Bross doing some hamstring work on me, he was in fact able to find the problem area and in about a month I was finally able to return to running. I cannot thank him enough for helping me and highly recommend him for anyone going through any back or hamstring issues.

melissa garcia

The staff at Elite Chiropractic & Sport is friendly, welcoming and accommodating. They are always willing to fit me into their schedule and go above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Knoyer is great and patient and has treated me for a nagging knee injury for over a year & i'm finally starting to feel better where PT alone couldn't help me. Can't say enough good things about this office!

Nadine Hines

The entire staff at Elite is the best! Starting with Josh and Steve with their adjustments, use of different techniques for treatment, listening skills, etc. Jay is great at helping with stretches, massage and traction. Casey is first class at scheduling appointments, explaining and processing payments, insurance, etc. The location is close to 29 and 32 and office is very comfortable and attractive. I cannot say enough about Elite Chiropractic and I am thankful that I found them!


I'm a high intensity athlete, rock climber, triathlete, and American Ninja Warrior. I've been living with intense lower back pain for 6 years. 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with having a degenerative L5-S1 disc and told by several doctors that I'd have to just get used to living in pain and avoid all athletics that would aggravate my back. For me, this was a death sentence!!! Having visited a number of different doctors including orthopedists, physical therapists, and other chiropractors, I had basically made up my mind about doctors, but then I went to Elite Chiropractic & Sport. Between Dr. Bross and Dr. Knoyer they re-diagnosed the source of my pain actually being facet joint compression which was causing similar nerve pain to a bulging or herniated disc. Not only did they re-diagnose me but they quickly went to work on my back and through graston technique, active-release, and traditional chiropractic methods, they eliminated the intense nerve pain I was having. I can now arch my back and sleep on my back for the first time in over 6 years, I have more energy, and a more positive attitude in general. I have been making regular visits multiple times per week for over a month now and continue seeing improvement with every visit. Bottom line, these guys know their stuff and the staff is super friendly and easy to work with. Everyone here is focused on getting you back on your feet and actually fixing the source of the problem. I highly recommend them!!!

Sonja Williams

Awesome practice! The doctors and office staff really care about the patient and getting them better and out the door! Truly a great experience!

Layla Thompson-Koch

PLEASE READ BEFORE HAVING YOUR GALLBLADDER REMOVED! First I want to start off by saying I am not a doctor, but what I'm suggesting, if you fit this criteria, it could change your life. For months, I had been experiencing pain in my right rib (off-center from my sternum) that shot straight through to the off-center of my back. I had multiple doctors suggest that it was my gallbladder causing the pain. I had an ultrasound that did not reveal any stones, however, I had a HIDA scan that revealed my gallbladder was only functioning at 17% (normal is around 35-40%). I also had an endoscopy that didn't reveal anything that could be causing this pain (not a hiatal hernia, no stomach ulcers, etc.). I was sent to a surgeon, who after several questions and an hour later, felt as though I did not fit the ROME criteria to have my gallbladder removed (thankfully!) and my surgery may only be 80% effective. First of all, my pain didn't seem to be brought on by food (fatty meals or large meals) as previously thought. Also, I did not feel any pain when having the HIDA scan done (which makes your gallbladder contract-hence likely causing pain if you're gallbladder is diseased/malfunctioning). The GI said she had never heard of a gallbladder improving, the surgeon said he had heard of it. But nevertheless, the surgeon sent me back to a different GI to have an endoscopic ultrasound done to rule out some other things. After speaking with this different GI for an hour answering various questions, he deemed that an endoscopic ultrasound wasn't necessary and that it was likely musculoskeletal. He suggested I eat acetaminophen and ibuprofen like its candy, and use a topical cream for the pain. At this point I was 4 months in to spending 75% of my week in pain. It was not pleasant, and I had given up hope since no one could tell me what was causing my pain. A couple people started suggesting that I see a chiropractor, and since I was at my wits end I took my coworker's suggestion to go see Dr. Bross who she raved about. Dr. Bross at my first visit found the spot in my back that when pressed with a certain amount of pressure immediately started cramping the front of my ribs. It pretty much confirmed that my problem was musculoskeletal. After working with him for two weeks now, and going into my third week, my pain is down to 10% of the week and getting better everyday. Dr. Bross and his associates are very personable and knowledgeable. They're focus isn't just on curing you of your current physical pain but also on your overall health and well-being, including stress management, digestive health, etc. I cannot be more pleased with the results I am seeing! On a separate note, I have not ignored the fact that my gallbladder is not functioning at its best, and therefore have taken strides to hopefully correct it (nutrition, weight loss, exercise). I suggest reading this book, "Save Your Gallbladder Naturally and What to Do If You Have Already Lost It" by Sandra Cabot and talking to your doctor, and then three or four other doctors. I was lucky enough to be referred to a surgeon who asked the appropriate questions and determined that some additional steps should be taken before proceeding with surgery. Not everyone can be so lucky. So seek additional opinions, and read that book before changing your digestive health forever.

