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REVIEWS OF New Life Chiropractic IN Indiana

James Combs

I have been seeing Dr. Feeman for a couple months now and I have to say I went in for back pain and he has treated that condition plus gave me much more in his treatments and teachings on my overall health. I am very pleased with the treatments and his care. I will continue to see him going forward. Update 5-16-19. It's been over a year of seeing Dr. Feeman for chiropractic care. I am healthier then ever before, no back or neck issues, and I have lost over 80 lbs on their Vilulu program. I am very pleased with all he and his staff have done for my overall well being. Update 7-9-19 Still going strong, it has been one of the best decisions of my life to go to New Life Chiropractic. Healthy, strong, and feeling great. What more can I ask for. Thank you to Dr. Feeman and the staff for improving my life so much.

Chari D

Heather Huffman

I am so happy my whole family comes here. The staff is amazing. Their knowledge about Chiropractic is in depth but easy to understand. It all makes sense. The fact they include x-rays in your plan so that you can see it with your own eyes is remarkable because it helps connect everything together!

Green Eyes

The service, the tips, the people, New Life Chiropractic is the Best place to go for your health, and for your family. Definitely top of the 'must go to do' list!

Abbie Hartle

I visited for the first time just recently with my boyfriend who has been here for a little over a year because of the many good things he had to say about it. My first impression was overall wonderful! Very friendly staff who were extremely helpful and Dr. Feeman was great! He made it very easy to follow along with his insight and explained everything in great understanding detail! I may even start coming here myself! This place is great!

Rugged LOVE

Michelle Hutchens

This place might qualify as a cult. It is definitely a scam...

Jannel Miller

My uncle referred me to New LIfe Chiro after he started coming here. He walked with a cane eventually no longer needed it. My dad, sister, and brother also come here. I have had migraine headaches since I was in 6th grade. I have been to many neurologists and they simply changed my medication (which I needed to take daily). After coming here I barely have migraines and am taking no prescriptions for migraines. My blood pressure medication has also been lowered as has my dad's. I recommend New Life Chiropractic to all of my friends any chance I get.

Gret Machlan

Mary Esselburn

I have been going to the Nutrimost part of New Life Chiropractic. The people here are wonderful and very helpful. They are positive and very kind. Nutrimost itself has worked wonderfully for me. In 40 days, I have lost 24 pounds. For the last 3 weeks, I have maintained this 24 pound loss. This program provides you with all the tools you need to be successful. You do, however, have to want to lose weight and be committed to yourself to succeed.

Madisen Edmond

New Life Chiropractic is a blessing from God to me. When I was in excruciating pain, it's the only place that remedied the problem from the root. Today, no pain. I continue with my adjustments to keep my body in alignment. I love it. I highly recommend New Life Chiropractic. Dianne Jenkins

Ben Hunsicker

Dr.Joel is one of the most passionate care givers I have had. He truly wants his patients to be well, and even more so, healed! Our family has been going to him for over 3 years, and our health has never been better. We don't have the need for prescription medications, and rarely take over-the-counter medications. We encourage people we meet to check him and his office out because of how they promote the body's own healing ability, not throwing a quick fix at a problem. We will continue to recieve care, because we know that it is one of the best values for our healthcare dollar!

Carla Shaffer

Always a positive experience. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Dr. Feeman is the best!!!! I feel so much better after a visit.

Margo Kelly

I love the people in this office and they have been so very helpful to my health and care. I experience way less headaches and overall health has definitely improved! Thanks New Life!!

Ashley Sprunger

This Chiropractic center is more of a scam than a center for healing. After my first visit I was told that in order to put me "back in place" I would need to see Dr. Joel 3x a week for several weeks! In total I would need 8 months of adjustments totaling $6000. What a joke! Instead of falling for their scam I visited a very well known and popular chiropractor here in Fort Wayne who has been in business for 30 years. He adjusted me twice (his adjustments almost half the price of Dr. Joel), and said I would only need to see him "as needed" or once every couple of months. I would avoid this place like the plague.

