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REVIEWS OF Results Chiropractic IN Delaware

julie Carmean

Knew exactly what was wrong, didn't need to explain. Awesome!

Rex R

During a stay at the beach I had the misfortune of tweaking my back. I called DR. Broskoskie and he was able to get me in quickly. He was very professional and effective. He even took the time the following day to follow up and check on my condition. I was able to make a follow up visit for another adjustment during my stay. I highly recommend his practice if you are in need of chiropractic care. A++

Stephanie Wright

From Skeptic to Believer I have lived my entire life with pain, believing that it is best to feel it, rather than numbing it with pain medication or going through what I thought was torturous exercises at a chiropractor. So I adjusted my daily activity with new ways of doing things so that the pain wouldn't be too much in the way and I did the best I could to keep it manageable, although constant and excruciating. I was so good at pretending it wasn't there, or maybe my pain tolerance had become so high, that I ended up getting used to it and thought for sure this was how I was going to spend the rest of my life. I suffered whiplash to my neck more than 10 years ago after a serious motorcycle accident and since then, it has been impossible for me to turn my neck to the left or to look down... I just lived with the discomfort and the pain because I was terrified of seeing a doctor to fix what I thought for sure was unfixable. I did see a chiropractor right after the accident and I ran out of his office so fast, I never ever wanted to go back and see anyone else. He told me to relax, took my head in his hands and cracked my neck to the side!! I thought for sure I passed out he scared me straight! After that, I took care of my own pain, I did stretches, mild exercises to keep my neck moving just enough that it would stop getting stuck on a regular basis... Sitting too long was painful, laying down too long was painful, standing too long was impossible, it became so unbearable, I was desperate for a relief. When Dr. B. set up his office next door, I didn't think anything of it. I knew my fist and only experience was so horrible, that I would never let anyone else work on my neck...... UNTIL he convinced me to check out his revolutionary machine, with extremely low and gentle impact on the skin..... First he explained how it worked, then he tried it on my arm... just to ease me into the process and take some of that fear I had of chiropractors.... slowly but surely, I let my guard down and since I had been in so much pain and my neck at that time had been stuck for weeks without any relief from stretching or working out, I gave in and let him work on my neck. In less than a minute it took for him to gently apply this little tool on my neck and back, the pain had gone away!!!! I cried when I left, because I voluntarily lived with this unbearable and debilitating pain for over 10 years for no reason at all!!!! I went from being the biggest skeptic to being the biggest believer in his technic!! I went back to my office after the visit, and heard something to my left.... Without even thinking about it, I turned my head left and just couldn't not believe my entire body didn't follow!! My neck turned on its own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's like taking off a cast you wore for 10 long years and being so restricted to just feeling free in an instant!!!!!!! I forgot how wonderful it felt to be able to do the simplest things, the normal way! Dr B. has exceeded all my expectations and has truly changed the way I view chiropractors! There is ZERO cracking, ZERO twisting, ZERO pain and ZERO fear.... he has the most gentle and soothing touch and he listens to a patient's fear...I told him I was very scared of my neck touched, and he used the lightest setting on his machine..... now I'm so comfortable with the process, I probably will let him use more strength for even more relief. I highly recommend Dr. B to anyone who like me, has wasted too long living with their pain and discomfort. Thanks to Dr. B., I now live a normal life, I enjoy doing things I couldn't do before and I feel whole again..... Dr. B., you truly changed my life! Words can not describe how thankful I am for what you have done. I know I'm not the only stubborn one who thinks I can manage and control my own pain.... Please don't be like me, talk to Dr. B. and get back the quality of life you deserve!

