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REVIEWS OF Total Health Chiropractic IN Iowa

Mary Brothersen

Best Chiropractor I have ever been too. Trust me I have had quite a few. Friendly staff everyone is always happy . Hydro table its better than sliced bread. Reasonable prices, good looking Dr's. Nice hands, Why would you want to go to anyone else to work your body!!

Chris Johnson

Only had the screening so far. The staff were amazing. The office has state of the art technology to assess your medical needs, really fancy. I will follow up after a treatment plan is recommended and adjustment are completed. I don't foresee going wrong with this place, just try it. Met a staff that was originally a patient and now works there.

Kai Bouma

The atmosphere is great and the people are friendly. Dr Bird and Dr Hammes are fantastic at what they do and they explain the process thoroughly so you know what to expect. This was my first chiropractic experience, and I have had great results. Highly recommend.

Tony Comellas

Very glad to have been referred Excellent service from the mom not you arrive until you are out the door. Dr.was very thorough as well as his tech that took the pictures I really enjoyed my visit and look forward to continue to be a patient at Total Health Chiropractic

Eric Johnson

Widad Abdalla

Best care and best staff ever! I’ve honestly never seen a staff that cares this much about their patients. Their energy and positive attitude is contagious. I went there due to back pain and my progress is great. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in the Iowa City/Coralville area, look no further. This is the best place!


The people are amazing, a very good energy comes from this place. My hand was always going numb and tingling, but after working with Total Health it finally went away! This place is the best place for Chiropractic around. Luke C.

William Sperfslage

Katie Wilson

I went to Dr Dillon in search of relief from the constant headaches I've had over the years, I had been to a chiropractor many times before but thought maybe it was time to see if someone else could make a difference. Dr. Dillon was able to adjust my neck in a way that provided almost instant relief from the headache. He was also able to show me exercises that I could do to help strengthen my neck to prevent having the headaches in the future. He was able to point towards the jaw pain I have been having for years as an additional cause of the headaches and adjusted that as well. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in giving tips on how to help prevent the pain in the future. He's not too bad to look at either;)

Jamie Engel

Meg Quigley

I love this place! If you are living in pain and trying to feel better, I definitely recommend trying out Total Health. I've been getting adjusted consistently for a couple of months and am so grateful to be feeling some relief. The team at Total Health is so thorough in their care (x-rays, scans, progress reports, etc.) and I feel that everyone I interact with in the office genuinely cares about my well-being. Added bonus: the entire staff is always so positive and upbeat - making every visit fun and lively, or even provides a great pick-me-up when your day is just kinda "eh" - check them out!!

Levi Ponder

Best chiropractor in the area! The staff is so friendly and you can tell they try to get to know you on a personal level. I move a lot for work and this place is on a whole different level. Keep doing what y’all are doing!!

Alexandria Yakes

I absolutely love this clinic! I've only been going for about two weeks & I'm already lifting and sleeping better. The staff is amazing & the environment is very comfortable. Could not recommend more!

Travis Hiatt

Excellent chiropractic care. Perfect for all people from the smallest child, to long time back pain sufferers like myself. Dr. Hammes has helped me tremendously! Including helping me cut down on my frequency of visits.

Don Hetzel

Terry Boyer

Awesome team! They care about your health!

Mallory Barney

Mitchell Narvasa

Dr. Brady Bird worked on my wife during her pregnancy. We sought help because of my wife's sciatica and after her first adjustment, her pain was gone! She went twice a month and then once a week closer to her due date. Our child also came right on the due date while our other 2 were 2 weeks late. He was kind and tremendously helpful. He has our complete endorsement.

Mandy Bauswell

Cheryl Alberhasky

Caitlin Kelly

Everyone who works here is incredibly friendly, makes you feel welcome. Excellent at explaining the process and checking in to get feedback on how treatments are going.

Kaawae Efil

I've just started going to Dr. Brady. I'm overwhelmed by how much relief I'm having from the s the once plagued me. I will recommend to anyone that asks

Kaylie Barnett

Dr. Dillon and Dr. Brady are phenomenal! I have had back pain for years and have never felt as much relief as I have since becoming a patient at Total Health. Both are incredibly knowledgeable and care about each patient’s particular needs.

Aaron Iowa Darts

James B

Has helped me a ton every time I'm in. Thanks!

Kapok Coralville

Rebekah Tyler

Blanca Zam

Crys Smith

Love these guys! Very knowledgeable and passionate about your total health!

