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11580 Overlook Dr # 200, Fishers, IN 46037, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mason Family Chiropractic IN Indiana

Kerri Irwin

Wonderful staff and environment! Have been seeing Dr Mason for years and highly recommend him!!

Jill Wertz

Great staff and Dr Mason is wonderful. Helped tremendously with my back pain.

Charlie Brown

These guys helped me with a pinched nerve and offered the best in tpersonal care and therapy. I highly recommend them,,!

Heather Droz

Dr. Mason and his staff are very friendly and supportive. He works to look at our whole health, not just spine/back/neck. The availability of massage and physical therapy type of treatment has been very helpful to me. He is also patient and well informed in treating children.

Melissa Crowe

I have been to many chiropractors over my life from moving frequently and Dr. Mason is by far the best one I have had. His staff is courteous and it is just a family atmosphere. I have recommended several people too him and they have all raved.

Pat Southwood

Dr. Mason and his staff are truly talented and caring people! I'm so glad I found them. They've helped alleviate my pain and discomfort very well.... on more than one occasion!

Marcia Anderson

Have been going to Dr Mason now for 4 years. I am a golfer and he has kept me great condition to be able to enjoy my sport. He has suggested some great exercises for me to do also. His staff is the best too. Love the overall atmosphere in their office. They all really care about helping you feel your best.

Kelly Porten

I came in to see Dr. Mason because of near-constant headaches above my right eyebrow. Dr. Mason and his staff were very friendly! He took the time to find a method that was effective for treating my headaches. Now, the headaches only come 1-2 times a month and are very very small! I am so thankful I came here.

Amy Hayes

Doc and his team are top notch! My two children and I have seen him for years, and I appreciate his knowledge of overall body wellness and value his input. We couldn't live well without Mason Family Chiro!

Amy Weber

I've been coming to Dr. Mason for years. Whenever I have a flair up they get me in right away and want to help alleviate my issues and pain. Everyone of the staff is nice and friendly. Doc is more than just crack you and send you on your way. He also helped me realize I have adrenal fatigue. He has a total body approach and genuinely wants to help anything you have going on. They give me the tools and exercises to help solve my aches and pains, I'm the one not doing the work to keep myself in better shape. I recommend giving them a chance. I currently drive about 30 minutes to see Dr. Mason about once a month to keep myself from getting out of whack.

John Zimmerman

I have had back problems for a couple of years. Dr Mason and his team have been working on me for a couple of months now and I can honestly say I am feeling much better. For the first time in a long time I am able to go about my day without constant pain.

Cindy Zoellner

Dr. Mason has changed the way I function and feel since being in his care. He really studies his work and his patients and couples together amazing care, overall health and balance. He cares so much about making your life have better quality all the way around. The support team in the office is the best in the world! They are really the nicest, most caring people!

Sara Stone

I have been "doomed" from the very beginning with my back, hips, neck & birth to a child and a couple of traumatic injuries later, I couldn't handle the amount of pain I was in any longer. My PCP referred me (a VERY CHIROPRACTOR SKEPTIC) to see Dr. Mason a little over a month ago. AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! The staff is extremely friendly & always a joy to encounter. Dr. Mason is wonderful!!! On my first visit (especially), he was SO thorough and made sure to explain EVERY why I may have had. Ever since, he has given me the at-home resources I needed and continues to make my major "problem areas" (back, neck & shoulders) feel even better. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM (& the entire office).

Jared Seaman

My wife and I have been going here for years. They are exceptional at what they do and they always have our best interest in mind. Highly recommend for any and all chiropractic issues and they even focus on the wellness/nutrtional side of our well being.

Angela Gapinski

I pass 23 chiropractic offices on my thirty minute drive to Dr. Mason and for good reason. I love the whole staff's attention to detail and the care provided by a chiropractor that is genuinely going to get you on the mend ASAP with treatment specific to you. I always tell people, 3 visits to Mason Chiropractic is equivalent to 15 visits to other chiros I've visited in the past. I always appreciate their kindness, honesty, and expertise. I can't recommend them enough!

Jan Duncan

Dr. Mason and Staff are very attentive to my needs and help anytime. I have chronic pain with additional medical problems and complications and Dr. Mason works in collaboration with all my medical doctors. It’s a very holistic approach. Massage staff is wonderful.

