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REVIEWS OF Maine Advanced Spinal Care IN Maine

corine Baker

I recently brought my elderly Mother In for her severe back pain. Although her problem can't be fix completely, Dr Neiverth was and is able to relieve most of her pain. She is truly satisfied with his therapy. I also had therapy and was very satisfied. I have no insurance and his prices are very reasonable. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a chiropractor. Everyone who works there is very friendly and the team work is amazing. If the girls are busy with a patient and the phone rings Dr. Neiverth will answer the phone.

Lea Botta

I was in Wells on vacation and my back went into muscle spasm. Dr Neiverth was able to see me the same day. He and his nurses worked really hard to get my back feeling better. It was my vacation and I could barely walk. After two treatments I was walking and able to at least enjoy going shopping and eating out at nice restaurants. I was happy to find a good chiropractor away from my home. Thank you!

Karyll H

I was in severe pain with Sciatica and felt like I could hardly drag my body in for appt.. I was able to get an appt the same day I called...maybe he could hear the pain in my voice. The first appt was thorough with a email sent to me showing how out of kilter my spine alighment was. He saw me daily for a short time n soon all of the pain was relieved. He has an easy going, competent manner that gives you assurance of being in good hands. I am happy to recommend him as well as his assistants who were very accommodating in setting me up with heat/cold and machines with ultrasound n electrical stimulation. This caused NO pain, only some sweet relief before seeing the Dr who then did the adjustments that also caused no pain but helped further the healing.

Maine Man

The Dr. has a hard time getting his evaluation paperwork done.

Michael Dahn

Since beginning chiropractic care here, I've felt a total relief from all lower back and shoulder pain I had been experiencing. The entire staff is friendly, helpful and patient. The atmosphere of the office is quiet, relaxing, and overall a very pleasant place. Even when it's busy, the staff makes you feel comfortable, and takes their time in making sure you get worthwhile care and attention. Dr. Neiverth demonstrates a high degree of knowledge and experience that any patient would want to see in their chiropractor. I was personally very impressed with his attention to my specific issues, his detailed explanation of what's causing them, and his clarity in explaining what we can both do to improve my health. From my first consultation with him he ran a number of tests and scans to really see what was causing my pain, and we had a long conversation about my health habits. Overall, it was a very thorough process that he used to begin a specific care regiment designed for my needs. My recovery from the back and shoulder pain I had has been quick, and I'm now happily maintaining a much improved physical condition. I would sincerely recommend Advanced Spinal Care and Dr. Neiverth to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Sam Hamlyn

I was getting severe migraines on a regular basis, as soon as I was adjusted by Dr. Neiverth, my migraine fog started to go away. The exercises and treatments have helped the migraines stay away. The staff is very friendly and compassionate.

Jeff Hansen

Not from Maine but needed an adjustment - they were very accommodating and did a great job. Would go to them all the time if I lived here!!

Annette A

All the staff at Maine Advanced Spinal Care are both professional and a compassionate team that works great together. They not only care about your back they care about the whole person.. I highly recommend Maine Advanced Spinal Care. The ease of making an appointment and basically no wait time in the office is additional benefit! I always leave with a smile on my face! Thank you

Darryl Winslow

Have been going to Dr. Neiverth for less then three weeks and my back is feeling much better. Should have done it a long time ago.

Lynsie M

Dont go anywhere else to you meet this guy , hes the best!! I have been to other chiropractor and nothing worked , but this guy know how to do it ,he deserve 10 stars!!! -Lynn

Sue Townsend

Excellent results, warm caring staff, would recommend highly.

Max Potvin

Good professional staff and skilled, experienced chiropractor.

Patricia Corriea

I had been suffering with neck and right sciatic pain for 4 months. On my first visit, Dr Neiverth did a posture check, X-rays, a comprehensive history, and listened carefully to my complaints before developing a plan of care. He evaluates that plan with every visit, adjusting it as necessary. I love the pre treatment of electrical stimulation and ultrasound prior to any manipulations. His staff, Tammy and Katee, are friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Katee is also a massage therapist, who in my opinion has "magic hands". Dr. Neiverth is professional, kind, and caring and I am happy that I am improving under his care.

