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REVIEWS OF DeMaio Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy IN Maryland

Paul B.

Great Service Great Price Friendly Talented What More Could You Ask For ! I had horrible pain going down my right arm and numb fingers. I had a nerve being pinched in my neck from a water skiing mishap 20 years earlier. My doctor sent me to a surgeon who wanted to fuse my neck. NO WAY, I looked around for a holistic cure. I heard some bad stuff about Chiropractors so I was a bit skeptical. Dr John DeMaio said to give him 3 visits and I should see relief. Suffering miserably I agreed, well 3 visits 3 days apart and sure enough, felt a great relief. Then he wanted me to come once a week. After a couple of months I was able to stretch it out to two weeks then several months later I started going once a month. Well after a year I was 20 years younger and had full range of motion again, so I stop going. FOOLISH ME, after a couple of months, I was right back to were I was. I accepted the fact that I had real damage to my neck and would need lifetime Chiropractic care, which over having my neck fused was a bargain. The small fee along with my insurance was a no brainer. Dr. John opened another office closer to my home in Bowie and I met Dr James Keys equally gifted as Dr DeMaio. Five minutes once a month to keep my full range of motion is price-less. If you have any doubts about getting help from DeMaio Family Clinic for neck or back pain banish them and make an appointment RIGHT NOW, I'm glad I did.

Viola Lancaster

Dr. Keys has been a god send, saved me from having to get surgery on my neck, as the surgeon had recommended, due to a pinched nerve. It took a few visit but the sought after relief soon came. Initially I went a couple times a week then eventually it became once a month. After a year I stop going and the problem returned. I realize know that his treatment keeps the problem at bay and it's a deal in my book to avoid surgery and having my neck fused. Not just a good Chiropractor but a great one. My highest recommendation.

Dori Sullivan

My doctor sent me to the surgeon for a painful nerve pinch in my neck which caused pain in my upper arm and numbness with a tingling in my fingers. Basically I stopped using my right arm, if was awful even just trying to sleep was an effort. After much research and talking to the surgeon I was more convinced then ever not to go this route unless absolutely being my last hope. I would rather see a witch doctor first. I looked into chiropractic after my bathroom contractor Paul recommended Dr. Keys as he had help him with a similar problem. I got a thorough examine and recommended treatment plan, which involved multiple visits the first month and then start scaling back for maintenance once the pain was gone. It's been over a year now and I feel 20 years younger with once a month visits, now with full range of motion in my arm I could only dream about before. It's amazing that adjusting one's vertebra could eliminate the nerve pinch and offer complete relief. There are several disciplines in chiropractic practice and I'll feel like I lucked out finding Dr. Keys and his style of homeopathic care and gentle touch. If you're in pain you don't have to suffer any longer.

Kristin Johnson

Super thankful for the chiropractic care I have received over the past few months. My first visit after giving birth was life changing for me. I could barely move when i hobbled in and I walked out feeling revitalized. I highly recommend this office especially if you are pregnant or have recently given birth. I look forward to every office visit and my pain level decreases instantly when I have an adjustment. The employees are friendly and I look forward to seeing them each visit.

Lydia Shell

I had been hesitant/skeptical of chiropractic care for a long time. Dr. DeMaio and Dr. Keyes have made me a firm believer and advocate of chiropractic care. I have an increased range of motion and no longer suffer from chronic shoulder pain.

Diane Hall

Immaculate office, friendly and courteous staff and best doctors!

rachelle meredith

I've been seeing Dr. DeMaio for over a year and used to have vertigo and neck pain. As long as I keep up my physical Therspy and get my regular adjustments and am able to do my job as a flight attendant. Thank you for all you go. Rachelle Meredith

Donna Butman

R Gaines

The staff here is always friendly and professional. I get my adjustments regularly to maintain my physical comfort and health.

Judy Beck-McDonald

I have visited 2 of the 3 locations. My experience with the DeMaio Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy was great. I have recommended them to friends and family.


