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The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures, they create customers

saiman wong

My family of four has been going to Dr Jeff since 2013. In our case , it is not for acute disease or injury but for wellness. Chiropractic is an essential part of that and along with good eating, exercise and balance in life, we are in good health. Dr Jeff's practice, his staff and his treatments have earned our loyalty and recommendation. He offers a free comprehensive consultation so whether you are already being cared for or are considering chiropractic for the first time, you have nothing to lose.

Vanessa Costigan Walker

Dr. Hector Andino and staff fixed me! They are truly amazing. Quality, knowledge, etc.

Donna Waskiewicz

I have been a patient at this office since 2001. Most of my family members are patients here. Chiropractic care changed my life and health forever. With several ortho injuries and other minor health issues that have interfered with good health, chiropractic care finally taught me about what my body does and what I need to do to care for my own body. Dr. Jeff and the team at Chiropractic USA work with me to help me function every single day. Everyone needs this team 'behind their back' for optimal health!

Angeline Gullo

I moved & backslid terribly after trying new Chiropractors. One of the new Chiro's even calls his business (erroneously) "Advanced....blank blank ...Chiropractic" but when I asked where's your Testing Procedures.... & your Activator, Powervibe, Cervical Traction, Stretching Devices, Tools etc he replied "I dont have all those 'bells & whistles." That's right, he called my "Standard of Care" 'Bells & Whistles.' He'ld say "What do you want?" instead of "let me see what's going on today." So "I requested he Confer w Dr Jeff & he claims he called, but never got thru. A "professional" gets the call thru. So here I sit w severely restricted range of neck motion completely HALTING MY LIFE & faced w having to commute back to Chiropractic USA. Wish I never had to leave them. They offer: The. Best. Care. Anywhere.

David Guillen

Excellent practice, great staff and the process is very friendly. Dr. Jeff is very professional and educated me as a patient with living condition that are extremely making me feel better in such short time. I wished I would have been to chiropractic usa after my accident in 2008. I will recommend anyone to chiropractic usa clinic because of the knowledgeable staff and process to recover the body. Thank God for my friend Rafael who referred me and the staff who helped me. to get an evaluation and treatment

Cassi Kep

Dr. Jeff and his team are fantastic! From the first visit and continuously at every visit they are devoted to your overall health and well being. Happy to have found a genuinely caring chiropractic team!

Federico Larrosa

Amazing staff and great atmosphere. Overall I've been going for quite sometime now and they know what it takes to get your body going . I am always look forward to every visit because the adjustments wake my body up every time.

Gata Lé Meöw

This is a great place and the staff is very helpful and sweet. I love Dr. Jeff, he's an unbelievable Doctor. I couldn't keep dancing without him!

Chelsea C

Everyone is great, from the assistant, the doctor, to the massage therapist, to the front desk. I’ve been very happy with the compassion and care I’ve received. I’ve always felt like my treatment was explained clearly and any questions I had were answered anytime they came up. I feel super lucky I found this office. I’d def recommend to a friend. I’ve also met other patients in the office that have expressed the same feelings. Everyone is professional and really courteous! Even when I have had scheduling conflicts come up they’ve been kind in helping to accommodate my schedule.

Tati Chalnick

The one thing about Dr. Jeff that I appreciate the most is that he is always positive and kind. He is an excellent chiropractor and has helped me along after a car accident. I highly recommend him.

maggie eugene

Amazing and friendly staff. Dr. Jeff is great. My experience has been nothing but great. I will highly recommend this office.


I never knew that chiropractic treatment could heal me slowly but surely.. and the best thing about it no drugs all natural!

Alvaro Angulo

Dr. Jeff has cultivated the perfect balance between professionalism and a comfortable atmosphere. I feel at home when I step into the office. Not to mention, the work that he has done on my neck pain is incredible. I was never really a believer in chiropractic until Dr. Jeff relieved me of multiple pain issues. Amazing staff as well! Everyone is so nice and always smiling; never a dull moment.


Came back from 5 years ago and am now being adjusted by Dr. Andino, he's also great, staff is great, and I love the chair massage and heated water bed that they have now

Adriana Murillo

Excellent service, atmosphere, and people. I've been going to Chiropractic USA for over 10 years now, and I still learn something new everytime I go. Their teach and adjust concept is great because you learn the reasons why you go, other than pain management.