Annie Carlsson

After just 2 visits, I already have less pain in my neck. Dr. Doug gave me complete information for both short term and long term healing. Tammy provides a comfortable environment for new patients like me who are a little nervous going to a new Dr. I am so glad I found a competent, compassionate and knowledgeable Dr. to help me mend this aging body of mine. I would recommend Dr. Doug to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Chris Brown

I've been coming to Maine Advanced Spinal Care for 3 months now. After having 2 lower back surgeries and dealing with chronic pain due to it, Dr. Neiverth took everything into account a created a tailor made plan just for me. I have noticed an immense change in my day to day pain and have regained some mobility. His team will take great care of you and make you feel right at home.

Abigail Dawber

I searched for a chiropractor because of persistent neck pain and I found Dr. Nevierth and it honestly changed my life. 3 months later I have no pain, my posture is better, and overall my body feels stronger.Thank you to Tammy and the rest of the staff so accommodating and caring! I absolutely recommend this office!!!!

Marie Gallagher

I've been seeing Chiropractors from RI-NH-ME, since I was 19 (in 1978) and only one other helped me as much than Dr. Neiverth. Most Chiropractors over adjust my neck which causes a migraine, I've had others who have me running to Neurologists for God awful reasons that turn out to be false. He is not aggressive in his treatments, nor is he dramatic. I would definitely recommend Dr Neiverth.

Kathryn Polletto

"We moved to Maine from Maryland almost 2 years ago. I needed a Chiropractor and looked into some of the chiropractors in the Kennebunk and Wells area before going to MASC. The other chiropractors didn't give a pre-treatment before the adjustment, they would do just the adjustment. I have fibromyalgia this was very important to me to get a. treatment of Arthrostim and massage before my maniputlation This relaxes tense muscles and circulation in the body. MASC does the pre-treatment which helps, I believe to get a better adjustment. The friendliness of the office is a big plus.

Janet Heath

My experience with this office has been very positive. After many years of chronic vertigo. I have had great success in finding relief. This is life changing for me. My neck pain is minimal now and I'm expecting it will continue to improve. I am definately be recommending Dr Niverth to my friends. His office staff are lovely also.

Matthew Bigbee

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Neiverth for any spinal issue. Recently I went to see him for a problem in my lower back. I had injured it as I often due once or twice a year. This time I was fed up. I was sick of dealing with it myself and new I needed some help. Originally I hurt my back the first time 15 years ago in the gym and ever since then it is has been prone to injury. Dr.Neiverth gave me HOPE and help me understand why things are happening. He came up with a game plane to help re-align my problem areas. This has included specific exercises and traction for the spine. It has been two weeks today since I first saw him. I have gone from being afraid and unable to stand to functioning again. And the best part is I am understanding how to shape my spine for further well-being.

Alexandria Oliver

These people are miracle workers. Went in with what felt like a pinched nerve. Came out with absolute relief and the ability to continue life pain free! What a gift! Do yourself a favor and go get adjusted by Doc. Neiverth! Tammy and the Doc are a dynamic duo. You will leave refreshed and recharged!!!!

susan townsend

Daily pain changes how one looks at life, not truly living it. One week ago I arrived at Maine Advanced Spinal Care with my back and legs screaming at me from pain. I was greeted by friendly staff, examined and treatment started. I walked out with all that hot flashy pain gone. I feel extremely confident that my treatment plan will get me back to walking in the woods with my grandchildren and more joy in my gardens. I highly recommend Maine Advanced Spinal Care and believe you will too. Sue Townsend

Richard Foster

It was my first time very well treated very clean made me feel better

Kathleen Zantuhos

I was in pain all over from my dog flipping me. I found Dr. Neiverth from a friend and I am so thankful I did. In just a couple of week s I am 100% better and easier to be around.

Stephen Newton

Work required my spending many hours at my desk-top and lap-top computer. It wasn't long before my neck froze and pain traveled down my arm to the point where I couldn't sleep or turn my head. After several adjustments from Dr Neiverth and treatments by his technicians my pain disappeared and I was back to normal range of motion. I cannot thank Dr Neiverth and his professional staff enough for their care. The drive from South Berwick is well worth the results.

Jayme Brown

Went in as a last resort of 10 years of neck/back pain to only find out I’ve been in pain for good reason! Reverse neck curve. Dr. Neiverth and Tammy instantly paved the way to a treatment plan that is jet setting my life to be pain free! Beyond appreciative of the supportive care, communication, and level of comfort instantly felt at Maine Advanced!