Valarie Gargano

Dr. Brian has a wonderful personality and is sincerely compassionate about helping people. He truly cares and shares his solid medical expertise to create wellness and optimal health for all of his patients. Dr. Brian is very gentle with no cracking, snapping, or twisting at all. Up to date technologies, clean comfortable environment, with top notch quality services. Dr. Brian provides exceptional care for 3 generations in my family with a variety of treatments for my child, my mother and me. Dr. Brian is very accommodative with his appointments and calls to follow up and check on his patients in need. He has helped us due to varying accidents and injuries as well as assisting with athletic conditioning and strengthening. Thanks Dr. Brian for all you do in creating better health and wellness for my family and me! Ultimately the best chiropractic care around--stellar knowledge with expertise and integrity! 5

Robert Magnant

Vacationing in Bethany I hurt myself on a Tuesday struggled through on Wednesday to the point where I could not stand up or walk. I called doctor Brian on Thursday in 2 visits he had me standing up and walking normally. I have been to other chiropractors this guy is truly amazing he explains things very confidently and in detail, he even checked up on me later the same day to make sure I was doing ok. A very kind and caring person, he is a life saver.

Bruce Temple

I highly recommend Dr Broskoskie (Results Chiropractic)! I have a chronic problem of pain at my L3 to T11 region caused DDD. Prior to Dr Broskoskie, I worked with three different chiropractors in the area without any real improvement. Working with Dr Broskoskie for only two months, I experienced marked improvement in my pain. In addition, he was available for last minute appointments when needed, including on Saturdays on two occasions. His treatment methodology is technologically advanced and pain free. If you need a chiropractor at the beaches he should be your first call. Bruce

Dale Sauble

Outstanding service by Dr. Broskoskie! I came down to the beach for a weekend getaway and woke to completely stiff lower back. I was given an appointment within one hour and he had my back in place within 20 minutes. He indicated that I would be fine to walk around the next day (I was very skeptical of this prediction given the amount of pain that I was dealing with at the time) and he was 100 percent correct. He followed up twice after the correction and made sure that everything worked as promised. Highly recommend his service and I will certainly be back.

Dawn Kneipp

Amazing experience and results! We took our 7 week old infant in, and with a quick adjustment have a happy baby, that's no longer fussy! She's now sleeping though the night. Thank you Dr. Brian!!

Steven Franco

I’ve never been to a chiropractor before. I had an issue with my neck. Found him, called and made an appointment within the hour. He used high tech devices to check my back and neck. And instantly saw the issue. No cracking and hurting like I swe on tv or movies. He is very down to earth and looks at you when u talk. I personally don’t like to be touched. But he was so gentle. I didn’t even panic. I would DEFINITELY recommend him to everyone I know. He’s got my vote.

Cierra Edwards

While vacationing at Bethany Beach I somehow hurt my back. We were only half through the week and I didn't want it to ruin the rest of our stay so I immediately looked for a chiropractor in the area and came across Dr. Brian. He scheduled me right away, and was very personable. He even took the time to reach out the next day and check in on me! Top of the line service- wish you were a chiropractor in my hometown!!

Ronald Glycenfer

Most professional Chiropractor I have ever been to in my life. I have been dealing with spine problems for years now. Dr. Broskoskie has got to be the most professional doctors that I have ever been to. He took his time to explain everything to me in detail. Definitely recommend him for any of your needs. Thanks Doc

Richard&Elizabeth Haines

Bad sciatic pain..went on the internet Saturday morning at 8am to schedule an appointment...I was in in Dr. Brian's office at 9am..Unbelievable. Looking forward to being pain free.

Logan LeCates

Great experience, I was fit in immediately, and the care was extraordinary! I highly recommend! Office was impeccably clean and state of the art.

Paul Brown

I was vacationing in Bethany Beach and injured my lower back on the first day. It was so bad I could barely walk. I did a google search and found Results. He fit me in the same day. He was very knowledgeable, had state of the art technology, and even accepted my insurance. A couple hours after the visit, my back started feeling better. I couldn’t believe it! The next morning I came for a follow up visit and after the second adjustment the pain was almost gone. Thank you so much Dr. Brian for saving my family vacation. I couldn’t have walked the boardwalk and played in the sand with my kids without your help.

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