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7050 W 105th St, Overland Park, KS 66212, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kansas Acupuncture & Chiropractic Clinic IN Kansas

Misael Hernandez

Great Staff! Great Service! They care about making you feel better and listen to your needs. Best Doctor In Town!

Nirmal Kaur

Mike Mohlman

Dr. Shin is great. He is very knowledgeable and very good. He has helped me and a number of people I know. I highly recommend this office!

Emily Kallstrom

This is the best acupuncture and chiro clinic in KC. Dr. Shin is so knowledgeable and we're lucky to have such a talented practitioner in KC. The office is clean and comfortable. I love going here and the whole office makes me feel welcome and special like I'm part of the family. I thoroughly enjoy the relaxation of the acupuncture treatment. There is no pain and nothing to be afraid of.

Francie Schilling

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia over 2 years ago. This past summer the pain was so bad I was on 3 medications that barely touched it. I felt very hopeless. After seeing Dr. Shin for just over a month, I am down to weaning off of my last med and the pain is all but gone! Thank you Dr. Shin and staff!!!

Sonia Akins

hong jou Lee

Great experience. I was at first not familiar with Acupuncture but I had a very good experience I will recommend this place to anybody

Bob K

Dr Shin and his staff are really wonderful people to work with. I went to Dr. Shin with a back back injury that two cortisone shots couldn't fix. When I started with Dr. Shin I had to use a cane to get around and within 3-4 months I didn't need it anymore and the back pain was considerably less. I highly recommend anyone who needs help with pain to see Dr. Shin and his wonderful staff.

Joni Lance

Nak Soung

Adrienn Hegedűs

I have been going to Dr. Shin's office for more than two years now I believe. During these years I have been always welcome like I am one of their family members. Treated with respect, they are always listening to me and they are always very kind even on the busiest days. Although I am not required to come regularly anymore, I like to go from time to time because I feel like I am "brand new" after every session. :) Prices are very reasonable so much better than any other places I know of. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for relief to their issues they are having.

Angela Yang

This place is warm, welcoming, and they treat people right with honesty. I got helped a lot and highly recommend anyone that needs help to come.

Kyungwhan Ahn

Nice place with nice people. after i got acupuncture treatment i can tell the difference! I highly recommend!

Chris Chung

I saw Dr. Shin because I was having some issues with my back. He was very thorough and informative. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is having back pain. After leaving his office my back felt much better and remained that way.

Robert-Jan Voogd, de

My wife attended dr Shin for several months, excellent service with even better results. I would highly recommend dr Shin for anyone looking for acupuncture. Dr Shin is incredible attentive and truly cares for his profession and patients.

Jessica Nichols

I have been struggling with chronic pain from the right side of my neck/shoulders. I have been consistently coming to Dr. Shin's office for almost a year now and my pain level is probably 90% gone. He and his team are so great, nice, welcoming and make sure you're OK throughout your whole visit. I've never had to wait and wait and wait to be seen like at most places. With the treatments and physical therapy exercises he provides, you will for sure see a difference if you're in pain. Consistency is key! Thank you Dr. Shin!!!

rick poe

I have used lots of acupuncture but no one else gave me the results like Dr.Shin he is the best by far

Esther Maria Olson

I had a very good experience with Dr. Shin and his staff over the course of my treatment plan. I felt very cared for and the pain and discomfort I was experiencing has been greatly reduced. They gave me exercises to help me help myself. It’s a very positive environment and I was sad when my package was finished but will be going back for regular maintenance. Thanks so much Dr. Shin!!

Peter Jung

My mom had shoulder pains for about six months and she couldn't lift her left arm. After receiving acupuncture and massage therapy six times her arm is completely healed. Doctor Shin has passion for caring for his patients, the massage therapists are very gentle and nice. Their staff are very caring and patient people. Thank God i met these people.

Teena Drake

This was an Amazing experience! The entire staff was personable and Dr. Shinn is extremely nice & knowledgeable. If you are suffering with pain and want relief, consider scheduling your appointment today.

