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REVIEWS OF LifeSource Health and Wellness IN Illinois

Judi Biewer

I started going to Dr. Sena this week for lower back and hip pain. He is amazing not only is fixing that problem but he found I had a lot of neck issues also. I have been adjusted just 3 times and feel so much better, I’m on my way to a healthier life. He is so passionate about his work and the whole staff is amazing and so kind. If you are considering chiropractic services, don’t think twice about going here, you won’t be sorry!

Julia Farnesi

For the last two months I have been seeing Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena and they have done amazing work on my body. I came to them after having terrible pain in my neck and lower back and within literally the first week of adjustments I was feeling so much better. When I had my first initial exam to figure out what was wrong, Dr. Hinley explained everything in great detail and answered all my million and one questions. He even called to see how I was feeling after my first adjustment. I have nothing but great things to say about LifeSource, and that also includes Robin, who is the sweetest lady and always welcomes you with a warm smile and Sue, who was very patient and explained my options when choosing my care plan and pay. If you want a place who takes your health very serious and want to see improvement so you are no longer in pain LifeSource is the place to be!

loura kliest

After on a short few weeks of treatment my son's hand and arm tremors stopped and never returned. His digestion problems and overall health continue to greatly improve. He had been under the care of several specialist who were unable to help and labeled his medical problem as "Complicated". Dr. Hinely and Dr. Sena are the best of the best. The office staff are awesome (Robin and Sue) and a pleasure to work with.

Katie Colliander

In June of 2015 my sciatic nerve was pinched in my back and as a result I was barely able to walk. I had gone to the orthopedic and they basically said there was nothing they could do. The told me my other knee was bone on bone and that would need to be replaced in a couple of years. But there I was, unable to walk without crutches and they offered no help. We were leaving for vacation the next day. I went and rented a wheelchair to take with me, along with the crutches. After a long day of travel we finally made it to Hilton Head Island, NC. I still could not even put my foot down without excruciating pain. I searched Yelp for a Chiropractor on Hilton Head. I had never been to a Chiropractor, but figured I had nothing to lose. I found a great Chiropractor, Dr. Fraum. He helped immediately. He took xrays and adjusted me and I was able to almost walk with no assistance. I saw Dr. Fraum each day in Hilton Head. Once we returned I needed to continue treatment. My husband had been seeing Dr. Hinley at Life Source for many years, so I made my appointment. Thank goodness I did! Dr. Hinley checked me out and then asked for the xrays from Dr. Fraum in Hilton Head. I was able to get the xrays sent. Dr. Hinley and Dr. Fraum actually spoke before my next appointment! They confirmed with each other that they were on the same page as far as my treatments went. Not many doctors would pick up the phone to talk about a patient! I have been seeing Dr. Hinley since the beginning of July and have made great progress! I am able to walk without pain. Dr. Hinley has been working on both my knees. I just had follow-up xrays and scans and everything is looking great. Dr. Hinley suggested that I get orthotic inserts for my shoes. This has help tremendously. Again, the orthopedic doctor did not even suggest this. I have also noticed that my chronic headaches have gone away. After having Chiropractic care and seeing how the nerves along the spine affect the whole body, this makes total sense! I wish I would have started years ago! Thank you Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena!

Margaret Cicero

I have been going to Doctor Hinley for the last nine years. During the initial appointment when I was considering chiropractic treatment I found Dr. Hinley to be very informative about my condition and realistic about what I could expect from chiropractic treatments. Most importantly Dr. Hinley educated me about what chiropractic is and its benefits. I have never regretted incorporating chiropractic into my life as a way to keep my body healthy and strong as I age. I have had fewer colds and have never had the flu. The core of my body feels strong. This is not to say I have not had to have additional treatments for arthritis and ailments that appear with aging but it always feels that my body is staying strong and I will enjoy my life more with continuing chiropractic adjustments as part of my health regimen. Thank you Dr. Hinley!

Charles Erickson

I have been coming here for over 10 years. I hardly ever get sick, and my posture has improved.

Greg Riemer

The doctor's at LifeSource have done a great job at getting me back to feeling great, after having chronic back pain for many years! I highly recommend these doctor's and their services!

Amy Rittenhouse

Best chiropractic facility I have ever been to. The quality of care and flexibility for appointments are a huge plus. Doctors are very friendly and take time to listen.

zach zabel

I began treatment with Dr. Hinley & Dr. Sena after experiencing a back pain like no other. For the first 30 years of my life, I had never had any sort of back pain until this moment — I couldn’t do anything comfortably, most of all work. After a week of treatment with Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena, I was able to return to work and begin to live my life normally again. I am so thankful that I did not resort to pain killers and muscle relaxers; instead, I live a healthier lifestyle with chiropractics.

