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REVIEWS OF WellSpine KC IN Kansas

Matt Foster

Dr. Liisa and Dr. Andrew have done both amazing work with me so far. For only being in my mid-20's, I do already have back problems and both doctors went into great detail about what is wrong and how they plan on fixing them over time. They didn't make it scary at all. They were very personable about everything. I would high;y recommend them to anyone.

Wes Hughes

So far so good! I have been visiting WellSpine KC for two months now and am finally sleeping better and waking up without lower back pain for the first time in years. The Doctors Hall have so much energy and passion for their profession and the health and wellness of their patients. Thank you for what you have done for me in such a short period of time. I am looking forward to continuing my health and healing journey with the WellSpine KC team.

Kara Dowling

I was recommended here by a friend and I am so grateful that I was! I was just starting my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and suffering from many neck and back problems along with sciatica. Since starting treatment here my sciatica is completely gone and I have been able to fully function with little to no discomfort in the areas I was suffering from! They have taught me stretches and other things to help me also which has been great! I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! It has been a true life changer for me.

Brooke Courtney

Such a great place for learning all about wellness and the body's natural ways of healing! With the open adjusting you have the opportunity to talk to other patients and see how their adjustments are really helping their everyday quality of life! Only a month and a half in, and so many lives are already changing for the better. Not just a chiropractic office, WellSpine KC is a wellness center for you and your whole family. I would recommend this office for anyone- whether you have chronic pain, or just want to learn more about wellness and have your body running the correct way! So fortunate Dr. Andrew and Dr. Liisa came to Overland Park.

Clare R

WellSpine KC is unlike any other Chiropractic office I've been in. Drs. Andrew and Liisa Hall genuinely care about their patients and it shows in the way they take the time to listen to and educate patients in all aspects of their health and overall wellbeing. I would definitely recommend WellSpine KC to anyone looking for chiropractic and wellness care.

Lynee Rigdon

Our family loves coming here! Their exams are the most thorough we've ever received. We are feeling better and our 2 little kids love getting adjusted. They are so warm and friendly and we feel a part of a family.

Amy Goldman

The care I have and am currently receiving has been fantastic! Very thorough and I am starting to see healing results. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is suffering from back pain or pain/tingling from a pinched nerve.

Kevin Wright

Went to this office to try to keep my hip from popping out. After going there I found I have other fun things going on with my spine. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful. Since I have been going there my back has felt better then it's felt in a LONG time. Happy happy customer!! Thank you guys!

Dan Wright

My wife and I have been very pleased with our treatments and the results continue to get better. We wanted to be healthy and we are going to increase our overall health, and work on various issues that come with age. the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. we have been on a wellness program and have seen and felt improvements.

Shriram Anbalagan

I've been to 4-5 chiropractor clinics in the past couple of years in the KC metro area and this is hands own the best group that truly cares and treats you the way you should be. Dr Lisa is literally the best chiropractor I've seen. Her palpable skills, fluid neck adjustments and understanding of the human body amazes me every time. She's also so friendly and gives you best vibes in town. Clare at the front desk is always super helpful and welcoming with all the requests one has. They hit all the checkboxes you can ask for. ✔️ Objective tracking of progress. ✔️ Holistic outlook to treatment. ✔️ Reasonable prices and willingness to work with complicated insurance. ✔️ Information about diet, movement and mindfulness through workshops if you are interested. ✔️Early and late appointment slots. ✔️ The use of X rays ( not many do this, I know!) ✔️Posture maintenance and training. I've seen substantial progress with my neck and lower back issues over the past few months and I would like to think they were a big part of my healing. Excited for more.

Kevin Nguyen

Drs. Andrew and Liisa are amazing! I was very new to the world of chiropractic care and they made me feel extremely comfortable from the start. They're both also extremely knowledgeable and are always educating me along the way. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a great chiropractor!

Bayli Paull

Since I have been going to WellSpine I have noticed so many improvements on not only my sleeping and actually feeling more awake when I'm headed to work, but my bowel movements have improved tremendously. Having my gall bladder removed in 2011 it was a normal thing for me to go more than 5 times a day, but with going to see Dr. Liisa 3 times a week for 3 months my bathroom trips have gone down to once maybe twice a day! It's so amazing to feel like a normal person again!!!

Nicholas Gunkel

Only a month in and I have so much less pain, I don't wake up sore, everything feels better. Great at not only chiropracting but also life wellness!

Rei Wirsig

Amazing place. Dr. Hall and Dr. Liisa are compassionate about not only their work but also their patients. Front staff and doctors always greet me by first name and with a smile. They understand my anxiety and discomfort and make concessions around it. Their office is a safe place and they have done a lot to make it so. The chiropractic work I've received has changed my life and I'm excited to see how much more change is in my future.