J Kinney

Very nice people, but the billing structure is unclear at best. If you have an HRA or HSA account, you will get billed Considerably more than if you pay cash, so take that into consideration. I was told the acupuncture would be about $50-75 a visit, which it was. However they didn't mention the other additional fees. Rather than one fee per visit, they charge a separate fee for everything they do (a fee for an adjustment, acupuncture, UV lighting, therapy bed, consultation, Electro-stimulation, x-ray, etc.) That would have been fine, if they were clear about it. It adds up Quickly. $1,000 for 3 visits is excessive to say the least.

Ryan Shinn

Dr Shin and staff are very friendly and work with you to make a custom plan to make you better. Each time you come in they will check to see if anything else has changed since the last visit and they will change the treatment to meet your current needs. What I like most about this practice is that they actually give you the tools and knowledge to make yourself better. Many of the chiropractic practices that I've been too before this one will only "crack" you and send you on your way. This does not fix the problem. You need to be able to have the tools to make yourself better. I appreciate Dr Shin and the staff and am happy to say that they are my provider for all of my chiropractic and acupuncture needs here in the KC metro.

David C Felix

Dr Shin has helped my back and neck tremendously, I don't have enough words to explain how great his office staff is, let see if I get their names right, Rebecca, Jordan, Casey,Liza and Sarah, I f I didn't get all of the staff's names totally please accept my apology, I strongly recommend Dr Shin and his staff for treatment of acupuncture and chiropractic services, I'll be back Dr Shin as soon as the VA hospital puts in a referral!!

Brian Gillespie

Dr Shin and team are the best. Friendly, caring and knowledgable. I found value in their approach and feel better. I would highly recommend Dr. Shin.

Chris Jack

I chose Dr Shin after much searching for a Chiropractor who was not only an expert in the field, but also a compassionate person who actually was concerned with the healing of the patient. When I first went to see Dr Shin, I was somewhat skeptical because I had not had a good prior experience, but after speaking with Dr Shin, I felt very comfortable with my treatment course of action. He explained everything and gave a wholistic approach to what I would be experiencing. Since that time, I have been very satisfied with my treatments and I feel much better. I have been given massage, acupuncture, cupping and traditional readjustments as part of my treatment. The entire staff is very helpful and are supportive and I believe that I will continue to get better as my process continues. I have already recommended Dr Shin to friends and family who are having pain as an alternative to surgery.

Andrew Martin

Dr. Shin's office is hands down the best and most helpful chiropractic clinic I know of. As someone that has dealt with persistent back pain for over 7 years, (I'm only 19) I have quite a bit of experience with chiropractic offices. No other chiropractor was able to truly help me. Dr. Shin took the time to get to know my individual case and gave me personalized care. This office is also the first and ONLY place to teach me exercises and stretches so that I can help manage my pain independently. Dr. Shin cares greatly for his patients, and places their well being above barriers like finance, and he tries to help people as fast as he can, instead of keeping them roped along for insurance. Very nice and relaxing environment, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you have pain Dr. Shin will help you!

Adrianna Marshall

Best acupuncture clinic in the Kansas City area! You won't be disappointed!

DJ Lee

Dr. Shin is a very good doctor. I had more than one injuries from sports that usually took weeks to heal but after getting his treatment I got better just in a few days. Their staffs are also very warm and friendly.

Andy Kim

Best acupuncture and chiropractic place in Kansas. Dr. Shin is really awesome. He will fix your body pain like never happened before haha. I always go to see him whenever I get injury from playing soccer. He helps me to be able to run longer.

Andrew LeRoy

Dr. Shin and his staff are amazing people. They take the time to get to know each patient and ensure they receive the best and most advanced chiropractic and acupuncture care. I recommend Dr. Shin to all of my clients that live in Kansas.

Ron Cline

I was not a believer but now I am! After going through very painful stem cell therapy, nothing helped until I consulted with Dr Shin. I went from pain level 8-9 to 1-2 in about a month. One thing I like is that he is a Christ follower. So he was definitely an answer to prayer for me!! His staff is friendly and knowledgable and his equipment and techniques are top notch. I will and do HIGHLY recommend Dr Shin to anyone who asks.

