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REVIEWS OF reNuChiropractic Wellness Center IN Delaware

Benjamin Liu

Great place

yelena baptiste

Really love this place. Everyone is extremely friendly and it is very educational. I would recommend coming here than anywhere else. Hasn’t been a month since I started and I feel a huge difference; they really know what they’re doing

teresa stephens

I have had such a positive experience at Renu Chiropractic. My experience began with a personal meeting with Doris, the owner. She took the time to educate me about why I was feeling pain and how chiropractic care could benefit me. She wanted me to understand what was happening within my body. I began my treatment program after my X-rays were reviewed by Dr. Roberts. I’ve found the entire staff to be amazing! Everyone is very personable and caring. I’m experiencing such improvement in my flexibility, pain and posture. I highly recommend Renu chiropractic! Teresa

Chris Pierce

My experience with Renu Chiropractor office has been absolutely wonderful. When I first came to renu I was unable to stand up straight, couldn’t lift my left arm and to top things off I was feeling very depressed due to my injuries. Since coming to renu Chiropractor I’m able to lift my arms, stand up straighter and feel more inspired and motivated about reaching my goal to get better and healthier. Thank you ReNu

Roy Jones

Very professional. Exceptionally kind and caring.

Tiffany Lewis

The experience with reNu Chiropractic was great "ALL" the staff from the front desk on back was very nice and professional. The staff really took the time to get to know who you are and focus on the treatment plan. I have only been going for treatments now for 3 weeks but I have learned so much about my health because they really take the time to educate you on what is required for improvement.

Moy Garcia

Amy Vega

Mariana Thompson

Renu Chiropractic is amazing! They are super friendly and make you feel right at home! My migraines are almost gone. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Katie English

An amazing office! They truly engage and educate all of their patients. All the staff is so genuine and helpful, I am so glad to have found them.

Josephine Guilford

Staff is courteous and friendly. Dr . Matt knows how to make my aches and pains go away. Briana makes sure my posture is correct when I'm doing my exercise program. At the conclusion of the treatment I can sit and relax in the massage chair.

Holly Short

ReNuChiropractic is AMAZING. Staff is wonderful. Service is great. Always a positive experience!!!! I highly recommend this practice.

Jarrett Harmon

Great service and people.

Mary Yasson

Lifesavers! After being in rear ended car accident, reNu chiropractic is the best experience for being Whole again. Good for all your aches and pains. Thank you, Renu!!!

Jamal Bailey

Erin Stobart

My name is Jeanne and I just wanted to say that i have enjoyed coming to ReNu chirocpractic. I have been coming for control of TMJ symptoms and it has gotten so much better. I was eligible for a replacement surgery for my jaw but since coming here, I have regained movement in the jaw and can eat most solid foods and can talk freely without any compromise of my speech. They have always treated me with kindness and compassion and have scheduled me in when i have had a need come up. I totally recommend the therapists here.

Eric Brown

I'm upright and mobile again, i wasn't able to say that for a couple of years until I started going to reNuChiropractic!!!!

Emmett Thomas

They are knowledgeable and careful with how they treat you. They make you feel right at home no matter who you are. They offer chiropractic care, e-stim, massage chairs and actual massage therapy. They offer physical therapy for those in need as well. I've been going to this place for several years now and always feel better after leaving. It will take time, but you will have better flexibility and movement just for having regular appointments. I wouldn't recommend any other chiropractic facility.

Doris Pierce

I’m extremely happy with my experience at ReNu. I feel the Dr’s are very knowledgeable and the Staff is very friendly.

Christina Free

Aaron Wright

The entire staff is amazing! Coming to RENU has been one of my best decisions I've done!! If you are uncertain or just have questions...I highly recommend you see any of the AWESOME staff members at RENU today!!