Scot Weinstein

I have confidence in Dr. Neiverth. My spine and neck have felt great. I continue to go for monthly maintenance. Scot Weinstein I have arthritis and scoliosis and a number of other issues and I always feel comfortable speaking with Dr. Neiverth, knowing he will do his research and use his knowledge to come up with healing solutions for my pain. Judy Cohen

robert DiPrete

Very caring medical environment. The staff listens attentively and adjusts the treatments accordingly.

Jerry Congdon

I have had back problems since I was in my mid-twenties. I also have degenerative back disease. I had back surgery @ 1998 and again @ 2004. I was reluctant to receive chiropractic treatments due to my back surgeries, but my surgeon highly recommended I do so. I certainly am glad I did. Well, thanks to Maine Advanced Spinal Care, I now live a pretty normal life for a 64-year-old including playing golf. Thanks to my customized treatment plan, flare-ups are pretty much non-existent and I no longer worry about "back problems". The staff are low pressure, always friendly and it is obvious they care about the patient's total health. I'm not a salesman and wouldn't recommend anyone that I didn't believe in. So for you back sufferers, do yourself a favor and set up a consultation today. You'll be glad you did.

Robert DiPrete

Helping with my migraines and sciatica without drugs! AND... My insurance pays the bill.

Lianne Cronin

I heard about Maine Advanced Spinal Care from a friend in York when I was training for the marathon. I was having sciatic pain and neck pain and I was thinking about dropping out because I was in so much pain. I made the drive up to Wells and I am happy I did. Dr. Neiverth got me out of pain and I was able to continue training and finished the marathon. Great office and friendly staff.

Alfonso Paglia

Very caring,and professional. Friendly .

bernard mahar

I've been twice, both times was a very positive experience. I'll continue seeing the doctor.

Sandy Labonte

I heard about Maine Advanced Spinal Care from my daughter. I was having chronic low back pain and knee pain. I was worried that Wells was too far to drive from York but it really wasn't. I made the trip up and I am glad I did. Their staff was very friendly and Dr. Neiverth was attentive and patient. My back was feeling better within two weeks and my knees are now much better. I didn't know that Dr. Neiverth was also a Nutritionist. He made some simple suggestions that really helped me with my blood sugar as well. All that and he takes Medicare!! I highly recommend them.


On holiday for 3 weeks from the UK I moved a suitcase on night 1 and twisted my back. With my back in spasm I looked 'online ' for a chiro practitioner . Thank goodness I found Dr. Neiverth. The receptionist was charming and found me an appointment that same day. Douglas gave me a thorough examination - no clothes needed removing - and I received great treatment - 3 different types: tens, ultrasound and finally gentle adjustment after which I felt much better - spasms gone. I had 2 further treatments during which my back was unlocked and I was able to continue my holiday. I cannot recommend Dr. Neiverth highly enough for his professionalism, accurate diagnosis and brilliant treatment.

Karen Knight

Very happy with new patient processes. Friendly staff, nice facility. Being new to the area we were hoping to find a good fit. Looks like we've made the right choice.

t lemmo

Dr. Neiverth and Tammy are very thorough and do their best to accommodate your schedule. 5 Stars from me.

Kathleen Anne

With fibromyalgia and having been prone to neck and back pain for years, I've seen a number of chiropractors and massage therapists in both York and Cumberland counties. I am so relieved and grateful to finally have the support and excellent care that I have been searching for. The team at Maine Advanced Spinal Care in Wells is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate. Dr. Nieverth's positive, common sense approach works wonders because he is truly invested in his patients health. Spinal adjustments go hand in hand with "life adjustment" coaching ~ encouraging a healthier lifestyle with personalized exercises, nutritional advice, specialized treatments and informative open house events with new patient incentives. I am very happy and impressed with Maine Advance Spinal Care!

Karen Audet

I have had chronic back pain for years. This summer I had one of the worst flair ups in a long time. I called Maine Advanced Spinal Care one day when I couldn't take it anymore. I got an appointment that day. Dr. Neiverth really took his time with me to try to find out what was going on. We started treatment right away. Back pain does not go away immediately but every time I went it felt a little better. He also taught me some great exercises to keep it from happening as often. I now go in for maintenance every 6 weeks. The girls in the office are also so nice!!! I strongly encourage anyone to call them.

