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REVIEWS OF Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic IN Delaware

jo schwartz

Drs Snyman and Nutche are the only reason I’m still functioning. I’m difficult to adjust without causing flare up but they’ve found the best approach. I think better, feel better, and breathe better after my cervical adjustments.

Heidi S

Katherine Fletcher

Been going to Rittenhouse Chiro for about a month and I cannot speak enough good things. They are extremely caring individuals who make the office have a nice family vibe. It isn't a normal chiropractor experience but instead a chiropractor mixed with PT and stim. I really look forward to going to my appointments and have already noticed improvements.

Evolution Encouraged

To say that: "Rittenhouse Chiropractors changed my life," would certainly NOT be an exaggeration or overstatement. I hadn’t a clue that this modality of medicine and healthcare could provide so much benefit. It has been only 35/40 days since I began receiving treatments with Dr. Nutche and the rest of the team, and I have found that my overall health and well-being has markedly improved, and even more I have so much more confidence in what I could achieve through chiropractic medicine. Spine, posture, strength, mental acuity, these are just a few of the aspects of wellness that I have found immense improvement since working with the chiropractor group. They are focused on the entire body and mind. Complete wellness is their focus and commitment. I have also found their customer service and personality brilliant and unmatched. I recommend them to any and everyone needing immediate relief because of dire health conditions or someone looking to tweak, upgrade, reset their current physical regiment. I am so happy that I found them, and I am constantly amazed that this is working for me…in more ways than I can imagine. Honestly, I was sort of just curious in the beginning. But it works, almost immediately. And I see that their other patients are happy with the healthcare that they receive. Book a consultation. Schedule a weekly visit. Enhance your body and mind, all over.

Clayton Ward

Jason and his team are doing an excellent job. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. I first came to them years ago and then stopped. I just started back up again. I wish I continued with the maintenance. I can see a difference.

Nick Chiappetta

I’ve been going to Dr. Nutche for over 3.5 years and would highly recommend. He takes a holistic approach to your wellness and walks you through your individualized plan based on your needs. I look forward to my regular appointments and adjustments to keep feeling great! For anyone that has a typical office or desk job that leads to that stiff neck / upper back, I highly recommend!

Clifford Brown

My life has changed significantly since starting at Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic. The care and attention to detail has all but eliminated my pains and has made me a lot stronger. Everyone on staff is helpful and dedicated to your success.

Magdalena Brones

I have had constant migraines for years now and have tried almost every medication out there. I finally decided to try Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic to see if it would make a difference, and it truly did! My headaches no longer come on a daily basis and my migraines have improved SIGNIFICANTLY! The staff is incredibly thorough, accommodating, and kind which definitely makes the experience even better!

MaryAlyce Rensa

Awesome caring services.

Michael Rosen

The entire staff, not just the doctors, are kind and professional. In my experience at Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic, the needs of the patient always come first with a focus on healing and well being. In addition to providing superb chiropractic treatments, RSC offers tailored fitness services (including a gym and coaching), massage therapy, nutrition counseling, customized orthotics, a variety of vitamins and meal replacement options, and more. Services and products are tailored to the unique and evolving needs of patients in a no-pressure way. At RSC, I've always felt like a partner in my own health care rather than being made to feel like just another piece of meat or another payment.

Sylvia McKinney

Recently had a painful back issue. The doctors were great; the staff, attentive. My back feels amazing.

deena davis

During the course of my experience at Rittenness chiropractic my condition has improved 100%. While visiting this location I noticed professionalism shown by each and every individual employed. I would recommend Rittenhouse Chiropractic’s to anyone. Why deal with pain, when you can get it adjusted today!!!

Janet Tesfai

Dr. Nutche and his staff are great! They are always friendly and try to get me in and out of the office as quickly as possible. I always leave feeling better than when I entered!

Michelle Watson

Kelly Grattan

I only just started going but so far so good! I loved the thorough explanation of my problem areas, the approach to treatment, and the idea that the goal is to NOT have to see them indefinitely. I really love the holistic approach to treatment; necessary adjustments are complemented by light physical therapy and other treatments, as well as at-home exercises to correct the issues. I get in right away for my appointments and I'm out very quickly; they have their act together. Great staff; everyone is extremely nice and supportive.