Jerry DeBrosse

Ron Johnson

I have been seeing Dr Mason for 7 years and would not go to another chiropractor. If it wasn't for him I would have surgery by now. When I first started seeing him I could hardly walk.

Ryan Swadley

If you are looking for a local chiropractor. Look no further in Fishers, Carmel or Indy. If I could give him more stars I would. Not only does Dr Mason know what you need regardless of your condition but he also has advanced equipment such as laser therapy. As a life long-athlete committed to health and fitness he is a must have for both myself and my family. I highly recommend Mason Chiropractic whether you just had an injury or are simply keeping up with your health.

Kate Womack

Dr. Mason and his staff are always so wonderful! Without Dr. Mason my headaches would still plague me and my hip would still click!

Erika Singler

Dr. Mason and his staff take the time to understand their clients' problems, treatments and what can be done to prevent aggravation of an injury in the future. Dr. Mason takes a more wholistic approach to treatment than other chiropractors that I have seen. For example, Dr. Mason focuses on core strength and posture improvement as means to prevent injury instead of simply treating the pain without addressing the root of the issue. I highly recommend Mason Family Chiropractic.

Carolyn Goldenetz

Dr Mason and staff brought me back from a serious back pain to now routine maintenance on my back. If you need a chiropractor that is honest and good, Dr Mason is a chiropractor you need to visit in Fishers.

Brooke Pitmon

I have been seeing Dr. Mason for the past few months and have received such great care from him and his staff!! He is very informative and explains to you (so you can understand) what seems to be causing the pains and how to better alleviate them in day to day activities. The whole office is SO nice and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Mason for any chiropractic needs!!

Laura Barton

Excellent Chiropractor, great staff! Originally recommended to me by an elderly lady, Dr. Mason has been the only chiropractor I've seen take time to find the root issue and actually fix it. Whereas most will happily adjust you forever, Dr. Mason will get things straightened out in a safe and timely manner, and I often don't need to go back for a long time!

Kevin Miller

Dr. Mason has helped with my back. I have full recovery. He and the staff are great.

Daniel Wilborn

Woke up one morning nearly 4 years ago unable to move. Eventually made my way to the nearest chiropractic office I could find. Luckily for me Dr. Mason is a wizard and was able to resolve my immediate issue very quickly. I have been a regular patient ever since for chronic issues caused by an accident and a physically demanding profession. I recommend his office to everyone I know that is inquiring about chiropractic care. If you choose Mason Family Chiropractic you will be treated like a person(not just rushed in and out like most places) and given the highest quality care.

Nicole Debaun

Dr. Mason is wonderful. He provides very patient specific treatment based on each individuals needs. Dr. Mason takes time to explain treatment options, the reason he recommends the treatment and what to expect prior to beginning any case. I regularly see Dr. Mason for adjustments and have also worked with his massage therapists- whom are equally as incredible. He, and his team, are vastly knowledgeable about many topics including nutrition and supplements in addition to chriropractic care. His office staff is very personable, prompt and friendly. I always feel very comfortable when visiting the office and truly feel like a valued patient.

kurt gellert

I was originally referred to Dr. Mason by a physician who spoke very highly of his skills. I've been seeing Dr. Mason for more than 8 years for continual maintenance after suffering from a bulging disc issue. Thank to his skills and approach I've been pain free. Plus he and his staff take a preventative maintenance approach to rehab to ensure you build/train your muscles to minimize over use and over compensation to avoid injury. It's worked for me. I've recommended people here because of his pragmatic approach to ensuring your back stays in shape. His staff, especially Marie, is excellent and makes for a great patient experience.

Jill Koons

I have been to several chiropractors over the years, and Dr. Mason is by far the most thorough with his adjustments. It's apparent that he genuinely cares about his patient's health and the outcome of their treatments. I highly recommend a visit!

Mallorie Lawson

I highly recommend Dr. Mason and his wonderful team. I put off going to see a chiropractor for a few years out of fear. I was terrified of having my neck and back adjusted because I thought I would be injured further, and I hate the noises of cracking joints. My husband convinced me to see Dr. Mason for an evaluation. As predicted, I desperately needed help with my back and neck pain. With only a few weeks into treatment I'm already noticing so many positive changes. I have a long road to go, but Dr. Mason and his team are getting me back into health! I'm so glad I've overcome my fear, but wish I would have started therapy sooner!

