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REVIEWS OF Rangeline Chiropractic IN Indiana

Alyson Straley

Very clean, fresh, welcoming atmosphere. They have a very large variety of treatment options. Staff was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Alexandria Smith

Dr. Hillary is the best! I herniated 2 disks and came to her for help. I am a competitive CrossFitter and I thought I would never be able to lift again. She not only got me back to lifting but I’m also back to competing. The staff is so nice and helpful! I would recommend anyone come here if they are looking for above quality service!

Norm Campbell

Absolutely happy to have this great team so close to home. Dr. Hillary has helped me and my family through adjustments and continued care. Recently I tried dry needling for a long term achilles issue that was hampering my running and it has made such a positive difference. Go here with confidence of excellent care in a very friendly atmosphere.

Brian Romano

Great service

Sharon Patterson

Stephanie Diaz

Clean environment. Really friendly staff. Dr Hillary explained any process she would be doing and she was happy to answer any questions I had. The staff helped me understand everything that would be involved in my visits since it was my first time going to a Chiropractor’s office. Definitely would recommend this office to anyone!

Angie Reusser

Rachel Burns

Where would I be without Dr. Sara?! I was a waitress for 10+ years (NOT easy on the body) before obtaining an office job (also not easy on the body). There were many evenings I cried on the drive home from work due to the pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. I discovered Rangeline at a VegFest in December and thought it was worth a try. I am SO glad I did. My pain level in comparison to a year ago is drastically different, I move better, and it just feels like my entire body is in a better place. I love how quickly they have you in and out, making it easy to go during a lunch break. The staff is always kind and personable, and they also have lots of fun events year-round. I recommend Rangeline Chiropractic and Dr. Sara to anyone with a complaint!

aaron Hall

Excellent care from an excellent team!

Jean Lloyd

Convenient location and friendly, professional staff.

Charlotte Brown

Thank you so much for the complementary pillows my husband and I received. Beautiful atmosphere and beautiful staff!

Monica Rice

I loved my visit to Rangeline Chiropractic! I stopped in to pick up a neck pillow and was greeted by a friendly front desk person. Dr. Ashley came out and introduced herself and gave a quick tour of the facilities and was overall very personable and professional. She explained the best way to use the pillow and also answered all my questions about the services offered by the practice. I was a bit nervous as I have zero experience with chiropractors, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve experienced increasing neck pains and discomfort and have researched ways to find relief. Super excited to have discovered this practice and can’t wait to utilize the therapies and treatments they offer.

Dee Head

Rangeline Chiropractic usually can get you in to be seen on the same day you call. I am very satisfied with the pain relief I experience.

Whit R

Staff and Dr. H are courteous and supportive. I have called Dr. H a "miracle lady" in the past because of the dramatic improvement she has made on my back pain.

Laura Underwood

Rangeline Chiropractic is the best! I can't say enough about Dr. Hillary and her amazing game staff. Since starting with Rangeline Chiropractic my health and well-being has improved greatly.

Hannah Meacham (Staff)

I got my free neck pillow and I love it! I have used it every night since I picked it up and it helps relieve so much neck and back tension! Thank you for the free pillow!

Ryan Chandler

Been coming here since late 2017. This is the first chiropractic service I have ever utilized and I have been extremely grateful for the relief I have been provided and the kindness of the staff.

Kristal Carrasco

Very friendly staff. I love my pillow! It definately helped my neck. I can sleep better. Thank you so much for my pillow. :)

Brian Locke

I didn't pick up the pillow. After accepting the offer on Saturday afternoon I received 8 messages reminding me of my appointment today. I can only imagine how many messages I would continue to receive following. I phoned your office today and asked to be removed from any further messaging and declined the pillow offer.

Stacey Porter

This is the first time I have gone to a chiropractor, and it has been a great experience! My hip pain is gone!

Dorothy Gardner

My first visit was very nice I learned about some new ways to relax. I will return the pillow feels great on my neck.

Vicki Butterfield

Everyone is very friendly in this office. Thank you for the neck pillow. It provides the extra support on both sides of my neck right where I need it.

