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REVIEWS OF Capital Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center IN Iowa

Andrew Bailey

I have suffered from lower back pain for some time now, and what Dr. Lorang has done for me is remarkable. Whether it is adjusting my back or recommending stretches to help relieve my pain, Dr. Lorang and his staff have been beyond helpful and professional.

Jillian Foerster

I like the philosophy and approach that Chris provides at Capital Chiropractic. He treats and corrects the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms in a way that lasts. He also equips you with the tools/exercises you need to maintain your health and what to try on your own before having to come back for a visit. I won't go anywhere else.

Christina Gayman

In just a few visits, Dr. Lorang was able to help me identify the source of knee pain I have been having and give my guidance on ways to decrease/eliminate it. That, coupled with ART and paying close attention to my running stride has me on the road to wellness much sooner that I could have anticipated.

Torey Maerz

Chris is amazing! He's always there when I have questions and always very thoughtful with his advice.

Keri Glenn

Always friendly staff, excellent treatments, always takes the time to listen, always on time, and genuinely cares about their patients!!! 5 stars

Kelsi Jurik

Dr. Chris LoRang cares not only about fixing what may be ailing you today but also finding a way to help you improve for the future. He continues to educate himself and in turn applies what he learns to making his patients better. He is not your cookie-cutter chiropractor. Chris takes the time to get to know you and figure out what will work for you.

Alex Moon

Dr. Lorang and his staff create a great environment for treating patients. They enjoy helping people and it shows.

Jennie Smith

Chris and his team have given me a new perspective on health. He is fully equipped with technology, experience and skills that extend far beyond any previous chiropractic care I have received. He challenges me to continue work on my own, and I can feel his recommendations first hand. It is almost disappointing when I start to feel great and I am out of his office for months! He is impressive and caring- and his wife has a set of pipes that will bring the house down:) kia ora!

Erika Wheeler

Chris has been vital to my journey in healing. The manipulating, massage and stretching techniques he uses and teaches me to use at home have brought noticeable relief in my neck, shoulder, back, and capital tunnel pain. I am so grateful for this encouraging and holistic treatment!

Cathy Williams

I appreciate the ease of making appointments with options to fit my schedule, friendly office staff, comfortable environment, and of course, the amazing treatment I receive from Dr. LoRang!

Emily Brown

The location is perfect and they always make me feel comfortable. It’s a private practice that offers very personal service.

Claire Richmond

I love Chris's approach to treatment because it incorporates strength training and physical therapy. He is helping me manage my long-term neck and shoulder pain by correcting my posture, getting to the root of the problem itself. I have seen many chiropractors, but Chris is the only one who's set me up for success. I highly recommend Capital Chiropractic.

Tasha Mart

I went into the office today after dealing with lower back pain from a Yoga injury last week. I couldn't walk, sit, or even stand without some sort of pain. Dr. Chris was able to show me some stretches, as well as give me some tips to improve my condition. After a minor adjustment, I was on my way, and less than two hours later, I already feel so much better! Highly recommend.

Eliza Briggs

Chris and his staff are awesome! They are welcoming, funny, and more importantly, knowledgeable. Chris treated my lower back and also plantar fasciitis in my left foot. His sessions relieved so much strain, pain and tightness in my heel. Prior to going to Capital Chiropractic, I had seen an acupuncturists (was going 1x/week for months) and a foot specialist that gave me steroid injections in my heel and also had me in a walking boot for 6 weeks. Nothing was helping. Chris' sessions did SO much more than any other treatment I sought out. Now, two years after I stopped going to Chris (I moved to a different state), I still have NO pain in my heel. I am so thankful!

Kalie Kelman

It's always nerve-wracking going to a new chiropractor. Dr. LoRang made me really comfortable. You can tell he's very knowledgable through his treatments, not because he makes you feel inferior, like so many other doctors I've encountered. I am starting to feel so much better already. I would highly recommend this practice.

Kaylee Williams

Chris is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Capital Chiropractic is one of the best establishments in the East Village and a huge asset to our community. Thank you for all that you do!

Ryan Mills

One friendly dude. Tactful and assertive in letting me know what I can do to improve my health.

Holly Baumgartel

Ease of appointments, friendly staff, very knowledgeable doctor. I chose Capital Chiropractic because Dr. LoRang addresses the person as a whole and he provides resources to become your best.

Kramer McLuckie

Great experiences with Dr. LoRang and his staff. Nice office, convenient parking, convenient appointments times available, easy process to make appointments or move/cancel if needed, almost never have to wait more than a couple minutes, adjustments are quick and most importantly, I walk out with my back feeling much better. Plus he gives good little exercises and stretches to do at home to maintain those improvements.

