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REVIEWS OF Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center IN Indiana

Sandra Moffett

I'm a long-time patient. Dr. Seland's treatment is the reason why I can walk upright! The entire staff is very caring, warm, and personable. They are interested in you as a person as well as a patient. My quality of life is so much better since my treatment/maintenance from Seland Chiropractic.

Brittany West

e scott

Great service and amazing staff. Dr. Tom Wellbrook is a great chiropractor and takes the time to assess any and all questions or fears someone might have. It's great not waking up in pain anymore. Highly recommended place to heal up.

Michael Knowles

Its a smooth, quick and easy process every time you visit. I'm always learning something new when I talk with Dr. Seland and Dr. Anthony. You'll have big results and a great experience!

Alan Sheets

Dr. Seland and his staff are unmatched by any other professional team I have ever experienced. From the moment I walk in the door to the time I exit, I am made to feel like family by both the people and the relaxing decor. Seland Chiropractic is not your typical healthcare practice. They are really in the business of working WITH patients, not just to help them understand their options, but also to proactively develop specific strategies for dealing with what has become one of the most controversial topics today, PROACTIVE healthcare. It is my pleasure to offer my sincere recommendation of Seland Chiropractic in anyone's pursuit of healthier living.

Kirsten Cannon

I could not think more highly of the staff and doctors at Seland Chiropractic. They are beyond fabulous in every interaction with their patients and make every visit an extremely positive experience. All of the doctors are very knowledgeable and are very dedicated to improving the overall health and well-being of their patients. Dr. Seland was extremely thorough in evaluating my back health, not only treating my urgent back issue, but formulating a comprehensive wellness plan to get me back to even better health. I seriously cannot imagine better health partners and am very grateful to be their patient.

Kman H

Great stuff! I always leave in much better shape than before my adjustments! Super staff and docs... great facility!

Wendy Frankland

I have only positive things to say about Dr. Seland’s practice. Dr. Seland is passionate about what he does and very personable. The staff is so friendly, I always leave feeling uplifted in body and spirit.

Monica Johnson

We have been taking my 6 month old since she was 6 weeks old. After a long labor she was born at 36 weeks and 1 day and even though she was a healthy weight and size she did developed acid reflux. I read reviews online that healing from within like a chiropractor will help. Well 6 months later we are still going every 2/weeks and my little girl is no longer suffering from acid reflux and seems to be able to fight any colds or germs she is coming in contact with. I would recommend all babies, especially if you had trauma or long labor to see Dr.Hallet and the other doctors at Seland Chiropractor!

René Gordon

Carol Semotuk

I have been going to Seland Chiropractic & Living Well Center for 2 ½ years. I was new to chiropractic care and was not sure what to expect. I was honestly not sure I could get relaxed enough to receive chiropractic adjustments. Any concerns were quickly overcome when Dr. Seland began to explain how the body works and what role chiropractic care provides in achieving optimal health. Dr. Seland treats each person as a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece and has a passion to see people made whole. The entire office staff is genuinely friendly and caring. Anytime you need assistance with re-scheduling appointments (Deanna, Lori, and Jessica), questions about supplements (Lori and Stacy), or need help with insurance issues (Stacy), everyone is glad to help. Seland Chiropractic & Living Well Center has a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. When you’re there, you just feel like you’re home with family. I look forward to my adjustments each week and I’m grateful for the friendships I’ve made over the past few years while attending Seland Chiropractic & Living Well Center.

Honesty Hart

Dr Seland offers first class service with a wide variety of options to treat your condition. He makes you feel welcome, clearly explains what he's doing, why he's doing it and how to take of yourself outside the office. Great location and friendly staff make all the difference.

Sue Wei

Dr. Hallet is great! He had helped me relieve my back pain due to carrying my growing baby. I must say he does make Miracle happen as it does not bother me any more! If you think you are having spinal issues, call Dr. Hallet!

Jennifer Goins

After dealing with many years of constant neck pain I finally decided to give chiropractic a try. Dr. Anthony and his staff spent the time to diagnose and then came up with a customized treatment plan specifically for me! After completing phase one of my treatment I am so excited to say that my neck pain is almost gone and I have the upmost confidence that with continued maintenance I will remain pain free thanks to Seland Chiropractic!

Morgan Cox

Wonderful staff! Caring, considerate, and passionate about what they do.

Nicole Hinds

I honestly can’t say enough about Seland Chiropractic. I hurt my lower back extremely bad a few months ago. Was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk, sit and work. Called the office and Deanna got me in the same day. Dr Hallett saw me that day, and has been treating me ever since. The pain I was experiencing was like no other, affecting my everyday life. Dr Seland and Dr Hallett figured out my issue and have been aggressively treating it. I feel better everyday and I am getting back to my everyday normal activities. The office staff is absolutely amazing!! Caring and concerned about how your feeling and always willing to help however they can. I appreciate this office more than I can say or even explain. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Ted 3

I have been going here for over 10 years! That ought to mean quite a bit right there. I have had all three doctors adjust me and have zero complaints. If you are not going to a chiropractor for at least check-ups and maintenance shame on you!