Catherine Aldrich

I have been treated weekly by Dr. Feeman for 3 years and feel wonderful. My lifelong headaches have improved and I feel better than ever! I will continue at New Life Chiropractic.

Peggy Marschand

I have been going to the New Life Chiropractic for two years. It was a life-changing moment. I am pain free ! I had damaged my shoulders. The staff is awesome the environment is very calming, Dr. Freeman has made it possible for me to do things without any pain. Thank you

Thomas Maxwell

I started with New Life Chiropractic because of neck pain and headaches. Both are now gone. I appreciate the way Dr. Joel works with and is concerned about you physical and Spiritual health.

ricardo roque

I started at new life when I was about 8 years old I am now 20. I love coming into the office and feeling the freindly environment and the peace that I feel knowing that the doctors give me the best health care. In general my health has been maintaining amazing over the years.

Alexandria Witzig

I used to struggle with chronic migraines and headaches along with fatigue and an overall sense of lathergy. I only have gone a few months and my health has never been better. I appreciate how much the staff care about your wellbeing and want to teach you how to live a healthier life. I absolutely recommend a visit for anyone who is at an stage of health.

Manoj Gudapati

Ann SeCheverell

I have been coming here for 4 years now, I started because of the diet plan that they offered, and had fallen a few years prior and hit the back of my skull on driveway pavement, and never put it together that my migraines were being caused from being subluxated. I praise God everyday for having brought me to doctor Feeman and Rachel and his wonderful staff! They take such fabulous care of me and I no longer have a migraine problem. And it's lovely to know that anytime I'm having any special problems I can get an appointment right away and get taken care of. I will never use any place else!!

Joshua Miller

I feel much better and rarely get sick since I started coming here. Great and friendly staff.

Stephanie Zander

Since coming to new life, I have experienced a whole new look at life. My energy levels are high, and pain rating is at an all time low. My life has changed for the better since coming here. It has become one of the best decisions I have or will ever make in my life. Everyone that works at New life is always friendly and willing to help you with whatever you need or questions you may have. I recommend everyone I run into to come here and experience life changing results for the better. And I can't wait to continue this journey with these incredible people.

Verna Gerber

New Life is a great description for the experience with Dr. Joel and the staff at New Life Chiropractic. The knowledge and cutting edge technology are facilitating healing. The intention and motivation from Dr. Joel and the staff Is essential for the complete healing of body soul and spirit. Thank you for caring for the whole person. That impact is effective

Natalie Stangland

Dr. Joel is a great chiropractor and person. He genuinely cares about the health of his clients and it shows with every adjustment. My two daughters and I have been coming to Dr. Joel weekly for several months now and we can totally tell a difference. My youngest daughter has had repetitive ear infections since she was a baby. We went through three sets of tubes and had her adenoids removed. Since she has had weekly chiropractic care, she has had no issues with her ears. I truly believe in the science behind chiropractic care. It is hard to find a really good chiropractor but look no further! Dr. Joel is one of the best! Thanks Dr. Joel!

Holly P

I started going to New Life because of my back issues. The first time i went, i had great service. The second time i went, the service was horrible. They told me to watch a video and that someone would be in right after to go over everything including my x-rays. I waited 30 minutes after the video before someone saw me. Dr. Joel came in the room and said "i'm sorry, i didn't know anybody was in here". They were very unorganized and not on the same page. I started going in there once a week to get an adjustment. Dr. Joel told me that if i wanted to see a difference, i would have to make a visit at least three times a week. Three times!!! Thats Crazy!! I work full time and there is no way i could go in there that much. I thought something sounded a little fishy. I think it cost me $45 dollars per adjustment. That was a lot too considering Dr. Joel only spent two minutes with me everytime. I stopped goin to New Life because i felt like it was a scam. A month later i went to my chiropractor, who is very well known in the area. I told him about New Life and he said it sounded like a scam also. He said no one should have to get an adjusment three times a week. He even thought once a week was a little ridiculous. The only positive thing i can say is that everyone that works there is farely nice.

