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97 Dover St #500, Avon, IN 46123, United States

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REVIEWS OF Avon Chiropractic Clinic IN Indiana

Tina Gardner

Angella Guajardo

Excellent service, awesome staff!! Top notch in every way! Definitely recommend!

Carole Barnaby

Angela Heitman

Poor scheduling habits, charts are not looked at or conditions noted that are crucial to treatment, and lots of over booking/long wait times. Once you actually get treated, and as long as conditions are remembered/listened to, services really help.

Alex M

Dr Keating and all the staff is great. I've had life long knee issues due to weight,injury,and probably genetics. Currently having patella tracking problems. I've been to physical therapy,cortisone injection,braces, and taping. Nothing comes remotely close to the results I've had with only TWO 15 minute acupuncture sessions. I have increased range of motion and I can squat almost pain free and knees feel very stable. No knocking or popping I used to have. Try it. It's painless. Nothing at all like injection needle. Trust me it's life changing.

Ahmad Mustafa

Katie Walker

Dr Keating is very knowledgeable and professional, explaining procedures and answering questions. He is also friendly and caring.

Kristy Mullins

I got introduced to Avon Chiropractic thru a Groupon. I would definitely recommend them and their services!

Darrell Pettigrew

Dr James Keating is the best Chiropractor in Hendricks County. He is very friendly and understands the body. He can even heal your area of pain with acupuncture. I highly recommend Avon Chiropractic!

Sarah Measel

Marci Mcquern

Positive Putter

I struggled with back pain for several years. I went to see Dr. Keaton and I'm sure glad I did. I've sent several family members there along with Manny friends and they all seem to say the same thing that they are glad they went

Aubrie J

katlin faircloth

Huge shout out to the wonderful staff at Avon Chiropractic. I arrived for my first appointment and unexpectedly had my two and four year old with me so had a lot to juggle on such an important appointment! It’s always stressful being a solo mommy and having so much to worry about and focus on let alone trying to get yourself taken care of at the Doctor. The staff were so sweet and kind. One member sat and played with my girls while Dr Keating performed my exam as well as sat and entertained them during my massage session. It’s truly a relief when staff are so understanding and accommodating to the needs of patients and their little ones who tag along. It wasn’t ideal but the staff made it work for me. Can’t thank everyone enough for the help and getting me taken care of. Highly recommend Avon Chiropractic.

Heather Anderson

Nice people! Doc is great

Chris Cabrera

Had pain throughout my back, legs and shoulders. After my second session I've greatly improved. Highly recommend

TJ Griscom

Came in with serious issues with my neck and back.Already having 3 neck surgeries and a 4th looming, a doctor who had given an epidural in my neck suggested acupuncture. At this point I figured there was nothing to lose. Already in pain mgmt, gave it a shot. So glad I did! The tension and pressure caused from discs and fibromyalgia diminished quite a bit. Have gone on with headaches,severe spasms in my shoulders, cervical spine and joints in lower back.. Felt enormous relief after treatment! Even treated to stop smoking, which worked after being a smoker for over 40 yrs.and trying every patch,gum and medicine there was to no avail.. If you have thought of acupuncture or chiropractic care, do not hesitate any longer!! I'm sold! It's not expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it,mine didn't, most of all it does NOT hurt!LOL Thank you Dr.Keating and staff for not only being professional but truly nice people overall!

Monkey Hirn

james wood

Virgil Heather

Good people, they have been a great help with managing my pain. I feel 10 times better than when I first starting going

Brian Dickey

Doc does great work, my back was almost back to 100% within 3 sessions.

Roberta Linthicum

The moment I walked into Avon Chiropractic on Jan 8, 2016 I was greeted very friendly. I was in severe pain in my neck and shoulders and after my first session I new I was in the right place. I have suffered with this pain for a year and no one could help me. I would recommend Dr Keating to all my family and friends, which I have already done. He is the best.

Zander Evans

DIDN'T give me any info on my school project.

Timothy M Schwenk

Never needed adjusted until a minor accident. Primary care pointed me towards Avon Chiropractic Clinic and couldn't be happier. Regular visits now for myself and my wife.

Kate Shaffer

Prian M. Jani

WOW....Dr. Keating is an amazing man! I was a heavy smoker for 10 years. (20-30 ciggerettes a day) I thought I would never be able to quit and had totally given up. After my mom told me about Dr. Keating, I decided to try this 'stop smoking treatment" it was a total of 6- 30 min sessions. By the 4th session I hated Tobacco, and the smell, and anything else that went with it...I went from 30 smokes a day to 3-4 by the forth session, only finding my self to smoke out of habit, not because it felt good. By the last session I knew I wouldn't be smoking anymore!! Fast forward and here we are almost 2 years later. (Treatment was around July 2013.) I've never looked back, and don't miss the gross habit. I am forever thankful to Dr. Keating for his expertise and knowledge and helping me to quit smoking! :)

Omar Salinas

Deb Conley

Dr Keating has not only helped my neck feel better but he used acupuncture for my hot flashes which have improved significantly and adjusted my foot & ankle which solved a problem with my toes going numb! You must go see him!

Dan Snellenberger

sarah leath

Dr Keating is great! His team is so friendly! I highly recommend going to get adjusted or a great massage!

Lance Colyer

Sharon Rivera

Great service and treatment! My husband and I have been going for years when needed and have referred many family and friends who have also had great service and treatment!

Shane w

I have been going to Dr Keeting for some time now. He does a great job adjusting me, weather it is my back or my shoulder he can get them back into proper alignment. His prices are very reasonable. I have recomended a few friends & they were all happy with the service & care they received.

