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Doug Baker

Made appointment for rib out of place. I was greeted nicely by all who I encountered. I spoke with one of the therapist / Doctor of chiropractic. She convinced me she had a technique to put the rib back in place. She then spent five minutes or less with me before bringing me to an assistant who used a vibrating machine on me for approximately 5 minutes, then onto an electric stimulation table for about 10 minutes. Thinking this was to loosen up my muscles so she could try to manipulate the rib back into place. I was wrong. They charged me out of pocket of $190 for the five minutes with a "doctor" after consultation. The next work day I called tem to say that it was unsatisfactory. They don't listen!!!! They did nothing for my back and emptied my wallet. Found a Chiropractor in N. Deering area. One visit for forty-five and I was good to go.

lisa beaulieu

Dr. Mac and his Team at PCN are AMAZING Sarah and Haley greet you by your first name as you enter the front desk and from there you are treated by the best in their profession!! I wish I made this decision a year ago but I am here now and feeling better every time I leave my appointment! I love talking about my treatment with friends I would highly recommend PNC!! Lisa

Bailey Auspland

Zed Byrd

Joe Nguyen

I’ve had back problems and sciatic pain for awhile now. I drive from Boston to visit PCN due to a referral. These guys take an in-depth look at the areas of pain, and continually introduce new methods of relief. The staff is professional and extremely courteous. No matter what portion of the treatment I am on, each staff member is on the same page. PCN is a must!

Sylvia Green

Rhett Gore

Great staff and even better Dr.

Kelvin Cruz

Highly recommended! I’ve always had issues with stress and posture for as long as I can remember. After a few visits with Dr. MacArthur, he reduced my anxiety and fixed my posture. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment today.

Stephanie N. Verdile

This is the best specialized chiropractic facility in New England. Dr MacArthur and all the staff are intelligent, compassionate, and friendly. Dr. Mac and his staff have been the only medical professionals that have been able to treat me successfully and help me cope with constant, severe headaches and neck pain. Thankful and grateful to be one of his patients.

Jana Auspland

Scott Corliss

The team at PCN has always offered me outstanding customer service and a friendly atmosphere while getting routine adjustments and working out unexpected kinks.

Valerie Lessard

Emily Spera

A great group of caring professionals! I always looked forward to my appointments. They are supportive, flexible, and concerned about your improvement.

Doris Meehan

Portland Chiropractic Neurology was SO helpful to both my husband and to me. His issue was Sciatica; mine was a knee I was certain was headed for surgery. Not only were the doctors amazing, but the ENTIRE staff is too! From the time you check in to the time you check out, the people are kind, friendly, compassionate and professionally competent. Not that I want any issues that require care, but I do miss going there!! :)

Katie Clark

The docs at Portland Chiropractic Neurology are fantastic! They are top-notch at what they do and focus on whole-patient health not just "my back went out" (which it has, so thank goodness I could head to PCN!). All the staff is great, from the front desk folks to the Chiropractic Assistants to the docs. It's clear that they love what they do. I definitely would (and have) recommended PCN to others.

Caroline Conners

PCN has a fantastic team in their office. Dr. MacArthur helped my shoulder heal faster and helped even more to maintain it. I always leave there feeling my best. Highly recommend these guys!

Sarah Trask

In my mid 20’s and a few years of wearing a lead apron for work, I found myself with excruciating lower back and hip pain. I got several different opinions and they all had the same outcome - surgery. I was 27, I did not want to have major orthopedic surgery. I decided to give Dr. MacArthur a try, after several visits, and sticking to his plan, I was 100% cured and can happily say, 7 years later I have not ONCE had this pain again - and still wear a lead apron and do the same work! He, in my opinion, is a miracle worker and I will forever be grateful for him helping me!

