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REVIEWS OF Gold Coast Chiropractic IN Illinois

Angel Lim

Dr. Fisher has been instrumental in alleviating my neck and back pain after coping with both progressively getting worse over the years. He is thorough, caring, and empathizing, which has made the overall improvement process a positive experience!

Melissa Milstein

I just finished my first round of treatment with Dr Fisher and I am shocked and thrilled with how well it went. As a scoliosis patient, surgeon after surgeon has warned me of chiropractic care, instead pushing me towards physical therapy and pain management. But after years of NOT feeling better in my upper back and neck I thought - what the heck! And started seeing Dr. Fisher. He took the time to sit down with me and my parents and explain his course of treatment and was INCREDIBLY flexible with insurance obstacles as we faced them. He and his staff (Rachel and Donna - you rock!) are incredibly kind and always smiling making the office a bright place to go more than just a regular health obligation. Although I didn't always have the best time (you know what I mean if you've done traction), I was excited to see how my treatment would turn out. At the end of the treatment, I never expected to see the progress that my x-rays showed - and even then Dr. Fisher insisted that this was something I did myself, rather than taking any credit of his own. Once we get insurance figured out on our end, I'm excited to pursue the next course of treatment at Gold Coast Chiropractic!

Ragan Thornton

One adjustment with Dr. Fisher and it brought me to tears. I didn't truly realize the pain I was in. He relieved me so much. I am in high hopes that his treatment will realign me and free me from pain. Simply the best.

Keegan Kenrick

I went to Gold Coast Chiropractic for 6 months while I was at school in Chicago, and Dr. Fischer literally changed my life. My severe Kyphosis and back curvature was almost completely corrected, and I feel the best I ever have. His office was always a welcoming environment, and the staff that worked there were the some of the most personable and helpful I've ever experienced. I would totally recommend this office to anyone.

Quentin Williams

As a former football and baseball player, I had beaten my body up from age 7 to age 23. Left with degeneration in my neck that led to myriad issues including terrible headaches at work and in life as well as constant back discomfort and pain from a life of poor posture and high impact sports, I was prescribed pain meds by my primary care doctor. I was told my problems couldn't be solved but only kept at bay with the pills. Doc was right about the pills killing the pain - they were strong! But I trusted Dr Fisher to get me off of them with a natural approach and disprove my doctor. In a matter of 2 months I was feeling good enough to be off the pain meds and back to work with improved posture and limited headaches and back aches. Dr Fisher has freed me from the lies of traditional reactive medicine and pharmaceuticals and reinforced my belief in chiropractic as a natural, proactive, cause-targeting, and regenerative way to long term health and happiness. Thank you to Dr Fisher. You're the man!

Iggy Rosenberg

Hands down the best chiropractic practice in Chicago. Dr Fisher and his team have an amazing demeanor, and a general approach to wellbeing and health that’s beyond what many other practices have.

Thomas Niemants

Dr. Fisher was fantastic. I had hurt my back running and the pain was radiating from my lower back into my hip. Walking was painful and I had to stop working out altogether. I tried to rest it hoping things would get better but things only seemed to get worse. With three weeks of treatments and Dr. Fisher's core strengthening exercises I was feeling completely normal again and able to get back in the gym.

Mid Logistics

Chelsea Berg

I have been going to Gold Coast Chiropractic since the summer of 2015. I am a yoga instructor and had been experiencing really awful pain in my neck for months. Within seeing Gold Coast, my pain disappeared within a week or so and now is completely gone!!!! I am so thrilled with them here, they work with my busy schedule and always fit me in. They also put you on the correct number of adjustments a week and then taper them off as you get better and better instead of just trying to get you in as much as possible. I would recommend this place to everyone!

Harrison Ammon

Dr. Fisher's approach to chiropractic care has been exceptional compared to previous experiences I've endured. I recommend Gold Coast Chiropractic to anyone that is seeking care for back, neck or other spinal-related pain. It's also worth mentioning that the staff are always friendly and helpful, no matter how much trouble I cause them.

Carolyn Grant

As a young adult, with back problems stemming from sports in high school and college, now entering the nursing field, my back pain was definitely something I needed to take care of. I have been very impressed with Dr. Fisher and his welcoming staff. The knowledge and resources provided are top notch. After just a couple months not only has my pain improved, but I feel stronger and healthier.