Marina Radcliff

Dr. Bross isn't just amazing at what he does, he's personable and kind as well. And Casey takes care of your scheduling and is really sweet and efficient. And Rob (? I'm not sure I have his name right) reminds me of my favorite personal trainer ever, but with less treadmill and more stretching. You legitimately will love this place.

Jim Doyle

Extremely efficient, no nonsense, straight forward, direct, effective & personalized approach to care. Office & support staff are equally focused. You are in good hands.

Yvonne Madden

Dr. Bross is amazing – my daughter, a competitive gymnast training 20+ hours a week was dealing with back issues that were progressively getting worse. She had an MRI and Bone Density Scan to look for fractures. Fractures were ruled out and she was advised to try PT which did not help. Both of the orthopedic doctors that we saw said that as it was not a fracture she would have to work through the pain as they had no further treatment suggestions. A friend recommended we look into ART (Active Release Technique). I searched for someone in the area and came across Dr. Bross. He listened to her concerns and was able to diagnosis her problem. Overworking of specific muscles over time had created her back issues. It took several months but through ART, Graston Techniques and Dry Needling she was able to go back to full time training. Without Dr. Bross this might have been the end of her gymnastics career. He is very personable and genuinely cares about his patients, even letting my daughter select the music she wants to listen to during treatment!

Britney Landolina

I was referred to Elite Chiropractic & Sport by my PCP due to TMJ issues. Over the past couple of years, I've been experiencing extreme tightness and some discomfort in my jaw, especially on the right side. When my PCP referred me, I called and scheduled an appointment within a couple of days. They were able to schedule me promptly and didn't make me wait weeks just because I was a new patient. On my initial visit, I honestly felt like I had been visiting this practice for years. They were extremely welcoming and very personable. Kacey, the Office Manager, always greets you with a smile and is very helpful. She assisted me with scheduling appointments over the course of 3 weeks and she even verified my insurance for me! Dr. Bross listened to my needs and developed a plan to help me feel relief. I have been seeing him, as well as Dr. Knoyer, three times weekly and I am feeling much relief. Following my treatment, I visit with Miguel, Chiropractic Assistant, and he provides me with exercises to do at home as preventive care for a back issue that I experienced in the past. He is patient with you and provides positive and constructive feedback to make sure that you have the correct form for each exercise. I highly recommend this practice!!!

Rebecca Frey-Cooper

I had recurrent lower back and shoulder pain. I visited three different chiropractors to try and resolve the problem but nothing seemed to help. I decided to try Elite Chiropractic & Sport, and after a month of treatment with Dr. Terrier, I had significant improvement with the recurrent pain and increased joint mobility. The office staff is delightful and you truly get a customized plan to fit your needs.

Krishna Patel

Probably the best chiropractors you’ll ever go to. They listen, they talk you through the processes, they’re personable. Definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for great chiropractors.

Yisrael Markowitz

My rock climbing is vastly improved after a session at Elite. I like get a surge to charge up that wall.

ASAP Binders & Policies

My daughter complained everyday of back pain until we visited Elite. After the second visit not a peep from her. No more complaints of back pain. We're happy to have found this office.

Christina Cassino

I have been seeing Josh Bross for about 6 years now for pain management. Being diagnosed with Scoliosis as a young teen I was always dealing with pinched nerves or just severe back pain. Josh has been wonderful at figuring out how to get me back into a normal routine that includes little to no pain in my back. I absolutely love everything about this practice; the entire staff is great!

Rocky Bell

Josh, Steve,Jay Casey all are wonderful people always have a smile on there face. But most of all there are taking my pain away i love it. Oh and don't let me forget Rocky the dog he greets me to his a big yellow lab his so nice. So i give them 5 stars.

A Google User

I’ve had transient lower back pain for several years. Recently, the pain has become extremely uncomfortable to the point of disrupting my work and quality of life. I experienced immediate relief to my lower back after my very first session with Dr. Bross. Subsequent sessions resulted in nearly resolving all pain to my lower back. I thank Dr. Bross and staff for their professionalism and courtesy. I highly recommend Elite Chiropractic and Sports.

Franz Henryk Vergara

The best chiropractic clinic in the area. Thank you so much for providing excellent services!

January W. Payne

I've been going to Elite Chiropractic & Sport for a few years, and I'm so grateful to the entire staff for helping to address my complex and chronic pain issues that I've had for 20+ years, following a car accident. I primarily get dry needling done by Dr. Knoyer, who has a calm and patient demeanor and a thorough knowledge base in all things pain related. He focuses on what works best for you as an individual patient, and I very much appreciate that. Additionally, Kacey, the office manager, is fantastic, personable, knowledgeable, and very responsive. She has managed to fit me in to be seen on days when I wouldn't have been able to function otherwise if I didn't get in to see Dr. Knoyer quickly. For some of us, having a good doctor who can deliver what we need to function well is essential to being able to work and complete essential tasks of daily living. I'm grateful to Elite Chiropractic & Sport for being just that for me.

Tiffany Mast

Highly recommend Elite Chiropractic! Specifically John! I had intense neck pain, migraine headaches, constant discomfort, and limited neck/shoulder movement before I started just a few months ago. I’ve been to chiropractors before and this was the first time I felt fully treated with sustained improvement and relief. He makes the visits fun and is informative around the adjustments and techniques used to help improve your pain points. If you’re having pain definitely go see John!

