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REVIEWS OF East Bank Chiropractic and Wellness Center IN Illinois

Josh Warren

I have been seeing Dr. Vaid for about 1.5 years, he is great! Highly recommend. Well on my way to 100% mobility 100% of the time. 250lb, 6'-5" 30 year old for reference. As some people looking for chiropractors are curious the type of patients leave these reviews.


Great experience ! I like that the staff and the doctors provide education on the health-related matters being discussed. Trust was easy to establish too. They explain in a very clear manner on what’s going on, what to expect and what’s next. Also - everyone that explains something to you that you don’t know about, will do it in a very clear manner and showed appreciation for all questions asked. That’s really nice. They conducted a very detail history on me, asked me what my expectations were, took numerous bio-assessment instruments and created a custom/individual treatment plan based-off all of that. Oh and the staff and doctors remember details that are specific to me and my care. I feel like a person, and not just a patient. The staff is great - they are personable, professional, have great manners, carry same/similar values too. I also like that you can sign-in with a 4-digit pin # because I appreciate the respect they demonstrate to the confidentiality laws and to technology

Lynnie Hickey-Mehic

I love Dr Curry...and everything else about this place! Scheduling is easy (phone/online/text) and the office staff are all warm and friendly. I love starting each adjustment with time on the roller massage table when time is too tight for a massage. Otherwise, I am obsessed with the therapeutic benefit from time with either of their massage therapists (seriously, both are amazing). Dr Curry himself is always friendly and welcoming and I am consistently amazed with his technique. He is quick, efficient, and strong but he never over-does it or makes me feel rushed. My alignment has never been better!

Eugene Robinson

Aisleigh McGann

Hispanic Housing

Daniel Froman

Heather De Vries

I have primarily worked with Dr. Patel and she has been amazing. She is very knowledgeable and has an incredible insight as to what is actually going on with the body and how to treat it as naturally as possible. The rest of the team are super friendly and professional. I have referred several friends and everyone has received the same great consistent care.

wayne elliott


I've been a patient for almost 2 years, and I was a chiro-septic at first. The team is great. Efficient (it does work!), professional and knowledgeable. The only negative: during pick hours you have to wait a little too long to get your 5-10 minutes appointment. That being said, I highly recommend this center.

Ari Elliott

This is the place, the only place. Incredible staff and level of care. I have referred many friends and family. I just couldn’t say enough positive things.

Jay Marienthal

Dr. Zrelak is an amazingly talented and caring doctor! He is truly world class! I highly recommend him!

ed hague

Peter Czubak

Personable and professional; top notch care and truly helpful. I would recommend this place over most others without hesitation. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today! One truly satisfied patient.

Carmella Carothers

I've been a patient for a over a year now and I feel and look much better. The Doctors are great!!!!! The Doctors give you a full examination and work on the part of your body that causes everything else that gets out of place .Amazingly you are like a new person!!! They also highly recommend mantience for your body. 10 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆.

Gianna Levato

Roberto Garcia

Bob Verbeck

Ethan Sellers

Luke Thiem

Ivona Karpiel

The office was able to schedule me almost immediately for an appointment. My back pain was unbearable but just after one visit, plenty of advice on what to do to ease pain and some cream I feel 100 times better. Dr. Curry and the staff at East Bank is amazing! Definately would recommend.

Sudo User

Bo Vargas

I've been in the health care industry for a while and never seen such bad service. It so bad, that I'm still debating whether to refer to State Medical Review Board. I injured my back and like most people, waited a couple of days before going in. So by the time I get to the office, it really killing me now. I was able to do the inpatient paperwork from home, via their online portal. Which is a plus given the pain I’m in and need to see Doctor asap. When I arrive, I’m pretty much told to wait about 10min then I see Dr Zrelak. Goes over the medial questionnaire and give me the standard “what we’re about speech”. The physical exam and x-ray are done by Dr Hoffman. Up to this point, so far I’m pretty happy. I’m then taken to a room to get the stimulates therapy to my lower back for about 15 min. Now here’s where things go REALLY BAD! I’m told to schedule my appointment and they’ll go over what’s wrong and treatment. I thought this was a joke, even a plumber will tell you what’s wrong with the pipe while s/he’s there. I ask when the next appointment is, they say the next day. I’m in pain, they have this super digital x-ray equipment, its 3pm in the afternoon, and they’re telling me to come back tomorrow. I’ve never seen any doctor tell a patient come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you what’s wrong when they have the test results right there. I felt like the only reason they wanted me to come back the next day was to bill me more. The cost up to this point was ~$260; in short, I didn’t like their standard of care. I called a few different Chiropractor friends who were shocked and apologized for this office. They said this should never be the case, the drawbacks of being new to a city.