Erianna Domitrovits

Alia Galinis

I was new to chiropractic before coming here, now I realize I should have been getting adjusted from the get go! The Doctor here is awesome! He really cares about your well-being and will take the time to see what's really going on to try and resolve the issue, not just make you feel better. Such a great family atmosphere here too! My husband, who was originally skeptical of chiropractics, came with me to one of my appointments and now gets adjusted regularly as well.

Chelsey Polk

Dr. Jeff is seriously the best!!! I came in with having headaches just about every day to every other day. Since the 2 1/2 months of treatments I've literally only had 2 headaches. No more pain meds and no more pain, you can't beat that! If you have headaches look into the chiropractic route. You can even just talk to Dr Jeff and he will give you so much information that is vital to your health. Aimee, Brianne, and Janae are the sweetest and so helpful. Love this place seriously!

Claudia Bushay

Since i have started treatment at chiropractic usa about 4wks ago i must say that im a different person .i when i went in to see Dr Jeff i was in so much pain and discomfort and in 1 week of my treatment i started feeling such great relief it even amazed me that my body was responding so quickly. I would recommend anyone who has acute or chronic pain in your body to go see Dr Jeff i am certain tjat you will be healed this is not just a band aid therapy but therapy which gets to the root of your problem and fixes it. I am so happy my brother recommended me to this practice because now my life has been much more invigorating and im on track to a healthier me.

Brice Hilburn

Starting my chiropractic care has aided me in regaining well being. Before I started I was having a rough year health wise and ever since I started getting adjusted by Dr. Jeff my recovery has been swift and strong. I have more energy, less pressure, and better sleep ever since I started my care here. I highly recommend the service here and see what it can do for you, my family comes here as well and has made a big impact on them as well!

Alison Gold

I was someone extremely afraid of chiropractors but Dr. Jeff and his incredible staff put my mind at ease, took me out of pain and we are slowly turning it into a family affair!

James C

I've been going here for 3 years and I love it! The customer service is great and you always feel welcome. They keep track of all your stats and progress with detailed X-Rays. Dr Jeff is knowledgeable and knows how to fix any problems you are having. I highly recommend!

Debbie Yosha

Friendly, efficent, staff.Its been a life changer for me. The Doctors are never too busy to answer any questions and are very informitive about the process. I couldnt ask for a better place.

brian heller

Wendy Penha

There is always a smiling face to greet you in the office and they really do care about your health and well being. I can see how my adjustments have really helped with my migraines and my back and neck are very grateful after each adjustment :) Thank you tot he team at Chiropractic USA of Plantation.

Lee Greer

Tania Williams

Dr. Jeff is great you always walk out feeling fabulous. The staff is fabulous too and very caring.

Richard Boivin

Amazing Dr. Excellent staff. Beautiful office has everything you need. I've never felt pain relief like this or received better corrective care than here. This is the kind of care and service a patient dreams of. Highly recommended!!

Barbara Sheriff

Absolutely love this chiropractic office! Clean, organized, friendly, and best adjustments around!

Michael Saviano

Cindy M

I didn't quite believe in chiropractic care, but after being here for about 4-5 visits I am a believer!!! My headaches went away and I just feel better than ever... On top of that the crew at this location is nice, attentive and they truly care!! I love coming to every appointment and I will continue to do so.

T. C. V.

From the moment I walked in to do my consultation I was treated as a family member. I had fallen 3 years ago an was not able to see a chiropractor. I was in a car accident in September of 2018, I had to cancel my appointment, which was about a week after I started seeing Dr. Andino, he called to find out if I was okay, how did it happen, and proceeded to guide me through my next steps and setting my next appointment with the office. I have been tremendously blessed to have been referred to Chiropractic USA. Besides seeing (what now has become my favorite (and only) chiropratic office) I must say that Franz, the massage therapist is also my favorite, he has been the first person in 3 years to actually touch my back, I walk out there on cloud nine! Everyone there is very attentive, amazingly sweet and professional. I love this place and seeing everyone's smiling faces!

