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I began going to Dr. Bowman a couple months ago due to back pain and chronic headaches. The only regret I have is that I didn't go to him sooner. He showed me exactly what the problem was on the x-rays, and came up with a personalized plan to correct it. In the first week my headaches had already disappeared, and my back no longer bothered me. The staff is always friendly and I am usually in and out of my appointments in 10-15 minutes. I definitely recommend Dr. Bowman to those in need of chiropractic care!

Sarah Mozak

I went to Dr. Bowman after a car accident because I was miserable. I was worried that, because I was moving away within the next couple weeks, I wouldn't be able to seek treatment until I moved. Dr. Bowman wasn't the least bit concerned he would be losing a patient. Instead he focused on making me healthy again and went above and beyond and helped me find a chiropractor in my new hometown that would be a smooth transition for my treatment. He was also very helpful with my insurance issues and gave me a lot of good information for dealing with my insurance adjustor. Appointment times are very flexible and conveinent. Dr. Bowman and his staff are incredibly professional and would I would highly recommend anyone seeking chiropractic care to make an appointment.

mackenzie finger

Everyone who works there knows you by name and does everything they can to make your appointment the most beneficial to you!

Tyler Morris

UPDATE: 1 Year later and I'm very happy I made the decision to visit Bowman, My quality of life has increased ten fold since getting my first adjustment. I currently recommend Bowman to anyone looking for help regarding bodily pain or imbalances, both Dr Ryan and Dr Christine are incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of the body and try very hard to help you get back to a healthy body and life. I was dealing with chronic back pain from a lifting injury for over a year when my mother recommended me to Bowman, at first I was skeptical as to whether or not this would actually help me or not. I'm honestly so incredibly happy that I trusted these guys because for the first time since my injury I can wake up in the morning and think about something other than pain. Dr Ryan is seriously a champion, giving me stretches and exercises to do at home to help my progress along, its very motivating and welcoming. The team is very warm and welcoming, feeling similar to close friends, I feel like that is another aspect that's important to note.

Blue Watermelon

Sara Schultejans

I started going to Bowman Chiropractic a few weeks ago for pain in my neck and shoulder area. After a few visits, I can feel progress being made and feel much better! This is a wonderful office and I always feel welcome.

Karly Zimmerman

After seeing Dr. Bowman, I feel better than I could have imagined! I am completely pain free and I wake up ready to go every morning! I would recommend going to Bowman Chiropractic to anyone!

Kris Ortale

My family and I have been patients of both Dr. Ryan and Dr. Christine for many years. Not only are they tremendous doctors, they are truly wonderful people to know. They are passionate about the quality of care they give their patients. I appreciate that they continue to educate themselves to stay on top of things and are more than willing to take the time to fully investigate, diagnose, explain, and provide options for treatment. They treat everyone with patience and kindness and genuine concern for their overall health and well-being. I am grateful that they were able to recognize a major problem with one of my children that neither of their pediatricians had found. Their flexible scheduling along with no or very little wait time is very convenient and their caring, non-judgmental, professional yet informal atmosphere makes for a very comfortable experience. I have total trust in Dr. Ryan and Dr. Christine and highly recommend them both.

Tony Ortale

I've been going to Bowman for years and it's done wonders both maintaining my body as well as helping heal the many issues I've come across with my busy lifestyle. On top of that, the staff is incredible - treating you more like a family member than a customer. I love being greeted by name whenever I stop in and they really know my history and ask how my life is going. It's so welcoming and comforting to know I'm in the hands of doctors who truly care.I highly recommend!

Jennifer Leavy

In all honesty, I am not just a patient, I also work here. I have have been to other chiropractors in the past so I thought I understood the process. Dr. Ryan and Dr Christine have redefined the process for me. They are the most thorough in their evaluation and treatment. The attention to detail and patient care is better than anything I have seen. And the personal connection they build with each patient is amazing to see. For myself, I have experience healing I never expected to happen. I used to live on 800mg of Ibuprofen all day to get by. Now I rarely have a need. I am so glad to be a part of the Bowman Chiropractic Family.

Jazzmin Moon

Me and my 9year old daughter stared coming here for about 3 months my daughter, had migranins and headache just about every day for a year, she was adjusted by Dr Bowman about five times and her headaches for went away we are so grateful!!! I am doing a lot better also I had lower back pain since I've been come here I'm am much better. They are very caring nice people I'm so glad we found this place☺

Deana Buell

Both Dr. Christine and Dr. Ryan are both wonderful, knowledgeable and compassionate about this field. The tools they give you continues to make your body work to heal itself. They truly give you 100%.