Ali Camp

Dr. Mason and the entire staff are warm and welcoming. They go above and beyond in total health care and scheduling appointments that accommodate your needs and preferences. They are a true team and want the very best for all of their patients!

Nellie Crocker

Everyone is so friendly here and Dr.Mason really works to cure the root cause instead of the symptoms.

Jeanette Levandowski

Fantastic care and amazing staff

Jill Mcgrath

Dr. Mason treated my issues in a way that was different from other chiropractors I've been to. Beyond adjustments, he uses physical therapy, massage therapy, stretching, and ultrasound treatments in an effort to really heal you. Whereas other chiropractors seemed to want me to keep coming to them forever, Dr. Mason has a goal and works to get you out of pain and back to functioning normally. I've been to him for two different injuries---my lower back and my shoulder. I've had great success with the treatment plan he devised. In addition, his massage therapist, Loreena, is unbelievable. I looked forward to my appointments with her and the relief she gave me. Finally, Natalie and Marie, the front office admin and assistants are kind, friendly and overall amazing. Wonderful doctor and staff!

Sarah Ropte

Dr. Mason and his entire staff are excellent and caring. Dr. Mason takes time to make sure you understand your treatment and how to continue treatment at home to maximize the benefits. I started going for a significant pain problem. That problem was very quickly resolved. I continue to go because I have seen the invaluable aspect this type of care has on my overall well-being. I highly recommend this practice!

Deborah Strzeszkowski

Dr. Mason has helped me recover from running injuries, and gets me back to doing the activities that I want to do. The office staff is also very friendly and helpful. And the hours are great!

Lahren S

Dr Mason is an awesome Chiropractor. Professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. The practice offers a package discount and personalizes an appropriate plan for treatment that is based on patient needs. Very happy with the service/treatment given and impressed by the progress/healing I've experienced since initial adjustments. Highly recommended.

Carolyn Farrell

I have been a patient of Dr. Mason's since 2007. He has been a consistant source of pain relief for me throughout the years. I have also been recently enjoying the benefits of the massage therapist, Tracy. Her use of Cupping Therapy during massages has made a huge impact on my overall back pain and general well being.

Nichole Yaconis-Mathews

The whole Staff at Mason Family Chiropractic are friendly and caring. Dr Mason goes above and beyond to help his patients. His focus is not just the symptoms but also the causes. I always recommend Dr. Mason to friends and family. He and all those at Mason Family Chiropractic have made a great difference in our lives.

Kristi Powell

Dr. Mason and his staff have been absolutely amazing! I injured a muscle in my back and he quickly had me on the road to recovery. His approach is thorough but conservative, so I feel very safe in his care. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Box

Dr. Mason and his staff are friendly and kind. I like Dr. Mason's approach with patients; he's matter-of-fact and honest without applying pressure or guilt. Office visits are always professional, but it's nice to see that everyone there likes to smile and they really enjoy the patients and their jobs. I've always felt chiropractic care is a two-way street, and with Dr. Mason I have care that includes good instructions and examples of how to best do my part, whether it is dietary or physical therapy. I'm grateful to have found this office and this staff. The last couple of years have made a huge difference in my pain management and overall health.

Steve Thais

Dr. Mason and his staff are awesome! I hurt my back extremely bad that very day Dr. Mason's staff worked me and treated my back. Just after one treatment my back felt almost 100% better. Marie even called me the next day to check up on me! After a few more appointments I was back to the gym and doing do my daily functions pain free! Thank you Dr. Mason for your wisdom and for caring so much about your patients! Dr. Mason and his staff truly care about their patients and their well being!

Catherine Smith

I was recommended to Dr Mason because I have 2 chronic pain diseases. I had always done injections and seen chronic pain doctors who only put me on opiates. If you want to actually get out of pain go see Dr. Mason. He listens to you and puts a treatment plan together just for you This is not like any other doctors office You get right in and the women who work there are all absolutely wonderful. I feel so much better and I am going to continue for as long as I need to go. Dr. Mason and his staff treat you as an individual not just a person. What do you have to lose except your pain by calling Dr. Mason?

Mike Lewis

Doc Mason and Staff are great to work with! They have helped me with alignment issues with my back and stiff muscles.