Suzy Corria

I've had back problems a lot of my life and now all of a sudden I have no back problems and I'm feeling a hundred percent better thanks! I highly recommend you to see Dr Andrew and Dr Liisa.

Bryan Ayars

I love coming to see doc hall and company at WellSpine KC. Everyone is always nice and fun to be around. On top of that I just had my reassessment xrays and showed great improvement!

Pac Man

Called and spoke with Lisa. She advised for me to complete a patient information form to save time. The form was not fillable so I had to use Adobe and self edit the information fields which was not very convenient. I completed the form and emailed it to their frontdesk email address. Unfortunately even after receiving my systems notification that the email was successfully sent and viewed by recipient, I NEVER received any kind of response. It is 2017, as a potential client I should not have to download a non-fillable blank pdf and use an editing program to enter data - The Technology is out there for FREE. And as a business it is a best practice to confirm that you have the all the information you requested from a client and to confirm the appointment with a time and date and address or directions to your place of business, which is also FREE widely available Add-on or Native OS software. Maybe I should have asked for their FAX number or just used my trusty carrier pigeon.

Mitchell Kidd

Dr. Andrew, and Dr. Liisa are amazing! They genuinely care about all of their patient's wellness. The environment is very positive and keeps me coming back!

Grady Goff

Wellspine KC not only provides gentle and specific adjustments, but also pours out love and health advice to each and every patient. They strive for every patient to walk out of the office with a smile on their face. They do not guess with your health which is why they have the latest technologies and imaging to find the source of your problems and correcting them rather than just treating your pain. The value they provide to ones health far exceeds the cost of care. They get amazing results.

J Schwen

Love these guys! Very thorough and caring. They take very good care of their clients and follow through and do what they say they are going to do. I appreciate how they have helped me get back to waking up and functioning without pain.

Brielle Hunt

We love it here! They are always so welcoming, I feel so comfortable- like part of the family! They also work wonders with my crazy active 2 year old! He love going and hates leaving! Very fast and efficient as well. I learn something new every time I go, they really want to help you become the best you! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

John Moore

Every aspect of WellSpine is first class. Since they started providing me Chiropractic care I have been thrilled and seen tremendous progress in my overall quality of life and wellness. When they realign my spine I know that I am in the hands of highly competent practitioners. They explain what they are doing and what I can expect. They have taken a tremendous amount of time to educate me about how my Central Nervous System functions and why proper spinal alignment is important for the proper functioning of every component of our body. I had always seen Chiropractic care a a pain relief option. It is actually essential for wellness and living with vigor and joy. I love the progress reports we have. I know exactly where I began and where I am in relation to where I should be on a monthly basis. I know I am spending my money well and receiving tremendous value for every dollar spent. They have state of the art equipment, an excellent staff, and the price is completely reasonable. They difference from every other Chiropractor is this....I know I will achieve my fitness and wellness goals. Thank you Doctors Lisa and Andrew Hall!.

Zac Ansaldo

The doctors here are not only friendly and inviting but they truly listen to your thoughts and concerns. Regardless of your lifestyle they have a solution for your chiropractic needs. As an athletic trainer and someone who loves to test the limits of my body they aren't telling me to stop doing what I love but explaining how to recover and prepare more intelligently.

Matt Hunt

WellSpine KC is a very nice, professional, family-friendly place to receive the best chiropractic care available. The Halls are very capable and loving people who put patient well-being first. Everyone should see a chiropractor, and they are definitely a great choice for anyone seeking to better their quality of life. Our family is extremely blessed to be a part of WellSPine KC and I know you can be too. Thanks Dr. Andrew and Dr. Liisa!

laura fornelli

I had no idea how good I could feel!!

Elizabeth Gunkel

One month into my care plan and I've already seen such drastic improvements in my health and overall quality of life. After a bad car accident 6 months ago and numerous sports related injuries growing up, I knew I was in bad shape but didn't think there was anyway to change that. Dr Liisa and Dr Andrew have shown me that even though I was NOT in good shape (especially for being only 24), I wasn't doomed to feeling poorly for the rest of my life. It has been such a blessing to have found them and I'm looking forward to regular adjustments for the rest of my life!

Love To Smile

I am new to my career as a practicing dental hygienist, and turned to Dr. Hall and his team to help correct the pain I was already experiencing. With their help, my pain and tension headaches have completely dissipated. Even more importantly, I have found a practice that values my long term goals, and who works diligently at both education and injury prevention. If you are looking for a caring, compassionate office whose main focus is on your TOTAL well being, then trust Dr. Hall and his team to propel you into the future you deserve!

