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REVIEWS OF Herrmann Family Chiropractic IN Iowa

Anna Rief

Wonderful people! Very professional, friendly, & knowledgeable. Would recommend!

Cindy Houchins

I highly recommend the Hermmann Family Chiropractic for your chiropractic needs. Both doctors, Megan and Eric are very professional, personable, and thorough. They take the time to listen to your concerns, because your health and happiness is genuinely important to them and it shows at every visit. It is very comforting to know that you specifically matter, not just as a client, but as a person. I have been going to them for a while now and their service is outstanding!!!!

Joseph Gardner

Very kind, patient, and understanding of your needs/ injuries.

Shelby M

Best adjustment i've ever had! So willing to listen and help me with whatever problem presents itself. A patient for life !

Brenda PérezMartin

Since I started to see Dr Eric my back has improved a lot. It went from had to roll out of the bes because I was in so much pain to be able to get up without any problem. I highly recommend Herrmann Family Chiropractor! Always on time and he had made time to see me in a short notice.

Joe Eaton

Very friendly, and always willing to help, even if it's not the normal back/neck issue. Have had my knees, wrists, and jaw all adjusted. Great place to go!

Jody Ferguson

These guys are the best. They have helped the whole family.

Ron Henze

Dr. Eric and Dr. Megan are both incredible chiropractors. Both doctors take their time to ensure they give the best care with each visit. My wife and I have loved the adjustments we have received from Herrmann Family Chiropractic. Their specific and gentle approaches are what every spine deserves to experience. We highly recommend Dr. Eric and Dr. Megan!

Scott Kundel

I have experience with one prior chiropractor and was never offered x-rays or an explanation of what he was doing to my spine. Results were just OK. I recently went to Dr. Eric and was amazed how well everything was explained and how fast my back pain has subsided! I am also getting great advice on my diet and overall health. Ask about the cleanse program!

Cody Ritter

I highly recommend Herrmann Family Chiropractic. I've had many issues and problems with my back over the years - Dr. Eric Herrmann worked with me to understand my lifestyle and help me build a plan to correct the issues and prevent them going forward. Sounds like a sales pitch, but it actually works. I've had no issues for the past 4 months - which is unheard of for me!

Lindsay Gerber

What I love most about Herrmann Family Chiropractic is that Dr's Megan and Eric are good, kind people. They are both genuine and care greatly about the well being of their patients. I am so happy to have found Dr. Megan. She has helped to make my family well and comfortable. I would recommend this chiropractic care to anyone, not just because of the kindness but also because of knowledge. Dr. Megan is very educated!

Lindsey Jo Andrews

Eric and Megan are very knowledgeable and really care about their patients. Plus they are just all-around kind people. They have awesome technology and techniques that really help heal you from the root of the pain and prevent it from coming back. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great chiropractor!

Thomas Griffin

Herrmann Family Chiro provides great care and kindness. I really appreciate how they listen and take time at each appointment as well. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for excellent care.

Lauryn Johannsen

Dari Larsen

The first time I saw Dr. Eric I was in a lot of pain due to a nerve issue. After a series of adjustments. exercises and stretches he gave me my issue was resolved. I now have regular maintenance appointments. He always has suggestions of preventive measures to do beyond the chiropractic treatments.

Jeff Brown

They got me in right away and did a great job. It was my first time I have had chiropractic done to me, so I was a little nervous at first but everything we great and I would suggest to anyone to go see them. Great service and a great help to me!

Brian H

Dr. Eric & Dr. Megan really care about their patients! I would highly recommend Herrmann Family Chiropractic! They give excellent care!

John Coats

Great experience so far. I've struggled with some bad neck pain for awhile and Eric put me through lots of tests and some x-rays to nail down the problem, and just finally knowing what was wrong made me feel better. The treatment's have been going really well, my pain has dropped significantly, and I am confident I am on the road to a full recovery. If you want a great chiropractor you can trust, then you should go see Herrmann Family Chiropractic.

Rachel Jensen

They offer great services especially during pregnancy. Megan is very well trained in dealing with pregnant women and helped me through a lot of my pelvic pain issues. I would definitely recommend both of them for chiropractic care.

Jackson Gleason

Had an injury on vacation a few months ago that severely restricted movement of my neck, and Dr. Eric Herrmann was able to get me back to normal within a week. Very professional and great all-around care.

jessica d

Dr. Megan has a special talent with kids. My son suffered from knee problems due to baseball for years. He complained daily of pain and PT, medication, etc. did nothing to relieve it. After his 2nd appointment with Dr. Megan he already felt a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility. Now he rarely complains of knee pain. During baseball season Megan also helps with shoulder and elbow issues due to pitching. My kids look forward to their appointments and often ask when they are going again.