Michelle McNickle


Erwin Maldonado

David Mcpeak

Abby Weissman

Dr. Mac and his team gave me powerful and transformative care from start to finish. Everyone in the office is professional, competent, and exudes a deep and genuine kindness that I have never experienced on such a comprehensive level in any other medical office I’ve visited. They are profoundly committed to providing the highest level of care while also keeping the experience as low-stress as possible for every patient. When I came to them I had been struggling with cognitive deficiencies, processing delays, and sensitivities to light, sound, and stimulation following a car accident. I’d been seeing various practitioners with disappointing results before finding this clinic. PCN is an oasis in the confusing and frustrating landscape of brain injury. In addition to his already extensive knowledge base of Functional Neurology, Dr. Mac is constantly researching new methods and theories about brain health to keep his treatment plans as effective as possible. His long history of treating these kinds of injuries made me feel secure—I knew I could trust him and did not have to be hyper vigilant about every aspect of my treatment and could relax into the healing. For anyone who has dealt with chronic illness, you know what a gift this is! The treatment plan was smart, efficient, and incredibly effective. Every member of the PCN team takes his/her/their job very seriously (they are incredibly well trained and know every inch of their specialties) while also creating a relaxed, warm, and joyful atmosphere that is a critical piece of the healing. I am incredibly grateful to the team at PCN and would give them 15 stars on a 5 star scale. Through their treatment, I feel like “myself” again—my mental stamina has increased, I can multi-task, and I have much more capacity to engage in the world. They have given me back many of the mental qualities and strengths I thought I lost in the accident and I am deeply thankful for their concentrated care and support.

Rylan Nimocks

I've said it for the past four years and continue to stand behind my feelings from personal experience, these Doctors are the best. PCN has helped me get past muscular hang ups, skeletal kinks, and most impressively healed Me to more than 100% better when I suffered a concussion that left me mentally incapable of performing simple motor skills. I have referred countless friends their way and will continue to for years to come.


Staff is Always friendly, courteous and timely. Dr. MacArthur is in tune to signs and symptoms and always offers recommendations. Each time I walk in, I walk out standing a little taller! Highly recommended!!

Katie Collins

I have had an amazing experience here! I came in being told after 13 years of pain that it was all in my head from the top surgeons in Boston to finding out that I have hip dysplasia and a twitch in my right eye. Just from the evaluation. I have been seeing Dr. Brian Sass and he is absolutely amazingly! I have been going for about 7 months now and I have never felt better! I love this place! Everyone is super friendly and will listen to you when you say you are in pain and will adjust the day to your needs. I give this place a 5 star rating everyday if I could!

Michelle Theriault

I cannot say enough good things about Portland Chiropractic Neurology. A few years ago, my son suffered from a severe concussion. We spent months searching for a doctor to help him. One doctor stated “it may take years for him to be better”. I refused to give up and fortunately we found PCN. Dr. Mac and his team were wonderful. They listened, they helped and they consoled! We drove 2.5 hrs 3x a week for treatment and I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Dr. Mac and PCN, for giving me back my son!

Jan Conley

While I think that the principle of the practice is strong, I feel that the office is too large, too busy and there is limited personal focus; rather a sense of being pushed through numerous modalities with no sense of checking in to see where the patient is "at" as barometer for guiding the next stage of treatment. I feel I have had very limited interaction with my primarily chiropractor with limited hands-on engagement. I felt like a number.

cody clark

Dr MacArthur and his team are fantastic. I've been in for a couple different issues and they have come up with a resolution in an unbelievably short amount of time. They really know what they're doing and have helped me get back on my feet. I would recommend their care to anyone. Plus more people need to come in for an adjustment more frequently!

Alexandra McCormick

michael papi

Dr. Mac and the entire staff at PCN have help me to recover from multiple injuries as well as help me find ways to start preventing injuries! I have highly recommended this office for years.

Sarah Doeur

Steve Blais

Nice people, but our impression is that they bill for practically everything you look at, and are ready to take credit for any improvement in your health...High tech doesn't equal good healthcare....

