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REVIEWS OF Good2Go Chiropractic - Chiropractor Palm Harbor IN Florida

Jacob Plaza

Dr. Ryan is the best, and has a fantastic facility and staff. I recommend him to everyone I know!

Derek Smolenski

Tim Robbins

So thankful to have found Good2Go! Dr Goodman and the staff are very professional. When I need relief this is the place for me. The best around.

Susan Anderson

I almost didn't come to my first appointment because of experiences I had with chiropractors in the past, but I was tired of being in pain all the time. Dr. Goodman treated me like he actually cared and I am very satisfied with not only him, but his staff as well. I couldn't be happier that I gave this place a chance.

Elizabeth G.

Be sure you see Dr. RYAN Goodman, the chiropractor in Palm Harbor. Apparently there are two Goodman Chiropractors. DR. RYAN has the best office and has a lot of treatment options to help you with any problem you may have. It's obvious he works really hard giving his patients the best care possible. Wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Melanie Golladay

Dr Goodman and his office mgr, Chris, are just fabulous! Been with them a year now. Dr G is very talented and well versed across a variety of techniques. The office is always running on time, and they are really flexible with scheduling. They know patients by name and treat us as individuals and friends. I guess most importantly, I saw results which I had not seen in the past with other PTs or chiros. Totally recommend!

Theresa Schill

HeeSeung Han

Dr.Goodman is amazing!! He is a knowledgeable and intelligent person. I always get real results. Best chiropractor in the city.Highly recommended!


Really helped me this morning one day before the Ironman Florida. Taking the time. Thanks again.

Kris St Angelo

All I can say is wow. I came in to see Dr. Ryan Goodman because I was experiencing excruciating pain in my left shoulder, unable to even move it. Dr. Goodman used the Active Release Technique to provide relief to that area and I was able to sleep comfortably for the first time since my injury occurred. I am now able to move my shoulder freely without experiencing the intense pain I suffered from for so long. Dr. Goodman and staff, especially the Chiropractic Assistant Krys, go the extra mile to make sure patients feel very welcome from the time they step foot in the door. I highly recommend Good 2 Go Chiropractic!

Elliot Welber

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, a state of the art office, and a thorough evaluation make Dr. Goodman's office the place to go for your chiropractic needs. Highly recommended!

Annette Robbins

Very professional staff and excellent facilities. Highly recommended. Dr Goodman is the best around.

Monica Long

Evan Hasson

Dr. Ryan Goodman is the type of doctor that truly makes a difference in his patient's lives. His honesty, integrity, and work ethic his quite impressive. Over the years I have gotten to know, and even learn from Dr. Goodman, which has been a blessings. His thirst for knowledge and uncanny ability to see detail has made Dr. Goodman someone YOU WANT taking care of you and your family. He is dependable, and really good at what he does... especially with sports injuries, shoulders, knees, and elbows. A true gem in the community. Looking forward to making the trip one day soon for a visit, for we moved away from him some time ago. You're going to continue helping so many people with your gifts. We thank you for being you, Doc!

Matthew Bell

Just had my first experience in a Chiropractic office and it was great. Dr. Goodman is great at what he does. Already feel better!

Elissa Pally

I've been seeing Chiropractors for the last 12 years and Dr. Goodman is by far the best Chiropractor I have seen. He is knowledgeable and takes time to explain what is going on with you so that you understand. His staff is friendly and welcoming. If you are looking for a Chiropractor, this is the place for you!

Amanda Doll

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ryan Goodman and his staff, they are AMAZING! I started seeing him because my upper body (neck, shoulders and back) was locking up on me and it was hard to function. Three weeks in now and not only am I feeling much better, I'm learning about proper routine maintenance and self care. Dr. Goodman has excellent "bedside manner" and he truly understands the importance of educating his patience along the way so they fully grasp what is happening and why. He and his team are currently working on a custom plan that best fits my needs, not forcing me into a one-size-fits-all box. I am more than pleased with my decision to work with the entire team at Good2Go Chiropractic. The entire practice is very clean and we'll kept, the equipment is up to date and the service is always delivered with a smile. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a Chiropractor! I wish I could rate them 10 stars!