Chelsea Gregerson

I'm very happy with the care my daughter has received from Dr Megan! She's fantastic with her and demonstrated on the Teddy Bear Popcorn and explained what she was going to do first. I would highly recommend their practice!

Katie Robinson

We love Herrmann Chiropractic!! They have helped our family improve all our health issues from digestion to sore knees.

Stephanie Reed

Love these doctors and what they do! They're so great at explaining things and I know I'm in good hands when I'm in their care!

Natalie Te Grootenhuis

Very friendly and professional staff. They care about their patience overall wellness.

Bethany Pietsch

Dr. Megan is great! She takes the time to listen to everything that I think of, and remembers all of my problem areas each time I come in. This is not an "in and out" appointment, it's one where they want to make sure every complaint is dealt with. I highly recommend them!

Brittany Hogue

Cari Nordstrom

Very friendly and knowledgable. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

colleen homan

I have had plenty of Chiropractors over the years and I am glad I have found one that I plan on staying with. Dr. Eric is diligently working on my chronic back issues and hasn't given up on me yet :)What I also like about THE DRS. is they are very active in their community and support a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Marsha Mitchell

Unfortunately, I now live in a different state than Drs. Megan and Eric, but even from several hundred miles away, they have helped me. Most recently they reviewed some recent x-rays I had done, and recommended and neck orthosis and special pillow. They even ordered the right items for me and are mailing them straight to my house! Who does that in this day and age? So although I miss seeing them on a regular basis, I still consider both of them a valuable part of my healthcare.

Buddynblinko Bearden

Megan has been helping me through my pregnancy (which has been miserable so far), and I wouldnt recomend anywhere else. She is quick and informative, and if you have ANY pain, popping, grinding, headaches etc. She will solve the problem right then and there. She's been helping me with my extreme morning sickness, aches and pains, and sleepless nights; I really dont know what I would do without her!! Not only am I a very frequent patient, but my husband, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law, all go to Herrmann! Do yourself a favor! Go!

Sean Hagan

I've had a great experience so far. The Herrmann's are both friendly and helpful!

Erin Herrmann

I would recommend Herrmann Family Chiropractic to anyone! Dr. Megan was very helpful and friendly and gave me answers to an issue that I had been struggling with for quite some time. I will definitely continue to see Dr. Megan in the future!

Sue Bergsieker

I am very happy with the professional and personal care I have received at Herrmann Family Chiropractic. The warm and friendly atmosphere is a plus too!

Samantha Seifried

Highly recommend! Professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Megan explains things to your understanding and makes every visit comfortable and worthy.

Kelsey Anthony

Dr. Megan takes the time to make sure I understand exactly what we are doing AND why! I finally understand why I feel how I feel and how to help improve! Also love her pre-natal specialty!


I had never sought chiropractic care before, and Dr. Megan was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and answered all of my questions. She did a great job at explaining everything and teaching exercises and practices to implement at home. You can tell they really care about the wellbeing of the clients and want to see you improve.


Great office with friendly staff! They are very attentive to your needs and ensure you are feeling great before you leave!

Rob R

I went in to get checked out while I am under a spectacular insurance plan. I was in zero pain. Dr. Eric Herrmann began with some diagnostics and identified some areas of concern. I began visiting twice a week for a few weeks for adjustments. Each visit lasts about 15 minutes. With each visit, my spine became looser. He has also worked on my wrists and fingers, where I was experiencing some stiffness. After a month, I am down to once a week visits. After next week, it will be once a month. I am greatly pleased with the treatment I've received from Dr. Eric Herrmann. He is knowledgeable, capable, and has an excellent manner with his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Eric Herrmann to anyone, especially if you are like me, getting older, and wanting to address any problems before they become chronic/serious.

Jennifer Hogueison

Initially started my visit after a car accident. I have had a great experience. They listen, they are quick to respond to any questions or requests even when I am not in the office, and are just great people to work with!

Therese Davis

Wonderful family owned business!

Amanda Skaggs

Soon after our daughter was born, she started to show signs and symptoms of colic. For days, she cried and nothing my husband or I tried would soothe her. We call Drs. Megan and Eric Herrmann for help. They adjusted our three week old daughter and within thirty minutes she was sound asleep! Their adjustments made us a believer in chiropractic care for all ages!

Katelyn Buehrer

Dr. Megan is amazing!! She always listens to exactly what’s going on and personalized the car just for me. I’ve never felt better!! The technology they use at their office is super awesome too! It really helps you understand more about your spine and your body. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with Herrmann Family Chiropractic!

Natalie Cooley

Megan and Eric are fantastic Chiropractors! They are extremely professional and truly love to serve their patients. This couple will have you and your family functioning at your peak potential. Allow Herrmann Family Chiropractic the opportunity to exceed your healthcare expectations!