Robert Rusie sr

State of the art very good at what the do

Jessica Muncie

I started at Seland in 2017 as a patient. I had suffered from low back pain for most of my adult life after an injury. This office was recommended to me by my wellness coach. I was amazed how friendly all of the staff were. Deanna was there to greet me with her beautiful smile. The staff treated me like family from the moment I walked in. Dr. Seland spent time with me discussing my pain and how he could help me. He educated me on what a healthy spine looks like and why chiropractic care is an important part of my overall wellness. He started my first appointment by taking X-rays to pinpoint exactly what was going on inside of my body. After a few spinal adjustments, I could tell just how much better I was feeling. Not only did my back pain go away but I had more energy, I was sleeping a full nights rest, my mental health improved, and I started to have clear thinking. I could tell how happy my body was after an adjustment and I could also tell when I was due to go back. I now choose to get adjusted twice a week and consider it crucial to my health. I also like that they offer other therapies like Laser, Ultrasound, and Hydro Massage. Not only does Dr. Seland make me feel better physically but he also encourages me with a hug before I walk out the door. The associate Chiropractic Physicians are also really great as far as their adjusting style. I know that no matter which doctor I see, I will always leave feeling my best. Seland Chiropractic is my home away from home where people truly do care about you as a patient and as a friend.

Renee Lucas

My husband and I have both been patients of Dr. Hallett's for a few years now. We are both active, healthy people. We believe that the chiropractic care we receive contributes to why we feel so good and are rarely sick! Dr. Hallett truly cares, listens, is attentive and follows up when I talk to him about an area of my body that is bothering me. I recently had bunion surgery and he even worked on my feet to keep me as pain free as possible before the surgery. The other day, I received a Get Well card from Dr. Hallett, Deanna and Jessica. It really made my day!! These are wonderful people!!! I would highly recommend this office and their care.

Jill Mayer

My entire family receives regular care from Seland Chiropractic. I began care at this office in 2012 and very soon after my children began attending. My husband, new to chiropractic care, was skeptical at first of attending. Dr. Seland's knowledge, attentive nature and warm personality helped him learn how to incorporate chiropractic as an essential part of our family's wellness routine. The staff is warm and helpful, and all of the doctors are caring and truly invest in the well being of the entire individual.

Katie Kelly

Seland Chiropractic as been so so good to me in figuring out my joint/back issues. They become like a family and care about you medically but also as a person and look at it much more holistically. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Sandi Ballard The BADASS Business Coach!

Dr. Anthony is very educated and caring about your overall health and well being! Even if you think it's "not my spine", he can help! Especially with TMJ! Dr. Anthony goes above and beyond to make sure you are not just pain-free, but overall healthy!

Paul Farthing

Dr. Snellenberger is very knowledgeable and gets to the real problem! His office has the best technology and a variety of options/recommendations available. The whole team is great!

Dinetra Taylor

Wonderful inviting atmosphere, knowledgeable friendly staff. I would definitely recommend.

Trey Oetjen

I came to Seland Chiropractic in the worst pain of my life and they have helped me to recover quickly. Their team is professional, competent, and super-friendly!!

Erin Losin

Drs. Seland, Hallett, Bartley and the entire staff are the best! Very welcoming, caring, and professional. Always accommodating if you need to get in for a problem that pops ups. Would highly recommend Seland Chiropractic.

rodney wickersham

Awesome service...Wonderful people to work with!

Daniel Zhang

After visiting Dr. Seland several times, my upper back pain was gone.

Brooke Randolph

Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center is a friendly environment that provides top notch chiropractic care for children and adults. Dr. Anthony is energetic, caring, always learning, and committed to excellence. I have also seen Dr. Seland and Dr. Hallett who are also both fabulous. The hydromassage is wonderful. I love that they have a variety of different technologies from Bosu balls to a healing laser to address each patient's unique needs.

Kalynn Foreman

Nice clean office, everyone is friendly. Love the support and encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle. The truly make you feel like family. My 9 month and I have been seeing Dr. Hallett weekly for 4 months and has done wonders for us, no more back pain and my baby sleeps through the night. Would definitely recommend Dr. Hallet!

Scott D

This place is the best! Our family has been going for 4+ years. We can't say enough about their love, great care (both physically & the person), professionalism and heart to serve clients.

Christina Beck

I would highly recommend Dr Seland's Living Well Center to anyone. Dr Seland really took the time to get to know me and listen to my concerns, then he addressed those concerns. He gave me an excellent chiropractic adjustment, and then I got a hydromassage. I felt like a new person after the first adjustment. His professional staff members are very helpful also, and I felt like I was treated like family.

Amy Schloot

Dr. Seland and his staff are truly phenomenal! I love going for an adjustment as it not only makes me feel better physically but emotionally and mentally as well. You won't find a better treatment center around!

Renee Jackson

Rick Grover

Dr. Seland’s professionalism, skill and care of his patients is remarkable. I couldn’t be more thrilled than to be one of his patients.