Jeffrey Borham

Incredibly friendly staff and Dr. Goodman is always attentive and does a fantastic job!

Joe Thompson

Dr Ryan's knowledge goes far beyond chiropractic. He is an expert in mobility and maintaining that mobility as you age. His office is the most technologically advanced I have ever seen. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to fix problems and get back joint mobility.

maureen faber

Everyone is very kind and knowledgeable and dedicated to getting you feeling better.

Mitch Robbins

If you’re checking reviews for local chiropractors, do yourself a favor and give Good2Go a shot; your future self will thank you. I was in my late 20s when I was diagnosed with Radial Tunnel Syndrome in each arm. Brushing my teeth was painful, getting a shower required ice on each arm immediately after and carrying a laundry basket of clothes caused burning in my forearms. Orthopedic Specialists tried cortisone injections (lasted for 1 day) then told me my only option was surgery because of how bad it was. However, this type of surgery has a low success rate. Depressed, I resigned myself to this new way of life. 2 years later I was introduced to Good2Go by my parents. Not really believing in this field at the time, I decided to give alternative medicine a try; what did I have to lose? Through the use of Graston, ART and cold laser, Dr. Goodman slowly started to break up years of scar tissue and inflammation. Not gonna lie, first time I had Graston done I thought “what have I gotten myself into?”. I stuck with it and he eventually introduced stretching and nerve flossing exercises. Treatment continued with this addition and I saw slow and steady improvement. He then added PT to the mix to help strengthen the muscles. Zach was awesome and had what seemed an infinite source of patience when it came to teaching and guiding patients. A couple months of all these things together and I noticed my life was slowly coming back to me. I’m now back to work again, enjoying the hobbies which were once retired due to extreme arm pain and looking forward to the future thanks to Good2Go and a field that I, ironically, dismissed at first. Surgery is now off the table and I couldn’t be happier. The very best at what they do with a friendly and welcoming staff, state of the art equipment and a very clean clinic. Don’t walk but run to Good2Go if you’re in pain. You’ll be happy you did.

Joe D

After seeing several healthcare professionals about my issues, I was recommended to Dr. Goodman and he is the first who has cared. The facility is great, its clean, he has plenty of equipment. His staff is the best around, they have always been nice and understanding. What was most important to me was the fact that he listened. He suggested different techniques and worked non stop to figure out ways to get me pain free. Scheduling appointments is a breeze. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. I promise you wont be let down.

Tamara Germain

AMAZING facility and staff! Through consistent adjustments, spinal decompression and exercise, I was restored physically and mentally. I am a believer! Thank you Dr. Goodman & Krys

Kellie Omalia

Mark Stopa

40 yrs of pain gone in months! No surgery or pain killers.

Lauren Reeves

I started going to Good2Go chiropractic shortly after they opened in January. Dr. Ryan Goodman is attentive, friendly, efficient and above all, an EXCELLENT chiropractor. He offers a wide range of therapies, not just adjustments, and focuses on getting you better, faster with a short term treatment plan. The office is lovely with brand new state of the art equipment. I have suffered with back and shoulder pain for a long time and tried many different treatments to no avail. After visiting Dr. Goodman I walked out of the office with no pain! I still like to frequent visits for overall wellness but I would suggest Good2Go to anyone looking to feel better instantly.

Dina Clarke

Dr. Ryan asked me: "do u have pain?", I replied: "the normal pain." He replied: "there's no such a thing called normal pain!" After the session, I've never experienced pain-free back/neck! That was the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life, could never imagine I'll be having "no pain"! Thank you dr. Ryan for taking care of me, I'll definitely have ur visit as ritual, that's the least I can offer yo my body. Highly recommended!


Finding Dr. Goodman has been the best thing that has happened to me since moving to Florida, he has truly changed my quality of life. Dr. Goodman and his staff are wonderful and genuinely caring.

William Faulkner

I've been faithfully going for over a year and feel MUCH better! Highly recommend!