Pam Lanouette

This place is amazing. I was very skeptical of chiropractors from several bad experiences. I have seen Dr Josh and Dr John and they are beyond words, the are OUTSTANDING! They are very knowledgeable, know exactly what they are doing, work very hard to locate and work on your specific need(s) to get the right outcome. Their office is clean, staff friendly and I cannot say enough about them. I will go the them before anyone else because they listen to you and work with you and get results They are always right there if you have an emergency, they will fit you in which is a rare find for me. I usually have to wait for some doctors to get in no matter what the issue it. You will not be disappointed coming to see these doctors. They are all excellent! Tell them Pam sent you.

Marjorie Mazzullo

I’ve been seeing Dr. Bross for several months and every time I go in for a session, I feel immediate relief. I have chronic headaches and general aches and pains and he has made my everyday life more manageable. All the providers at this practice are personable, efficient, and passionate about what they do. I cannot recommend them enough.

Emily Ballantyne

I came to Dr. Bross with ITBS that I have had on and off for 3 years. I had a flare up so bad I could barely run a mile and I was scheduled to run a marathon in 4 weeks. He was able to get rid of my pain within 2 weeks and I successfully ran the marathon with no IT band pain! I would recommend his practice to any athlete with a nagging injury.

Kiam Jinx

Great atmosphere and beautiful energy staff are friendly and helpful definitely enjoy my visits

Matthew Goldsmith

Elite Chiropractic and Sport is an awesome stop for any and all of your chiropractic, rehab, or therapy needs! Dr. Knoyer had been giving me chiropractic and dry needling/acupuncture services for about 8 months now and he has been nothing short of Great! Great people, great service and great vibes in the office and I recommend anyone looking for the services they procide to use Dr.Knoyer and company!

Julie Rome

Dr Josh is excellent. He was able to leave my pain dramatically with one visit. Elite Chiropractic was great at the Maryland Duathlon!

Don Wegel

I went to Elite Chiropractic & Sport after injuring my back and saw both Josh Bross and Stephen Knoyer over a two week period. My back pain went from unbearable to non existent after a couple sessions. They are both very knowledgeable and friendly, but most importantly they provide incredible results!

Lauren Hoke

I dealt with IT band issues for 2+ years. I saw two doctors, went through months of PT, and did every stretch imaginable. Nothing was helping, so I was referred to Dr. Bross. After one dry needling treatment, my knee pain was gone! Dr. Bross has been wonderful and the rest of the staff are very friendly. I definitely recommend seeking treatment at Elite Chiropractic and Sport.

J Murphy-Morris

I tell people that I got through my Ironman race by training hard and by excellent care from Dr Bross. He knew just how to treat the causes of my pains so that I not only got through training, but also with the right exercises to keep from getting re-injured. I like that I’m shown how to do the exercises, but don’t have to do them in their office. I highly recommend Elite Chiro to everyone.

Judy Lichty-Hess

I went to Elite Chiropractic 3 weeks ago unable to walk. After the first treatment I was able to walk, all be it slowly, the pain was reduced. Now just three weeks later I am almost back to normal. A huge thank you to Elite Chiropractic & Sport and Dr. Stephen Knoyer!

Rosemarie A Tucci

I have been with Elite Chiropractic & Sport for two weeks, under the care of Dr. Stephen Koyner. His wide range of expertise and additional credentials has made me confident that he would decrease the pain in my lower back. He also has a dry sense of humor, a laid back personality that makes me comfortable in him providing my treatment. He is absolutely awesome! I highly recommend this company and their staff to do their very best in easing patients' anxiety, discomfort, and pain. They are great!! Rose Tucci

Joyce Nembhard

I had been suffering with lower back pain for years. My L4 and 5 was messed up. I took all three Cortisone shots but still have pain. I tried other doctors, therapy and home exercises but nothing helped. I found Elite chiropractor on Google go there the same day They treated me and got me pain free and back in my heels. I still go there occasionally but not for the same problem just for a touch up. Don't think about it. Just go and get well.

Mick Lynn

Developed hip pain from cycling over the past 5 months. I was losing weight and building endurance, so I didn't want to "rest". But the pain was getting worse and starting to affect my daily life. I came to Elite Chiropractic for treatment. Improvement started after just a couple visits, and after 3 weeks I am pain free. I never had to reduce cycling (80-100 miles/week). Highly recommended!

Adam Kramer

This place is great, with a friendly and knowledgable staff. I'm fairly new to running and training for a half marathon. I was having a bit of an issue with my knees and went in for some help. I was treated and given some exercises to do from home. Totally helped with my issues and I'm able to continue to train! Thanks Elite!

Matheus Mendes

This is a outstanding chiropractor. I sustained a injury in my right elbow and for four months it was never the same, within my first visit the pain in my elbow significantly improved, after a couple more visits the pain was gone. These guys are miracle workers. The service was great and it one of the friendliest climate I've ever seen.