Terri Daugherty

I've been a patient at Bowman's for over 10 years. Dr. Ryan has helped me through many issues: post ankle surgery he kept me aligned while I wore a boot and used crutches, solving rib problems, working on my jaw pain, and eliminating the chronic headaches I had endured for most of my life. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ryan. His empathy and concern for his patients is genuine and I know I am in good hands when I go to the Bowman Chiropractic office. His staff is wonderful as well.

kat gonzalez

They are awesome. They always explain everything so you can understand. My back has never felt better.

Mary Delagarza

When I first visited Dr. Ryan Bowman I was in very bad pain. I was receiving steroidal injections for a herniated L5 and was getting no relief. I was in some degree of pain every day of my life for about 7 years. I could not workout. I could not sleep. I was all the way around miserable and was convinced nothing could be done. I went to see Dr. Bowman at the suggestion of a work colleague but had no high expectations. After meeting with him and being examined by Dr. Bowman, he told me he could help me get out of the cycle of pain if I did exactly what he asked me to do. So I did. The results are amazing. I work out hard 3 days a week weight lifting. I golf every Wednesday at the very least. I have not had to endure another spinal ejection. I am not on pain meds and I have not been in chronic pain for over 2 years! I can sleep, I am happy and I am in great shape thanks to Dr. Bowman.

Tristan Ellis

Devon Brand

The staff at Bowman Chiropractic are great! They know you by name and are always able to work you in around your busy schedule. I am glad I made the choice to go to Dr Ryan. With his adjustments and positive feedback I am on the right track to being pain free again!

Patricia Ferguson

I could hardly walk when I went to see Dr. Ryan Bowman. He told me I had a pinched nerve and charted out an action plan. A week later I felt like a new person. This is my first experience with a Chiropractor; I wish I would of went to him sooner. I'm 58 years old and felt like I was 80 until Dr. B worked his magic and I can say I feel more like 50 now! In just three weeks time I feel younger, happier, stronger than I have in a long time. THANK YOU! Also, the staff is great... friendly, caring, accommodating and smart. Love it!

Kevin Cook

Every visit I had was great. They do a great job in fixing spinal issues, and symptoms from those issues. Dr. Christine and Dr. Ryan also go above what I expected and are extremely personable. The staff is also on top of everything, and they work well with getting you in when you need to get in, and by having your appointment started on time. Overall, everything was great, and they clearly take care of and truly care for all of their patients.

Haley Lorenzen

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Ryan and he is absolutely wonderful. The staff there are extremely friendly and always accommodating. I am a Division 1 basketball player and I had a bad ankle injury in February. When I was home I got laser treatment at Bowman Chiropratic, it has done wonders for my recovery the past couple of weeks with only 3 treatments. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who's had a recent injury or an injury that's been lingering for a while! I know it did wonders for me!

Erin Pottebaum

Our entire family (2 adults, 2 children) has been seeing Dr. Ryan regularly since we moved to Iowa City in 2014. We have always been a fan of chiropractic maintenance and grateful to have found Bowman Chiropractic. Dr. Ryan and his team genuinely care for their patients, provide excellent care and expert advice for overall health. We appreciate the warm welcome upon arrival of each visit, ease of scheduling (or rescheduling at the last minute), clean environment and flexible hours. We highly recommend Bowman Chiropractic!

Jennifer Zoller

I love Bowman Chiropractic! From the moment that you walk in the door it's always a positive and accommodating experience. You are greeted by name from the smiling face of either Sarah or Jessica and then you're quickly on your way for your adjustment. All of the doctors at Bowman Chiropractic are great at what they do and I would trust any one of them to care for me. I primarily receive my care from Dr. Ryan Bowman. He is truly skilled at his craft and takes a personalized approach with all of his patients. He asks questions before, during and after the adjustment, both about general health, but also about life and any changes in routine or behavior. He also makes suggestions on additional ways to continue improving my health outside of chiropractic care. You would be amazed to know all of the things that chiropractic care can correct. I strongly encourage anyone, not just someone with neck or back pain, but anyone who feels that their body isn't functioning and performing the way that it should, to reach out to the staff at Bowman Chiropractic and set up a consultation today. It's immediately obvious, that their team has a vested interest in getting your health back on track for you. Take the steps today to start feeling better tomorrow. That's what I did several years ago when I had a consultation with Bowman Chiropractic and I've been a patient with nothing but good things to say ever since!