M Mc

I've been "treated" by a number of chiropractors, physical therapists and orthopedic specialists will very little (if any) relief. Most often I received them cookie-cutter protocol, without regard of the chief complaint. Having a background in science and fitness, it had been quite discouraging to have encountered so many pros who seem to forget how to apply the basic science to the issue. I am extremely happy to say that this has NOT been the case with Dr. Goodman and his support staff! His knowledge and understanding of his field, the science of body mechanics and physiology is EXCEPTIONAL, and coupled with his ability to use his personal/professional experience to applying the science to practice, Dr. Goodman is definitely one of the BEST in the business! From the initial consultation, it's obvious that he is passionate about his work and it visible the moment you walk into the door. He takes the time to actually listen and digest all of your complaints and figures out the best treatment plan. He offers a variety of techniques and payment options, which is great for those without chiropractic coverage. With that, he only offers you what he thinks you need and you don't leave feeling like you've been swindled. I would recommend Good2Go chiropractic clinic to anyone who is seeking relief from a highly skilled chiropractic clinician and support staff, without hassle, in an inviting, state-of-the-art facility. This place is AWESOME!

Marbear Creations

Andrew Adams

Great chiropractor. Excellent hands and knowledge base. From working with the elderly and children to larger individuals, the right correction with minimal fuss. Excellent diagnosis and treatment. Once of the best in the area.

Krystal Hydes

Dr. Goodman is the best in his field, period. You won't find another chiropractor in the area that is as well-versed, educated, and offers as many modalities as he does. If you are in any kind of pain, I am confident he can help you. If you haven't made an appointment at Good 2 Go Chiropractic yet, you're doing yourself a disservice. I would definitely recommend Dr. Goodman and his highly qualified team!

Executive Skin and Laser

Deborah Castelline

Jason Walker

I have seen many chiropractors over the last ten years for a variety of reasons, from back and neck pain to sore muscles. Dr Goodman exceeds my expectations in every aspect. His professionalism, staff, and facilities are the finest around.

Debra Cerrone

I sprained my ankle and was off of it for a few weeks. Dr. Goodman was able to get me back putting weight on it again after some rehab sessions and educating me on how to properly take care of it in order to prevent any future injuries. He makes sure to provide the best care possible to his patients and his staff is very professional.

Jackson Smith

Dr. Goodman and his staff are basically life savers! As a long time weight lifter and having had multiple herniated discs in my lower back for the past 13 years, I've dealt with a number of nagging issues; aches, pains, and numbness to name a few. With the help of Dr. Goodman's decompression therapy and his vast knowledge of soft tissue treatments, I'm feeling better than I have in a decade. More than the usual chiropractor visit, they take the time to find the root cause of your pain/discomfort and treat it with amazing technology, muscular release, adjustments, and most importantly strengthening exercises to make sure the problem stays away. Its great to have a fellow athlete that understands where issues can arise. Whether you're an athlete or not, or were in an accident that's causing you pain, this office goes above and beyond any in the area.

Ross Keller

I have been seeing Dr. Goodman for six months now. His staff is knowledgeable, kind, and professional. The equipment used is the latest and greatest in chiropractic care. I leave his office feeling great everytime. If you are a loved one are in need of chiropractic care do yourself a favor and book a consultation with Dr. Goodman. You will not be disappointed!

Leah Hazell

Dr. Ryan is the best in his field. My care after my auto accident has been superb. The next level in Chiropractic

Ron S

Excellent Doctor. Very knowledgeable. Uses multiple treatment strategies. Facility very clean and no waiting at appointments.

Moses Bernard

Dr. Ryan Goodman is among the most knowledgeable chiropractors I've ever met. I had the opportunity to work alongside him during an NFLPA program for retired players and got to see his work first-hand, on a daily basis. In addition to his wide skill set, what stood out the most about Dr. Goodman was the way he communicated with patients. He took the time to really build rapport, and communicated in a way to make sure they knew exactly WHY he was doing a certain treatment or giving a certain exercise. If you want to really improve how your body functions and not just get out of pain (only for it to come back a few months later), he's the man!!

Ryan P.