Kim Reasoner

DR Freeman and his Staff are awesome.. Always friendly and wanting to help you be your best the natural ways... very accommodating and true caring for the patients needs.

Reiley Grashoff

I came in as a new pat. today i was greeted at the door by name which was awesome!!!!! Dr.Feeman left me not having to ask any questions because they were all answered before i could even think of them......I was going to another place in fort wayne and New Life made me feel at home......I feel like finally God has answered my prayers and I feel as if I am finally where I belong. Thank You to all those at New Life you guys are awesome! I am now two months out from when I wrote this initial review. They have blown my expectations out of the water and more. I stand by saying that this office is the best option if u are wanting to be healthy and energy enhanced life....his practice is awesome because he believe in natural healing and follows a saying "the power that made the body, heals the body" these past two months have been great! am now off all my heart meds and have also been empowered to go to Ashford University for alternative and complementary medicine. So i can take what i have learned from Dr. Feeman and college and share what I have learn to hopefully help someone else in the way he helped me. By changing my life forever! Thanx guys you will never know how much I appreciate you all.

Steven Schmucker

My back hurt when i com in here it feels alot better now n dont hav as much pian as i had i when 2 many other place n none help me but this 1 did

Lesley Love

Had a great experience. Less low back pain!!

Miranda Gerardot

Everyone is so friendly they make you feel welcome everytime you come in. Dr. Joel’s adjustments has made my back feel so much better.

Daniel McLaughlin

New Life Chiropractic is true health care! They take every opportunity to teach and inform you about your body and the healing process while being passionate, efficient, and personable! Before going, I didn't understand the importance of the spine in regulating the entire body. It's awesome to see my body heal and grow while my knowledge of health does the same.

travis henderson

It has been a very great experience. The atmosphere is always very upbeat and I feel very valued and cared for. Since coming I had severe pain in shoulder in the three months I have been here I have gone from off the charts bad, to almost completely normal! I highly recommend this office!

Emorie Taylor

I am new to the New Life team and it has been the best experience of my life. I walked through the doors never having been here looking for a job as a massage therapist and expecting a normal interview. What I got instead was a life changing experience. I sat and listened to Dr. Joel speak about his passion and Chiropractic and explain in simple terms how specific adjustments are not just to correct back aches and pains. My eyes were opened and I had found my calling in life! I wanted to be a part of Gods work being done here through Dr. Joel and his staff. Since that day in December 2012 my daughter and I have both been coming in for adjustments. I have found that I have more energy and can sleep better throughout the night and she has been able to stay off of antibiotics and have a better every day health...NO MORE RUNNY NOSES!!! I have since recommended New Life and shared some of my knowledge with others. Thank You New Life Team!!

Carol Hawthorne

I love getting adjusted at New Life! Not "old school" rough adjustment, but very thorough more gentle approach! I used to get migraines and now I don't have them at all! I highly recommend this practice. The doctors and staff are amazing!

Kayla Minniear

I am both an employee and a patient at New Life. I get adjusted weekly to keep my body working at its best. I love the family feel to the office. Even if you have to drive past a dozen Fort Wayne chiropractic offices this is the place to be!

Justin Harvey

Aimee Springer

When I first came to New Life Chiropractic I was in very terrible pain all the way from my neck, down my back, and even had numbness in my arms, legs, toes and fingers. I had horrible migraines and bad allergies. After a year in a half of coming here, I now have slight pain in my left hip, but have no other issues. Headaches are gone and no more allergies. Definitely recommend New Life Chiropractic to everyone. It may seem expensive at first, BUT you have the option to be set up on a monthly payment plan that includes all visits, even ex rays, but most chiropractors make you pay extra. Yes you do have more appointments than other chiropractors but they want to make sure that your pain can get resolved as soon as possible. Dr. Joel or Dr. Kayla can explain it in more detail. You may not have other pain with other dr. But you won't have as great of results. I have been getting chiropractic care for about 12 years and my other 2 chiropractors never gave me the relief and results as quick as Dr. Joel. The 2nd appointment is longer yes, but he wants you to understand the benefits and the reasons why chiropractic care is a much better option than surgery. Seriously it's not a scam. Try it out for a couple a months and the results will follow. Best decision I have ever made financially especially for my health and happiness!