Merenciana Paulus

I would have to say that Capital Chiropractic & Rehab is one of the most impressive facilities I have worked with. Dr. LoRang is awesome! He is extremely knowledgeable and honest. He works with you and helps with what is in your best interest. His ultimate goal is to assist in your healing process. I find he and his staff are very genuine individuals and I recommend him all the way!!!

Zak Sheeder

In the past I've been skeptical about going to a Chiropractor. I was under the mindset that they were temporarily fixing me only to have me come back. Dr. Chris is definitely an exception to this thought. He was genuinely concerned about my well being, and wanted to fix me so that I wouldn't NEED to come back. He is extremely professional, and you can tell he is very passionate about what he does. I highly recommend Capital Chiropractic to anyone!

Denise Smithson Green

I have visited many chiropractors in my life and Dr. Lorang is one of the best! His vast knowledge of various types of treatment allows him to find a solution for any challenge a patient presents. He is an expert in his field! He will put you at ease, address the problem and present a solution. He is honest, has high integrity and is the expert on professionalism!

Liz Smithson

I have been going to Capital Chiropractic for years and I will continue to go back! Dr. LoRang is extremely helpful with any issues I am having due to the many techniques and treatments he knows and I am always able to get in for an appointment in a timely manner. Wonderful people and business!

phillip harder

A lot can be said about Capital Chiropractic, but I'll try my best to summarize. After years of back pain & struggle to find out what was causing my issues, I found great relief in not just the treatment, but also the expert exercises that Chris gave me to work on during gaps in appointments. I couldn't recommend this practice more, even if it was my mother. The atmosphere is relaxed, the whole staff is knowledgable & cater to your needs without assuming what they are. If you're on the fence about getting treatment, get off it because its probably uncomfortable & causing some issues that Capital Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can fix.

Carrie Latovic

The one on one care and attention to my individual needs and knowledge that I need to help my issues on a daily basis. Realistic approach to common issues(my posture is terrible and I work at a computer all day) and results that can be obtained with the guidance from Chris and his team.

Andrew Steckel

Dr. LoRang always takes time to listen and understand me and the issues I’m facing and the goals I have for my health and wellness, then comes up with a tailored approach to help me move forward. I also appreciate how he gives concrete suggestions, exercises and stretching that helps me proactively address the items in ways beyond when I’m their for chiropractic adjustment. It shows he cares and is invested in my long-term wellness.

Anne Llewellyn

I love the flexibility of appointment times and the friendly, cheerful front desk staff. Dr. LoRang is so knowledgeable and patient. I always leave feeling like a million bucks and learn something new.

Carla Hicklin

Chris is THE best chiropractor that has ever treated me - and there have been many! His goal really is to NOT see you come back - he does everything in his power (and immense expertise) to determine the root cause and fix it. None of this "ok, let's set up a weekly schedule for eternity" stuff. Of course if you go in after waiting too long or have a critical issue, you may need to see him regularly at first. Or if you are an extreme sports enthusiast regular maintenance may be needed. And he gives you exercises to help your condition! I have referred a number of my friends to Chris and they have all thanked me. I highly recommend Chris and you will NOT find a nicer human being on the planet!

Kim Garin

Words could never quite do justice to the benefits I've experienced while under Chris' care. I am beyond grateful to have found the support and expertise of such an impeccable practitioner to partner with on my wellness journey. Chris not only draws from a vast therapeutic knowledge base but he also possesses an innate gift of interpreting the inherent wisdom of the body. His honesty and straightforward approach is incredibly refreshing but it is his focus on empowerment that truly resonates with me. By providing me with tools and resources necessary to be active participant in my own recovery, he - perhaps without even being aware of it - enabled me take back the power I didn't realize I had previously given away. With a diagnosis of MS which over the last two years has been otherwise well managed with diet and lifestyle alone, I'd come to find myself struggling with chronic and debilitating neck pain. I was blown away that in following Chris' treatment plan, my pain had abated almost entirely by my second visit! I used to believe that hope was the best thing a health care provider could impart but I now know that permission to take personal ownership in my healing is truly the gift that made all the difference. I consider Chris and the team at Capital Chiropractic to be among my greatest blessings. I so appreciate you!!

melissa a-k

Dr. LoRang does everything right. He cares for his patients, is positive and fun, and gives insightful advice into everything and anything health-related. He has helped my family many times! I recommend him first for chiropractic care.

