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REVIEWS OF Integrated Physical Medicine IN Illinois

Jeff Benak

Went to see doctor Scott with the worst back pain I have ever had. After x-rays and a short examination he informed me that an MRI would not be necessary but through physical therapy we would be able to fix my back problems. After only a …

Jan Look

Without the help of Dr. Kenny and his staff, I would not have been able to expereince a dream of a lifetime---to sing on stage in Carnegie Hall in New York City. My voice was in great shape, but physically I was having trouble. I knew from past expereince that the concert experience was more than vocal rehearsals. Singing in this venue is physically demanding. Standing long periods of time, holding music in a certain position , climbing stairs to the stage over a three day rehearsal schedule---and then the performance requires a singer to be in good shape. I was not as a result of an accident walking my dog. In fact, I did not think I would be able to meet the physical demands of the concert. Dr. Kenny's course of treatment supported by his knowledgeable and encouraging staff got me back on my feet. Without pain or physical limits, I was able to sing my performance best. I can not thank Dr. Kenny and his staff enough for their attention to getting me on my feet. As important, what I love to do everyday became easier and mostly pain free--from teaching classes to walking my dog, and of course, singing in my choir.

Christopher Kessler

This is a fabulous facility!!! Dr. Scott and his staff are incredibly professional. He has been extremely helpful and takes the time out to explain everything in detail. If your looking for a chiropractor in the New Lenox area, no doubt, this is your stop. IPM is a great place to begin your journey back to health!!! Thanks again guys!!

Raymond Grzesiak

Dr. Scott agreed to see me when I had severe back pain while my regular chiropractor was unavailable on vacation. Because of his concern for my back pain and his professional treatment, I intend to have Dr. Scott become my chiropractor from now on. His staff is very professional and friendly ,yet concerned. I would highly recommend anyone seeking a chiropractor to make an appointment, The results of Dr. Scott's professional treatment will give you pain relief in a very short time.

Justin F

Kind caring and compassionate Best experience I've had

Jimmy Samhan

Dr Scott is awesome. Cares about the patient issues and will do his best to make you feel better. I have been coming here for over two years and will continue. Thank you Dr Scott and your staff.

Thomas O'Brien O.D.

Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Dr Scott Kenny is the best!

Lori Hausherr

After successfully rehabbing from several orthopedic surgeries including knee replacements I was referred to Dr. Scott Kenny at Integrated Physical Medicine with hope that he could help with back/shoulder pain that resulted from years and years of poor posture complicated by severe osteoarthritis and the fact that my gait was significantly altered following double knee replacement. I was a bit apprehensive as I had not sought chiropractic care in the past. I met Dr. Scott 2 weeks ago and I appreciated the time he took in explaining what I should expect from chiropractic services. Since my medical history is extensive I submitted it prior to my first appointment and it quickly became apparent that he had taken some time to review it before meeting with me. I began receiving treatments and cannot express enough how awesome my experience has been. Dr. Scott and the ENTIRE staff have been so attentive in assessing my progress and patiently listening to my concerns. Recently I relocated my office(s) at work resulting in me having to be more physically active than I have been in several years. The entire staff have made sure I received additional treatments and I made it through the building move with flying colors. I also cannot express enough what minimized pain has done for my psychological health. I have a personal goal to be medication free by age 55 and am truly optimistic that I will realize that goal. I highly recommend Integrated Physical Medicine. Their comprehensive approach is so beneficial and in a time where Dr's take less time with patients meeting Dr. Scott Kenny has been a welcome and refreshing change.

Ally Filetti

The Doctors and Staff at IPM are very friendly and help you through every step of physical therapy to get you back to feeling 100%. I highly recommend Integrated Physical Medicine.

Joshua Breen

Outstanding care and specialized treatment!

Sharon Norton

I've had chronic lower back pain for years, and have seen a number of chiropractors. Dr Jon & Dr Joe were the first to teach me how to strengthen my core. They also helped with my neck/shoulder pain and tendonitis in my forearms giving me exercises to strengthen those areas! In about 12-14 weeks I felt better than I have in years. My usual maintenance schedule with other doctors was to go in for an adjustment about once a month and for flare ups as needed. I saw Dr Jon last night for my first maintenance appointment after 6 weeks and I'm doing great! I'll see him again in about 8 weeks now and I'm continuing the exercises they gave me at home, so I'm counting on no flare ups in between. It really feels good to have no pain. Thank you Dr Jon, Dr Joe, Kelsey & Danielle!!

Mark Heumann

Super knowledgeable and Dr. Scott not only treats your immediate needs, but is looking out for your whole health needs!

