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REVIEWS OF Delmarva Chiropractic PC IN Maryland

travis hearn

I had seen Dr. Lane for quite some time and he is amazing. As I started having some more issues related to muscle soreness from competitive powerlifting he referred me to Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown has worked wonders on my constant nagging injuries. He is a no nonsense straight to the point practitioner and he is extremely knowledgeable about what he is doing. He is definitely an expert in his field. There is a reason I go every single week for an adjustment.

Camille Kilmon

Fabulous staff and Dr. Lane has been amazing to both my husband and myself.. highly recommend!

Trina Tobin

Elizabeth Hanulak

Extremely pleased with my medical experience at Delmarva Chiropractic P.C. Very friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Attentive to needs of patient seeking answers over concerns of health and solutions to maintain good healthy lifestyle.

Monica Merriell

Excellent place to go! Dr. Brown has gotten me on the rite track!

Mary Cuffee

Very friendly and professional staff. Dr. McKamey is a wonderful doctor. He explains everything to you so you understand the necessary treatment needed for your condition and gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

Steve Frantz

Friendly staff and excellent care. Dr. Brown provides outstanding chiropractic adjustments and keeps me "tuned-up".

Elizabeth Diemel

Kerstein Richo

Nice practice they work hard to try an make your pain at least manageable.

Tracey Schnepel

ruth cropper

Julie Moser

Wonderful office visit. Went in hardly able to stand, and came out SO MUCH better!! They always try to get you in if you're in pain, and everyone is just so nice. I have seen both Dr. Lane and Dr. Brown; my husband has seen Dr. McKamey, as well as Drs. Lane and Brown - we think they're all marvelous! I am taking one of those roller tables home with me!!

Wayne Parsons

Delmarva Chiropractic gets 5 stars from my family!! As the father of a sports athlete, I have seen how the Doctors at Delmarva Chiropractic completely immerse themselves into the diagnostics and practices of getting people back to a normal pain-free life. This practice uses more than just the age-old practices of chiropractic. I watched as they used modern techniques to work with my son. They focused on the complete body, not just spinal manipulation.

jimmy milliner

Friendly and fun feel great after

Helen Rouse

I would highly recommend Delmarva Chiropratic to anyone. I can not say enough good things about their Doctor's and staff. The patient is always their #1 priority and the kindness that they extended to me was something that I have never experienced with any doctor's office I have been to. You will not be disappointed with the service that you receive from everyone there. Please give them the opportunity to serve you.

Debra Fuchs

Kim Reed

Leeanne Morrison

Outstanding!! Staff is awesome, the Dr's are great and my Dr... Dr. Dan Lane is first class! I suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple herniated discs, a cyst in my spinal column and have vestibular issues. He is more knowledgeable than some Neurologists I have been to! Not kidding! Dr. Lane's medical notes are detailed and excellent in the process and progress. When I attended court for the accident that caused this mess? My attorney stated that his notes were the best of any Doctor's that he had ever seen and I am certain his notes were a contributing factor to a successful resolve. My issues are complex with multiple injuries involved but he is thorough and an attentive listener and notes all facts. I highly recommend Delmarva Chiropractic and all of their Doctors and staff. I hear praise reports from other patients from other physicians in the group as well. Beautiful office, beautiful caring staff with beautiful results! Mine will take time but these folks really care. Awesome is an understatement! Make an appointment and see for yourself.

Lorie Bokschoten

Dr. Kevin is outstanding. I've been a chiropractic patient all my life and he's in the top 3 of anyone I've ever seen in 5 states: MD, DE, PA, CA and VA. Only a few can adjust my cervical spine correctly and he's one of those. Everyone in the office is very nice, but I've been given misinformation about my auto insurance coverage twice. It caused me "extra legwork" to get the correct information. Since moving out of Salisbury I am willing to travel to see Dr. Kevin and I'd recommend him to anyone seeking good care.

Paulena Sennett

Carley Brown

Brad Taylor

Healing atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent results. Dr. Brown resolved one of my more troubling issues after six weeks after I had been going to someone else for years. I have family and friends who have also been very satisfied with their care here.