Samuel Alexandre

I usually enjoy an active lifestyle, which includes running, kungfu, combat fitness and snowboarding. However, after sometime, I noticed increased pain in my ankles, knees and lower back. I came into reNu optimistic and the results didn't disappoint me. The office recommended that I scan my feet and purchase orthotics which relieved my ankle, knee and lower back pain. The office has also been working on the curvature in my upper back. I have seen a huge improvement. The staff is also amazing and very helpful. I definitely recommend going to reNu Chiropractice.

Melanie McDonald

I have been very pleased with every experience I've had at Renu! Everyone is very friendly and the services are far more than I've ever received at other chiropractors. I never have to wait for an appointment. When I get there, I am either taken right in for my adjustment, or in for my muscle therapy. The assistants are super helpful and always go to above and beyond to assure my comfort. Both doctors are awesome as well .

Ferdi Kouemeni

reNu Chiropractic is a complete wellness center. I've found them to be the nicest people in a doctor’s office you can ever find. I recommended all my friends & family member to them.

Jacob Steinberg

Very friendly staff, and very attentive to your needs. Always leave here feeling much better than when I went in! Highly recommend!

Deb Worley

This office is a great professional business as much as a wonderful place to get all straightened out what you do not even know is hurting you! They were very accommodating with appointments and my first Chriopractic experience. I was nervous and they made it so much better by listening and teaching! Run to them!

Zakiya Abdus-Salaam

Dianna Joseph

Everyone here is so helpful, patient and caring. They really tend to your wants, needs and goals. They have me feeling much better and it took no time at all! Love you all!!! ♡

Torrey Samuel

Excellent Staff and they got me back on my feet in a timely manner.

Adreanne Mollett

Jonathan Leczner

Friendly and helpful staff, dramatically improved posture and put me on track in areas of wellness I had overlooked for far too long.

Nannette Ziemba

The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. I like that both doctors are available to care for all of the patients in the absence of other doctor. The CA's are friendly and caring and always making sure everyone is well taken care of.


Dr Roberts is fantastic. The staff are very helpful & genuine folks! After a bad equestrian accident Dr Roberts had back on my feet & showing in no time. Despite my severe pain, she adjusted me with out causing additional pain & in fact with immediate results.

Jessica Walsh

I've dealt with chronic back and neck pain for over 15 years from a lifetime of horseback riding. ReNu has greatly improved my quality of life physically. I look forward to each visit not only because of the physical benefits, but because the entire staff is friendly, helpful, and cares about each patient on a personal level. Thank you!

Bridget Burger

Friendly staff and great service. They've really helped me feel the best I possibly can.

Ralph Grizzel

Friendly service.

Jacquee Lukawski

I was skeptical about chiropractic being able to relieve my pain (longstanding neck and shoulder issues) but I am happy to say that most of the time I'm not experiencing pain anymore!

Jocelyn Parker

When I first came to Renu, I was experiencing excruciating pain. Meeting Dr. Matt and Dr. Roberts has truly changed my life. For anyone looking for relief, Renu is the place!

Diana Evaristo

This place is awesome and so are the amazing people who work there. They have done such an amazing job with my ba k problems! Highly recommend this place if you need any kind of treatment for your well being.

Gordon Hackendorn

Doris and her staff go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and welcome. This is a great business, and if you have been in an accident or just need some TLC you will feel special. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Jefferson

I love this place! The staff is nice and very professional. The hours are great, I'm able to make appointments after work. I LOVE the message chairs and and the relaxing atmosphere. I will say, since I've been going I'm feeling great!! They are the best.

Paula Ennis

They do an awesome job and can help with any aches and pains you have.

yan zheng

The doctors and staff here are very friendly and nice! The therapies here are helpful. I feel my ache is getting better.

Jacqui Saunders

sean james

Great Staff! Doctor Matt has done a great deal in helping my sports related back injury to get back up to speed. Really appreciate his work and what’s hes done to get me in motion

Steve Hart

I've been going for a couple of months now and am feeling much better. Thanks reNu!

Ronald Trower Sr.