Rebecca Gapinski

For 9 years, even after moving over 30 minutes away, I won't go see anyone else. I've been seeing Dr. Mason since he was the the only chiropractor that helped me at 6 months pregnant with my first child. Dr Mason truly cares about your health and while he'll help you through a painful injury, his real goal is for you to be healthy, strong and therefore, see him less!! I know people feel some chiropractors just want you to keep coming back, but that is absolutely not Dr. Mason. He has a heart for his patients and it sets an example for the entire office. The ladies are always upbeat, efficient, understanding and treat you like family. Their name says Family Chiropractic so you know they treat your entire family. But it also means they will treat you *like* you are family. And you can't put a price on that.

Emory Brown

I have been with Dr Mason for several years (11 or 12). I like that he is willing to take the time to explain how my body works. That might seem silly but you just have to experience him for yourself to see what I mean. He's goofy, funny, and serious all at the same time. You will not be disappointed if you let him help you add life to your years. Oh, and the staff are great too.

Angela Berninger

I've never been to a chiropractor until I started seeing Dr. Mason recently. I was skeptic until I heard him speak on a couple of occasions. He is very passionate about his job, knowledgeable and conscientious of his patients wants and needs. He has the ability to pinpoint the issues you are having and rectify them without costly measures. The staff is wonderful and a pleasure to be around. I cannot say enough kind words about Dr. Mason and his office staff. If you are ever in need of a great Chiropractor. His office is the place to call.

Melissa Masters

Recently saw Dr. Mason and staff for the first time and they are very friendly and professional! I've been very pleased with the level of care provided thus far.

Brittnii Mahoney

Best decision! I was very anti-chiropractor; but after some severe neck pain that landed me in the ER, I took the leap and went. Dr. Mason took his time and did a full evaluation of my neck issue. He is very kind, thorough and smart! I am now a true believer and so grateful for Dr. Mason and his staff. Great place. Highly recommend!!

Mary Ann McMullen

Mason is extremely well-educated, talented, intuitive and helpful. Very business-like; does not waste time. Recommends directly impactful exercises for increasing mobility. Staunch supporter of Prevail and other institutions. Very generous. Associated medical massages at his office are first rate.

Larry Willhoite

I honestly feel like I made one of the best decisions for my health when I choose to go to Dr. Mason 2 years ago. I went from barely being able to make it up the stairs, to now not having any problem at all making it up the stairs. I suffered from extreme nerve pain in my legs. After going to all kinds of Doctors with no answers, I decided to go to a Chiropractor. I must say I was nervous about it at first (going to a Chiropractor), but I was desperate. My pain was so bad at times, I knew I had to do something. During my first visit, Dr. Mason told me more about my issues than all the other Specialists put together. He identified 4 issues with my spine that contributes to the type of nerve pain I was having. The other Specialists ordered MRI's and various tests, and told me they could not find anything wrong. Hard to believe, right? But its true. After a few visits, I began to notice a difference in my pain level. I started out going twice a week..... then once a week....then every two weeks..... to now once a month. I don't even have to take any pain medications anymore! I just cant say enough about how much Dr. Mason and his Staff has helped me. They are the most professional friendly Health Care Providers you will ever meet. I highly recommend giving Dr. Mason and his staff a chance..... you will not be disappointed.

Sharon Cosby

Everyone at Mason Chiropractic is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Mason and his staff listen to your needs and follow through thoroughly on what is best for you and your situation. Dr. Mason explains things so that you can understand it and he, and his staff, do really care. They have my vote!

Rachel McDaniel

Been coming to Dr. Mason for many years and have loved the experience and professionalism shown by whole office. Highly recommend.

Monica Willhoite

My husband, children, and I are all seen here. We love it. I would recommend Dr. Mason to anyone.

Emily Nowlin

Dr. Mason has helped me through both of my pregnancies and continues to focus on my entire health from supplements to keeping my spine in line. He spends extra time with his patients to make sure he gets to the root of the concern. I highly recommend him and his team!

Vicki Wilborn

I wasn't even a patient when my son called them for me because of an injury. They worked me in right away! Took away all my fears. Made me feel like I was important and took the time to listen. Wish that all doctors and staff were as kind and caring as Dr. Mason and his staff!

Seth Wertz

Best chiropractor in the business!! Everyone that works there are the friendliest group I have ever experienced at a doctor's office they make you feel like family!! I will never switch chiropractors my wife loves them also, I recommend them to anyone!!!