Katie Delcourt

I love this place! The doctors and staff are so caring and they really know what they're doing. They work as a team to get you the best care possible and accommodate your schedule. Would recommend to everyone I know.

Matthew Arnold

PCN has helped me reduce pain and improve range of motion/posture when other practices were unable. The DRs are extremely knowledgable and have evolved my treatment strategy to ensure I continue to see positive results. I trust that my personal wellbeing is the priority of all those I work with at PCN. In addition, the support staff is welcoming, friendly, and fun - making the entire experience comfortable and rewarding.

Melisa Darling

SSN 666

worst place ive ever been to, the level of greed is through the roof, they pass you around from station to station and talk to each other more than listen to you... you listen to them on the phone tell people of the cost and its just dumbfounding at the cost they charge lots of people... you may see the "doctor" maybe 5 minutes if that and he wont fight for you, just bleed you and your insurance dry... you go here, you better have deep pockets and a sheep costume.... between therapy and hyperbolic chamber i was looking at $600 to $800 a month and he wouldnt back up what he told me to my primary doctors...

Nadia Hashem

Patty Plummer

Kelsie Camire

Meg Bosse

Tony Lindvall

Great place! Very friendly staff and quality work. Dr. Mac has treated several times throughout the years from sports related injuries, weak posture, floating ribs and headaches. Not just a snap and crack type of place. Adjustments from the doctor, percussion therapy, and several other types of therapy have allowed my muscles and spine to relax each time I visit. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Nate DeLois

Best Chiropractic office in the state! I had been to so many but now will never go anywhere else. Dr Mac and his entire staff are amazing. My back is pain free for the first time in years! Can't recommend highly enough. Need a 6th Star on Google!!

Janet Clark

Taylor Fowler

Robert Tragemann

Wonderful and extremely knowledgeable team of people!

Wai Kue Yee

I have been visiting Dr. Mac at PCN on and off for about three years. Any time I have an injury they are my first call. I always leave feeling better than when I came in and well informed by the staff. PCN always generates results!

Tia Gould

Kristina Rand

Erica Stoloff

I agree with the other 1 star review. They are very much into how the look rather than listening to the patient. They book multiple people at the same time so they can get as many people In and out as possible. They also only focused on what they were studying and could not think outside the box. A place that says they help so many people only show when things go right with a positive outcome. They refused to give me my records, pressured me into a false ailment(that my PCP thankfully refuted their diagnosis), and then went after me for bills after they were paid and included through my legal settlement of my car accident for which I was being treated. I love chiropractic medicine and have found several wonderful doctors that put your needs before their business.

Lynne C

So thankful for Dr McNally and the team at PortChiro. My 9 year old son suffered 2 concussions within a one month period. We sought treatment through his PCP and after 5 months of appointments he had made no improvements. We transferred to Dr McNally and began seeing concrete results right away. Each week his symptoms improved, and within 4 months he was symptom free.

Kristy Morneault

Megan Dougherty

PCN has been absolutely life changing for me. All of the doctors are fantastic and I am able to get in for a quick 10 minute adjustment whenever I need it. I’ve been to chiropractors in the past who said I had to come in 2-3 times / week for months on end and they made me feel guilty when that didn’t work for my schedule or budget. PCN let’s me come in when it’s right for me.

Jen Roberts

PCN changed my life after post concussion syndrome. Forever grateful for their caring and expertise!

Lianne Muchmore

greg mulkern

Haley Everett

Beth Sanborn

Very nice staff and they do great things for people!!

Kira Knowles

I’ve been receiving chiropractic care at Portland Chiropractic Neurology for relief since 2012. Dr MacArthur and his team have been wonderful to work with. I leave feeling well adjusted with each visit.