Victoria Volkis

Angela Bell

Friendly and caring atmosphere. Knowledgeable doctors. Have improved greatly and have recommended this facility to others.

Bob Carpenter

Dr. M's treatments have greatly helped with my lower back pain. However, at my last scheduled treatment scheduled for 10am waited 40 minutes and then had to leave with no treatment. Outfit needs a competent scheduling assistant.

Jackie Denhardt

Wonderful office - had great service - really helped to get pins & needles out of my arm - pinched nerve in my elbow. Thanks

Tim Stinnett

Dr. Brown did a great job taking care of my neck problems and gave me some solid advice about how to keep the problems away. Last visited about a year and a half ago, haven't had a problem since.

Stacey Taylor

Elizabeth Stevens

Kelly Sterling

If I could give 0 stars I would. Had been seeing these quacks Dr Brown. Every time I went turned into more pain. I kept asking for different options, he always did the same things. Ended up in 10/10 pain on the weekend. Call the office recording states call the number given at your first appointment....well unless you're someone special you don't get a number you are expected to suffer it out. Meanwhile, I suffered more serious consequences due to the pain getting out of control. The emergency doctor I saw asked if I notified my Dr. I informed him they obviously didn't care, he also asked if I had done my exercises. I was never given any, just expected to keep coming back for more $. I tried to get in on a Monday, they wouldn't give me an appointment and kept hanging up on me. The techs are all very rude. Very unprofessional atmosphere! I ended up getting into somewhere else much nicer, and within a couple hours!! In short, if you're looking for a chiropractor choose wisely and Delmarva Chiropractic is not your best choice!!

sarah hughes

My experience with has been absolutely wonderful. The staff is very caring and supportive. Dr. Lane is very knowledgeable and cares about the progress of his patients. I am extremely thankful that I have been under their care these last few months.


I have seen both Dr. Lane and Dr. Brown and have been extremely pleased each time. I used to get debilitating migraines at least 3 to 4 times per month and headaches every day. I now get maybe 1-2 migraines per year and a couple headaches per month. My posture is better and I get less back pain than I ever have. The staff is always courteous, friendly and helpful. Couldn't function without this wonderful staff!

Gale Kelly


Great doctors, great staff and a beautiful building. I had a stiff neck and both shoulders were very sore. Adding to my discomfort, I had lower back pain. Dr. Brown worked with me and in a few weeks my pain, stiffness and soreness were gone. I would recommend them. They are professional and knowledgeable in their practice. The doctors and staff are kind, meet your needs and are fun to be around!

Greg Hanes

Natalie Lowe

Friendly staff. Doctors are very knowledgeable and up to date on the latest information. I highly recommend this practice.

Mike DeFiore

There is a reason why they have an average score of 5 stars. The Doctors are all top notch at what they do, the staff is friendly, knowledgable and efficient and the office is beautiful. If you have never been to a chiropractor and have been thinking about trying one out, this is the place you want to go. I know you will have a great experience.

Brenda Price

Marilyn Waters

I went with severe back pain. Dr brown evaluated me as a real person with pain. Dr Brown made me feel like I was his only patient. when my treatment was completed I am pain free. He taught me the exercises to help and prevent back pain. The best thing about the pain relief it is drug free. The manipulation dr Brown did and follow his exercises works.

Barbara Seabrook

Dr. Lane is amazing! I had seen many doctors and had numerous medical tests without any answers for my imbalance disorder (dizziness), but after weekly visits to his office and by doing the vestibular exercises at home between office visits, I am now even riding my bike! Dr. Lane is extremely knowledgeable about the most advanced treatments for many neurological issues that are misdiagnosed and called "mystery illness" by others in the medical profession.


After going from doctor to doctor to get relief for my severe back pain for six years where it kept getting worse, I decided as one of my last resorts to see a chiropractor. My doctor recommended Dr. Lane at Delmarva Chiropractic. Before I even had the X-rays, Dr. Lane diagnosed my problem. Both Dr. Lane and Dr. Brown have given me relief from my horrible spasms (some of which I was hospitalized for.) I can't believe that after seeing neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, radio neurologist and pain management doctors that they could not figure out what my problem was. I would highly recommend their practice and am thankful that I have found relief.