Robert Sieger

I had been suffering with a bulging disk for some time, to the point the doctor recommended surgery. That is until I went to Integrated Medicine! Helpful, caring and very friendly, I highly recommend these guys! A fantastic place dedicated to your wellness!

John Hills

I would just like to Thank Dr. Jon & Dr. Scott and their staff for their wonderful treatment of my condition. I have been to other Doctors before, but they were not good in my opinion for setting me up with a game plan for long term health and wellness. Not so at IPM where there is definitely a proven methodology to getting you back on the road to recovery for whatever may ail you. I have been highly impressed with the results and I would recommend their practice to anyone.

Saima mahmud

Dr scott is really great he is trying his best to fix any pain issues my husband had He took care of everything

Justin Krieher

I don't believe there is another place like IPM. The combination of excellent Chiropractic care and whole body physical therapy helps more than either would alone. Having both in one location is both convenient and helpful. I have personally seen other physical therapists and in general been very happy with the care that I received. However with my current aliment I do not believe they would have been able to help at all, or at the very least not as quickly as Dr. Scott and the other friendly professionals at IPM. I would have no reservations with unconditionally recommending IPM to any who would ask.

Kali Fehrenbacher

Came in with a disc injury and was able to stand up straight with mild pain in a week. I had a wedding in five days when I walked into the door with a bad right lean and could not stand up straight. I was able to stand and have mild pain at the wedding. I moved to the city the following week and I'm back and moving with no pain in three weeks. I've had back issues before and never had as good or aggressive therapy as I did here! They get you up and moving quickly!

Susan Randich

The pain I was experiencing when I started with IPM is completely gone at this point, I have re-gained strength and feel like a new person. I am so impressed with Dr. Jon, Dr. Scott and their competent, compassionate Therapists and staff, as their approach to recovery and wellness is based in finding real solutions that work permanently. Very professional yet friendly atmosphere.

Heidi K

Great service and flexible appointment times!

Jess Crane

The team at IPM takes the time to work with you on the right treatment for your condition. They are most interested in improving your health and quality of life. I would recommend them anyone needing an understanding physician, care team and physical therapy. They also offer a variety of chiropractic services and massage. It is nice to have choices on the type of service you are in need of.

mario leon

Great office & Therapists ! Sports injury ? This is the place to go ! Thanks for all your time ! Kristin you are the best . thanks for putting up with me !

Fight Chix

Dr Scott and Dr Josh and the full staff at IPM are outstanding. I drive over 40 min specifically to be treated here. I have avoided back surgery thanks to the care and training protocols provided by Dr Scott. As an over 40 year old jiujitsu player, I’m able to keep up with the 25 year old athletes in the gym. A huge part of my overall wellness and mobility is because of IPM.

Mike Dennis

Fantastic facility, amazing, caring doctors, friendly, helpful staff. Great experience being treated here


Dr. Kenny and staff are amazing. I found this group while trying to recover from a cervical surgery and looking for nerve pain relief. After three sessions with Dr. Kenny I was almost 100%. I continue to meet with Dr. Kenny on a monthly basis to keep my body working at optimal levels. The staff is always friendly and willing to work with my schedule. I highly recommend this group for whatever your needs.

Matt Senffner

Dr. Scott and his staff are very thorough. I had injured my lower back doing yard work lifting things. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he suggested I get an MRI and see a spine surgeon. The spine surgeon saw no damage other than some arthritis in the lower back. The recommendation was four weeks three days a week of physical therapy. At IPM they are constantly assessing and evaluating my progress. Everyone is very friendly and I was treated like I was the only one there. A treatment take about a little over an hour. I have about two treatments left and my back feels great.

Mary Karnia

I visited IPM for a massage on my aching legs. The staff was exceptional in working with me to set a final appointment date, since I had to reschedule a couple of times. I had a massage with Jennifer Lerner, LMT, who did an amazing job massaging out the tightness. She was a good listener and made helpful suggestions. I would definitely go back again!

Ryan Murphy

Dr Jon, Dr Scott and the entire staff are awesome. They know there stuff. I can't say enough about them. If you need any kind of physical therapy or physical medicine in general, these are the guys to see. They really take the time and listen to exactly what you need.

Mrs Reddog

I’ve been going to IPM for almost 8 years and I’ve never been disappointed. There are never any surprises for services you are billed for. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and fun. I’ve gone for everything from general health and wellness to stiff neck, to pinched nerve, to plantar fasciitis. I’ve gotten nothing but great results through adjustments and physical therapy and the tools to help maintain my progress. I’ve been bringing my children since they were both 3 weeks old. I recommend them to everyone I know!