Anne Gregory

Great result, great doctors, great support staff. I'd gradually been experiencing radiating pain down my left thigh, knee cap and calf peaking at Thanksgiving a "9" on the pain chart round the clock. They scheduled me for Monday. Yesterday was a revaluation day. Now I my pain level is less than "1" once a week for a second. Be ready to listen to their explanations, understand the therapy and diligently complete the exercises. From the moment you arrive until you leave, you experience a very knowledgeable, helpful and cheerful team.

Jason Ryan

As friendly as they come...

Jill Lalumiere

Ruth Earley

I highly recommend Portland Chiropractic Neurology. They do amazing work with cutting edge medical practices and treatments. Everyone is so nice and welcoming - it feels like you've finally found someone who understands what you've been going through. Give them a try. You won't be sorry.

Erica Faulkingham Lizotte

Ashley Lamkin

I recommend PCN to everyone I know! They treat a wide range of symptoms, are incredibly knowledgeable, and have the friendliest staff. I love being greeted by name every time I walk in the door. Give them a try, you won't regret it!

Whitney Chantel

The doctors and staff are amazing and do great work! I highly recommend setting up an appointment.

Katie Greene-Gentile

Katie Hodge

Whitney Pierce

Kimberly Battista

I traveled the 4 hours to be seen by my old college friend Dr. Mac. I had been suffering crippling migraines different from my “normal” ones and after one visit I felt like a brand new person! He gave me tips on how to help prevent them at home and is willing to help in any way. The entire staff is great!!! Will definitely make the drive again!

Kayla Dunlap

Selina carey

Courtney Freeman

Dr. Mac and his Team helped me bounce back from a concussion. They are incredibly knowledgeable and true professionals. I would recommend their services to anyone!

Michelle Wilder

When I first came to portchiro, I was about a year postpartum with my second child, active, eating well and managing my stress. However, one day I called the fire department thinking there was a gas leak in my house – and after they gave the embarrassing “all clear”- I was left confused about what I smelled. Then it happened again and again, and I started to notice along with the phantom smells I had dizziness, odd sensory issues, tinnitus and extreme sensitivity to smell and sound. Sometimes I would also have a headache (though not often.) This was all very concerning especially as I was home alone with an infant, and I would have to throw him in his crib every time I smelled that smell, because I knew I would potentially faint when it happened. What followed was a year and a half of over fifty doctors appointments, a dozen ER visits, eight tried and failed seizure, anxiety and migraine meds and 400+ of these “episodes” which caused me to have to stop working my job as a Marketing Manager. At one point, I had a neurologist tell me they thought I must have a brain tumor- and I remember thinking I almost wanted it to be that, because at least it would make sense. However I had (have) two children to live for so this was not really what I wanted… but I became extremely desperate for an answer so I could find appropriate treatment. Through all of this I tried to stay off google, as googling strange neurological symptoms never results in anything but added anxiety- but one day I had enough. Through all of the noise online, I finally found the website to Portland Chiropractic. I remember being a mix of excited that this place was 20 minutes from my house, but really, really angry that none of my “regular” doctors had referred me. I had my initial appointment with Doctor Brindisi, admittedly skeptical, and the rest is history. With testing and a thorough clinical evaluation, Dr. Brindisi found quite a few things wrong with my brain. I’ll let her add to what exactly she found because it’s technical and I will misspeak- but basically my brain wasn’t working right in certain areas which then caused me to have symptoms of dysautonomia and trouble with my vestibular system. It is likely that these “episodes” I have are extreme migraine variants and/or small little focal seizures- but they are the result of my brain just not working the way it should. The thing is- that no MRI can show this- and even my EEG was negative. Most doctors only see in black in white- if your scans and blood work are clean- you must have anxiety because nothing else is wrong with you. What they fail to see is if you have anxiety- it can be a symptom not the cause, like it was for me. My issues, while not visible on a scan, were in HOW my brain was functioning. This is a long story but my hope is that it will even help one person go see Dr. Brindisi who is having strange neurological symptoms. I went from almost two years of hundreds of these episodes, to TWO (2) episodes in the last 12 months. I have started my own business, and gotten my life back thanks to Dr. B and the team at Portland Chiropractic. I seriously cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I didn’t come in that day, and while I still have a decent amount of treatment left- my life has been given back to me. Thank you again Dr. Brindisi and Portchiro for all you do.

