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REVIEWS OF Deignan Family Chiropractic IN Illinois

Jody Wagner

I can't express how wonderful this place is!!! Besides myself and my Fiance going, my daughter who has numerous health issues with chronic pain and inflammation and options for pain relief for her are limited, Dr. Nick and associates have helped her so much and we have only gone 4 times so far. such wonderful people who treat you like family! Can't say enough about them and all that I have learned from them. Love Love Love them all!!!

Peggy Ognacevic

I am a new patient at Deignan Family Chiropractic. Dr. Nick and the entire staff are very professional and make it a priority to educate their patients on every aspect of care. Deignan Family Chiropractic has already helped me with the back and neck pain I have been experiencing. I am excited to get healthy!! Thank you!!! Peggy

Keri H

I met Dr Nick through a gym we were both at. My daughter started with their office first when she was almost 3 and we noticed significant improvement in her health. I switched to Deignan Chiropractic when I noticed that my back was never feeling better and my health started getting worse. I couldn’t be happier with my decision! Besides the chiropractic benefits they provide great tips for a healthy lifestyle for all ages.

Andrew Kender III

Deignan Family Chiropractic rocks!! Not only do you guys serve the best adjustments, you taught me the importance of the nervous system and keeping my back in alignment!! So happy to have met you!

Marion Noone needs to know

I come here for massages with Barbara and it's the perfect one. All associates are open and you're being welcomed with open arms. I started the Chiropractic sessions to reduce pain due to a skiing accident. But we started a complete alignment and all my movements are a lot easier and my data for the yearly check up improved. They are professional but parallel very personal. Like Family.

Jaime Zalewski

Friendly atmosphere! The customer service in stellar and all staff really seem to care about you as a person. Highly recommend to check them out!

Chloe Nissen

In college, I was prescribed an inhaler for wheezing and chronic coughing, which turned into exercise induced asthma. Then, I was prescribed Singulair to help with the chronic cough. I have been seeing Drs. Deignan for about a month and a half now, and not only am I completely off my asthma medication, I am also migraine free! I have suffered from weekly migraines since my teens and no medication helped. I have not had a migraine in a month! Both doctors do an extraordinary job teaching you about your spine, your body, and your nutrition to help you be the healthiest, most well-informed you can be. I highly recommend seeing them!

Tammi Acree

WONDERFUL!!! My husband and I started going to Deignan Family Chiropractic during my pregnancy. We were both immediately impressed with Dr. Nick’s and Dr. Delphine’s knowledge, warm nature and the time spent with us. With my pregnancy and my husband’s persistent hip and back pain, which worsened due to racing motocross for 12 years and then working on motorcycles, Dr. Nick laid out clear plans and discussed in office and at home exercises in order to rehabilitate our issues. Within the first few visits, we started feeling improvements. Having been adjusted during my full pregnancy, my labor was smooth and easy on both me and the baby. The pain that has kept my husband from sleeping an entire night is gone! Now that baby is here, he is also joining us on our visits. If we need to change appointments or schedule a visit last minute, Maria always works us in. When I have been sick, Dr. Delphine has called to check on me and has provided so much helpful information on motherhood. Getting adjusted is something we look forward to! Thank you Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine for giving our family relief, support, for educating us on health and becoming an extension of our family. The Acrees

Carol Grobman

I feel spectacular. I didn’t when I first came here 4 months ago! I was sad, in pain, and actually tearful. I had been to a neurologist and an orthopedic doctor to help me with my migraines, and all they did was give me medications that had miserable side effects. My headaches are very mild and infrequent now. In addition I have more energy, started working out again and am eating healthier. These are no ordinary health practitioners—Drs. Nick and Delfine truly have a mission in life-to bring health to as many as they can. Very wonderful and authentic environment with integrity!