Thanks to everyone at re nu chiropractors they are fantastic. The doctors are staff are committed to your full recovery. They pay attention to your every request. I have a new lease on life. I highly recommend them to everyone who has back or neck pains. Many thanks to all of you.


Since coming to reNu 3 weeks ago my back pain has become so much more manageable. I am now more educated about what caused my back pain end am better equipped to get better. ReNu has taught me a lot and I know that everyone working at reNu is dedicated to and cares about my recovery. By far this is the best Chiropractic center I have ever been to.

Jen Vining-Smith

Abraham Ramirez

Lisa Bishop

I recommend ReNu Chiropractic! It’s truly the best Chiropractic care that I have had. The staff is awesome and so accommodating. I have been going to Chiropractors for years and I won’t go anywhere else. So glad I was referred to ReNu!!

Galicano Inguito

Care was excellent! Everyone is very friendly and wanted me to get better.

Leliana D

Excellent staff and services.

mishna Costango

I love ReNu! I started seeing them after I was t-boned in an auto accident in 2015 & they helped me from being in a lot pain all the time to being in mild pain all the time. They helped me get back to an almost normal life. Employees were sweet & very helpful. I’ll never go anywhere else.

Justin Raymond

Stephanie Powell

Overall, the staff has been very knowledgeable and supportive. I have only been coming for about 5 or 6 weeks, and I’m already seeing great results. The extreme tension I carried in my neck, shoulders and upper back for years is almost gone, and my range of motion has increased substantially! Thank you, reNu!!!


Candace Smith

The staff is friendly, professional and caring. It is a warm, welcoming atmosphere. They offer personal, customized care that brings results and great benefits.

Josh Edwards

They really cared about how I was recovering, and gave me great action tools to maintain good habits over my lifetime. I was in constant pain before I went there. I’m a whole new person, now.

Patricia bodine

Excellent staff and doctor really takes care of you

Teresa Harter

I have been treated at renu for over a year now and the wonderful doctors, Matt and Joy, have literally got me back on my feet. My lower back pain was debilitating but with the personalized treatment plan, I can now do pretty much anything I need or want to do. Thanks everyone at renu!

Pamela L

Great service! Great People!

Jhan Caceres

LaNeah Fleming

I love reNu Chiropractic! The staff is amazing & very friendly. I have felt such an improvement since I started therapy, by following the recommendations and learning knowledgeable information from the staff. I would definitely recommend reNu Chiropractic to everyone...they are the BEST!

Katie Montgomery

I've been living with pain for years and have been on morphine and percocet for many years. ReNu came to my work for an event and I decided to give it a shot. Now three months later I am moving and feeling better. I am off of the morphine and have lessened the number of percocet I take. I never thought this was possible. I see in the near future stopping the percocet all together, I am super grateful to ReNu for making me a new person. I love going to my appointments, everyone there are so friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you so much, you have truly made me beyond happy with all you've done! For someone with chronic pain, you've been a God send.

Julie Kulovic

reNu Chiropractic is a wonderful establishment. The staff are proficient and empathetic. I highly recommend this Chiropractic practice.

Takiyah Biggs

I haven't been been to reNuChiropractic in about two years. I don't know why but I love when I get my neck and back cracked by Matt. It releases so much tension when he gets done. I just fell in love with the new massage chair.

freda ofori

Coming to renu has really improve the quality of my life. I have had so much improvement when it comes to sitting, standing and walking. Wish I had been here several months ago. Thank you ReNu.

Anything's possible

At reNu Chiropractic the staff is so great and they fixed all my back, neck, and feet problems. They do everything they even helped my mom when she tore a ligament in her knee and all thanks to reNu Chiropractic shes well and kicking. The staff even pointed out problems I didnt even know i had that couldve become a much bigger problem in the future. I love reNu Chiropractic and you should too.