Erinne Brown

After completing a free screening, Dr. Fisher prescribed a regimen of weekly treatment, but he didn't tell me that his practice didn't take my insurance (which seems obvious for health care professionals to do). When I called back to say that I would like to explore other options covered in my insurance, he claimed that I would not find what I needed elsewhere. I was scared so I trusted this advice and recieved treatment there for a while, then stopped and found a great alternative that accepted my insurance. Him discouraging me to seek other options seemed a bit desperate, particularly since health care is expensive. I'm glad I took it upon myself to find high quality treatment that I could afford in Chicago. On another note, I felt uncomfortable when Dr. Fisher mentioned that my braided hairstyle got in the way of his ability to adjust my neck. It seemed unnecessary and culturally insensitive.

Thomas Stansell

I have had chronic low back pain stemming from a sports injury in high school, circa 1999. I put off treatment since my injury until a recent golf outing where the pain in my lower back and left hip became unbearable. I went to see Dr. Fisher to get checked out and discuss treatment options. We discovered I had a limited range of motion in my left hip and an extra lumbar in my lower back. Over the past 18 weeks, my pain (scale 1 to 10) has gone from a 7 to a 2. I am able to swing a golf club, take long car rides, sit at my desk all day at work... without little to no pain. Through acupuncture, adjustments and stretching exercises, my pain is nearly non-existent and no longer interferes with my daily routines and physical activities. I am ecstatic to feel this good and I have Dr. Fisher to thank. I would recommend anyone with any type of back/neck/hip issues to get a consultation and take control of their pain. The results speak for themselves.

Paul Barta

Knowledgeable, friendly, and great service. Dr Fisher is wonderful.

Max Adelman

As an Insurance Agent I was looking for a Chiropractor to refer clients to in the case of injury, and that's when I met Paul. Absolutely LOVES what he does and you can tell he genuinely enjoys helping his patients. If you are ever in the slightest amount of discomfort then Paul is the best guy you can see!

Treacy Weldon

Dr. Fisher is awesome. As a gymnast for 15 years, turned adult runner, I've had a lot of issues that I've dealt with my whole life, so a life without injuries or back pain is not something I remember. I have never felt better than after seeing Dr. Fisher for a few months. I never knew I could run a half marathon and not have back pain. (I was shocked!) Additionally, the office has a warm feel to it. Dr. Fisher and the staff know every patient and they really care about your well being and make going to the chiro a fun time. Definitely go to Gold Coast!

Ros Lederman

I went to Dr. Fisher hoping to get relief from chronic headaches as well as advice on what to do about a recent knee injury. I was not disappointed in either of these areas. I have gone from having headaches several times a week to only a few times each month, which is something I never thought I would be able to say. And when the knee injury required surgery, Dr. Fisher was able to not only set me up with an orthopedic surgeon, but also provide the physical therapy afterward.

Douglas Lightstone

I am a chiropractor and have trained with Dr. Fisher and been adjusted by him as well. Dr. Fisher is incredibly smart and talented. I have referred my friends and family and the friends and family of my patients to Dr. Fisher. If you are looking for the highest standard of spinal care in Chicago, Dr. Fisher can provide that for you and your loved ones. I highly recommend.

Goran Golusin

Philip Hong

Dr. Lee is a great chiropractor and treats his patients with the up most care. He takes the time to explain why and injury occurred and what he does helps heal. He is also in a great location. I would recommend him to everyone.

David Zamikoff

The "Go To" Chiropractor in Chicago. I am a Chiropractor in Florida and can highly reccomend Dr. Fisher. His level of clinical excellence is apparent on your first visit. His staff is friendly and the office is welcoming. I have several patients that live in Florida half the year and Chicago during the summer. Dr. Fisher is my number one referral for all your healthcare needs. His ability to diagnose and the time he takes to explain conditions to patients is second to none. This office should be on your list to get back on track to wellness.

Lauren Fellure

The team at Gold Coast Chiro is excellent, and so is the treatment. I was hesitant to go to a chiropractor because I had heard mixed reviews, and wasn't positive it would work. Thus far, the experience has exceeded my expectations. My situation is somewhat odd, but Dr. Fisher was willing to work around my schedule, moving / life situations, and budget restrictions. They're very transparent about the treatment and what to expect. Beyond this, it's a fun team that really gets to know you. I enjoy heading into the office, my neck feels a lot better, and I've received a great education on my spine and how to mitigate my issues for the rest of my life.

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