Steven Solimini

Kathryn Madsen

My family has had a wonderful experience at Felde Chiropractic. Dr. Felde graciously offered his time and talent to help my very young son with his reflux issues. I have had two children struggle during their first year of life to eat, sleep and digest. After trying the medicine route with my first child and having none of the issues improve I began to research chiropractic medicine in newborns. At just a few months old my son was very uncomfortable. He would constantly spit up, cry and sleep for short increments of time. We began seeing Dr. Felde a little over a month ago. My son is a completely different child. We have decreased his reflux medicine, he spit up less, and he sleeps ALL NIGHT!:) He rarely had bowel movements and is now consistently pooping. As a mom, these improvements mean everything. Our child is happy all the time and he loves Dr. Felde. Dr. Felde is dedicated to his profession, takes careful notes and always develops a plan to help my son stay on a successful path. He is phenomenal with children and I am very thankful to have him helping mine.

Cassandra Salisbury

Dr.Nick is amazing, he cares so much about his patients and truly wants the best for everyone. The whole staff is incredibly sweet and helpful!

Nancy Elaine

I have gone to a Chiropractor since I was a little girl for general wellness and for specific problems. I learned about Deignan Family Chiropractor thru a friend and I am just amazed and thrilled on what I have found. I have never felt better! Both Doctors are very skilled, compassionate and kind. I love their passion toward helping people find optimum health and well being in all areas of life. When I have any pain or health issue Dr Nick and Dr. Delphine are my first call. The office and staff are professional, current, inviting and caring. I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking healing and improved health. Thank you for all you do and who you are!

Rodrigo Ayala

I usually don't write reviews, but I definitely feel that Deignan Family Chiropractic deserves to be recognized for what they do. For the first time in my life I feel that a professional legitimately cares about my health and that is what makes the difference with Dr Delphine and Dr Nick. All of their staff are courteous and caring. In just a few weeks I have noticed significant improvements in my health. Thank you!

Nicole Pomerleau

I love Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine. I'm already starting to feel better and have improved posture with less back pain. They're so patient-focused that they scheduled me an emergency adjustment on a Saturday afternoon to alleviate my pain. Wonderful experience.


Wonderful atmosphere. Lots of positive energy. Everyone is always happy and with a smile. Nice to know we have a growing community waking up to the malpractice of todays mainstream medical system and getting their bodies the care they need. Thank you everyone at Deignan Family Chiropratic.

Timothy Lankford

If you are looking for a friendly and knowledgeable chiropractor this is the place. In addition to the adjustments that are made, exercises are recommended that will help strengthen and restore the injured area. X-Rays are done onsite, that are then reviewed with the patient and a comprehensive game plan in outlined to restore the body. Patient education is a priority here as well, it is not just a place to come and get adjusted, although it can be that if that is what you are looking for. Lifestyle factors are addressed that might be hindering one's full restoration of health, both of the doctors are very eager to listen to questions and help answer and address them in any way they can. I am really thankful that I have the opportunity to make regular visits here for some issues that I have been having, I am excited to see how healing will be brought about, and new ways that I can live to minimize pain and maximize my potential to meet my health goals of living a holistic life in every sense of the term.

Jennifer Morvaji

Words can't say enough how much the Deignan's have helped my family. I was in agony with low back pain and thought I needed to go to the ER one night. I called and Delphine and she said to come in the next morning. I couldn't even reach past my knees, and I'm pretty flexible. After one visit I could feel relief

