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REVIEWS OF A Lebro Center For Well Being IN Maine

Brian Helfrich

A true healer in all areas of life. Do yourself a favor and see Dr. Lebro asap. He has insight into many areas of healing and is far more than just a chiropractor. Has done wonders for shoulder issues and lower back pain.

Aleksa Wilk

I love the environment at the Lebro Center for Well Being! They not only want to help you become a healthier version of yourself but will guide you and provide you with the support to do it! I love Dr. Tony, he has been a huge mentor and support for me as I go through my journey of life and need different things at different times. I know to go to him when i feel off or when I want to buy a product i rely on his guidance and honesty to tell me what works for me and what doesn't. He has played a huge part in shifting my mindset to a positive, not 'I will try but i will'. When I'm feeling off he realigns me and balances me out when my heart and mindset are in someone else's shoes. Couldn't say enough great things about this place! Always love coming to learn about life, wellness and myself!

Marsha Gordon

Dr. Lebro is a rare gift for anyone who wants to improve his or her health with natural supplements. He diagnosed and successfully treated a serious condition that my primary care physician had not identified for at least several years. He is an incredible medical intuitive and I trust him completely to identify the source of my health problems and treat them in a completely natural way. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge on health and healing and loves to help people and teach them to help themselves. I am very grateful for all the ways Dr. Lebro has helped me heal. And he also treats animals!

Johanna Olivadoti

This man is a magician

Matthew Stobbs

I originally came in with back aches and poor range of motion in my neck. Dr Tony worked to help me understand the cause of my pains and over the past year has made a considerable difference in my overall physical health. His desire to heal is overwhelming.

M MacNicol

Like a fine, aged whisky, his manner and approach are so smooth, it's when you stand up, you realize how good you feel. His adjustments are gentle and his knowledge is vast. His joy and desire to heal are palpable. As a fellow doctor, shadowing him has been inspiring and fun. I'd like to hang out here with him every day. He really enjoys what he does and so do his patients.

Harrison Guptill

nancy kay

Dr. Lebro is the very very best in every way. I have been going to him for many years. I had a serious automobile accident a year ago and he has helped me totally recover from it, I feel better than I did before the accident. I can’t praise him enough.

Josh Byra

When I first started seeing Dr. Lebro, I have to admit, I was very skeptical of holistic medicine. That was over 10 years ago, and after all that time and numerous incidences of western medicine failing to figure out what was wrong with its trial and error model, followed by Dr. Tony diagnosing the root cause without expensive tests and then curing the issue with a chiropractic adjustment, a supplement, or even a just a dietary change, I think I've figured out how he does it: the man is a f***ing wizard, Gandalf style. It's the only thing that makes sense. Anyway, nowadays, my primary care physician jokes about how I'm "not a frequent flyer" on the rare occasion that I see him, and I shudder to think what shape I'd be in today if I'd never gone to see Dr. Tony on a whim all those years ago. I would and do recommend him to anyone who is sick of being sick and of having piles of ineffective drugs thrown at them whenever they feel unwell, he is truly a friend and a miracle worker.

denise smith

My Quaker Parrot was pulling his feathers out. We were really concerned. I brought him to Vet MD. The doctor said he needed more protein, and suggested I cook him lentils and brown rice. I mentioned this to Dr. Tony and he said that the artichoke seeds would help him, right away. Dr. Tony was right. Yogi's, feathers are full and bright colored and he doesn't pull at them anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Tony for animal nutritional and medical care.

margaret keatinghughes

Nicole Green

I love Dr. Tony! He has helped to minimize my headaches and to stay aligned. His office is relaxing, comfortable and welcoming. He listens to your concerns and takes the time to connect on a personable level.

Steve Casper

I've been seeing Dr. Lebro for a while now but just recently he helped me lose a considerable amount of weight by recommending proper supplements to keep me healthy while I was going through the weight loss. I always recommend Dr. Lebro to anyone I know that aren't getting the results they are looking for from other medical professionals.