Chad Elkins

I've been going for a few weeks now and haven't had a bad experience yet .I thought I felt good in general before, but now I'm feeling great!

Larry Stern

I have been seeing Josh for a number of years but needed to leave due to my insurance. BIG mistake and I wish I never had left because NO ONE was able to treat me like Josh. I finally had to breakdown and pay out of pocket for a recent piriformis issue I had. After only one treatment, I was already feeling better and had much less pain. Four visits and two weeks later the issue is resolved. I will never see another chiropractor other than Josh. Worth every penny and than some...look nowhere else but Elite Chiropractic with Josh Bross & Team!


This place was a game-changer for me! Dr Knoyer treated me for multiple sports injuries, a 30-year old ACL replacement, a 3-year-old hip injury, and a nagging case of piriformis. I noticed an increase in mobility within the 1st appointment! The graston and active release are helping. The exercises from Miguel, the physical therapist, are making a difference as well. I'm able to do more in the gym and my squats and lunges are deeper and more stable.

Tiana Webberley

Great Chiro! Knows his stuff and is super friendly and helpful! Thank you for the awesome service!

Andrea O'Hara

I have been under the care of the great team at Elite Chiropractic & Sport for the past year. Dr. Stephen Knoyer successfully treated me for a repetitive sports injury from running and has since been providing preventative treatment and post-race care. Miguel Mendes offers first class physical therapy and training options to treat symptoms and strengthen problem areas to prevent further injury. Additionally, Dr. Joshua Bross and Dr. Knoyer successfully treated a neck injury sustained after a car accident. In addition to chiropractic and massage therapy, dry needling was integral to releasing the neck spasm and associated pain. I highly recommend Elite Chiropractic & Sport for both treatment and preventative medicine!

Bob Jeffrey

Josh Bross has worked miracles on my knees and neck. Great treatments and service...and my golf game has never been better.

Jacob Shapiro

I love Elite Chiropractic and sport. They are the most welcoming doctors office I have ever been to! All my life I have had a back and hip issues, within 2 months I have felt like a new man! Dr. Bross has the magic touch!

Carole McGee

My internist referred me to Dr. Bross and company to treat a very painful bicep tendonitis. I was pain free in 10 visits with a schedule of maintenance exercises to do on my own at home. Could not be happier. Thank you to the crew!

Alex Ludka

After seeing Dr. Bross for sciatic pain, I was finally able to run without pain for the first time in 3 years! Not only did he heal my hamstring, it was always a delight to see everyone in the office.

Lori Gilbert

I came in after several years of leg and hip pain that would not go away. After a month of treatment with Dr. Terrier I was so improved!!! I was able to drive without pain and my range of motion has increased so much. The office is delightful to work with and the variety of treatments including physical therapy provide a full complement of services. I highly recommend.

Russ Dickens

went to see John Terrier for severe lower back pain. I could hardly walk. I received treatment over two weeks, and was 100% recovered, but more importantly I was given the tools to stretch, strengthen, and put myself in a position to not have this happen again. John is very low key and confident in his treatment style - and leaves you believing that you are in good hands. Angelica at the front desk is also extremely helpful and always pleasant to deal with - even at 7 am!

Jeana DelRosso

Great doctors and physical therapists—they work really well with both young people and adults.

Benjamin Mourad

Top notch practice with great doctors who stay current with the latest techniques including dry needling, ART, and Graston!

Michael Vessels

Over the last month or two I've worked with Dr. Terrier for shoulder pain. From the start I have been thrilled with his process and the results that follow.

BigZ storltz

The staff at Elite Chiro & Sport are top notch! I was having pain in my right shoulder when going over head in lifts and an ongoing issue with my right SI and Dr. Bross was able to assess what was going on and had me on a plan to get the issues taken care of! My shoulder within just a couple of visits showed significant improvements and the right SI followed suit behind it! I will definitely be using Elite Chiro for maintenance visits and taking full advantage of their knowledge and expertise to keep my body working at 100%


No chiropractor could relieve my pain until I met Dr. Bross. Dr. Bross quickly located my problem and started my healing immediately - on my very 1st visit - and I left already feeling less pain! My healing had started! People who have passion for what they do are the best because they never stop learning. Dr. Bross is esteemed, an expert who belongs to a small elite group of doctors who stay cutting edge. He is also just a great guy. Should you need it, his physical therapist, Miguel, is fantastic and works directly with Dr. Bross in the same office. Perfect or what? And the office manager, Kacey, is terrific at the front desk to help you! Before Dr. Bross' staff I had never seen a 5.0 review rating for any business. Come see Dr. Bross and you will learn why, and please, this is MANDATORY before ever receiving any surgery! Cancel the surgery! I am very grateful to have Dr. Bross and his terrific staff helping me in my complete healing. God Bless. - Frank R.

Jessica White

I've been seeing Dr. Terrier for just about a month now, and I am so impressed with how great I feel! I've had lower back pain for years, and a constant tightness in my neck. I've seen a couple other chiropractors, but he is the first to get me to a point where I am not in continual pain on a daily basis. With treatments and adjustments a couple times a week, paired with some easy, manageable exercises as "homework".. I don't remember the last time I felt so painlessly mobile!!