Savannah Gladieux

WellSpine KC makes for a smooth relaxing office visit. The Doctors get you in and out of the door quickly. They educate, care and are passionate about each patient. The office is very flexible with appointments. If you are considering checking out the office just come in and read some testimonials. I highly recommend WellSpine KC!

Dustin Douglas

Really to cool to see my improved spinal alignment in the before and after xrays with their care plan. Andrew and Liisa really care about the well being of the patient, they even met me there on a Saturday when they were closed to get me adjusted!

Alan Michels

Best overall experience so far with the most results of any thing medically I have done. They really have a passion for what they do and helping people heal, feel better, and educating them to stay better. Best decision I have made to go here. For the first time in years, I am getting sleep at night and feel like I am actually making real progress every day to a healthier body.

Trisha G

Dr. Lisa and Dr. Andrew have provided excellent service to my family. My 3-year-old daughter and I both go to WellSpine for adjustments, and the progress we both are making is fantastic. I have always had bad posture (hunched shoulders, head forward) and I used to pull my shoulders back to "correct" it. I've been going for two months now and I have noticed a dramatic difference in my posture. I am not actively correcting it - my body is naturally doing it from the adjustments. My energy has increased and I have found myself motivated to stick to an exercise regime of five days a week - better than the past decade. I can also see progress in my daughter. Not just her posture, but also behavior, sleep patterns, and grace. The whole staff is very personable and welcoming. They aren't just adjust-and-go chiropractors. They talk with you, thoroughly answer any questions, and inquire about things happening in your life - then remember what you said later! You will be impressed if you visit WellSpine. My family has had an amazing experience, and it's just beginning!

Ginger Anderson

I have been blessed to find Drs Andrew and Liisa. I haven't had chiropractic care in years and their approach is both compassionate as well as passionate because you see the enthusiasm, concern , motivation every time you enter the clinic. They are passionate educators as well. They are committed to the maintenance as well as the adjustment and offer adjunct care options in addition to traditional approaches to make it a well rounded experience.Clare is a delight and is always so cheerful and Dr TJ is so helpful as well.

Chad Sebby

Professional, life-changing, educational & whole family care... I didn't think my back would ever get better. They have fixed my back and so much more!

Matt Morgan

Andrew and Liisa Hall are wonderful. Would trust no one else.

Jared Bond

The care is individualized and focused. I have had an increase in energy and focus since starting chiropractic care one month ago. The staff is friendly and there is a great place for kids to play. I always feel great after my adjustment!

Jonathan Gilmore

I've been seeking regular care from WellSpine KC for almost a year and I can tell you with 100% certainty that their care has improved my life. Like most guys, I was very hard on my body and never really focused on preventative care. After my last sports injury, I knew I needed help. Dr. Liisa and Dr. Andrew are extremely professional, courteous, caring, and knowledgeable. Under their care, I have increased flexibility, mobility, and no more pain. I highly recommend WellSpine KC!

jonathan taussig

I'd been to a chiropractor once before for chronic back pain, and didn't have a positive experience, so I ended up just enduring the pain. Knowing Andrew and Liisa as some of the most quality people I know, when I heard that they had opened up an office nearby, I decided to book an appointment for our pregnant foster daughter and I. I'm so glad I did. We both felt heard, safe, enlightened, holistically cared for, and our pain dealt with. If they gave out chiropractic medals, these two and this place would be solid gold. Do your health a favor and book an appointment soon!

Liisa Hall

TJ Alger

Fantastic, happy, upbeat office! Dr. Andrew and Dr. Lisa are kind, knowledgeable, and most importantly they take the time to truly get to know you before making any recommendations, which is rare in a Doctors office!

Luca Mazzanti

Most certainly the most comprehensive and helpful care I have ever received. Andrew and Liisa are very thorough with what they do, and their level of service is unparalleled. I'm very pleased with my experience!

Josh and Claire May

I cannot say enough good things about Well Spine KC. I have been to many other chiropractors over the years. Drs. Andrew and Liisa Hall are by far my favorite. They have taken the time to discover my concerns and then delve deep into my health. They have given me a care plan to correct the cause of my problems, not just adjust me to make me feel better temporarily. They make the whole thing simple to understand and convenient. On top of that, they are so kind and uplifting every time I go in! I really cannot thank them enough for the difference they are making in my life.

Live Free Chiropractic

When the Drs. Hall practiced in Massachusetts, I went to them with severe chronic back pain even though I was only 25 years old. They changed my life. Not only did my back pain go away but my body got so much healthier. My digestion improved. My skin got better. I lost weight. It was and is amazing. I got such great results with them that I decided to become a chiropractor. I hope you will go see them and experience a similar transformation in your health!

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