The ONLY doctor you will ever need! Dr Tony Lebro has been my only doctor for 24 years now. I am in perfect health. I tell everyone to give him a call and you will see that he is the best in the business. I am healthier than all of my friends. I owe it all to being his patient for over two decades.

Gail Regan

Hannah Katz

Dr. Lebro has helped numerous people over the many years I have known him, including myself. He devotes himself to his practice everyday in every way. If you are looking for someone who truly cares about your health and well being, please give Dr. Lebro a call. You won't regret the decision to reach out and seek help.

Laura Donnell

I have had marked improvement of my health issues in the past year that I have been seeing Dr. Lebro. I am grateful for a natural alternative to taking more and more medications.

Kyle P

Excellent. Have been going to see Dr. Lebro for about a month and already seeing a marked improvement in various health issues I've dealt with for years. Dr. Lebro takes time to understand issues you're having and address the root causes, instead of treating the symptoms.

Francesco Seedner

Dr Lebro has been working with me on my health and wellness for several years now and I have to say he has greatly improved the quality of life in the way I feel and live each day. No matter what you have going on in your life I highly recommend you visit him for a consultation. I guarantee before you leave you will be feeling better, more aware and excited about the experience and the future of your health and wellness. I have never met a doctor I trusted more. - Francesco

Holly Moccia

I have been seeing Dr. Lebro for 3 plus months now and I couldn’t be happier with my results! This past year my health was stuck in a rut and I was very sick... I didn’t think anyone could help me. Well I was wrong! Now my skin is clear, rashes gone, fatigue is gone, no more swollen lymph nodes, no more vertigo, digestion is the best it’s ever been and no more swollen taste buds on the back of my tongue. I’m sure I could think of more positive results. I highly recommend Dr. Lebro!

Matthew Barrows

Dawn Salina

Dr Tony is a breath of fresh air to the healthcare community. He has a different perspective on wellness and healing that is finally becoming accepted by traditional medicine. He is well educated in both traditional and non traditional medicine but focuses on the approach that the human body was made to heal it'self and that there are more natural ways to heal than what is being offered by our current healthcare system.As a Medical intuitive with many years of experience, he can zero in on the root of one's illness or symptoms and offer gentle but effective treatments to assist the body in the healing process. I personally have seen him for panic attacks, severe stress, pneumonia, allergies and abnormal muscle twitching. He has treated nutritional deficiencies and related symptoms that I wasn't even aware of. All of these have resolved or are in the process of being corrected without the need for pharmaceuticals. He is uplifting and compassionate when delivering care and I never feel rushed at my appointments. He answers all my questions and returns all my messages. He is truly vested in the healing and well being of humanity and our animals. I can't forget the animals. All of my dogs have been to see Dr. Tony and that's always a fun time. If you are feeling frustrated or hopeless with the outcomes of mainstream medicine make an appointment with Dr. Tony. Better yet see him before you get to that point. He has so much to offer that traditional doctors can't or won't. I am truly grateful for the care and healing that I have received from Dr. Tony. Many Blessings. Dawn Salina RN B

Robin Murray

If you are tired of going to your doctor and leaving without answers but leaving with a prescription drug that will cover up the symptoms, not treat the cause of your illness and only make you sicker......then it's time to go see Dr. Tony Lebro in Kittery Maine! You will get the answers your looking for, you will not get prescription drugs to make you sick but rather whole food supplements that will heal the cause of your illness, at a cellular level and will be feeling at least 10 years younger in no time! We are so fortunate to have such a gifted doctor to treat us right here on the seacoast in Kittery, Maine. If you give your body food supplements your body will heal it's self! The food industry and drug industries are killing us and fast!!!