Tomás McLaughlin

So pleased with the care I've received from Dr. Bross. Highly recommended!

Sonia Ambikapathy

Awesome team at Elite Chiropractic & Sport! I went in with severe back pain that was so bad I couldn’t sleep or function without Ibprofen. After the 1st week of seeing them I felt improvement and stopped taking Ibprofen and started doing the exercises I learned with Miguel. My posture has improved and my back pain is pretty much gone in just 3 weeks! I learned more about my injury from them and some techniques that helped me to feel better and strengthen my muscles all of which will hopefully prevent this from ever happening again. Also, I initially just came to them to get my back treated and Dr. Stephen noticed my forearm injury and I told him I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel 2 years ago. He looked at, diagnosed it as tendinitis and started me on a treatment plan the same day! It’s crazy how fast they were able to help me get better. I highly recommend this practice for both the smallest of injuries or even chronic pain, whatever it is I’m sure they can have you fixed up in no time!

Lawrence Potts

I had knee surgery in March and threw my back out during recovery. I was in so much pain that I could barely walk. I called their office and a friendly voice (Angelica) said they could see my that afternoon. One session with Dr. John Terrier and I had no more pain. I was still injured and we set up a regular sessions to heal that, but the pain was gone. Dr. John is now helping me with my PT on my knee. I highly recommend this practice!

Linda Katz

Dr. Bross and his team are wonderful. I am not new to chiropractic or other alternative therapies, and can tell he clearly knows what he's doing. I'm a year and a half post knee-replacement surgery that left me in more chronic pain than I was in prior to the surgery. Extensive PT and even Graston Technique, ART and dry needling elsewhere only got me partial functionality. I decided to travel an hour away to Dr. Bross because of his specialty in soft tissue techniques. He immediately identified where the scar tissue was and set to work getting me back my extension. 6 visits later I can hike and bike, walk stairs and get up off the floor again. I've got most of my functionality back, and the pain is much less too. I'm optimistic that with continued work I'll be able to walk normally and hopefully pain-free. Also, Elite is a comfortable office. It feels more like a gym than a rehab clinic- more for athletes than for ill patients. They're not pushing unnecessary extra purchases or locking you into a managed care routine. Excellent service, attitude and skills all around. One more note- they didn't accept my insurance (they do take some) but offered a chiropractic insurance plan that made the payments more affordable. This is one expense that's truly worth it. If you're an active person who needs tune ups to keep pain away, you'll be happy choosing Elite.

Helen Kim

If you are pregnant and suffering from Sciatica, this is the place to go. I was waiting for my scheduled c section (the 3rd one). Towards the end of pregnancy, I couldn’t lie down on my back nor the sides due to terrible pain on my sciatic nerve. My OB recommended this place and I saw Dr. John Terrier 1 week before my c section. He was awesome. He took time to explain the reasons for the pain and how he is going to treat me. I got treatment everyday until the c section. By the second day, I was able to sleep on my side and by the third day, I found myself smiling and walking like a normal human being. Whenever I come in, Dr. Terrier treated me for 20-30 min and Mr. Miguel Mendes taught me how to stretch and fix my posture at home (homework). When Dr. Terrier treated me, it was not just putting pressure on the painful spot. He made me to move and he put on pressure along the muscle while moving. I found it was very efficient. After a week long treatment, I was able to lie down on my back on the day of c section. It was an amazing change. After c section, of course, my life was so hectic with a newborn. With nursing and holding a baby all the time, one day I woke up with very stiff neck and couldn’t turn it due to muscle strain. I called Dr. Terrier and I was seen the next day. He adjusted my neck and spine and put pressure on my neck using his tool. After softening the muscle a little bit, he again made me to move and putting pressure while moving. I was really impressed that I was turning my neck 360 on my way out. I also started having lower back pain as I was sitting for a long time nursing. For the following 3 weeks, I came in twice a week to get adjustments and treatment on my neck and lower back. After 6 treatments and stretching at home, I became pain free. I can’t imagine how my pregnancy and postpartum would have been like without Dr. Terrier’s treatment. I am writing this to thank Dr. Terrier and the entire team at Elite Chiropractor (not to mention their awesome staff at the desk. They are super kind, efficient and sweet) and to help whoever suffers Sciatica during pregnancy thinking you can’t be treated during pregnancy like me.

David Lapp

Great experience; friendly office. I'm a triathlete with a lifelong knee injury, including several surgeries, and consistent pain running. I got great service and treatments I had never experienced before, after years of visits to docs, PT, etc. Most importantly, my knee has improved significantly since the treatments. Here's hoping that the pain won't return!


Due to a very physically tough life, I have years of experience with Chiropractors and Active Release Therapy practitioners. Dr. Joshua Bross is exceptional in his field. He mixes in adjustments, physical therapy, stretches, Myofascial trigger point dry needling (which is awesome!), to improve his patient's condition. I strongly recommend him.