Ilovewarriors AndStarTrek

I love this place, it’s so homey and warm. Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena are amazing at what they do and I leave knowing my spine will be healthier, and I love coming back. Everyone there makes the place warm and friendly and amazing!

Jamie Rose

These people change lives! The entire staff is wonderful!

Entela Ilo

One of the best Chiropractic and Health and Wellness practice in DuPage area and Chicago land. As a patient can't say enough thanks to Dr. Hinley and Dr. Luke for their care. During last 10 years I have seen many specialists and took many approachs but it didn't impact on my neck and back as problems and did not had as much improvement and quality as I have in the last couple months under the care of these doctors. I highly recommend these practice!

Tom Savat

I starting seeing Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena about 3 years ago.They have fixed my bad back,neck and shoulder and a extreme case of vertigo in that time.They do care about the patients and want to get you healthy.I went from not being able to drive to being back at work and feeling normal when I had vertigo.When I saw other doctors about my shoulder they suggested cortisone or surgery.Dr.Sena and Dr.Hinley said we can fix it.2 weeks later it felt great after seeing them.I can't thank them enough for helping me.

Christine Wyrick

I came to Dr Hinley after my primary care dr was unable to diagnose the source of accute pain radiating through my abdomen. I was unable to function for days. Dr Hinley found a bone spur in my neck pinching a nerve creating the pain. After the first adjustment the pain lessened and after weeks of treatment I felt better than ever and the pain stopped coming back. I'm so grateful not to suffer in pain. I highly recommend Dr Hinley.

Mike Beckley

When I first sought treatment here for my herniated disc I would have trouble walking at times, leg weakness, severe pain to the point that I was heavily considering surgical routes to try to find some relief. I had been to physical therapy, pain and spinal specialists and even surgeons for assessment and treatment multiple times with no lasting effects. The team here brought me from someone who couldn't physically exercise due to the level of pain that it would cause, to finishing my first ever half marathon a few days ago. I have full strength back in my legs, full range of motion with no pain in my spine, and I'm no longer terrified of living my life worried I'll do something to aggravate it. This team saved me, and did so while providing a level of expertise, hospitality, and confidence that allowed me to fully get back to living my life. Dont wait, get assessed and have a conversation with the doctors, they will walk you through every step of the way.

Sam Kuhlman

Rebecca Sien

I have been going to LifeSource for three and a half years and I can honestly say that Drs. Hinley and Sena changed my life. I had a structural issue that was impeding every aspect of my life and, as it worsened, I feared I would have to give up many everyday things, including driving. I tried the conventional medicine route to absolutely no avail. Not only was I given the run around, I was also given a wrong diagnosis and treatment that made the problem worse. A friend of my husband suggested going to her chiropractor, Dr. Hinley. She sang his praises and , although I was skeptical , I decided at that point I had nothing to lose and would go in for an evaluation. I have to be honest and admit I had reservations about the whole idea of chiropractic . I have severe osteoporosis and the thought of having adjustments worried me. I went in and was given an assessment and was told exactly what could and could not be done for my problem. I was also given a schedule to begin three times a week. Everything was crystal clear and I never once felt pressured to start treatment. I felt good about LifeSource and decided to give it a try and began going in three times a week. Eventually, as I was improving, my adjustments went down to twice a week and then to once a week. I am now feeling great and have an adjustment once every other week. I would also like to add that it was Dr. Hinley who advised me to go from three times a week to twice a week and then to once week. I was reluctant and was afraid it was too soon, but he assured me I was ready and he was right. He has been spot on about everything since I have been going to LifeSource and I feel very fortunate to be a patient of his and Dr. Sena's. I have learned so much from these Doctors in three and a half years, including how chiropractic is not just for the back. One morning I was going in for an adjustment and had a debilitating headache. I was seeing double and was having trouble functioning. Immediately after my adjustment, my head started feeling better. By the time I was in the parking lot, it was greatly improved and by the time I pulled into my driveway--about 12 minutes later --the headache was all but a bad memory. I was so happy I had an adjustment that day and was so grateful to Dr. Hinley. I am certain I will continue to learn from them and continue to feel good with their help and their true dedication to their patients.

JoAnne Milano

Dr Hinley setup a detailed plan to correct the issue. I have noticeable improvement. I have been going to the practice for years and have complete trust.

Brian Waeyaert

Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena are both wonderful chiropractors who truly care about their patients. My whole family is under their care and we have been very happy. We highly recommend this office for chiropractic work.