Couldn't move my shoulder at all and after a week was 100% better. If your looking for a chiropractor in Palm Harbor or Pinellas, well, anywhere you have to go to Good2Go Chiropractic. It is the nicest chiropractic office I have ever been to. Dr. Ryan Goodman is one of the most knowledgeable chiropractor/doctors around. He will fix your problem without long term plans and teach you how to prevent future complications. Highly recommended!

Bill Borham

Dr Goodman is the only Chiropractor you need to see. His staff are so friendly and he provides the best care. He really cares and wants to see you get better!

Romario Elkassab

I’ve had a really bad injury in my lower back that wasn’t letting me walk properly, was in pain all the time that I couldnt really do anything in my life without pain even sleeping! Went to do PT for 2 months, it kind of helped a little bit, but the pain never left me! Then, I went to another chiropractic, and he actually made it worse! With that being said by that time, I didn’t have my MRI yet because I thought it was something simple and will go away on it’s own! The PT and the chiropractor that I been to didn’t diagnosed me right and didn’t know exactly what problem I have and what is causing the pain! To go to through that in such a young age was so tough for me, and was leading me to depression! The only option that I was left with in my mind was just doing a surgery. Then by complete luck I checked Good2go online and I was like let’s try them as my last chance because they were really close to my house and also take my insurance! Went there the first time and once doctor Goodman saw me, he already know what the proplem I have which was herniated discs, and he asked for the MRI and guess what he was right! Then we started the treatment plan and now I’m back runing on my feet again and back to my normal life again! Not only the doc the whole team which includes zack and Rachel, you guys are the real MVPS! If any one suffering from pain and thinking that the pain won’t go away, please do yourself a favor and go check these people out because these people knows their stuff not like the rest that just need your money and don’t care about you!

Scott Gardner

I am so glad that I found Good2Go Chiropractic! I was suffering from daily, absolutely debilitating headaches. I sought relief at my primary, but was just prescribed muscle relaxants that provided no relief and made me drowsy. Dr. Goodman implemented his headache protocol to help me find relief and after just a few treatments I have gone from daily pain and suffering, to maybe one minor headache per week. Thank you Dr. Goodman!

Chauna Gessler

The best part of my day is seeing our patients walk in the door with pain, and leave with a smile on their faces. Dr. Goodman is a phenomenal chiropractor and it is reflected in his patient care. The state of the art facility is well equipped with a brand new non-surgical spinal decompression table, the Lightforce 15 watt deep tissue laser, Normatec recovery boots, acupuncture, cupping, kinesiology taping, deep tissue massage, and other manual therapy techniques that allow you to perform better and recover faster. Good 2 Go Chiropractic is truly the next level in injury recovery. Whether you were involved in a car accident, have a sports related injury, or threw your back out moving, G2G will get you back at it quickly.

Joanne Ravenscroft

I have had many back problems where at times I could hardly walk without holding on to something! One Sunday morning I saw a full page ad "GOOD TO GO"" I was impressed so i decided to give it a try!! I was impressed as the assistant took me thru his office! I was amazed at the equipment he had, never have I seen the latest !, so i decided gave it a try!!! Dr.Goodman listen to my problems..he then had the machine stretch my spine & I opted for the laser treatment!! I went in with a pain level of about 6 when he was done my pain level went to a minus 2. as i left I wondered how long will this last?/ later that day I had to call the office to tell them "HEY I am feeling wonderful!! I have had 6 adjustments and I am feeling great! Thank you DR. Ryan Goodman!!

Barbie Casella

Ten star review! Walked in with a pain level of eleven and left there laughing. I honestly love Dr. Goodman, he’s genuine and clearly not in this for the money. The amount of time he spent with me at closing time to make sure I was Ok made me a patient and referral source for life. Ask for Letty at the front desk - she’s a caring angel!

Kelvin Rodriguez

Excellent service. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Skylyr Strader

Dr. Goodman's office is designed to provide a wide range of treatments to ensure every possible issue is manageable. His flexibility and adaptability allows him to tailor a specific treatment plan to your issue. I have been highly satisfied with the care he provides.

John Dorisca

Amazing experience. Highly recommended!

Hazim Saeed

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