Crystal Sheward

I highly recommend Mason Family Chiropractic. Their staff is friendly and helpful. It’s a low pressure environment. They just want you to be well!

molly fisher

I had a major surgery and after a year still had difficulty in my shoulder blade, arm and hand. Dr. Mason determined the problem and treated it. The whole staff could not be friendlier or more helpful!

Greg Vance

Dr. Mason and his team are a joy to work with! I like that they use a variety of treatment approaches. The LASER treatment they utilized on my shoulder to speed healing and increase movement after surgery was excellent!

Austin Bennett

I highly recommend Dr. Mason and his team. I have always experienced great results. They are very accommodating for busy schedules, and maintain a patient focused practice. As a loyal patient of 7+ years, I have happily referred many friends and coworkers.

Rich O'Connell

I was extremely pleased with the prompt attention and service I received at Mason Family Chiropractic. I was literally in the office within two hours of calling to schedule.The examination and diagnosis were thorough,the treatment was painless, and most gratifying proper expectations were conveyed that pain relief and treatment would be a process.My deep appreciation goes to Dr. Mason and his terrific staff.

M Aldrich

Wonderful staff and the doctor is great. I am so thankful for all the help I have gotten at Mason Family Chiropractic.

Elizabeth Krause

I can not say enough about Mason Family Chiropractic! The entire staff is absolutely amazing! Dr. Mason is incredible! He really took his time evaluating me on my first appointment and got to know my health history before any adjustments took place. My safety is his number one priority. He is very gentle and every time I leave I feel incredible! I don’t ever feel like just another patient walking through the door. Dr. Mason and his staff have made me feel comfortable since day one. I highly highly recommend Mason Family Chiropractic! You WILL NOT be disappointed!

terry barnhill

They have helped my husbands back from barely walking to back working. They are understanding and awesome. They are caring and helpful. I recommend them and they are A+ chiropractor.

Marla Burnett

STOP! YOUR SEARCH FOR A CHIROPRACTOR IS OVER Over the years, I have been jumping around from chiropractor to chiropractor to find one that can alleviate my neck and back pain without causing more injury. Past chiropractors I have seen treat their patients in assembly line fashion; everyone is in a large room with patients lying on a flat table. The chiropractor then moves down the line adjusting all the patients in the same way. The sound of a “pop” or feeling a “crack” makes you think you are achieving the results you hoped for. And yet, after leaving there, you feel worse for 3-4 days than you did before you went. Then I found Dr. Mason. Actual google reviews steered me to him and I am so glad they did. So, what makes Dr. Mason different than all other chiropractors I have been to. Let me list the ways: • He actually listens to what you are saying. He re-states what he heard you say so there is no mistaking what your problem is. • He is empathetic when he listens to you. • He adjusts your body according to its needs. He doesn’t use the assembly line technique. He treats you as an individual doing what’s best for the patient and their current needs. • Private rooms (bonus). • He doesn’t go for the sound of the crack or pop to determine success. Instead he uses a gentle manipulation to work on not just your joints but your muscles, and ligaments. He uses a special table and special tools that helps to adjust you without pain. But if a pop is what you want and he thinks it will benefit you and not harm you, he will do what it takes to make you free of pain and promote healing of the body. Personally, the only snap, crackle and pop I want to hear is when I poor milk on my Rice Krispies. • I never feel like he is in a rush to adjust me and move on to his next patient. • He explains things to you. Not once has a chiro told me that most of my upper back pain is posture related until I met him. Once he told me what exercises to do to improve my posture, I finally had lasting relief. Now I can walk for miles without mid to upper back pain. • He uses different therapeutic techniques to reduce the pain and calm the muscles and tissue. • He has a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. He is very knowledgeable about the nutritional impact that diet and supplements have on the body and can offer suggestions. I have always had high cholesterol and prescription drugs didn’t work; they only caused damage to my body. He recommended a supplement and I finally have normal cholesterol with no side effects. • He is not a high-pressure sales person trying to sell you supplements like other chiropractors I have seen. • He cares about your overall health • In my mind, Dr. Mason embodies all that I thought a chiropractor should be. • And he hired Angels to work for him. He has the best office staff you could ever meet. I don’t know if I have met everyone, but Marie (she has the best laugh ever) and Natalie are the two staff members I see almost every time I visit.