Roger Jackson

Dr. LoRang was able to quickly treat my back issue the day before I left for an international trip and gave me exercises to keep my back from ruining my trip. He also worked on my shoulder and reduced the pain.

Sharon Frey

Dr. provides above-average range of services that are not typically found at other chiropractors.

Meredith Heckmann

I appreciate the education provided about why they are doing the treatments. That and the treatments have been effective!

Jennifer Wilson

Chris is intuitive and a great listener. I've never felt like he had anything but my best health in mind when we're working together. I've had back issues since way back in high school, but I've never felt stronger. Glad to have found this genuinely nice guy to call for help when I need it.

Shelby Anderson

I had been experiencing numbness and tingling in my extremities since November. My M.D. had performed test after test, ran blood work, ordered an MRI, and nothing showed up. After literally tens of thousands of dollars spent, and at the suggestion of a friend, I decided to give Dr. LoRang a try. I wasn't a huge fan of chiropractic manipulation but what did I have to lose? I loved that Chris requested my MRI records, and actually called my doctors office to speak directly with them. He assessed me and started on a course of action without manipulation as he knew I wasn't a fan. Through at exercise in office and at home, I started to see relief. After the third visit I decided to try some manipulation and WOW what a difference. I now only occasionally have tingling in my fingers and that continues to fade. I have not had tingling in my legs for at least a month. I cannot express how grateful I am to Chris and Jen for encouraging me and assisting me in my journey to healthy living! Thank you both!!

Rob Oxenford

I started going to Capital Chiropractic do to it's convenience to the downtown area, but have stayed do to the wonderful staff and service. Chris has done an amazing job of not only adjusting me but helping me by showing me stretches that have not only helped with alleviating my pain but also improving my flexibility. Would highly recommend.

Andrea Imes

As a patient with Dr. LoRang I always felt listened to and cared about. I appreciated the recommendations and exercises to help with posture and never felt rushed.

MaryEllen Miller

Why didn't I try this sooner???!!! I had been dealing with hip pain for 3 years before seeing Dr. Chris. Many things I tried would help for a while but once I resumed activity, I was back where I started. Dr. Chris not only worked on the immediate issue of pain, but taught me exercises to do to really get at the cause. I haven't felt this good in years and I don't worry about if a long walks or bike ride will bring back the pain. It was the starting point to get myself and my health back on track. Dr. Chris also helped my son with back issues. Before Dr. Chris, my son was afraid that he was headed for surgery. The treatment and exercises changed all that. Thank you!

Sarah Bailey

Chris and his team at Capital Chiropractic are far above the rest. There's no sales pitch, there's no expensive monthly membership. Chris simply wants to treat your issue(s) and get you on your way. He's a wealth of knowledge and an expert in his field, not to mention an incredibly friendly and likeable guy. He was able to totally relieve me of the tailbone pain I was having with some really simple exercises and a few adjustments. You will not regret making an appointment!

Barry Closser

Amazing team from the front desk to Dr LoRang. Always feel welcomed and that my concerns are heard. Dr. LoRang helps fix the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. Highly recommend Capital Chiropractic!

Carol Graves

Dr. LoRang is wonderful! He takes the time to really listen to you. I just recently changed chiropractors because my chronic neck and upper back problems were getting worse and I was now feeling numbness down my arm. I really thought I was going to need surgery. I can now say in just a few months the numbness is gone and I have improved 100%, .I highly definitely recommend Dr. LoRang!

Stephanie Hill

Chris feels like a partner in problem-solving and healing. He is the ONLY chiropractor I've seen who takes sufficient time to learn what is going on and educate me on how to play a role in my own healing. He's top-notch!

Zuleyma Quezada

Dr. LoRang has an amazing personality, he makes you feel comfortable with the procedures. I definitely recommend him.

Juli Ireland

Office staff is friendly and welcoming. Chris is professional and friendly. Everyone listens and works intentionally to care for you and ensure that you have a good experience the entire time you're in the office. Chris also talks to you and helps you find ways to continue to heal yourself as you live between visits. A supportive and encouraging care team!

maria lafrance

Very friendly and accommodating staff! Dr. Lorang’s knowledge of the muscular skeletal structure truly helps with diagnosing and correcting the problem. Super easy to get in and out right in the East Village with free parking.

