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REVIEWS OF Care Chiropractic IN Iowa

Sabra Thompson

Fantastic service and staff. Very good with the patients. Hands down five stars. Highly recommend.

Aaron Blech

I have been to a few chiropractic offices/clinics in my days but this place in particular is by far the best. The second you walk in the door you are greeted and made to feel comfortable. The clinic is also very clean and organized. Probably going to be a lifer in terms of a patient!

James Libe

Incredible care and concern shown from every staff member. I've been going to Care Chiropractic for sometime now and I've felt incredible results. Both with my adjustments (from Dr. Sean) and alsoI have felt incredible benefits from their massage therapist (Jesse). I would recommend chiropractic care from Care Chiropractic to anyone. Dr. Sean has also done incredible things in terms of adjusting my sister throughout her entire pregnancy!

Michael Hodgson

Great Folks ! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff!

Cameron Clinton

Scott Heibel

Dr. Sean and his staff are terrific! He's very knowledgeable and willing to give you insights and advice to help remedy whatever may be ailing you (i.e. exercises), rather than just letting you come back for more adjustments. When you walk in, they make you feel like family. The office is always clean and the staff are all willing to help you to the best of their abilities. I'd recommend Dr. Sean and his office to anyone in need of their services.

Christopher Ward

Dr. Sean Dunkle is the most caring and compassionate chiro provider one can find locally. Common sense is always common at Care Chiropractic. Whether it is an adjustment or the need for a massage therapist, you are always treated as family and greeted with a smile and a wave. I have had several chiro docs over the last 10 years; and find Sean to be the one I would entrust with not only my care but also the rest of my family.

josh brown

Family friendly and they are good at what they do along with they are flexable.

Jeannie Matlick

Sean is awesome!! He gets every spot adjusted on the first shot. Highly recommend!! Everyone there is nice and very welcoming!!

Tray Charleston

Excellent staff, very kind and understanding, always leave feeling better than when I enter.


Sue Brown

The staff is friendly and Dr. Sean Dunkle is the best!

Marrie Mcintyre

Great people! I can't do my job without him!

Monica Miner

Dr. Sean and his staff are great. They work around your needs and always make you feel welcome. I would recommend Sean to anybody. He takes his time and listens to you, and he does everything he can to make you feel better. Thanks to Sean and his staff for everything you all do.

Scott Wittstruck

I thought that I just published a review here, but it must have been a separate one. Anyway, I have been a patient of Dr. Sean for over six years, and I cannot imagine how painful and uncomfortable my life would be without his treatment. I have a very bad back, and often I enter his office almost immobile. However, by the time that he finishes treating my injuries, I feel completely better. He always does a great job, and he and Karen always take an interest in all of their customers. It has been another year since I wrote this review, but I feel compelled to write more about this office. This past year, my back deteriorated severely, even to the point that I had to resort to physical therapy. As always, however, Dr. Sean and the Care Chiropractic crew did an excellent job of helping me get through this difficult time. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, I took advantage of EStim and laser therapy, as well as Jesse's massage therapy. All of these treatments were fantastic, and together, they helped me as much as the physical therapy, if not more. I only managed to get through this year because of all the help that this office provided me. I could never imagine going to any other office or chiropractor for my back problems. The Care Chiropractic staff is truly in a class by itself.

Sarah Holub

Great service and friendly staff!

Josh Howe

Great Chiropractor always makes time to see me

Brady O'Malley

Staff is friendly. Appointments are quick and Dr Dunkel is great!