Dr. Snyman has helped me so much over the past 3 months! Not only was he focused on helping to relieve my pain but was also was concerned about my diet and the way that I was working out at the gym. I love the wholistic approach that this office takes to my health. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone!


Everyone is very kind there. Treatment plan is well described and I am looking forward to feeling better!

F Marianacci

Dr. Snyman and staff at Rittenhouse Chiropractic are outstanding. The care is efficient and highly effective - and I would recommend them to anyone!



John Salguero

Allison Naples

As a 34 year old who has never been to a chiroprator before, Snyman Chiropractic has been a welcome addition to my life. In the short couple of months I have been a patient, I am extremely pleased with my progress. I began feeling a noticable improvement in just a few visits! The staff is knowledgable and uses state of the art technology and testing to properly diagnose and treat various ailments. Snyman Chiropratic makes scheduling appointments quick and easy. I work in Center City and I schedule appointments over my lunch hour because there is no waiting. The staff is friendly and accommodating as well. I recommend Snyman Chiropratic to anyone who has chiropratic needs or wants to be proactive in maintaining their overall health.

Chris Betz

Cierra Lewis

I had severe lower back and neck pain for about 2 years before I went to Snyman Chiropractic. I even tried yoga and changing my mattress, nothing really helped. Within 2 weeks of regular visits my back pain was gone. I didn't even remember that I had the initial pain at first. Although with my regular activities (exercise and dancing) I often feel tightness in my back when I go to Dr. Nutche at Snyman it is regulated in one quick visit, and gradually my back is getting healthier and there is less reoccurrence of injury. The staff is very pleasant, accommodating and knowledgeable about the human anatomy. This is a great place to begin a road to recovery and a pleasant experience for anyone. At first I was nervous about getting adjusted but the staff and the beautiful atmosphere eased the fear away.

Brian Harris

Michele Reese

After being involved in a car accident and experiencing a great deal of neck back and shoulder pain, I came across the Snyman Chiropractic Group on the internet. I choose Snyman Chiropractic Group because they received a great rating online. I also needed a convenient location for my treatment and the office was located close to my job in center city Philadelphia. I had never used a Chiropractor and I must say I was a little skeptical at first. From the moment I step into the office I felt the warmth of the entire staff and I felt that the office was run very professionally. I received a great deal of information about what I could expect from my treatment and It really put me at ease. I was assigned to Dr. Snyman and from our first meeting I really felt that I could trust him with my care and he showed a great deal of concern about my concerns and getting me well. He answered all of my questions and he has explained everything in relation to my care. I began telling coworkers and friends about my experience right away. I have experienced improvement in my levels of pain and regained some of the mobility that was effected by the trauma from my car accident. I would recommend Snyman Chiropractic Group without hesitation. I am so glad that I selected them and I know that I will continue using them in the future to maintain my health.

Charles Ayala

kyleen taylor

sari foge

Dr Snyman is a fabulous holistic practitioner. His staff is kind and professional

Alejandro Cárabe

Both medical and support staff are top of the pop!! This is my very first chiropractor experience and I am fortunate I have fallen in such great hands. Not only they follow a scientific approach supported by imaging and and medical chart creation and revision. Their strategy is sound and solid, which gives you the confidence to know the investment is perfectly justified. Loving it!!

Marge L

Rho Zee

Professional, caring, and effective. I was immediately impressed with the "not just a chiro" vibe - they take an overall approach with serious diagnosis, adjustments, exercises to improve posture, etc. When I first came here, I had recurring issues with my lower back, definite posture issues, etc. My main goal was to get back to where I could do long runs without my back and neck being the limiting factors causing me to end up walking out doing it. I have gotten that and much more. With just biweekly visits, my issues are well under control. My posture has improved dramatically and the effects are felt throughout everyday activities. Dr. Nutche has been my primary caregiver there and I can't say enough good things about him. He utilizes as many adjustments and techniques as are needed to take care of whatever part of my body is being troublesome at the time, as well as keeping other parts properly adjusted. Dr. Amy has also taken a good number of my appointments - she also is awesome and, while differing in some of the techniques, never fails to get the job done.