Kyla Rowley

Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena are exceptional. They do fantastic work, certainly helped me turn my life around.

Barb Frey

LifeSource Health and Wellness in Glendale Hts is a wonderful and professional chiropractic office. I have been a patient for over 13 years after a car accident. Now, my appointments are to maintain a healthy back and body. Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena are passionate about providing the best service and education of chiropractic care. The staff, Theresa, Robin and Sue are always smiling and providing a comfortable and efficient visit. I highly recommend their practice.


David Spata

I have tried many chiropractors in my life but stopped looking after finding Dr. Hinley. He is not only a great doctor, but runs his business well and keeps wait times to a minimum

Carol S

Robin D

I have been going to Lifesource about 4 years. Just recently I was on vacation and I hurt my back working out. I had enough confidence in the doctors at Lifesource that I called all the way from Florida to get their advice. The doctor asked me several questions and was able to give me instructions on what I needed to do. Within a day in a half I was able to go back to my normal activities and enjoy the rest of my vacation. Thank you Lifesource for caring and being there for me.

Allison Ash

I hurt my back shoveling snow this winter and could barely walk. After one week of treatment, I was functioning again and now after several weeks, I am totally pain free! The doctors and staff at LifeSource make me feel like they truly care about my overall well-being and our whole family has benefited from their attentive and quality care. I highly recommend LifeSource Health and Wellness!

nicole carroll

Wow what an incredible experience I have had so far with Dr. Hinley. I have suffered from chronic neck pain for the last 5 years. I have tried every treatment imaginable. Massage, chiropractors, physical therapy ect. Everything helped me temporarily but as soon as I would starts working, the pain would come right back. In just 4 short weeks of my treatment here, I have noticed a significant improvement in my neck. From my range of motion, to my everyday activity. I am beyond grateful for these doctors for giving me relief and hope!

Nicole Herzog

Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena are wonderful! The office staff is very friendly and helpful! It is very convienent as most appointments are only a few minutes long. However, sometimes you may be in the waiting area 20-30 minutes waiting for your turn and other times it's only 2-10 minutes. It is very different from other chiropractic offices I have been to in the past where you have a set appointment with the doctor.

Lou X

LifeSource is a very appropriate name for this exceptional team of doctors and professional staff. I never realized how critical the central nervous system and spine were to my health and well being until I started coming here nearly 20 years ago. My initial visit was for some relief for a severe back strain that left me nearly unable to stand and walk. After a few visits and adjustments, my mobility returned and I was pain-free again without any use of drugs. After that, I wanted to learn more about this "miraculous" chiropractic care and how it might improve my quality of life. I learned that many diseases and illnesses are directly attributed to the misalignment of our spine and that regular maintenance adjustments could prevent or minimize even headaches, colds, breathing difficulties and many more common ailments. And that has been my exact experience over these many years as my health and quality of life has improved dramatically under personalized care by Dr. Hinley and his professional staff. Unlike many doctor's offices where interaction is brief and sometime cold, the staff at LifeSource is enthusiastically and totally committed to knowing it's patients and giving them good health in the most natural way possible. I retired from a long career in the Pharmaceuticals industry where I always thought drugs were the only answer to disease and illness, but I have since realized that those solutions only treat symptoms and temporarily at that. Real medical care must include the prevention of disease and illness, and that is what a regular maintenance program of weekly chiropractic adjustments has done for me and my family. Most recently, I experienced some neck pain from long hours sitting at the computer keyboard. An x-ray revealed that the natural curvature of the neck portion of my spine had straightened. Dr. Hinley proposed an aggressive program of adjustments three times a week together with some unique exercises and in just two months the natural curve of the spine returned and the pain is now gone ... all achieved naturally (no drugs, no side effects) ... and restful sleep has also returned for which I am eternally grateful! I strongly recommend LifeSource to all my friends and family, not only when they experience back or neck pain, but especially for preventative care to ensure their good health and wellness and quality of life. Submitted by Lou Passi, Glendale Heights.

Linda POOL

I highly recommend these doctor's and thier services. I have seen a remarkable change since I have started treatement.

Nicole Rosene

Brandon Santiago

Had horrible migraines. Finally found someone that fixed my neck.