Amy Russell

Dr. Mason and his staff are amazing and friendly and knowledgeable. They are awesome!!!

Zarzuela Smith

I have had back issues for the past two years. It was to the point where I could barely walk and had to use a cane and back brace daily. Dr. Mason recommended decompression therapy to me. ITS THE BEST THING EVER!! Since I have started I am now about 90% better than I was. I am no longer using the back brace of cane. He and his team are amazing!!! I will recomend him to everyone!!

Leah Syverson

I love this place ! Before I came here I was in A LOT of pain in my ribs to the point where I couldn't breathe and I couldn't move my arm above my head and after 3 weeks it was like I was back to normal !! Not to mention the wonderful staff and how they make it feel like you're visiting old friends. Absolutely love this office.

Susie Janssen

Dr. Mason is the first ever chiropractor I’ve been to and I couldn’t be more pleased by the experience. I did not want to get involved with a practice whose agenda is ‘weekly visits for life’ (whether you need it or not). Dr. Mason is committed to diagnosing and correcting the problem, educating the patient, and prevention. His office is professional while welcoming, and the staff is very friendly.

Cheryl Hunt

A positive, cheerful and compassioate team of professionals that give thorough assesments, take time to help you understand the treament process and truly care about the client and obtaining a successful outcome for us. I highly recommend them

Angela Swanson

I was referred to Dr. Mason and his staff about a month ago. They have all been absolutely amazing. They greet you by name as soon as you walk in and are willing to help in anyway possible. All they want is to see you happy and healthy. *HIGHLY RECOMMEND*

Anita Cowan

Dr. Mason and his entire staff are the friendliest and most caring people I have even worked with during a medical need. They are truly not in it for the money and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are cared for even if not by them. I had an issue and he recommended PT instead of just treating me for weeks and weeks. I have insurance that covers chiropractic services but I have a friend that does not and his office offers these reduced packages that are perfect for those in need. Every November they raise money for a local woman's charity which is a wonderful gift to those in need. I Love Mason Family Chiropractic and recommend it to everyone that I know that has the least little twinge. A great place to feel that you are truly cared about and for.

Serena Acker

I have been a patient at Mason Family Chiropractic for the last 7 years. Not only are they great at what they do, they genuinely care about their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Mason for all of your chiropractic care!

George Maxwell

Kirstyn K

I have been going to see Dr Mason over the last couple of months and have been really impressed with the care I have received. My husband had some severe neck pain recently and has also been seeing him. He has had tremendous improvement over the last few weeks, virtually no pain and motion is almost back to normal. Both of us really appreciate the attention and care of Dr Mason and his friendly staff. Our toddler enjoys tagging along too! (for the toys and suckers!) Highly recommend this practice.

Brian Peters

I have found great relief from neck pain by allowing Dr. Mason and his staff to work on me. They are very attentive and thorough in their evaluation and implementation of remedies. Dr. Mason is very knowledgably on how the body works and how other procedures assist his realignments. Thank you Dr. Mason and staff for helping me to become pain free.


Dr. Mason and his staff are awesome!!! I've recommended this office to many people I work with at HSE schools.

Tish Biggs

Over a lifetime I have experienced several chiropractors in Ohio and Indiana. This practice is by far the most excellent one I have ever used. Here is why...Dr Mason has a good analytical mind and is able to assess your difficulty and customize a plan to help you heal. He is a great communicator who is willing to share with you the treatment plan he has crafted. Because he is also a good listener, he is able to adjust your plan based on your feedback. He is a gifted doctor whose hands have been trained to alleviate pain. I LOVE that he does not JERK you around and try to "crack" you back or neck. He uses other techniques that do not require this type of manipulation.Unlike previous chiropractors I used in OHIO, I am never sore the next day. I like that Dr Mason takes a holistic approach to your health including offering therapeutic massage, physical therapy as well as tips on nutrition and diet. The staff that I have dealt with , Marie and Natalie, are delightful. They are always pleasant yet professional. I could have either of them of the as a friend. As a matter of fact , I consider them my primary health care team family. If you are unsure about using a chiropractor because of fear of being hurt more than you already are, give Dr Mason an opportunity to move you toward a more healthy state of being. I highly recommend his practice.