Christina Halikiopoulos

Went in for a free pillow for some neck pain I’ve been having for a while. I’ve needed to find a new chiropractor since I moved back to Indy from another state several years back. With a couple of other issues I’ve been having, I’ve set up my first appointment. They help with so much more than just adjustments and I am super excited for their help. The office was great and the staff is friendly. Looking forward to my first appointment!

Christine Multra Kraft

Friendly, prompt service, offering great advice and products

Kim Warman

I only have toured the facility, but it seems that they have a professional, family oriented business that strives to help people maintain a better lifestyle through alternative medicine! Only negative was how cramped the office felt. Look forward to hearing back from them soon! Thanks for the pillow - used it in the car and my back definitely stretched out!

Nadeen Halczenko

Went in for a neck pillow. The staff are warm, friendly, and make you feel at ease. They are child friendly and knowledgeable. The pillow offers the support I need and gave me a great nights sleep. I highly recommend them.

Barbara Smith

I went in for the free pillow offer, and talked with Dr. Hillary. She explained the best way to use the pillow depending if I was a back or side sleeper. The pillow itself looks well made and I plan to try it out tonight.The all female staff was busy with clients, and the office, while small, seems very well organized and efficient. This office isn't close to where I work or live, but I would be happy to try out their services if they were. They support local charities helping women and I like this A LOT.

April P

I have been a patient at Rangeline Chiropractic for many years. Dr. Hillary is caring and attentive to my needs. I recently received a free neck pillow and love it! I always look forward to coming in the office each month and I am greeted by kind women in the front. I don’t have to wait very long to see Dr. Hillary and she meets my needs every time!

Kristin Wedding

Dr. Hillary and her colleagues are so knowledgeable and truly caring. They treat the whole body. I've personally benefited from their treatments and have recommended my yoga and health coaching clients to them with much success.

Janet Belcher

Intro visit was relaxed and very informative. And my pillow is GREAT! I’m looking forward to my 1st therapy visit next week. P

Robin Petrarca

The staff were super friendly! Great ambiance in the practice.

Prerna Shraff

I went in there as I had signed up for a free pillow, they gave a tour of the office, were very prompt. It is a nice facility and the people there were good to talk to.

Mallory Marut

What a wonderful experience! The office staff is knowledgeable, kind, and honest. The pillow is such a great tool for helping me get a great night sleep. Even my 7 year old son tried it and said that it really works. Thank you Rangeline Chiropractic and Dr Hillary for allowing me to test and keep this awesome pillow!!

Sangeetha Balaji

Pillow was good and soft for all sleeping position. Kudos to the Dr.

Jennifer Dotzert

Our entire family LOVES Rangeline!!

Katie Surfleet

emily fisher

Staff is incredibly friendly. Office is quaint and warming. Kid friendly as well. Reasonable pricing!

Christi Smith

Nice staff. Clean facilities. Knowledge doctor!

Martha Sholty

Dr Hillary is wonderful, explains treatment plans and listens to your concerns I am very pleased with the service and professionalism in the office the staff is friendly and welcoming and educational.

aman sandhu

Me and my mom are both loving the pillows. The staff is amazing and very helpful. Loved taking to Dr Hillary about how this pillow helps in getting relief from neck pain. She was so nice and generous.

John Kleinschmidt

I have been going to Rangeline Chiropractic for a number of years. The location is convenient and the staff is friendly but be prepared to be nickeled and dimed. The staff appears to be more concerned about making money by charging creative fees (e.g. new patient exam charge every two months on top of a normal adjustment charge???) rather then focused on improving the health and wellness of their patients.

Mary Barclay

I was given a chiropractic pillow free of charge just as promised and have used it most nights since receiving it. I have a tendency toward getting a stiff neck so I was hopeful it will help to eliminate that and while I can’t say that has been the case, (I do still feel some stiffness) I can say that I find the pillow to be comfortable and easy to use with no deleterious effects. It is soft, convenient and, as a freebie, much appreciated. After a quick consultation with Dr. Ashley Susie and discussing it with my insurance company, I have decided to pursue further chiropractic treatment at Rangeline Chiropractic.

Myrna Dowden

I'm old and very active and keep doing crazy things to my body that hurt. If not for Doctor Hillary and her staff I just don't know where I would be. She keeps me in line and feeling good. Would recommend her to anyone. I'm looking forward to meeting her new associate because I'm sure she's going to be great.