J Driscoll

I highly recommend Dr. Scott and Dr. Jon here at IPM. I've been going here for rehab after tearing my ACL and they along with their staff have done a great job helping me with the recovery. After only 3 months post-surgery, they have me ahead of schedule and I feel great. Everyone here is friendly and good at what they do. You will be happy you chose them.

Lynda Bumstead

I would highly recommend Integrated Physical Medicine. Everyone, from Dr. Scott and Dr. Jon all the way down to the front desk have always been very knowledgable as well as accommodating. Not only do I completely trust them with myself, but I also started to bring my daughter who is a gymnast, to make sure she stayed healthy and strong. When she had a terrible accident at the gym and broke both of her ankles, they were amazing with her. They are the ones who taught her how to walk on both of her casts and are working very hard to get her back to competing. Thanks IPM!

Melissa Corcoran

Great customer service. Great atmosphere. Amazing results!!

Corey Linhart

Dr. Kenny is a great chiropractor.

Hannah Cave

The staff here feel like family and are always willing to listen and do what they can to help their patients. I first started going here because Dr. Scott Kenny also does Crossfit and was super supportive of keeping my body moving even through a hip injury! Having a staff that wants you to be well is very important and they all care so much here.

Ben Hill

Best non surgical results for neck / shoulder injury I could have asked for. Everyone is very pleasant and their experience is second to none. Dr Scott developed a treatment plan consisting of physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustment that kept me doing jiu-jitsu.

Kerri Haan

I went to IPM after injuring my back at work. I had visited my regular doctor and the emergency room. I was given pain relievers and muscle relaxers. None of that helped anywhere close to the relief I got from Dr. Jon, Dr. Scott and their staff. I left my first visit feeling better than I could have imagined. The staff is so friendly, you immediately feel like part of the place. There is laughter and energy and motivation all the time to spur you on when you're ready to give up. The exercises were simple, effective and easy enough for me to continue on at home to prevent hurting my back in the future. Any time I feel a twinge, I run through the routine and the twinge disappears. I would (and have) recommend IPM to anyone looking for a different approach to muscle and joint injuries that relies on far more than medication. They give you the information to better take care of your body today and in the future.

alexeia gorecki

My daughter is a competitive Figure Skater, and although she has not been seriously hurt, Dr. Scott Kenny and the entire crew has been working on her to strengthen her so that she does not get injured permanently. They all are terrific people, from the receptionists to the entire staff. They make you feel like you are a part of the Integrated Physical Medicine family. They explain things so you are able to understand. You feel comfortable asking questions. You never walk out thinking "What did he just say" or "What am I supposed to do" Everything is cut and dry! I truly recommend it! you will not be disappointed in your decision.

Corina Cardamone

I have always had a great experience with the staff at Integrated Physical Medicine. Dr. Scott is always very helpful with my condition and takes the time to go over my issues and concerns and comes up with the appropriate action plan for me.

Joyce Kikilas

This is a very friendly, professional office from the front desk to the doctors. I have been pain free since I found them.

Brian Parker

I've just started going to IPM for rehab on my knee after ACL reconstruction surgery, and I can't say enough about the entire staff. Every single person I've dealt with there has been incredibly welcoming, helpful and provides the feeling that the patient truly does come first. As a fairly active person, it's incredibly important to me to be able to get back at it as quickly as possible. The entire team knows my goals and is working with me to achieve those goals in a careful, methodical manner to provide the greatest opportunity for the outcomes we all want. Thanks to Dr. Scott and the entire team, I look forward to continuing my work with you to get me back to where I want to be!

Jenn Krieher

The doctors and staff at Integrated Physical Medicine (IPM) have helped me with both short-term and long-term treatments. I had neck pain that was successfully treated with physical therapy and massage over a few appointments. I have also been going to IPM for treatment of migraines as well as a back injury. Both treatments are longer-term but worth the time. I am very impressed at how helpful the manual chiropractic adjustments have been for my back pain. I go to Dr. Scott, and it is evident that he's dedicated to patient well-being. Dr. Scott is friendly, listens when you speak, and then asks follow-up questions to gain more information about the pain/issue being reported. He also explains treatment options, why an issue might be happening, and how daily activities could hurt/help. When Dr. Scott has been out of the office, I've gone to Dr. Jon who is just as helpful and friendly. The office staff goes out of their way to be helpful, and the physical therapy assistants are knowledgeable and always willing to explain something or show you how to do an exercise. Lastly, while I'm very thankful for the treatment they have given and continue to give me, I am most grateful for the fact that IPM and Dr. Scott are successfully treating my husband and his pain is almost 100% gone. Thank you!


Dr. Joseph Piwoszkin, and Dr. Tori Riechers, PT, DPT, provided my daughter with exceptional care after she rolled her ankle in basketball. My daughter was able to recover after physical therapy and resume her training quickly and safely. Integrated Physical Medicine was a wonderful place to go and get Healthy!