Chip Carper

Awesome people!

Jody Hagler

Dr. Brown is wonderful! He sees me whenever I call and I always feel better. Also he does not try to keep you hanging on and coming back when its not necessary! I am sure they are all good but I go to him.

Jacalyn Book

Greg Dale

Lee Morrison

Dr. Daniel Lane and his neuro-chiropractic specialization is the ONLY Dr. that figured out my traumatic brain injury, concussion and vestibular issues which were confirmed by both additional testing and symptoms. I cannot thank him enough! His knowledge, determination and investigative abilities led to finally achieving an accurate (multiple) diagnosis. Although I live in Tennessee now until my place sells, I make it a point to set up an Appointment whenever I am in town....because I have not been able to find anyone locally that has his expertise. I highly recommend all of the Dr.'s there but of course I favor my personal Dr.... Dr. DANIEL LANE. Great guy too! Very personable! Miss living closer for this very reason.

Crystal Vance

Christina Holden -DNR-

This is one place I know I can go for relief of my back pain. Caring staff, friendly and always work me in on appointments when I need them. Highly recommend.

Tara Pyciak

Very Professional, clean and expert advise!

Vicki Kesecker

Jenn Sawyer

Ed Smith

Professional atmosphere quickly diagnosed my problem and fixed it. I’m happy that I found them. Thanks Dr. Lane.

Kathy Bird

I come in regularly for adjustment but this time I was in a lot of pain and felt like I was tied in knots. Dr. Lane and the staff pulled out all the stops to work with me. By the time I left, I felt much better! I appreciate their care and concern.

John C Gore

Neuro + Chiropractic lays the foundation for changing our brains for the better even as we age. I’m excited to be part of a practice that is Chiropractically excellent, neurologically sound and progressive and a plain fun place to be. Which I had to wait longer here it’s so much joyfu banter while you wait-and even some in depth eastern shore fishing reports that would put Scorchy Tawes to the test! My recommendation is 5 *great honk’ gold stars. *Watch old movies like The Music Man for this term to make some sense! JCG Actual Patient-not a paid actor.

Tony Dickerson

Dave brown and Danny lane!!

Paul Ainsworth

Dr. Lane, and the entire staff at Delmarva Chiropractic have been nothing short of amazing! Professional, extremely competent, compassionate, amazing people, amazing results! Thank you everyone at Delmarva Chiropractic!

Bob Kowalski

I have a problem with my back and neck and I go to Delmarva Chiropractic and they help and guide me back to were I can be normal again witch I am very thankful. I very good now until I decide to to do something I no I am not suppose to do and I no better but I think I can.Thanks Delmarva for the great job you guys do and I try to listen.

Sylvia Humphrey

Could not be more pleased with the professionalism and attention from every single staff member there...Highly recommended for real results!

Sharon Hazel

Dr. Brown is amazing. He will resolve your issues in the least amount of visits. They are orgainized, puntual, courteous, I give the a score of 100 in every measure.

Faye Lowry-Stearns

Gabby Ross

wonderful service, wonderful staff. Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. My only complaint is that services are very expensive-especially if your insurance doesn't cover fully.

Hope Harman

Shirley Secrest

I recently had my first visit at Delmarva Chiropractic Practice. It was a wonderful experience. When you walk in the door, the ambiance is warm, cozy, and comfortable ... it makes you feel welcomed. Staff at the front reception area was friendly and very helpful. Signing in is made extremely simple as you walk in and sign in on an iPad! The physician was thorough, provided great explanations, and devised a plan, which I started that day. The staff in the back is knowledgeable and provide a very relaxed atmosphere for the visit. I am on my way to feeling better, so thanks Delmarva Chiropractic!

Justin Rittenhouse

What an AMAZING group of doctors!!! I am a competitive athlete & the care from Delmarva Chiropractic keeps me at the top of my potential and feeling great! No matter who you are... GO SEE THEM!!