Mark Whitfield

I was recovering from a running accident and was researching for a chiropractor that was in my network, specialized in sports rehabilitation, plus somewhere that was fairly close. I filled out the paperwork online, heard from the office rather quickly. My first appointment was great, Dr Chris listened to my concerns was gentle in the manipulation understanding how sore I was all over. He gave me some simple exercises to help. Each time I went back, Dr Chris and his staff were very caring about how I was feeling. I appreciate the ease of of the check in process, keeping my credit card on file for payments. Overall a very positive experience all around. I definitely will return to Dr Chris if I need adjusted. Thank you for providing excellent care!


Dr. Chris is amazing. He was a lifesaver helping me survive back and hip pain while pregnant and postpartum. He has been great at treating my infant daughter too! From the early days with colic to treatments now when she doesn't feel well, he always helps. I've encouraged other new moms to take their little ones to Capital - even strangers I've heard discussing their little one's issues! I appreciate his holistic approach and how he explains what he is doing and suggests other things that may help with an issue.

Bridget Nicole Ryan

Capital Chiropractic provided me with relief from a complicated postural alignment pattern. Within 3-4 sessions my pain-pattern had been met with carful adjustments and correction, residing in an over-all sense of well-being and relief. Having a second set of eyes and hands observe how I was performing in my body provided me with powerful information that I needed to get back on track. I felt more aware of my pattern resulting in a self-regulation of my posture during my work day. Even though I am in the health and wellness community and profession I at times am unable to observe my own performance from an outside professional perspective and trust Capital Chiropractics foundation of education. Placing my body into their hands was an easy decision I would make again and again. I am incredibly grateful for Capital Chiropractic's complete care system and for their commitment to this community's well-being and quality of health.

Ashley Rogers

Almost two years ago to the day, I came to Chris with a back injury. I have been doing Crossfit for four years and started experiencing low back pain in January of 2014. I continued to lift and workout while the pain only got worse. The pain eventually got so bad that I couldn't even pick up a barbell off the ground, which then caused interference in my daily activities/functioning as a human being. I came to Chris hoping to find some relief. Chris started working with me on stability drills, giving me homework to do at home as well. Eventually Chris recommended I start some physical therapy and he would work together on a plan with the physical therapist to get me back to normal functioning. Chris' constant support and knowledge to get me healed worked! I continued to get better and gain stability, putting me back to where I was strength wise and now even stronger! Chris' out of the box thinking and approach to my problem led to my success! I can't say enough good things about Chris, he is amazing and I would recommend anyone to him!

Ami Randazzo

The Randazzo family truly values the experience we have every time we walk in the doors of Capitol Chiropractic. Chris is kind and knowledgeable, and he genuinely cares about each of my family members' health. Chris is patient and takes the time with each of us to answer any questions. He has also researched certain questions that we have had when he did not immediately know the answer. We really appreciate his wholistic approach. Jen, at the front desk is extremely helpful and always greets us with a smile!

Carl Maerz

These guys are awesome people. Truly care about the community and their patients. Chris was able to fix some problems in my shoulder that were bothering me for years. Thanks!

Brad Steffen

I love the approach that Dr. Lorang takes when trying to solve my health issues. Sometimes he knows exactly how to fix it, sometimes it's more trial and error, but he always articulates his reasoning behind the method he's using so I know what's going on. If we're not seeing the results he expects, he also doesn't hesitate to refer out to other specialists for another set of eyes. Add in the great team members he surrounds himself with, and it's the best chiropractic clinic around, in my opinion.

Austin Bailey

I appreciated the little to no pressure to involved with appointments and check ups. Visits to other chiropractic offices left me with the feeling of being on the receiving end of a "hard sell".

Lauren Henderson

I previously had a not-so-great experience with a different chiropractor that made me never want to get adjusted again, but after experiencing nerve pain in my neck and arm, I finally decided it was time to give it another shot and decided to go to Dr. LoRang. I am so happy I did! Not only did my nerve paid completely go away after just two visits, but I felt like he actually listened to my concerns/ fears about getting my neck adjusted. He also gave me exercises to do to correct my posture and prevent future next neck pain!

Michelle Phelan

Chris and his team get it all right. Great environment + wonderful people. Highly recommend!

Andrea Cummings

I don’t just feel like a patient, I feel like a friend. I always feel valued when I come in the office and walk out feeling amazing after an adjustment. I appreciate the amazing care and excellent customer service.

Nick Ciarimboli

Very personable and Chris fixed me. I haven’t needed to go to a chiropractor since.

Jenny Quiner

Chris focuses on functional, preventative, & comprehensive health. He takes the time to get to know me and my health needs and shapes treatment (and prevention) around my lifestyle. In the past I have been somewhat skeptical of chiropractors, but Chris has opened my world to the beauty of his skill sets.

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