Lauren M

I turned to IPM for help after suffering for years with chronic headaches. After a thorough initial consultation with Dr. Jon, I felt hopeful for the first time that I had finally find a solution to fix the root cause of the headaches and have not been disappointed! All of the staff, from the doctors to the therapists to the front desk staff are always warm and friendly. I cannot recommend IPM enough!!

Kurt Sams

Dr. John & Dr. Scott along with the entire staff are fantastic. They have all been a huge factor in improving a lower back condition that I have dealt with for many years. My core is the strongest it has ever been which has helped greatly in reducing the discomfort I had experienced prior to being taken under their care. I say without any hesitation that they are knowledgeable, caring, and informative and I am glad I walked through their doors.

Beverly Gorecki

Dr. Kenny and the entire staff were outstanding. Very knowledgeable, very professional, yet very congenial. They make you feel welcome and that they want to address your personal needs and concerns. Thanks IPM! Denny Gorecki

Jan Restarski

When I arrived at Integrated Physical Medicine in New Lenox, I was in excruciating pain. Dr Scott Kenny evaluated me with a thorough exam and X-ray, as having a pinched nerve. I was then presented with a treatment plan. I immediately began a regime of physical therapy with the caring and conscientious staff. Within a short time my pain dissipated and my muscle strength improved dramatically. I am forever grateful to Dr. Scott Kenny and his staff of professionals for relieving me from pain and improving my quality of life!


My wife and I have been going to Integrated Physical Medicine for 6 weeks and have seen awesome results! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Dr Scott and Dr Jon compliment each other very well, they both always know where I am at in my therapy!

Paula Murphy

Great doctors and staff. Dr Scott is the best. Worked with them on a painful IT band issue. Definitely would recommend

Holly M

Honestly awesome. Best thing about Dr. Scott and Dr. Jon is they listen. They listen, learn, ask questions....all to get a complete understanding of your body and then they do a great job tailoring your treatment to you. The entire office is cheerful, knowledgeable and enjoyable to visit with a few times a week. My neck and shoulders feel great. I’m so happy I stumbled across IPM on the internet.

Aracely Orozco Bennett

Absolutely professional, clean and full of hospitality! Highly recommend this location!!

Leslie Behrens

I was referred to Dr. Scott Kenny by a neighbor who was highly satisfied with her results. I had been suffering from lower back pain for over 3 years and had tried everything from pharmaceuticals to injections with no relief. Dr. Scott was able to change my pain to a gain in no time. Their knowledge, professionalism and genuine care to make their patients better is outstanding. I highly recommend this group of amazing personnel to all who want to feel great again!!

Melissa Nawracaj

IPM is wonderful! Everyone there is extremely educated and friendly. They are great with my two kids. They make them feel comfortable. They like going to IPM.

Scott Franciskovich

Christie Neighbors

I received nothing but professional care and top notch treatment at IPM. I have only great things to say about Dr. Scott and the entire staff. My appointments were always on time, the care was individualized for my specific injury, and every movement was explained in detail. Thank you IPM!!!

Kevin Trusty

Fantastic staff and office! Dr. Joe and Dr. Jon are first-class people who do top-notch work. Being a longtime migraine and neck/upper back pain sufferer, the staff at IPM carefully and efficiently diagnosed all possible issues and created a custom treatment plan that really works! I had almost instant relief from my symptoms and their expertise shed lots of light on the causes. The staff at IPM not only is very helpful and knowledgeable, but they make you feel incredibly comfortable during the whole process. My only regret is not going to these guys a lot sooner! Highly recommended!

Jennifer Scholl

Dr. Scott it amazing. I felt better after my first day!

jan enright

Beginning with my initial exam and consultation with Dr. Scott Kenny and continuing through my PT with every therapist on staff, my experience has been wonderful. I immediately felt that not only did Dr. Kenny understand my chronic back …

Alicia Schanbacher

Wonderful practice. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. I love the collaborative model of having drs and therapists in the same place. My whole family comes here and we wouldn't go anywhere else.

Lisa Gilles

Great staff, great results! The entire staff, not only treats the current symptoms, but also takes a teaching approach to provide long term health and lasting pain relief!!

Reneé Perry

Dealt with pain for over a year and felt better after the first visit. After three weeks I'm able to do things I haven't done in a long time. I like how everyone is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend!

