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REVIEWS OF Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic IN Maine

Adam Hanson

I can't say enough good things about Dr Dionne and his staff. I have been going to Maine Chiropractic for the past five years for idd therapy. My health and pain level have greatly improved during that time. Without the treatment of Dr Dionne and his staff, I likely would have been facing surgery and a loss of mobility. I highly recommend Dr. Dionne and all of the staff at Maine Chiropractic. The treatment I have received there has changed my life for the better.


Doctor Dionne is an amazing Chiropractor, has is very thorough in his adjustments and diagnosis. He and his staff are professional and mindful of his patients concerns and fears. He has helped me over come my back and neck problems to the point that I am able to play sports again and enjoy spending time doing actives with my family. If you have back or neck problems Doctor Dionne is the Chiropractor you want to see if you live the Lewiston/Auburn he's the best!

Don R. Gower

Dr. Dionne is the best in the business as He ALWAYS goes above and beyond in his special Advanced Spine Care Practice. With a great professional staff I have been a patient with Dr. Dionne since 2008 after a car crash leaving me nearly crippled with my back and leg injurys. Dr. Dionne went to work on me and said he can fix this, as I had to basicly learn how to walk again by being committed to walk right again accepting Dr. Dionne's work. Dr. Dionne's treatments are non-invasive as I can pretty much go on with my life duties after every treatment today in 2018, as I still attend my maintenance treatments with the phenominal IDD decompression procedure. I live 99% PAIN FREE & drug free EVERY single day. Thank You very much Dr. Dionne for helping me get my life back. My experience with you is an absolute MIRACLE for me.

Tania Royer

I have long suffered with debilitating migraines and vertigo, and had all but given up on ever finding relief. That is until a friend suggested Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic. I was tired of being prescribed medications that didn't really work! Dr. Dionne assured me he could help. I was skeptical, but kept an open mind and gave him a chance. I'm so very glad I did!!!! I feel like I have my life back thanks to the treatment Dr. Dionne has provided. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to not be in constant pain, and to not feel like I'm on a merry go round and spinning every day! Dr. Dionne and his staff are amazing! I highly recommend a visit to Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic to anyone who is plagued with migraines and vertigo. Thank you for your help Dr. Dionne!

Sarah Chaput

I saw a different chiropractor for 2 years for a shoulder injury with no improvement. I decided to get a second opinion and my cousin recommended Dr. Dionne. After my first initial exam, a treatment of graston and laser therapy was started at the begining of February. By the end of February, my pain was gone and I have my range of motion back! I just had my one month check up and I am still doing great! Thank you!

Tammy Kimball

Dr. Dionne is absolutely the best around!! When I went to him I had seen two other doctors for my herniated discs and was not impressed with the options they were giving me. How was I supposed to go to PT when I literally could no longer walk on my own? When Dr. Dionne did my first examination/assessment I was shocked at how bad of shape I was actually in... Partial paralysis in my left leg, severe muscular strain in several different areas, sciatica, nerve pain, plus the herniated discs in L4,L5,and S1 which caused excruciating pain in my lower back with this immense amount of pressure pain as well. Dr. Dionne was beyond thorough in his examination and was always 100% honest with me about whether or not he thought IDD treatments would work on my spine. I've been seeing him for about a month now and I am definitely seeing progress!! I can walk around without my cane, I am no longer hunched over at a 90 degree angle, I am no longer paralyzed in my left leg, and for the most part I am pain free (I still have 3 weeks of treatment left to finish my protocol so going based on the results I've seen so far I have high hopes that my pain will subside as well). I am so, so, so lucky that I found my way to Dr. Dionne because if I hadn't, I honestly believe I'd still be debilitated by my condition. He is the real deal... He is compassionate, caring, and honest. His staff is outstanding... I cannot say enough good things about Kristie, Terry, and Lynne (these are the ladies I see on a daily basis). The staff there is genuinely just as excited about my recovery as I am. Before I saw Dr. Dionne I was mentally and physically giving up... I thought I'd be stuck the way I was for who knows how long (if I didn't have surgery). I'm only 33 years old and I wanted to reserve surgery as a last means ONLY. With Dr. Dionne and his staff's help I am on my road to recovery! I really don't know where I'd be without them. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Dr. Dionne and Kristie!! I will continue to praise this amazing office and refer everyone I know there who could benefit from treatments!!