Tara Ellison

We take our kids to Bowman Chiropractic and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. We brought our 6 year old to Dr. Christine to stop him from wetting the bed. After a few months of visits, instead of wetting the bed 4-5 times/week, he wets the bed once or twice a month. Our 9 year old was suffering chronic ear infections and was failing her hearing tests because of the on-again-off-again fluid build up in her ears. She saw Dr. Christine for a few months, and I'm elated to say she passed her last hearing test. Bowman Chiropractic has truly given our family life changing results. Our only regret is not coming to the Bowmans sooner!

David Drake

I have been seeing Dr. Ryan Bowman for a number of weeks now for lower back pain. As a professor of microbiology at the University of Iowa, I have been so pleased with the comprehensive approach to care received. He and his staff are incredibly welcoming, thorough, and answer your questions in a timely manner. I cannot offer better than a 5-star rating, but if I could, I would add on 5 more! Outstanding care!

Michael Halapua

I'm amazed at the difference in Chiropractic care that Bowman Chiro provides. I have been to many different Chiropractors in the area and finally found found one that actually made a difference. I have had ongoing back and shoulder pain when I first came here and couldn't sleep though the night, waking up with pain and struggling to work though the days. I met with Dr. Ryan Bowman and he put me though a comprehensive exam where he explained everything-from what we were doing, why we were doing it, and how we would move forward. Dr. Ryan Bowman takes his profession seriously and genuinely cares about you getting better. It's obvious from the moment you walk in the door. Thank you for your time and commitment to helping people live a better quality of life.

Ben Goley

I contacted Bowman Chiropractic Associates to see if I could get some relief from the lower back pain I was having. I found out I had a pinched nerve. After a few weeks of regular adjustments my back pain was gone, and I started to notice that I wasn’t having regular headaches anymore either. I had severe headaches almost daily and thought it was something I had to live with. Now I get one once a week if that. I would highly recommend Dr Kevin. He and his team are great!

Sadie Woodley

I can’t recommend Bowman Chiropractic enough. I work as a trainer and group fitness instructor, and I am an avid weightlifting enthusiast. Unfortunately I have been dealing with chronic knee pain for the last four years. I tried many different modalities of treatment, but even physical therapy at a sports medicine clinic did not fix the issue. I was beginning to worry about the effect of the pain on my career as a fitness professional. Luckily a fellow trainer recommended that I make an appointment at Bowman. I am so glad I did—within four weeks of treatment my knee pain is completely gone, and it has stayed gone. Being free of chronic pain is a life-changing experience. I can fully pursue my passions and perform at full capacity in my work. It’s the joy of getting my life back and being myself again. To anyone suffering from chronic knee pain or other pain, I highly recommend the amazing team at Bowman Chiropractic!

harriet alexander

I have been going to Christine and Ryan Bowman for some time now. I am very happy with their services, staff, and the personal interest they take in their clients. I recommend their facility to anyone needing chiropractic care and who would like to receive treatment outside the traditional mode.

Alex Dooley

Before 3 months ago I was a skeptic of Chiropractic care. I decided to try Bowman because I was having terrible back and shoulder pain, nausea, headaches, and dizzy spells. I had tried a couple other chiropractors before who only seemed to make my symptoms worse. From the very first adjustment at Bowman my body felt worlds better. Thanks to Dr Ryan I can now sleep through the night without waking from back pain. I no longer have dizzy nausea spells and my energy level has increased ten fold. The office staff are also amazing to work with. I love their flexible scheduling. My work schedule fluctuates from day to day and it is so nice to be able to call day of and change my appointment time. Bowman Chiropractic has made me a believer in Chiropractic medicine.

Dru Neubauer

I have been going to Bowman Chiropractic for many years. I started going for my back problems so I was only going as I felt I need to go. Then in January of 2015 I had a stroke so I wasn't going at all. One day I told my husband that I couldn't take the pain anymore so I wanted to go back to the chiro. When I went back to Dr. Ryan he said Dru you should have come right away and not waited! Boy was he right. I have been going faithfully since June of last year and I feel like a totally new person. I'm not 100% but I'm on the right track and I owe it all to Dr. Ryan. So please my advice to anyone that has a stroke or other medical problems please don't forget how important chiropractic care is. Truthfully chiropractic care is important to maintain good health!