Angela Duncan

Very nice office and friendly staff. The day I visited I got a tour and met the Drs before receiving my neck pillow. I love the neck pillow. So far I've kept it in my car and use it for my neck and back cuz I do alot of driving. Can't wait to visit the office again for an adjustment.

Jessica David

Got the free pillow and it's small but comfy. Been using it a week or so now. Not sure if it's really helped my back or not but I'm always looking to sleep with it and it's nicely contoured for the neck. You'll learn not to sleep on your stomach since you can't use the pillow if you sleep this way do it's good for side and back sleeping. Thanks Rangeline Chiropractic!! You seem like a very friendly and inviting practice.

Diane Journot

Keith Snyder

After waiting 30 minutes for my first appointment, in a $50 chair from office max, my back hurt more than when I came in. So I left, if that’s the first impression, I didn’t want to make another appointment!

Adenike Makinde

Dr Hillary's establishment immediately puts you at ease. I have attended meetings that she hosts there and she is so very community minded and gracious!

Kelly Hibbler

I came by Rangeline Chiropractic in order to pick-up a free neck pillow, that I saw advertised on Facebook. I was there for about 15 minutes, during this process. My impression of Rangeline is that it was clean, seems well organized, and the staff was friendly. I was introduced to the owner of the practice, who was engaging and friendly, as well. In giving 5 stars, I will add in a disclaimer that I have not actually had any services at Rangeline Chiropractic. The five stars are due to a nice initial impression, which included learning about a wide range of services offered, and receiving a comfy, free neck pillow. Based on my visit, I would not hesitate to try out Rangeline Chiropractic if I am in need of these services again.

Brooke Tetrault

I suffer from headaches, neck pain, and low back pain. Dr Hilary takes such good care of me. She makes gentle and effective corrections. I literally float out of her office after my visits. And her whole office and staff are just FUN! I love Rangeline Chiropractic! ❤️

Kristin Horner

I have been going to see Dr. Hillary Hushower for a year now and I absolutely love the days I get to go in for an adjustment. I first went to Dr. Hillary for IBS as a referral from another patient. Then I got in a auto-accident and she treated me for whip lash, and finally I just see her for maintenance adjustments and before 5Ks or Mini Marathons. My Whole family visits Dr. Hillary and I highly recommend her!

Shawnah Gutierrez

I’ve seen many chiropractors in the past 15 years and have never received the care I received today at Rangeline Chiropractic! I’ve met with both Dr Ashley and Dr Hillary and am so excited to start seeing them regularly and get some pain relief!

Dona Carlisle

Hilary is THE BEST! She has helped me through some difficult issues and keeps me from being in pain! Love her!

Jennifer andJulia

Rangeline Chiropractic has been great for me. Solved pain I had had for years and gotten really fed up with. Now with maintenance routine my back, hips, and knees have felt better than they had for a long time. Staff and chiropractors are all amazing. Fun, friendly, informative, and make fitting appointments into my schedule a breeze.

Alex Keesbury

I've always been a strong advocate for chiropractor care and after finally searching for one in Indianapolis, I've found a great one! Incredibly flexible times for appointments so you can have a life and not rearrange everything to get your back aligned. They're also super quick once you are an established customer, so I can go in and out within 10 minutes, feeling like I have a whole new back! Wonderful staff and super happy I found this chiropractor.

Heidi Hurd

It’s more then just a manual adjustment. Whether I’m just looking to have an adjustment for preventative reasons or I’m working thru a sport injury, Dr. Hillary is sure to address it along with my whole body. Never made to feel like I’m just a number or like they are too busy to take time to address/correct any issues I might be having. I don’t often recommend doctors because it is such a personal choice, but anyone that asks, I send them to Rangeline Chiropractic! Many family members and friends have thanked me for sending them here!

Terry Denari

Dr Hillary’s care has been life changing for me! For years I was in constant pain in my neck and shoulder, finally I decided to seek chiropractic care and was lucky enough to choose Rangeline Chiropractic because it was close by. Dr Hillary has not only managed my neck issues but also kept me out of the ER with a herniated disc. I enjoy going to see her and her staff and I love that she is always exploring additional treatment options. After one session of the dry needling, my swollen knee was 90% better. I would give 10 stars if it was an option.