Chassidy Walter

Before coming to Elite Chiropractic & Sport, I was seeing another chiropractor for over 2 years and my pain was actually getting worse not better. So I came to them to see if they might be able to help me get some relief from neck, shoulder, and mid back pain. After seeing Dr.Terrier for a little over a month now I am almost 100% pain free. Doctor Terrier's treatments and Miguel's homework exercises have helped me tremendously and I just want to thank them and rest of staff . These are great people that really care.

Mike Kilberg

I came to Elite Chiropractic having already had a neck fusion. I still had pain all the time. I did not believe that Josh would be able to help. I was completely wrong. I would not wish back pain on my worst enemy and I have called Dr. Bross a lifesaver on many occasions. He was able to get me pain free for the first time in years. He will try multiple techniques if that is what he feels that you need until he figures out what works. The Graston technique was able to free up scar tissue in my lats that made me have more mobility than in the last 15 years. His goal is always to get you feeling so good that you don't need to come back, but you want to come back because you always feel better when you leave.

Kandese Holford

People and office: Effective, efficient, clean, and kind. Wish I could go every day! Dr. Terrier knew exactly how to fix me and has the most chill demeanor.

Sarah Beck

I highly recommend Elite Chiropractic and Sport. I came in to see Dr. John Terrier for hip pain following childbirth that was worsening over time. Although his tissue release treatment helped almost immediately, it was the exercises that he introduced that made a real difference. Not only does he treat you, but he gives you effective tools to prevent the pain from recurring. His communication is also fantastic, as he spend the time to talk to you and explain exactly what he is doing. Currently I am totally pain free. Prior to this experience, I had never seen a chiropractor before, but I am totally converted. The office is also friendly, clean, welcoming, and very efficient. I can't recommend these guys enough!

Rob Akins

Excellent job! Dr. Knoyer really helped me out. Highly recommend.

Edward Obendorfer

I went to see Dr. Bross because of shoulder issues, and after 2 weeks of rehab including chiropractic care, dry needling and exercising in their sports rehab gym I have nearly full range of motion back in my shoulder. The entire staff is very friendly, and it is nice to only have to go to one location for everything. Highly recommend Dr. Bross and his staff.

Dwight Mikulis

When you are Good, you are Good. That is my description of Dr. Stephen Knoyer and Elite Chiropractic. I'm a distance runner and had hamstring/ITB issues. 3 sessions later and I'm back on the roads. (Age 59) Important to find a good Chiro office before you have a serious problem. Thanks!

Joseph perez

Dr. Bross and Dr. Noyer are very professional and skilled chiropractors. They employed an array of techniques to fit my individual needs. I have been to a handful of practitioners in the past and they are some of the best.

Erica Yee

The team at Elite Chiropractic is amazing! After experiencing two months of concussion-like symptoms (trouble focusing vision, fogginess, and fatigue) due to whiplash, I met with Dr. Bross for a consultation and initial neck work. After one session, my symptoms had improved significantly, and in a few weeks, I was back to 100%. Dr. Bross was extremely friendly, responsive to my concerns, and patient in answering all of my questions. I would highly recommend Elite Chiropractic!

Heather Caldwell

I recently hurt my shoulder in CrossFit. Coincidentally, it's the same shoulder I injured in a car accident about 8 years ago. My should hasn't been 100% since then but I've dealt with it. I recently saw Dr. Bross for help. After the first visit, I felt AMAZING! The best my shoulder has felt in years! I will see my therapy through, but ALSO, continue to go to Elite Chiropractic for regular maintenance. BONUS: The entire staff is SUPER friendly :)

Isabelle Doucet

Love Love Love this practice! I've been seeing Dr. Knoyer for a complex back issue that involve nerve pain and tingling in both feet. After almost 3 years of going to different PTs and other types of healing modalities, Dr. Knoyer was able to significantly improve my quality of life and reduce all of my symptoms to almost nothing. I went from barely being able to sit and walk for any significant amount of time to running 5ks and resume all previous activities quickly. Dr. Knoyer is fantastic at listening to his patients and devising thoughtful and creative plans to help them get better. I won't trust anybody else to diagnose issues with my body moving forward! Miguel is wonderful in demonstrating and giving exercises to help further improve your care and get you back on your feet fast. I love the homework! :-) The rest of the team is also fantastic. Thank you Kacey and Dr. Bross!

Clarissa Parrish

I started seeing Dr. Knoyer in January 2016 for some knee & hip pain that I was experiencing while running. I asked him to have me pain-free for my first half marathon in March. He did not disappoint! He promptly diagnosed my problem, began treatments, and I was pain-free well before my race!!! He told me at the beginning that his goal was to have my issues resolve so that I didn't need him anymore. He stated that chiropractors that had patients dependent on them for years weren't doing what they needed to do...I've had to go back a few times for other injuries as I workout daily (spinning, kickboxing, weightlifting) in addition to the running and he always gets be back in to my routine. Kacey, the Office Manager, is awesome and she explains benefits/payment thoroughly. She also "worked me in" for acute visits as I needed them. Jay, the chiropractic assistant is an in-house exercise therapist who helps you get stronger and prevent further injury. As a board-certified pediatrician, I appreciate Dr. Knoyer's professionalism. He is attentive, knowledgeable, and has an excellent bedside manner. I recommend Dr. Knoyer without reservation!