Tom Gillham

Kati Mishler

I've had an awesome Chiropractic experience since day one with Dr. Dillon Hammes! He is super friendly and very knowledgeable about what he does. He's great at explaining everything to you. I've learned something new every visit I've had. Compared to Chiropractors I've seen in the past, he is the only one that has sat down with me and actually explained thoroughly what is going on, how he can help, and how I can help myself. Lisa and the other ladies there are also very nice and welcoming! I feel better every time I leave!

Ryan Dunphy, DC

Dr. Hammes is a great asset to the Coralville community, his knowledge and expertise in chiropractic care is second to none and his personalized care plans provide specific care for patients in pain and looking for wellness.

A Langford

Before seeing Dr. Dillon, I hadn't been to a chiropractor since I was an infant getting treated for colic. After suffering from a shoulder injury, a friend had suggested I see a chiropractor for help. Dr. Dillon was fantastic at explaining the mechanics of my body, why I was experiencing the pain, and why chiropractic could help me. He knows the fundamentals and history of chiropractic and I could truly tell he loves what he does.. which made me feel confident in the adjustment! My body healed fast and I still come in a few times a month to keep my body in alignment! I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall health and energy. I rarely get sick, I'm off all medications (I now understand that pain is the body telling me something is wrong.. make sense!) and I look forward to my adjustments. I've personally witnessed Dr. Dillon adjust all ages - infants to 92 year olds. I'd recommend him to anyone!


Dr. Hammes is a great guy. He truly believes in the wellness lifestyle and has a lot of health information to offer. I highly recommend him!

Brittney Hunt

Just amazing! They listen, were amazing with my 13 month old and overall very informative and insightful! We are starting out here and plan to return very soon.

Clinton Dullin


The whole team is awesome! I highly recommend them

Emily West

Andy Brandt

Dr. Dillon and his team were very thorough and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable the entire time I was there. Even the front line staff were very friendly and helpful getting me started. Highly recommended!

Jenny McCloskey

Best Chiropractic I have been to in a very long. I feel so much better after my first adjustment especially my neck. I would recommend this office to Anyone. The front desk is also awsome The guy who did our assessment was very friendly and wonderful to work with

Rebecca Seele

Amazing experience going here! I’ve had two pregnancies with terrible back pain for months and difficult labors. With Doctor Bird’s help, my third pregnancy was almost totally free of back pain, and the easiest labor and delivery I could have imagined. Everyone at Total Health Chiropractic is super friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

jaci ampulski

I really love going to these guys. Friendly, professional, always updating the practice and adding the latest and greatest therapies and techniques. They're dedicated to their patients and clearly dedicated to keeping up with an ever advancing field. I've been going for years at this point and they've been what's helped me through several acrobatics injuries. Highly recommend them.

Samantha Wills

Brian Boelk

Total Health has provided me with a consistent and planned strategy to keeping my body in line and my health in check. They not only provide the technical and physical services, but also provide a personal touch. I always look forward to seeing the staff.

Stacey Herdliska

Devin Burgett

Dr. Dillon has really helped my chronic lower back pain. He and his staff are very friendly and it is obvious they really care about my health. I highly recommend Dr. Dillon and Total Health Chiropractic!

Andrea Harms

andreas pessl-bauer

Great care! Well worth the trip from Cedar Rapids.

Kelsey Dyson

Great chiropractor for the Coralville area!

Melissa Woods

I would recommend and refer Dr. Hammes anyone who is needing work done or would like to learn more about chiropractic services. About a year and a half ago I was get off of a forklift and bashed my knee on the fender of another one. Needless to say I could hardly walk after that. Finally, I decided to go and see Dr. Hammes and luckily he knew the right technique to get me taken care of. Also during my recent pregnancy I had horrible migraines. To my surprise it really does work! There's even a special table for pregnant ladies which is amazing! He is very welcoming at every appointment I've had, along with the lady at the front desk. Not to mention that he has also adjusted my now 7 month old son. I could go on and on about how great of an experience I've had at Total Health Chiropractic but you should just set up an appointment and find out for yourself. Take the entire family! He can help all ages!!!

Bruce Pagan

Kathy Lilli

Angie Murphy

I will never go to another chiropractor again! Total Health truly care about you as a person and your overall health. They are friendly and informative. Thank you Total Health for making me feel better!