James Washburn

Bowman Chiropractic has been treating me for almost 3 years. They came to our office as a lunch massage prize package for a coworker and offered an assessment at a reduced rate. I was amazed what I learned and decided to put my ongoing pain issues in their hands. Today, I am more active then in a while. My overall Heath is better and the adjustments, exercises and other treatment have shown me that there are things you can do that make a real difference. It is one of the best things I've done for myself. Dr. Ryan is knowledgable, candid, but caring and treats his clients, like they are friends and family. Its been a good experience and I would and have recommended it to others.

Cherie Williams

I have been suffering from chronic migraines for years. My primary care doctor had tried me on multiple prescription treatments with no success. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I went into Bowman Chiropractic with no expectations, I was just willing to try anything. After being seen by Dr Ryan for less then a month, I noticed incredible improvement. I went 22 days without a migraine! The migraines I do get now are much less severe and don't last as long as they used to. Things just keep getting better and I am so glad I found Dr Ryan. The entire staff is caring and it's an all around pleasant experience. If you've been suffering from migraines and just don't know where to turn, I highly recommend Bowman Chiropractic. My only regret is that I didn't go in sooner.

Amy He

The service is nice and friendly. However, there is no way to relief from back pain in a short term since each adjustment is less than 5 minutes. Hope to find chiropractors which are more affordable.

Tanner Wilson

Dr. Bowman is a great chiropractor and person. His staff is very kind and are great workers. Every time I come in to get adjusted I feel much better when I leave. He is really good at working with my pain and he educates me on how to help my body recover efficiently and effectively. I really appreciate everything Bowman Chiropractic does for me and my family.

Carla Apodaca

I have had terrible headaches for years and developed a bad habit of cracking my neck myself to provide some temporary relief. My husband convinced me to go and see Dr. Ryan Bowman and I am so glad that he did! As others have stated, everyone that works at Bowman Chiropractic is very friendly and you always feel welcomed when you walk in the door. It had honestly never crossed my mind that going to see Dr. Ryan would help with my headaches. However, I am happy to say that today, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I have had an entire day headache free! Dr. Ryan has been treating me for around a month and I can't believe in that short of a time frame I finally had a day where I wasn't cringing in pain from the throbbing in my head. Dr. Ryan takes the time to ask lots of questions and genuinely cares about his patients. I only wish I had went to him for help sooner.

Mark Law

Always listens and takes a holistic approach!

Sue Rager

My whole family has benefited from the wonderful care of Drs. Christine and Ryan Bowman for over a decade. Their holistic approach to wellness and the friendly and upbeat staff keep us coming back.

Stephanie Ricke

Great office! Always accommodating and helpful! Can not believe how much they have helped me this past year! Very thankful for them! Would recommend this office to anyone!

Martina Camacho

I have been in pain for over 10 years, been to numerous chiropractors/doctors nothing seemed to help until I met Dr. Bowman! I've had migraines, neck pain, lower back pain; pain so severe I would go numb in my arms with stabbing pain that would keep me up all night. I'm unable to take medicine for my migraines because I'm allergic to the ingredients. I have lived with the pain so long it had become part of my daily routine and then for some odd reason something was telling me to Google chiropractor and Dr. Boman's name was the first one to pop up! I said to myself what would it hurt to try one more time. My first adjustment I cried, not in pain but from relief!! My pain went from a 10 to a 5 and for me that was a miracle. I had forgot what it was like to be without pain but I'm loving it. I have recommended him to numerous people and will continue to do so because he worked a miracle for me! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU DR. BOWMAN , it's so awesome to be without pain and be able to sleep!!!

Olivia Freese

Everyone appears very friendly, but on the phone I was told they took my insurance. I needed my back adjusted, and I spent an hour and a half getting a consult and X-rays. After having that done, they cracked my back once in one spot and told me to leave and come back tomorrow only to be charged $125 to get zero pain relief. Thanks for nothing

Rachel Clark

I originally came to Bowman Chiropractic because one morning I got a "kink in my neck" and I couldn't turn my head. I figured they would address the problem and send me on my way. Instead, they worked extra hard to figure out why it had happened. I was impressed with the amount of time the doctors spent with me, explaining the underlying cause and different options for addressing it. A year and a half later and I still regularly go for adjustments and treatment because I continually notice what a huge difference it makes, in both my neck alone and my overall health! I'm grateful for the personal attention they give to me "as a whole person", rather than just my spine or my neck. By going to Bowman, I feel like I'm actively doing something good for my current health, as well as investing in my future health.