Son Hong

Absolutely amazing and worth it!!! I've been following Dr. Stephen religiously for at least 3-4 years now and with his partnership at Elite Chiropractic & Sport, the experience has been phenomenal. One of his specialties is helping athletes address their aches and pains AND is especially awesome at preventive care. If you are an athlete, you MUST try Dr. Stephen and the entire staff. They are the real deal and won't let you leave unless you're all fixed up to get back to focusing on training.

Megan W.

I saw Dr. Stephen Knoyer after a bad back sprain/strain and months of physical therapy, stretching, yoga, epsom salt baths, professional massages, and more. What seemed to help the most was the dry needling. I liked Elite Chiropractic more than other places because it wasn't all "crack-crack-CRACK!" where I thought I might break my neck. For my particular plan there was the graston technique, "light" cracking (more like little "pops" that were not scary at all) and dry needling, and sometimes some light exercises and stretches to do on my own at home. I'm still working on it on my own, but have seen massive and quick improvements. They also have a payment plan that was very affordable since my insurance does not cover chiropractic treatment, and their office hours were very fair. Oh, and they are all super nice, cool, and most importantly they seemed to care–can't say enough nice things, I highly recommend Elite Chiropractic & Sport!

riley thompson

This was my first experience with a Chiropractor, and possibly my best experience with a doctor ever. I woke up one morning with an extreme headache and a blood pressure through the roof as a result. After 4 trips to the ER, no cure in sight, and 4 doctors thinking it was 4 different things i was referred to Dr. Bross by my Neurologist. After 1 treatment my headache was gone. Not better but gone. I must admit i was skeptical, and writing this review even now feels strange, but you can't argue with results. Dr. Bross did an incredible job of explaining to me what he thought the condition was, how it could have happened, and how he was going to alleviate it. He went further by giving me recommendations and exercises for preventing it from happening again. The entire experience was nothing short of excellent. Thanks Doc!

J Consi

I have long standing neck, shoulder and back pain and the treatment I have received from them as improved my mobility and pain. They also began treating my TMJ and that has improved as well. The only regret is that i wish I would have seen them much sooner.

Justin Cianciolo

I'm one of those stubborn mountain bikers that doesn't stretch before a 75 mile ride, and that can take a toll on your body. After developing Tendinitis in my knee, and knocking my back out of alignment from a crash, Dr. Bross helped me get back in the saddle and has greatly improved my quality of life. He's not just a great, well-rounded chiropractor, but also a great consultant for all things sports-related. The entire staff of Elite Chiropractic and sport are friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I highly recommend them!

Frank Kenniasty

Dr. Bross helped me with my tennis injuries, and really knows his craft. He is great for any athlete trying to recover more quickly. I only wish I would have seen him sooner!

Adam Shapiro

Dr. Bross is by far the best chiropractor. I’ve been needing chiropractic help for years. Dr. Bross was able to identify and fix the problem within a month. He is a lifesaver!

Goran Alanovic

I have been getting treated by Dr. Bross and his team for several years now and still by the end of every single session I feel "brand new". Josh has been able to treat basically any issue I have come to see him for - from muscle soreness and tightness, to shoulder and back injuries, etc. I could not work out with the intensity I do were it not for his miracle work. I CANNOT recommend Dr. Bross more!

John Besson

I was referred to Elite Chiropractic & Sport by my primary care physician because of pain in my hips and lower back. I was having difficulty sleeping on my side due to the pain from my hips. It only took a few sessions for me to realize that I was going to get the relief that I was after. In less then a month my hips were very much improved as well as my lower back. That was a year ago. I am happy to say that the results have been lasting. I highly recommend Dr. Bross and staff.

Raymond Natter

I saw Dr. Bross for a hip problem, but also mentioned that I had reduced movement capability with my neck. Neither my internist nor my orthopedist could help. Dr. Bross took care of my neck issue in 10 minutes. I finally had relief! I highly recommend Elite Chiropractic.

Lorri Yawney

Got pain? I had pain, and got tired of how it got in the way -- in the way of my walking, my workouts, my enjoying life. My past efforts at getting better – trips to the doctor, diagnostic testing, muscle relaxer prescription drugs, rest – did not work. So, when a bicep problem did not heal on its own, Kelly Scott Johnson, trainer and owner of ForeverStrong Health and Fitness, where I work out, suggested I go see Dr. Josh Bross at Elite Chiropractic and Sport. Wow. Dr. Josh got rid of my pain. He and the folks at Elite Chiropractic and Sport really know what they’re doing. Dr. Josh fixes people. He fixed my bicep problem, and since then has successfully treated my knee (injured in a fall), and is now taking care of a hamstring problem. He has also treated my husband and my daughter. Dr. Josh is amazingly fast at finding the source of the problem and beginning treatment right at the first visit. Stuff happens. I know there will come a time again when I strain a muscle or do something that doesn’t heal after some rest and time. But I don’t worry about that anymore. I have a go-to doctor who can fix what is wrong. So look no further. If you’re in pain, get in touch with the folks at Elite Chiropractic and Sport. They will get rid of your pain. They will fix you. Yes, they are THAT good.