Adam Kerkove

Todd Tripp

Last week I had the pleasure of getting a massage from Elayne. This was not part of any specific treatment; I simply believe that massage is conducive to good health. The room setting was fairly standard - soft music, low lighting, warm aromas - but one thing different was that her massage table seemed just a bit wider than many I have experienced. I am fairly large (6' 230 lbs), so this table was a nice change. After the interview (I had no particular areas of focus), Elayne began in a relatively standard order. She had a nicely intuitive sense of pressure - what was too little, what was too much. She balanced her time very well, giving adequate work to each area without "shorting" anywhere because of time issues (and she used the entire hour). Also, I felt respected throughout. The only problem I had, which always occurs with a GOOD massage - I wasn't really ready for it to be over and go back out into the cold, harsh world. Elayne said she is somewhat new to this office, so she is still building her clientele. Based upon my experience, it won't be long before her bookings become very full, so you might want to get in with her while you still can; you won't regret it.

Clayton Penrod

They are very knowledgeable and make you feel like a valued customer.

Shannon Starks

Great practice. Services for whole family needs as well as special care for injuries.

Sabina Peppin

Norma Diaz

I totally recommend Total health Chiropractic. They know what they doing. They help me with my migraines, my lower back and now my feets. I definitely going to recommend my friends. Gracias Total Health Chiropractic!

Brian H

Codee Bunting

Superior service!! Dr. Dillon is always able to help me relieve whatever pain I'm experiencing. He also has great suggestions for at home stretches and exercises between visits. Lisa and the other ladies at the desk are incredibly helpful and friendly :) Highly recommended!

Trey Duit

I was having some neck pain from staring at a computer all day. I started going to Total Health Chiropractic and have been much more comfortable throughout the day. Highly recommend.

Ashley Babinat

Love the community environment they have and they truly try to get know their patients. There is always a positive vibe going in and love all of the staff.

Jason Weddle

Excellent new chiropractor in the Coralville, IA area! Most of the chiropractors I have seen just want to do a quick adjustment then get you back out the door. Here, Dr. Hammes does a full evaluation on you before you are ever adjusted and each time you get adjusted he spends the time with you to make sure each bone is in its right place. If you want to get your moneys worth and feel better come see Dr. Dillion Hammes!

Laura Signs

Very friendly and welcoming. Professional but not stuffy. Clear and concise recommendations. I look forward to getting better in the future.

Jason Wells

Total health chiropractic is awesome they really help me in my time of need and the staff is great always helpful and friendly each and every time I’m in the office! I highly recommend seeing them!!

Tomye Lauren Ollinger

Ryan Langford

I’m 25 years old and thus far have played over 17 years of football in my life time. I’ve played at all levels including the NFL and have seen dozens of different chiropractors throughout the past 7-8 years since I left high school. Total health chiropractic is without a doubt some of, if not the BEST treatment I have been able to find for maintaining optimal health in my body. For example a chronic pain in my neck/trap area that I had been dealing with for years has seen outstanding improvement thanks to total health and their team of caring professionals. Since I have began scheduling regular visits my body’s structure and function has never felt better. Anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy chiropractor who knows how to treat the human body should go here. 10/10 would recommend total health chiropractic to a friend.

Courtney Penrod

Chris Lange

Stephen MacDonald

Only my first visit, but staff is super friendly and try to explain everything so we'll. I felt comfortable there. Also the hydro massage was great! I could do that thing all day.

Sheri Lynch

All staff members are very friendly, knowledgeable and provide a warm, welcoming environment! I highly recommend Total Health Chiropractic!

Tyler Dailey

With out a doubt the best care at Total Health! Dillon is the definition of professional. Cannot say enough great things about him and his staff. I am a rugby player as was Dillon so I appreciate his athletic experience that he carries with him to the tables!

Dusitn Peck

Shubiri Sula

Dr. Hammes and his staff are very friendly and provide an awesome atmosphere for their clients!

HidHid LaRox

I didn't like it. The people were nice but they adjustments were too hard for me and it felt like an assembly line

Keith Hanlon

Michelle Jeffrey

I was having sciatic never pain and numbness down my right leg, into the arch of my right foot and big toe. The numbness was so bad I could not sleep, sit for long periods of time or workout. After my first Chiropractic adjustment 75% or the numbness and tingling was gone after the second adjustment the numbness was 100% gone! I have been seen by various Chiropractors my entire life as one of my aunts is a Chiropractor and I used to play rugby with Chiropractic students. Dr. Hammes is hands down one of the best adjusters I have ever met and I have been adjusted by at least 70-80 different Chiropractors.