Rajan Desai

Great staff, EXCELLENT CARE!

Heather Roberts

Lisa Baker

Dr Hillary is phenomenal! Her technique is gentle but still effective. I won’t go to any other chiropractor.

Nova Brygger

Great place!! Nice staff and very organized.

Ashlie January

I love Dr. Hilary and staff! Great service with excellent chiropractic care for the whole family!

Ice Burnna

The staff was very friendly and helpful. They remained professional and upbeat despite the heat and talking with the dr. who was also friendly made my visit even the more enjoyable..the pillow is awesome as well..5 stars all the way..

Rebecca Spade

Dr Sara is the best! It's always painless, and I always look forward to my appointments twice a month!

Halle Smith

Friendly staff, and a homey and inviting atmosphere. They were very busy (a good sign of a thriving practice) the day I stopped in to pick up my new neck pillow—which I love! I hope to go back for a consultation another time. I’m glad Rangeline Chiropractic is in the neighborhood!

George Ferch

Excellent care and friendly atmosphere.

Alisha Walker

Great friendly and professional practice. Definitely worth a visit

Katy Aranda

Friendly staff. Great environment.

Sherry Shuler

Dr Hilliary is amazing with my kiddos and me! She takes the time to listen and is always caring. Love the office staff - super friendly!

Misty Fanning

The numbness in my arms and legs disappeared quickly thanks to these wonderful ladies!

Sharon Lauray

Dr. Hillary was very pleasant and informative. Office staff was personable. I plan on using her services in the near future. It was a really good experience and I would highly recommend this office.

Antoine Jones

What a great doctor. I have gotten several adjustments at Rangeline Chiropractic. I would not take my body nor business anywhere else. Thanks Rangeline!

Shannyn Rubel

I received a free pillow from this practice and have enjoyed finding the various ways I can use it. My favorite is in the car! I use the nifty straps to attach it to the headrest or the seat belt. It has worked really well.

Shannon Schilling

Everyone who works here is great and very friendly. They have helped my back feeling great again

Esther Fancher

From the moment we walked in the door to the second we left, we felt welcomed, wanted, and cared about. The front office staff offered big smiles and a friendly welcome, immediately asked how they could help, and even let us tour the facility and talk to Dr. Hillary an HOUR before our scheduled consultation. When discussing health insurance and pricing I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable adjustments and even X-rays would be. We are confident that they will do all they can to help our family live as pain free and relaxed as possible. <3


Great experience, I would strongly recommend. Dr Ashley, Hillary and office staff are friendly.

Rachael Trieu

I slipped a disc in my back several years ago and had a relapse this spring. After Physical Therapy and muscle relaxers, I still was in lots of pain. Dr. Hillary is a LIFE SAVER!! After several months of working with her and her staff, I now am almost pain free and can do all my regular activities with no issues. She is my miracle worker :) I would recommend her and her amazing staff to anyone (Lacey and Caroline are just wonderful with the additional therapies). They are very prompt and easy to schedule with as well!

Samira Vakili

Micaela Bahling

Very nice and very thorough. They make sure they have enough information and take their time to get to know the patients.

Shikha Sharma

Kay Likes

Dr Hillary and the staff at Rangeline Chiropractic are great! They provide information and therapy options which helped with my back issues. The pillow I tried is small, but if you read in bed, it is helpful. I shift around when I sleep, so I am trying to figure out how my neck and head to stay on pillow overnight.

Lora West

Looove my neck pillow!!! Would love to get a couple more for car, work, etc..have my first appointment on Monday:)

Linda Rowings

The doctors and staff make every effort to give you a good and comfortable experience. They run on time. They have helped my cranky neck and shoulder a lot.

Corey Greenwood

Angela Gomez

The pillow I received is great! Not too firm, not too soft. It really helps the way I feel in the morning when I wake up having slept on the neck pillow and not on my arm all night. I'm thankful for the opportunity to test the pillow from Rangeline Chiropractic! Thank you!