Kayla Mills

I was introduced to reNu when they came to my workplace for a staff appreciation day. As part of the visit, we were offered a free consultation and 30 minute massage at their office. I was very pleasantly surprised by the practice. The atmosphere is warm, the employees are kind and knowledgeable, and Dr. Matt has a great bedside manner and works with you as an individual to meet your specific needs. I was so impressed with the practice that I went ahead and became an established patient. This evening, I had my 30 minute massage with Valerie. It was my first professional massage by a massage therapist and it definitely won't be my last. Valerie educated me about what she was doing and let me know that the staff can work with my insurance to try to get the massage therapy covered for my chronic pain. Overall, I highly recommend this practice!

Shariyf McCormick

Best experience in back treatment ever! They helped restore my back and continue to provide awesome service. I came in with severe back pain and within two months the back doctors here at ReNu gave me hope in providing me with excellent back treatment. They have made me more driven to get better and I have . These people are amazing and I am truly grateful. Thanks to all the staff at ReNu Chiropractic you are wonderful people and excellent at your craft, thank you.

Raquel Stewart

Excellent team highly recommended!

Paula Schuler

I have been pleasantly satisfied with rEnU Chiropractic. The front desk staff are friendly, take an interest in you as a person & are helpful & accommodating regarding scheduling. The Chiropractic Assistants are incredibly friendly, take the time to ensure you are comfortable & explain procedures well. (Electric stim, cold lazer, stretches, etc.) The Chiropractors are very familiar with each patient's symptoms & work with you to adjust as necessary & provide guidance for pain & symptom reduction (such as, Arch support insoles, icing, stretching). They also offer massage & the Massage Therapist is very skilled. She ensures your comfort & asks if pressure is good, as well as reviewing your concerns. 5

Russell Leong

Beth Roberts

Very friendly staff and they really know thier stuff!

Daniel Blaak

A few months ago I started having work- and postural-related upper back pain. The staff here helped immensely to treat immediate symptoms and provide a comprehensive education on fixing and maintaining healthy posture and lifestyle habits. Now my wife and mother in law both go there. It's a great place to go if you're in pain and seeking relief. I recommend going even if you're fine though- they can give you tips on postural and muscular imbalances that may lead to pain in the near to eventual future.

Erica Gast

I was in 2 car accidents in 2 years, both where my vehicle was totaled. I am 25 and have had 2 neck injuries and have been treated by many doctors with no relief. Two sessions into my treatment at Renu and my headaches were gone and I could feel myself finally recovering. Aside from wonderful techniques, all of the staff has awesome customer service skills. Renu is a full service office that will make you feel like family everything you go. I love this place. Highly recommended!

Jenn Harrington

ReNu has been great! Dr. Matt and the whole staff have been excellent in helping me achieve my goal of being back pain free. They are truly concerned with my wellness and I look forward to my appointments!

mark j

I absolutely love this place. I've suffered from bad posture and mid and lower back problems my whole adult life. I've not been to a chiropractor in 7 or so years and after my first few adjustments and stem therapy here l I can already tell my posture has impoved and I'm more aware of keeping my back in the upright position. I've also been getting better sleep. The whole staff is very friendly and caring.

Regina Lopez

I love coming to renu chiropractic because every time I visit there I feel rejuvenated and renewed. I love their massage chair too.

Sharon Bass

Very professional, polite and caring. I'm so very grateful that I was referred to reNUChiropractic Doris and her whole crew are very friendly and professional. I recommend that everyone should stop by, get a massage, therapy treatment and talk the staff they will not disappoint you.


I love it the staff are all friendly. This my first time to know about Chiropractic treatment. I should have known this a long time. I’m glad for just 3 months I feel 100% fine no pain not taking pain meds anymore

Mike Smallwood

All like a say I really has a enjoyable experience from the doctor that know what they're doing And the staff were really helpful and friendly. "I"ll be back". Thanks

Rae Porter

Great place to go for chiropractic care. They also offer other treatments including massage to help keep your body functioning properly. I have been going for many years and I know that I do so well because of their work. I have arthritis and disintegrating discs as well whiplash injuries and they have made my life so that I don't even notice the problems. I am on maintenance and am only too happy to share my joy at having a body working together as a whole. If you are having any kind of back issues at all I would highly recommend giving them a visit.

