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REVIEWS OF Blue Chip Chiropractic IN Idaho

Mary Skuza

I have known Dr. May for at least 10 years. He was in the office with another Dr who I went to. My other Dr went on vacation and I could hardly walk so I used Dr. May. My tibia was out. I went out of the visit dancing. Needless to say, I went to Dr. May for several years until he moved away. Our loss to say the least and Idaho's gain for sure. No better service for the price around. Keep up the good work. I am a nose to close client all the way.

Jarred Bounds

This team is the best in the west. No joke. They want to heal you.

Jamie Harder

Amy Page

Dr. May is one of the best chiropractors I have ever seen. He listens very well to your concerns, and is able to remember from visit to visit what worked well during the adjustment. Would recommend him 100% to anyone!

Catrina Titus

Love both Carly Kauffman and Rich May and the combo together makes my whole body feel amazing! Great staff!! Highly recommend them!

denise davaz

Dr.Richard May and staff are awesome. I have been struggling with pain and after just 2-3 visits I started feeling much better. They are personably and know what they are doing. I would highly recommend Dr.Richard May.

Camey Ramirez

I started seeing Dr. May 7 years ago for my shoulder injury. After the first adjustment I knew I had to send my clients and family to him. I've never had a chiropractor able to adjust extremities like he can! I then started working at Blue Chip six years ago as a massage therapist and saw first hand how many patients he helped on a daily basis. He is passionate about his gift and it shows in his work. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment today!

JoAnn Bauer

I had lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain. I'm a runner and my running was suffering. I tried physical therapy and various medications. Nothing really worked for long and my signature scent became Icy Hot. Dr. May fixed the lower back pain in one visit. I'm really running again, not just dragging myself along. It's amazing to have that pain completely gone. Highly recommend!!!

Rich May

A glitch in the matrix requires I rate my own clinic. And I do guarantee a 5 Star effort.

Will Birmingham

I drive 30 miles to see Dr. May and have been going to him for 3.5 years. I'm an RN, dad, and Spartan/TM racer and Dr. May's adjustments keep my body going and are critical to my injury prevention. Perhaps most amazing was when my wife was 7 months pregnant and couldn't walk because of her pelvis mal-alignment. After a few visits she was back to full activity and working her 8-12 shifts. Couldn't say enough good things.

Isaac Rothschild

It has been some months since I was treated here. "Rich" gave me my life back by permanently correcting my back pain. The treatment here is amazing. I use to load trucks for a living and hurt my ankle and my back. I spent 4 years without medical help. Every day was a chore just to get out of bed and play with my child. About 8 visits that lasted maybe 20 minutes. After that I haven't had pain since. My posture is what it should be and I do a 1000 push ups every other day. Excellent care, excellent service. They should be funded by the government because once you go here you probably will never have to go anywhere again. So your not a life customer unless you make a habit of injuring yourself. If I ever have the misfortune of needing pain relief I will be back at this chiropractor. Seems unbelievable I know but try them once and you will find out for yourself.

Kelly Hanson

What more needs to be said except I limped into his office and did not going out!

David Reed

Jason Russell

Very nice office fantastic service I would highly recommend them especially Dr May

Lynsay Bryson

Rich May is incredible! He understands on such a deeper level the source of the problem. He genuinely cares about his patients and their injuries. We highly recommend Rich and Carly. If you are looking, search no more, they were voted Best of North Idaho for years in a row for many reasons!

Garret Hojem

Came in got my whole body back into place. Feel like Im walking on clouds! Great place to go to

Guy Ron

He has a magical touch. After just one adjustment an injury I’d been nursing for a while went away almost completely.

Rebekah Simmons

Best Help I Have Ever Received For My Shoulder and Neck Pain. I have been struggling with a shoulder injury for about 10 years and a eye twice for about 6 years. Have seen doctors and all they did was medicate the problems and never really helped me recover. I have had shoulder pain and limited use of my right arm for the last 10 or so years. With in the 4 visits my range of motion is back to normal. He found that my neck has been out of place for several years. My eye twice was happening about 2 to 4 times an hour and now it is completely gone. My posture is better than it ever has been. Thank you for your help.

mark kottke

Dr. May is amazing. I had gotten to the point that I could not run at all, and he got me back on the road after a single visit. I've been to other chiropractors with no result at all, so I was not expecting much, but Dr. May really saved me. not only am I running again but I feel better in my daily activities as well.