Eric Geiger

Donna Serafin

Dr. Patel-Miller has an amazing bedside manner and is very kind, knowledgeable and professional. She treats her patients like family. Her nutrition advice as well as other services she provides such as acupuncture are life changing. She treats the total person mind, body and spirit and I am forever grateful for her expertise. I would highly recommend her to friends and family!

Thomas Polhamus

Just got back from a year at West Point, after I was adjusted I feel very refreshed and ready to take on another sysmeter.

Hiromi Lindquist

Kristin Sutherland

David Cook

Sarah Kingery

This office is top notch. From knowledgable, professional and caring doctors, to the friendly and attentive staff, East Bank Chiropractic is one of a kind. Dr. Zrelak has prescribed a treatment plan for me with scheduled check ups (xrays/tests) to revise the plan as needed. He has helped me with pain management and provided me with the resources to maintain my health moving forward.

Jamie Clemmons

Dr. Z. And Dr. Curry are amazing!


Chuck Volpentesta

From the moment you walk into East Bank Chiro, you feel very welcomed and appreciated. The staff is what I find most enjoyable. They never forget a name and they are always genuinely happy to see you when you arrive. It makes for a great atmosphere/experience. The staff is also very quick to adjust my appointments as my scheduling needs change. Dr. Curry does a fantastic job. He is very thorough and knowledgeable and runs a great practice. I will be sure to refer people the EBC. Keep up the great work!!

kimberly wilkes

alyssa perry

Brian Lighty

Tony Rudny

I stopped in on my birthday and received a free adjustment, with a smile!

Christine Rivera

Excellent first time visit to a chiropractor! Dr. Zrelak is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable right away. I am looking forward to continuing my treatment with him on a regular basis. Highly recommend to anyone in search of some relief that they haven't been able to get from pain medicine. This is the way to go!

Danielle Rego

Everyone at East Bank Chiropractic is amazing. The staff is beyond friendly and treats you like a friend or family member. The doctors there are amazing! I am so grateful to have found such an amazing place. Dr. Curry is the only person to help me forgo a spinal epidural and be able to have relief for a pinched nerve with chiropractic care. Dr. Patel is beyond thorough and cares so much about health and long term vitality! I really can’t say enough good things about this practice!

Cassandra Chandler

My first visit here was great! Staff is friendly and efficient. Facilities are clean and equipment is modern. Looking forward to my next visit.

Pat Dillon

Dr.Z is the best in the business! Professional and actually cares. In depth results/tests and progress throughout. Can't beat it.

Greg C

Friendly, educational, very good clinic.

Sami Elsaden

Salomon Lino

Dr Curry is a lifesaver. After hurting my back last year, he got me back to normal and strengthened my back better than ever.

Krina Parmar

Im in from out of town and needed someone who could adjust me while pregnant. Dr Curry was so awesome. I was in so much pain and he noticed that I was smiling when I got off the table! Plus he gave me stretches to do to help me in the in between days.

Michael Weiland

Conscientious care and a very easy-to-work-with staff. Easy to make and update appointments. My health and wellness are grateful for East Bank Chiropractic.

Bridget Howard

Lisa Dunsky

I've been a patient of Dr. Zrelak for chiropractic for over 10 years and his skills in that area are amazing. Recently, I started getting acupuncture treatments from him for muscle strains associated with running. I was delighted and frankly amazed with the results. I would be a physical wreck without his assistance and have gladly referred several of my friends to him. He is simply the best!

Anne Dorman

Such a friendly group of people at East Bank Chiropractic! Always able to accommodate changes of appointments easily.

kaitlin kalaway

Monica Pryor

Lisa Lee

Mike Christ

Dedicated client of the clinic for 20+ years. Great atmosphere, treatments and team. Trustworthy, dedicated and professional.

Peter Burke

An otolaryngologist at Northwestern Hospital suggested I try a bite guard from my dentist and try acupuncture from East Bank Chiropractic (EBC) for whistling sounds in my ears (tinnitus). I tried the bite guard and that reduced the noise by about 2/3. I went to EBC and the noise is reduced about another 2/3 (so far), especially since embarking on some hard work to fix my posture. Early on, I noticed that positioning my head in extreme ways or pressing hard on some spots on the back of my neck would make the whistling sounds worse, suggesting to me that my problem is “mechanical.” Other than that, I don’t completely understand how or why the work on my posture should help but I know for certain that it really is helping a lot.