Samuel Kang

People usually write stories of how they got better when they review chiropractic practices. That's great. I think many qualified Dr(s) can do that. But not many speak about the process of staying healthy and being supported to stay healthy. Why? Because I think it's a commitment not only from the patient but also from the Dr(s) and staff. It's an environment that you can't fake... at least not for long. I want to share the other aspect in my review. My whole family including our new born daughter go and see Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine. Initially I had suggested that my pregnant wife find a chiropractor to lessen her pregnancy pain and help with delivery. Both my wife and I are an advocate for natural and minimal intervention with everything... especially birth. My wife found the Deignan practice and visited alone at first. She was so excited to find a practice and two individuals Dr. Nick and Delphine so personable and on the same wave length as we were. It's hard to find people like that these days because if you're not going with the crowd then there must be something wrong. It seemed like a lonely and tiresome path for our family so often. With this practice we were 100% supported, educated and not pushed into anything while given the best resources to make wise decisions. The practice does not push anything, they give you one on one face time even if others are waiting and promote overall health rather than fixing problems. We genuinely feel cared for by everyone. Maria and Jamie who are integral staff have also taught us so much and extend the care the Deignans show to everyone. They are so knowledgeable and an integral part of the practice that without the work they do the practice won't seem to function. How has our time with the Deignan practice changed our lives? My son (3 years) understands that health is best and having the "power on" as Dr. Nick and Delphine say is important to daily quality of life. My wife and I are overly thankful for the practice's support and concern.... and we are amazed at how each of them go over and beyond to give us the resources to live healthy. Just seeing a chiropractor(s) is one thing, experiencing the successes of overall preventative health is a totally different story. This place definitely has the latter. Thankful.

carla b

Not only is the staff helping you feel better physically, but they care about all aspects of each person they see. Its a great place to be apart of!

Nicole Charleton

I would recommend this place to EVERYONE. The doctors and staff are all extremely friendly and helpful. I have seen an improvement in my case thanks to their plan. It is nice to go to a chiropractor that actually explains how and why they are doing what they are to you.

Jeremy Catalano

I am a relatively new patient of Dr. Deignan but have been seeing different chiropractors on and off for about 15yrs now. I can honestly say the level of commitment and concern Dr. Deignan gives to his patients is unparalleled. I am very excited to continue this journey!

Hannah Cripe

Love this place!!! They are so focused on optimal living! They have helped my back so much, and encourage healthy lifestyle changes!! Wonderful staff and doctors! They have free workshops to educate people on healthier living. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Valerie H

I've had hip pain for 7+ years and after just a few weeks of treatment mu pain is gone! I have had cortisone shots and other injections and nothing has helped like the spinal adjustments and physical therapy plan from Dr Nick and Dr Delphine. I recommend them to everyone! Highly recommend!

Eva Blihovde

Looking for a good chiropractor? Look no further. The Deignans are the best! Good treatment, friendly staff! I recommend Deignan Family Chiropractic to anyone looking for quality chiropractic services.

Jody Keenan

Ninajo Ceniti

Deignan family chiropractic is owned by a wonderful family and they treat you as family as well. From the moment you walk in the front door you are warmly greeted by their friendly receptionist and staff. Their consultation is thorough and well thought out. They take the time to work out and explain a plan and what the next step for your recovery is. My visits thus far have been an xray, series of 3 visits a week for the last 3 weeks. Including pre weight exercise to help determine the alignment to follow. I highly recommend this family and chiropractic office to help take care of all your healing needs.

A Arce

Arleen Muniz

Great place to take care of body and nutrition.

Jason Byer

We wouldn't go anywhere else. We drive 30 mins to their office because they genuinely care for the health of their patients.

Daniel Freeburg

Dreignan family chiropractic is the best experience I have ever had with any doctor, Nick has gone way out of his way to help me. Would highly recommend there services. Dan Freeburg

Sandra Giron

I being going for treatment for 3 months, I had a lower back pain, that I could not being sit or walk without a pain. Now I have improved to a 90%. I’m sure I will recuperate to

Costov Margareta

A very friendly atmosphere and good staff! I highly recommend Mr Nick Deignan if you have back pain as I do !

Larisa Kano

So far I am having a good experience. I like Dr. Deignan approach to the treatment. Office stuff is very kind and helpful. I am very glad I found them and definitely would recommend them.

Peter R.

I feel really comfortable and confident in my decision going here. The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend!