Karen Hackett

I walked into Chiropractic USA in a lot of pain and really scared. It started in one small spot in my upper back and in a couple of months it had spread to my whole upper left side of my neck, back, shoulder and the pain even went down my arm and my fingers as well. First they gave me a posture exam and took more than one x-ray. After Dr. Jeff took a look at the findings he gave me a adjustment to help relieve some of the pain. The adjustment did give some relief but much more hope. I came back that afternoon to meet with Dr. Jeff after he had time to really go over the findings and come up with a plan for treatment. He educated me on my system and answered all my questions. He then gave my the treatment plan he felt would get me out of pain and health again and included me in on the decisions of how to proceed. I am very happy to say I am out of pain and I am now seeing Dr. Jeff on a regular bases to make sure I stay feeling as good as I do now. The team at this office are wonderful and really care and I am so glad I found them.

Watts James

I will recommend Dr. Jeffery to everybody; great place, friendly & very helpful and educating you about your body

Amber Bost

Dr. Jeff and the staff here are great. Every time you enter, there is always a cheerful hello and a smile. I have had adjustments 3 times a week to correct my neck curve and reduce pain in my lower back. They gave me a full workup with x-rays, nerve charting and posture analysis (visit the website for a coupon!) and then sat me down to explain what everything meant. There is definitely an improvement in my lower back after just 3 weeks of adjustments. Not to mention, I tend to recover more quickly after Crossfit workouts too!

Jorge V.

This place is by far the best in my opinion. Dr. Jeff is skilled,caring,and compassionate with his patients, I can't say enough about him he's one of a kind. The facility is nice and organized but makes you feel at home, good people here, the whole staff is great and attentive.

Steven Werble

Amazing Place !!!! Thank you so much!!!

John Bawoo Lee

I first came to Chiropractic USA for my lower back. After receiving the x-ray evaluation, the team laid out few options that could work around my situation and were keen on ensuring that my well being and health were top priority. After receiving care here over the past couple of years, the pain in my lower back has been almost completely relieved. An added bonus was that my posture, neck and health have greatly improved. It has impacted and changed my life.

Godfrey Thomas

The staff here is: caring, loving, relaxed and sincere care givers. They are always patient and sensitive to their client’s needs.5 out of 5 stars!

Briana Johnson

Anna Lotocky

This office is dedicated to achieving true health! With six children, I was frequently spending hours at the pediatrician's and filling prescriptions for antibiotics -- until we were blessed to work with Dr. Renny (and now Dr. Jeff) at ChiropracticUSA. In the 11+ years we have been under the care of these two amazing physicians, the sick visits virtually stopped cold. Although as a public schoolteacher I'm exposed to more than my share of germs, many times the illnesses going around have simply passed me by, and when I do catch one, I recover far more quickly than my colleagues. You might say the change for the better in my case could be psychological and also attributed to this office's focus on the total health education of the patient, but regarding my children that would be totally incorrect. Being between the ages of 3-12 when we first started chiropractic, they only knew that a new doctor was caring for them. I changed nothing else in their lifestyle yet the results were nothing short of miraculous. My three-year-old son's chronic ear infections stopped the week after we began treament here. The kids loved not having to endure the pediatric visits, they loved that they no longer had to take the yucky medicine, they loved the open, warm, caring office layout and atmosphere that to this day is so different from any other healthcare office we've ever visited. One daughter's scoliosis is a non-issue thanks to her adjustments as she grew and she's now a lead instructor at FSU's health center. I've also recovered more quickly from a surgeries and injuries as a direct result of Dr. Jeff's treatments. The staff here has opened our eyes to the realities of how misguided and dangerous our American medical system has become, has taught us to eat well and get enough exercise, has helped us to be well and live well. Chiropractic care at this office includes treatments for pain and injury recovery, of course, but the focus is so much more on correcting spinal and joint subluxations that will then allow the body to heal itself as it's meant to do on a daily basis. People I meet are so surprised that we're committed to weekly visits, as if this is a bizarre idea, even when I tell them how beneficial it is and that we'd rather do this than just wait for symptoms of disease to show up, wait in a doctor's office for two hours and then be given some unnecessary (and possibly detrimental) medication and therefore all of the side effects that go with it. Instead, if one of us is not feeling well, we squeeze in an extra adjustment or two that week, and it has helped us each and every time. In addition to adjustments there's equipment devoted to stretching, strengthening, and soothing the body, and a licensed masseur (Antonio, just about the most skilled I've ever known) available. There's so much more I can say but the only way to fully understand how great and unique ChiropracticUSA in Plantation is for you to call the office and arrange to stop by and see for yourself.

