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REVIEWS OF Honolulu Chiropractic Pain Relief Center IN Hawaii

Darion Halliburton

Very professional and Great atmosphere! My first visit I was very impressed with the polite Staff and great Overall care !!

namelyina kintin

Been coming here for years. Doctor Damien is very helpful not to mention the front ladies super excellent job.

calvin uyehara


Alex Sian

My first ever bad review. Super Bad first impression. Did not answer voicemail from day before. Decided to buy a deal on website and figured they would reach out to me after that. Never replied to email inquiry when I replied to order confirmation. Visited the office and the guy there says only the receptionist can make an appointment and she's gone for TWO HOURS. REALLY? ONLY ONE PERSON CAN MAKE AN APPOINTMENT? Receptionist finally calls, and then puts me on hold for TEN MINUTES. When I ask her about Laser Therapy that was my primary interest, she says they don't do that anymore even though it is still listed on their website? OK. We're done,here... cancel my order. I gave them more chances than they deserved, you should think twice before you give them even one chance.

Jean Joseph

Unreal... Can't wait to get back there. A superb team dedicated to make you feel better... Blessed

jake jetsel

Great pricing, strong and skilled chiropractor as well. I was able to be adjusted in a few visits and I haven’t had to return for months! They helped relieve the pain and get me back to enjoying life!

Jonathan Ganal

david collins

I went to see Dr. Smith following an injury while paddling. Low Back was killing me. My first visit went like this: The doctor asked alot of questions to try to narrow down where my pain was and what might be the cause. He then did some test on me, pushing, poking, stretching to see where the source of pain was. We went into another room where he took some x rays of my low back. after reviewing the x rays we went over some things he saw on the films and related then to what he felt in my back earlier. He gave me some treatment options that would help me get out of pain and prevent it from coming back. We went over my insurance coverage and how often I should come back. He then did whats called and adjustment. My back made alot of popping and crunching noises. It felt great. He had an assistant put some electrical therapy on my back for a few minutes then I got on this stretch machine and stretched out my whole spine. I left there feeling awesome! i have a follow up appointment tomorrow. Thanks Honolulu Pain Relief Center

Emma Kirk

The staff if very nice and friendly. They have a parking structure, but if you have a vehicle taller than 6'2, you'll need to find street parking. I got in the same day I called and spent about 10 mins filling out paperwork and answering questions they have to assess what pains you have etc. The actual appointment takes maybe 30-45 mins, my chiropractic physician worked out some tightness in my muscles before doing an adjustment on my neck. I enjoyed it so much I've made weekly appointments:)

Troy Counselman

Once again, Dr. Damian comes through! I have been adjusted by this doctor off and on for years and, as a chiropractor myself, I am obviously pretty picky. That is why whenever I get the chance I get in to see him, or make sure he treats me when he is in my town. Do yourself a favor and let this man be your local chiropractor - he knows his stuff and has only got better year after year! Thanks Dr. Damian!

Angela Boone

Courtney Timms

Dr. Damian and his team are exceptional. I suffer from horrible migraines which get worse and more frequent when my neck is out of alignment. The Pain Relief Center is almost always able to squeeze me in and they immediately put the muscle stim machine on my neck for 10-20 min. Once it has relaxed, Dr. Damian is able to put my neck back in place and I walk out in considerably less pain. The pain and migraine is usually totally gone within a day. Besides taking an Excedrin and my preventative meds, seeing Dr. D is the very first thing I do when I feel a migraine coming on. He and all of the office staff are lifesavers!!! I found them on Groupon in 2015 and have been coming as needed ever since. Best Groupon of my life.

George Raquel

I recommend Honolulu Pain Relief Center to anybody who is in pain. They have the newest technological procedures that are not found anywhere on the island. The staff is very friendly and they are open 6 days a week.

toan nguyen

Great service and friendly staff

Nita Figueroa

My hips are out of alignment. The doctors and assistants are extremely helpful and courteous. I feel brand new when I leave their office.

Margaret j Sargent

They are Awesome my pain is almost gone !

Brent Rodgers

The Doctors here are awesome! I came here after suffering from bad neck and back pain from a car accident. They were able to get me in quick and helped me with the paperwork. I had alot of questions about the process of using my no fault car insurance and if I should get an attorney. They took their time explaining how the whole process works and what my benefits were on my insurance. Did the exam and xrays and the doctor cracked my back. I started feeling great from that moment on. I have been to other chiropractors on the island but Dr Smith is the best so far. Very knowledgeable and very skilled with his adjustments. The next visit was just as god as the first. I had additional questions about my damaged car and where to go if I needed a medical doctor. He suggested a 3 different MD's in the area around my house and gave me the names of different body shops that his other patients have had a good experience with. I wish I would of known about the place years ago! Brent

faith o

Dr Damien Smith is a Liar, he is not truthful as a doctor. Stay away from this theft.

Joshua Hankin

Very friendly and knowledgeable team of doctors and medical professionals. Going here has improved the quality of my day to day life.