Aliza Welch

Tina Hill Fish

I Have been seeing Dr. Dionne since 1996.. He has helped me tremendously, the staff is awesome as well..I will continue to see him until we are both in our 80 years..LOL..He is caring, and he will make sure you get the best care. I could not imagine what my body would feel like with out him putting it in place. I have muscular skeletal issues along with Fibromylgia. It has been a challenge for both of us for years, but we are on it..I go regularly monthly, any time sooner if I have too! I don't believe I would be in the physical health as I am today because of Dr. Dionne..I came to him when I could not move my neck nor my body. I believe I would be in a wheelchair right now with out his help. My life would have diminished even with my perky faith..I may have been in a facility instead of a home, enjoying what I can on two feet..You will not regret seeing Dr. Dionne. God Bless You! :-)

Reggie Poussard Jr

Dr. Luc Dionne and his staff at Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic are an asset to the Lewiston Auburn community they offer an outstanding balance of cutting edge technology and old fashion personable chiropractic service. I've been using them for a few years now and I'm still amazed how affective Dr. Dionne is at assessing your issue and quickly targeting the perfect action to restore alignment. Dr. Dionne and his staff are very patient and extremely knowledgeable. I am a true believer in this treatment my body is in top condition because of Dr. Dionne he has restored me to a perfect alignment after 20+ years hard labor on my body prior to my first visit ! I highly recommend Dr. Dionne's practice they take you in and you almost feel like your part of thier family after a while he really gets to know you and your body and how to affectively treat you as an individual. Also they have all the latest devices for advanced therapy . He has helped me transform my body into top condition I've never felt better I only wish I found him sooner !

Levi Armandi

Dr. Dionne gave me advanced treatment for severe muscle strain and back manipulation for my spine pain. I am pain free and able to play competitive sports again! My dream of playing college sports is now possible at age 29! He is the reason I can live out my athletic dreams again because his treatment methods got me back to 100% health and I got recruited to play baseball!! I fully recommend talking with Dr. Dionne before going to another specialist!! Two Thumbs Up!!

jason roy

I have been a patient of Maine Chiropractic since 1995. Dr. Luc has always been able to help with my back adjustments. He has treated other issues as well. He finds my problem areas in my back and neck with his hands and corrects them with ease. I always feel better after leaving there. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Ekaterina Zybkina-Weedon

if your back hurts, make an appt with Dr. Dionne! Trust me, you will leave this place a new person! Unlike other chiros, Dr. Dionne doesn't push regular appointments, but rather stresses that IF you do get back pain again, make another appointment. I have an uncurable condition and was in pain every day until i went to Dr. Dionne. Now i just need just a couple appointments every year to realign my spine. P.S. Staff is fantastic too, always pleasant and attentive. Thank you!

Michelle Pinkham

Rhonda Hamel

Dr. Dionne is an amazing doctor. I have been going to him for years, and he is by far the most helpful doctor I have ever been to. At one time, I was having severe headaches which my PCP could not determine the actual cause - she sent me for an MRI and put me on medicine, but it just did not alleviate the pain. I went to Dr. Dionne for a checkup, and he immediately asked if I was having headaches and after an adjustment of my neck they were gone. Over the years, he has helped with many different situations from problems with my feet to major issues with my back and I never walk away disappointed. I have referred numerous individuals over the years that have praised his knowledge and commitment to making them better. I cannot say enough about his knowledge and understanding - he is truly an amazing doctor. I have referred many friends and relatives to him over the years, and will continue to in the future.

Adam Majkowski

I spent $90 for an exam just to get referred to another chiropractor? So he is either totally incompetent or he is discriminating against me. I have the phone calls recorded from his assistants. He flat out refused to treat me. Medicare will hear about this. No one should go to this guy. This is a bodega chiropractor. He is probably selling drugs and using this place to launder the money. I know the type. Dresses in a suit and tie, and does not know anything about his profession. Is surrounded by young female nurses and rushes through everything. If he does not refund my $90, I will dispute the charge. It has taken me years to get back on my feet financially where I can afford to pay someone to help me, and this clown just takes my money and tells me to go someplace else. Totally unacceptable and he should not be allowed to see patients.

Homer Bomer

Simply the best. If Chiropractic treatment will work for you, then you can rest assured that Dr. Dionne is the most talented and knowledgeable person in the area. The Doctor has a no nonsense get it done now philosophy. Your time and money will not be wasted from dragging treatment out for an extended duration of time. My personal experience was nothing short of miraculous. Having been to several Chiropractors in Maine and Connecticut, I knew from experience Dr. Dionne was excellent.

Josh Robinson

Dr Dionne is awesome, I have know him for a few years as a patient spouse, and then as a patient. He has never failed to impress when I see him. His knowledge & skill is top notch, his attention to detail is profound, and his compassionate care is rarely seen in my experience. Give him a try for chiropractic needs, you will not be disappointed!

Leanne Jordan

Being an RN I have always been skeptical of chiropractic care but when my chronic lower back pain became unbearable and started to affect my daily life I decided to try it. Three different nurses that I work with recommended Dr. Dionne at Maine Chiropractic Health. They had all been treated by him and all had the same good experience. I went in worried that he would just adjust my back and potentially make my pain worse, but he didn't. He took the time to asses my symptoms and developed a plan of care that included X-rays and then an MRI which revealed a herniated disk. He recommended a coarse of IDD traction therapy instead of surgery and I have had great success and have been feeling better than I have in years! It is amazing to make simple movements without constant nagging pain. You really don't realize how much chronic back pain drags you down until you are relieved. Dr. Dionne is an amazing professional and he has a great team in his office. I am looking forward to getting better and better. LJRN

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