Carl Eckert

I have been a patient for nearly 15 years. Many back adjustments and maintenance visits to keep me on playing basketball and riding a wakeboard. Thanks Dr. Mason. - Kevin

Betsy Patterson

A co-worker recommended Dr. Mason 8 years ago to me bc he focuses on muscle and bone. It was the best thing for me. I recommend Dr. Mason to anyone that is looking for a great doc. I have slacked thru the years and taken breaks from is services but I always come back and Dr. Mason and staff always welcome me with open arms. When I get a call or go to my appointment I feel like I'm visiting friends and not the doc office. All around great people that likes to give back to the community.

Jennifer Jones

Dr Mason is extremely professional & truly cares about his patients! I've been seeing him for over 10 years and wouldn't want to go anywhere else! The entire staff is absolutely wonderful. I'd give them my very highest recommendation. They take into consideration the entire patient & also work with nutrition & the entire body, including a top notch massage therapist, vitamin support, diet & take home exercises. Their goal is to help the patient, and to maintain the body without excessive visits. I put 100% faith in this practice and their care, and even bring my mom for visits- and that's my best example

April Fresh

Dr. Mason has been helping my baby with torticollis and he's been amazing. Very kind! Would recommend to anyone with a baby!

Ben’s Vlogs

Dr. Mason and his excellent staff have been treating me for two months for an injury I suffered to my back moving a table. They have all helped me find the underlying issues and use a holistic approach to overall wellness. Dr. Mason does not try a "quick fix" he truly guides you through a process to gain back your mobility and strength. I highly recommend Mason Family Chiropractic, they are the best around!

Kyle Kibler

Dr. Mason's office is wonderful! The staff is incredibly friendly and caring. Dr. Mason is great. He really spends the time with you to learn what the problem is. He was able to eliminate my awful hip pains and get me feeling back to normal again. I highly recommend his practice.

Sherri Zimmer

Dr. Mason is a wonderful person. He keeps up to date on all the latest research in chiropractic and nutrition. He is a very honest straightforward doc who you can trust. I highly recommend him.

Tony Bagato

I have seen several chiropractic doctors over the past 15 years, and Dr. Mason is by far the most thorough dr. I've seen. He, and the office staff, are very well informed and super nice! After one visit, I felt physically better and really encouraged by my treatment plan.

Rachel Burnett

I have been to several chiropractors and just moved back to the area. Dr. Mason was recommended to me by a family member and he is wonderful! He is very thorough and doesn't just adjust you, but gives a full treatment process with stretching or exercises to maintain the work he does in the office. They even offer massages. The staff is friendly and the office is bright and nice! Highly recommend Dr. Mason for all your chiropractic care!

Bryce Garrett

I've been going to Dr. Mason for a few years now for ongoing treatment on my back. Dr. Mason and his staff are excellent! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

Gina Mustafa

I came into Dr. Mason's office in the year 2016 with scoliosis. My back hurt constantly. With the help of Dr. Mason and his team I can now function a lot better. I am a big fan of the exercise's that you can do at home as well as the adjustments. I absolutely recommend chiropractic care with Dr. Mason and his friendly staff.

Mubarak Abdurraqib

I’m seeing great results after just a few weeks with Dr Mason. The staff is friendly. The atmosphere is great. I’ve never been to a chiropractor prior to coming to this office, and everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable and welcomed.

Dan Hubbard

Doctor Mason is great.

Brea P

I have had many great experiences in Dr. Mason's office! All the staff is very friendly and Dr. Mason is very attentive, gentle, and knows what he is doing! I highly recommend them!

Ikky -San

Dr. Mason is the best chiropractor in Fishers (IMHO). When I first started as his patient, I was barely able to walk due to extreme back pain. Now, I'm able to function normally and lead a healthy life. I can't thank him enough. The office atmosphere is comforting and caring. Once you get to know them, humor and jokes start flying across the room. They are genuinely good people.

Beth Meador

Dr. Mason and his staff are simply the best! Professional and caring , of course, but also fun!

Sara Dille

I have seen many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Mason is by far the best! The staff are professional, attentive, and kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Mason's practice.

James Beattey

I have been going to Mason Family Chiropractic for more than 10 years. Dr. Mason and his staff have been outstanding. Dr. Mason has spent time with me - learned how my body works and reacts to certain situations - and can now 'fix' me quickly because of his attention to detail, his note-taking, and his genuine interest in the well-being of his patients.