Dorothy Stone



Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Dr Keating is a friendly gentleman.

Kemberly Platts

James Randall

Melody Ketchum

Awesome staff!

Michael Fahrbach

The staff is terrific, you will not be disappointed with your treatment.


I've made visits here since the change-over to Tom Newbauer and I have to say that the care has been more than satisfactory. Tom not only does an excellent job and has a great bedside manner but he educates you as well. I now have the tools to work on my own back issues and I know what stretches work for me and which ones do not. Before I came to Tom I had seen other chiropractors and did not get any relief. In fact, they just made things worse. At one point getting up from a seated position was so painful that I had to take a moment and grab on to things to get anywhere. Luckily I found the Avon Chiropractic Clinic and I can move easier and my back pain is significantly diminished even though I have only had two visits so far. I am continuing going to Tom because he is very effective and affordable.

M Key

Very friendly staff. Only draw back is adjustment is done only on the area u are having pain. Other chiropractors I have seen always checked my whole spin area.

Bianca Camille


brent black

John Catmull

The whole staff here is amazing. I love the services they provide and the attitude with which they do it. I would not recommend any other chiropractor in this area.

Hilda Loubser

Malia Muston

Shirley Smith

Dr Keating is Amazing & the staff is Awesome. Doc listens & very attentive to your specific needs. The staff are always bright, energetic and ALWAYS eager to help. Very accommodating with my busy schedule

john davs

Seems like a good doctor. Gave me some good adjustments but every session was like 2 min or less. Pretty expensive for just a 2 min session.

Amanda Stahl

Dr Keating and staff are all amazing and friendly. I have been seeing Dr Keating for adjustments due to intermittent back issues for about 5 years now.

Terri Timbrook

The doctor and his staff are the nicest people

Mrs Sal

I accidentally made an appointment at the wrong chiro. Avon Chiropractic was not our first choice for our 10 y.o, however, I’m glad it happened! Dr. Keating was super knowledgeable, friendly & did not make us feel rushed at all. My 10 year old got to be adjusted on the very first day & came home feeling much better. Now I’m returning with another one of my children. It’s good to know people you can trust & count on with your most valuable treasure ;-)

Amy Smith

Kaitlin Works

Very nice staff and Dr.K works wonders on my subplexed rib!

Cassandra Purvis

Had problems with my shoulder for a long time, when I worked out at Crossfit could noticeably till the difference and could not do much. Several visits and going easy, I'm good, able to workout and getting stronger.

Mary Horne-Porter

Tiffany Groves


Dr. Keating and his staff are amazing, they take the time to listen to your problems and work with you to come up with the best treatment plan and treatment options. Another great part of working with Avon Chiropractic is the ease of making and changing appointments, and they will work around any scheduling problems that might arise on the patients side. My wife and I really cannot say enough about Dr. Keating and staff...

Mark Rice

Very knowledgeable about chronic pain. Good bedside manner. Professional staff. Helpful in bringing relief.

Elle gen

Dr Keating is very good. My family is well taken care of always. The staff is friendly also.

Sherri Barrow

T Thornburg

I have had great results combining acupuncture, massage and chiropractic manipulation. Dr. Keating spends time listening and understanding your physical issues and the staff is very nice and helpful.

Kara T

They are very thorough. I'm very skeptical about chiropractic care, but they made me feel better

E Croteau

Dr. Keating took care of me during my twin pregnancy. I was able to continue to work as a nurse well into my pregnancy! I continue to go back for any needs that come up. He also did accupuncture to help me with weight loss (successfully) before my pregnancy. I'm very pleased with the service, professionalism, and results I have seen here!

shad smith

Sarah Land

Jasmine S.

betty ross

feel like anew person when I leave there.

Rachel Williams

Dr. Keating provides outstanding care! I walked into my first appointment feeling miserable & in an extreme amount of pain from tension headaches as well as head, neck, & back pain from seizure history, etc., and I walked out of their office feeling tremendously better! Dr. Keating was able to perform adjustments/manipulations on my first visit! I thought I would have to have a consult on the first visit & then have to wait for my 2nd visit to get treatment, however that was NOT the case! I was also very nervous about the treatment & adjustments going in, and I was pleasantly surprised in that the treatment was completely pain-free! I could not believe the difference in how I felt & the positive impact his treatment had on all of the pain I was in. I would highly recommend Dr. Keating to anyone needing chiropractic care!

Christine Shaffer

I have been to various chiropractors over the years and Dr. Keating is the best! Our whole family goes there for injuries and maintenance and I always recommend Avon Chiropractic Clinic family and friends. The entire staff is wonderful.

Larry Crawford

Barb W

Andrew Fadely

The staff was excellent from the moment I walked in the door and has been the same on each visit. I was there to try acupuncture for the first time for a lower back injury that would not go away. I was a little skeptical on if it would work and worried about being needled, but I found that it worked way beyond my expectations and I only slightly felt two of the dozen or so needles that were inserted. My pain and mobility that had been there for five days were gone before I left the office, with only a slight soreness for the next couple of days until my second visit and now that is gone. Of the two needles that I actually felt, it was only for a split second and would be similar to poking yourself quickly with a safety pin and lasting about as long. The needles were in for 15 minutes and I never felt them the entire time with the exception of the two I briefly felt upon insertion. I would definitely recommend acupuncture at the Avon Chiropractic Clinic!!!!

Ron Saxman

Awesome! Staff is great! Had a massage and a back and neck adjustment because of hip and neck pain and walked out a new man. Have been going here for 3 years and would not go anywhere else. Thank You Avon Chiropractic Clinic!

Kafayat Abolade

Great place

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