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REVIEWS OF Wilmington Sport & Spine Chiropractic Center IN Delaware

Hilary Neumann

Dr. Casey is awesome! I haven't felt this good in years! Her staff is friendly and fun. And as a bonus she was a neighbor back in Pittsburgh!

James Frager

After having water therapy, physical therapy and thinking of surgery I am Glad to have connected with Dr Martin, Dr Stone and staff at 3910 concord pike , I am well informed of my injury and how to attack it without surgery. I could not connect my injury to my degeneration till now. Thank you Dr Martin, Dr Stone and your amazing staff you'll are a team of professionals.

Rebekah R.

The five star reviews are from guests trying to win prizes. This practice has a promotion advertised where you can win cash or a TV if you give them a 5-star rating online. Actual service is poor and this practice is sub-standard. They refuse to provide your own medical records upon request, which is illegal. But hey, if you lie and say that they're awesome you could win a free TV!

James Warren

On my first visit, I came in with a cane. Dr. G performed one adjustment and I no longer needed the cane. It is truly remarkable and I look forward to the continued treatments.

Larry Harris

Dr. Casey is great. she takes time to listen to what is bothering you. The staff at the office is very patient Friendly.

Dawn Zazzera

We highly recommend visiting Garnet Valley Sport and Spine. My daughter had been complaining about lower back pain for over a month. Dr. Soto helped us figure out why she was having the pain. She has been treating her and helping to relieve the pain she's been having. Dr. Soto is very kind, gentle, and knowledgeable. The entire staff is awesome!

Mohammad Islam

It was my first experience with a chiropractor due to auto accident. I was pretty much nervous during my first visit. They took x-rays and did a consult. I was assigned for three days a week, six weeks session.Dr. Grace and her team always make me feel welcome!

Delilah Giles

The staff are excellent. They’re friendly and 100% professional

Aurora DeSimone

Elizabeth Solomon

Best place ever! I was involved in a minor work related injury. My Dr. had sent me here. I've never really been into chiropractic work, but wow have I changed my thinking! Dr. Casey is simply put...amazing! She's a miracle worker, for sure! The staff is as nice as nice can be. Super knowledgeable, accommodating and efficient. In addition to the work incident I was sent here for, I have had chronic pain throughout my body for years, and these folks have done wonders to fix me up. I'm not 100%, but I will continue to get treatment here as long as I can, and as often as I can. Seriously can't say enough good things about this place, and wish there were 10 stars!


WARNING: They rate themselves! "I have received the best care there with the wonderful team they have" - Dr Tim Martin [what that 5 star review from 2 years ago doesn't say is he's the chiropractor that works there]. Read many of the other reviews. They aren't authentic. Likely they realized to use anonymous accounts.

N Kr

This practice really wasted my time & research. I was impressed with positive review & really managed my time to get an appointment. Called them before to provide my health insurance information receptionist said just bring on appointment day. Visited on appointment day, filled out lengthy paper work, asked to check my insurance plan as I told them as far per my knowledge chiropractic visits are free from my insurance, they did not check it & said the person is out today & I need to pay $40 for this visit ,if I need treatment that does not sound right to me & they said book another appointment & they will call me beforehand after checking my insurance. Well they never did I called them before appointment to make sure things are aligned, receptionist said everything is fine I just need to come and talk. Well visited second time a lady took me to the room & did few calculations and came up with a bill of $380 Woooooooooo, & she explained something about deductible and you need many visits. I was like whattt you did not even checked me did not even provided me single therapy and calculated $380 future bill which is being asked to pay in full for discount. I again mentioned clearly that if you check my insurance that is free for me as my insurance covers it 100%, they said ok they will call my insurance and call me back so I can book appointment again. This time yeeeeee she did call me back and said yes it is covered fully by my insurance and if I want to come I can come again. So never happened to see a therapist so now sure how they are but got stuck before, felt like it was just money trap. ** Just one advice to others understand your insurance before visiting them otherwise you may get surprises later. ** I just read a review here with picture which is showing if a customer gives 5 starts on google review they will be entered to win a TV. That explains shady practices I have seen myself.