Ryan Gauthier

One day I woke up and the back of my hand was numb. Im only 33 - This is not good, I thought. I started googling and the news got worse. Advice ranged from "Stop doing what's causing the problem" to "If you dont get this treated it can lead to permanent nerve damage." Other than rest, the prevailing advice online was surgery - which seemed to fail as often as succeed. Im not the type of guy to willingly volunteer for surgery anyway, so I kept looking. Its hard to describe how scary it can be to have your body go haywire, and how frustrating it can be to not find a real solution. I tried massaging the areas myself. I went to a chiropractor. I rested it. Hot showers, Ice, heat pad. Several weeks went by... Nothing worked. All the while I felt like the clock was running out on the "permanent nerve damage" thing. Finally I found a random thread on a bodybuilding forum that mentioned something called "A R T THERAPY." I had no idea what that was, but it sounded better than surgery, so I figured it couldnt hurt. I went to the main site and searched a local practice. Thats how I found Elite. They had great reviews, which was comforting. I liked the fact that the guys were athletes and Chiropractors in adition to being "Active Release Therapy" practioners. Long story short, within a week my hand felt better. Withing two and a half weeks the numbness was completely gone, and hasnt returned since. Dr Stephen explained the numbness was due to a trapped nerve in my pectoral muscle. (of all places!) He gave me a good idea as to what movements caused the problem and how to avoid it in the future. Miguel was also incredibly helpful on the PT side of the house. Basically I think these guys are miracle workers and would absolutely reccomend thier care.

yale silon

John is very knowledgeable and professional - helping me through my injury. Highly recommend

mark bauer

These guys are great! I went in with such bad back pain I could barely walk. After the 3rd treatment with Stephen Knoyer working my lower back and Miguel Mendes giving me the exercises to target and strengthen my lower back, the pain was gone. Everyone in the office is very nice and helpful! I highly recommend Elite Chiropratic & Sport!

Byung ju Lee

First time going to the chiropractic practice and it was amazing. My lower back and elbow felt much better just after one visit. Training Brazilian jiu-jitsu everyday sometimes gives my body lots of stress. After the visit, my back felt much lighter and flexible.

Krissy Doherty

Everything about my experience with Elite Chiro was awesome! The office is clean, the staff is friendly, and I was always seen right away. They were also very accommodating with scheduling. After being in pretty bad car accident, Dr. Knoyer was able to get me feeling back to normal in less than 2 months. I would highly recommend them! You won't be disappointed!

M Saunders

Dr. Bross is amazing! He helped me heal quickly from a painful hamstring strain, which was causing incredible discomfort. I was able to teach yoga again and regain flexibility I thought I lost completely. Highly recommend!!!

Allan Rosenberger

As a recommendation from my physician this past June I visited Elite Chiropractic & Sport as a result of persistent and dull pain in both my upper and lower back. I wanted a full assessment if that pain that I was experiencing would need to be corrected by surgery because of possible disc or other back related problems. After consulting with Josh, I was informed that I had soft tissue and lesion issues that had accumulated over the years. With a laid out plan and approach my pain has subsided significantly and I no longer have the everyday pain and discomfort. Both Josh & Steve’s approach and techniques have rendered very positive results and with Jay’s stretching techniques it has increased flexibility in my quads, hamstrings and hip flexors. If you’re looking for an evaluation and therapy for potential relief of your pain and as a possible alternative to surgery, I would highly recommend the Elite Chiropractic & Sport practice. Allan R.

Ashley Dozier

Absolutely recommend this practice. The staff are amazing and friendly. Casey at the front desk, always greet you with a smile and is very helpful. Dr. Bross, Dr. Knoyer and Miguel are such a dynamic team and I have felt better than I have in a long while after receiving chiropractic work and PT. After seeing this amazing team, I was able to get out and exercise without the aches and pains that I initially walked in the office with. Highly recommend their services!

Michael Siklosi

I have needed the services of Drs. Brosh and Knoyer two times this year – in April for an upper back problem, and just recently in early November for a longer-term lower back issue. In both cases, with fairly extensive treatment and some PT with Miguel, the excellent physical therapist, the problems were resolved totally. I appreciate their very scientific approach to chiropractic medicine (I am a retired scientist) and their caring approach to my medical issue. I highly recommend this team for chiropractic treatment!

Hanh Nguyen

Everybody here is extremely friendly, nice and welcoming. I love getting my back cracked and adjusted, knowing that it's done safely. I came with a couple of issues, and they're slowly getting better. I would definitely recommend this place .

Ruth Kohl

Just love Dr. Bross. I've had 2 Achilles tendon surgeries and have a lot of scar tissue. Dr. Bross is the only reason that Im able to continue running. I highly recommend Elite Chiropractic.

Vannessa Griffin

I went in with a hurt shoulder and after a quick 10 minute session he game me a rehabilitation exercises in that time. It was great! My shoulder felt almost 100% better after and we had a few great laughs. All the staff is super friendly and welcoming and I enjoyed my visit.

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