Joe Torpy

Dr. Kenny and his staff went out of there way to find the correct treatment for my back problems. I would highly recommend Intergrated Physical Medicine for there expertise in treating any physical therapy needs. Joe T

Nick Filetti

The Semi-Pro football team I am the General Manager for uses IPM as our team doctors. They were very punctual in their attendance and precise in their techniques in preparing our team for competition. I not only will continue to use them in upcoming years but have also entrusted them with all my family needs. Allowing them to treat my family is the utmost acknowledgment to their quality of care for their patients.

Pat C

Great staff and knowledgeable doctor. Dr.Scott must have been trained by a great doctor! He is wonderful.

Todd Newton

I have used IPM three separate times. Each occasion was due to a life altering injury that required physical rehab in order to return to work. Dr. Scott Kenny and his staff are EXTREMELY knowledgeable in chiropractic work, physical rehab, massage therapy and so much more. Dr. Scott will answer any and all questions asked by patients. He takes the time to make sure the patient understands everything. The entire staff treats the patient as a family member, not as "a client with an injury". This place will work very very hard in order to help you meet your goals.

Debbie Facius

I love every person there. Been going for well over a year. They are amazing, love them all.

Courtney Botica

I have been a patient of IPM for well over a year now and have had a great experience with this office. Dr. Scott and Dr. Josh are both very professional and personable, and I always leave the office feeling better than when I walked in. I am a health professional, myself, and it can make it difficult to plan my own self-care appointments, but Dr. Josh always makes me feel like a priority and facilitates me into his schedule even on short notice. I have already recommended this office to family and friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Dana Fait

Amazing doesn't begin to describe Integrated Physical Medicine. This place is heaven on earth. Great doctors, amazing and friendly staff, & topnotch service. No matter what is the problem, I always leave there feeling 10x better than when I came. Between occasional injuries from working out, chronic migraines, or just tight muscles... they always fix me up and having me feel my best. I highly recommend this place to anyone. You won't be disappointed, promise!


Great place

Jeff Robinson

IPM has a great culture of with a dedicated staff and culture. Thank you Dr. Scott Kenny and your team, Brad, Mandy, and Kelsey. A special shout out to Dr. Mary Kikilas who is smart, capable, and warm. She is a great chiropractor and gives wonderful patient care.

John Cochrane

I had past history with two back surgeries in the past and one major fusion. I would go to the Chiropractor typically couple times a year when as a reactive measure and get adjustments only. I had come in and was in bad shape again and in a lot of pain. After consulting with Dr. John his goal was for me was to keep this from reoccurring and suggested I look into doing some core training to help support back and spine. I knew I had to try something different so I accepted coming 2-3 days a week for the past 3 months. when I first started I couldn't do one plank on the side at all and was still working through the pain. As I continued to go through the program they constantly challenged me and I am amazed at the progress I made in a very short time and my back pain is no longer present except for some sciatic pain I still get but even that has subsided and with less frequency. I now am at home continue my workout routine they have taught me and I am forever grateful to them! They have a very professional staff and I would highly recommend IPM.

Michelle Borders

This is the 2nd time my husband needed the assistance of Physical Medicine to overcome physical aliments. The first time was for when he broke his ankle and needed plates and screws put in. We were referred to Integrated from a family member who knew of someone that worked here. After the 1st visit my husband loved going, mostly because the staff was extremely nice, knowledgeable, and very patient with explaining what his body was going through and what it would go through during the process of them working with him. So naturally when just recently he was in needed of Physical Medicine for bruised ribs that were giving him extreme back pain. Going back to Integrated Physical Medicine was the obvious choice for him. It is comforting to have a place near by with such a nice, educated, well informed, respectful staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone ever in need for physical therapy. Sincerely, Michelle J. Hosman

Brad Linthicum

Everyone at IPM is fantastic -I fully recommend them!

Melissa Woosley

Everyone here is incredibly friendly and professional. I've been coming here for over 5 years now.

Katie Beckett

IPM is a great service and support---they have reduced my headaches tremendously! I feel confident in both Dr. Jon and Dr. Scott, who have always taken my care as a priority. My husband also comes, and we've recommended Dr. Jon to several other friends---they are all impressed. It really is the best patient care and the doctors here care about each and every patient. They know you by name after the first appointment--you're more than just a number. If you're having any chiropractic needs, come see IPM!

Sport gaming

First and foremost I just want to say that the ENTIRE staff at IPM are the most friendliest and caring people I've met! This was my fifth time within five years of "trying" a different chiropractor. I've had lower back issues since my oldest son was 5 months old. I've gone to several different places and it was never the right fit. Dr. Scott explained things to me so well and if I didn't understand what he was saying he would find another way until I fully understood what was going on with my spine and how we would work at correcting it together. I can't tell you how happy I am that my friend recommended Dr. Scott and IPM to me :-)

Tom Fisher

Dr. Scott and the whole team of Physical Therapists at Integrated Physical Medicine are Awesome! Great attention to your needs and detail to get your body feeling great!