Brandon West

I love it I've had great experiences and the staff is wonderful!!!!

beth farley

I have less headaches, have lost 32 lbs, do not take any BP meds anymore and just feel supported by staff along my healthy journey.

Jedediah Foster

My family has been seeing Dr. Joel for over 5 years. We always have a pleasant experience when we enter his office. Dr. Joel and his staff are energetic and caring. I really appreciate the christian atmosphere, as it is hard to find these days. My kids love seeing Dr. Joel! Since visiting Dr. Joel years ago, my allergies have almost ceased to exist. After every adjustment I have a greater range of mobility and feel more energized. I am extremely pleased with my experiences at New Life Chiropractic. Thanks Dr. Joel! Keep up the good work!

Jeremy Spears

Immediate results. Holistic health guidance for true healing, not just feeling well. Spirit, mind, body, nutrition, it all connects and Dr. Feeman helps connect the dots.

Jennifer Walker


I honestly believe that this place is a scam. They told me over the phone that they accept my insurance and that my responsibility would be what insurance didn't pick up. Makes sense, as that's how most offices work. After my appointment, I was told that they don't file a claim with your insurance for your first appointment, and that that entire bill was my responsibility to pay. They also performed "a very high-tech test" to "test nerve function". I work at an office that actually performs this kind of test-called an EMG. This is very misleading, seeing as the way that they conducted this test, there is absolutely no way they could have tested nerve function. If done correctly, the test would have had to have been conducted by a licensed professional. They also performed cervical x-rays without allowing me access to the results. Please, make sure you do your research before investing your time and money in this "practice". I wouldn't recommend this office to anyone.

Shere Mazur

Since coming to New Life, my back pain is virtually gone! My neck pain is improving. I love the positive atmosphere and the daily new letterse is always inspiring as well as informative.

Patrice Byram

Lauren Dierker

I have had headaches the majority of my life and was taking 2 ibuprofen nearly every day to help with the pain. My back and neck pain made me wonder how long I would be able to work as a nurse before I had to give up such a physically demanding job. After just a month of adjustments and therapy, I am nearly headache free, no longer take ibuprofen, and have significantly reduced back and neck pain!

Nathan Davoli

Good Experience, been going for a few months now and love the change it's made in my life. I feel a whole lot better in my daily routine.

Sarah Dry

I have been treated by Dr. Feeman for over 8 years now. When I got married, I started my husband and his kids on chiropractic care. We have all noticed a huge difference in our health. Fewer headaches and backaches and a lot less sick days. I appreciate all the teaching he provides regarding health and wellness, food choices and supplements. It's been an investment, but so worth the improvements we've seen firsthand in our health.

Michael Harvey

Since starting treatment my headaches and neck pains are greatly reduced. Headaches are now rare usually caused by weather changes.

Eli Torres

me interese mucho x que es un estilo de vida nuevo y un cambio de abitos beneficioso para la salud ynos a ayudado mucho

Dan Enyeart

To start off with I would like to put into words my appreciation for what Dr. Joel does for my family. We started going there because my wife was having pretty severe health problems. Before we went we had been to many different Doctors trying to figure out to help my wife. We spent thousands of dollars on different test and such with out any clear answer to what was going on with her. Everyone we went to see would prescribe her a different medicine and each time it did no good. In some cases it made things worse, or added new problems. From the beginning Dr. Joel started to teach us about what he did and how it would help. After a while of going there my wife showed drastic improvement. She has been able to do things that she could not do before. I watched her improve drastically over the beginning of her treatments. And as for the former review, he is defiantly not a scam! We see the improvement with each adjustment, and every nerve scan she gets. This comes from facts and my observation of my wife getting better and not taking any of the medicine that was formally prescribed. It is very affordable and worth every penny. My whole family now gets care at New Life, and we feel very blessed! Thank you Dr Joel for helping us all improve our lives and our health.