Kalee Genis

Sid Rothenberg

If you are looking for Chiropractors that care about your health and the health of your family this is the practice to go to.Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine is taking care of 3 generations of my family now. Keep up the great work :-)

Dominic Campbell

I always had headaches. Since I can remember. No matter what I ate, drank, did or didn’t do. Once I started getting adjusted by the Deignan’s, my headaches pretty much stopped. I was sleeping better, my back and neck just felt better and moved more smoothly. It was insane! Incredible team. I won’t go to another chiropractor again. Amazing people that actually produce change. Not cover up symptoms. If you suffer from literally ANYTHING that is outside of your body’s normal homeostasis, GET THERE. They can help get your body and spine back. 100/100 A+

Iwona lach

Both Dr. Delphine and Dr. Nick have a very holistic approach focused on getting to the root cause of the problem.

Joanna Merrill

Deignan Review: I have seen several chiropractors before but none of them explained the essence, importance and purpose of chiropractic care like Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine did. I started taking my 10 week old son to the Deignan Family Chiropractic because he really did not tolerate tummy time and we noticed that he was turning his head in only one direction. After only a few weeks of gentle adjustments, his tummy time improved drastically! He holds his head high, stays down for several minutes at a time and smiles and babbles while on his tummy. He turns his head both directions with ease and is hitting all of his physical milestones. I am so glad I made the decision to seek chiropractic care for him and that we were referred to the Deignan’s who specialize in family care starting with newborns. Today, my whole family is getting adjusted and cared for by dr. Nick and dr. Delphine. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to human body.

Janelle Reiman

After tolerating years of back/hip pain I thankfully found Deignan Family Chiropractic! Not only have Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine helped improve my pain issues 100%, they have educated me regarding spinal health and how essential it is to overall health and well being. The entire staff is welcoming, supportive and patient - oriented. Would give 10 stars if possible!

Nate Anderson

I've been to several chiropractors in my life. Deignan is different from them all. They unapologetically do things their own way, but it works and everything is explained and demonstrated at a level that I can fully understand. The adjustments are just one small part of their treatment process, which is having results. I can finally see the path to a healthier body and am happy to have doctors that are deeply engaged in that path! I recommend you give them a try with any issues you have. You will learn a lot about what healthy means and how to keep yourself healthy... Not just treat symptoms over and over.

Daniel Patterson

Received a promotion at a Willow Creek 5K which got me in the doors. I must say the staff is very knowledgeable and the building is in great condition. My wife and I received massage's and came out completely relaxed. Highly recommended.

Lauren Gould

Christina Wagner

Great practice! They care about fixing the underlying problem so you can live your best life! Highly recommended!

Katie Adrian

I've had a wonderful experience with Felde Chiropractic. I went to see Dr. Felde about 5 weeks ago. I was in so much pain. He told me it was sciatica and started seeing me three times a week for adjustments and weekly deep tissue massages. He was very encouraging and assured me that I would feel better as time went on but it would or could take up to 12 weeks.. At times in the first week or two I was so uncomfortable I thought I needed more so he even referred me to an Ortho. I went to see him and got some steroids ..I took them and felt great while on them...5 days...after that ..the pain was back. I'm so happy to say that I feel fantastic. I'm walking and sleeping "normal" again without any medication. He has a wonderful office staff and the best massage therapist I have ever gone to see. I also want to share that I suffer with headaches often...but I haven't had one in about 3 weeks...I attribute that to my visits to Dr. I will definitely continue my treatments with him even after I've recovered from this. Thanks to all of you at Felde Chiropractic

Brooke Patterson

Deignan Family Chiropractic is such a great place that I will highly recommend it to anyone. Both Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine are great with explaining what and why they do what they do. After just 1 month I've seen tremendous improvement in my back and neck! Their program works and the staff is great :)

Mercy Sanchez

Dr. Deignan Family truly care and are very dedicated to their patients. I can’t believe how much my body has healed after only three weeks of treatments! I have been recommending them to my family and friends.

Kristy Garcia

Dr. Nick is wonderful! He’s attentive to your needs and helps in any way he can. I’ve seen such a difference from the first day I started going to the chiropractor and I see myself going in the near future.

Jody Draws

I also went to Felde Chiropractic for a deep tissue massage and was very happy with not only the MT but the entire office. It's a family office and they are very professional and knowledgable. I'm back as soon as I am able.