Wendy Hilaman

I’ve been coming for a year now and it has been a great experience. I started coming when I was in the middle of a bad flare up with low back pain and having trouble moving. After my initial visit and figuring out a plan I have moved from coming multiple times a week down to just every couple of weeks and it has worked so well. If I start to have a flare up it’s nowhere near as bad as what it used to be and as long as I do my exercises I can keep the flare ups at bay. I have gained more range of motion and feeling better than I have in a long time. It’s also helped with the headaches I would get due to my neck. I would recommend coming here to anyone to see how it can help.

Not B

Coming here is like coming to a get together with old friends. The enviroment is relaxing and all of the staff is so friendly. The 2 front desk girls are welcoming and willing to jump in and help with any questions. Everyone is knowledgable and exudes enthusim and encouragement

chris kadow

Jonathan Calhoun

I've been coming to ReNu since the business began and it's been a fantastic experience. Honestly the most friendly and caring staff and environment I've ever had in a doctors office. I've always gotten the most excellent care and it has helped me recover from several episodes of back and shoulder issues. Shout out to Doris, Lisa, Dr Roberts, Toni, Michael and the rest!

Mike Connor

This has been my first chiropractic experience and has been a game changer. I didn't have really any pain and was always a little skeptical about chiropractic but it has helped me drastically! Not to mention the unbelievable friendly staff!

Ravindra Pradhan

The service is excellant.My pain has gone.I feel much better. Ravi

Tim Dominick

jiang howard

Been here since August. Had great experience with doctor Matt and the staff.

Patta Waay

I am so thankful that I have go to reNuChiropractic they really have done wonders for me. After a car accident my body has began to heal and I am very thankful for the staff and the holistic approach they use.

M Simons

great staff and service!

Morgan Fountain

I’ve been going for several years now and have been very satisfied. They’re always very nice.

Tammy Argueta

Great staff and hours.

mekayla feehly

I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor for a while but after meeting Daris and her incredibly welcoming staff at reNu Chiropractic Wellness Center and hearing Daris' story I knew I had to give it a chance. I am so glad I did. The doctors and the ladies who do the therapies are great and always seem to really care how I am feeling. A really great environment that I am always telling my friends and co-workers.

Dominique Furrowh

I love it here! The staff is very knowledgeable, and they make it a point to also make you aware of what’s going on. Everyone is so nice and you just get good energy.

Larry Sprouse

The staff at Renu Chiropractic is friendly and always remembers me and my children. They are good with the kids and always listen to us. We love going there.

Lisa Sapp

Very friendly people and ever educational

DeJour Foreman

Very friendly and will help your body! I’ve been feeling great ever since I’ve started! Highly recommended!

Amanda Wheeler

Always helpful and gets right to the pain!

Allison Brown

I love it here. Everyone is so sweet and they all knew me by name the 2nd time I walked in. It's only been 2 weeks but I already feel better.

Pamela Rash

When I came here, I was really hurting. After about 7 months I’m feeling sooo much better. Dr Matt & Dr Roberts are very caring. They take the time to explain and answer questions; they have a true concern for my health. Everyone on the staff are friendly, caring and fun!

Rich Johnson

james siock

Kristina Marie Ellura

Nadia Redman

Dr. Roberts is an excellent chiropractor. Her technique involves not only a vertebral adjustment but also soft tissue work, stretching your muscles to improve circulation. I leave there feeling instant relief and with a straight, comfortable posture. I wish I could go there every day!

Anna Figgs

Abby Brown

Love this practice! Everyone is so nice and professional. I’m already seeing results after my 3rd adjustment!

Monica Ewell

The first consultation with Doris was Amazing!! The staff is very courteous and compassionate to my needs. Thanks a mil!!