Andrew Forsman

I won't go anywhere else. Dr Mason's and staff's attention to detail and my needs are second to none. I highly recommend him to anyone that I come across looking for chiropractic needs

colleen watson

Our family has gone to Mason Family Chiropractic since we moved here in 2005. I was extremely nervous about seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Mason sat down and talked to me for 30 minutes about my concerns. I had x-rays done my first visit and he explained what was causing me issues and how he could help. Since then, we have never gone anywhere else and have referred several people to Dr. Mason. The staff are very personable and friendly. Whether you have insurance or self-pay, you will be well taking care of.

Brad Loheide

Justin Bogard

Dr Mason is a wealth of knowledge with taking proper care of your body and your diet! Learn something new I should be working on every time I speak with him and I am truly benefiting from his suggestions. I highly recommend using Dr Mason as your Chiropractor!

Mark Hiatt

Great experience. Personal touch to care and plan for ongoing health. Staff is friendly and welcoming each visit.

Andrea Moore

Dr. Mason and his staff are the best. Very professional yet connect with you on a personal level too! Very highly recommend :)

Jennifer Gillis

I love Dr. Mason and the staff at Mason Family Chiropractic! I have been working with them for over 2 1/2 years for multiple musculoskeletal problems and they are all great! Dr. Mason is a very compassionate, intelligent, and thorough doctor who looks at the big picture when developing a therapeutic plan. He utilizes multiple therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, laser, a decompression table, massage, physical therapy, and nutritional support in order to address pain. Though I know I will probably have some degree of pain for the rest of my life, he has taught me how to control the pain and improved my quality of life, instead of letting the pain control me. I am able to participate in activities that I love that I haven't been able to for a very long time due to the pain. I can't say enough positive things about EVERYONE that works at Mason Family Chiropractic. They have made my life so much better and more enjoyable and I look forward to seeing them every time I go in.

Alicia Hamaker

Dr. Mason and his team at Mason Family Chiropractic are amazing! In less than a month they had my back and neck feeling better. I’m very thankful for the work they do and would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

Marni Cancel

I've been going to Mason Family Chiropractic for over 10 years. They have helped both me and my husband with painful back issues. I feel great after each visit. I also appreciate the package deals they provide for long term maintenance patients like me!!!

Susan Miles

I met Dr Mason several years ago at a statewide school conference. Although skeptical about chiropractic I was impressed with him and his staff and followed up with a survey appointment. He is very holistic, caring, and conservative in his approach and I have recommended him to anyone and everyone! He identified a kidney stone before it became problematic, referred me to physical therapy resources, helped my daughter with Crohn's eliminate inflammatory foods after suggesting allergy testing, and incorporates medical massage and Kinesiology specialists in his practice. My orthopedic surgeon noted that I have a great combination of Eastern and Western medicine helping me delay knee replacement. If I lived across town, I'd make the drive to stay with this practice.

Tyler Hershberger

I have known Doc. Mason for a few years now, and only recently seen him for a lower back issue. His approach to total health is amazing. His ultimate goal is to eradicate the cause, not just treat the symptom. Four months ago I was affrade to pick up my two year old. Now after a combination of adjustments, therapy, and training, I can roll on the floor and play like a good father should. Thanks Doc!

Jason Mullinix

Dr. Mason is knowledgeable, professional and thoughtful. I had not been to a chiropractor before and as a physician, had some trepidation. The intake visit was around an hour and very thorough. I was pleasantly surprised that my treatment as a was not just a quick manipulation but included exercises and stretches similar to those given by my family physician and physical therapist. I must say that for me, the manipulations have kept me pain free where other have not been as successful. He has a lovely and helpful staff including an exercise coach who really helped improve my posture and gave me strategies to stay pain free.

Julie Proffit

There should be more than five stars. He deserves 100!! I had never before in my life been to a chiropractor, and I had a lot of reservations. At the advice of my husband, I made the phone call to Dr. Mason, and I'm so glad I did. In the past month he has helped me not only physically, but emotionally as well. My therapy is still a work in progress, but I can tell you I feel 100% better since I began seeing Dr. Mason. He's very professional, intelligent, and his office staff is just awesome. The sweetest bunch of ladies I think I've ever met in a doctors office before. I no longer have reservations about going to a chiropractor, specifically Dr. Mason, and I will be referring him if I know somebody who needs to be treated.

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