Brennan Russell

I picked Care Chiropractic blindly based on only google reviews - nothing but pleased with my choice. I was having horrible lower back pain - terrible pain when I did everything but sleep. I was not functional, walking or standing more than a couple minutes sent shooting pain down my legs. Here two weeks later after 4 visits, I'm 90% better. Dr. Sean has done a great job with the adjustments and I couldn't be happier. Have to say - probably the friendliest office staff I've ever encountered. Super friendly, courteous, helpful and personable. Recognized me and called me by my first name after my first visit. They just implemented a new system for tracking pain progress and signing in that seems to work really well - I'm in and out of the office in no time at all. Overall, I'd recommend Care Chiro to anyone looking for a Chiropractor.

william B

I have been a patient with Dr Dunkle for over 12 years now. I give him a solid 5 star review, only because I can't select anything higher. He has helped me through several back injuries, and to help me recover from a car accident. He is so passionate about what he does, and cares deeply for each of his patients. He is understanding, compassionate, and very good at what he does. I have had several short notice appointments, and any time I am in need of an adjustment, I know it is only a phone call away. The wonderful staff and convenient location is a huge plus as well. His office is also understanding when it comes to changes in insurance coverage. We lost health care coverage for a short time through changes in employers, and he was willing to work with us on a payment plan, and kept me in good shape in the interim, with very reasonable cost. I love this office. He is one of the few chiropractic offices i feel comfortable going to, since i am difficult to adjust. He has on site x-ray equipment for new patients, E-Stim treatments, with hot or cold therapy, and also carries several health and wellness related products to provide a well rounded experience for anyone wishing to have a healthier life. Dr Dunkle also takes time to explain what he is doing, why it's important, and his knowledge of his practice and his patients is fantastic.

Brian Rahe

Dr. Sean does a great job and the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Carter Cuber

Danielle Patterson

Dr. Sean is thorough and truly cares about his patients. He takes his time with each patient and will always try to get you in as soon as possibly, including the same day. The office is clean and very welcoming and the staff is AMAZING!!!

Kathy McIntire

When I misplaced my hip back in March of 2017, I went to the hospital by ambulance. I could hardly walk and was in a ton of pain. Hospital and Ambulance told me that I pulled a muscle and it'll get better, if it doesn't I should go to physical therapy. Hospital sent me home with a few meds that night. My friend referred me to Care Chiropractic, even though I was adamant that it wouldn't help. The staff got me in next day, with x-rays and an adjustment that relieved the pain instantly. Since then, I go on a regular basis and the staff have always been kind, courteous and always a joy to see! Would highly recommend!

kelly macek

Everyone here is fantastic. They treat their patients like family. A very caring environment. They set the gold standard in how a business and health care should treat people. You will wish every place you go knew how to treat patients like this.

Jesse McCallister

Jamie Prull

My entire family has been visiting Dr. Sean for at least 12 years and have been extremely happy. He and his staff are very caring and take your life and well being very seriously.

ken klees

I've been a patient of Dr. Sean for many years and I will recommend him to anyone. Great people at the front desk. Both Dr. Sean and Dr. Casey are awesome and very knowledgeable and they will do what ever they can to arrange an appointment around your schedule.

Dustin Bessine

Kadi Gunter

I have always been told by doctors that I have had scoliosis, but a friend told me to come in even though I was told they wouldn't touch me. After an x-ray that doctors refused to do I found out I never really had scoliosis. Just really unaligned hips. The staff are incredibly friendly, helpful, and sincerely care about you. Everytime I call, even if its a month or so later, they remember who I am with just a first name and remember our last conversation. They are also reasonably priced and very accomidating when it comes to payments and insurance or lack there of. I will highly recommend this place to anyone who may be looking.

Robin Jacobs

I have been a patient for almost 6 years and have always had wonderful experiences. The staff is friendly and they always take great care of me. I highly recommend this clinic!

Nick Loecke

Sean and Casey are super friendly and caring. They go out of their way to ensure we are all receiving the best care possible.

Aron Hansen

Sean is by far the best chiropractor I have used. I have been using him for multiple years and after moving away from the area I still am willing to drive 20+ miles to keep using Sean.

dana cox

A friend from work recommended Care Chiropractic to me. I was all twisted up and Sean got me walking again. Easily the best place I've been!

angela bitz

I moved here in 2013 and Dr. Sean was recommended to me from a friend who was also a Chiropractor. I felt at ease the minute I walked in the office. The office was beautiful, the staff was friendly, and my adjustment went smoothly. In fact Dr. Sean was the first chiropractor to ever get my hips to go in side posture! I have seen Dr. Casey as well many times and he is wonderful. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a caring and compassionate Drs. who truly goes out of their way for their patients and treat them like family.