Kim Lewis

I have been a patient of Dr. McKamey at Delmarva Chiropractic for three years now. The first time I saw him was as an emergency case, when I arrived in tears with a severely frozen shoulder. I came back 2 years later with bursitis and a pinched nerve in my other shoulder. My husband was so impressed with Dr. McKamey that he became a patient for shoulder therapy from a prior injury. Dr. McKamey and the staff take excellent care of us on our occasional visits. We drive over an hour and pass two other chiropractor offices to go to Delmarva Chiropractic. My husband and I highly recommend them!

Ellissandra Billings

Drove an hr to this place for help and was willing to pay cash. Had my appointment rescheduled because I took too long filling out the intake forms. While standing around waiting for 15 minutes after pleading with them to work with me, and them saying no because it would put the doctor behind, the receptionist was chit chatting on the phone with another patient. Then this morning, I received a call about my appointment. I ask, what appointment. They had the odasity of rescheduling me with out asking about my schedule or a time that would work for me. The doctor also, would not even talk with me. With customer service like i Will not be back. All the 4 and 5 stars seem fishy to me. And to have someone argue with me over an appointment I never set is rude. EDIT: I was not 30 minutes late. That is a flat out lie. Also the waiver you wanted me to sign saying cervical adjustments may induce strokes didn't sit well. The receptionist was well aware I was there on time and seeing as I was visiting from out of town, I told her I didn't have a printer. How professional to call your potential customers liars. She was more worried about being a chatty Cathy while you hid in your office. Will never come back.

Tay Weldon

Veedette Kessler

lee bonwit

Dr. McKamey individualizes his plan for each client & takes time to answer questions & discuss concerns.

Deer Hunter

I can't say enough about Delmarva Chiropractic. Everyone there is so nice. From the time I go in the door until I leave , I know its all gonna be good. The doctor's are so caring and really want to help you get rid of the pain. I really appreciate all of them and thank God for this place where I know they are gonna help me. God bless each one! MEP

nina davis-rodriguez

Great office experience. Very welcoming environment. This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I would recommend this office. Looking forward to further visits and will recommend my friends and family.

Margaret Bounds

I stay flexible without any problems because Delmarva Chiropractic takes time to listen and time to correct my alignment. Everyone there helps and all become friends I enjoy seeing.

Alan Twilley

Great place, Dr. Brown is awesome.

Pamela Ward

Edward Pitts Jr

Karen Adams

Excellent facility and staff.

Samantha Kenney

Drs. Lane and Brown are fantastic and a great compliment to one another! They have helped with everything from a muscle injury to a hand tremor to sciatic pain during pregnancy to completly eliminating my infant son's acid reflux and more. Dr. Lane told me on one of my first visits that I'd never have headaches again after he treated me, and I haven't in 4 years! And I could go on. They are personable, always give me more than enough time and actually listen and answer questions. From someone who doesn't like doctor visits, I actually really enjoy my visits here. In an area of limited alternative and functional medicine resources, Delmarva Chiropractic is a God send! I recommend them to EVERYONE I know.

Dan Ken

Great bunch of people and they make you feel like part of the family. Highly recommend any of the Doctors there.

Tammy Pecoraro

Jeremy Heslop

Dr. McKamey diagnosed and fixed my pinched nerve in one visit. Follow-up visits were quick and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommended. If you have any issues that PT or other doctors can't figure out.


They know what they're doing. Straightened me out and always followed up on my status.

