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REVIEWS OF ProWellness Chiropractic IN Indiana

Judy VanDevender

Stephanie Milentis

All of the doctors at ProWellness are amazing! They really care about their patients and take the time to listen to their needs.

Kristi McBride

All the staff are amazing. My whole family has benefited from the care we've received.

mckenzie nickell

Matthew Friend

Nicki Laycoax

Lizbeth Ballesteros

ProWellness Chiropractic, what i can i say?! To describe it in one word “amazing” I have been struggling with alot of headaches and lower back pains,hip and knee pain. I kept getting hospitalized for my headaches it was ridiculous i would go in for weeks and they would never find a solution for my headaches.. my cousin had mentioned I should go ahead and give them a try . I went in a day after being released from the hospital still with headaches and i was extremely surprised at their hospitality and kindness i went in with the worst headache i could have ever had and left with and amazing relief headache was still their but it was mayb a 6 when i left. Next appointment came in and pain went from a 6 to a 3 .. they did what no doctor could Figure out what to do..i am extremely happy i made the decision to go in, it has changed my life for the better..

Penny Armstrong

Rob Lyons

Rita Bridge

As usual, Dr. Evans and staff were completely awesome!!

Amanda Sue Cruea

Dr. Harkins is amazing!

Nadia Grant

Tracey Hudson

Katie-Jane Brown

Jody Stumpe

A severely injured hamstring brought me in and over the two days I was in town the doctors performed miracles. Wish they had an office in CleArwater! Thanks everybody!

Kourtni Wippel

Kelly Lohrman

Connor Houston

Had a great experience from the beginning to end of my 1st visit. The front desk staff was nice and very inviting, as well as, the service by Dr. Boone. I came in with aches and pains, and left revitalized and ready to take on my next workout. Highly recommend!

Sean Abell

The staff here are great. After having an awful experience at Atlas chiropractic a friend referred me here. The location is extremely clean and well kept. Everyone was smiling and said hello to me. Thank you!

Teresa Foreman

Benjamin Lockie

Dr. Burns has a great understanding of the body and helped me improve how I move. I feel so much better when I get adjusted! Thanks Dr. Burns

Sarah Vinson

Great place to go and I always feel so much better when I leave :). Really Dr. Burns has been able to help me when no one else could!!

Sandra Conner

Dr Harkins took the time to find out the underlying cause of my symptoms and worked with me on healing and then maintaining my health.

Rob Anderson

I have been going to ProWellness for 8+ years and I continue to go back because of the friendliness and knowledge of all of the staff. But, Dr. Evans is amazing in his treatment. He always listens to my concerns and understands what kind and type of an adjustment that is perfect for my needs. He has helped me through several tennis related injuries and lots of travel related aches and pains. I would recommend anyone who suffers from pain or discomfort, in any part of their body, to call and get an appointment ASAP.

Theresa Hibbert

The ProWellness center is Awesome! The Staff is helpful and always friendly. Dr. Harkins is Awesome as well. He always ask how things are going and works on getting the adjustment right to make me feel better.

Amy Lesniewski

shari wheeler

Very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. Give them a try, you’ll be very please!

Joe Rogers

Hobbled in, walked out in a much better state. Thanks guys!

Beckie Edmands

I have had great treatment at ProWellness. Our doctor is Dr. Chris Galloway. He started treating us when my husband was having serious shoulder pain, which wasn't getting any better, but since treatment has been resolved. I've been rear ended in 2 car accidents and have been treated by Dr. Galloway after both and have been very grateful for the ability to get in quickly for treatment and that he was there to care for me when I was hurting. I am no longer hurting and I believe it is due to his treatments and educating me on how/when to apply ice and care for myself. I also appreciate how he show he cares and how he is always cheerful and interested in your life and your health.

Steve Narde

Wonderful experience Dr. Burns takes time with his patients. Other Chiros I have seen its simply an in and out assembly line...

Garrett Serd

Couldn't be more happy with my experience with. Dr. Jordan Burns. His experience, passion, and love for what he does and for each of his clients is remarkable! This was my first EVER chiropractic experience and I can't wait to go back. Dr. Jordan Burns and his team are hands down amazing! Don't take my word for it, though! Check them out yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Justin Stumpf

Facility, equipment, work provided and staff are all the top of the line. I personally work with Dr. Boone, and what he does for my scoliosis, as well as beat up lats/shoulders from physical training is simply next to none. No other chiro around town will give you this many good treatments for such an affordable cost. Please check these guys out, and look no further for your future chiropractic care! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for always making me feel better!!!