Cheryl Price

I fell and injured my lower back and hip. I hobbled into Maine Spinal Care and the wonderful staff and Dr Neiverth had me pain-free within a month!

Arlene Wilson

Dr. Neivirth and his staff are fabulous!! I am a different person every time I come from a treatment. This helps my mental, spiritual and physical well-being. I recommend it for everyone.

Patty Muchemore

After being pregnant three times and delivering 3 healthy boys, I sat on the the floor one day to change my son's diaper, and my back went out on me. I could barely move. Maine Advanced Spinal Care has gotten me feeling well and in alignment. I am back to taxiing three boys around to all of their events. I still visit Spinal Care at least once a month to keep me feeling well. When I hurt my back shoveling this winter, they took me right in and got me readjusted. They are so accommodating to my schedule that seems to change in a blink of an eye due to work or my children. Its a very relaxed atmosphere yet very professional.

Whitney Baron

I've been in Chiropractic Care now for over 6 years for low back and neck pain. I was seeing another Chiropractor in town and that was good. However, when I was introduced to Maine Advanced Spinal Care, specifically Dr. Neiverth and his wonderful assistants Tami and Kelly, I knew I had found the best care and I never looked back. To say a few things about how MASC has helped more than any other office is because they start you off with treatment that relaxes your muscles with stimulation and massage. Then Dr. Neiverth visits to check up on you and then perform the necessary care and modalities for your specific pain. The goal is to extend your spine to free up the space between vertebrae so that the nerves can perform correctly, thusly reducing numbness, tingling and most of all pain in muscles. I highly suggest a visit for quick digital x-rays and a discussion with Dr.Neiverth about how he can help you, because he will and you'll feel amazing!

Kori Mendonsa

Well you don't head out on vacation with the intention of needing a chiropractor. But as luck would have it an old back injury flared up and I did need to find one. I'm grateful to the other people who have posted reviews about Dr. Neiverth because I did decide to call his office. His approach and manner is thoughtful and respectful of patient preferences, which I really appreciated. He took care of the pain and got me moving again. Everyone in the office is very friendly (thank you Tammy!). Convenient location right on Route 1. If you are local to Wells - or a vacationer - I highly recommend Dr. Neiverth!

Anne Sosnowski

The staff was extremely helpful. This was my second visit and I have been more mobile due to their care. They are interested in me as a patient and a person. It is such a positive experience.

Pauline DeBruyckere

As I have been to a lot of chiropractors in my lifetime with no result, I had given up on going to them anymore. But a friend of mine told me he was going to this new chiropractor in Wells, Maine and said he was getting great results. So reluctantly I went. I was impressed by my first visit because rather than asking me where the pain was and then manipulating and cracking and performing other painful moves then sending me on way, he did none of this. He sat down with me in his office and went over all my medical records and surgeries. At the end he said he could not do any manipulations like I had before because of all the steel in my body but was sure he could still help me. I have spinal stenosis and peripharal neuropathy in my feet. He is using ultrasound and electrical stimulation only and it is working wonders. When I tried to walk a mile, I had to keep stopping to sit down to rest my back. I can now walk a mile without stopping and no pain. The pain in my feet is completely gone. My advice is "You've tried the rest, now try the best."

Tammy St Michel

Chuck D

Great experience. I have spent the last 4 months working with back doctor to diagnose extreme pain. After being told I needed surgery to alleviate pain, I decided to try another approach. I contacted Maine Advanced Spinal care and they asked me to come in immediately. The began treatments that day and after 5 treatments I began to notice significant relief. This was relief that I had not experienced for about 9 months of extreme pain. I can not recommend Dr. Neiverth enough. My back will never be perfect but I am happy to know there is a solution to relieve my back pain.

Kevin Cerroni

Roger Landry

Stopped into the office to check it out as we were looking for a local chiropractor and they were the first on list. They were very happy to fit us in their schedule and took us in that very same day. Dr Neiverth and Tammy are true professionals. We've thrown the list away!

Dori Randall

I had been suffering from shoulder pain and headaches until I went to Dr. Neiverth. I can't recommend this office highly enough. Everyone on staff is awesome.

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