Tony Kai

I went to Wilmington Sports and Spine on 202. I went in with a condition and 4 weeks later left with the same condition very little if any improvement. Everyone was very nice however I was evaluated by one of the Chiropractor’s she gave me an evaluation of 3 times a week for 4 weeks (Phase1). They did check my insurance as I did before I went my insurance covered 100% however my second visit I was given a bill of $800 and some dollars if I paid up front it will be $767. They would not be begin until I paid. I came back to them and paid $767 in cash. Started (Phase 1) 3 times a week for 4 weeks with very little improvement. I was told by the doctor along with with Phase 1 treatment to go home and exercise which I did by the end of my Phase 1 treatment. The Chiropractor did not go over a Phase 2 treatment. I felt she dismissed me since there was no improvement in my condition. She offered nothing after Phase 1. I felt it was all about the money after I lined her pockets with my money and no improvement in my condition she offered me nothing. Is this how they treat people . Enjoy the early Christmas gift of $767.

Jennifer B

Dr. Casey and her staff are absolutely amazing!! She really spends the time with you to get you the best results. I am pain free and living a better life style because of Dr. Casey!! I look forward to my adjustments with her. I was a previous patient of the Garnet Valley location where I was seen by Dr. Martin. With Dr. Casey I felt she listened to my every concern and took her time with me. I did not feel rushed and like I was on a conveyer belt of patients like I did at GV. I highly recommend!!!

Dr. Aleta A. Krauss

Dr. Joe Gagliotti has done wonders for my back which has experienced too many years of desk jobs. Thank you! :)

Nina Taylor

They have helped me so much. Dr. Casey and her staff are very friendly and genuinely concerned about you. If it wasn't for the spinal decompression I don't think I would be walking as normal as I am now. I am getting better with her chiropractic treatment also.

Kaylah Dessausure

I love this place! They’re the best! All of the staff are very pleasant, understanding, and professional. They are always smiling. They’re very flexible with your schedule. The place is clean, smells great, and is very well maintained! They offer complementary coffee, hot tea, water, and snacks. They are kid friendly! They help you get back to feeling good as new! They get you in and out. Keep up the fantastic work, Wilmington Sport and Spine Chiropractic Center! Thank you so much!

Charlene Warren

I absolutely love this place. Courteous and Caring Staff and Doctors who really care about the people and their improvement. They take care of their patients. They listen, assess your unique situation and then they treat you like family. Gotta Love Sport and Spine Chiropractic Centers. They get you back to you! Wilmington Spoil and Spine have become my extended family and I am extremely grateful to them for actually giving a DAMN about me. I Just Love You Guys.

Shay Howell


Omg❣️ I have made some real gd friends here.... The staff here is so down to earth, they make u feel comfortable.... Not only that, they services are great.... Not only do they treat me they also treat my son ( who is 14).... They take their time to understand where ur hurting so they can treat u.... I like the fact that they can tell when something is wrong b4 u can say anything... Thank u for ur services❣️

Steph Nagoski

Very comfortable and clean place, friendly staff, and they've been so very helpful with my pinched nerve pain. Thanks!

King of Philly

The staff at Wilmington sport and spine is dedicated to providing excellence treatment for me , They treat patients for many conditions resulting from car accidents, work place and sports injuries and more. They developed a effective treatment plans for me , and not only did they alleviate my pain, they fully assist me back on my path back to health. The office utilize the latest technologies in rehabilitation services to isolate problem areas faster and more accurately than traditional methods. The doctor here is so amazing I love the way she treat me as a patient , the front desk and the billing dept and the rest of the staff does a wonderful job. I’m so thankful for you guys. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Concord Pike office

Rebecca Behrens

This place is fantastic. I always leave feeling great after my adjustments. Dr. Soto is excellent at what she does. This is a nice location with very friendly & helpful staff. I would highly recommend this office to any of my family, friends or even a stranger interested in finding relief & taking care of pain.

John Williams

Staff was friendly seeming. I've moved on to a new practice for the last month. To be respectful I won't mention where but search high rated Chiropractor on Google. Two problems here 1) It's summer, people are sweaty and sticky. Clean your equipment! Spray equipment with vinegar, wipe with hot washcloths or something. The few times I went in June there were many sweaty people lying down and when they left only small tissue paper for the head was rotated. 2) If you have a 'card' or care plan you agree to pay more and get in faster. When you're a walk it's not first come, first serve. They have a walk-ins welcome sign in front of their building! Let the walk-ins through, don't prioritize those who've committed to pay you more. Or label your place as by appointment.