Matt Plumley

Dr. Hammes is very good at what he does. He knows the correct ways to adjust and help you feel fantastic. Please stop in and see him to start feeling great!!!

Dan Weis

Kelsey Dettbarn

Great first appointment! Everything was well explained and I felt very comfortable. Cant wait for my first adjustment!

Kimberely Durham

The doctors make sure they let you know what is going to happen. They look over x-rays together.

Mike Carberry

I have a congenital lower back problem that Total Health Chiropractic has been great at adjusting every few weeks for the last few years. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and the Doctors really know there stuff! Highly recommended!!!

aarontammy streigle

À+ chiropractic care, very professional

Dianna Lai

Friendly and knowledgable staff, extremely patient and very accommodating to my work schedule.

Diana Chockley

The team there are awesome! Always feel welcomed!

Frank & Teri Gauley

opal McMenomy

Great Doctors helping me to feelgreat


I always have great experience with Total Health Chiro. Both doctors are very knowledgeable, skilled, and provide outstanding customer service. Will definitely recommend to anyone with spine issues.

Lauren Turbes

I've been to ten chiropractors in the last 8 years (I keep moving), and Dr. Dillon is by far the best. He looks at the whole picture and his adjustments stick better than anyone's. He also knows that adjustments aren't the whole picture and shows me stretches and things to help find the real source.

Martha Follmer

I have used chiropractic for almost 50 years, and I believe Dr. Dillon Hammes is the most knowledgeable and effective of the various chiropractors who have treated me. He has the best diagnostic tools I have experienced, and has made more positive changes in my well being than any others. Every visit to his office has been pleasant. I love his positive outlook. His office staff is helpful and efficient.

Cian O'Neill

I can't tell you how much Dr. Hammes has helped me! I have suffered from debilitating migraine headaches for years. I used to get them two or three times per month. After a few visits with Dr. Hammes, I am migraine free! He has also been helping me with other aches and pains I occasionally suffer from. I recommend everyone give him a try. Truly a great doctor!

Jennifer Playle

Dr. Hammes is a very respectful, kind, and caring doctor visit THC and you will be very pleased!

Calla Jayne Kleene

My 7 year old daughter and I came to the Total Health Chirorpactic for a thermography appointment with Miss Amy. It was a great experience from start to finish. We were treated with respect and kindness. The docs each took a minute to say hello and welcome us to the office. It was a great morning dedicated to our health, and prevention.

Lisa Dreesman

Perry Bonar

His Glory In Motion

I have been to many chiropractics over my lifetime, but Dr Dillion is by far the best. Every time I visit Iowa I make an appt with him for an adjustment. I told him I wanted to transplant him to Texas!! He now has another Chiropractor/acupuncturist in his practice. I was able to get an acupuncture treatment as well! Oh my gosh!! Excellent all the way around. The spirit of excellence coupled with their expertise goes far beyond most. Thanks for great adjustments, great staff, and so much more. You truly care about your clients and it’s apparent.

Amanda Rostami

Love Dr. Dillon!

Angela Huthmacher

Dr. Hammes and his staff have been fantastic to work with in getting my health back on track. Nagging back issues finally caused me to look for a place I could stick with a plan to make progress on my health...not just a 'quick fix'. With a super friendly staff, they clearly genuinely care about taking care of their patients. Highly recommended!

Nancy Juarez

Good place

Opal McMenomy

Just started going there and I felt better the first time I went

Mike Kelso

Tony Vandersee

Dr. Dillon is an excellent chiropractor, with a very professional but friendly attitude, he really cares about his patients. He has fixed low back problems I've had my whole adult life. I highly recommend Dr. Dillon, especially if you've never seen a chiropractor before, he is very thorough and explains what he is doing as he does it as well as why he is doing it and what it will help.

Carly Armour

I have been to a few chiropractors over the past 10 years and Dr. Hammes is the most attentive, caring, and professional one I've ever worked with. If you're looking for a chiropractor who has a wholistic perspective who will take you seriously & yet handle your adjustments with sincere care, this is the one for you. I was impressed with not only the attention to x-rays, foot scans, and energy scans but also how he took a long time explaining all the results to me before we had my first adjustment. He will not give any adjustments until he fully exams all the tests. THAT'S how much he cares about his patients. I HIGHLY recommend this business over any other chiropractor in the area.