Jennifer Johnson

Wonderful experience so far at Renu Chiropractic. Only 2 weeks in and I have more mobility in my neck thanks to Dr. Matt and Dr. Joy. The entire staff is very accommodating and friendly. Under their care, I'm now able to continue my wellness journey and I'm so thankful. The massage chairs are pretty amazing too!

Rachel Cole

Amazing and caring staff!!! You guys are awesome!!

Rae P

Great place. They have taken wonderful care of me for several years. I work with athletes and highly recommend this office to them. I feel chiropractic is very important and I know these people care deeply about their patients. Definitely give this place a try.

Aubrey Fudge

I love this place. The staff is very accommodating and very friendly. The owner is involved in making a custom treatment plan that works for you. Both my husband and I come here and we highly recommend it.

Jazmin Johnson

Rodney Smith

Nothing but a great experience. If there is a wait usually they offer the massage chair while you wait.


Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. They take their time and explain what they do and why.

Jason Rufo

The depth to which they covered my injury and treatment plan was phenomenal. I've been very satisfied and my back hasn't felt this good in ten years. Definitely recommended.

patricia geary

There are chiropractic locations all around me but they just aren't reNu. The caring, talented people there are more than professionals...they're family! Love my family at reNu...thanks for being you and for caring about me!!

Pravesh Gada

Awesome staff and amazing service !! Definitely recommend for pain relief.

Da'Rius Lemon

I've been a client of ReNu for a little over a month and its been the best decision I've made. My lower back is coming back to being at full strength and feels amazing. The staff is really awesome and knowledgeable. I highly recommend ReNu chiropractic.

Tinishia Bass

Renu Chiropractic has changed my life. I came in June 2018 with a significant slant to my right. Now I can walk with an upright posture and my back hardly hurts anymore like it used to. From the staff to the other patients there, it is absolutely a family with moral and physical support. Dr. Robert's and Dr. Matt are amazing and so are the assistants. They really do care about your wellbeing and I enjoy every time that I have an appointment. The massage therapist is great too. Feels like heaven!

Pamela Mayse

I absolutely LOVE all my wellness family at ReNu and look forward to my visits each month. I am in way less pain now than when I first started going over a year ago and can manage things at home though stretching in between visits. I would highly recommend an office visit for a consultation at your earliest convenience.. feel better about YOU, ReNu can help!

George Ouellette

Pamela K

Theresa Gast

I was in a car accident and was originally treated by different doctors that helped me to reach a plateau in my recovery. Then I met Doris when they came to my school to give massages for teacher appreciation week. I did not sign up for one because I was in too much pain. She noticed I was limping and told me how she could make me better because they are full service. I was skeptical but pain made me want to go to her office. Within two weeks I was not limping and my lower back pain was completely gone. The staff in the office make you feel so comfortable because they are genuinely caring and will assess you as an individual and create a wellness plan tailored to your needs. After you are better you can still keep up with your exercise and walk with Doris.

Sam Henshaw

It's never a long wait like other doctors office and I feel good knowing that they are well prepared and professional

Rei Hiroki

I has severe sciatica pains before coming in to what's I could barely walk. After going intensively for 2 weeks I barely had any pain and after a month it's hardly noticeable and only on occasion I feel any pain

Amy Shuey

I was rear-ended in September and have since had neck and shoulder pain. I didn't even realize how much pain I was having until after I visited reNu and began treatment. My neck and shoulder pain level has drastically reduced, and I feel better all around. I could go on and on about the amazing level of care I've received from every single staff member, therapist, and doctor at the office.

Adrianne Winterling

Friendly staff, nice massage chairs and great consultation!

Matthew Cimoch

I like the staff and the way they treat me as a patient and person. I never felt pressured about anything and they were willing to educate me on my issues and the methods they were approaching to fix it. Prior to going to a chiropractor I had upper back pain, bad posture and pain in my feet. I'd wake up every day with a headache and suffer throughout the day. I put off doing anything because I was afraid that I'd be told I couldn't be fixed and I would only get worse. Things have only gotten better and less than a year later, I feel much better and I'm not hindered by my body anymore.

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