Sarah Wager

I have been going to New Life on and off for a few years and have absolutely been blessed by this business! My husband and I know the doctor and his wife personally, and we could not be happier with our experiences there. Having been to other chiropractors ourselves, my husband and I recognize a good one when we experience it and this is the best we could possibly hope to come by! As soon as we sign in, we are almost always finished and out the door within 20 minutes, with the exception of super busy times, such as late afternoons. The place is in great shape, the deco is nice, the staff are kind and friendly and helpful, and there is a sizeable area for traction, to further promote in your body the health that the doctor is helping to achieve. I believe they normally also offer massage therapy; additionally, they have just started a new health and weight-loss program, called Nutrimost, that at least 10 of our friends have done, and the results on that have been fantastic -- we've seen them first-hand, including on the doctor and his wife! My husband and I strongly recommend this practice! This is a place where you will truly feel welcome and taken care of :)

Maureen Galligan

Fantastic place, staff very friendly, have been coming here for a year. Started with Nutri-Most and was successful losing 32 pounds. Started with regular chiropractic care, and have noticed a huge difference in energy level. I am on half of my diabetic medicine from a year ago. Dr. Joel and Dr. Kayla are terrific and are interested in helping achieve my ultimate and vibrant health.

Scott Reinholt

The people at New Life are comletely concerned with your health and wellbeing and the knowledge possessed and passed on is above and beyond that of any other in Fort Wayne. I could not give them a higher praise! Highly recommended....

Audrey Brooks

I'm so glad I decided to give New Life Chiropractic a try! Within a couple months of getting adjusted I can already notice a difference. My allergies are not even close to what they were before, I've drastically decreased the amount of allergy medicine I take, and I made it through the summer and fall without a sinus infection! I can't thank Dr. Joel and his kind staff enough!

Evangelin Feeman

Deb Anderson

I have not had colds or flu the past several years. My husband and I have both enjoyed getting to know Dr. Joel and his staff. I was glad to find out that Emorie has joined the staff and will be available for massages.

Mary Brown

New life has changed my life! I came in with so much back pain, where it was painful to sit, stand, walk, you name it. Through the rehab and adjustments, not only does my back feel better, but my attitude improved and my energy increased. We were going to choose to find a chiropractor closer to us with the drive, and New Life made sure we could do it! I also love the beliefs that Dr Joel has. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else! Truly amazing!

Sally Marsh

My husband and have just finished the 6 week weight loss portion. We have both lost at least 26 lbs, and more than 20 inches each, and feel great. At no time did we have cravings or were hungry, and the food portion was extremely good and easy to fit into busy lifestyles.


Hilary Fleischmann

Great place, wonderful staff and very passionate about helping people become healthy in all areas of life.

Joy McLaughlin

I am so thankful to be under the care of New Life Chiropractic! The doctors and office staff are friendly, helpful, and professional. I have learned so much about truly caring for my health and have had amazing results in decreasing my migraine headaches, neck stiffness, and carpal tunnel symptoms since I began treatment. Every part of my evaluation and treatment have been thoroughly explained, and it's been exciting to see improvement in my scan results that confirm what I have been feeling physically. I can't think of a better investment health-wise than treating at New Life Chiropractic!

Karen Kjohv

The staff at New Life Chiropractic is always friendly, helpful, and caring. Doctor Feeman truly wants his patience to have the health the God would have us to have. He does all in his knowledge to help this along. He keeps up with the newest information and is a great teacher.

Kristine Forbing

Dr. Feeman is both professional and personable. He takes the time to listen to and answer any concerns. I highly recommend him!

jackie birchfield

Patricia Murphy

Indyra Landers

Dr.Joel does an exceptional job with each individual making sure everyone gets the proper treatment for their needs in order to live a healthier/ happier life. I’m absolutely amazed at my progress even with such little amount of time spent at the clinic. I saw results within the 1st month! Dr.Joel works wonders! His passion to teach others on various health subjects containing food is worth sharing with anyone who is willing to listen. I’ve learned so much from his newsletters~I really wish schools would teach young children about how easy it is to remain in great health as our bodies continue to grow. I’m being thankful for being a part of his center!