Tracy Jeffries

I started going to Doctor May because my neck, shoulder blades and right arm were really hurting me. After the first appointment I felt 100% better. I am going to Blue Chip Chiropractic for both deep tissue massage with Camey Smith and Dr. Rich May for my adjustments. I feel whole, healthy and so happy now. These two will both be part of my whole health regimen for LIFE! My daughter Karli has had trouble with her hips since she started walking. She has missed out on playing sports because of this. We have felt lost and frustrated for a very long time trying to figure out what is wrong with her. Karli suggested we take her to Dr. May after her friend told her about her success. We did and after only FOUR appointments we have seen great improvements. I was not able to attend the first three appointments so I asked Dr. May to send me something explaining what he found. He did right away. " Well, she does have several things going on, and being able to find the whole series (plus, her fantastic attitude!) has been what is required to get her started on the right path. The trips to Shriners weren't a waste of time entirely because they eliminated Legg–Calvé–Perthes as a potential cause. But we could have done that, too. Still, now what?? You can't just send her home with a stretching routine. Things need to be taught how to work correctly. Joint motion needed to be restored in her lumbar spine, SI joints, and feet. And her knees needed an alignment. Once the joint function was restored, we needed to set out on muscle activation. When joints are in a poor state of function, muscles will lose their proper function. (I was able to show your hubby how aberrant foot mechanics will set a reflex loop that will disrupt lateral hip function). And that really sets the baseline for our procedures. When she has been coming in, it's always a new exam to see where she has progressed and how to pick up from there. And this dictates the procedures for the visit. Gosh, I see where your trouble is in formulating the big idea, because I'm having the same trouble! So what we are seeing in her hip pain is the global effect of multiple causes. All those causes needed to be addressed. Our big question is, "Where did it all start?" I think there was a single cause (incident?) which started the cascade of adaptation/shutdown. So we are now restoring joint motion directly as well as increasing her range of motion. We are activating and awakening muscles while we're at it, too. That's the gist of it. There's more to it than that, but does this give a pretty good idea? A medical diagnosis doesn't exist for her at this point. It seems we just need to go to work." WOW... what a GREAT explanation. Rich May has such passion for his truly is AWESOME to watch him work. I feel so BLESSED me and my family are seeing him and I just know Karli is going to be playing sports in the near future. This is all so exciting. CHEERS TO North Idaho's 2014 Chiropractor of the YEAR...Dr. Rich May. :) If you haven't voted yet... PLEASE DO SO!!! He deserves this recognition!!!!!

Ken Bohenek

Rich is highly effective and very passionate about what he does. It is hard not to be caught up in his enthusiasm for helping others feel better and regaining mobility and lessen pain. I would highly recommend anyone with chronic pain to see Rich. He spends more time with patients than he has to because he cares that much about them. If you are looking for a chiropractor Look no further than Blue Chip.

Barbara Anne Elliott

Dr. Rich May is an excellent and passionate chiropractor. He truly cares about each and every one of his patients. Rich works hard to figure out the source of your pain and gets you back to 100% as soon as possible.

Shayne Mxvay

First time at a chiropractor. Awesome place. Very happy.

Jennifer Smart

Jessica miner

Dr. May is the BEST!!! His adjustments help complete my life.. I was once told that my back would need to be fused and my life in sports was over.. 6 months into treatment, my back is better and I no longer I'm taking muscle relaxers or pain pills.. Plus, I'm still playing sports and I enjoy life with less pain everyday.. I also can't forget the amazing staff who always fits me into the schedule and really is always there for me.. Blue chip is not just chiropractic service, they are my extended family...

Suzanna Spencer

Dr. Rich May is amazing. I have an old ski injury that rears is ugly head on occasion. Rich is able to adjust my knee and make me feel like a million bucks. I highly recommend Blue Chip Chiropractic!