Angela Myers

I have always been scared to go to the chiropractor! I have suffered from migraines since 2nd grade! I feel like I have taken every medicine known and nothing works. I have been to this office 3 times now. I love love LOVE it! Dr. Evans, makes me feel comfortable and always asks if I'm alright. The front staff is always so happy and friendly too. I won't be switching that's for sure. He better stay in business for a LONG time! ;)

Carol Ashby

Debra Lorenz

Very pleasant and unhurried atmosphere. Efficient and effective treatment. They listen and and respond accordingly. When my chiropractor moved to another city after 15 years I didn’t know if I could find one I would like and trust. I found it!!

Jessica Starks

Shirley Roehl

Prowellness is more than an office. It is a group of people who care about your health and making what they can better for you.

Dan Costello

Dr. Burns is a doc I can trust when it comes to providing me the info I need to get better, and stay better. I can ask him anything and he’s always willing to make sure I understand what’s going on with my body. His treatments are specific for each individual and this makes it even better.

Leslie Fruehman

Dr. Burns is great! Very personalized care, no sales pressure to sign up for a subscription or to buy products, reasonably priced and easy to schedule. Just down-to-earth doctors and staff who want to help people live their best life. Would highly recommend.

Christine Landis

Both my husband and I have visited Prowellness for the massage and chiropractic needs. A Very knowledgeable staff, we highly recommend Prowellness.

Susan Ashton

I always feel better after a visit here! My last visit was even better when I had an hour massage by Lindsay followed by an adjustment by Dr. Evans! I finally had relief from the neck pain and headaches that i had experienced for over a week!

Zach Grounds

marvin scott


Curtis Larson

ProWellness is awesome. I highly recommend a visit. High tech, modern office & practices with a very open mind. Dr. Burns in particular is super passionate about his work - schedule a visit today!

Troy Gosser

Brittney Farrar-Krempasky

I began seeing Dr. Evans when I was pregnant with my twins in 2017 & have recently started going regularly for adjustments. He is phenomenal! Very well educated & helpful! I feel so much better after each visit!

Dana Downing

Dr Jordan burns is wonderful. Knowledgeable, never pushy and makes sure you are getting the care that suits you and your problem. Also constantly checking in on your comfort and following up. The kind of guy you’d happily grab a beer with.

Laura Wallett

Miguel Joseph

For 17 years, since I've returned from the Army, I have been a plumber. Recently I happened to move in a normal motion and felt a pop in my back. After visiting a local emergency room, having xrays, and being diagnosed with pulled muscles, I still felt something wasn't right, and was in constant pain. The prescriptions that I was given were doing nothing for the pain or suffering that I was experiencing. After a quick check with my provider, ProWellness Chiropractic became my next option. Upon arrival, in my darkest hour, I was greeted with nothing but smiles, kindness, and professionalism. Dr Johnson, my hero, went over my xrays and explained to me that I had broken my back multiple times over the years. Heartbreaking as this was, Dr Johnson was kind and assuring in telling me he would do his best to help my get some normalcy back in my life. After the very first adjustment I felt the tides were changing. My pain level dropped immediately and I was in awe at his expertise. Dr Johnson suggested I see a surgeon and that I get a injection to reduce the swelling. My surgeon confirmed that yes my back had been broken many times, I may need surgery, and injections would help with some pain and swelling. After receiving the injections there was a noticeable but minimal reduction in pain. My only relief was still seeing Dr Johnson and having adjustments. As the swelling decreased Dr Johnson was able to continue his procedures and I felt my back pop again. But after this pop the whole world changed. Dr Johnson had realigned my spine and all but minimal pain had left my body. I have now been able to return to work, play with my 2 year old son, and resume normal life. My pain pill usage has all but vanished and my quality of life has reached its highest levels in year's. Thank you to Dr Johnson, and his awesome staff for all they have done. I will continue to see Dr Johnson as needed and recommend him and his to team to everyone I meet. His expertise gave me my life and job back and I will forever be in his debt. Sincerely Michael Morrison

Vanessa Wahl

I've struggled with back and neck pain for months and my two appointments at Pro Wellness helped tremendously! I've had many different chiropractors in the past and Dr. Boone is the best by far! He offered so many different services and was amazing to work with. Definitely going back!