Ginny Cottman

I recently had a fall and after otc meds didn't work I decided to go see Dr. Martin. I was a former patient and I enjoyed the warm and professional staff. I never had a long wait and the office was nice and clean. I was able to attend as long as I felt I needed the care. Dr. Martin was always funny and available. I would strongly suggest that anyone in need of a Chiropractor go to this office. I was never in doubt when I chose to return after a second injury that I wouldn't receive the same care. I give the staff a big big big 5 stars.

Shaneeka Comeger

I love love love coming to Wilmington sport and spine for therapy! The staff is very welcoming, friendly and courteous. It always smells soooo good when walking thru the doors! Always clean! And they have convenient hours that works around any schedule. I would definitely recommend giving them a try for all your therapy needs. Great job Wilmington sport and spine!

Brittney Bailey

Although Dr. Stone is fairly new at the Sport and Spine centers her experience shows through her adjustments! She has the perfect combination of being aggressive but gently at the same time. Not to mention she has a great personality! I’m difficult to adjust at times but Dr. Stone did it so effortlessly! Highly recommended!

Clint Roberts

This business was closed until 3pm this afternoon for lunch, but I was able to schedule an appointment today, fill out the new patient forms, and get adjusted all prior to 4:15pm today! The staff are all very friendly and helpful. Dr. Soto was my chiropractor today and she is truly amazing! I am a 100% disabled veteran and she absolutely made me feel TONS better today! I will certainly be back to see Dr. Soto as necessary!

Benessa Reid

Every week I visit this facility. The staff is ALWAYS exceptional. Coming to Wilmington Sport and Spine you are guaranteed to have professional, courteous, and knowledgeable staff assisting you! I recommend this facility for anyone who is looking for Chiropractic services in a customer based environment. Dr. Gloria is always all smiles and alleviates the tension in notes areas. Melissa, Danielle, Jen, Dan are one of the most phenomenal teams I've worked with. 5 stars over and over again!!!!!!

Mesheryl Miller

This is a miracle doctor

Myesha Jones

Wilmington sport & spine chiropractics center has been exceptionally very helpful through out my journey. They make sure I am well taking care of the moment I walk through the door. Every staff member at this facility is awesome & very professional. Best chiropractic center I have ever been to.

Deborah Ellixson

COME ONE COME ALL TO THE MOST WONDERFUL CHIROPRACTIC CENTER OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled that my neurologist referred me to Wilmington Sport and Spine!!!!!! Dr. Casey and everyone at this location are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! My mobility has improved and my pain is more tolerable with the adjustments and therapies I do there!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven P

This place is great. I've been coming for about a year for my back injury, and I feel like a million bucks everytime after each adjustment. If you have any problems, this is the place you want to go first.

Joy Dooly

Dr. Tim Martin

Sport & Spine Centers provide the best chiropractic care possible! I have received the best care there with the wonderful team that they have

Tara Myers

What can i say they are all AWSOME!!!!! They don't waste your time doing treatments that aren't going to work. Everyone there treats you with respect, and are very compassionate about you're individual needs and treatment!!!!!!!

Shahzad Bolduc

Everyone working there is super friendly and always seems to fix my back. Not many chiropractors can. Also, the people there are not the kind of people who don’t talk to you while foing their jobs. They always make sure that they talk to you and see how you are doing. If you decide to go here always expect a bright smile and a phenomenal adjustment.

Jacob Lopez

The staff are very friendly, down to earth and while they are talking to you if you dont understand anything they will thoroughly explain it.

Ashley Bailey

My first day here i was greeted with a smile. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful in answering all of my questions.

jeff russell

This was one of the best choices i ever made. I suffer bad from migraines. i average 5-6 a week. been going to see them now for over a month and from first time going to get adjusted i could feel a big difference. They took an x-ray of my neck and spine and saw where the problem was. so in the last month i have only had 5 migraines. i am feeling a whole lot better. i will highly recommend this place to everyone

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