Erika Dejongh

Everyone here is super friendly and welcoming! Dr. Ryan is great at working with athletes and helping them achieve higher levels of performance.

michel kopf

Great experience always gets me in on time. I have been coming to Dr.Ryan now since 2003.

Cayla Baldus

Dr. Bowman and staff are always friendly and professional. I came to Bowman Chriopratic because I was suffering from migraines. Since starting care here my migraines and neck pain have improved significantly. I highly recommend them to anyone who is having problems with headaches and migraines!

Kelly Lucas

Dr. Bowman is amazing. He cares about your overall health and wants you to feel as good as you possibly can. He has helped me feel better on a day-to-day basis, treated me for running injuries, and even done a laser treatment to help ease my Crohn’s Disease symptoms. I highly recommend him!

Ryan Panzer

I have been seeing Doctors Ryan and Christine Bowman for 4 months now. When I first came in I could barely walk after a back spasm. They got me back up and running in short order, much faster than I expected. I cannot thank them and their staff enough for taking such great care of me. I continue to see them regularly for maintenance. I feel great after my visits. I highly recommend their services. They have helped me immensely.

vu nguyen

receptionist are not friendly and helpful . called to make a appointment and all i got was no available and no new patients are excepted

proudmama1210 .

They were very through & explained exactly what was happening with my body. They let me know what they though needed to be done to improve my situation & let me choose my course of action.

Tammy Haas

Dr Ryan is wonderful. My adjustments help so much especially since I have Fibromyalgia. His staff is excellent as well. Everyone is so polite & helpful. I would recommend Bowman Chiropractic to everyone!

Tara Keasling

I have struggled with migrianes for most of my life! Going to Dr. Bowman has forever changed my life in the best ways possible! I have had three migraines in a month and I was having them every other day if not more! I can't believe I waited this long to see a chiropractor about this issue! I could not be any more happy with the results!Thank you

Pamela Thompson

Headaches are gone....feeling better than I ever thought possible. Dr. Ryan has not only helped me to improve my health, he has helped my whole family. I always look forward to my appointments at Bowman Chiropractic and I always leave feeling great!

Kody Curtis

Dr. Bowman is very helpful in the fact that he explains every detail of what you have going on and what needs to be done to correct it. He is very willing to go above and beyond to make sure you are getting the best treatment available. Dr. Bowman is also very thorough in every area from diagnosis to treatment and following up to make sure you are doing OK. I would recommend Dr. Bowman to anybody who needs chiropractic treatment. I would like to thank the entire team at Bowman chiropractic for everything they have done for me!

Trudi Starbeck-Miller

I have been a patient at Bowman Chiropractic for eight years now and have experienced tremendous physical healing over those years. Both Dr. Ryan and Dr. Christine are gifted and experienced physicians. They care about their patients and have a passion for complete quality of wholeness and health. We can get so caught up in the hectic and demanding passions of our own lives and neglect our wellness but the chiro docs are just a phone call away. They're always ready to improve my physical health. I am grateful and blessed by their commitment.

Sandy Joynt

Kind, Caring, Professional and extremely Helpful. The staff at Bowman Chiropractic is so encouraging and treat me like family. I started treatment for extremely nagging and nasty pain in my hip and lower back and within a few weeks, I was pain free. I felt so good that I actually wanted to go for my daily walks and do the prescribed exercises. My husband has also been treated by Dr. Bowman for headaches. He has suffered with headaches for nearly 10 years but is now headache free due to the adjustments and advice received. WE would (and do) recommend their services to family and friends. Thanks Bowman Chiropractic for helping us feel healthy and happy.

TJ Rozinek

I struggled with extreme back pain for about 6 years and was taking pain killers several times a day before finally starting with Dr. Ryan Bowman. Within a short time (adjustments as well as in-house physical therapy) I was feeling some relief but in about a year I was completely off of painkillers. After a couple years of chiropractic care, I was in an automobile roll-over, which complicated things a bit but an MRI revealed a ruptured disc. Dr. Ryan referred me to a neurosurgeon in the area and I am now about 18 months post-surgery. I continue going to Bowman because they strike a perfect match of professionalism and friendliness... and of course I feel like they know what they are doing! My work still causes strain and I definitely notice positive affects from my bi-weekly adjustments. Thanks!

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