Stephanie Beattie

Dr.Mac was a huge help during my pregnancy. He was able to re-align my hips and get rid of the shooting pain I was experiencing. He was a life saver!

Lani Lee

Dr. MacArthur is so friendly and personable, and also really good at finding the areas causing you trouble and adjusting them efficiently. Everyone else at the office is incredibly nice! The receptionists are super friendly and never seem stressed, even when the office is busy. The assistants are attentive and take time with you. Highly recommend this office!

Lincoln Stone

gigi orlando

Portland Chiropractic Neurology is the best practice I have ever encountered. The entire staff is friendly, and very well organized. The Doctors are all excellent and thorough. I have had sciatica for 36 years and they are the only ones that have given me relief.

Alex Rand

PCN gave me the tools to get better and stay better independently. Having a desk job has taken its toll on my back. My office has an ergonomics specialist, but the recommenced desk/chair adjustments didn't help me. I came to PCN for much needed attention to my poor posture and ongoing upper back pain. Dr. Mac was able to pin point and correct where I was out of alignment while Eamonn taught me some exercises to strengthen my back. From there I was able to continue the care for my back independently, well beyond these initial sessions. The staff is fun, energetic, welcoming, and committed to their patients continued wellness.

William Girouard


Such a wonderful place, I can’t say enough good things about PCN. I came in to sort out some balance issues and then a month later I showed up casually with a concussion. No one skipped a beat, they reorganized their plan of action and they did so with a smile on their face every time I walked in with a new injury. I never ever felt like I was “just a patient.” They are a group Of happy people fixing bodies and having a good time doing it. Think Cheers except a very knollegable chiropractic neurology office. You can trust them.

NiCole Deemer

Lindsay Vitalius

Thank You Portland Chiropractic Neurology!!! I am really sensitive to adjustments by chiropractors who literally crack and send you on your way. The results trigger flu like symptoms within my body, I feel so drained, achy and just exhausted like I need to go to sleep. So after my 1st attempt with a chiropractor to find relief in my hips and sacrum after carrying such large baby, I gave up. It didn't help that I was in and out of the office within 7 minutes, which didn't feel very good or make me feel like my story mattered or that my body was on its own unique, healing schedule having a goal to reach and finally move forward with my life. I am so THANKFUL to have found Portland Chiropractic Neurology!!! Dr. Mac set up a program for me to ease into adjusting my body depending on how it responded. Only changing and adding adjustments as my deep rooted stiffness began to let go. He has never forced adjustments my body wasn't ready for and is always listening to what my body has to say that day. He is truly good at what he does and has immense knowledge of the body and skeletal system and how it corresponds to the nervous system and our over all health and well being. It is so cool. His awareness and patience for my body has set off a beautiful change and freedom that I have not felt in over 5 years. Slowly, but surely I am beginning to find flexibility and relieve pain I could not bare to live the rest of my life with. Not only do I feel comfortable and secure with Dr. Mac's adjustments and feel like he really listens and cares for my body while working with me, the service and love that continues after you walk out of his room is what keeps your body moving forward and holding on to the adjustments that Dr. Mac performs. Eamonn and the procussor massage magic helps you on your journey to healing. The massaging of the muscles after you are adjusted brings blood flow and relaxation to the area treated and speeds up healing dramatically, allowing the body to accept the adjustment. Plus it feels so good to release tension and congestion that has been hindering you for so long. After your one on one treatment with Eamonn, usually massage and some stretches, he hooks you up to the 10's unit to electrically stimulate impulses into your muscles also assisting the body to hold onto the adjustment. All and all I spend usually 1hr per visit. Your entire interaction with Eamonn is awesome. He is a great, fun loving, very positive guy who makes you feel at ease and super comfortable during your treatments after you see Dr. MacArthur. Eamonn makes you feel like he really cares about you and how your body is healing every time he sees you. I always leave with a smile on my face after being in such a positive environment. Lastly I must say the entire staff, no matter who you pass by or chat with make you feel like you have known them forever and that they are truly old friends helping you on your healing journey. I am so grateful to have found a process that is working to heal my body, allowing it to reach its optimal state of health and well being. I highly recommend you begin your journey today if you are uncertain. I wish I didn't wait years, scared of the chiropractor and hoping my body would heal and adjust itself back to its normal state on its own through yoga and stretching. If you believe me and my experience, now you know you can count on Portland Chiropractic Neurology to begin your journey in healing from the pain and suffering you are experiencing needlessly. With great gratitude, I thank you Dr. MacArthur and your wonderful staff who compliment you well. Lindsay Vitalius