Pete DeMeis

I would MOST Highly recommend Dr Scott Kenny and Dr Jon Polcyn at Integrated Psycical Medicin. They are very inteligent to the ways to go about making you feel better, put you on the right track and make sure there is progress! My …

Local Sevenfifty

liars, be careful on what the website says

Shelly Clayton

I am an weekend athlete, and fitness fanatic who is frequently injured! No pain, no gain isn't true....but when I forget I always go to IPM. Very personalized treatment, and I never feel rushed. I would definitely recommend giving them a try for your chiropractic needs.

Dana Schuttler

After suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for over a year, crying in my car after a second failed attempt at relief from my doctor, I made my appointment with Dr. Scott Kenny at the suggestion of a co-worker. AFTER ONE APPOINTMENT I was able to get out of bed without walking like a robot! I suffered for over a year. I cannot say enough good things about IPM - professional, kind, and thorough are just a few. After a few more appointments I've slowly begun running and enjoying my life again!

Lola Marie's Life Arns

Always friendly.... prompt appointment times. Made an amazing difference for me. Definitely recommend.

Alayna Raye

The BEST doctors and employees that treat you like family. You can really tell they all care and do everything in their power to make your visit enjoyable. IPM also has hours that can accomodate anyones busy schedule.

Jeni Healy

Why choose any old chiropractor when you can go to Integrated Physical Medicine. Dr. Scott Kenny at IPM is an amazing chiropractor. The staff is awesome from the receptionist to the physical therapists. I cannot say enough about the amazing care you get at IPM. They are on top of it - from x-rays to making your next appointment convenient for you; the staff and the doctors are professional and courteous. They have convenient business hours and are even open on Saturday. Of course they do accept insurance but if you don't have insurance payment plans are an option as well. The care, the staff and the doctors give you is second to none. I highly recommend Integrated Physical Medicine for all your chiropractic and physical therapy needs.

Nicole B

I have been to several different chiropractors throughout my life and hands down, IPM is the best and only one I will use in the future. IPMs philosophy to back pain is so different because they treat the root of the problem through physical therapy. This gives you the ability to maintain a pain free life without the need of continual visits. Their staff is also extremely helpful and friendly. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Kristi Acton

I would most definitely recommend Dr. Jon & Dr. Scott at IPM. I first came to IPM for lower back pain that was making it difficult for me to drive long distances and sit at a desk all day at work. They have been able to properly diagnosis the cause of my pain and through their treatment plan I am feeling 100% pain free! Their focus has always been on fixing the problem long term and not just a short-term quick fix. I went from not being able to bend down to tie my own shoe to feeling absolutely no pain and all this was achieved in a few short months through a variety of techniques focusing on core strengthening exercises and physical therapy.. and most importantly without taking any drugs, shots, or surgeries! IPM has a great atmosphere and you always feel very comfortable during your sessions. All staff is very knowledgable and friendly. Dr. Scott and Dr. Jon care about making you better and improving your lifestyle. I will continue to see them to improve my health and highly recommend you check them out if you are having any back problems!

Katie Sluzas

I have been a patient of IPM for a little over 4yrs and have had great responses from the treatments I've received from the staff. Some of the conditions I've been treated for are Sports Injuries and Chiropractic. The most recent …

joe fiore

Dr. Scott, Thank You and Your Staff for everything you did for Me. You can take Great Pride, in knowing, They take Care of Everything Needed to get you Back in shape. I cant Thank You enough for getting me Back on My Feet, and Back to Work. Please tell All. Keep Up the Great Work, They Do. They Are the Best. Thank You, Joe Fiore Sr.

Jimmy Martin

Highly recommended!!

Eric Schouten

If you are looking for the best chiropractor in New Lenox, I highly suggest you call Integrated Physical Medicine in New Lenox! I can tell you that Dr. Scott is very caring and in my opinion gives the best chiropractic care in New Lenox. Dr. Scott has adjusted me many times over the years and I always feel great after my treatment. If you have sports injury, low back pain, neck pain, headaches and you are in New Lenox or the south suburbs then Integrated Physical Medicine is the place to go!

Duke P.

I normally don't write reviews but there are so many positive things to say about IPM. First and foremost Dr. Scott, Dr. Jon and staff take pride in your recovery. They ask the right questions and make you feel at home. I always receive a …

Amy Bertoletti

IPM is wonderful !!! I have suffered from migraines for at least fifteen years. I have tried, unsuccessfully, for many years to get rid of them. IPM did it. Thanks to Dr. Jon and Dr. Scott and their fabulous staff, I no longer suffer from migraines. I never thought it was possible. Once again, I am able to enjoy my life and my grandchildren . I can live life again. I can't thank them enough. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!! You are wonderful.