Sushana W

The service there is excellent. There is no waiting time. The staff is very in- tuned with your workout and progress. I had a neck injury and I have felt a difference in my neck and shoulders from day two. Day one was more so a test to see where the issues were

Tanya Jones

Jessica Nicholson

I went to Dr.Keyes with an impinged nerve in my shoulder. Dr. Keyes was very receptive to my concerns and treated me on my first visit. I was feeling noticeably better after two visits and kept up with his suggested visit schedule and am happy to report that my issue is resolved after a month! I am now continuing regular treatment on a less-regular basis for my more chronic neck and upper back pain. The entire staff has been welcoming, friendly, and accommodating and the treatment has made a huge difference in my comfort level. I would absolutely recommend Dr.Keyes to my family and friends.

Jason Tidwell

Friendly staff! Dr. Katz was great. I always recommend Demaio Chiropractic to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

Cecilia McGriff

Sherry Drogger

Years in pain, and tired of painful shots and sick of opioids to control the pain. I resisted the surgeons recommendation to fuse my neck. I decide to visit after I got a great recommendation from a friend to see Dr. Keys. It's been 6 months now and I see him once a month for maintenance, which has kept the pain down to a mild discomfort. I wish I had know about chiropractic years ago. Also interesting is there are several styles of this profession and Dr. Keys is very gentle and proficient in his skill.

Susan Harris

Never really believed in chiropractors, now I depend on them. Keyes is phenomenal and has helped with my neck pain and headaches.\\\\\\\\\\\

J Ziegler

Dr. Keys is awesome, been keeping my arm working perfectly, avoiding nasty surgery to my neck for a pinched nerve. The adjustments keep the joint open and a small monthly payment for their services vs surgery is a no brainier. Great bed-side manner, always makes me feel welcome and genuinely cares about your well-being.

Grecia Rojas

I've been seeing Dr.Keyes for almost a month now and since my initial visit, my back and neck pain has been improving tremendously. I get physical therapy rehab as well and the staff are very helpful and motivating. I've gone to another chiropractor in the past for my scoliosis and Dr.Keyes is by far more knowledgeable and caring.

Gail Peterson

I go to the office in Crofton Maryland and I am extremely pleased . Dr Jim is great . I have being going to the office now for over two years . First when I moved up here from Virginia. Dr Jim was able to help me relax my muscles so that was great .

R Marley

I have been going to DeMaio Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy since I moved to the area 5 years ago. All of the Doctors and Staff are friendly and helpful. I rarely have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen. More importantly though, I have experienced real benefits from the treatments. I have lower back issues and regular adjustments help tremendously. When I do have a flare-up in symptoms, I usually get relief in just a visit or two. As an active 59 year old, I have also had great experience with the physical therapy provided when I over-do things. With a history of old injuries, I do have some adhesions that give me problems and Dr Keyes has done wonders for them using the Graston Technique. He was even able to resolve my plantar fasciitis in a few visits!


Allison C

This is a quality place. I only post reviews when I am very happy...or very not. 5 stars. I had looked for a chiropractor online and couldn't find one that spoke "professional business" when I walked in the door. The receptionist was beyond friendly, and not only did I receive great care, but it has a real family vibe. Dr. Jones is extremely nice. I got a free hot/cold pack when I left, and that sealed the deal.

Hector Garzia

Had a painful pinch in my neck, that my doctor referred me to a surgeon. That was not an option in my mind. After doing some checking around, I tried Dr. Keys. I've went through a period of weekly visits for a month and then started spacing them out for maintenance. It's been over 2 years now and I'm feel I made the right choice. Once a month visit vs. surgery is no comparison.

William Patterson

Convenient, friendly, caring. Treatments worked from the very beginning. I have been kept up with exactly what was going to happen and why.

allen boyd

Oregon Bug

I turned to chiropractic care in desperation during a difficult pregnancy. When I met Dr. Keyes, I knew nothing about chiropractic care, but I could hardly sleep because of the pain. His gentle demeanor helped calm my anxiety, and he always took the time to explain everything and answer any questions I had. It is obvious that he loves educating his patients. In addition, I could always find an appointment that fit my crazy schedule, and I never had to wait long.

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