Kathleen Kimball

Olivia Cammack

Love this place, everything about it! Clean, nice/helpful staff. They helped me with what I came in for but I still continue to go and my son goes as well! Plus the fact that they are Christian- based is the icing on the cake for me! We won’t go anywhere else!

David Alder

My family and I have seen Dr. Seland for nearly 10 years. He is so knowledgeable and has really helped my back and neck over the years. I'm not sure what we would do without him.

Ws Paul

Dr.tom wellbrook :Very kind, rich experience, conversation with the patient and understanding until the end. Describe your physical condition after taking an x-ray.I recommend this place to you.

Andrew Lockerbie

Doctor Seland is a lifesaver! I've been a patient for over 17 years and am constantly amazed at how much better my life is when I see him and his team regularly. Getting an adjustment from Dr. Seland or Dr. Anthony is a refreshing part of my day...I'd go in every day if I could afford it!

Cindy Hoskinson

Seland Chiropractic is amazing. I never have a bad day when I start with an adjustment from Dr. Seland or Dr. Hallett. Everyone there is so friendly...makes my day!

Chris Wellman

Love this place. Everyone is so friendly and nice. They truly care about you getting better. Even if I wasn't in pain I might still go there just for the massage/hydro therapy machines...

jeff huffman

Seland Chirpopractic is a state of the art facility. Dr. Hallett took great care of me after having four back surgeries. I would highly recommend!!

Torrielynn Music

They have literally kept me out of a wheelchair! I have major back and neck issues, I do not qualify for surgery.. they have made my life so much better! The nicest caring people you will ever meet... I am so blessed to have found Deland Chiropractic...

Alicia Fleenor

Helpful and friendly staff. Great mission. Caring, family environment. Since going there, I've experienced major improvements in my back pain, posture, confidence, and overall health!

Amber Savage

I have had the most wonderful experience here! Even though you are a patient, you are not made to feel like one. You just feel at home and like you are with friends. Seland Chiropractic not only adjusts me physically but my mood is adjusted when I leave. Dr. Hallett has worked miracles on me in the last 6 months! I couldn't imagine feeling this good before my first appointment.

Sivakami Rajammal


Love Seland Chiropractic! From A to Z, best full spectrum experience I've had in Chiropractic. Warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff as well.

Angela N

Great place with a very friendly and helpful staff. Since I started treatment with Dr. Anthony, I feel better than I have in years.

Mark Cannon

I have been going to Dr. Seland for several years. I had several medical problems that Dr. Seland has fixed. I have a stressful job and had constant headaches and a bad back from 2 car accidents. Not only do I hardly ever have headaches, but my back has never felt better. Plus, Dr. Seland does more than just adjustments - he does a thorough exam, analyzes your insurance and comes up with a treatment plan that is affordable and understandable. If that's not enough, he is one of the nicest and most caring person you will ever meet. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Seland.

Erin Dean

Dr. Seland and his staff had made such a difference in my life, that I’m not sure they know the true impact they’ve had on it. When I started going there a few years ago, I couldn’t hardly walk without pain and I had gained a lot of weight and lost a part of myself. With Dr. Seland’s help, knowledge and guidance, I found the source of the pain and we have worked on it and fixed it. Thanks to him and his staff, I have been able to focus on my health, lose weight, and find myself and my confidence again. They truly care about their patients and are like family. I recommend them to everyone.

Julie Clarke

I have been a patient of Dr. Seland for many years. All of the doctors and staff are very friendly and genuinely care about patients. I have had long term problems with tightness in my neck and upper back after a car accident. Dr. Seland has provided chiropractic care customized to my needs over the years and has a fantastic ability to always locate the source of any pain I am experiencing. I have watched over the years and see how the doctors interact with all of their patients, and I cannot say enough good things about their kindness, their abilities and the overall experience at Seland Chiropractic.

Sherry Brooke

Dr. Seland and his staff are wonderful. I always leave there feeling better not only physically but also mentally. There is no pressure at all. They will work with you to find the best solution for your situation. If you want a chiropractor who is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, you need to check out Seland Chiropractor and Living Well Center.

Allie Olson

An absolutely wonderful facility with doctors that really care about your well-being. The atmosphere there is light and you truly feel at home! I recommend going here you will not be disappointed!!!! Also ask Dr. Seland to tell you about his super amazing chiropractic teaching tool that only he has! :)

Darla West

Excellent care at this office. Knowledgeable staff, very patient and kind. They actually care.

Ashleyne Seitz

This is a fantastic place! I’ve been coming here for over 3 years and seen two different doctors, both pleasant and knowledgeable. The staff are friendly and genuinely care how I’m doing, and always make an effort to get me in last minute if I’m in pain. Would definitely recommend!

Sherrie Rayburn

As a nurse for over 30 years I started having neck, back and bilateral upper arm and shoulder pain several years ago. I had xrays, MRI, and saw my family Dr and an Orthopedist with no improvement. I tried massage and physical therapy which seemed to make it worse. My husband had a back injury treated by a chiropractor years ago and he suggested I try it. After my first few treatments with Dr. Hallett I began to feel better. Now for the first time in years my upper arms are not sore and I am not having pain everyday. I'm so glad that I found them!

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