Brandon Flynn

Chris P

I rarely if ever leave reviews. I must be honest in the fact that I was initially VERY nervous about going to a Chiropractor and having my spine manipulated...the time finally came however when I could no longer ignore the excruciating and debilitating pain that I was experiencing in my back (lower, mid and upper). It no longer was limiting what I could personally do, the problem was limiting what I could do with my 2 year old daughter and that was a non-starter for me. I was unwilling to seek traditional medicinal help due to my lack of trust and confidence in the system as it is today and called around to different chiropractic offices to see who could fit me in same day...after calling several places in Carmel, Dr. Hillary's office was the only one to pick up immediately without having to leave a message and was scheduled in about an hour after I had called. After consultation and two weeks of treatments, I could notice a SUBSTANTIAL improvement in the condition of my back. After 5 weeks, the pain I had been experiencing for more than a year was gone!!!! I attribute this to her expertise to be sure, but also a continued regimen and attention to directives that were given by definitely takes two, she can't do it without her patients' help. If you are reading this and finding yourself nervous about going, trust in the fact that what you are imagining the treatment methods to be as totally opposite of what they are. I literally look forward to going in and getting adjusted, it just washes all of your stress away. The staff is great and you can tell that she really cares - doesn't hurt that she gives back to the community either. Support her and help grow her business!! :-)

Susan Zarnowski

I am in good hands with Doctor Sara - literally! She is so friendly and kind, and always gives a good tune up. I appreciate that she takes the time to get to know me as a patient. Other chiropractic offices rush you out, not here. If you are in need of a new place or an adjustment, Dr. Sara is always there!

Kaylyn Staser

Linda Britt

Dr. Hilary and staff have been wonderful and caring. I have arthritis in several areas of my body. Through there gentle techniques, I have felt improvement. I highly recommend Rangeline Chiropractic!

ieesha turner

Received the free pillow and it has truly made a HUGE difference in the short time I've been using it. Thanks guys amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference!

Sarah Mitchell

They recently ran a great promo for a free neck pillow with no strings attached. I’m loving it and it helps position my neck without any strain while watching TV or working on my iPad. I will consider them for future chiropractic needs.

Elizabeth Fishero-Ferguson

I did not receive my neck pillow. I drove up there yesterday and the building was not clearly marked and I drove by it twice and then there was no parking. I just gave up and drove all the way back home. Thanks for the offer but I won't be coming back up there to get it which is said because I need to have neck and back surgery soon and was hoping it would help me sleep better.

Kelly Walker

Staff is super friendly and caring. I worked with Sara. I had a migraine when I went in and she was so nice and caring. Didnt rush me and was willing to help. The pillow was amazing on my drive. I felt I had better posture and was more alert. I cant wait to sleep with it. Office is very easy to get to, clean and welcoming atmosphere.

Margaret Meyer

Very inviting, friendly environment. The Dr. was very knowledgeable and gave very helpful information on how to utilize the neck pillow. Very pleasant experience.

Ali Lemberg

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I appreciate that they are not pushy and are interested in optimal overall and preventative health.

Debbie Castle

Very friendly staff. Prompt appointment. Nicely decorated office with fun bright colors. Very happy place!

Denise Woolen

I had a great experience at Rangeline Chiropractic! The office is clean, warm and inviting. The staff wss friendly and welcoming. This new pillow is wonderful on my neck! It's comfortable and has s soothing smell. Thanks Rangeline Chiropractic for this great pillow!

Sarah Penquite

Great central location, cozy spaces for chiro and spa treatments, friendly staff.

alyssa Bradley


Aaron Walker

They are awesome! Dr Hillary gets me back on track for my trailrunning adventures and everyday life!

Douglas Zabonick

Friendly staff with a welcoming atmosphere.

Mike Smith

Great place, very professional

Amber Seibert

The staff here is so friendly and helpful. I have been to a few different chiropractor, and they do the best at educating patients on the how and why and adding the personal touch. I truly feel like they care about me. They do a lot to show patient appreciation. They are flexible with scheduling and have testing communication which is great for busy bees like me. They are very up front about costs and services which is rare in healthcare. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Alison Wren

Dr. Hilary and her staff changed my life (and my neck and back issues)! I highly recommend this place!

Jennifer Norris

Neil Poole

Very friendly staff

Becky Mahoney

Holly Culp

Friendly, knowledgeable staff and doctors. LOVE the pillow!