Kevin Burke

I had my first visit here and I am extremely happy. The doctors and the staff are extremely nice and very easy to talk to. Will continue to go back!

Lisa Klees

I have been going to Dr. Sean for over 8 years and in that time I have been very happy with my adjustments and the friendliness of his office. They are always asking as to how my husband is doing when I visit, they are very caring people and will do whatever it takes to help you. Dr. Sean always takes the time to discuss all your concerns, I never feel rushed at this office. I highly recommend Dr. Sean for chiropractic care.

sara marie differding

Justin Gilbertson

I really like Sean. He is very personable and not pushy with his practice. I've had another chiropractor that wanted to put me on a crazy care plan that was not needed and Sean didn't even entertain the idea of a consistent care plan unless I agreed with it. He makes getting chiro done fun and comfortable. The staff here are so nice and even though I don't go all too often, they remember me like I was there yesterday. Plus they work hard to make sure that you chiro care is affordable. I won't go anywhere else!

Jon Rstom

Great chiropractic clinic. Wonderful people to work with. They really care about their patients. I've been going to them for 10 years. Highly recommend.

Alan Turner

Elizabeth Ampulski

Dr. Sean Dunkle is excellent. He always makes time to see me and I always feel so much better after going to get an adjustment. I've been going to him for years and he always does a fantastic job. Him and is staff is amazing. Would definitely recommend!

Shania Stewart

Lynda King

Dr. Dunkle is a great chiropractor and keeps me on my feet. He is fun to work with and the office staff are some of my favorite people.

Courtney Ahlrichs

Always so welcoming and always willing to fit you in!! Best place hands down!!!


Dr Dunkle is a compassionate, honest, thorough and very knowledgable doctor. Every single visit Dr Dunkle takes his time and reviews all my charts and xrays as if it was my first visit to make sure he is adjusting me correctly and this is so important to me since I have some very serious injuries. He takes his time and answers all my questions and concerns. I have never felt rushed or pressured only cared for by Dr Dunkle. I would recommend Dr Dunkle for anyone looking to ease any pain in their body. He is Amazing!! And the office staff is always friendly and helpful with a smile. I give Care Chiropractic 5 stars

Jason Holub

An amazing chiropractor! They always do their best to fit you in if needed. Sean is great at making me feel instantly better. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommend!!

Luke Folsom

I have been seeing Dr. Sean years. I really enjoy the staff and Dr. Sean always get me fixed up and on my way. He never pressures you to come in but definitely suggests what you may need and lets you decide. I have also had the pleasure of having Dr. Casey work on my back and neck when Dr. Sean is out of town and Dr. Casey is just as kind and through. I can't no say enough good thing about the people at Care Chiropractic.

Erin Davis

I went to Dr. Dunkle suffering with headaches, lower back and neck pain. After a few treatments he has resolved all my issues. He has excellent people skills and listens to your concerns.

Julie Michelson

Lucy Petz

GREAT PLACE FOR AHLETES, PREGNANCYS, and even KIDS!! I have seen a couple handfuls of different people until I found Care chiro. Been with them for 6 years now. Even through a pregnancy. We have moved and I still drive the extra to see Dr. Dunkel. SO WORTH IT. Sean has even worked on my daughter as an infant and toddler. Words can describe how thankful I am for this place!

ron thatcher

Dr. Sean Dunkle did what he said he could do. I was in back pain for months and had gone to other chiropractors with no relief from pain. I began calling chiropractors and when I called Dr Sean he told me he would have me pain free with just three treatments and he did. He goes above and beyond to get you free from pain. I have not found another Chiropractic Doctor who adjusts your spine as Dr. Sean does. He cares about you and his staff is the best and caring as well as if you were family. Thanks Dr. Sean and staff

Laura Hernandez

Always a great experience. Very friendly staff, and a welcoming environment. Love going there.

amanda burgess

Awesome, friendly staff! They always go above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns. Highly recommended by our family!

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