Brittany Birch

I highly recommend Deignan Family Chiropractic! Dr. Nick and Dr.Delphine are by far the best chiropractors I’ve seen. They are so knowledgeable and really seem to care about their patients. All the employees are super friendly and the facility is always clean! They encourage healthy lifestyles and we always enjoy going there!

Colton Charbonneau

Megan Kahue

I started coming here about 10 months ago with constant lower back pain & aching which was affecting my sleep. I saw great reviews and figured I would try it out. So worth it! I had to commute almost an hour, twice a week for months while in PA school, but I am SO glad I did it. I sleep better, I am not in pain, I have a better quality of life, and I am doing things to improve my health. Drs. Deignan and Delphine will challenge you. You have to do exercises at home and they will encourage you to develop better habits for your health. But these are the things that really work! Give it a try if you are considering.

Caili Helsper

I've only been here twice but can't wait to continue adjustments throughout my pregnancy. I felt better after two visits than I had felt after weeks of treatment at other chiropractors! In my first pregnancy, my breech baby never turned on her own- I am now in my second pregnancy with a breech baby and it flipped after only one visit. :)

Sherry Colosi

Excellent body mechanics, very caring, emphasize everything from warming up to eating right. They take care of the whole person.

MaryEllen Kuehl

I have been to many Chiropractors over the years and I can definitely say that Deignan Chiropractic definitely rates up with the best. They are interested in your total health and healing, not just easing pain. I highly recommend them.

Adrienne Virgilio

Dr. Delphine and Dr. Nick are the best! My husband and I are both huge fans. My work challenges my back daily and Drs.Deignan keep me moving. They truly do approach their work with passion and a desire to treat the whole person. They are both very special people! Give them a try you will not regret it!

Becky Cox

Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine actually care about you as a person and not just treating symptoms. They helped me get through the pain of a rough pregnancy and have helped me get back on my feet quicker in the recovery. I would highly recommend them!

Mary Cook

Thrilled with the attention and care my family receives. Dr’s are experts and genuinely care about both routine and corrective care to keep your spine and body in its best shape. Flexible schedule and great staff/team. My kids like coming-that says a lot! So happy to have found Deignan Family Chiropractic!

ksenia potocka

Dr. Nick is amazing, very professional and committed, you feel that he really wants to help you, he is great with babies, was wonderful with my 6 months old daughter- she definitely was enjoying the visits. Office is great with nice pleasing atmosphere. Awesome place, highly recommend it!

Steve Rish

Deignan Family Chiropractic is great. I've been coming here for about 1 year for massages with Barbara. She does a great job listening to what is hurting and targeting those areas. The office staff are very friendly and helpful. In addition to massage there seems to be a great focus on holistic health: chiropractic medicine, nutrition, prevention, and working with children.

Jack Meehan

Diane Grannis

Dr. Felde is very passionate about his practice. You can tell he cares for his patients and is truly giving his all to help them obtain optimal wellness. His assistant his extremely helpful and the office is warm and inviting. I highly recommend Felde Chiropractic

Margaret koszulinski

After dealing with severe headaches and migraines for longer than I like to admit, i decided to visit a chiropractor. Deignan Family Chiropractic came highly recommended by a trusted friend. After my initial visits, the headaches were gone. And since then, with my continued care and education from Dr. Nick, Dr. Delphine and staff, I am able to spend more time doing things I love with the people I love. I am confident the worst is behind me. Thank you Deignan Family Chiropractic!

JohnnyHannah Elliott

Staff is friendly and welcoming. All the staff is very knowledgeable too about the importance of wellness and taking care of your spine. Everything was explained well.

Mike Calacci

Dr. Deignan came highly recommended from many of my friends and he has not disappointed. He has truly helped transform my back issues. I highly recommend him and his fantastic office staff.

Dex Garcia

My first and only chiropractor I ever had and will continue to go. The most genuine group of people to care for you and very straightforward. Highly recommend if you are serious about your health

Michael Padula

Deignan Family Chiropractic has been a great new experience for my family and me. They are professional and personable. Everyone in the office takes the time to know their patients. They truly take the time to have conversations about their patients care to foster an interactive approach to health.