I had never seen a chiropractor before until I started experiencing severe neck pain. I went in for a visit with Megan. She was very professional, informative, spent time listening to my concerns, and took her time explaining to me what I should expect throughout the visit as well as future visits with her. She spent a great amount of time making sure she understood all of my current issues with her knowledge and utilizing her tools in the clinic in order for her to properly help relieve my pain. I can tell that she genuinely cares about my issues and helping me overcome them. I would highly recommend Herrmann Family Chiropractic. They have helped me tremendously.

Brooke Mitchell

Drs. Megan and Eric are by far my favorite chiropractors! They always genuinely listen to me while I explain my symptoms and take the best course of action to make me feel wonderful again. I turn to them for all of my bodily concerns and routine adjustments, and I know they would be happy to do the same with anyone else! Can't wait to go back!

Abby Beyer

I saw Dr Megan through the second half of my pregnancy and post partum. I’ve been extremely happy with the care. She takes her time with me at each visit and worked on my round ligaments throughout the pregnancy which made a huge difference. This was my second pregnancy and my hips and back felt better overall this time around. She went above and beyond to help keep me comfortable up until and after delivery. She also works on my newborn and assisted with feed/latch issues and some serious hiccups :)

Holly Mc

Megan and Eric are so wonderful! I started going to their practice a couple months ago and was very nervous because I had never had any chiropractic work done before. They both made me feel very comfortable and addressed all of my apprehensions before starting work on me. My all over pain has improved because of Dr. Megan's efforts!

Mary Crowe

I became a patient of Dr. Megan’s over a year ago. I filled out an extensive patient profile and that was the beginning of a great relationship! She addressed my every issue and relieved my discomfort instantly. I am a monthly patient and I feel she has kept me active and healthy at my age. She could do the same for you and if she is unavailable on short notice, Dr. Eric is a perfect replacement. He is especially good with wrist problems which I occasionally have. I’m over 60 and going strong thanks to Hermann Chriopractic!

Missy Shepherd

Dr. Megan and Dr. Eric are helping my family become pain free and feel better with each visit. Both of my girls are very active and put their bodies through lot's of workouts and drills in sports. Their learning how to make healthy changes so that their bodies are stronger and able to stay active. They accommodate my crazy schedule and multiple phone calls with a smile and a no problem attitude.

Brett/Caressa Hollingshead

This office has been so wonderful with getting me in ASAP and working around my schedule with my kids! Very welcoming environment and staff. I’ve recommended this clinic to many of my friends and family!

Kati Gehringer

Doctors Megan and Eric will make you feel right at home the minute you walk through their door. I spent many years of my life without regular chiropractic care until I started seeing Dr. Megan. She is compassionate, thorough and always willing to listen. I truly believe her care has brought me better overall health!

Veronica S

I use to suffer from chronic headaches. Since I’ve been seeing Dr.Eric I’ve had almost none! So glad I decided to come here!

Sarah B

Great caring doctors the best practitioner I've had in Iowa

Bev Schalk

They are AWESOME at what they do.

Lacey Dettmering

Drs. Eric and Megan are amazing at what they do. They make a great team in the office and provide patients with exceptional chiropractic care. They are thorough and detailed in their analysis of the spine, and truly care about their patient's health concerns.

Stephanie Truitt

I love how these people feel like family. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Megan and Dr. Eric have helped me tremendously with the pain I have from my bulging disc in my neck. Your body will thank you when you decide to make regular chiropractic care a part of your health regimen!

Jordan Andrews

A great couple to work with! Love that they are local

Paul H.

Drs. Megan and Eric Herrmann make you feel right at home. Our sessions with Eric have yielded great results. We appreciate the extra time spent and have never felt rushed through. Thank you! Following up on my earlier review. Couldn't be happier!

Jade Kelso

I really like this place, they have really flexable schedules and I go in with a problem and come out fixed, highly recommended.

Brittney Morlan

I would highly recommend to Dr. Megan and Dr. Eric to anybody! I am an RN and am constantly on my feet and moving people at work. Dr. Megan has worked wonderfully with me since April when I seriously needed help one Saturday morning with my back. Two months time doesn't seem like much, but she has seriously made my life more comfortable by continually working with me! They are so thorough on the first appointment and take the time to explain everything to you. Dr. Megan answers all my questions and has even given me exercises to do at home in my free time that have helped tremendously. Dr. Megan and Eric are always pleasant when I walk through their doors! Definitely worth giving them a try!

Deb Baldwin

Dr. Eric has helped me eliminate pain I suffered with for many years. He has really gotten to know what specific treatment produces the best results for me. Dr. Megan has so much knowledge regarding overall health that she make great recommendations on supplements and other well being techniques.

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