Gwendolyn Morris

The Snyman Chiropractic Group is focused on client centered care. The staff will spend time listening to your symptoms, your goals for physical therapy, and your recommendations for your care. They will always follow up with you to make sure that you are satisfied with your care. They will offer you multiple modalities of care that you can use during your appointment and in everyday life. They are mindful of preventive care and will educate you about your body. They will work with your schedule to fit in appointments and will work with your budget/insurance as well. I have never had to wait in the waiting room, even when I arrive early I am seen right away. The office space is easily accessible and is very clean. The equipment is in great condition. Technology is employed to improve care such as an online patient portal and text message appointment reminders. Every staff member is polite, professional, well dressed, well-educated, hard-working, caring, and friendly. By your second appointment everyone will know your name. The staff works well together by collaborating to offer you the best care possible. The treatments they offer have worked very well for me. When I attend therapy I see clients of every age will all sorts of conditions also being helped by the Snyman Chiropractic Group.

Benjamin Zuckerman

It's always a pleasure dealing with everyone there. Appointments are easy and quick to make, I am always taken on time, and--most important--the treatments help keep my back feeling good.

Mallika Bender

Definitely helped me get through some issues with my back and hips. The doctors and staff here are friendly and efficient. The payment options keep it affordable, and the location right in Center City is perfect for me.

Michael Gradisek

A Allan

They know what they are doing. They combine Chiropractic with exercise and massage, it's great! Had back pain relief within just a few visits and they helped me learn techniques to keep my back strengthened.

Aileen Burke

I have had an excellent experience at Snyman Chiropractic. Everyone in this office is genuinely caring and friendly. My favorite aspect about this office is how timely and flexible they are! I have never had to wait more than five minutes to be called into the office, even if I've showed up early because of my work schedule. I see Dr. Nutche, and he is always friendly and helpful. When I first came to the office I was experiencing back and neck pain. I was given a very thorough exam and xrays, and they came up with the right treatment plan for me. I am now feeling much better and look forward to my weekly appointments!

George Mcginnis

Always thoughtful to the needs of the patient ans with spot on treatment and followup.

Jamie Murphey

I am so impressed by this office. Karen is incredible. I'm such a fan.

Erik Laughlin

William S.

rachel desimone

Shannon Dwyer

Dr. Nutche and his staff have single handedly made my day to day life bearable. His treatments have severely decreased daily pains with TMJ, shoulder tightness, leg differential, nerve pain and a torn labrum in my hip. I didn’t think I’d be able to run or workout as heavily as I used to (div I soccer, track and cross country athlete). I’m extremely appreciative for their help and attentiveness to this process

Marcus Gary

Friendly, outgoing, informative and helpful. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else.

Renee Rapp

Rachel L

Awesome place ! would recommend to everyone

Jim Baker

Katherine Salaam

The staff and doctors are very professional and understanding. Would recommend to anyone.

Mike Schwed

The office is well organized and has a handful of attentive and knowledgeable staff to help you recover or just improve daily comfort. They have a very nice and clean equipment in all of their exam rooms and wellness areas. I am excited to continue my treatment and I am going to be recommending Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic to my friends and family.

Chloe Sun

I have been visiting Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic for about 3 months now, and I honestly haven’t felt better in years. They have helped me so much in managing neck pain and migraines. It’s really improved my quality of life dramatically. The staff is so caring and accomidating - they work with your schedule and are flexible! I can’t say enough positive things about them and the work they do.

Anna A

We call Dr Snyman THE MAGICIAN! Highly recommend!!!

earle drake

Dr Snyman and his staff are the best, You will get well at Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic

diane mastrando

The staff is very nice. Chiropractic care and office physical therapy did not help resolve the pain in my leg, nor did it help me run again. I was told by the chiropractor that the pain in the back of my leg was from my low back. After the leg wasn't getting better, I requested (orthopedic Dr ) an MRI of my back. This was not showing any problem that would cause this pain. After more weeks of treatment, I requested an MRI of my leg and was found to have a hamstring tear. Now I will see a PT and possibly have some procedure to correct this ongoing painful problem. I would definitely recommend chiropractic care, but it would be helpful if they could look outside the box. If one gets too consumed with defending their practice and misses the point of their purpose, no one wins. Adjusting the spine will not fix the tear, but it makes sense that adjustments to optimally align the spine may prevent a tear in the future. All along, I kept the chiropractor, physical therapist and sports medicine doctor in the loop about what was going on and basically they have not helped me. Chiropractors and medical doctors do not acknowledge each other and this is unfortunate. I am still not able to run without pain. It is all unsettling. I have been proactive in my care, but one should expect the professionals be more pro-active in trying to resolve a problem, in a more timely fashion. This would save money and improve healthcare. Also, I have a neck tightness that I never had before and it happened after an adjustment. There were no recommendations given to me to correct this. I was kind of surprised.

Corinne Packard

dr Snyman is fantastic. Very professional and actually helped my neck/shoulder problem!

Brooke Mabardy

This is the best Chiro I’ve been to! For the first time, he spent time doing a full body check instead of only paying attention to one problem. I look forward to my visits each week and notice improvements already.

Paula Benner

The chiropractor's recommendations for care and supplementation following recent fractures were appreciated. The chiropractor is not only highly skilled, with decades of experience, but takes a personal interest in his patients. Today the chiropractor went the extra mile to give me a physical therapy exercise because he saw that I needed it, even though he wasn't required to do so. The assistants are courteous, sensitive and attentive to my needs.

Heather Bruno

Lizzy D.

Ken Kalstein

Nicole Paley

Feel great since I started coming to the office

Joshua Rodriguez

The office location is convenient and the Staff is professional and very pleasant. My experiences thus far have been full of wonderful interactions and lots of information about the body and my personal care plan. The education provided by the Staff is excellent and helps ease any tensions that one may be feeling. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to better their quality of life.

Walter Beck

Been going for 15+ years. Staff is wonderful and chiropractic work got me through several soccer tournaments.

Diane Lynch

The Dr. explains everything clearly and will give you all options possible. The staff are always kind and helpful.

Mariusz Wiecheć

Everybody in the office is very nice. Dr Snyman is good at explaining what are the possible causes of the pain. It all make sense. I am going for adjustments once a month and slowly but steadily I can feel the improvement. Recommended service!

Shelby Alexa

Everyone at Rittenhouse Chiropractic is kind & professional. I have never waited past 5-10 minutes to be seen. My lower back and neck/shoulder pain is gradually improving after just 3 weeks of adjustments. They really know what they are doing, & I'm so thankful for catching my spine issues early! This is such a great spot to seek chiropractic care--you owe it to yourself to come in! (Special thanks to O for being so wonderful & genuine!)

Rosa Agliata

Snyman Chiro group offers excellent service and is a very well professionally managed business. The doctors are very skilled and attentive to your needs and your goals. Dr Nutche is extremely competent and professional. The staff is caring, gentle and very accommodating. Once you start going there, after few visits your like will see immediate improvements. Love it

Nick Nolan

Very courteous and knowledgeable staff always eager to assist me every session, while working toward my pain free goal

Joy Waldinger

You guys are amazing!!!!! Thank you for your holistic care:)

Sarah Adigba

Everybody here is so nice and friendly. They are always ready to help.

Jasira Ziglar

Sarah Fadel

After suffering 8 years of migraines, Dr. Nutche is the only person to help me understand why it was happening and treat problems I didn’t even know existed. The staff and office is so welcoming; would highly recommend this facility!!!

Shakena G

I always love coming in for my appointments! I know that I will be treated as an individual and that the doctors will care to my specific needs! All of the staff is truly helpful!

Barb B

Great doctors and friendly staff.

Anthony Capriotti

I’m very pleased so far with everyone in the office. It a kind and professional atmosphere. I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in 18 years and although I just started on a 12 week plan to correct my many issues my X-ray showed. I feel confident this team will help

Daryl Lloyd

Kevin McGarvey

As I continue my visits I still experience professional care as well as friendly assistance from the staff. I am grateful that I was referred to Rittenhouse Chiropractic. I look forward to my appointments.

Qaid Hassan

Absolutely amazing! Consistently! Non-invasive, rebuild and strengthen from within approach. Their care and methodology should be considered one of the essentials to health and wellness nowadays.