Bane Redbeard

Sonja Monteiro

I came in on a first time client special which was an incredible deal, like incredible. I had an amazing and effective massage followed by one of the best chiropractic experiences I have ever had. All the things popped and on my second visit anything that hadn’t popped did. I am walking taller and feeling better. I highly recommend Honolulu Pain Relief Center

kinney soares

Gary Jones

I just had a great adjustment from Honolulu Pain Relief Center ! I called and was able to get in for an exam on the same day. The staff was very good about verifying my insurance and letting me know that I have chiropractic coverage. The doctor reviewed some treatment options that would work for me and then he gave me an adjustment. The doctor is very smoothe, no pain at all. I feel great! I would highly recommend this office. Very easy t get to, they have a parking garage and the staff here is great.

Jackie C

I was in a car accident and was experiencing excruciating back pain. Dr. Smith helped to relieve the stiffness and spasms in just one treatment! I really enjoy going back for massages. The office hours are flexible and the staff friendly and accommodating. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends!

greg au

TOP 5 muscle pains I’ve experienced in my life! Came here because of PAIN in my right deltoid major pain! No real sleep in 4 nights. Went to see the Chinese acupuncture on king street 2nd day (it helped) 3rd day cupping from a Korean older gentleman at palama market upstairs.(rushed me and felt good at that moment but that night was the worst pain I’ve felt ) This morning pain management center at 1415 south king street interstate building 16 th floor! Currently at home and able to lay on my back and get some SLEEP! Finally

Naomi Amakawa

My husband had a terrible back pain. He went to normal doctors to escape from the pain but no doctor could tell him what caused the pain. The doctor of HPRC has really known what he did and found out his problem in lower back bone right away. It didnt take more than 3 days for my husband to find out his pain was getting weaker and could sleep peacefully. Thank you HPRC. I really recommend this place

RedAxeGameZ And more

great service very helpful fixed me on the first visit

John Dover

Coming to this chiropractor was like a breath of fresh air. It's a little bit cold, but the staff will happily give you a blanket if you ask. Dr. Smith is amazing and funny, and everybody treats you very nicely. Oh and the views are amazing!

RK Castillo

Dr.Smith and the other staff at Honolulu Pain Relief Center are great. They're really friendly and they know their stuff. They have all sorts of different tools to help you get rid of your pain from a laser that helps get rid of swelling some how, and a decompression table. If you need help, I fully recommend them.


Dr. D. Smith and staff are total pros. I was recently in a auto accident and they knew exactly how to handle my no fault claim for the injuries I sustained. I can't thank these guys enough!

Kawika Aipa

Best Chiropractor in Hawaii ! I have been to sever doctors here on Oahu trying to find someone who could get my bones to pop like my doctor did when I lived in California. None could do it until I met Dr. D. He is a super fit guy with the muscles needed to move my low back. My wife like him too as he is very gentle with her neck as she gets a lot of headaches. This office will accept your health insurance for payment and the staff there is very good about always getting me in for a last minute appointment. I recommend this office to anybody who has not tried a chiropractor before, or anyone who isn’t totally satisfied with their current doctor. K

Jeff Agapay

jennifer j

I'd had hip pain that turned into lower back pain. After checking out multiple places online I decided on Honolulu Pain Relief Center. When I first called I asked about cost, but the receptionist offered to first check if my insurance covered a visit. So helpful! And the other receptionist, Michelle, is a ray of sunshine. The assistant Shy is also very welcoming, as well as competent. I was treated by Dr Yurie. She was professional and kind. I loved that she explained what she found on assessment, her plan of treatment, suggested stretches, and especially the 'why'. I definitely recommend HPRC for getting yourself into alignment.

Chua Xiong

Front desk assistants, chiropractor and masseuse were all so nice! Very prompt service. Appointment only. No walk ins (I believe). I would come again!

Teresa Berthiaume

Best chiropractor, Dr. Smith and staff! Mahalo ❣️❣️

lace m

great friendly staff, different therapies, and great dr's! Dr. Damian really helped with my neck and back pain and mobility!

Ed Raquel

Best Chiropractic office in Honolulu. I called early today to see if they accepted new patients and if they would take my HMSA insurance for paymnet. They said yes to both! I got an appointment 2 hours later and happy that they could squeeze me in. Met with the doctor, performed a thorough exam. He gave me a geat adjustment and sent me to the therapy room where they had me perform stretches. Then off to the traction table to stretch my low back. After that was done the put a muscle stimulation machine on me with a heat pack. I feel great. Coming here was a good idea, and I am glad they took my insurance. I highly recommend this office as Dr. Smith is amazing and very easy to talk to. He explained everything in detail about my problem and how to fix it. Thanks Ed

Remnant Yisrael

Great Staff, Great and helpful doctors. Warm environment, and pleasant and welcoming staff. Everyone there is awesome. The chiropractors are the best, I've been to ever!! They know how to target, and correct the pain I've experienced. They also, relay the message to you in basic terms that non medical Individuals can understand, like myself.

Jacqueline Phillips

Dr. Teraoka is the best! Have been seeing him for years and I trust him to deal with my chiropractic issues.

Michelle Widmer

I went to see Dr Smith after having terrible back pain for years. He was very thorough in explaining to me what my xrays had shown and what needed to be done to relieve the pain and a treatment plan. It was very easy to make an appointment and the entire staff are very friendly and also helpful if I have to reschedule an appointment. They make you feel like you are a part of their Ohana.

Greg Mohnkern

Robert Smith

Great customer service, always willing to help out with any issues. They easily work with several insurance companies as well. Recommended.

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