Victoria M

I have gone through 4 different specialists, multiple physical therapy sessions, painful steroid injections into the back of my skull, MRI’s, CT Scans, and multiple medications with dreadful side effects over the last 3 years. With headaches and neck pain being a daily occurrence, and at least one migraine a week that would leave me completely debilitated, I was desperate to find someone who really wanted to help me, not just someone who handed me a new bottle of pills that had no positive effects, and raised their shoulders at the abnormalities in my tests. I was referred to A Lebro Center, and from my first session I was amazed at the knowledge and experience emulating from Dr. Tony. He immediately made me fell at ease with his cheery demeanor, quick wit, and clear understanding of the human body and how it works. Within our first session he diagnosed what was causing my issues (without looking at the MRI that shows his diagnosis was correct). The specialists I had seen before never told me that the unnatural curve in my cervical spine (caused by several small car accidents) could cause my daily pain. I have only been going to Dr. Tony for about 2 months now and I no longer have daily headaches! I can’t wait to see how great I feel once my treatment is finished and my spine has been corrected. Dr. Tony has been and will continue to be a blessing to me. He truly gave my life back to me, and I am now able to enjoy and experience so much more because of his great ability to heal.

Kimberly Caisse

Dr. Tony is always there to help and lead you in the right direction. Even Today On a holiday Sunday we met and had an amazing session. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! He gives you back your life!

Joy Watts

Dr. Lebro is an extremely caring healer who holistically treats each patient as an individual. He treats the causes of your illness or discomfort, which inevititably heals the problem, instead of simply treating the symptoms of the issue, which doesn’t heal the issue itself. He is a experienced practitioner who makes sure his patients feel comfortable and confident in his care.

Branden Sebastyanski

I've been seeing Dr. Lebro for about two months now and in that time he has helped drastically improve my back. I suffer from scoliosis and the pain can be debilitating at times; Dr. Lebro has not only helped me feel less pain but I am now able to pick up my daughter with ease, which was an issue before. Dr. Lebro is warm and welcoming and full of knowledge. Go to him!

Austin Enloe

First off I'm a very skeptical person.. you have to prove yourself to gain my trust. I've been working with pizan for 6 weeks now and our main focus was sleep, along with depression, anxiety attacks, and digestive issues. I've been to countless doctors for all the above and they would recommend hard drug Everytime, if your like me you believe there is more you can do for yourself than take a pill or use a machine to get back to normal. Spending a few sessions going over my diet and scheduled eating, implementing a whole food supplement I went from sleeping 3 hours a night and all the above issues to now... 6 WEEKS.. I sleep 5-7 hours a night, zero digestive, I'm in control and a few more steps away from the attacks being non existent in my life and depression is gone and my digestive health hasn't been this good since maybe grade school when you could anything and everything and be ok! Take it from me I'm 1700 miles away from this guy and he's changed my life.. Atleast do yourself a favor and give him a try you won't regret it

Hannah Murray

Dr Lebro absolutely saved my life without a doubt. I came in with kidney stones and ulcers. The doctors did surgery for the first stone but said there was nothing they could do to help me prevent them. There suggestion was to stop drinking tea and avoid a while bunch of foods and consequently I ended up with ulcers. Not only did Dr Lebro cure my ulcers but I haven't had a single stone or any further kidney problems for 3 years. His knowledge of the body is amazing and he's always trying to help people feel the best they can. I recommend him to everyone I know and will continue to do so. There are so many gaps and flaws with modern medicine and Dr Lebro fills and fixes them without fail. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I wouldn't be where I am today with your care!

Jen Emery

Dan Boucher

Darcie Lozeau

Dr. Lebro is a true gem. I have chosen him as my doctor not only for a wonderful chiropractic experience, but for overall support and guidance with my health. He prescribes herbs and helps people get off of prescription medications through his impeccable knowledge of the body and his finely tuned intuition. He is also assisting me in getting out of glasses which is HUGE. Health is not just a surface thing, it's a combination of so many different factors including nutrition, cellular/hormonal balance, and many other lifestyle influences. I feel confident when seeing or chatting with Dr. Lebro that he will cover it all with love and genuine concern. He always sends me out with wise words or fresh perspectives and feeling a lot more positive than I may have been feeling upon walking in there. This review doesn't even cover or convey all that he embodies. It truly is a unique experience when you meet him and allow him to guide you on your health and healing journey with an open heart and open mind.