Jamal gadson

Amazing staff!!! They make everyone feel welcome. Since i been going to Dr. Jeff i been feeling wonderful and he is a great guy in general. I would highly recommend him.


Amazing place and atmosphere , the staff and Dr. Jeff go above and beyond !

Jasmine Taylor

Great staff and service! The staff at Chiropractic USA truly care about their patients health and well-being! Also, be sure to get a massage by Frantz! He is a true professional and you will leave feeling great!

Angel G.

Dr. Getbehead and the Chiropractic USA Team restored my spine after severe compression fatigue in turn restoring my quality of life. Like an Olympian athlete attends gym regularly, I now keep all chiropractic appointments. Words cannot convey my gratitude to this team of professionals. I highly recommend.

Vernon Ashton Jr


Eileen Davis

Chiropractic USA has the most awesome team.

Jordanna Egan

In June my daughter and I were in a horrible car accident and referred to Dr. Jeff at Chiropractic USA. We were in very bad shape and truthfully I didn't know much about chiropractic care, and was just hoping that it would help us start to feel better soon. I was unable to drive there, so my parents in law took us for our first appointment. Dr. Jeff, Amy and the rest of the crew were extremely warm and welcoming, and made sure all of everyone's questions were answered. When I left that day, I was so happy to be referred to them, and felt extremely comfortable with him. We were in bad shape, we saw Dr. Jeff three-four times a week all summer. We were always seen on time, and we were constantly given great care. Brianna always welcomed us with a smile, she is extremely pleasant! Dr. Jeff always asked us lots of questions and if we had any questions, he answered them. There were days when my daughter was extremely sensitive, and those days he would not continue to treat her, as he obviously cares about his customers not the money!! He is really down to earth and sincere. Every so often Amy would give us x-rays to see how we were doing, she is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met! She was also the one to handle making appointments for us for MRIs. She was extremely thorough and made sure to have everything we needed ready in advance for us. Communication, which was very important as we were seeing many kinds of doctors between the two of us, was always stellar thanks to Amy. After an adjustment, there are many exercises you MUST do. Brittany was always there to guide and assist, and also keep an eye on my daughter to see that she did not over exert herself. The office is beautiful. There is always fresh fruit available and water. Every week there are interesting articles about the benefits of chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle to read while you wait for your adjustment. Once a month he does "Dinner with the Doc." I went with my daughter and it wasn't a sales pitch. It was a genuine conversation about the benefits of chiropractic care, living a healthy life style, and also some facts about health care in general. It was an interesting evening, and I learned a lot. Don't hesitate going to Dr. Jeff. He's an absolutely amazing person and his staff is top notch as well.

Juliene Alvarado

Dr.Jeff Getbehead and Staff are phenomenal. Their team provides World Class Customer Service. Dr. Jeff takes his time to understand and assess the various areas for improvement. Only after a year I can definitely see the results!!!

Tracy Aquino

I've been getting adjustments for almost two years here. Since then I've stopped taking Motrin daily for chronic pain and have amazing posture. In addition to that my adjustments help me recover a lot faster from my workouts. I highly recommend for all ages. The staff at Chiropractic USA care are very knowledgeable, care about your health, and are always very pleasant.

Rick Hazey

Dr. Hector and his Team were awesome! I felt welcome and comfortable from the moment I was greeted walking in, throughout the whole experience. I left there feeling much better than when I came in! I'm looking forward to the next appointment.

Shreja Patel

I love this place! I am so glad I chose Chiropractic USA. Dr. Andino and Franz as well as all the staff are very friendly and want the best for you. I cannot wait to see my results and hope it works out for me. It is so nice going into a office where everyone has a smile on their face. Definitely recommend Chiropractic USA!

Sonnie Barr

Went in hurting. Came out smiling. Great office with caring staff.