Richard Chittenden

I have been a regular weekly patient of Dr. Zrelak for a good number of years and swear by him. Before I became his patient my back problems seemed never ending. Life is worth living. Dick Chittenden

Rosalyn Pachter

I have been a patient for many years .. when my 90 year old mother was suddenly using a cane; medical doctors couldn't find a reason, I urged her to see Dr. Zrelak. She is walking, standing straight, and not using the cane. I highly recommend him. Three years later.. Mom still seeing dr zrelak. She is very mobile and has excellent quality of life....

Kim Momot

The best care around. They are efficient, friendly and professional.

Giuseppe Tentori

jessy perez

Best chiropractic services!

Christine Binder


So happy to be a patient of Dr. Zrelak. His knowledge is experience are second to none! Sam is an absolute delight! She welcomes you to office with such sincerity and warmth!!

Dylan Jung

Stephen Peri

He was the most gentle and effective chiropractors. He was also very easy to talk to and has a great attitude. I was really appreciate and enjoyed all services. Thank You!!

Tony Buck

I was never much one for going to a chiropractor, even though I have had back trouble all my life. We had a lunch and learn with one, he explained why people should visit him, and he has Dr. in front of his name. So I went in for a free consultation and $20 X-Rays. I am still skeptical o f this, but I have been 3 times and have noticed a difference. The jury is still out on this, but I will say that the price is a little high for me, but I am going once a week. We will update this after 6 weeks of treatment.

Hugh Allspaugh

Let's cut to the chase. Dr. Curry is a miracle man. And a really great guy too. Four years ago I pinched a nerve in my back/neck. After epidurals, an osteopath and physical therapy, I went to East Bank Chiro desperate for relief. Within a week I was in relief and essentially "cured" after about 3 months. I continued with regular adjustments for another 9 months but for some reason stopped going. Never-the-less, these guys put me right and I carried on for another 2+ years pain free. About a month ago I started having hip pains and literally 10 days ago I had very limited mobility in my hip. The pain was level 8-9. My first port of call was East Bank Chiro and Dr. Curry. I got almost instant relief, but the xray found that one hip was half an inch lower than the other, the source of my pain. At 48, my body needs some attention and TLC and the treatment is working. In two days I am going skiing with my 16 year old son and I am ready to go - something I didn't think would be possible 10 days ago. I realize this is just a necessary part of my life now and I will make sure I receive regular adjustments from now on. The staff are great. The office is nice and comfortable. And I always get in and out in half an hour or less. These guys have all the xray and muscle measurement tools in house and they are professional and welcoming. Highly recommend. A+++++

kuffm stuffm

I cannot find enough positive descriptive words for this practice. Last December I was injured in a head on bus collision. I was in terrible pain, had significant range of motion issues etc. This is a very busy practice but I called to explAin my situation and my response for service was” we do NOT want any patient in unnecessary pain. We will get you in”. They worked wonders over the course of the treatment. Sam and Dr. Z are incredible in terms of service and patient care. I am a flight attendant with a varied work schedule and these folks always manage to get me in for treatment. They truly care about each patient. They are dedicated to the profession and work to achieve results. I am grateful for this level of client care.

Kimberly McBride

Great office. Dr Patel is kind, warm, extremely intelligent, open minded and WISE! Loved her and am looking forward to following up.

Jenny Lauriat

I've just had an initial visit so far but it was a great experience! Whitney was very helpful in working out any insurance matters and scheduling me right away. It was a very productive visit as well. We got acquainted, talked through concerns and next steps, and I had an adjustment. He even took time to look at my 2.5 month old baby and address any concerns I had for him. I appreciated the time there and did not feel rushed!

Katina M

Dr. Zrelak and his staff are great. Everyone is so nice and all the doctors great. I've been going here for years and love this practice. It's all about health. Chiropractic is not just about 'cracking your back' as so many people think. It can help all kinds of issues. I lost my singing voice at one stage and a few adjustments sorted it all out. Same with allergies. Adjustments really help. A messed up spine can affect so many areas of your body. And in today's world where we are scrunched over keyboards and phones, it is vitally important to get checked. Go in for a consultation and get on the road to better health. This is a great group of doctors.