Coulton Casteel

Dr. Dillon has helped me recover for a low back injury that i sustained playing soccer, and I continue to see him to feel better overall. I would recommend him to everybody!!

Austin Svatos

Dr. Dillon and the entire team are an absolutely wonderful group! Extremely knowledgeable, patient and friendly. I would (and do) recommend them to everybody!

Ainsley Schrock

Definatly recommend going to Total Heath Ciropractic not only do thay make you feel better by an adjustment but a great environment to be in the everyone caring and smiling. Come out feeling good head to toe.

Sandy Kessler

I highly recommend this business! They are friendly, professional and do an amazing job of helping you to restore and maintain your health.

melody nelson

Zachary Lujan

Awesome staff, very professional office, and Dr. Hammes is a great doctor! Love the family atmosphere, kids love getting checked here! Highly recommend.

Joseph Klingelhutz

I've been to several chiropractors in the last 5 years. Total Health has been the best experience thus far. They scanned my spine and did other measurements to see what was really going on with the back issues I was having. Been going here for 3 months now and I feel great. The staff is experienced and very nice. I would recommend this place to anyone seeking chiro care.

Linda Banwarth

I was miserable. Have a number of chronic pain issues. Arthritis is one of them. I could barely turn my head and after the first week of treatment, I was 90 per cent better. I'm going for my first reevaluation and expect an excellent report. The staff is friendly but very professional. Dillon is an excellent chiropractor, his bedside manner is wonderful only outdone by his professionalism.

Audra Moore

Maira Keough

I was dealing with chronic upper back pain from my job and Dr. Hammes helped me get out of pain and stay out of pain with his personalized care plan that worked for me and my busy schedule. I would highly recommend him!

Katie Ford

Great care from Dr. Dillon and his team.

chad oeltjen

Shaoping Xiao

We call him hot doctor. Nice guy. Very friendly. Front desk lady is very friendly too

Jennifer Robb

There are few things in life I can't live without and THC is one of them!!

Michael Lung

N McGlinn-Krylov

I went in for treatment of upper thoracic stenosis and began a program that will take a few months. In the meantime, I got an unexpected result. I injured a shoulder tendon, and Dr. Hammes' adjustment to both my shoulder and arm has already restored range of motion. Each time I've gone in, I've left with less pain and more functionality. I expect good results from the more longer-term program as well.


Jessica Attere

Nathan Northup

Very clean and professional atmosphere with kind, attentive, and knowledgeable staff.

Ryan Russell

I love Total Health Chiropractic! Dr. Dillon and Dr. Brady have helped the pain I had been experiencing for years. I would recommend them to anyone!

Dr. Veera Gupta

Le encantará al Dr. Hammes el segundo que lo conozca. Él no sólo es pesonable, pero amable, experto y muy conocedor. Si usted tiene dolor de espalda dolor de espalda o dolores de cabeza que es maravilloso.

Jake Bales

Fantastic! I recommend everyone to go here.

Linda Patterson

Casey Shook

Highly recommend. Very professional and knowledgeable. I was able to get an appointment the same day I called. I had some lower back pain and they helped me tremendously!

Libby Meyer

francisco enriquez

Brenton Sherwood

Steph Beecher

You might call me a chiropractor skeptic. I have never really tried the chiropractor despite having chronic pain from athletic injuries. After one week of treatment I started to feel relief. Total Health is extremely friendly, affordable and the hours work well with my work hours. I can’t imagine my self care routine absent of Total Health.

Randy Arends

Total Health Chiropractic is simple amazing! When I first came to Total Health Chiropractic I wasn't sure I would ever stand straight up again. I had displaced my pelvis or hip area badly and even broken a bone a year earlier. So waiting so long to come didnt help. Today I stand with no pain and plan on looking into there Holistic Medicine that they offer. I can only say I have great respect for all at Total Health Chiropractic (THANKS)

Mel Goatley

Andrea Ward

Jeff Metcalf

Dr. Hammes is an extremely knowledgable and talented chiropractor. He takes time to fully understand your situation and works with you to develop a treatment plan. I've been going to Total Health Chiropractic for a few months and can't believe how much better I feel! He is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend his services! If you have any doubts, just call and make an appointment. You won't regret it!

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