Diane Hitchens

christina williams

I would not be here today if it were not for Delmarva Chiropractic. They have saved my life and my body... I have a physically demanding profession working with animals. I am super tough on my body and thru the years and following their directions I am finally pain free, headache free, cortisone free, and able to keep pushing myself to the max. More impressive then my story and how they saved me, or my sons hand or my other daughter's many ailments is my youngest daughter's recent story. Recently, Delmarva Chiropractic discovered thru my daughter getting a concussion that she had "issues with her frontal lobe"( I don't speak medical ..During Dr. Lane examining her he asked about her math grades..chucking we both answered "horrible"..he chuckled and said " I can fix that " her eyes lit up, and I was big time skeptical..I know the amazing things he and his team have done in the past almost 15 years for myself and my other kids..But this kid..ADHD diagnose from her pediatrician, math grades have been "e" and "d" since kindergarten she HAD an i.e.p. for the past few years...she is now 11, in the 4th grade ..Well; like I always do, I trust Dr. Lane and his team; went to every appointment (which was everyday for 6 weeks) then 3 times a week etc...and I work more then full I adjusted my schedule and made it work..progress reports can out yesterday, my little girl has a 93% in math!!! This is just the most amazing thing ever..she can now control her out-busting & she can follow directions clearly now...and she understands me when I talk to her..before the magic that happened at Delmarva Chiropractic she would just give you a blank stare when you talked to her..literally I was talking to a wall that had a blank stare back at me. Now, we have conversations. So thank you, you have given me a relationship with my youngest daughter. As far as my daughter, you have given her clarity, self-esteem, good grades and confidence just to name a few...This place deserves more stars then are in the sky...

Matthew Cook

There's not one problem that this center cannot assist you with. I'm partial to Dr Dave, but they all are wonderful and attentive to whatever issue you have. The assistants are a joy to be around also, always happy and kind!

Veronique Felix

The most friendly and caring team! (Plus they really know what they're doing ;) )


Was very hesitant to ever go to a chiropractor, but now they get my full confidence anytime I need to stop in for a "tuneup". Dr. McKamey gets me aligned every time.

Teresa Engle

Wonderful doctors, genuinely concerned for their patients. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a chiropractor or neurologist/chiropractor. They are very knowledgeable and dedicated to encouraging good health to their patients. I just love this office!

Carol Rothe

I highly recommend Delmarve Chiropractor. Dr.Lane sure help me out. I came in with a bad pinch sciatic nerve. Feel much better now. He was friendly and seem to care. Staff was so friendly to.

Julie Parsons

The entire staff is always so welcoming and accommodating. Dr. McKamey is very knowledgeable and helpful. I absolutely love this practice!


I love all these guys!! The doctors here really care about you, and I feel like everyone is like family!!

Weslena Gaddis

Delmarva Chiropractic deserves a 5 star rating and then some. I've been suffering with arthritis in my lower back for years now with no relief in sight. All of the professional advice I received was only masking the issue until my visit to DCP. Dr. Brown was sympathetic to my plight. He was kind, charismatic and extremely informative. The staff are friendly and professional. The facility is beautiful but it mostly has a warm welcoming feel. Delmarva Chiropractic is top notch!!!!!!

Christine Williams

The Staff are very friendly and attentive to everyone. They are knowledgeable of their job. Dr. McKamey has great people skills and knows what he is doing. I just love the happy atmosphere and vibes this office gives.

Sheila Bednar

Dr. Lane and his staff are always so kind and compassionate. Dr. Lane is THE BEST there is! He worked harder than anyone could imagine to correct my problem after a car accident injury, and is always there whenever I need him. LOVE this place!

David Miller

Dr. Lane is brilliant! His staff is fabulous! They have helped me through a lot! Thank you so much!

Jody Jenkins

Dr. Lane is very professional, knowledgeable, and patient oriented.

Scott Smith

Dr Lane (and Dr. Brown) helped me when no one else could. I was relieved that I didn't have to sign some long term maintenance program. He's been able to resolve my condition along a determined path that has an end date of wellness. Wow! He was able to explain clearly to me what was going on and specifically address those problems. I am amazed, seriously and I couldn't recommend him and his practice more highly. Authentic, genuine and all about the patient. I've referred many to his practice and all have been just as amazed as I was. This is NOT like the average Chiropractic office, it's literally in a class all by itself and get's results or refers you to someone who will. You will not be sorry!