Ashley F

Hands down, best chiropractic office. My first impression was "these people are not just in it for the money". The entire staff continually shows compassion and dedication to each client. This is the first office that has made me feel like family from the moment I got there. The doctor is educated in so many areas concerning healthcare, wellness and recovery. They provide you with all the tools on-site as well as informational gatherings off-site. This office offers "bonuses" like Patient of the Month, free massages and so much more. As for the care they give, I felt like the doctor was sensitive to my past and present issues more than I could ask. He gave me a plan and a solution as well as an amazing financial offer. I would definitely recommend this office in a heart beat!

Frantz Dorvil Jr.

Tae Brooks

Great place to go ! Staff are full of positive energy .They are very well organized and welcoming.Doctor Jeff and Aj really love what they do.I have only been going for a month and my recovery has been excellent.

Justin Green

Dr. Jeff and the staff are all first rate; very pleasant, personable professional and effective. They have a proficient scheduling system, showed great attention to detail in evaluating my condition and have a well organized office with the right tools for what I needed. I felt much more confident in achieving a speedy recovery from a back injury with the help of these guys.

Kim Tegeler

I have received chiropractic care since I was 11 years old due to a scoliosis diagnosis. However, after becoming a patient at Chiropractic USA I have seen such a change in how my body reacts to adjustments. Dr. Jeff is fantastic and really explains what he is doing and why. He is genuinely interested in what is happening in your life and how you are feeling. He not only helps me feel better through great care and adjustments, he is also a committed member of the community. Dr. Jeff and Amy volunteered to come to the school I work at for Career Day and explain to the students what a chiropractor does and how the spine works. He even gave me an adjustment so the students could see the process first hand. The staff at Chiropractic USA always go above and beyond to ensure quality care. I'm so glad I made the decision to come here!

Ciara Waunsch

The entire team at Chiropractic USA have become a second family to me. They truly care about their patients and always make me feel like my health and progress are important. I’ve had significantly less migraines over the last year since I started chiropractic care and couldn’t be happier with that. Thank you all for being so great!

Lizette Alcantara

Loveeed it. Love Joan, Amy, Crystal and of course Dr. Jeff.. amazing team.. amazing doctor! My attitude always get adjusted; and my husband loves it!!

Gail Norman

After getting hurt doing a boot camp workout, I sought out Antonio, the massage therapist at Chiropractic USA Plantation. Upon contacting the office for an appointment, Margie convinced me to get a full exam (free with website coupon) with Dr. Jeff and his staff. Thirty six visits later, I know have a perfect banana curve in my neck and the great looking spine. The care and concern that Dr. Jeff and his staff give is exceptional!

Regina Veedell

I went to see Dr Jeff because I was suffering with headaches, almost daily and this was definitely not normal for me. A little over a month in his care and from the first week I started I haven't had a headache. I have been through surgery and personal ups and down and I feel with Dr Jeff's chiropractic care my body is able to handle daily strife and recouperating...Thanks Doc! Regards, Regina Veedell

Shannon Grace

Doctor Jeff has completely changed my life. For 5 years I lived in pain every day that held me back from the things I love to do. I was hiding my pain from my friends and family so that they didn't know how miserable I was on the inside. Dr. Jeff has helped me get back to the life I love living, and I'm doing it pain free! Chiropractic USA Plantation has the best team around, everyone in the office is so kind, understanding, and friendly. From your first visit you will see how passionate Dr. Jeff is about chiropractic care. I forgot how great life was before pain, thank you Dr. Jeff, and the team at Chiropractic USA Plantation for giving me my life back!

Kris H

Chiropractic USA has really helped me. When I first started coming in, I was in a lot of pain in my lower back and shoulders. I walked around hunched over and had no energy. Now after 6 months I have never felt better. I stand up straight and am almost completely pain free. I work in a very physical job and visiting here keeps me in good shape to keep up with the demands. My energy level has never been higher. I have learned a lot about my own body and highly recommend Chiropractic USA to anyone interested in taking care of themselves

victoria handy

I have been going to Chiropractic USA for the past 2 months, and I have been in great hands! This was my first time going to see a chiropractor, and I instantly felt comfortable. This team cares about your health and well being, and will do their best to get you back into tip-top shape! I 100% reccomend this office!