David Hardin

I cannot express enough thanks to Dr. Z and the rest of the staff at East Bank Chiropractic. I was in a motorcycle accident at the beginning of the summer, in which my entire spine was jacked up, causing lots of pain and lack of mobility. Dr. Z recommended we start right away, as it is important to start treatment immediately after an accident to get the best long term results. The longer you wait to get treatment the harder it's going to be to get back to normal. Part of that treatment is getting weekly massages, and I must say, their massage therapist, Jessica, is by far the best LMT I have ever received treatment from. The combined knowledge of the human body and the best treatments for my injuries between Dr. Z and Jessica is unmatched by anyone else I have worked with in my 15 year career in the health and fitness field. The rest of the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable as well, as they make me feel like family when I come in. 5++ stars for East Bank Chiropractic not only for how smart and professional they are, but how friendly and welcoming they are, too!

Dee Van Senus

Fritz Skeen

I have seen Dr. Zrelak for 20 years. He and the entire staff are excellent.

Ashley Guido

Barry Katz

Roslyn Lewis

Ruben E.

The doctors and staff here are excellent! They’re equipped to treat patients with the best treatments availible. Give them a try. Your overall health will depend on it.

michelle herndon

The environment and level of service at East Bank Chiropractic is the best I have ever experienced! The amount of care that the team puts forward is amazing, you really fell cared about, not just a number. My quality of life has been elevated by this great group of professionals that focus on your well being and health. I can also say that I have been greatly educated on my body, spine and overall health-not just dictated to. They explain the whys and hows. I would recommend this group to anyone looking to get well and stay well. Thank you everyone at East Bank Chiropractic!

Gregory Wolk

Dr. Zrelak’s thorough adjustments, plus his do’s and don’ts for me to keep in mind between visits, are invaluable to my physical and mental fitness. Thank you so much for keeping me centered.

Steve Hunter

I could barely open a door before I began getting treated for ulnar tunnel syndrome at EBC. This place is also my first stop when I injure my neck or back from too much (or too little) exercise. The staff here are professional and fun, the doctors are the absolute best I've encountered (and are constantly furthering their professional development).

Eugene Robinson Jr

Great Place, Staff and Doctors.

Michael Koziol

Megan Doherty

Stephanie Summers

Great doctors and friendly staff. They truly care about your well being and health.

Pamela Hudson

James Wigoda

I am an avid skier and I was having back issues one season. A got a massage and was advised to see a chiropractor. I took x-rays at my first appointment with EBC which revealed that I had scoliosis. Dr. Z spent the time with me to answer all my questions and concerns. Even further, later that night he called me just as a follow-up to see if I had any further questions and to make sure I was okay (finding out there is a huge curve in your spine is not exactly light news). I became a diligent patient of Dr. Z and Dr. Curry and I am pleased to report that I now have no back issues when I ski. I could not speak more highly of the professionalism and courtesy of the entire office, including doctors, assistants, and staff. They truly care about your well-being. Appointments are generally open when needed and they are quick to get you in and out. One note. I have heard criticism of chiropractors and of the industry that patients go to one or a few appointments and see no results. Yes, that's probably true. In order to see effective results you must commit yourself to the schedule proposed by the doctor and it may take a while, maybe more than a year. However, the time burden is certainly better than the alternative of letting the issue go and eventually needing surgery. There is no doubt in my mind that I would be on the route to surgery had I not started chiropractic treatment.

F. Chris Stewart

This is a great office and Dr. Zrelak is a pleasure to work with on my numerous issues. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. The exam is thorough, his explanations and the treatment plan was clear and practical. And, this was truly an individualized, “hands on” exam, treatment and adjustment. No cookie cutter, production line routine. It’s wonderful to leave a doctor’s office feeling 100% better than when you came in. Dr. Z is the real deal. I’ve seen many Chiropractors over the years and I am glad to have found John Zrelak and East Bank Chiropractic.

Molly Shanahan

I love it here! I’ve been a patient for over 3 years and can say my life has significantly improved due to the care I have received from Dr Curry and Dr Patel-Miller...and the entire staff. They’re often available last minute for my family’s needs as well. 5 star!!!

Angelia Parker

Great office and staff. Dr Patel and Dr Curry are great listeners to provide solid and beneficial care. I have a better quality of life because of chiropractic services and orthotics. Thx East Back Chiro!

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