Uri Shoham

I am relatively new patient. But from what I experienced so far, the staff- both the professionals and the administrative are effective, efficient and pleasant. After two treatments I feel much better. Updated a month later. My above mentioned views did not change, in the contrary, I am very satisfied with the treatment. I feel much better now after a series of visits. Before i started my back pain precluded me from running, now I am gradually starting to run on the treadmill.

Susan Dennin

The best chiropractors in Philly! Made me feel so much better. Very friendly, quick , and helpful

LaSeana Ford

I highly recommend Dr. Nutche and his staff at Rittenhouse Square chiropractic! I was referred to him by one of my colleagues and it’s been one of the best recommendations thus far! So, a little background story... I started having lower back pain for about a year now. I thought it was because I was so active. Boy was I wrong! I’m in my 20’s so you can only imagine how frightening I felt if I didn't act fast! However, didn’t lose hope! My first consultation was awesome everyone was extremely friendly they were happy to have me there, they explained how everything worked and gave me a tour of the facility. I then met with Dr. Nutche, he went over all the details with me spoke with me about all the problems I was having with my back and my body in general. He then gave me an understanding as to how he could help me and why I have been having all of these problems. After my consultation with the Dr and his lovely staff, I felt comfortable and confident that I made the right choice. Seriously, people, I’m sensitive and very particular and this place is wonderful! You can put a price on your health or your body. Make the investment! You won’t be disappointed. 1. The staff is very friendly, very welcoming, knowledgeable, attentive, and very patient. 2. They were extremely accommodating with my schedule. 3. They help me get workplace accommodations so I can continue my treatment even at work! 4. Communicated with me through text! what other doctors office does this? It’s amazing and so easy to speak to someone. I received care twice a week and I believe this is about my eighth or ninety visit and I’ve defintely seen a change. Now I’m more cognizant about the way I stand, sleep, use my electronic devices etc.. I’m pleased!

Arleen Kowalski

I started seeing Dr. Snyman a few months ago after being referred by a co-worker for problems with my hips. I was sooo impressed with the initial evaluation and was very hopeful that he would be able to fix me. I can happily say today that I am pain free and I am now able to take long walks again. He and his staff are AWESOME!!!! I basically kept my apt today just to say thank you for all his work and advice. I would highly recommend him and his staff for any problems you may be having. I seen a different chiropractor last year for several months and never had the results that I have had with them.

Julia Judson-Rea

Great care, great staff, comfortable office. Visits can be quick and wait times are minimal. Convenient location in center city and willing to help with pre-paid packages if your insurance doesn't cover chiropractic.

Inez Anna Zuska

The care I am receiving at Rittenhouse chiropractic is beyond what I could even ask for. The STAFF is ATTENTIVE to your needs and concerns. I was originally worried about switching therapy offices and the process couldn't have been easier. During the first and second visit, multiple X-rays and tests were done. Dr. Nutche explained every single X-ray result in detail that helped me grasp a better understanding of my current condition and the best treatment plans available. The practice is clean and all equipment looks new and up to date. Great location. I HIGHLY recommend this facility to anyone looking for the proper treatment.

Drew Olanoff

I'm finding that the staff, including the Dr. really listen to me when I bring up my concerns or recent reasons why I'm in pain. They offer helpful suggestions outside of care that make me feel better all around.

Gail Wampler

Claire Frosch

I have been a patient of Dr. Nutche's for 5 years. I suffer from chronic migraines and getting regular adjustments helps me to manage them. Dr. Nutche is very attentive, the office staff is warm and friendly and hours are flexible, which helps me fit visits into my busy schedule. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and am happiest with the quality of treatment Dr. Nutche provides.

Vo Maziarz

Great staff good program

Ozge Senel

Shannon Donnelly

I have been going to chiropractors for 4 years now and none of them compare to the ones at this facility. The staff is kind and they all genuinely care about how you’re feeling and getting you to progressively feel better, rather than just a quick fix. My back and neck have never felt better. This place is amazing and I recommend it to literally everyone that I hear that has back pain.