Holly Curwen

Dr. Rich at Blue Chip Chiropractic is AMAZING. I have been suffering with severe lower back and sciatic pain for YEARS and have tried several different chiropractors as well as massage therapy. The sciatic pain started at my sacrum and went all the way down my leg to my ankle. The pain and discomfort was constant and often felt unbearable. After the very first visit I felt some relief. Now, after only 4 visits to Dr. Rich the improvement is unbelievable. I still have some pain and discomfort, but it is nowhere near where it was and has been for years. I am so excited and finally see some light at the end of the tunnel in returning to a life where I can be active and and pain free. I could not recommend a better chiropractor.

laura jackson

Rich is the absolute BEST!! I have been in such pain with my lower back and sciatica, walking with a limp and bent over forward. Went to Rich and walked out standing straight and very little to no pain !! God has blessed this man with knowledge and the hand of healing. Thanks Rich! You are the best.

Jennifer Von Behren

The staff is amazing, Dr. May is very skilled and they all live up to their great reputations! JVB

keryn richards

Rich always fixes me right up. As a larger woman I feel safe I will not fall off the table. His prices are affordable and they can always get me in quickly.

Janet Durant

Dropped in because of back/hip pain I'd been having for a couple of weeks. It was the best hour of my day because of how quickly they got me in despite the fact that I had never been there, didn't have me do X-rays or a long initial visit like a lot of chiropractors do and Rich got me fixed after one visit! Super friendly staff and knowledgable!! Highly recommend this place.

The Crumudgeons perspecrive the gutter punk crafte

The people are amazing and the doctor himself is absolutely the best best experience at ever had best conversation And the best massage chair in town check them out I went for my 1st time ever my life hes friendly and his gentle just don't say that you cracked your back you get pure release lol

Kimberly Sechrist

Incredibly knowledgeable and skilled staff. Rich is a miracle worker!!!

Nathan Ralston

I went once, and decided that my injury might be more severe than what a chiropractor can treat. However, a month later they continue to schedule me for appointments I never asked for. I've called multiple times making it very clear I did not want any more appointments, having to leave voicemails since they never seem to answer their phone. I never got any calls back, and I still get text messages out of the blue telling me I have an appointment in a few hours. Bad business practices...

Jon Frank

I never had much faith in Chiropractors. I thought it was kind of a scam. I went to one in Calif. a few years ago and it was expensive and did nothing. Last week I had severe neck and shoulder pain due to the stresses of life. I could not sit, stand, drive or turn my head. It was the day before Xmas and I was miserable and grumpy. I was short with my kids and my wife. My wife complained to my neighbor about my grumpiness and she recommended Blue Chip. My wife begged me to go. So I did what any good husband would do and went. I'll tell you…… After one session I was as happy and @ 90%. I recommend him to anyone.

Carly Kauffman

Rose Morningstar AKA Iron Maiden

I am a Massage Therapist & have worked close with DC's for years. Dr. Rich May is the best I have used! I refer more clients to him than anyone else! He keeps my body working like a machine. My guys 7 yr old son saw him recently. It was his first time to a DC. He came home & said "Rich is amazing! It's like im a transformer now. He transformed me to better!!!"

Pat Clevenger

Was able to fit me in as a new patient and was fantastic at listening and evaluating my neck and joints before doing any adjustments. He was able to recognize other areas being impacted. After three adjustments, he also recognized my inflammation and nerve impact was significant enough to refer me quickly to a specialist versus just keep asking me to come in for more adjustments, padding his wallet. He has my full respect as a medical professional.


I've been seeing Dr. Rich for about 10 years now. I leave feeling better and more educated every time... I've only seen their massage therapist once, but she was great and the room was soothing as well.

Ryan St Marie

I was referred to Blue Chip since the office I go to wasnt available and I needed an adjustment ASAP after having strong lower back pain and I'm very glad I came to this office. Dr. Rich May knew immediately how to fix it. I would highly recommend him as your Chiropractor!

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