Julia Padula

Such a great place! Wonderful office atmosphere! Always willing to work with your schedule. I have received wonderful care! Definitely changed my health.

Karen Daulton Lange

The Staff at Deignan care about your overall health. Their approach is to encourage healthy eating, drinking water, mindful awareness, and exercise. Barbara, the massage therapist is excellent as well. More doctors should have this approach to wellness!

Agata Pirowska

I just started,but so far excellent, make sens to me

Chelsea Schnabelrauch

Friendly environment, and quality care. Dr & Dr Deignan have created a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere that is refreshing. I appreciate the time they devote to each individual, and the effort they make to impact the community.

Ross Fisher

Dr. Deignan is interested in taking care of your immediate needs as well as educating you and taking care of your future health. The preventative is really important and he helps you understand it as well. Great place!

Crystal Phillips

Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine are very knowledgeable and changed my understanding of chiropractic with their orientation. Great treatment and care for the whole family!!

Macaire Marino

Marie Hollein

Great experience with the Deignan Family Chiropractic!! They are thorough, experienced and looking out for their patient's health. Everyone should take the time to meet with Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine for a consultation!

Carol Ross

My first experience with Felde Chiropractic was through their Groupon offer for a massage which was wonderful. While I was there, the masseuse suggested that I consult with Dr. Felde about my headaches. I've had migraines several times per month for the past 15 years. Since I've tried everything else, I thought I'd give Dr. Felde a try, too - couldn't hurt, at least. This past month is the first month I've been headache free in years!! I highly recommend this talented doctor and his multifaceted approach (adjustment, massage, light therapy, etc.). He has made a huge improvement in my quality of life!

anish prabhakar

I used to have a very bad back-ache and horrible neck-ache but the doctors at Deignan Family Chiropractic have actually helped me get back in shape. I am almost back to normal thanks to the doctors here. I would recommend anyone having facing trouble with back and neck to go to Deignan Family Chiropractic.

Robert Strobel

Maria is the best! She truly makes the experience fast, fun, and pain-free. Dr. Nick and Dr. Delphine are fun and energetic, very knowledgeable, and can get you on the path to wellness. The power is on!

Beth Hannan

Diagnosed with arthritis and a bone spur in my neck, the treatment plan was a series of shots in my spine, medication, and eventual surgery. Not wanting that, I sought out Dr Nick and Dr Delphine to see if they could help me. Between weekly adjustments and medical massages, I have avoided painkillers, steroids, and surgery. My range of movement has improved and I have much less pain. Friendly staff, good docs, and a positive environment.

Jacquie Jean Conway

I had the pleasure of meeting both Doctors for teacher appreciation! I had always thought about possibly going to a Chiropractor as a preventative measure so I was very happy to speak to them. They were both friendly and informative. They gave me some information and I figured I would try it out! I was very impressed with their approach and evaluation. It was NOT JUST about adjusting you, but also taking care of yourself and your body. They gave me exercises that I could do at home, something I have not heard of from others who had chiropractors. They also give you a plan of what your treatment would be like for the next few months and a goal to aim for. I have been so very happy I came and recommend to check them out. You won’t be disappointed! Super friendly staff, lovely music (I cannot help but dance when I come in sometimes), clean lovely office, hugs when you need it and the adjustments are just one of the many perks.

Katie Byer

Everyone here is great! My whole family goes, right down to the newborn! They go above and beyond what I would expect in doctors :) they not only give amazing care but they also recommend products (outside of their office) to help with certain conditions.

Dr. Anna Gurrera

The Deignans are amazing people and great chiropractors! I trust them with my family and would recommend them to everyone.

jen mueller

Dr. Nick is a great Dr. and really listens to the problems. Doesn't force treatments and no hard selling of packages. The massage therapy is phenomenal! Top notch all the way! Great place

Adriana Salinas

Hands down the Best chiropractors in Barrington!

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