Mary Leurck

The care provided by the team at Lifesource Health and Wellness is exceptional. From the friendly Receptionist assisting with scheduling your appointment - and always able to fit you in - to the knowledgeable Office Manager counseling you on your insurance coverage and payment plan. You feel welcomed and valued as a patient - someone they truly and wholely care about. But, the best part are the Chiropractors - Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena - who's commitment to you health and wellness is sincere and steadfast. Every time I visit for care - whether that's ongoing routine adjustments for my overall health and happinesss - or for a unique issue that requires a special care plan to resolve, I trust the expert and compassionate care of provided by their hands, head and heart. I'm blessed to be a healthy and happy patient at Lifesource Health and Wellness...THANK YOU!

James Cubberley

This is a very well run, professional, and effective health care provider! At least three friends of mine who are already Lifesource patients highly recommended Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena. I was in a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders and concerned because my symptoms were getting worse not better. It's difficult deciding to start with a new healthcare provider. There's so many questions and unknowns, and paperwork. Everyone at Lifesource put me at ease and helped me through all the initial steps. I am very happy that after only two months I am doing much much better! I realize there is more to do so I will continue following their treatment. Thank you!

Anne Kurisch Young

Dr. Hinley and Dr. Sena are a fantastic team. I came to LifeSource to get help with lower back pain caused by my scoliosis. After just 4 months of treatment, my scoliosis curves are significantly straighter!! I also asked for help with my posture and they set me up exercises to do right in the office. I'm happy to say my family and friends have noticed a huge improvement in my posture. The office environment is upbeat and their adjustments are effective. I will definitely be continuing treatments at LifeSource and I would highly recommend this team.

Shirley Justin-Wolff

I have been a patient of Dr. Hinley's for well over 15 years. Because of drugs taken for treating breast cancer, I have experienced years of joint pain (knees, shoulder, hip) and neck pain. Physical activity has always been important to my well being so these limitations were very frustrating. Initially I was skeptical that chiropractic adjustments could relieve the pain but after experiencing success with my neck and gaining a better understanding of how the nervous system impacts our entire body, I was convinced that this natural, noninvasive approach to treating subsequent joint pain was the treatment of preference. I feel very comfortable and confident with the medical care I am receiving from both Dr. Hinley and Dr. Senna. The entire staff is caring and friendly and most accommodating. I highly recommend this practice.

Lorri Chacon

This is a stellar practice with excellent service. The doctors and staff are committed to providing the best care possible for their patients. You can trust that you will be satisfied with their treatment, cost, work ethic and overall general excellence.

Schae Lewis, Certified Professional Organizer

Theresa Brzezinski

These doctors are great. I have received wonderful treatment from them and have referred several family members and friends to them!

peter kuhlman

The best Chiropractors in the Chicagoland area. They know their craft, they stop to educate you, they truly care for their clients.

Gary Wurzinger

Doctors know what they are doing. A simple scan will help you get on a road to healing.

Brandon Pennington

I seriously cannot say enough great things about this office. I’ve been taking my 3 year old son in for alignments to help with walking and balance issues. We are about halfway through the initial recommended treatment plan and the improvements I have seen in his walking have been huge. My son has gone from being very scared to feeling very comfortable on the table thanks to Dr Luke making him feel so relaxed. The entire staff is amazing and you can tell genuinely care about their patients. Dr Luke is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. His patience and calm demeanor has made my son feel extremely comfortable while being aligned. This is an amazing practice and I can’t thank them enough for the help they’ve provided me son. I highly recommend for any children who may be going through similar situations.

Mark Ott

I have never left dissatisfied these guys know what they are doing...sorry I changed jobs and cant attend till I get insurance again

Jeff Fiene

Mark Lutz

Heather Cassady

Flexible scheduling, listening to patients and adapting to the needs of their patients are important to me and my family. More than once we have walked into their office with one of us experiencing extreme discomfort or restricted range of motion from a fall/injury from a sport and then leave with only a little bit of soreness. With three active kids, life is hectic and their office has been accommodating in getting us all in for adjustments while making it quite convenient for our family.

Garland Labat

LifeSource Health & Wellness uses a unique adjustment table which provides Vertebrae Disc Decompression. This relieved the pain from a pinched nerve when the back specialist and physical therapy failed, almost certainly saving me from back surgery. Highly recommended.

Joe Riemma

We have the been the beneficiaries of optimal health and wellness for about 22 years through chiropractic care. My children have been also the beneficiaries of optimal health because they too enjoy the benefits of chiropratic care since being days old, that's correct, just days old. Their immune system is strong. Their colds are textbook. They spike a fever and within 8-12 hours they have runny noses and boogers. We can not say enough great things about the level of commitment both doctors are to your over all helath and wellness being. I would recommend anyone, friends and family alike to at least give them an opportunity to see if they can positively impact your individual health.

Tessa Kocan

I've been going here for 10 years!

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