Kathy Walden

Kind and caring Doctors with attention to your specific problem. The support staff is real nice, too!

Chris Wise

Great service and results so far. They are very quick about getting you in and out as well which is nice as you can go over lunch and not be gone for an extended period of time. Friendly staff. Definitely recommend.

David Stamper

Richard Lofgren

Every part of my experience at ProWellness is outstanding. Everyone was exceptionally helpful and on time. The physician service was provided and solved my problem. Every action was clearly explained and easily understood. This is first class service at every turn.

Victoria Farmer

Roger Johnson

Aaron Hickman

tez rowley

I am grateful for Dr Jordan burns and the rest of the staff. They are professional and provide amazing customer service.

C. J. Calvert

Dr. Cory Harkins does a great job helping me stay active and doing the things I love and enjoy. I get adjustments and treatments and always feel Dr. Harkins demonstrates excellent methods to keep me moving and feeling well. I highly recommend Dr. Harkins!

Gretchen Lee

Love this place!!!

Team Axxle

Jennifer Longman

Excellent place. So professional.

Nancy Stevens

The staff is helpful, caring, promt and flexable. Thank you for all you do.

Mickey Wydick

Sean Hollick

I can not recommend ProWellness enough! The staff are amazing and knowledgable. They will always try and work you in if you need a last minute appointment. They really know their stuff here and your body will fee the difference!

Nicole Peters

David Evans is an amazing chiropractor! I love the way I feel every time he works on me! I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who is considering a chiropractor.

Linda Mayer

Lane Burkhammer

Matthew Faux

I've had two appointments and I've had awesome experiences. I'm glad I chose this place, this staff is friendly and flexible with scheduling and the Doctors are great at taking care of and educating their patients.

Chris Coburn

hannah voorhis

Brandi Wood

Prowellness staff is winderful and welcoming! Dr Cory Harkins is the best and so knowledgeable!

Stephanie Hunt

Julia O'Connor

My sister-in-law recommended I come to ProWellness, knowing the lower back and hip pain I struggle with as well as scoliosis. Dr. Evans has a special interest in scoliosis which was a bonus. The first visit was excellent - so much information was covered, I felt I had a very good picture of my particular situation and what could help. And the treatment that day was excellent. I received a recommended plan of treatment at the next appointment and I continue to experience improvement as I have further treatment. Staff is excellent. They are punctual and friendly.

Teresa Amick

Staff is professional, enthusiastic, and genuinely sincere about helping each patient maximize his/her health and well being. The massage therapy I receive in coordination with chiropractic adjustments are contributing to my active senior lifestyle. I would recommend this practice to others who want to stay fit and limber.

Sam Bacon

Ian is great!!! Very good service, love the pricing, and patient care is great

Devon Farmer

Facility is top notch staff is very helpful and seem to care about what they do. Best chiropractor/ massage place I've ever been prices are cheap too.... chicken dinner.... winner. I personally see Ian, hes personable and professional andwill take care of you.

S aber

Diane Whelchel

I've been seeing Dr. Jordan Burns twice a week since the middle of October & he has been great, encouraging me and engaging me in conversation. He's trying to straighten me as much as possible but, obviously can't straighten crooked & degenerating bones. He listens to me when I tell him what hurts or cramps & tries to work on that area. I have supplemented his care with water therapy twice a week & dance lessons & massage once a week. If I did not already have a massage therapist, I would do them with Pro Wellness. Paige & Nicki are great, too, always greeting me when I enter. They are kind & efficient with scheduling appointments & handling payments.

Shelby shook

kathy walden

Dr. Harkins and the whole team are a caring group of professionals. They listen to you issues and create a treatment plan to better health. if your back or neck hurts, don't wait another day!!!!

Jennifer Cruea

Matt Keinsley

Dr. Evans is simply amazing. He is very personable and great with kids, as are his staff. I take my 18 month old son with me to appointments and Dr. Evans does his adjustment too. Nothing but praises for him, his personality and his skills as a chiropractor.