Margaret Clark

I have been seeing Dr. Shin for about a month or more, and I feel like he has improved the quality a lot. He is kind, caring and makes me feel like I am the only patient he has, altho he is very busy.

Adrienn Hegedus

I came here with multiple health issues which sourced from one major problem which is a huge amount of stress I was experiencing in my life. I was going down a road which I knew would not end pretty. I went to and tried all types of western medicine but all I got is that I need to take antidepressants which I refused to do so. I found Dr. Shin and his team online and decided to schedule an appointment for consultation. I am so glad I did. From the moment you enter the clinic is like you are visiting your family members. They immediately called me on my name and welcomed me with such warmth I haven't experienced anywhere else. Dr. Shin said to give him 8 sessions and follow his suggestions. I was soaking up his words.He is not looking at only one body part he is looking at you as a whole and treat you like a worthy human being. After only one treatment I felt a huge difference and since then it has been only improving. I am following closely their advice and now it is my turn to keep it up. I finished my 8 sessions with the team and I felt sad that it came to an end. We agreed that I can go for maintenance care which I will do. Dr. Shin, Michael and Kasie are the greatest people I have met. They are like family now! I highly recommend them to anyone. The prices are also very reasonable and their every day suggestions are not hard to follow.

Jane Speck

Dr Shin’s acupuncture treatments helped me immensely. He evaluated my problem and estimated the time it would take and I was much better in that time frame. I highly recommend Dr Shin.

Barry White

Excellen care. Very knowledgeable, corrected myp problem in the time he estimated it would take. I highly recommend him for one's aches and pains.

Sungmin Baek

Debra Laughery

We ended up seeing Dr. Shin after my husband had a slip & fall on the ice injuring his lower back side. Dr. Shin performed manipulation, acupuncture and had his tech provide massage. Hubby felt better very quickly. I don't believe he would have responded as well or as quick without Dr. Shin's thorough assessment and treatment plan.

Jamie Elliott

My husband and I found Dr. Shin after searching for good acupuncturists in the KC area with good reviews. What we found from these reviews, was that he was not only an expert in his field, but very patient, sincere, friendly and a compassionate person. We were excited to try him and we were not disappointed. Going to Dr. Shin has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health. He genuinely cares about his patients and wants the very best for them. He goes above and beyond trying to make them feel better, comfortable during treatment, and happy when they leave. He is very knowledgeable and always has an answer when a symptom arises. He believes that natural medicine is the best and first approach, which I highly agree with and respect. He is very proactive to continue learning and educating himself on ways to improve. I always tell my husband when I leave I feel like a completely different person – much more positive, confident and less stressed/anxious. It is a soothing and relaxing treatment and one I walk away with completely happy every time. The entire staff is very helpful and has his same influence of a positive and friendly attitude. Kasey is so nice and helpful about finding out what your insurance will cover and Michael is a great masseuse. I would highly recommend Dr. Shin to anyone looking for acupuncture in the KC area!

Tab Yager

Chris Yi

Dr. Shin is awesome. Him and his crew will treat you like a family to them.. After the treatments, I felt like a new man.... Do recommend to everyone to Dr Shin....

Spencer Sight

Dr Shin and the staff provide a very compassionate and integrative approach to the healing process. His treatment is thorough blend of eastern and western approaches. He cares deeply about his patients and has a great sense of humor. The office is conveniently located, and my day always ends up happier after I come.


Hyun Chang

Louise Gordon

Dr. Shin possesses the best qualities in a physician: he is knowledgeable, skillful, and truly wants to help his patients. His staff is also comprised of lovely people who make office visits warm and pleasant. Personally I would be appreciative if Dr. Shin was better informed about emotional trauma and its impact on the mind and body.

Karla Doan

I was told I would need surgery to remove scare tissue to regain movement in my pinky finger. Dr. Shin was able to get full movement back in my finger without surgery. He and his staff have been a blessing.

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