Beth Farley

Always friendly, professional and I feel so much better ... no more headaches and have lost 32 pounds

Ryland Puzzitiello

He hypes himself up to be your life saviour. By all means if you want life time chiropratic care, go see Dr. Joel. However, if you were like me, and you can not sleep, walk, work or even think because you are in so much pain... GO SEE AN ORTHAPEDIC! (even tho he may tell you other wise- get past his sales pitch). He has a great business platform to make a lot of $$$, but put your brians before your wallet and make a smart investment before you sign away your bank account on something you can fix with PT and muscle relaxers (Oh and he will make you feel guilty for taking medicine like such). Just here to share my experience as we all have different problems and situations.

Wes Mcghee

Great frist impression when you walk in the door. Entire staff is EXCELLENT.Dr. FEEMAN is incredible. :)

Katelyn Wright

Dr. Joel is the most informative Doctor I have ever been to, he always makes sure I understand what he is doing and why. I suffered from horrible headaches on a daily basis and with weekly adjustments I finally experienced relief. The office environment is very nice. Monse in reception is such a sweetheart and she is very knowledgeable as well. Laura got me set up with everything I needed to do exercises and stretches at home. I would definitely recommend New Life Chiropractic to all!

Dalton Jones

I have been going to NewLife for over a year and I have made tremendous improvements in my health. I used to take pain pills for my chronic back pain kept me awake every night. After only a couple visits I noticed a huge difference in how I was feeling. I stopped taking pain pills and have not taken one in over a year! Doctor Feeman and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about everything they do and always exceed expectations in their every day work. When I go there I know I will be getting great service from godly, talented, well-rounded individuals!

Mariah Huckeriede

I came to New Life Chiropractic because of migraine headaches. I was having at least 1-2 bad migraines a month, which required a pain shot to get rid of them. I was also having daily headaches, not enough to keep me from work, but enough to make me tired, grouchy and not a great mom or wife. After starting my adjustments, I noticed that I didn't have as many daily headaches. I was living off of Ibuprofen and realized one day that I hadn't taken any in a couple of days. As I continued with my adjustments, I had less and less headaches and my migraines have improved a lot. I feel like my quality of life has been improved. I would definitely recommend that if you have bad headaches, come to New Life Chiropractic!

Elliot Storm

Very friendly, professional staff. I had lost hope before I discovered this place, it’s been a life changing experience for me, I’m glad to finally be up and active again with the help of New life Chiro

Lisa Foster

Dr. Joel Feeman is passionate about health from the inside out! If you want to get rid of nerve interference and learn how to live a healthier life, this is the place to go! You get so much more than a chiropractic adjustment. You get educated about healthy ways of living.

Paul Tacker

Outstanding atmosphere! Since beginning, my energy levels and range of motion have increased tremendously. It has greatly lessened my combat injuries hampering my day to day tasks. I absolutely recommend this place!

Matt Shady

Treatments have helped keep me healthy for over two years!

Karen Gross

I started at New Life in July. I was having severe sciatica since April and was fearful because I had listened to stories, and wouldn't experience it myself. I have had a wonderful experience since I have been here. I was taking 2 OTC meds every 3 hours and now I'm down to twice a day. I feel better and better. So glad I got past my fears.


I would recommend searching elsewhere for chiropractic care. I took my infant to be seen here for reflux/colic issues and was told it would take 24 adjustments. I went to another chiro for a second opinion and it only took four. I've heard this happens a lot here. New Life seems profit driven to me and I was really unimpressed on how the doctor treated his patients. I was told almost nothing about what he adjusted on my son and why. I would look into someone who's more intuitive and keeps the patients interest at heart.

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