Shannon Hamning

Excellent staff and atmosphere!

Judith Sherk

I have been very satisfied with IPM. They have helped me with back pain and have helped me to strengthen my muscles and have given me motivation to do exercises on my own.

Julie Morris

My family has been going to Integrated Physical Medicine for 3 years and they always provide wonderful care! They have helped me significantly with my neck issues and have helped both my boys with sports related injuries, they put them on a plan and got them back on the field. Highly recommend!

Dan McFalls

UPDATE: A doctor contacted me shortly after posting the below review. He was quite concerned and understanding. Because of this I have changed the rating from 1 Star to 3. I purchased a Groupon for 3 visits. I was experiencing some unusual lower back pain from a recent difficult move. I met with Dr. Mary a Chiropractor. She performed acupuncture on my back without a physical exam. Okay, I’ll just get what I paid for, nothing more. On my second visit she popped the needles in and left. Within 5 minutes some fell out. I hollered until someone else came to pick up the needles wedged against my skin. I was unhappy with not having them reinserted. Someone else removed the remaining needles. When I approached the receptionist to make the final appointment she tells me that Dr. Mary wants to see me 2 to 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks. Wow! What a scam. And from someone who didn’t even examine me. I canceled my next appointment. The office sent me a survey. I explained my concerns. I gave them a long opportunity to contact me to appease me but heard nothing. So I’m publishing this message. I’ll lose my third visit that is already paid but I have no confidence in this place.

Art Svornik

Friendly, Professional and Extremely Knowledgeable. I felt very well taken care of!

Cara Grom

I am so impressed with how well Dr. Kenny has staffed this office! From the minute you walk in, you are greeted by name, the receptionists are very friendly and efficient, and all of the staff members interacting with patients listen …

Chris Sozo

The Dr.'s are very knowledgeable, and the staff is excellent. I'm very pleased with the personal attention you recieve from all the staff. I would recommend IPM to anyone I knew that needed physical therapy.

Paul VanStedum

This unique combination of Chiropratic expertise and physical medicine was key to the success i attained at IPM. The team created an environment where i felt their care as well as the next challenge to drive my healing. I developed some strong relationships with the team and i know i could not be where i am today without them! Thank you to everyone at IPM

Corey L.

Awesome place. Knowledgeable, professional, and offer seemingly endless services. Highly recommend. Dr. Scott gives the best high fives.

Eric C.

Helped rehab me from my shoulder surgery, I go all the time to get adjusted, scraped, cupped, etc. Fantastic place!

Bob Mehorczyk

IPM has done a fantastic job with my back and foot therapy. I have been through other therapists and I can honestly say IPM is far superior. I was just sure I would need drug or surgical intervention and IPM has proved me wrong. I have been doing core exercises, stretching, traction, stem, ice and heat for about six weeks and my range of motion and pain have drastically changer for the better! All of the staff are very professional and actually care about each individual (clients and other staff). IPM truly exudes honesty and integrity. IPM has been an absolute blessing and I would recommend them to anyone looking for all types of therapy.

Cheri Webb

I accidentally came upon IPM at a Ladies Night Out in New Lenox. Jumping at the chance for a complimentary chair massage for my aching neck, I had no idea how much more I would receive. I have 3 to 5 headaches/mirgraines per week. In …

Dianne Lindquist

After almost 2 years of pain and being offered only pain killers from my primary doctors, THANKS to the staff at IPM I'm finally able to walk and use my left arm, in only 6 weeks. Still continuing the workout program at home I continue to improve Daily!!

Cheryl Harvey

I have had nothing but pleasant experiences and excellant care at IPM. I went to Dr. Scott after several referrals to IPM from friends and felt like I made the right decision after just the initial consultation. The exam was really thorough and I didn't feel rushed at all. He really took time to explain everything and answer all of my questions, his explanation was spot on and made perfect sense to me. The whole office is very pleasant and accommodating, the practice as a whole is very flexible. The whole staff goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable. All in all Dr. Scott & Dr. Jon are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone!


I have had nothing but great experiences at IPM in New Lenox. As an athlete I’ve delt with many injuries and whether its my shoulder, forearm, knee, or back, IPM takes care of it. I would recommend this business to anyone looking to fix an injury or just to be healthier and prevent one from happening.

Ricky Agheyisi

The most amazing place ever, Dr Scott and staff are far the best set of professionals. I went in there with a lower back pain of 10 and 3 visits later, my pain scale is at 3. Thanks Dr Scott.

Charles Sybert

Great staff always friendly!