Jane Kiefer

I have used my neck pillow for 2 nights now. My neck feels so much better when I wake up. It is AMAZING,! Thank you for the opportunity to try this new pillow!

Mac Husainy

Very courteous staff and the facility is great. Free pillow was good.

Vinya Sagi

Dr Hillary gave me a few neck pillow that I tested out last night and it makes the world of a difference. She was really nice and sweet. I'm definitely going to go back there soon! The office was nice and quaint and the staff was friendly. Highly Recommend!

Lindsey Finney

Great office with a very friendly staff. They offer a lot of different services at a very convenient location.

Alexandra Osborne

Angela Sampson

Deborah Clemens

Betsy Nix

Great attention to detail.

Alysia Larson

Dr Hillary is personal and professional.

Kathy Bitar

Absolutely love this office! I can’t say enough good things about the care that I receive every time that I come in. Under Dr Hillary’s care I know that when I come in for my appointments I will leave feeling great! Highly recommend Dr Hillary!

Goletha Smith

As promised they would send a few reminders of your appointment to pick up the neck pillow, the reminders were a bit intense! My appointment was at 8:15 a.m. I received a reminder text at 5:15 a.m., then another at 7:15 a.m. I live an hour away so while I was in route I received a call 7:46 a.m. Unfortunately, due to construction, I found that I would be five minutes late so I made a courtesy call to alert them of the delay and shared with them my location. They told me because I was so close to come on anyway. The moment I walked through the door there was a feeling of calm and relaxation! The staff was members who greeted me were very warm and efficient. I signed in and immediately taken on the tour of the office. I found each room painted a different room and the colors were very relaxing! As I waited in the “Inhale & Exhale” room for a matter of a minute. Dr. Hillary came in with a warm greeting and the Neck Pillow. She shared benefits of the pillow of which I immediately applied. BELIEVE OR NOT...I attached it to the “neck rest” in my car. I had to adjust my mirrors, by the time I reached my next appointment only 15 minutes away the discomfort I had been feeling in my neck was gone❗️ Dr. Hillary I can’t THANK YOU enough❗️ The Neck Pillow is AMAZING❗️

Scott Walschlager

very courteous staff, very professional, a welcoming environment, would recommend to other athletes!

Karen Cox

I got a quick tour of the facility and was given a little information. I'm looking forward to scheduling an appointment to address my specific health issues. Was glad to hear my insurance has paid for therapy for others. I have never seen a chiropractor and was happily surprised to learn they deal with concerns besides simple back adjustments. The pillow I received is nice to sleep with, but doesn't feel firm enough to give much support to the lower back while driving. I'll definitely give it a try on my next trip in 3 weeks.

Bobbie Griffin

Friendly staff. The pillow is great. It really has helped my neck. Thank you!

brittany michaud

Absolutely love Rangeline Chiropractic! Dr Hilary really listens and makes sure you are comfortable. Always very accommodating. I love when I walk in and see Carli’s smiling face! Those two make the place! Keep up the great work.

Erika Doke

Janet McIntyre

The staff was very friendly and welcoming. I really appreciated the tour of the office and the explanation of each room's function/equipment. Most importantly, the time Dr Ashley took to explain the neck pillow and to listen to my chiropractic concerns was quite impressive.

Haley Strange

Staff was super friendly and welcoming when I arrived. Cute office with lots a space! Dr. Hilary was friendly and explained a few ways to use the pillow. Also for being in Carmel it was easy to access!

Zach Hatcher

The staff is very friendly and approachable. Dr. Hillary is amazing! My back feels 100% better! This is the only chiropractor I will go to.

Angela Luchik

The staff is friendly and the doctors are very knowledgeable! Would not hesitate to recommend.

Lori White

Dr. Hillary and staff have helped my body be the healthiest I have ever been. The office hours are helpful to those of us who work full time and cannot make it to the office on lunch break.

Leslie Lufkin

Friendly staff, relaxing office. Very happy to talk to you (doesn’t seem forced). Plus I’m excited to try chiropractic medication myself for the first time next week.

Kelsey Brown

Larry Ingraham

Dr. Hillary Hushower at Rangeline Chiropractic does super work putting me back and keeping me in my best condition! I highly recommend her!