Dr. Lebro is a wonderful human being inside and out. He is a great doctor, mentor, and coach to all. He has healed many people across the country and has helped them to achieve optimal health. As a medical intuitive, he is very aware of his patients issues on multiple levels and is able to address them accordingly. Highly recommend this Doctor!

Rhonda Mancusi West

I have been going to Dr. Lebro since 2008. Dr. Lebro has helped me with everything from the common cold to poison ivy to IBS. I also see him for neck pain. He is very knowledgeable and so intuitive. I highly recommend him for all your nutritional and chiropractic needs. Don't be afraid to ask questions...he loves questions.

Jen Taylor

Dr. Lebro offers a safe, effective, and holistic approach to health. He is one of the most experienced doctors offering this kind of care in New England and can help a wide variety of health complaints that you or your primary care may have struggled to address. He is a great resource to have to help you achieve your health and wellness goals and makes himself available to his patients if needed.

Andrew Babich

I pinched a nerve in my back. I could barely walk and couldn't move without lots of pain. Went in and got adjusted and started feeling better immediately. Went 5 more times and was back to perfect again. He also had water bed massage tables you got to lay for on 15 minutes which made paying 40 dollars an adjustment a lot more tollorable.

Robbie O'Loughlin

Great atomsphere and friendly staff!

Aline Gagnon

Are you working on your health and need assistance without using prescriptions, then give Dr Tony a call. He is patient, kind and intuitive. I have learned so much from him.

Stephanie Bonelli

I look forward to seeing Dr. Lebro every month! I feel better than I have felt in years with his expert guidance and chiropractic care. I have an autoimmune disease and he's helped me to finally feel great. He's the only Dr that I see now. Thank you Dr. Lebro!

Tamyris Garcia

Doctor Tony is one in a million he can tell you what's wrong before you even get the symptoms, he doesn't just become your doctor he becomes a friend worth trying I recommend it to all my loved ones.

Anne Watts

Very educated and experienced. He has built up my immune system again for combating my Lyme Disease and all it's co infections. I feel much much better!!

Renee Cook

Grace Leah

I came here a little skeptical, but after feeling sick for months and having no luck with conventional doctors, I figured I'd give it a try. At 21 years old, it should not be a job to simply get out of bed in the morning. Well after just one five-minute visit, Dr. Lebro knew exactly what the problem was, told me what changes to make, sold me some supliments, and I was on my way. Literally within a week I could see and feel a difference. I felt great and had energy. It was life-changing. My family said it was like having the old me back. I would highy recommend A Lebro Center For Well-being to anyone without hesitation!

Kyle Tuttle

Really a great massage from Lili. The people here are really nice. Only one star off because it's expensive. But like they say u get what u pay 4.

Aaron Lord

Joshua Cunniff

Words can't describe how good it is to go here you will have to see for yourself

Yvonne Prince

I could not turn my head to the left, due to many neck injuries, and know I can!!! Thank you Dr. Tony!!!! Renee M Prince

Brock Kerr

Dr. Lebro is extremely helpful and caring. I wouldn't trust anyone else near as much as I trust his advice and care


The massage therapist Like Gordon was awesome. Had an excellent deep tissue massage. Will book with her again!

Nicol Kozmits

Dr. Lebro is a hidden treasure that needs to be found by anyone and everyone who cares enough to take care of AND improve their overall health and wellbeing. He works with Standard Process which uses some of THE BEST whole food supplements, using them to improve everything from digestion to weight loss and everything in-between. Dr. Lebro is friendly and caring but most of all, he genuinely loves to help people improve all areas of their lives. Love you Dr. Lebro!!! ;) Nico’l

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