Bauj Chang

ChiropracticUSA in Plantation is more than worth your time and money. A caring friend told me about this place. I've been going for over a year now on a regular basis. Within 1 week my mind and body was feeling so much better. I was sleeping better, daily muscle aches were reduced, and my outlook on my health has improved. In my opinion, the best part about Dr. Jeff and the team is that they empower me with education. They help me to understand how the spine is connected to our entire body and why it's so important to stay healthy and get checked regularly, whether your spine is perfect or needs adjustment. I feel safe and welcomed every time I go because everyone is so supportive and treats me as not just a patient, but a person. Check them out. It could be life-changing for you.

Joey Vargas

Saeisa Van Horn

My husband has been talking about this place for 3 years, one whole before we even got married lol finally went with our 1 year old daughter and it was beyond exceptional. Dr Jeffrey really knows his stuff, and his entire staff is extremely helpful and delightful. Can't wait to go again and I also recommended my mom to go when she comes to visit from philly. Hope to find someone or a place as great as this in Hawaii. Mahalo Dr Jeffrey , hope to see you soon

Linda Vandusen

Barbara Sidman

Great staff, very friendly. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by name and a smile. The Doctors are never too busy to answer any questions, are very informative and listen to the patient. I never feel rushed. I have been coming for adjustments going on a month and my recovery has been excellent. Very pleased with the care I have received. Would definitely recommend.

Brett Shollar

Ever since i started coming to chiropractic usa, i have not experienced any asthmatic issues nor have my allergies acted up. Also since coming here my stamina has increased when working out in the gym and also relieves any aches or pains i would get before.

Shirien Thomas

Staff is absolutely amazing! Very helpful and informative. Brianna,Brandy,Any and Dr.Edilson are the absolute best. I've been going here for almost 2 months and I've experienced improvement already! They have turned the worst experience of my life into a very big blessing.

Randi Melton

Dr. Jeff and his team are a wonderful group who know and genuinely love the world that is chiropractic care. From the initial consultation to the weekly visits, they endeavor to educate you on your treatment as it relates to you as a whole person and not just immediate pain relief. Over the course of my care, the persistent daily headaches that brought me in to the office, have almost completely ceased. I am so pleased with the care I receive and I gladly sing the praises of Dr. Jeff and the great team at Chiropractic USA.

Jonathan Williams

Amazing chiropractic experience. Been going here for a while now and it has been great! The staff is amazing, and I feel a lot better now from the chiropractic care I receive. Highly recommend!

Noelle Powell

I've been going to ChiropracticUSA since February 2010. Dr. Jeff and the ChiropracticUSA team keep my posture better than the rest and my immune system strong with weekly adjustments and spine exercises such as stretching and traction. And when I had an incident involving my neck with a pinched nerve while at work, I could not even turn my head to the left; Dr. Jeff was able to relieve my subluxation after 4 back to back visits, with the directions to only ice throughout the day and relax and I was as good as new with no pain and full rotation of my neck! Not only does going to ChiropracticUSA keep me healthy, they also educate me about the art of Chiropractic and the beneficial affects it has on my life, and let me tell you, I rarely get sick, my immune system is fantastic - Thanks to ChiropracticUSA! :)

Jon Garber MOD

Dr Andino and Chiropratic USA are a fantastic chiropractic care facility. Their office is state of the art. The team took their time to carefully document my issues and begin evaluation. Dr Andino is not the typical "neck cracker". His adjustments were very gentle and I felt immediate relief.

Raymond Cineus

Sherlette Lee

Awesome staff very professional treatment. Very welcoming atmosphere. Feel comfortable with everyone

Zeon Sargeant

Maria Fuentes

They are truly amazing!! Both my daughter-in-law and myself are receiving the best care and treatment. They are very thorough and informative while helping us to heal and become stronger. Thank you so much for everything!

Ian Morgan

I started coming to Chiropractic USA in February. My back has been feeling much better since Dr. Jeff started adjusting my spine. I also decided to bring my wife and kids a few weeks after that and the love it. The staff is very friendly and upbeat and always there to help. Thank you Chiropractic USA for all of your continued help.

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