Jessica Ortman

Although I did not receive a service, when I stopped in to redeem a promo, the staff was friendly & prompt, and delivered on the promo as promised. Location was a slightly obscure, I passed it an needed to look at signage.

Katie Tellus

Both the receptionists and chiropractors are friendly and professional. I will definitely continue to go back!

Shelbie Spiller

Melissa Warner

Great care. Great people

Chris Denari

Drs. Hillary and Sarah and the staff are outstanding. I’ve been a patient for over two years now and it’s made a difference with how I feel.

Aldo Sola

Ali Pournourbakhsh

Unbelievable. My foot pain went away. I will be coming back weekly for amazing healing and friendliest service in Carmel. Thank you.

Cherri Enea

The office staff was friendly and welcoming. I went in to pick up a free, no obligation neck pillow. There was no pressure to become a patient. They were just providing a public service. I chatted with one of the Chiropractors. She answered my questions and told me about the different services they provide. Great experience!

Brittanny Seybold

I came to Dr. Hillary with neck pain. I’ve had such a wonderful experience and my neck pain has diminished greatly! I’m looking forward to the rest of my treatment plan, and getting my whole family in to see her.

Wendy Williams

Wow is all I can say! I found the doctors and their staff to be extremely professional and helpful without being pushy. The office atmosphere is welcoming and high tech all at the same time! In addition, to the services they offer, they have developed and sell these amazing neck pillows. I have been using mine for about a week and again WOW what a difference a week makes. I have had a terrible time finding a good pillow that would give me the support my neck needed and would conform to sleeping in different positions, this one does it all. I was a little skeptical at first, but I can honestly say the stiffness in my neck was beginning to loosen the first night I used it. Since using the pillow, I have been sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed and ready to tackle my day! I would like to send a big thank you to the doctors at Rangeline Chiropractic!

Jill Russell

Very friendly and welcoming staff. I was greeted immediately with smiles from the front desk staff. One of the girls took me on a quick tour of the office and showed me to a room. The doctor who met with me was also very friendly and informative.

Audra Rasmussen

I have used the neck pillow for three nights, and I wake up with no neck pain. Staff was very friendly and informative.


Gretchen Meyer

Dr Hillary has been great at bringing me back to a level of normalcy and is great at evaluating your overall well being. I have been to other chiropractors but feel the best now that I've switched to Rangeline. I highly recommend to anyone. Both genmtgand effeveffe I would send everyone here.

Anne Marie Perry

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Hilary Hushower for several years now. Prior to Dr. Hilary, I had been to other chiros, but once we started here, we haven't looked back. Dr. Hilary is amazing and she has helped us both every.single.time we needed it. She knows what she's doing and offers multiple services to help with all kinds of maladies. She helped when I tore my rotator cuff and most recently helped me with a baker's cyst on my knee with her 'dry needling' procedure. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services. The staff are wonderful and you always feel welcome! She also gives back to the community. Make an appointment! You won't be disappointed!! Instead, you'll be a lifelong customer like we've become.

Jeni Linsley

The office staff is kind and knowledgeable. My shoulders feel great after 1st visit.

Ariane Newell

Dr. Hillary and Dr. Sally are both skilled, fantastic Chiropractors! They are personable, gentle, and have really helped me decrease my neck pain and stiffness. Rangeline Chiropractic is my go-to when referring patients to chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Hillary and Dr. Sally!

Rick Mates

Evan Elpers

Dr. Hillary and her team will always make time to get you in and explain the process every step of the way. I started with continuous neck and back pain and have seen a drastic improvement since I started treatment. I always recommend Rangeline Chiropratic to my friends colleagues and family.

Megan Manion

Dr. Hillary and her office are the best! My chiropractic care is top-notch and an essential function to feeling my best! Thank you Dr. Hillary and staff!

Amy Christie

I received one of the neck pillows and was impressed with the quality. The pillow was comfortable to use when lying down, under my neck, but also as a lumbar support when sitting upright! Thank you!!!

Joshua Williams

Go here if you want to feel better.

tonkatim amenkiller

The experienced staff here have helped me get more active and live with less pain in my life.

Chelsea Erin S

What a wonderful staff at this Chiropractory- with top notch tools and a family friendly environment!

Sam Owens

Very friendly and informative!

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