Jordan Silk

Kevin & Katie O'Bold

Wonderful doctors! They are very knowledgeable and put the patient first. The office is very progressive and uses modern technologies in their therapies. I am very pleased with my experience.

Tina Montgomery

Chris Constantine

Kristin Hatch-Scherzinger

Both my infant daughter and I see Dr. Jordan Burns and he is fantastic! I started seeing him when I was pregnant and my baby was on my sciatica making it a level 9 pain to walk. He took a great amount of time to ensure he did everything he could to help. He now sees my baby girl too and is just wonderful with her! I have also seen both massage therapists but typically work with Lindsey. She is also incredible! Overall, I highly recommend ProWellness.

Rebecca L. Baer

Love the doctors and the care they provide. They are knowledgeable and friendly.

Dionna Liggans

Very fun, upbeat, and friendly staff! Dr. Burns was great and explained everything that he was doing. I can’t wait to go back!

Linda Fusco

Very Caring and professional office. They are flexible and helpful with your schedule. Lindsey is one of the best massage therapist I have had. Always listens to your needs at every appointment. Dr. Ian Booth is my Chiropractor and he also always asks, listens and addresses what my needs are at each appointment. The front desk ladies are always helpful and cheerful. Great group of people and I always leave feeling better!

Austin Stegemoller

Prowellness Chiro is so friendly. Honestly feels like a family environment. Great conversation yet very educated and informative on what they are doing and what the benefits are. They truly go above and beyond. I got once a month! 10/10 recommend!

Kurt Kemerly

Jordan Burns

Wendy Shoemaker

Dr. Ian Boone is professional and friendly at the same time which made me feel completely relaxed during my first cupping experience.

Cory Harkins

Dorothy Gaston

I’ve been coming here for a year now, and I couldn’t be happier. Right when you walk in, you are greeted by a smiling, friendly face and I’ve never had to wait for my appointment time to begin. It feels like family when you go. I feel physically great when I leave, and stay that way. Facility is clean and great location. 2 thumbs up from this girl!

Elizabeth Navarro

Brian Allison

I would highly recommend ProWellness Chiropractic. Dr. Cory Harkins is doing a great job on me...on a back that is REALLY messed up! If you a are experiencing severe or even minor problems I would suggest you first try ProWellness.

Dennis Nash

Stephanie Manzo

Love bringing my infant daughter to Dr David Evans. Knows exactly what he is doing with her and makes sure we are all comfortable.

Rachel Hunter

Jennifer Harney

Help me get my back good so I could go back to work and not have any issues.

Mindy Indy

i am a massage therapist here, and have seen Ian Boone, thank god i finally made the trip there. broken ribs deep tissue damage. shoulder issues which makes my job very hard on a daily. Terrified of chiros due to a bad experience in past! Ian was beyond understanding and he did his thing and it was over. Ill always continue to send my clients to him. im grateful for his time and patience with me. cant wait for the next adjustment. :))) Thank you so much Ian, Brandi Lawson

Amanda Dye

Dr. Boone was amazing and fixed every problem I brought to his attention with my lower back.


Everything at ProWellness is top notch from the front desk staff, to Chiropractor Dr. Harkins to the massage therapist. Highly recommend!

Diana Toy

Bryan Guess

Was so glad to find this place after my car accident. I saw Dr Harkins and he took extra care of me while educating me on my injuries and correcting my gait in the process. Very blessed to have found this office and Dr Harkins!!! GO CATS!!!

Renee Hacker

Greg Hopkinson

Great experience. I have been to a few other chiropractors in the past, but they always seemed to just do the same cookie cutter manipulations and spend 2 minutes adjusting then sending me on my way and wanted me to come like 3 times per week. Here, Dr. Ian Boone actually took the time to explain what the issues were and I could tell he was actually doing adjustments to fix the issues I had and wasn't pushy trying to get me to come more than I needed to. I will be a regular patient here from now on.

Chris Franklin

I always enjoy the experience when I go. Knows exactly what to do to help with whats going on, to keep me on top of my recovery.

Will Drumright

I love going to ProWellness! Incredibly friendly and professional environment! Dr. Burns and Dr. Harkin have both been great helping me to feel my best!

Lynsey Johnson

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