Jasmine Zateeny

I have been a patient at Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic for two years and only have positive things to share about the practice and the people who work there. Not only have they helped me manage my pain, they have provided exceptional customer service and have inspired me to make better decisions that have improved my overall heath. They have a friendly, reliable and flexible staff who are always there to help you with a smile. What is most important for me is that they really do care about people and it shows in their actions. I give them my highest recommendation if you are looking to improve your health and better yourself.

Vanessa Pollard

This is a great location friendly and prompt thanks for everything guys!

Nanette Joyce

I have been a patient here for decades. The level of trust and comfort they provide is unmatched in my experience. I have enjoyed regular maintenance adjustments that have kept me healthy as well as dramatic recovery from injuries. Their nutritional and exercise advice is also very helpful.

Jenny Emery

I love the doctors and the staff here! Everyone is so welcoming and kind. They answer any questions with thoughtfulness and knowledge. It's been a pleasure coming for the past few months. I already feel so much better! They provide a personal plan and go over every detail of the plan with you. I would 100% recommend Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic.

Katie Congress

Everyone in this practice is great- it is very easy to schedule and change appointments, the hours are flexible, and the doctors are very knowledgeable and thorough in their adjustments and personalized treatment plans.

Angela Banks-Konate, MSW, LSW

I must say that after just 4 weeks of care (2x a week) at Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic, it's a big difference as it relates to Chiropractic care! I really enjoy the ease of scheduling and/or rescheduling appointments through text message as my schedule is really flexible and changes often. The staff is consistent and personable from reception to Physical Therapy and the chiropractor himself. The consultation exam was really thorough and the followup appointment went a little fast as it was more information than I could grasp at one time. At the same time, I appreciated the amount of information provided to me in the form of a personalized folder as it allowed me to do some additional research. Treatment can be a little pricey but with constant shoulder and back pain, after the first adjustment I knew my treatment was actually catered to me and I didn't mind the cost.


I've been going to Dr. Snyman for 30 years (hard to believe) and I recommend him to everyone I know who is looking for a chiro and/or has back, neck or other pain. When I start waking up with a headache I know my neck is "out" - usually can get an appointment the same day or the next day (once you're an established patient). He fixes me right up! No more pain.

Samantha Reilly

Robert Woodward

I've been a Rittenhouse/Snyman Chiropractic veteran, devotée, patient and proselytizer for over 30 years. Yes! 3 decades of healthy skeletal and muscular alignment (and counsel) while running 50 miles a week, playing handball, tennis, squash and basketball, and badly lifting heavy objects. At age 33, I injured my back and suffered with pain daily. Every year for 4 years I would be literally on my back for 3 days, in bed, unable to walk or turn over. I went to 3 different chiropractors and had little relief. Finally a friend suggested Dr. Snyman as a "chiropractor's chiropractor". It took a month of visits, and then monthly maintenance (very important after an injury.). I HAVE NEVER BEEN LAID UP IN BED SINCE !!!I 3 decades of healthy back! I now "visit" Dr Snyman when I feel "tight" -every 2-3 months. Still play handball and tennis 4-5X / week, and rarely have serious problems. Just tweaking. The addition of électrothérapie and physical therapy is the 1-2 combination: align the bones, allow the muscles to relax back into place. The key is to be patient. Trust what they recommend. Try this first. It's benign and so logical. If it's beyond them, they will tell you.

Ryan L.

Marie Carroll

Great combination of adjustments with drop tables and workouts that strengthen core and muscle chains. The trainer, Tim, knows how to guide workouts for patients with back injuries.

Lynn Selhat

Dr. Snyman is a miracle worker.

Tom Englett

Natalie Gough

Excellent as usual.

CJ Heston

Not only is Dr. Snyman an amazing chiropractor, he's a great guy who truly cares about his patients. Brittany and the rest of the staff are always so happy and welcoming. I'd highly recommend anyone looking for a chiropractor to look no further than Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic!

Robyn Williams

Dr Nutche and Dr Amy are gentle and very pleasant. The staff is courteous and professional. My treatment at this office has made a very positive difference in my life!

Jacquie Stern

Lia LT

Unmatched in the field; experienced, professional and with a great sense of humor

Anthony S.

Ning Zhou

Great comprehensive care.

maddalena poli

competent and friendly staff and doctors. Perfect place to keep your problems under control

Devon Allen

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