Phyllis Kenton

Dana Spicer

Alexis McKenzie

I wouldn't trust my chronic neck and back issues with ANYONE else! The level of continued education and up-to-date techniques utilized by Dr. Brown and Dr. Lane are superior to anyone in the tri-state area. The friendly, helpful staff makes each appointment an enjoyable experience. I have recommended Delmarva Chiropractic to everyone I know in need of chiropractic care. 5 out of 5 stars, absolutely!

Jerry Richardson

I can not say enough good things about Delmarva Chiro. There compassion is unmatched. There knowledge and years of practice make them second to none. Jc Richardson

Mary Bradford

Great attention to detail. Highly recommended!

Karen Dunn

Would recommend highly. Very professional staff and great doctors.

Renee Purdy

Since my daughter was 9 months old we have had issues with her belly, she is now 4 years old and it has not only persisted but has also gotten worse. It has started affecting her at daycare, and playing sports. She frequently complains of abdominal pain during the day, and weight gain has been an issue. We have seen multiple specialist and no one has an answer. They have done multiple test, painful procedures and no answers. Multiple diet changes that did not help. After talking with Dr Lane's wife Amy, we decided to see if he could help. Dr Lane is great with children especially one that is scared around doctors. He explained everything to her, took the time just to talk to her and make her comfortable. We are currently off all medications, and enjoying sports and playing with her friends. She is having no issues with bowel movements, rarely complains that her belly hurts and her appetite has returned. The office staff is awesome. I definitely recommend Dr Lane.

Mark Granger


Brian Zimmerman

I’ve had a Tremendous experience with Dr. Brown. The improvements have been Awesome. The staff is absolutely the Best and they make you feel like family. Thanks so much!

Linda Mendoza

Wonderful office and staff. Dr. Lane is so caring and knowledgeable. Feel marvelous when you walk out of this office!

Marc Heim

Rude! The receptionist was incredibly rude to my fiance. It was my fiance's first visit and the office rule was to be a half hour early to fill out paperwork. This was not mentioned when my fiance made her appointment. The receptionist tried to call my fiance's phone and could not contact her. I had been calling and texting with her all morning ( we have family in Puerto Rico going thtough hurricane Maria..... its already been a long day)but the recteptionist gave my fiance attitude stating that her phone wasnt working . The receptionist cancelled my fiance's appointment. The receptionist made a scene in the waiting room implying that my fiance did not pay her bill .We will not be making another appointment.


George Phippin

Les Tyler

I know you may not think Chiropractic care is real, trust me it is and you Will feel better. Maybe like me no pain. Dr. Brown and all other staff are top at their field. You choose the help you need...…..choose the best. Great folks.

Michelle Carlson

I'm doing much better thanks to Dr. Lane

Rachael Byington

Carlton Leonard

delmarva is as good as it gets when it comes to helping people with the problems then may have. they helped me, my wife ,my daughter,my son in law, my sisters and lots of my friends .

Sarah Brinton

Only took a few visits for Dr. Lane to get me straight. Thanks so much!!

Emily Knuth

Shell Carrie

The staff at Delmarva Chiropractic as so nice and helpful. Dr Kevin McKamey is the best. He has really helped both my mom and I feel so much better. He treats you like family.

Cathy Calloway

The best doctors and staff!

Jeff Russum

Joe Austin

Emily Warner

Donna Gray

Fantastic experience. Wonderful doctors! I would highly recommend Delmarva Chiropractic

Dina Parrish

Bob Koch

Typical woo. Really just BS.

Cheryl ****

J Jones

Doctor Dave Brown took the time to get to know me as a person and really helped me with my neck issues so much more than any doctor had ever done so before. I've been to doctors were you felt like you were just in an office that had a revolving door. Dr. Brown took the time and solved my problems. His staff is very caring and you felt like you were part of the family not just another number. I highly recommend Delmarva Chiropractic to anybody who wants doctors and staff who take the time to really care about you and your health to find a healing path to your future.

Rosetta Purnell

The most friendly and efficient staff I know. Chris in billing is amazing. She is very easy to talk to. I see Dr Mckamey.... The doctor knows his stuff. I always felt confident in the care I received.

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