Jill Olszta

The staff is super attentive from the minute you walk in the door, knowing your name, to the Doctors care! Any issue I have had has been resolved under the care of these professionals! Highly recommend!!!

Diane Hale

Went to IPM for a shoulder injury initially. Then wen back about 6 months later because my back was giving problems. They don't just adjust you and send you on your way. They actually try to fix what is wrong with your body through exercise hot cold therapy and adjustments. The staff is very friendly. They are a very interactive group and I feel so comfortable there when I'm doing my therapy. They take time to explain everything they are doing. I really liked that they let me get on a payment plan because my insurance doesn't cover and let me decide how much i could pay each week or month. The actual prices are reasonable. Anyone can afford to go there and should. After all it's an investment in your health.

David Zaragoza

Very professional and courteous staff.

Amber Wallace

Always accommodating, great staff and the Drs are fantastic!

Ryan F

Thank you to Integrated Physical Medicine and Dr. Scott for all of your help. Upon arrival my first visit, they did a very thorough examination of my whole body. This included a variety of stretches, movements, and X-Rays to determine exactly my condition and a plan of attack to fix it. They also laid out payment options dealing with insurance so there are no surprise charges. Since my initial visit, we are constantly monitoring areas of pain or aches, and they are getting addressed immediately. I feel much better after a series of adjustments, and a proactive stretching plan. I will definitely continue visiting IPM!

Andy Hamilton

I sought treatment at IPM after suffering through a nagging injury for over a year. I had met Dr. Kenny at a local event and was impressed that while he listened attentively to my concerns, he never pressured me to come in. He let me seek him out in my own time. I only wish I had done so sooner. I am now a patient and with his help, I am pain free. Dr. Kenny took the time to fully evaluate my condition and together we laid out treatment options, timelines for improvement, and what my insurance would cover. His staff is friendly and attentive; from the folks at the front counter to the physical therapy staff in the main space. Each employee takes the time to make me feel welcome and has a hand in my care. They treat me as a friend each time I visit. Because of this, I have referred both friends and family to their practice. Do yourself a favor and don't wait as long as I did to try it for yourself. Andy H.

Donna Jasutis

I love this facility. Dr. Kenny and his staff are amazing. I went to see him after I went to physical therapy at another institution for a few months and they were never able to relieve my neck pain below a 7 pain scale. I read the reviews on yelp and thought I would give Dr Kenny a try. I am so happy I did. I have finished 8 visits and my neck is at about a 3 pain scale. What a difference. I can drive my car without wincing in pain. Dr Kenny is so hands on and involved with my care. At each visit he spends a little time with me asking about my pain level and responds accordingly. I have always been afraid of chiropractors for no reason in particular but he doesn't use his hands to manipulate me, he has this awesome tool that he can adjust the strength of and places it on each vertebrae and other parts of my back and I always feel great afterwards. I am so happy to have found him. Trust me, go to this location. You will not regret it.

Larry Piwnicki

My experience with all began with a therapeutic massage from my family with Becky who referred me to Dr. Scott (due to my back and neck pain) .I began at IPM three months ago. Since that time people have noticed a difference in my overall posture and bearing. I have exponentially improved my health and fitness since then. (Not having pain when I exercise is a big factor in that!) I cannot thank Dr. Jon, Dr. Josh, Heather, Val, Kristin, Mike and all the staff there! When I walk in it is kind of like Cheers where they all know your name. :-) Front reception is always friendly and professional! I cannot say enough positives about this practice to do it justice. My family has greatly benefited from the wonderful work they do because I am able to do so much more and feel better! Thank you, thank you thank you!!

Mike D

Dr Scott not only helped my son recover from an ankle injury but also helped him strengthen his arm for baseball season pitching. Staff is very friendly and they did a great job from the initial visit to rehab to billing insurance. I will recommend these guys for sure.

Marisa U

I have been a patient at IPM for about 2 years- for various treatments. Dr. Josh, Dr. Scott, Dr. Mary, Kelsey, Bradley and Mandy are all amazing at what they do- they have become trusted teammates is getting me back to feeling my pain-free myself. I have sent and will continue to send friends and family their way! Thanks you IPM team!!

Callie Cernauskas

FINALLY I found something that worked for my back pain! I've gone to other chiropractors who would just adjust me a few times, my back pain would subside - but come back weeks later. I wanted to stop the cycle and IPM did just that. We found something that worked for me. I haven't had back pain in MONTHS! They know the importance of keeping up with your lifestyle whether its in an office or a gym. They gave me exercises to do at home and taught me how to alter my work environment to help my back pain. The staff is friendly and makes you feel right at home. I didn't dread going to physical therapy since they made my experience so awesome. HIGHLY recommended.

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