Kaylee Cooper

Bryanna Chute

Jennifer Fogg

Alex Morin

I highly recommend PCN. They are true professionals who are always looking to improve the life of others. In the last few years I have had numerous lower back and joint issues. Dr. MacArthur and his team were great in getting me back up and running. Take the time and give them a call. You'll be grateful you did.

Nathan LaCroix

If your search brought Portland Chiropractic Neurology onto your page click call, make an appointment then you can research more if you have spare time. I highly recommend Portland Chiropractic Neurology to everyone I talk to whether they are suffering from a brain injury as I am, chronic pain, or any other body ailment that just doesn't seem quite right. The Doctors, OTs and Clinicians share a vast amount of knowledge and experience. They work as a team to develop a treatment to provide the quickest recovery for your personal diagnosis without individual egos or preconceptions getting in the way. Plus, they have a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber! I saw a couple negative reviews, one had a valid complaint about the noise and commotion which I agree can be overwhelming at times. I have not thought of any net positive solutions as I feel most of the commotion is caused by the friendly atmosphere and incredible positive energy everyone carries. There was also one review about being pushed through numerous modalities. I look at these modalities as the efficient flow of the practice which allows me to only focus on my recovery not where I need to be and when to be there. I am always so impressed by the coordination, collaboration and teamwork of the doctors, OT, and clinicians. I can see how PCN might not be the best fit for everyone, especially if you want a single office setting and only trust grey hair old men who manually adjusts you every time you see him without questioning if the adjustment that was done last visit is the best adjustment the next visit. My previous chiropractor who provided me with amazing care, showed me how she truly cared for my recovery when she referred me to PCN after I was hit by a car while cycling. Although she specializes in concussion treatments, she knew Dr. MacArthur’s practice had top of the line equipment that would help with a detailed diagnosis and recovery plan. My first appointment with Dr. Mac provided me with all the validation I needed to know I was in the right place. He actually knew about my case and read through the notes I wrote before I arrived to his office. I felt I was being treated holistically as an individual patient not just for my post concussion syndrome diagnosis. The treatment plan was explained to me and it has been continually adjusted as I respond to the treatment. I need to trust my provider to do what is best for me as a unique patient. For me, this is Portland Chiropractic Neurology.


Friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable staff providing comprehensive holistic treatment for any imaginable ailment. As a competitive strength athlete, they keep me operational. Without Port Chiro, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. Thank you!

Jesse Carney

From acute to preventative care, PCN is my go to for getting my body back to working order following years of travel and athletic competition. Dr. Mac and the rest of the PCN staff have not only helped with the immediate repercussions of multiple orthopedic surgeries, but have even started to reverse the cumulative effects, leaving me feeling better than I have in years.

Mary Jo Freeman

I have total confidence in Dr Mac and his entire staff . He has helped me with frozen shoulder as well as vertigo. Amazing

Melissa Cruz

Andrew Baxter

Top notch place! I highly recommend!

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